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R:13 / I:7
media screenshot/video thread for stuff you don't necessarily want to make a thread for
R:8 / I:6
Lala Lala Lala!! Her voice so sweet!! It's been over a year since we've had the pleasure of seeing Lala here on Earth.
Well, the Starscape alliance is always working tirelessly to protect the universe.
In the name of all the magical girls around the world, our top secret ally Lala has returned from her mission on earth.
On top of that, our beloved friend Lala has been taking pictures of the magical girls for the Starscape alliance. (She's on the left side)
I hope to see many more pictures soon!!

And there's that magical girl friends are so awesome. I wish I could make magical friends like them!
And so there you go, the reason why I love Lala and why I'm so happy to see her around every time.
R:264 / I:34


Last thumbnail wasn't befitting of a good music thread, so have some chocominto aisu
R:275 / I:56

cold blog

weather sure has improved from summer
R:8 / I:0

Seasonal Stream Suggestions

Are there any anime that you'd like to see in the next season's seasonal stream? Or are you fine with whatever is chosen for you. Just a reminder that if you want to check which shows are airing you can find the list in this thread >>82169
R:64 / I:24

Winter 2022 Anime

Looking forward to watching anything?
R:59 / I:27
Slow days are best spent gaming
R:247 / I:133

Bump when Drunk!

Drinking to ring in the new month! It's still early enough for that probably I think
R:15 / I:7
How fast is /qa/'s typing speed?
R:213 / I:201

pout thread

Can't believe the last one hit bump limit!
R:4 / I:0
At what point does a rule cease to be? Once people forget it exists, or if it's no longer enforced? How long does it need to be before something is "no longer enforced"? To what extent then are "rules" just social rituals?
R:6 / I:2
Does /qa/ watch CMVs?
R:33 / I:8

/qa/nime: continued!

I was reminded that another year has passed since the last time the /qa/ anime chart was updated, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to bring it back, update it, and improve on it a bit in the process.

The format for deciding on picks this year will be the same as the last with the addition of maybe singling out a specific anime of each year to be the most /qa/ anime of the year. For the current candidates that should be easy since there's only 4 of them, but for this year we'll have to conclude all the seasonal polls first and then afterwards decide.

The polls will be made separately and then linked in the thread with at least 3 days allotted for people to decide on winners, and I'll make a new poll for each season every day, starting with Winter 2021 today. To not make cheating so easy I'll make it so an IP needs at least 3 posts to vote, which shouldn't really be hard for anyone I hope. Also the AOTY polls will probably all be at the end or sometime in-between since they shouldn't be as hard of a decision.
R:596 / I:102

imageboard happenings thread

Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: April 2nd, 2021
R:8 / I:5
A meta comedy about Sentai... I feel that if Flamenco taught me anything it's that I can't expect anything.
R:140 / I:68

MS Paint drawthread

/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
R:173 / I:34

Dreams thread

What have you been dreaming recently?
R:2 / I:0
another day in the life of /qa/
R:17 / I:3
I believe the widely held belief that anonymous communities' strengths are that places you can converse with strangers misses the mark. Anywhere on the internet can be a place to talk with strangers, with or without names. Just because someone has a name attached to them doesn't mean you know them any better than you do anyone else online, all you know is that they are just another person on the net. Since anonymity removes that identifier of otherness, the real benefit becomes that you can assume and treat Anonymous as your friend.
R:122 / I:29
Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.
R:9 / I:5
I figured out I like sad/emotional stories that even (especially) children can relate to.

Non Non Biyori: Losing a friend.
Uma Musume S2: The intrinsic inequality in sports, no matter how nice people are.
Spirited Away: Being lost and scared when away from home.
Star Twinkle Precure - Conflicted between learning + making friends and taking the easy way out to fit in. Also being untalented/starting too late to accomplish your dreams.
Brave Little Toaster Flower Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8kQDNLkT3c

Tropes I don't like/get bored of:
- Important character dies.
- Supernatural torture.
- Bullying/domestic abuse/rape/NTR.
- Post apocalyptic setting.
R:15 / I:3
Why do so many open-world games end up feeling so hollow, repetitive, or dull? When I play something like Nier Automata there's plenty of content in missions to do as well as a good variety of faffing about to potentially be done when exploring its world. However, I open up something like GTA V and after maybe 30 minutes I'm completely bored of it if I'm just trying to enjoy the world, I can shoot up some place or steal some vehicles and then get bored because I've basically done all there is to do.
R:42 / I:27

The Kissu Reviews

In this thread you can submit your reviews of video games or other media so that we can keep our pulse on what's hip and cool in the kissusphere. That sounds kind of restrictive, but I just mean it's going to be a place where I (and hopefully others) post about games I've been playing instead of making a thread each time that tends to die off pretty quickly.
R:8 / I:3

The Great Temptation: Anime Food

Whenever I see the dishes made in these fishing anime it always makes me want to go out and fish something up to eat it... But then I remember that this requires actually going out and fending off armies of bugs if it's not cold weather and I feel disheartened and concede to just getting something from the local market. Is the rumor really true that fish tastes better when you catch it yourself, or would a pro-catch be around the same level? Also what anime have inspired /qa/ to try their hands at a dish?
R:4 / I:2
You know those threads that go like "___ thread, bonus points for ___"? Well, not to brag or anything, but I've amassed quite a sizable amount of these bonus points over the course of my posting career. However, after all these years I still haven't figured out how to redeem them. Hell, for all I know they could have expired already.

What about you, /qa/? Have you redeemed your bonus points? What did you spend them on?
R:39 / I:14
It seems a little strange to me that the appreciation of Japanese stuffs here is limited to only 2D media and language, while all other aspects of the Japanese culture get no mention at all.
Even for foods no one seems to appreciate Japanese cuisine and snacks here and everyone seems to enjoy typical Western foods.

Why don't you appreciate these other parts of Japanese culture? Is it because you think Japanese culture is nothing of worth outside the 2D related stuffs?
R:98 / I:38
Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
R:151 / I:55
*shouts into the sky*


100% /qa/
R:41 / I:8
What ever happened to the prospect of human's living in space, or greater space colonization? It seems like such a rare thing to see now even though it was all the rage until maybe a decade or two ago.
R:7 / I:4
Is /qa/ superstitious? Do you believe in luck?
R:227 / I:66
Kissu! Kissu! Would you be interested in playing some Minecraft together?

Last time there was a server, people were a bit divided on whether it should be creative or survival, so I set up a basic hub when you first spawn in so you can choose which you'd rather play on. At any time you're free to head back and swap which world you're playing on as you see fit.

The server will be based on 1.16.5, but is mostly client agnostic. You can play on just about any version of Minecraft from the past few years, including Bedrock Edition - which includes phones, and consoles. But, if you decide to play on an older version, things will look a bit different since new blocks and items will be rendered as older blocks and items depending on what version you're on.

There is just one limitation to the server itself, however... Because it's a free server, if no one has been online for about 5 minutes, the server will automatically shutdown beyond my control. I typically have #qa open all day, so if the server goes down, either say something there, or make a post in this thread.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.
R:3 / I:0


Those articles from 2018 announce that Aoki Uru should air this year.
Considering that we did not receive any update for almost 4 years i guess it's maybe a dead project or maybe they will postpone it again later this year?
R:63 / I:31


Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
R:22 / I:7
Do you ever learn a language to read porn in it?
R:9 / I:3
Should one fight the urge to funpost?
R:12 / I:4
Don't understand why LN authors feel the need to force isekai upon everything. Especially in basically fantasy stories in which the MC being reincarnated has almost zero bearing on the story or could have easily been rewritten, and thus made better, without necessitating any changes to the story at all. It just seems like a lazy crutch to rely on in an attempt to explain away a character's feelings instead of trying to think of a proper reason why a character experiences a certain emotional state. Like in this anime the MC experiences loneliness and feelings of isolation from being near the peak of the world's strength, and instead of realizing that such feelings could arise naturally in such a situation the author believes they need to somehow justify it through the fact that they were a loner in a past life. What really gets me about this, and other stories where the isekai theme is simply shoved in, is that aside from essentially their time as a toddler the MC comes off mentally as no different from any other character their age. It's just a waste of potential for molding an actual character and I hope it ends someday.
R:21 / I:12


R:40 / I:12
Do you ever listen to music while watching anime or reading manga? A few years ago I listened to some japanese shoegaze albums while watching Yu Yu Hakusho and really liked it. Recently I read chainsaw man while listening to hyperpop and also really liked it.
R:22 / I:14

Filesharing Thread

It's a thread, and you share files in it.
You can link them, or possibly upload them directly if they're small enough since kissu supports archive files.
R:7 / I:1
Where did your sense of humor come from?
R:7 / I:2
What is your favorite tabletop game?
R:4 / I:0

Let's describe pictures for fun.

So just describe all or part of the picture. It can be poetry, prose, whatever. You can also post pictures to describe.
R:142 / I:52
I'm a VR now.
R:5 / I:0
Why is it that when you move the skin around your bellybutton left and right, the bottom of the bellybutton stays in place. What's it attached to?
R:17 / I:5
What does /qa/ think about the idea that your consciousness shifts realities? That without noticing it you could shift into a different version of the world, with there being no way to prove the past happened as you remember it its completely possible that our consciousness could shift into a slightly different reality in our sleep, this could manifest not only in memories over the same thing not lining up but the world as a whole feeling different for little reason. Maybe the idea of reincarnation takes root in this as peoples minds are shifted into a different form in a different reality upon death.
R:298 / I:105
How am I supposed to enjoy, or at least tolerate cooking? It takes so long, and you need to give it lots of attention. It's pretty obvious cooking was invented before recreation, so how are people doing it today when you can have fun instead?
Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have to clean up tools afterwards, but I do. The only thing that makes sense to cook is huge portions that will last for days, but that seems to limit what you can cook reliably.
R:2 / I:1
What advice would you give to someone that wants to establish and grow an internet community?
They want it to be big, and round, yet healthy and cute.
R:8 / I:3
How did /qa/ learn economics?
R:30 / I:9
To get a better view/understanding or for your own entertainment, have you ever rewatched an anime? Or more have you ever done it without a stream to encourage you to rewatch?
R:14 / I:6
Do you guys want to play some Left 4 Dead 2? If we can get 4 players including myself - or even 8 for versus mode - I'll make a lobby that you can join through the steam chat. https://s.team/chat/NUIbnP7U
R:23 / I:8
5ch has started voting on their AOTY poll. Let's laugh at their shitty taste. Or not.

Pic related - the real AOTY.
R:42 / I:12

/qa/ thread statistics

Recently I have a feeling that the contents on /qa/ is drifting farther away from my taste. Rather than simply bickering about it, I think it's best to provide objective data so that everyone can see how /qa/ has changed.

Now, pic related is the contents of /qa/ categorized by me, for first 5 pages in bump order (recent activity) and rest rest of pages (past activity). The categories represents different topics on /qa/ (colored to my personal preference):
Act off-board: invite /qa/ to do something together off-site, like for gaming or anime stream etc
2D media: any discussion of Japanese 2D contents (mostly anime though, which I personally don't like to discuss)
General media: any discussion of games or other media that is not Japanese 2D contents
General QA: general random questions and answers discussion
Creative: draw/writing/music/program creation, DIY, image editing
/jp/ like: things that normally go on /jp/ after split
Internet: discussion about internet culture, websites
Meta: discussion about imageboard posting/moderation, site issues
Others/news/blog: Anything that is not above, mostly news and blog

From the statistics, we can see the categories have relatively changed activities recently:
Large increase: Act off-board, General media
Some increase: 2D media, /jp/ like, Internet, Others/news/blog
Some decrease: General QA
Large decrease: Creative, Meta

Clearly, the categories that have decreased activity are mostly my favorite, or I consider an integral part of /qa/ (Meta discussions). The most saddening part is that the creativity on /qa/ just suddenly disappeared. The Meta discussions also suddenly disappeared around the same time. The question is that, what happened? Why did this happen?
Meanwhile, the categories with large increase includes "Act off-board", which itself can be good if occasionally used, but I feel that it's sapping out the activity on /qa/ in some fashion.

Also, I want to mention that /jp/ is becoming increasingly fast and outpacing /qa/, which makes the whole site (/all/) more /jp/ like. For the last 10 pages of threads created, /qa/ took 3 months, while /jp/ took only 1.5 months. But most importantly, I feel that the "/jp/ like" contents on /qa/ before the /jp/ split has far less portion, so the split strongly encouraged /jp/ like contents to be posted and changing the balance of contents on the whole site to be less of my like. I also fell about the mentality from other /jp/ spinoffs is increasing presence on /qa/ because of this.
R:26 / I:14
I hope the James Webb telescope breaks when they try to launch it, I don't care about the beginning of the universe and it would be funny to see how mad those nerds would get.
R:33 / I:13
With Elden Ring coming up it dawned on me that compared to most everything else coming out, nothing really excites me as it does. This is despite the gameplay revealing that it's just Dark Souls again with added verticality/sneak/exploration from Sekiro. All stuff I've played before, but the formula isn't at all tired out, and they just keep tweaking it in ways to make it more enjoyable. I think I can go back to any Souls game and still enjoy it (except DS2's DLC with magic) despite knowing all their is to know about the games because the experience it offers allows you to play the games again and again trying out new things along the way, like increasing the challenge for yourself by limiting what you do or approaching the progression from a different path. Also despite the many who tout the games as heralds of difficulty they're actually not too hard if you play them right, since sufficient grinding/preparation can allow characters to achieve most anything in the main game. To me DS1 and BB are still the crowns of the series because of how nicely interconnected their respective worlds were alongside being the nicest design/directionwise, with the sequels to DS being a bit linear and DeS being nice, but not naturally interconnected. So what's /qa/'s take on the series and which of the games do you think is the best?
R:18 / I:2
Why were girls allowed to watch boys when they swam naked at the YMCA?
R:20 / I:5
Does Kissu ever think about how watching a series after it has already aired robs it of dramatic tension? Oftentimes I'll watch some show only for a dramatic moment to happen where it's framed as if a character might die, but the very fact that there may be however many more episodes left makes it not probable at all for anything to actually happen. For instance, I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and there are lots of moments where something happens to the effect of "Oh no! Captain Picard might die!" but there's still 4 entire seasons left...

Are there any other downsides to watching something after it has already aired?
R:11 / I:7
Greetings to you all. I am from the future, from the year 2022. I hope all of you backwards people are doing well in your backwards lives in your backwards places.
R:8 / I:2
So /qa/, what's your New Year's resolution?
R:18 / I:4
Can someone explain audio to me? People talk about FLAC and 320kbps MP3s and stuff, but I'm not sure I can even tell the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps. What am I supposed to be listening for?
R:42 / I:1
I'm looking to make a list of all suffixes used in imageboards to create names for people. So far I've got:
- fag, faggot
- friend, fren
- tard
- nigger
- poster
- anon
- mod, min
- cuck, chad
- bro

Is jan/janny/janitor ever used as a suffix? I can't recall any specific instance of it, but there should be.
Normalfag has the most variations, but they're unique to it. You can't generalize the less popular endings.
R:5 / I:1
How accustomed are you to your usual habits?
R:3 / I:0
I'll just leave this here. Exciting bullet hell duel. Live in less than 2 hours.
R:6 / I:1


The movie and subs are out.
Did you watch it already?
R:32 / I:5
/qa/, do you like umamusume? japan seems to love it.
i don't know why exactly, but it's really popular.
R:33 / I:14
What is their endgame?
R:129 / I:46
><Anonymous> like say someone starts a thread about mecha it's gonna take two years to reach 200 posts

Let's prove him wrong.
R:6 / I:1
I stumbled upon someone's scraping of several public ftp servers into music playlists, so I downloaded it and now I can listen to high quality music just like opening a local file but being streamed.
But the ftp servers have much more stuffs to offer! Other then music, a large number of anime, movie, TV shows, game ROMs, and lots of other stuffs are on them.

Have you visited some cool file servers like that?
R:5 / I:0
Recently I read that booru software was derived from imageboards, danbooru meaning "corrugated cardboard" (emphasis on the board part).

To analyze them as such, we could say they are composed of textless OPs and an obligatory file attachment, with further posts being text-only. Each OP is tagged (StackExchange is a forum that also uses tags, optionally) and can be searched through these, which filters the results of the catalog. It has no index. Threads can't be bumped off, though I believe I've seen one or two of them be closed, in that you couldn't post a new comment. Most do not get any replies, but they do receive internet points and can be affected by moderation.

It's an interesting way of looking at it, isn't it?
R:60 / I:14
How many imageboards do people use? I know I mainly use kissu for most all my thoughts, but sometimes there's things that come to mind that wouldn't fit here at all so I post it elsewhere.
R:10 / I:1
There are so many possible things to do in a day, how do you manage to narrow your choices down to just one?
R:15 / I:3
Would you still want to go back even if the things you care about now wouldn't turn out the same?

Kissu is never created. /qa/ only lasts a few months. Your favorite artist, or author passes before creating anything. You use your knowledge of future events to become wealthy, but the things that made you happy are nowhere to be found.
R:15 / I:2
Which cultures have the healthiest or unhealthiest traditional food?
Modern diet over the world has generally become unhealthier thanks to American influence and larger food portion, but it's interesting to see the health factor of traditional food which is important in the formation of cultures.
For example, traditional Japanese food consists of mainly rice, fish, and variety of vegetables, which provides a good balance of essential nutrients, is low in calories, and doesn't contain unhealthy ingredients aside from high sodium.
R:4 / I:0
Odd Taxi is getting a movie, and I'm not sure if I should be excited or skeptical.
R:13 / I:4
Can anyone with Gyakuten Sekai screenshots compress the directory and post it please? I accidentally permanently deleted my directory...
R:157 / I:66

Fall 2021 plans


I've been considering how this season has felt more like work for a bit of the anime I'm keeping up with. With that in mind I'd rather just be strict this season and focus on my backlog while only watching whatever piques my interest as something I'd want to keep up with weekly. Although a problem I've found is that stuff airing this fall looks pretty nice, so who knows how much time I'll end up with to focus on my backlog.

So blah blah blah, what are you looking at next season and do you have any plans for it that don't relate to what's airing?
R:7 / I:2
How to improve image stitching?
How come some (screencaps of) frames have a different brightness or color level even though they are all part of the same cut?
R:31 / I:8
How do you like to spend your free time /qa/?
R:18 / I:7
Are there any actual hikikomori outside of Japan? This seems something that can only happen in Japan or rather a handful of countries, mainly asian. I'm a NEET, and I wouldn't be able to close my bedroom without my family freaking out and forcing me to open up. I don't leave the house very often but staying inside forever it's impossible. Also taking in mind you can't be considered a hikikomori if you're disabled or mentally ill makes it even harder to fit in the definition. Maybe this is why Hikkichan died while neet.moe still exists. But I'm actually curious if there's a true hikki over here and how's life going for them. How did your family react when you became a hikikomori?
R:14 / I:5
What's Kissu's problem solver of choice? Mine is the TI-89, non-Titanium. The Titanium, although it has a slightly faster processor, some graphing fixes (for functions that go to infinity, vertically, such as csc(x) ), more memory, and a GUI home menu, I find that the button layout is far inferior to the TI-89 which has a standard grid layout, whereas the TI-89 Titanium has a button layout where the buttons are set on a curve which makes data entry slower. The buttons also feel worse, which is an interesting feat to accomplish considering the TI-89 has mushy buttons. Unfortunately, my TI-89's screen is giving out. I think internally, there's connections from the display that don't make solid contact anymore, so I had to stick foam pads inside it so that the display would work. Anyways, because the TI-89 is a much more capable graphing calculator than other offerings by Texas Instruments, it also has host to a number more, better games on it, such as ports of Super Mario World, Ultima V, and DOOM.

Honorable mentions go to the TI-36X Pro, which is an incredibly versatile scientific calculator that is especially helpful because it has a program, with its own button, for solving systems of equations.
R:16 / I:2
Do you think the global state of entertainment and media has an effect on the quality of anime? Like how in the golden pre-2000s era everyone loves there were a lot of animators into western nerd/film culture and maybe as a byproduct of how Hollywood itself or the comic market was shining at the time it played a role in influencing them?

Inb4 of course the global state effects Japanese anime it's global
R:46 / I:16
Some smiles need protecting more than others...
R:31 / I:21
Are you happy today friends?
R:15 / I:0
Does /qa/ like audiobooks?
R:21 / I:7
all of my hard drives are full
how much anime do you archive, kissu?
R:16 / I:14
Are there any specific character design tropes that you really like? I personally love plain black medium length hair combined with glasses; the type of look that is often used for fujos and student council members.
R:17 / I:4
Isn't it bizarre that people call Lions kings of the Jungle? They don't actually live in Jungles but some Tigers do and Tigers are bigger than they are. It makes no sense.
R:8 / I:0
I read some stories about mafias and gangs around the world and I think that the formation of them can point to the formation of human society.
They are usually born into poverty where the only way to survive is to by acting together to be powerful enough to make ends meet, relying on strength and violence. Those who are the strongest and cruelest are the key to this, so the weak rely on the strong to survive and are willing to obey the orders of them.
This results in a pyramid social structure with different levels of leaders and a culture of obeying the order of those who are higher up. The strongest aggregates the most wealth and become the king.
Maybe autocracy is part of the human nature.
R:4 / I:1
Could the desire to have media delivered to oneself rather than being sought, like flipping through TV channels hoping for something to catch your attention, be linked to the success of the new wave of social media stuff like TikTok? Now I'm no expert in how it works, at all, but every time I've seen my imouto browsing through it she's flipping through different things on it and pestered about it she doesn't really have an answer for what most of the stuff she's watching is or is about. It seems to me kind of like telesurfing on steroids, since I don't think there's any long videos on that platform.
R:7 / I:2
Are you regret?
R:13 / I:5
does /qa/ seed?
R:15 / I:6
How do you learn to simply enjoy things and not treat life itself like a form of work?
R:10 / I:3
Are you or do you suspect you may be a supertaster? Supertasers are people that, for whatever reason, have a stronger sense of taste than normal people. You can also be a supertaster for specific foods due to certain chemical sensitivities.

I made some carrot ginger soup a few days ago and my family likes it, but it's overpowering to me. Sometimes I wonder if I eat really plain food because it tastes "normal" to me. I like to eat baked potatoes with just salt, for example. Or maybe I'm just so boring it affects my actual taste.

Are you a supertaster, /qa/?
R:12 / I:2
I was watching an episode of seinfeld and was thinking, wow this isnt all that funny, but then at the end of the episode alot of the unfunny jokes were building to an actually funny joke at the end.
Is it better for something to be already funny or to be made funny through later information?
R:36 / I:13
I'm currently using Potplayer as my primary media player for watching anime vids. I was wondering which apps you guys use and if you have any suggestions to alternative players and/or recent guides to set them up for ideal anime viewing. Thanks in advance for your input.
R:10 / I:3

Skyrim 4? or maybe 5?

Can't say it's all that surprising but Skyrim is coming out again with no time line for tes6
R:6 / I:1
How come gods don't often see proper portrayals as the incomprehensible beings they're supposed to be?
R:33 / I:15
thinking about becoming a full time kissu poster
what should i take into consideration?
R:4 / I:1
What's her name?
R:13 / I:7
Does anyone else hate the post-apocalyptic setting? Or maybe just any setting where humanity has declined and everything blatantly sucks? I think it's been done to death and I really don't like all the barren landscape and ugly destroyed buildings and death and destruction everywhere. Isn't there enough of this stuff in real life?
Things that are happy and nice are better.
R:31 / I:18
(MOD EDIT) STREAMS ARE OVER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KISSU! You are invited to the Kissu 3rd Year Anniversary Stream of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase!
We will watch 12-13 episodes on Friday December 3rd and then the rest on December 10th, of course on Kissu Theater!

Unfortunately, we can't satisfy everyone due to that whole stupid timezone thing, but I'm thinking of using the usual start time of 6PM EST/11PM UTC. We could possibly move it ahead by an hour or two if there's enough demand, but this is traditionally the timezone that has the most people able to participate.

furu furu moon~

R:2 / I:0
Could something like this be a vulnerability in imageboards too?
R:5 / I:2

3D Modelling and Interactivity

Issues of clipping and extremely poor model interactivity/physics are always thrown about as critiques of eroge, whether they be cheap indie games or bigger budget illusion titles. This issue doesn't really seem to plague 2D animation at all and the portrayal of such scenes is more than likely able to carry weight and/or convey the meshing together of bodies. I've even seen 3D animations that don't appear to clip and seem to function well on the model interactivity side. How come game animators can't figure out how to make this work in their video games? Why does a penis need to impale a girl or why must boobs past a certain point clip through a model's body? What will it take to get fluid 3D animations in H-games to become common rather than nonexistant?

Also when are illusion games going to not load like shit?
R:26 / I:6
Someone mentioned recently having a bad dream about an "/ac/ - academia" board being created and it got me wondering. Would such a board really be that awful a concept among philosophical NEETs with too much free time on their hands?
R:311 / I:108
What have kissu's gamers been looking forward to recently? Or is there anything interesting/fun you guys are playing now
R:5 / I:1
Are you capable of enjoying the sensation of achieving victory without actually achieving victory?
R:7 / I:3
Sometimes I notice bad writing habits in my post and then just delete it in shame and cringe in embarrassment for half an hour even though nobody probably saw or noticed.
R:2 / I:1
What came first, the image or the board?
R:19 / I:3
Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
R:4 / I:2
Tenshi (corndogless)
R:7 / I:0
Amateur Radio is a strange hobby.
On surface it seems to be something that would appeal to people like computer nerds but several aspects make it to be the opposite:

- Because radio frequency resource is limited and lots of people are using it, communication time is short and there is little to no chance to exchange anything other than the most basic info like name, location, calling code etc.
- Need to go outdoors to get good signal.
- No privacy. Everything communicated is public and can be received by anyone on the same frequency.
- People in this hobby seem to aim to establish communication to as much people and as long distance as possible more than anything else. Large amount of competitions and certificates directly encourage that.

This gives me the impression that this type of communication is on the level of greeting strangers on a busy street, and even less than attending a random party.
What do you think of this?
R:5 / I:1
I broke ota
R:52 / I:8

Japanese Learning Thoughts

I want to nakadashi *girl* has become a popular phrase on imageboards (mostly 4chan). But it's a mix of Japanese and English. If I was going to say "I want to cum inside Holo" fully in Japanese, how would I go about doing that? In the English sentence, nakadashi is a loan word and it is the action being done, but in Japanese I don't think 中出し is a verb. Can it be verbified by adding する to it? And then you conjugate it to say you "want" to do it. So the end result would be 私はホロで中出ししたい which would translate to I want to cum inside Holo. Am I correct?

Japanese is fun to learn.
R:87 / I:14
WTF man, I JUST (reluctantly) moved to 10.

>Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months now, but new hints suggest the company isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.
Well, I'm not going to use this until 2025 based on the previous time I've "upgraded", not least of which because people will need time to crack all of its data harvesting that I'm sure will be even worse than 10's.

R:25 / I:13
R:9 / I:2
Assuming that hell exists and god holds final judgement on all humans, how would one play it safest throughout their life to not be sent to hell? Assuming that you have no idea which sect is right, so God could be as the Islam bible describes him, the Hebrew bible, or as any of the Christian variations describe him? Is there any way one could accomplish this or are they just fucked?
R:33 / I:4
Does /qa/ eat strange foods?
I tried eating natto and actually like it a lot, the sticky texture is very nice, but it has some bitter taste so I eat with the attached sauce.
R:9 / I:0
Just got gifted a $25 prepaid card but have no idea on what to spend it on. Does /qa/ have any suggestions? One idea I do have is to get the ecchi illustrations from nacchan's fantia (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/6561). I don't know how fantia works though, is it $10 to unlock all the illustrations or $10 per illustration?
R:12 / I:7
Happy Birthday kissu!
R:17 / I:5
Does /qa/ prefer breast meat or thigh meat?
R:13 / I:4

Can /qa/ take a fight?

If one day you had to fight to defend the honor of your waifu against a decently built opponent, would you be able to?
Despite my delusions of grandeur, I am fairly certain I will lose to even a 15 year old. My only memories of school fights are ones where I was too afraid to do anything because I didn't want to get suspended and/or expelled. Then as I grew older, I started realizing how weak the human body is. Mostly due to all those rekt threads on 4chan...
I don't understand how people can take part in fights, the human body is so weak. (Well, of course, if not trained properly.) Take a hit in one of the many critical hit areas of the human body and you could possible die or worse; turn into a vegetable.
Hence, as much as I despise myself for having to say this, I for one could not fight to defend my waifu's honor. I am simply too pussy. Gif related will be me.
R:31 / I:17
What's your media player look like /qa/? Found this nice skin for foobar online and been using it for the past year or so.
R:29 / I:7

Forgotten Internet Slang

What are some examples of slang/words/expressions that were widespread some time ago but you don't see used anymore? I thought about this question because I randomly realized I haven't seen the word "GAR" in a long time, maybe it's due the lack of GAR-type characters? Anyway, I think it's a funny way to see how things change, do you have any examples that come to mind?
R:17 / I:2
Are you a big fat cheater when it comes to games /qa/? Usually if I like a game alot for its gameplay I'll hold off, but for eroge and other such games I bust open cheat engine around when the title screen pops up.
R:10 / I:4
Do you take any nutritional supplements? I've been thinking of maybe expanding past a simple multivitamin.
Yeah, I'm not expecting to be anything like eating good healthy food whole, but turning stuff into powder makes sense to me. However, it seems like it's a scammer's market. As soon as you think you've found a good critical review of something the guy introduces his own product, so you look up a review of that one and the new guy says that one needs to be supplemented with his, and so on and so on.
Of course, none of these can be "proven" to be effective at anything, just that they have the ingredients they claim to have.

Too much effort to eat good food, too much effort to find some powder or pills to supplement. Life is hard.
R:1355 / I:165

/qa/ blog

it's what all the girls are talking about
R:21 / I:3
Have you watched the first few Spongebob seasons? It's such a great show. Sometimes I think it's only second to Simpsons when it comes to random references on the internet, including imageboards. With good reason, too, because it's just so clever and random. It's pretty much a good Western slice-of-life cartoon.
It debuted TWENTY TWO years ago (wtf) but the first few seasons are amazing to rewatch and there's really no reason they wouldn't be good for first-timers either.
Unfortunately, similarly to the Simpsons the later seasons took a massive plunge in quality. It replaced wit with grossness and it's just awful. After the creator passed away there's now two spin-off shows to milk the IP dry, which is really quite depressing. Maybe kids like them, though?
So... are you a Spongebob Otaku?
R:19 / I:5
Do you read visual novels? I recently started reading Ryuusei World Actor and I'm enjoying it so far. The setting reminds me of that no-budget Cop Craft anime that aired a few years ago.
R:9 / I:1
What will happen if all human beings suddenly lose all of their memories?
They will lost all knowledge, including all development in culture, art, science, language... No one can communicate because they no longer know how to speak, no one has the knowledge to make use of the technologies, the common sense and social rules which keep the society stable are now gone...
Basically it returns the human beings to the state of raw, pure beast.

Will the human population suffer from a huge decrease? How long will take to rebuild the culture?
R:6 / I:2
Is the anus a reproductive organ?
R:5 / I:3
How many good things are out there?
R:14 / I:8
It's fibonacci day /qa/, do you know what that means? That's right, only 37 more years until we get to the true fibonacci day. And then 3792 years until the true fibonacci day.
R:2 / I:1
Suppose Mr. A is playing chess with Mr. B. Mr. C, a grand master, is looking over Mr. A’s shoulder. Mr. A of course wants to win his game, so if Mr. C points out a good move for him to make, he is doing Mr. A a favor. But suppose now that Mr. C tells Mr. A how to make ALL of his moves. In each particular instance he does Mr. A a favor by showing him his best move, but by making ALL of his moves for him he spoils his game, since there is no point in Mr. A’s playing the game at all if someone else makes all his moves.
R:11 / I:0
What superpowers seem to have massively unrealized potential for brokenness? I feel like being able to telepathically communicate with people could be extremely powerful if you weaponized it so that you just mind-screeched at them 24/7 until they couldn't take it anymore and they probably wouldn't even realize who you were and wouldn't be able to talk to anyone about it.
R:41 / I:23

Yume 2kki Playalong

Let's play Yume 2kki, kissu!
It's a sequel fangame of... you guessed it, Yume Nikki. I did some reading, and it seems like a plurality of people prefer the works of a prolific creator named wataru who left due to stress and took his contributions with him. Because of this, we'll be playing version 1.12. We can always play a more recent version some other time.
Unfortunately, as an RPGMaker game it's not a plug-and-play deal. There's an installation guide on the wiki but I can give the gist of it here. ( https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions )

Step 1
Download and install RPGmaker2000RTP English. This archive.org link will create a download pop-up https://web.archive.org/web/20160306073027/

Step 2
Download and extract the game: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fjyim3e77d32bj5/Yume_2kki_0.112b_Patches_1-5_ENG.7z/file
It's important that you're not getting any non-ASCII gibberish text in the folders. If you have the main data folder displayed correctly as "ゆめ2っき" as opposed to ASCII gibberish then it's working.

Step 3
Extract this stuff into the game folder so the folders line up. It has some assets that were missing from file in Step 1.

Step 4
Play the game! Use Player.exe to launch it in fullscreen. Using the "start.exe" seems to put it in a tiny window so don't use that one unless you have an oldskool 800x600 monitor or something.
R:9 / I:2
What do you think is the best approach to moderating topics which are okay in moderation but which you wouldn't want to become a large fraction of discussion on your site? This seems to be a common issue on imageboards, and probably other types of sites as well. Do you leave it alone until it's already grown too big and then try to clamp down at the risk of alienating your userbase? Do you try to contain them in a separate board at the risk of that board becoming what your site is about? Do you try to exclude people who seem to have a larger interest in the side topic than the main topic(s) of the site at the risk of driving away people who might otherwise have made good posts? Or is there a better approach?
R:8 / I:2
It's odd when I think about it. When I think about it I can talk with my family, Anonymous, and sometimes even people on IRC just fine. But occassionally there comes someone who even engaging in with conversation with is a drain and leaves me stressed out or unrelaxed or I want to take a break from the computer afterwards, even if they themselves should be perceived as "nice". What causes this reaction I wonder?
R:12 / I:2
What ever happened to all these invasive toolbars and other crappy software which all seemed to die off all at the same time? I remember having to be vigilant with every download back in the day not to install some crappy third party software alongside whatever I was currently installing, but now I've nearly forgotten at times to check with such practices being almost nonexistent now.
R:34 / I:8
Is it ethical to view piracy as unambiguous and without blame? For instance, if an artist has some art that they don't want shared, is it okay to then redistribute that art and gloat at the fact that they shared it in the first place?

I think it's one thing to gloat in the face of million dollar industry titans, but for artists especially where making money is slim, should different standards not apply?

I don't think NFTs are in any way a fair comparison in this circumstance. NFTs -- besides being a transparent scam -- cannot be shared or viewed by others without the original work (assuming the license holder even has rights to the work) being redistributed such that its exclusivity and ownership ledger becomes meaningless.
R:15 / I:8
If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two halves of a sandwich or two sandwiches?
R:304 / I:244
a thread for anime (or other media) captures or screenshots that you don't want to make a new thread for
R:7 / I:4
Can't believe A-1 made an anime with the same generic protagonist and the same generic mecha and I actually liked it.

I guess it goes to show how source material and direction carries studios more than art work and character design.
R:1 / I:0
If you want to even try play RTS games you need to be at least this good.
R:97 / I:36

/qa/ music creation thread

i've seen dedicated drawthreads and writethreads here, but never once saw a music creation thread. considering you can post sound files here i wonder why it happens, because i did see several posters here said they made music. is it because many consider the stuffs they make have no merit to be posted? or because many have some musician profiles that they want no connection to this place...?
anyway, post some musics you made!
R:13 / I:4
Since when has Japan been able to do proper 3DCG stories? Eva 4.0 and this show both are doing a good job with the techniques. 5 years back we had https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyeBAJwdpW4 Kado and Kemono Friends which was full of jank, but NightHead seems far beyond that past and into an era of actual artists using the technique for what it does best.
R:29 / I:24

Map Painting thread

Let's paint the map of kissu frens!
Here's the landmasses, all freshly drawn.
R:24 / I:5
What space(s) will fill the vacuum made by the passing of 4/qa/ ? Its death is just another in the slow death of Western channels and imageboards.

Gikopoipoi seems like a solid candidate. Sageru IRC is finally splintering. Matrix is also posing an alternative to the Discord splinters from IRC.

Boorus are far technically superior imo to imageboards that work more like image galleries than discussion forums. I'm a big fan of Mastodon (originally made by the Secret Area) as another attempt to make a better kind of discussion platform.
R:0 / I:0
R:7 / I:1
If you have a multi monitor setup, what kind of things do you watch on it while you're focused on something else?
The past few months I've been watching speedruns, or more specifically long speedruns of JPRGs and other stuff. I don't really like the ones when it's just the guy on twitch and his subscribers, but when it's in a charity event and the guy explains how the techniques work and stuff it's pretty cool. It's just games I've played myself or those I have zero interest in so I don't spoil myself, of course.
What about you? Stuff that you don't focus on, but still enjoy in the corner of your eye?
R:7 / I:1
Has /qa/ achieved six-pack success?
R:14 / I:4
Do you have a favorite recent Touhou doujin album?
R:3 / I:1
Did you know that One Piece's 1000th episode is this week?
R:25 / I:9
What kind of mouse do you use and are you happy with it? My left clicker on my razer adder is messed up and it's time to get a new one. I don't think I want to get another one because this was after only one year. The rainbow lights are kind of cool, I guess.
I use a mix of relaxed and claw grip and have small hands so it's seemingly impossible to get something that's fully comfortable. Maybe I should try a trackball or something, but can those be as accurate as mice?
Uhh... post about computer mice or something.
R:4 / I:2
You know I was playing PoE, which is an ARPG like Diablo, and wondered to myself if D3's auction house is actually a good design and would work well in the genre. Sure it cuts out some of the human trading aspect by allowing people to just trade without being in person, but in PoE what can be noted is that aside from having to go to another person's hideout to trade all that's done are basically the same almost mechanical motions that one would do to purchase from an auction house. The whispers are automated, the listings on a website (in almost AH form), and trade done without a word between players except maybe an obliged thanks afterwords. All an AH would do to this system, that the players obviously are fine with, is cut out the having to go to another player directly to trade. In retrospect, all that was wrong with D3's AH was the game itself and the real money portion. Although that second point can be debatable since it could allow ARPG NEETs to get rich off of selling drops.
R:13 / I:5
R:12 / I:2
/qa/ down, 76 more to go...

Are there any actual boards of worth left on 4chan that haven't fell to the zeitgeist?
R:7 / I:2
Hypothetically, if there was another intelligent species on Earth would we still eat them if they were tasty?
R:65 / I:20


R:4 / I:0
Now i see the appeal of breasts!
Having a portable grill could really come in handy during a survival situation.
R:4 / I:4
Was wondering to myself "What the heck it's only 4:00 AM why am I so tired?" and then I remembered America's behind an hour today so it's nearly time for the sun to start coming up. Oyasumi /qa/
R:10 / I:2
Hello I am new
R:4 / I:1
Does anyone here want to play videogames?
R:15 / I:3
Been going to the konbini a lot more now that one's opened up within walking distance from my house, and it's really nice to just be able to pick something up in the middle of the night. Does /qa/ like their kobinis or are they too far away to be bothered to go to?
R:37 / I:11
What is your opinion on the whole fursecution/furry hate thing back in the 00s and 10s? I did find furries to be rather annoying and attention whore-y, but in hindsight I'd love to go back to that being the "threat". I was probably too hard on them when I was younger.
I don't mind them at all these days and I've even seen some archived threads from 4chan's /trash/ (furry board) when it seems the people there are closer to old internet than anyone else there, but I just can't enjoy being around that art and those fetishes. Maybe there's a kinship between people that seek out escapism and have been on the internet for too long.
R:4 / I:4
80000 GET
R:12 / I:3
Does /qa/ use any keyboard shortcuts for improved productivity? If not, you totally should!!

Some of my favorites are:
Win + Print Screen = Outputs a screenshot to Pictures/Screenshots
Alt + Right/Left Arrow = Forward/Reverse history
Middle Click Link = Opens link in new window
Middle Click Drag = Scroll without wheel
Middle Click Tab = Closes tab
Win + Tab = Task view (shows windows on each monitor, and allows access to multiple desktops)
Ctrl + Tab = Move right one tab over in browser
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Move left one tab over in browser
Ctrl + W = Close active tab
R:13 / I:3
As per >>79360 there's a searchable text archive from the archive.org dump of older 4chan stuff. Let's go searching for things!
R:22 / I:13
New Touhou
R:18 / I:5
brothers, is this the website?
R:11 / I:1
Which recent non-SoL anime have a nice, consistent, tone?
R:10 / I:2
Can /qa/ recommend me a vpn? I keep losing access to more and more sites and it's getting annoying, now I'm at a point when I need a proper vpn and not a random browser plugin.
R:10 / I:3
The seventy billion people of earth, where are they hiding?
R:20 / I:6

AI Writing Thread

/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!

R:10 / I:5
How often does an anime make your emotions budge?
R:32 / I:23
Post an image that you have saved but can't remember why you saved it
R:3 / I:1
In the far future where advanced programming is part of the common core of education will the fate of all online communities be death by botspam from AI which the latest generation of bored teens create?
R:6 / I:4
All the Gundam pilots are magically transported into space with their best mechs.

Who comes out on top and who dies first?
R:4 / I:1
I often wonder how people in the far future will look back on the internet of the past. So much of the culture is a "you had to be there" type of thing. References and jokes that only make sense to the small group of people it was directed to. Will they even understand all the all the in-jokes and references that we talk about today? Or will it just seem foreign and alien to them? Maybe it will just be chalked up to some type of "lol so RandUMb" humor. Even today, if you showed any of it to someone who wasn't well versed in internet humor, they probably wouldn't get any of it. When you look at it from an even further outside lens, it probably wouldn't make any sense at all.

I wonder if we'll start to see internet history become a popular field that's studied in universities eventually. There's a lot that can be gleaned I think from studying the trends of the internet and how they were impacted by, or impacted current events of the time. Of course, maybe they'll get it all completely wrong, because of how esoteric and insular much of it is. Can you really get any of it if you weren't there at the time it happened? The explanations people try to make today for internet culture is often grossly incorrect.

Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter. Which mostly consists of bastardized versions of older culture from deeper in the proverbial internet sea. To get to the root of a lot of it you need to go past that top layer, which most people aren't aware even exists.

I think it's an interesting topic to ponder. There's a ton of different ways I think it could go, and I have to wonder how accurate any of it will be when it eventually comes, as someone who experienced it first hand for most of my life.

Have a cute Miyu.
R:21 / I:3

Age of Empires 2 DE Key

No idea if this key works.
It's only usable on the Microsoft store.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Microsoft Key - GLOBAL
Items: 1
Bought on: Jun 28/20 - 1:42 AM

If you want to play against me, just say whenever.
I have AoE2 HD as well, though I'd rather not.
R:24 / I:2
I wonder how many others started their "imageboard journey" somewhere besides 4chan.

My first imageboard was uboachan, which I found because I was really into yume nikki at the time (still am, but you know what I mean). I feel like I'm the minority here, because everyone else I've met started on 4chan and branched out from there.
R:12 / I:6
Boo! It's candy season, the season of relishing in sweet! But what candies actually are there that don't suck balls?
R:14 / I:2
Somehow I managed to stumble upon this really beautiful piece of animation. Apparently, this was the intro and outro segments for a Russian TV show called "Goodnight, Kids", and was animated by Yuri Norstein. There are some still frames I can find that show the level of beauty and craftsmanship, but unfortunately I know zero Russian and so will likely never find a source higher quality than this one.

Does /qa/ have any animations they really like?
R:7 / I:2
The internet as a single living organism constructed from the voices of its inhabitants is prone to an existence of eternal adolescence as adolescents are the ones that make their voices be heard the loudest. But it is the old and jaded that excert bitterness and self-destructive tendencies which have direct and indirect influence upon the young and the naive.
To conclude the internet as a single living organism is a pretty shitty thing.
R:3 / I:1
Contrary to what I thought when going in, the protagonist really helps along with making this anime work. The bleak outlook on the world and trust issues combined with feelings of worthlessness. The more I'm able to perceive parts of myself in him, the more effective Yuzuki's efforts and care are towards mending my own soul. The beauty in everything about their relationship really does make it feel like a fairy tale, true to its name.
R:9 / I:1
I heard about this SaltyBets-like site on 4chan the other day in a MUGEN thread and it seems pretty cool. The people said it's generally better than SaltyBets for some reasons I can't remember. Unfortunately it does require a Twitch account to participate, but it sounds like it'd be fun. Also, sadly for it, you just can't compete with the sheer momentum that Salty had so there's not as many people.
I wonder if many we can organize a hang-out and talk about it or something. It's kinda hard to do it in a thread, though.
R:17 / I:3
Are there any other minecraft-like games around that we can play together?
R:20 / I:7
Has /qa/ ever camped out for like a day or more before? The style camping that's not the kind where you bring a laptop or PSP with you.
R:5 / I:3
R:31 / I:17
R:2 / I:1
nom nom nom...
I don't watch street cooking videos often because i consider them torture, the process can be fun but knowing that I won't get to taste the delicious food at the end... kuyashii desu...
But I like these drawings with food in it. I think is because I'm focusing more on how they drew the food and the cute girl rather than the food itself.
do you do something similar?
R:13 / I:6
Not sure if i'd be this excited for a 300 yr old stinky demon queen. Rudues probably dodge all sorts of magical stds.
R:10 / I:2
Do you do any personal archiving? I regret not doing any myself sometimes, so I started doing the occasional Ctrl+S of kissu threads, but it's not very efficient. Yeah, imageboards are supposed to be ephemeral and all that, or so they say, but I still regret not saving anything except the occasional image after being on the internet for decades.
I remember seeing a program that you can configure to automatically take desktop screenshots at a set time, and I might go look into that again, but that seems of questionable use.
R:6 / I:1
Where do I buy a good dakimakura so that I can hug my wife Haruhi?
R:10 / I:3
Does Kissu have a favorite accent? Not just specifically relating to English.

I really like Kiwi accents.
R:2 / I:2
R:58 / I:12
Did you know that Diablo 2 Ressurected comes out in literally a day /qa/ and there's not a single thread about it even though we're all going to play it and fill up an 8 player lobby?
R:55 / I:10
They announced new Melty Blood
R:4 / I:0
R:9 / I:4


Finished binge watching Katanagatari. I feel like I liked the show but towards the end I was totally lost as to what was happening. Part of it was because I didn't remember some of the in-world politics. But most of it was all the future/past/history/correction stuff going on in the show. Togame's death wasn't very impactful to me either. I pondered upon why it wasn't, and reached the conclusion that she seemed more like a supporting character than an MC. The story was mostly focused on Shichika and his antics, Togame felt like but a side character. How ironic that Togame, who was complaining about Shichika being a plain character, was very much forgetful to me. Maybe I'm just dumb, maybe I was influenced by Shichika's indifference towards Togame throughout the whole show, apart from the last few episodes, or maybe I'm just dumb. Though, quite conversely, I found myself quite fond of Hitei hime. So much so that I was hoping for the show to end the way it did and was glad about it.
Any Anons here who've watched Katanagatari? How was your experience?
R:4 / I:3
Is life the pursuit of novelty? It seems like if all physical needs are met, novelty to entertain and stimulate your mind is the most important thing.
Although, then why is nostalgia so appreciated? But then people want new things featuring their old nostalgia stuff so maybe it's not far off?
R:3 / I:3
What would an imageboard under Laura rule look like?
R:2 / I:0

Idaten Continuation

After the events of Idaten this is how the hiatus will continue:
Being lost on how to deal with finding the captured Idaten, they realize the only card they have is the two demons they still have under their control. They go into hostage negotiations with the demon lord acting as the intermediary and offer to give up their demons in exchange for the idaten. Miku has the advantage and does evil tricks that end up with the Idaten getting nothing, when Cory betrays the demons and brings a captured Paula and Ysley to the outside.

When Cory reunites with the other Idaten the demons now don't have a secret base and the Idaten begin attacks again. The demons have a way to deal with idaten more effectively now, however in the end the Idaten will win and Gil will do something like leave to be a neutral party or ensure that the demons are not fully eliminated.

From this point the story is on it's way to a conclusion where idaten agree that they have to defend world peace and demons can live their hedonistic life as long as they don't threaten it.
R:9 / I:1
What settings does /qa/ use to maximize the performance of mpv while not sacrificing quality? I've noticed that on mpv, even with a fresh mpv.conf, the player has been annoyingly freezing for a moment or two occasionally while I'm trying to watch something, and it's really annoying. But not as annoying as when I got to check how much CPU/RAM it's using to identify if that's the case and see that it's barely using anything. What gives? Am I supposed to enable something that allows it to be more intensive on my computer so that I can watch anime uninterrupted or something because this is annoying as HELL.
R:5 / I:1
What sort of peripherals do Kissu friends use? Anything interesting that you think other people should or shouldn't use?

I used to have a nice mechanical keyboard before it broke, and now just use a standard cheapo keyboard. Paradoxically I feel a bit more at home with the cheapo because I feel like I can be a bit more rough with it in case it does happen to break. I've been thinking about getting a bluetooth keyboard too. Does anyone have experience with one? I got a nice bluetooth headphones and found that the claims of dealing with latency are wildly blown out of proportion so I wonder how it would be with a keyboard.
R:10 / I:2
I seriously hope this doesn't just end without a second season.........
R:3 / I:1
I think there's an inherent flaw in the Copernican principle -- the idea that Earth, and by extension mankind, are not unique or prievileged in the universe -- when considering its implication upon the Fermi Paradox. Namely, it predisposes explanations for any and all observations to having a natural explanation, even when no natural explanation can be gleaned from observation. This sort of inordinate skepticism to everything fundamentally loops back around to heliocentricism because the natural conclusion to this worldview (no pun intended) is that humanity must be the only species capable of altering its surroundings, even as powerless and ignorant of the wider cosmos as we are.

Besides its many other faults, in this regard humanity is a phenomenally narcissistic and prideful species, all the while remaining woefully insecure and ignorant. After all, if everything is natural, then we must be all alone... Meanwhile we sit surrounded by life on our pale blue dot.

I do not know if we are all alone, or surrounded by life we refuse to acknowledge, but I do know that dogmatically refuting refusing explanations out of hand because they seem to be too extraordinary is absurd, particularly so because the existence of life on Earth is itself extraordinary!
R:3 / I:1
Wait, has Madoka always been getting a 4th movie? I didn't notice with Magia going on

R:4 / I:2
Has /qa/ ever bypassed their own refractory period?
R:10 / I:5
Are you wary of nature's spirits, whose domain lies beyond the reach of human civilization
R:21 / I:4
>Imagine a technology that can do 600-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space. And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.
Are the military people trolling us?
R:46 / I:8


1. Black Company
2. Tsuki ga Michibiku
3. Tensura
4. Genjitsu Shuji Yuusha

(Power gap)

10. Isekai Drugstore
11. Seirei Gensouki
12. Hamefura

(Didn't even bother watching)

999. 100-man blah blah blah
R:16 / I:10
I used a website to generate a wordcloud of /qa/! It's catalog view and I'm not sure how it's grabbing the words. Is it OP only? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I'll do the other boards tomorrow!
R:6 / I:4
I'm playing the best game of all: the imageboard game. I'm really good at it. I play 16 hours a day, everyday for the last 5 years nonestop. Yeah I think I'm winning. How about /qa/? Are you winning the imageboard game?
R:6 / I:3
When were you where Higurashi die?
R:17 / I:9
Does /qa/ have any games that they regularly come back to?

For me, it's probably VVVVVV. The platforming in it is really satisfying.
R:11 / I:0
Has /qa/ ever seen a shooting star before? All things considered they're supposed to be pretty common, but I've never seen one before. I can barely see any stars, only just the bright stars that make up major constellations because of all the light pollution from where I live.
R:1 / I:0
They may break my body, but they'll never break my /qa/ spirit!
R:27 / I:18
Let's draw the safety cat! You can draw the original cat, or you can draw something else in that form! For examples you can look at https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/%E7%8F%BE%E5%A0%B4%E7%8C%AB/artworks
Remember- you don't need to be good! Just draw something!
R:5 / I:3
Can mental exhaustion lead to physical exhaustion? And if so how are you supposed to fix it.
R:8 / I:4
Have you ever used one of these handle accessories for a handheld gaming system? I really need to get one because the 2DS XL utterly wrecks my hands and makes them sore for the entirety of the next 3 days. Getting older sucks, but also this square design they've kept since the original gameboy sucks, too.
What about computer stuff? Do you use any special keyboard or mouse to avoid hand or wrist cramping? I feel like this is stuff I should buy before I need it and that time will probably arrive in less than a decade.
R:11 / I:3
What even is #qa and how is it related to kissu?
R:144 / I:48

Summer 2021 anime

2 weeks left. What are you looking forward to? What are you interested in?
R:10 / I:5
Can't easily watch any recent anime as well as I can early 2000 and older. Is it time to stop resisting and accept Old = Good New = Bad?
R:77 / I:31
It's been two long years but now Kobayashi and Kyoani are finally back with a bang bringing the prettiest episode of the season with also the best OP and ED of the season in tow.
R:17 / I:8

The Scene

Is anyone here on /qa/ involved in the Scene? How did you get into it and what is your experience with it?
It seems to be a very small and closed-knit friend-to-friend network of people that the only way to get in is to know one of them personally. Most of releasers also don't have any public profile and any information about them is told by someone else that know them.
R:27 / I:6
Have you watched it?
R:4 / I:2
Is there anything better than this crap, but for a similar price?
R:12 / I:9
There are two types of people in this world: Those who select an image before posting, and those who do not.
R:7 / I:1
What ever happened to difficult puzzles in games?
R:13 / I:3
Dying without noticing must be nice.
R:10 / I:2
Does /qa/ have good posture?

Every now and again I catch myself in a woefully poor position, hunched over, staring intently at my screen, or slouched over so far my spine is touching the bottom of my seat, or countless other bad seating positions.
R:17 / I:5
What meds do you take?
Risperidone, lithium, wellbutrin and klonopin here.
R:43 / I:7

Ghost Stories Dub Stream

Would Kissu be up for watching the Ghost Stories dub next Thursday and Friday? It's 20 episodes total, so I figured it'd be better to split it over two days.

As for the time, probably 5PM EDT

Stream will be at:
R:6 / I:1
Why does my creativity seem to burst forth when I'm on the verge of falling asleep and can't do anything with it...
R:23 / I:5
When was the last time you were sick?
R:13 / I:1
How are you supposed to achieve long-lasting happiness
R:19 / I:6
What anime/manga would count as "surreal"?
R:21 / I:12
After 5 episodes of sitting around and discussing politics, finally something has happened...

I guess this is why people prefer to read LNs where they don't need to wait weeks for the climactic action scenes.
R:32 / I:15

Create a Kanji thread

make up a kanji, draw it and write fanfic about it

this one is 海 + 牛 and it means dugong (turns out the term for sirenian was exactly that)
it's typically used standalone, its kun is じゅごん but it also has カイ as on
R:3 / I:0
What would the younger and much younger you think of the current you?
R:14 / I:1
Addendum to the /qa/ mansion: It should be 90% basement with maybe a few rooms on the top because a big house that's above ground is open to so many possible intruders. You may also hear footsteps where there are none if there's a first floor above you, so there's really no need for that much of one. Also windows are bad and you can't see what's looking at you through them so having a large basement reduces their total numbers by a lot.
R:11 / I:2
What's with this "Son of Man" phrase that JRPGs and anime and presumably other things sometimes use? Does it make a lot of sense in Japanese or am I missing a localization to a proper reference to some biblical thing? It's generally used by powerful entities to refer to some mere human teenager that's out to defy fate or the universe, so it's in pretty much every SMT game. I'm kind of surprised it's not in Evangelion, or maybe it is and I just forgot.
What say you, son of /qa/?
R:24 / I:7
I get that isekai worlds are usually set in the feudal age and there'd be nothing like an actuarial exam back then, but would the level of mathematical knowledge really be so low that even grade schoolers would have no trouble with supposedly 'tough' questions for the general merchant populace?
R:17 / I:3
The trailer for the 4th Matrix movie is out.
I think it seems decent enough, although the atmosphere is definitely very different. I liked the unique green haze look of the original trilogy, but this seems a lot brighter. I guess this could be explained in the story somehow. The originals prioneered a lot of technology, but I'm not sure anything in this trailer looks groundbreaking.
What do you think?
R:11 / I:0
There's something weird about the female singer but I can't quite put my finger on it. She just feels so out of place and dead.
R:6 / I:1
R:6 / I:2
I was just going to keep my thread as 'hi' as I looked under the 'waving arm' tag, but it made me wonder:
Is pretty derby still absurdly popular and do you follow it at all and also how the HECK did it become so popular?
How is the monetization scheme? H
as the company bought a small nation yet?
Will it ever be translated (probably not)?
How are people so intimidated in drawing ero of them?

As an aside, this girl, Rice Shower, seems to have a great sort of quasi Kentucky Derby/gothic hybrid that's pretty cool.
R:12 / I:4
anyone know the symbolism of these two items? The bone from a balloon dog and the necklace of the priest.

Shinsekai Yori ep 5

Idaten ep 1
R:4 / I:0
Playstation is doing a showcase thing and are currently on a Korean Automata ripoff.
R:4 / I:3
I was thinking, if I was a magical being it is actually far more in my interests to hide that than to announce it. If I was a non threatening little magical girl I could appear before the king in medieval times and demand an income and house from him and refuse to live the castle until he accepts, even if he thought I was a demon he would eventually have to accept and maybe living with a non threatening little girl would convince him that I was not a demon. But there are bound to be people that would see me as a demon and the Pope might even call a crusade on me, I would never be able to live in peace. It is even worse these days, if I tried the same approach at parliament they might not even think I was a demon and they might accept or be made to accept but I would instantly become the most talked about person on earth and my entire life would be under the most attention that any life ever was, added to that you still have religious nut jobs and all it takes is one of them with a rifle to finish me off, or the government of a foreign nation may decide to send agents to kill me for fear hat I may be used against them, the government of the nation I live in may even do that. I would not get any peace in modern times either.

And what for? There is not actually much benefit to using my powers in public, sure the king may benefit from it but I will not so much. So approaching the king or Prime minister in private would be the better option, that way I could force them to give men an income but keep that hidden from the public. Or I could use clandestine actions to make money, like stealing, shorting companies and then sabotaging them, corporate espionage, using my powers of flight to fly around Papua new Guneia to look for Thylacines etc. So we would never know about these magic people, they would make sure to never be known about.
R:31 / I:15
damn Belkans
R:7 / I:3
Games like DDR are pretty cool. It's a shame arcades don't exist in anywhere near the numbers they used to. Not to mention going to one isn't particularly easy given the current global situation, of course.
R:9 / I:1
Apparently Games Workshop updated their fan-made content policy to a "zero tolerance policy", so the massively popular fan fiction series, If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, is now going on "indefinite hiatus" up to and beyond a change in policy until it becomes apparent that Games Workshop genuinely means that fan-made content is acceptable, and is not merely making an exception for a largely popular series.
R:20 / I:1
So since nobody wants to use Win11, what are some good OS's that /qa/ would recommend before there's no choice but to switch? I've always been thinking about installing linux but there's probably no better time than now, right?
R:13 / I:5
friendless, jobless, vaccinated, gay
R:5 / I:1
How do you like your Ojou-samas? Japanese? European? Or do you prefer the extraterrestrial kind?
R:8 / I:4
Were you ever (are you) a fanboy that took part in flamewars over things? Like video game systems or computer brands and stuff. I think the origin of this thing were families that had to choose a system since parents would often only buy one of a generation's consoles. It kind of inspired a strong brand loyalty because a kid didn't want to accept that there were great things on other systems.
I never really did, but there was a period of time when my family just had a Genesis and I didn't really pay attention to any Nintendo stuff because I was focused on Sega Channel. Damn, that thing was so cool.
For computer stuff? Well, I can't say I've ever felt loyalty to anyone. EVGA has good customer support for Nvidia graphics cards so I try to get those if possible, but nothing else really matters.
R:2 / I:1
What is the question to answer never given?
R:18 / I:6
People love spouting "soul" this and "soul", but all it really comes down to is nostalgia and not some great special ingredient that anime somehow lost. I bet for the majority of anime that are hailed today as flawed but "soulful" were to air today, people wouldn't look on them nearly as fondly as they do now because they're decades old. For example, DEEN's Higurashi is good for its OST, voices, and art that complements well the SoL moments. However, it definitely was lacking when it came to the more serious moments in the series, and being an adaptation of an extremely long VN (along with 2 chapters of it's counterpart) it had pacing issues at times and left out some important details in bits (like the Rena/Rika car scene in Tsumihoroboshi-hen). Although I will agree that Kai did a pretty good job since they allotted more time to those final arcs.
R:9 / I:3
How do you deal with the light from the monitor? Do you keep the three metres of distance to the screen in a well-lit room like the anime tell you at the episodes' beginnings?
A factor that has to be considered: color schemes, font types. Apparently reading white text on a dark background isn't as beneficial as it may sound promising at first; you may want to assure that the monitor isn't the only light source in the room when you look at it for many hours per day but the light of the letters' edges flowing into its dark surrounding cause more trouble than reading black text on a white background like when reading a book(is what the sources say). After much hesitation I saw for myself that I had to reconsider my values so I got a serif font while staying at prefering the dark mode, for about every site and program. (And later I wanted to print some pages with my favorite font in bright letters on dark paper but soonly found out about the impossibility of this undertaking.)
I even lowered down the light settings of the monitor but soonly had to recognize that shows and photos and perhaps most of the flashing blisses of experiences, lose their initial stimulating power without enough light.
R:9 / I:5
How are these things supposed to work on kissu now
R:5 / I:1
While thinking on why I enjoy this anime so much I couldn't help but draw parallels to Ninomiya and Roku-gou. In Sentouin the premise was a high-ranking agent from an "evil" company trying to colonize another world. Yet for all the talk about evil and how bad the agents were, you never really got a feel for how he could be considered that bad in the first place, with how pure-hearted and selfless Reoku-gou seemed to be outside of pranking others. Ninomiya, on the other hand, doesn't come from a designated evil organization however he encapsulates "evil" much better than Roku-gou ever came close to doing. All of his ambitions lie in self-interest, he isn't hesitant to take advantage of others or abuse their courtesy, and he's willing to switch sides as it suits him. This is to say, Ninomiya is a complete asshole and most certainly not a good person even if his heroics at times can make him seem better. Roku-gou on the other hand was always doing something for others' sake instead of his own, would never allow harm to come to those he knew, and was always shouldering the blame for others, ready to sacrifice himself for the interests of the world around him. He was so good that I'd argue even Kazuma from the author's previous work was more of an asshole than Roku-gou was. Not to say being an asshole is something all characters should be, but given the premises one character type certainly shines brighter and garners more interest from the viewer.

In short: Meikyuu Black Company good, Sentouin Roku-gou bad.
R:8 / I:2
How does /qa/ quench their thirst and refuel their electrolytes?
R:10 / I:2
What would you do if you found a way to get rid of the need to sleep?
R:6 / I:4
R:3 / I:3
> /qa/
quality anger
R:7 / I:1
Do you listen to music in the background while simultaneously doing other things which are less mind-occupying yet diminuish your attention to the music and are deprived of your attention due to the music? And BGM isn't so easy to choose to make sure you still can do things and don't get worn out, it can't be too sad, too fast... So what are your criteria for background music you listen to?
R:4 / I:0
Today I was at the store and feeling a bit nostalgic I bought and ate a Mr Goodbar. However, contrary to my memories it was absolutely tasteless, complete rubbish candy. It made me think of a greater question about these products, including stuff like Dunkin Donuts' donuts and most other big name candies/snacks as well. How do these products stay on shelves while they're so trash? Are there really people that go out and buy them because they like it, it just doesn't seem possible with their abysmal quality and usually superior foods/candies stocked right next to them on shelves.
R:16 / I:3
A new PV for the Tsukihime remake just came out, it doesn't look as bad as first impressions led me to believe it'd be.
R:31 / I:3
Is /qa/ going to watch Gamescom in the hopes that it makes up for this year's abysmal E3?

R:12 / I:4
Do you like Madoka Magica?
R:15 / I:0
Have you watched any cinema or film recently /qa/?
R:1 / I:0
Does a thread exist to be replied to or does it present itself as a piece of theatre, to be observed from afar??
R:2 / I:0
How many threads can one person make before it becomes too repetitive and apparent that activity is being forced?
R:20 / I:5
Why do religious organizations always seem to play the role of an evil organization, or cult, in fantasy/fiction? You never really can have an isekai (not that Idaten is one) without some sort of corrupt church organization getting in the way of the hero. Is it a result of modern troubles or related to the period these series set themselves in?
R:6 / I:0
How does one interpret "mfw" when no face is given? Or any of those acronyms that are usually paired with images
R:87 / I:25
Will there be anything interesting at E3 this year? Let's wait and find out...
R:17 / I:1
Would /qa/ agree to the notion that's it's more thematically appropriate to watch an anime taking place in an Amercian setting with a dubcast over the original? This including localizations? I personally agree because it helps with immersion as I find it jarring to hear a New Yorker address people in Japanese honourifics that's not to say the original is bad it's just not fitting in this narrow context.
One thing I personally find annoying is having the subtitles use Americanized English but this is only an issue with anime with a British setting, you use the Queens English for that mate.
R:19 / I:17
Summer party with /qa/ to celebrate 2 years free of 4chan moderation!
R:28 / I:17
Holy heck this detective is cute and dead!!
R:53 / I:14


Was thinking that it's been a bit since we last had a gameserver for people to hop in and play whenever, so how about Terraria again now that it's been out for a while and everything's updated?

TShock is updated to the latest version of the game so all works out on that front. Only thing I want to consider before setting things up is what'd be a good way to slow progression so that people don't get left behind too fast and if there's any mods people might want installed.

Server IP: terraria.kissu.moe
Port: 7777
R:27 / I:1
Decided that Sunday may be a bit early to stream everything so I'll just be streaming a movie every day starting Sunday at 7 pm EST. If this conflicts with anyone's schedule tell me.
R:2 / I:1
I need a thread workshop and fast
R:5 / I:4
Marisa wants to give you a shroom. Would you accept it?
R:36 / I:5
Why does just seeing a vtuber send some anons into a blind fit of rage? It's not saying anything about them, and why do you know them enough to even identify them to hate them.
R:6 / I:4
Hey qaers,
Is it imageboard
or is it image board?

Was looking at this
R:6 / I:4
If Linux is so good where are all its cute mascots?
R:9 / I:3
Does anyone else think this is really stupid? I don't drive or own a car, but physical buttons and switches seem like something you don't need to change.

The physical feedback from a button being pushed seems like something that you can't sacrifice for some lame "modern" design. Also, buttons are fun to push. Part of the reason of having a mechanical keyboard is the strange satisfaction I feel by pressing each button and feeling it on my fingers while also hearing a sound associated with it.
Would YOU want to use something like this?
R:14 / I:5
how to uncensor hentai
R:9 / I:0

Editing thread

How well versed is /qa/ in image/video editing software? I was thinking about having a thread for which people could share tips and tricks they know about their software of choice, or maybe ask questions about how to perform certain tasks. For instance, I was masking in Davinci Resolve and the video I was editing repeated some motions, so I was curious if I could possibly copy the position for my earlier mask onto that later frame to save on the time required to move all nodes.
R:10 / I:8
Does /qa/ have a favorite artwork?

Mine is probably Corpus Hypercubus by Salvador Dali
R:18 / I:6
I think more people would get into programming if instead of babies first programming projects being taught, instead people tried to teach how to actually do things with programming that affect your computer. So that people could dive right in to experimenting and building stuff with code for themselves.
R:9 / I:3
It's just dawned on me that most Japanese people on the internet are phone iPhone posters.

My preconcieved stereotypes of iphone filenames being the mark of pure evil incarnate has been shattered.
R:13 / I:2
What's the deal with the 360/PS3/Wii generation taking so long to emulate? Compared to the time it took for the first (somewhat) working emulator for the ps2 to come out, it's been 4x as long and we barely have anything for the 360 and ps3. Also, why is it that emulators are so demanding for such out of date hardware? Surely, there must be a way for these games to be emulated such that it doesn't take hardware 1000x as powerful than what was available at the time to run.
R:9 / I:4
how often do any of you guys sit down and really think about all the creativity and work that went into the media you consume? anime alone has storyboarding, keyframing, tweening, sound design, voice acting, character design, and a whole plethora of things I can't remember off the top of my head. I've been trying to do it more often lately myself, but it's hard to do that in the moment when the mark of a great craftsman is how they don't get in the way of your experience, but simply add to it. it's probably better to have a specific thing you want to appreciate in mind, then go back and replay/rewatch something with that in mind.
R:16 / I:4
Are there any anime outside of Haruhi that get non-chronological storytelling right?
R:9 / I:3
Why is rotoscoping not very common anymore? I know a lot of animation from the time it really took off during the 1920s through to maybe the 50s were frequently rotoscoped, but it seems to have largely died off.

Also, is this scene rotoscoped? It seems like it to me, but maybe I just have a poor eye.
R:10 / I:7
Crazy how close to death you are when going outside. Even on shallow beaches there's still death waiting for you if you're unlucky enough to encounter one of nature's traps. Thanks anime for reminding me of that.
R:6 / I:4
R:4 / I:2
How do I read through 12 overboardless imageboards?

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