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R:26 / I:10

Spring 2023 Anime

A breath of fresh air after the barren wasteland that was Winter, I'm actually looking forwards to a lot of the things airing this coming Spring. From only the short runthrough I've done I was able to immediately spot:
-Megu anime
-Mahoutsukai no Yome S2
-Witch from Mercury S2
-Tengoku Daimakyou
And the rest look like they could have potential as well, as I didn't write off most of them from the title. So is there anything in particular /qa/ is looking at?
R:57 / I:25
Oh? What brings you to the abode of furry Patchy?

[This thread is a prototype of one I have planned for /qa/. This is a 'choose your own adventure' scenario using AI image prompts. While it would be ideal if you can give me specific booru tags, you can also tell me using "human language" and I can plug it in or try to adapt it into my own knowledge of booru tags.
For now, it's going to be reliant on looking at a text file to see what artist style LORAs I have available ( >>>/f/407 ) if you wish to choose one. I should probably try to find a better naming scheme if other people are going to look through it, but this will suffice for now.
R:118 / I:50

Best time to build a PC?

Right now it seems to be a good time to build a PC:
CPUs and GPUs are coming back in stock.
GPU price dropped to MSRP, thanks to the end of GPU crypto mining.
New generation, low availability technologies are cropping up like PCIe 4, DDR5, RTX 4090, AM5 socket, diverting consumer attention away from previous gen.
M.2 SSDs are cheaper than ever, and will be even cheaper in the near future because of flash memory chip oversupply.

What does /qa/ think about building a PC now?
R:612 / I:89

february blog

it's come and it won't leave
R:24 / I:8
Do you have any experience gardening?
I decided that I'm going to attempt gardening this year. My dad grew up on a farm and we had crops in the backyard when I was a kid. I still have the old tilling machine that's in good shape and some other rusty tools, but I don't have a hammer to mine silver from nearby rocks so I won't be able to upgrade the stuff.
I think it's too late for my geographic location to start growing early Spring stuff from seeds, so I need to buy some that are already a few weeks old from a local nursery, or maybe online? This stuff sounds kind of fun as long as your expectations are reasonable.
R:289 / I:68

Dreams thread

What have you been dreaming recently?
R:30 / I:17
Surely, /qa/ recognizes this butt or on the other hand bulge, right? Nier and Automata were the only Yoko Taro games I'd actually played before deciding to go and finish each of them in their entirety. And while similar to Drakengard in story quality, the gameplay for these RPGs actually sucks you in.

So what experience or opinions does /qa/ have with the series, or Taro in general? Automata's got an anime out right now that I've been putting on hold until I beat everything, but maybe people have seen and enjoyed it as well.
R:113 / I:61

/qa/ bump when drunk

R:32 / I:8


Didn't have any basil for my pizza so I put thyme on it instead.
It's not a bad substitute. It's pretty good in its own right.
R:600 / I:114

imageboard happenings thread

Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: June 29th, 2022
R:281 / I:108
Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
R:86 / I:21


Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?
R:66 / I:36
The seeds never were, and mankind remains unforgiven.
R:21 / I:5
How old were you when you realized that trying to take things seriously is just meta-irony?
Meta-irony is the concept that we're pretending to be serious in a world where falsehood is the accepted norm. That we're just liars in pretending to want to be serious.

Nothing that we say on /qa/ can be taken seriously or should be taken seriously. We're all liars using sources that fit our biases.
You might think that Kissu is some site where mature styles of posting are considered better, but you're just lying to yourself in an effort to maintain some belief in the value of the old internet before people became accustomed to falsehoods and trolling.

As bots and AI style posting get more and more commonplace this meta-irony will grow more and more so that even trying to be serious on the internet will be some sort of joke. A meta-humour in a way.
Without some sort of verification system ruining your anonymity completely there's no way to even be anything other than meta-ironic.
R:143 / I:15

Does /qa/ still listen to music?

R:3 / I:1
What is it that Vichan has over all its competitors that makes it "complete" in comparison. I heard this from someone who was telling me about why it's held up so long and I still can't figure it out.
R:243 / I:149
Anyone else been messing around with the stable diffusion algorithm or anything in a similar vein?
It's a bit hard to make it do exactly what you want but if you're extremely descriptive in the prompt or just use a couple words it gives some pretty good results. It seems to struggle a lot with appendages but faces come out surprisingly well most of the time.

Aside from having a 3070 i just followed this guide I found on /g/ https://rentry.org/voldy to get things setup and it was pretty painless.
R:20 / I:4
I find it strange how most hacking attempts occur through manipulation(aka social engineering) than prowess at manipulating and finding mistakes in system implementations.

Take for example this unremarkable website and otherwise boring site
Someone convinces the admin to put an RCE on their desktop and screw up everything.

Is there any sort of due diligence you could do in this case or is it just a situation of another amateur sysadmin messing up as usual, giving access to people who manipulated their trust?
R:20 / I:3

The price of artworks

Do you think that the price tags of artworks are determined by their mediums? I think this is the case in practical senses, which means that digital artworks should cost nothing.

For example, a digitized picture of Mona Lisa worth nothing, while the original is valuable because of the canvas it was painted on.
A digital copy of a popular song can be frequently streamed for free from official sources. A ticket to a concert costs something, because you're paying for the experience rather than the song itself. The same can also be said for a digital copy of a film, versus going to a movie theater, versus the original film negative.
R:221 / I:70

Winter 2023 Seasonal Anime

Which series will win Winter 2022?
R:72 / I:37

Hidamari Stream

'Cause it's been a long time coming.

I'll be streaming seasons 1 and 2 of Hidamari this Friday and the next at 6PM EST over on https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/widehall
This way, we'll finally be able to fall asleep together while watching one of the greatest and most relaxing classics of our time, like a true /qa/zoku. Be there!
We can decide whether to continue with after finishing 365, let's first see how things go and decide then.
R:90 / I:55

I will (attempt to) play Detective Nosuri!

There was an Utawarerumono spin-off game/VN that came out in December. It's centered on Nosuri and seems to be a game that plays like the Ace Attorney games. I loved those games and of course I love Utawarerumono so I was hugely excited about this.
Sadly, it really has an extremely low chance of getting translated.
So... here is my blog to attempt to try one of the fancy text hook things. If nothing else, it's going to show people that technology is pretty cool. I'd like to play through this game, but it's questionable if I'll be able to do so, especially a game that will presumably have puzzles, so a machine translation will screw me over.
Well, until it reaches that point, LET'S DO IT!
FOR KUON! (whose role might be minor in this one)
R:97 / I:6
Post something cool that youtube has recommended to you recently. Note: this is not meant to be a music thread, it can be any kind of video.
R:140 / I:53

/qa/ music creation thread

i've seen dedicated drawthreads and writethreads here, but never once saw a music creation thread. considering you can post sound files here i wonder why it happens, because i did see several posters here said they made music. is it because many consider the stuffs they make have no merit to be posted? or because many have some musician profiles that they want no connection to this place...?
anyway, post some musics you made!
R:51 / I:8
According to the happenings thread >>101080 , Ash's journey in Pokémon is finally ending. It's pretty impressive. He was doing it back when I was a kid, but here we are in 2022 and it's finally over.
It brings lots of thoughts to mind apart from nostalgia.

- I wish I was into Pokémon more. It's like the /mlp/ people on 4chan, there's a bunch of dorks involved, even around my age, that still keep the magic alive. Sure, there's a bunch of kids as there should be, but it's interesting to see older people around making references that only people of a certain age would get. It's hard to find good internet losers.

-Names. People on the English internet generally refer to him as Ash (like this thread) and the localization names for each Pokemon as well. Some names are the same, but many of them aren't. One of my favorite Pokémon is Bulbausaur and not Fushigidane. With the internet full of arguments over everything regards translations, it's strange how this never seems to crop up.

-Great games. I haven't played the most recent ones, but I've never played one I didn't love. I think the newer games allow you to see the Types so you didn't need to throw moves around randomly, which was really getting to be a problem when there are 1000 of them instead of 150.

-The games get a LOT of various ROMhacks. There's even that one Touhou one that's not a hack but a standalone game. Not just simple hacks, either, but very involved stuff and you could spend thousands of hours playing them all. I should look into them more and try some out.

-Pokégirls. I think everyone knows this, but this series has some of the best character designs around and has been consistent about it since its inception. The Asuka vs. Rei thing never seemed that interesting to me in comparison to the girls in Pokémon. Even the 'girl of the week' in the anime had more interesting people in them. Duplica the girl with the Ditto that couldn't transform its face sticks out to me. Brock getting a crush on every girl really made sense.

-Just a fantastic style in general. There are places like https://hirespokemon.tumblr.com/ where you can see the old concept art and it's truly beautiful. Sugimori is a true genius. Also apparently his name is used by people as a keyword to improve the quality of AI art. A name synonymous with quality.

I learned how to type é on the keyboard waaaay back in the day just so I could type Pokémon. Alt + 0 + 2 + 3 + 3 !
So... do you have any strong Pokémon feelings? Are you a Pokémaniac?
R:131 / I:43

/qa/ works out!

Whenever you see this thread go and get some exercise! You can't just laze around all day as a NEET!
R:14 / I:7

(´・ω・) Shobon (・ω・`)

Also called Denko or Shoboon and probably other things, this lovable little kaomoji is a living legend.
Did you know Shobon is starring in an upcoming otaku-oriented anime? It's true.
Let's have a thread where we talk about and post about him.
R:15 / I:3
Counter Strike 2 got announced recently and is releasing some time this Summer. I heard a rumor it's going to be free to play, but I'm not sure on that.

Might be fun to get a server going when it releases.
R:18 / I:4

On Media Platform Consolidation

How does /qa/ feel about so much of the content online being limited to just a few enormous platforms? In some ways this has lead to a massive increase in discoverability for smaller creators as the potential audience on these platforms could not feasibly be larger, and it's convenient for the consumer to have most everything they want right in front of them. However, everything has its downsides and I'm sure with kissu being itself split off from the mainstream net there's at least some major gripes people have with it. A good example being how content moderation on these large platforms essentially means the erasure of most content that either pushes beyond the limits of brand safe or that corporations take issue with (For example: DMCA). Plenty of videos and whatnot I've favorites on YouTube throughout the years have been lost to time because of this, and I'm sure that most of kissu has experienced the same.

With that said, in recent times I've somewhat noticed a resurgence of competitors vying at a piece of the marketshare. Although at current most of these alternatives are a bit too focused on less than preferable topics, potential success could actually cause some cracks to appear in the otherwise impervious figure the current giants have formed for themselves. Which does bring up a potential question I don't think people have really considered: Instead of the net consolidating further, is it possible we actually see somewhat of a reversal in which the internet begins to fragment again?
R:171 / I:66
*shouts into the sky*


100% /qa/
R:64 / I:30


R:5 / I:0
I wonder how people would react if Obsidian somehow got the rights to make the next Fallout and they decided to make it an isometric turn based RPG like the originals.

I would love that but Fallout is probably too mainstream of a franchise to do something so old school.
R:43 / I:11

Media News Thread

This is a thread for sharing general news about anime or video games or other entertainment that you don't feel like making a thread for.

I find myself not wanting to make a new thread for stuff and then I either forget about it or I put it in the blog thread as a last resort, which is quite awkward. Maybe other people feel that way, too. Well, here's an attempt to fix that.
This is not a containment area for such news, rather it's just a more centralized thread to put it when you don't want to create a new thread to share some info before moving on to something else.
R:42 / I:12
Does /qa/ like milk?
R:40 / I:18

Giving Back to Kissu

I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.
R:53 / I:25

/qa/ works on the /qa/ mansion


Gonna get one of these for the /qa/ mansion it'll be boson. What are you guys contributing?
R:44 / I:16

"Grindy" Games

What does /qa/ think about games that requires the player to do a lot of repetitive processes to win (grinding)?
I don't like these games because these games don't have real difficulty or contents: they have artificial difficulty that are designed to artificially prolong the playtime and trick the players to feel they're experiencing more game contents than reality.
The only thing I need to do is to waste lots of time doing mundane things over and over again and I can beat the game when I get high enough level. Or if the game expects you to have some rare powerful items I just have to repeat the item hunt until I get that 0.001% drop. There is neither challenge, nor much of fresh contents.
Also these games tend to please casual players because casual players want dopamine and these games are designed to steadily release dopamine with level ups and item drops until the difficulty ramps up so that dopamine avoidance kicks in and players will shell out money to buy stuffs.
R:34 / I:23


pouting at the fact that kissu has a bump limit
R:106 / I:29

/qa/nime: continued!

I was reminded that another year has passed since the last time the /qa/ anime chart was updated, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to bring it back, update it, and improve on it a bit in the process.

The format for deciding on picks this year will be the same as the last with the addition of maybe singling out a specific anime of each year to be the most /qa/ anime of the year. For the current candidates that should be easy since there's only 4 of them, but for this year we'll have to conclude all the seasonal polls first and then afterwards decide.

The polls will be made separately and then linked in the thread with at least 3 days allotted for people to decide on winners, and I'll make a new poll for each season every day, starting with Winter 2021 today. To not make cheating so easy I'll make it so an IP needs at least 3 posts to vote, which shouldn't really be hard for anyone I hope. Also the AOTY polls will probably all be at the end or sometime in-between since they shouldn't be as hard of a decision.
R:17 / I:3

AI Games

What do you think about AI games, where not only scripts and characters will be AI generated, but also the game route, game mechanics, and random events?
With various advances in AI, it's becoming inevitable that such AI games will appear. And I think they have the potential to be the ultimate "write your own adventure" games.

You can write a description about what you want the game to be like and AI will generate fitting story, characters, and mechanics for it. Games can be unpredictable since every action you make in the game can lead you to a completely different route afterwards.
Imagine you can freely chat with shop owners for pretty much anything, and even develop good relationships so that you can get a discount in price in the shop, or getting some interesting random events that the game developers have never thought of like the shop owner joining your squad...
Every player and every replay will have a completely different experience which means infinite replaybility. Players can even share seeds for good plays for others to enjoy.
R:5 / I:0
owari da
R:77 / I:15

IMs and imageboards

What would the benefits and drawbacks be of trying to implement IM functionality onto an imageboard. If you were to try doing so, how would you approach tackling this? My thoughts are that an omnichat encompassing everything connected to the site and the site itself would be neat, but I can't really see the need for anything further like a board chat or smaller.

Also please give a reason for why PMs on imageboards between users is a retarded idea that could never work in a million years and just introduces a bunch of headaches that aren't worth all the effort you'd need to put into implementing them.
R:103 / I:44

Let's talk to AI Characters

MORE AI STUFF! It's weird how this is all happening at once. Singularity is near?

Alright, there's another AI thing people are talking about, but this time it shouldn't be very controversial:
Using a temporary email service (just google 'temporary email') you can make an account and start having conversations with bots. (Write down the email though because it's your login info)
But, these bots are actually good. EXTREMELY good. Like, "is this really a bot?" good. I talked with a vtuber and had an argument and it went very well. Too well, almost. I don't know how varied the stuff is, but they're really entertaining when I talked to Mario and even a vtuber.
Sadly, it's gaining in popularity rapidly so the service is getting slower and it might even crash on you.

It says "beta" all over the site, presumably this is in the public testing phase and once it leaves beta it's going to cost money, so it's best to have fun with this now while we still can (and before it gets neutered to look good for investors or advertisers).
R:81 / I:10


So /qa/, which is it? Do you stay true to your Japanese spirit or are the enticements from the west just too alluring?
R:114 / I:19
WTF man, I JUST (reluctantly) moved to 10.

>Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months now, but new hints suggest the company isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.
Well, I'm not going to use this until 2025 based on the previous time I've "upgraded", not least of which because people will need time to crack all of its data harvesting that I'm sure will be even worse than 10's.

R:17 / I:7
Does /qa/ have any favorite extinct animals? I'm a big fan of trilobites.

Don't limit yourself! Anything extinct within the last few years to the Cambrian explosion and before!
R:8 / I:2
What if we had a thread that only bots could post in, set to only gather data from /qa/
R:15 / I:8

Calming Methods/Meditation

How does /qa/ deal with or come down from extreme stress or anxiety? I tend to try and sleep it off, but this method isn't really a surefire guarantee to make my worries go away.
R:301 / I:116


So what games has Kissu been playin'? Pulled out any consoles or dusted off any old games?
R:60 / I:11
do you think that catalogs and overboards are detrimental to an imageboard's quality of posts? i'm not sure about catalogs but i do think overboards can be harmful since different types of threads get grouped in, and as such anons may be inclined to reply to a /qa/ thread with a /jp/ style, so to speak.
R:27 / I:18

Voiceroid fun!

Thanks to a link from a guy that lead to discussion and a link from another guy, we have links to software that makes cute voices!

I'm using the first link personally because it has Zundamon, which is the absolute cutest artificial voice. I'm making a thread here on /qa/ because the original thread is on /jp/ and /jp/ threads can fall off after a couple weeks and this is too cool to lose that quickly.
R:4 / I:0


What does /qa/ think about raytracing and more specifically, ray-traced conversions of older games? Personally, I feel like most ray-tracing is wildly unrealistic and is often done in a tacky and exaggerated way, especially when it comes to RT conversions which rarely live up to the original.
R:3 / I:0


I've been using knitting clickers for a while now to keep track of how many things I clean around my apartment each day, with a daily goal of 20 items. It's working really well, I've basically trained myself to clean things up just because I can get a few more clicks on the clicker; like I'm training a dog. If you only clean sporadically I would highly recommend it; my apartment is cleaner than it's ever been.

I've been thinking about applying the same principle towards other tasks - breaking them down into tiny parts that can be accomplished in a couple minutes or less, then tracking it using a clicker. But not everything breaks down so easily, and the training feels less motivating if I only get to record a click after 15-30 minutes. Perhaps if I make larger goals weekly instead of daily it'll feel better.

How do you motivate yourself to do all the things you should do in a day?

Feel free to post general progress or problems you have with motivation and getting things done.
R:31 / I:9


Because there's a Megumin anime coming out soon I think it's a good time to finally have Konosuba be something that the kissu stream has seen. To that end I'll be streaming the two seasons of konosuba followed by the movie these upcoming fridays and sunday.

It'll be on https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri at 6:00 PM EST on 03/03, 03/10, and 03/12, so you better not miss it!
R:19 / I:8
Who are your favorite fictional characters and why do you love them?
Or, to open it up a bit more, what characters do you like and why? From video games, movies, etc

[this thread idea brought to you by chatgpt]
R:84 / I:40
So the DDDDD thread made me realize that kissu doesn't really have any threads dedicated to manga that I could find. The focus seems to be too much on seasonal anime. I realize that this is because manga is much harder to find/follow than seasonal stuff as there are no clear guidelines for it and Westerners don't read comics nearly as much as the Japanese do.

Anyway, what manga have you been reading recently? I just read the latest chapter of Shimeji Simulation a few days ago. As with anything made by Tsukumizu so far it is great. Definitely recommend it to everyone here and I do hope it eventually gets an anime adaption as well like SSR.
R:66 / I:18
What kind of mouse do you use and are you happy with it? My left clicker on my razer adder is messed up and it's time to get a new one. I don't think I want to get another one because this was after only one year. The rainbow lights are kind of cool, I guess.
I use a mix of relaxed and claw grip and have small hands so it's seemingly impossible to get something that's fully comfortable. Maybe I should try a trackball or something, but can those be as accurate as mice?
Uhh... post about computer mice or something.
R:54 / I:13
Does /qa/ like space exploration stuff? NASA is working together with the ESA, JAXA, and CSA in a joint mission called Artemis which seeks to be the beginning of long-term human habitation on the Moon.

For the past week or so the test launch vehicle, the SLS, has been preparing for launch. It consists of the exact same vehicle that will carry humans, but is set to be launch un-manned as a proof of concept and test of all the systems before sending up humans in manned missions.
R:242 / I:79
I'm a VR now.
R:1 / I:1

/qa/ is a board on the popular imageboard website 4chan. The board's name stands for "question and answer", and it is intended to be a place for users to ask and answer questions related to the website, its culture, and its userbase.

/qa/ is often seen as a more "mature" board compared to some of the other boards on 4chan. It is known for its slower pace of discussion and for its focus on more thoughtful and serious topics. Unlike many other boards on 4chan, /qa/ also has a more relaxed moderation policy, allowing for more open discussion and debate.

Some common topics of discussion on /qa/ include the website's features and policies, the behavior of other users, and the state of online communities more broadly. Users also sometimes post threads seeking advice or feedback on personal projects or creative works.

While /qa/ is generally seen as a more positive and constructive board compared to some of the other boards on 4chan, it is not immune to controversy or drama. As with other online communities, disagreements and conflicts can arise, and users may sometimes engage in trolling or other negative behavior.
R:10 / I:2
I remember that kissu has had threads and posts about figs before, but how do people even get into such an expensive hobby and how do they know they're getting good quality figs/dolls?
R:2 / I:0
Do you ever go into the archives to look back on the posts you've made with fondness? Or maybe something other than fondness... Realized that there was a simple way for me to check a slice of my posts back on /qa/ and found it to be a fun little trip through the years.
R:18 / I:8
What is kissu's opinion on Genshin Impact? Don't think I've ever seen it mentioned here before.
R:4 / I:0

Key VN/Ani

What do you think of Key Animation's openings?
What's your favorite, least favorite and possibly tier list?
R:21 / I:4

Comfy fantasy games

Do you know any games that have a comfy, fun adventuring feeling in a generic fantasy setting, similar to Konosuba?

I'd say old school Ragnarok Online and Mabinogi capture this experience, but right now I can't think of any offline games.
R:9 / I:6
R:4 / I:1
What does /qa/ think about old forum smileys?

R:5 / I:0
New Shadow
R:40 / I:20
Elden Ring thread hit the bump limit, here's a new one in case anyone is still playing. Maybe post a cute Ranni if you feel like it.

New patch is being released today.

>Multiplayer servers for #ELDENRING will undergo maintenance today, April 19, 2022. It is expected to last about 1 hour for all platforms and will include an update to version 1.04.
>Maintenance will begin at 1:00 AM PDT | 10:00 CEST | 17:00 JST. Thank you for your patience.

I'm expecting bleed to get nerfed hard.
R:289 / I:72
Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.
R:21 / I:4
What the fuck is this jfif garbage? Everytime I save an image now I get this garbage format and I can't post it on imageboards because its not supported. Where the fuck did this shit even come from?
R:23 / I:6
How come there hasn't been as much development in emulation of 7th gen consoles? Even 8th gen consoles seem to be getting better development as of late compared to the 7th.
R:34 / I:17

Armored Core

I am... a Raven!
R:31 / I:16

The Kissu Year+ In Review

Something I've kept to myself until now is that I've been taking catalog screenshots of /jp/ and /qa/ for a year with the goal of sharing its HTML snapshots. Well, it's time to finally use them!
I figure this would be a nice place to reminisce and talk about stuff we did, or provide ideas for new things to do. Or, perhaps give newer people a glimpse into what we were talking about back then. Please feel free to share memories or questions or anything else!
I'm not going to dump it all at once, and instead will add a new ZIP every few days
R:17 / I:6
Can /qa/ recommend me a mahou shoujo with 24 or fewer episodes (with 1 girl or a group)? It should have a proper story, like Flip Flappers.
R:69 / I:46

Learning Photoshop with Kissu!

Hello, friends. Would you believe me if I told you that the attached image is an edit? It does not exist! It's crazy, isn't it? You assumed there was a Mewkledreamy/Elden Ring crossover, but it's not actually real. This is the power of photo editing.
Photoshop is expensive, though, and these days you have to subscribe. I heard there's a way to bypass that, but this isn't the thread for it. I heard someone might have uploaded it somewhere, I think a bird was talking about it.
Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. I think we should talk about photo editing to encourage more kissu creations since people might want to participate in the random nonsense people throw together here now and then.
R:166 / I:86

MS Paint drawthread

/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...
R:9 / I:1
Do you think thread creators on imageboards are playing a meta game against others in order to get attention?
Or are people just making threads for fun because they want to get input on opinions?
R:224 / I:81

Visual Novels

Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.
R:17 / I:5

/qa/ makes a schedule

Did you know that making schedules for activities can be a good way of helping you to accomplish what you set out to do? Instead of letting NEET entropy guide you, you should try and put some order into the things you do.

Like for myself I've scheduled myself to adhere to the following:
-Get Space Elevators in Factorio
-Play all the Armored Core games
-Get to Deep Space Science in Factorio
-(re)Play all the Drakengard/Nier games
-Finish Factorio Space Exploration
R:56 / I:12

Neat websites

Found a neat youtube player
R:74 / I:39
Lala Lala Lala!! Her voice so sweet!! It's been over a year since we've had the pleasure of seeing Lala here on Earth.
Well, the Starscape alliance is always working tirelessly to protect the universe.
In the name of all the magical girls around the world, our top secret ally Lala has returned from her mission on earth.
On top of that, our beloved friend Lala has been taking pictures of the magical girls for the Starscape alliance. (She's on the left side)
I hope to see many more pictures soon!!

And there's that magical girl friends are so awesome. I wish I could make magical friends like them!
And so there you go, the reason why I love Lala and why I'm so happy to see her around every time.
R:5 / I:3
do u hab geims in ur fone?
R:6 / I:3
How did Pompo have so much influence and control over production as a producer? I always thought that was just a figurehead job?
R:141 / I:62
What do you do when you want something good for dinner but your motivation is almost rock bottom?
R:16 / I:6
Kage no Jitsuryokusha is just too good of a show. I want more but ending the show now would be the perfect time. I feel like telling anymore of the story would just ruin the main theme of an OP MC directing events in the shadows while hiding in plain sight from the other major characters. Maybe if the story shifted it's main character to someone other than Cid it could work out but as of now this is the perfect place to end.
R:89 / I:20

/qa/'s thoughts on AI

There's two threads on /qa/ for different AI generation content and help. A thread on the morality and ethics of AI. One about the future potential AI holds. One on >>>/megu/ for more in-depth help with specifics. Then scattered about across all the boards some threads using AI generation for image openers and such. However, none of these actually encompass kissu's opinion on AI!

So, what do you /qa/eers think of AI currently? Do you like it, dislike it, find it useful in any meaningful way at all? Or are you simply not interested in the output of algorithms?

I myself find AI to be a useful tool in generating the kind of content I've either exhausted the available stock of or are gated off by some hurdle I need to spend more time overcoming. When it comes to text/story generation, it's like a CYOA playground where I play the role of DM and set up all the lore/situations/characters, and then the AI acts out events as I lay out the flow of the story. This creates a more interactive experience for me than just writing out a story myself for some reason, and I find it highly addictive. Then for AI art generation, I find that AI works wonders for filling a specific niche taste I have, or specific scenario I want to create an image for. It really is quite amazing in my eyes, and I have hopes for it getting even better in the future.
R:5 / I:3


What are your thoughts on this anime so far?
R:51 / I:31

Cool Software?

Do you use any software that other people may not know about that you like?
I started using (and eventually even bought!) this thing called Wallpaper Slideshow after trying a bunch of free ones and getting frustrated. https://www.gphotoshow.com/wallpaper-slideshow-pro.php
Basically, you give it folder(s) of your choice and it will assemble a collage image of them and make it your background. You can configure it with a timer that changes it and I have it set to 15 minutes. I had originally used John's Background Switcher that someone thankfully linked to me a few months ago: >>91800 https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/
I liked this one more because there's less wasted space, more options, and it just generally seems to assemble the image better. I turn it off before I go to bed each night though because I'm worried that it's keeping my hard drive active all day, which probably isn't good. I should maybe research that sometime...

This pairs well with something like Grabber ( https://github.com/Bionus/imgbrd-grabber ) that can bulk download tags from booru sites.
Of course, this stuff is kind of wasteful if you don't have an extra monitor with a wallpaper that's largely visible, but I find myself like that sometimes so it's pretty nice.
R:15 / I:2
why do I forget to eat when I live alone?
R:7 / I:5
Are you a believer in adding alcohol to coffee?
I got a bottle of this
https://baristacoffee.ca/en/ and it's kind of gross alone, but added to coffee and milk it tastes like mocha.
R:15 / I:2
Do you like science fiction? Of course you do, everyone loves science fiction.
What are some concepts or ideas that you like in it? One of the coolest things to me are the created planets like "ring worlds" or "O'Neil cylinders". The most famous example of a ring world is probably in the Halo games and O'Neil cylinders are in Gundam a lot. Looking up and seeing the ground wrap around the sky seems so cool, but it probably can't actually happen for various reasons. Still, what a cool idea.
R:49 / I:12

AI Writing Thread

/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!

R:23 / I:4
By show of hands.
How many people want to watch the 293 minute, uncut version of Das Boot.

A story of 48 seamen on a boat for months at a time.

We'll be setting sail at 6PM today if you choose to get on board
R:26 / I:12
Are you still in-touch with your inner-chuuni? Or have you moved far past those days, or maybe even never had them.
R:4 / I:1
There is nothing more sinister is programming than time zones and date times.
Even after 6 years of programming I still dread whenever a situation comes up where I have to deal with timestamps in UTC and CST which I have to put into EST.
Truely dreadful.
R:12 / I:5
As a tsundere lover I was thinking about tsundere when I started to think about the differences that exist between tsuns, the start of all of this was months ago when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to use Hammann or Arethusa in Azur Lane. Both are fine tsuns, but I had difficulty thinking of them as the same. This is when I created the first set of variables, stable and unstable.

A stable tsundere acts the way they do due to their personality or to hide their true feelings. It is common for a stable tsundere to get mad and throw around insults as an intentional way to avoid showing what they really think, this goes along with the teasing the one you like dynamic with tsuns who get all mad at their person of interest as an excuse to talk to them. Stable tsundere are the type that are all "It's not like I want to do this with you or something, don't misunderstand!" yet still showed up and will happily go along with whatever is happening. For them the tsun side is an intentional choice to cover up awkwardness/self doubt and/or a result of their confrontational/abrasive personality. Arethusa is a stable tsundere. "Don't get carried away! I came here because of a tasty cake! It's still too early for me to acknowledge you!"

An unstable tsundere acts the way they do because they don't understand their feelings, their personality makes it difficult for them to control their feelings, or because they don't want to accept their feelings. It is common for an unstable tsundere to be prone to outbursts or have some reason to legitimately dislike the person of interest, violent tsundere are almost always the unstable kind unless its a femdom type of thing (think early Nagatoro and her original version from the doujin; while she can lose control, she still acts the way she does as an intentional way to show affection thereby making her a stable tsundere). An unstable tsundere is unable to control when the tsun comes out and when the dere comes out, and often can't to explain why they act the way they do. Unstable tsundere are the type that are all "I hate you! Go Die! You are human trash, never speak to me again!" yet get sad/frustrated when they get what they want and might end up going right to the person of interest. For them the tsun side is actual anger/dislike (actual or perceived) put at odds with the dere side, hence making them unstable.
Hammann is a unstable tsundere. "Why am I always so angry? Because a certain commander just won't learn! And I'm angry at myself for not getting angry at him!"

I came up with this and thought that I had come up with a good way to start categorizing tsunderes, but I knew that I would have to then think of it considering two broader types of tsundere that I already knew existed: old school tsundere and new school tsundere.
This classic clip does a good job of explaining it, but basically old school tsundere is a character that starts tsun and turns dere while new school is dere on the inside tsun on the outside. When I considered this in the context of the stable/unstable dynamic I found that you couldn't neatly describe stable tsundere as old school (though does tend to lean that direction) and unstable as new school (though again, it does tend to lean that way). The definitions aren't mutually exclusive and I was able to think of several cases where it was stable/new school unstable/old school, I have attached a (poorly made) chart with some examples for each type.

It is worth mentioning that all of this is not on a one or the other basis, I chose strong examples for the chart but these categorizations exist on a scale. An example of a tsundere I had difficulty categorizing is Asuka from Eva as she exhibits traits of both stable and unstable throughout the show and the old school vs new school is unclear as it largely depends on how you interpret the relationship. Kirino from Oreimo is another example as she is old school if you take the show at face value, but the lines becomes blurred when you watch to the end and learn more about her situation.

This is a way to categorize by type of tsundere, not type of character. Oujo-sama tsundere, tomboy tsundere, childhood friend tsundere, imouto tsundere, and bratty loli tsundere can fall anywhere in the spectrum I have created. Thank you for reading, I hope we can all continue to enjoy tsundere together.
R:9 / I:7
What did /qa/ think of the first episode of hirogaru sky?
R:28 / I:5

Buying stuff?

There's some bad news in Japan about the yen being quite weak lately, but it's selfishly good news for people that want to buy Japanese things, so have you thought about it or have bought anything lately?
I'm not talking about resellers based in the West that will keep the beneficial exchange rate as extra profit for themselves, but rather buying from Japanese sellers directly that will ship internationally.
I'm not someone with extra money laying around, but it's getting kind of hard to resist...
R:18 / I:3
I'm thinking of streaming Josee the Tigerfish.
A romance movie that isn't depressing based on a short story by Seiko Tanabe. (There were also some live actions that we won't mention)
She died in 2019 and the adaptation was completed in 2020.

Should I do it on Friday or this Sunday?
R:1136 / I:201

cocoa blog

warming you up
R:71 / I:19

Pixiv vs Twitter

Which side does /qa/ take? Obviously pixiv would probably be better for searching (although boorus are even more preferable for that) and viewing a long list of art at once. However, in recent days I've been using twitter's feed more and I think that in terms of discovering new artists and likewise finding interesting stuff from people you haven't already followed it's a lot more convenient. Also the previews are a lot easier to see. So in terms of finding content, which do you think makes for the better go-to feed?
R:17 / I:3

Intel Arc

Do you think Intel will commit to their GPU line or chicken out when the sales get bad(as Microsoft did against Apple and Samsung), which they inevitably will be against AMD and NVIDIA market dominance, or will they commit to it and try to make a market where one doesn't exist(has anyone done this)?
R:10 / I:5
Oh no!
3D as a cost cutting tool!
R:20 / I:3

OGL v1.1

Has anyone of Kissu heard about this? Apparently the new version 1.1 of the OGL was leaked recently and it's much more restrictive than 1.0.


It seems WotC/Hasbro is attempting to lock down on DnD and DnD related content with this and get more money out of derivative and fan works. But the real interesting point as that this new license de-authorizes 1.0, which is pretty bold of them to attempt. It claims that after 1.1 is released no new work can use the 1.0 license, and it's caused a lot of controversy.

Personally I'm not a fan, it clearly looks like Hasbro's attempt to wring money out of the popularity of DnD. And I'm highly suspect of the legality of de-authorizing 1.0 at all. But I guess they're confidant their lawyers can defend it.

For those who don't know, the OGL is basically to TTRPGs what the GPL is to software, and it was created to mimic software licensing. It allows anyone to make, modify, or redistribute content for TTRPGs licensed under it. Most notably game mechanics and game systems.
R:84 / I:52

Factorio Space Exploration Server Thread


If you need to manually install mods on a pirated client, put the contents of the following file into your factorio mods folder under appdata/roaming/factorio/mods:
Mod files
More Mod files(Merge these into the first folder)

Initial post:

We're fast-approaching the time of year where plenty of people are available, and there's a lull in media content to keep people entertained. So, I was thinking it'd be a great time to start up a Factorio server and play with Kissu! The plan is to play on a really big modpack known as Space Exploration which should ensure the server lasts a long while, and also that every person can be helpful even if they're new and it's late into the game. You see, this particular Factorio modpack revamps and expands Factorio beyond the typical endgame where you need to build a rocket out of the world, to where you will now need to escape the entire stellar cluster! Utilizing multiple planets and a space base in the process to reach this goal, Space Exploration forces the players to learn every aspect of it to keep their factory properly running. Especially with the added feature of bot decay which really changes the dynamic of the late game.

With all that said, I think it'd be good to get a head start and begin to discuss things related to Factorio related to optimizing Factories, or maybe even teaching new players/people that want to test things out how it all works. There's a lot to learn about the game and it can make it feel a bit daunting to new people at the start, so if you want to try starting up a world and seeing what makes sense and what doesn't initially I highly recommend it! Also remember that the server will be a group effort so there's no need to worry if you're not particularly good at one aspect since others should be able to help out as well!

I'll be available in the steam chat ( https://s.team/chat/NUIbnP7U ) to give anyone who may want to try out the game a copy, or you can pirate it and download the mods yourself if you so wish to do so. I plan on actually opening up the server sometime a little after Christmas, so there should be plenty of time to talk in here before then.
R:5 / I:2
AI has failed us
R:5 / I:0
I've always wondered why a lot of Japanese music sounds like The Beatles or similar era 60s bands.
R:32 / I:11
Does anyone else feel like they're getting too old for this type of anime?
R:8 / I:1
So how much of Drakengard and Nier do I need to complete for full context going into this?
R:37 / I:6

Identifiable Posters

What are /qa/'s opinions on avatarfags, namefags, and tripfags? Are they helpful or harmful towards an imageboard, and to what degree for each?
R:48 / I:7

What are /qa/'s favorite scores for anime and such? Are they mostly comprised of scores for older series or has anything recent really drawn your attention and favor as well? Or, do you even notice the soundtrack while watching?

Also I don't mean an anime with say 1 good track throughout the whole thing with the rest forgettable, but one where the music as a whole is good.
R:11 / I:3
Despite being extremely skilled at video games, wouldn't Sally stay far away from SoulsBorne games due to their horror elements?
R:15 / I:5
How do I make potatoes work in Asian dishes?
The starch and graininess of them doesn't blend with anything rice or noodle
R:2 / I:0
R:32 / I:6
Where do you think you got your taste in music from? Or what influences do you think had the biggest impact on what you listen to now?
R:212 / I:46

Japanese Learning Thoughts

I want to nakadashi *girl* has become a popular phrase on imageboards (mostly 4chan). But it's a mix of Japanese and English. If I was going to say "I want to cum inside Holo" fully in Japanese, how would I go about doing that? In the English sentence, nakadashi is a loan word and it is the action being done, but in Japanese I don't think 中出し is a verb. Can it be verbified by adding する to it? And then you conjugate it to say you "want" to do it. So the end result would be 私はホロで中出ししたい which would translate to I want to cum inside Holo. Am I correct?

Japanese is fun to learn.
R:12 / I:3

Japanese imageboards

Let's talk about Japanese imageboards.

Are they still alive in 2023? Which ones do you visit?

Is Futaba still good? Heisei era otaku must be older now, so I'm not sure if the site declined a lot or users became riajuu dragged by real life. I remember they added a childrearing board and had a warning against talking about politics some time ago...

Also, here is a mixed Japanese-English mixed imageboard, it's not very active but there are some interesting threads: https://boards.nihongoch.net/net/koko.php?res=4
R:7 / I:3
Would you say you're spoiled? I think I'm spoiled.
R:19 / I:4
How's a hikki supposed to go about changing their bad posture? I tried sleeping upright in a bed amd it's just painful.
R:160 / I:80

Fall 2022 Seasonal Anime

What is /qa/ going to watch this season?

As for me,
Looking forward to:
- Spy x Family Part 2
- Mob Psycho 100 III
- Do it Yourself!!
- Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season

Looking forward to trying:
- Akuyaku Reijou nanode Last Boss wo Kattemimashita
- Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai
- C Danchi
- Yuusha no Party wo Tsuihou sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau
- Yama no Susume: Next Summit
- Mushikaburi-hime
- Reiwa no Di Gi Charat
- Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.
- Bocchi the Rock!
- Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen
- Urusei Yatsura (2022)

Trying but don't have high hopes for:
- Tensei shitara Ken Deshita
- Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta.
- Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double
- Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei
- Akiba Maid Sensou
- Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana - The Teardrop Crystal
- Cool Doji Danshi
- Chainsaw Man
- Renai Flops
- Aru Asa Dummy Head Mic ni Natteita Ore-kun no Jinsei
- 4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku
- Arknights: Reimei Zensou
- KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de

Trying but will probably drop:
- Shinobi no Ittoki
- Futoku no Guild
- Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
- Human Bug Daigaku
R:16 / I:4
A sword of legend, transforming any girl that wields it into the perfect form!
R:8 / I:2

Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting - a Kissu scanlation project

I feel like continuing the typesetting of this one. Can't make any promises about how far I'll get, but I'd like to get a few more chapters out at least.

(Previous discussion in the Revival of Translation Project thread)
R:5 / I:1
How do I learn to pinch pennies?
R:107 / I:23

Revival of Translation Project(s)!

About a year or two ago we threw together a ramshackle translation group for a manga/doujin. It started off decently, but it kind of fell through at some point, although some very impressive work was done including a full translation of the text!
We should try doing it again! I think one of the goals we should set our eyes on is finishing kissu's namesake since the official translation was never finished, but we should probably start small.

I think this is something we should seriously consider doing for a few reasons:
1. It's fun to do stuff together
2. We can contribute to the overall community
3. It gets kissu's name out there, which can help grow the site with new users with a shared interest
4. Using your brain to do things helps fight against Alzheimer's!

So, I ask you, do you want to join?
If so, say what you can do (translation, editing, etc) and maybe offer suggestions on what we could try to do first. Maybe a Touhou doujin is the obvious choice since they're so ubiquitous, but there's a lot of stuff out there.
Also, the old name we used was Questionable Translations, but we can perhaps change that to something more kissu adjacent since the /qa/ name has unfortunately been dragged through the mud as it concerns the wider internet. Nyaa~
R:11 / I:1
sorry fellas
I like sports now
R:68 / I:12

Utena Anime Stream

As outlined in >>>/b/11084 I plan to stream Revolutionary Girl Utena in 4 separate streams starting this Friday/Sunday. Each starting at 6pm EST, that means the first stream is tomorrow!
R:5 / I:1

Comiket 101

Day two of C101 is coming up. Is there anything that strike your fancy?
R:5 / I:2
Translate it, Fritz!
R:98 / I:38

Chainsaw Man

So the most anticipated anime of the year aired yesterday.... Does anyone have any thoughts on it or anything?
R:20 / I:6
did any of you come up with effective ways to cope with anhedonia ?
it often gets in my way and prevent me from enjoying stuff.
R:11 / I:3
How do bananas grow from such tiny seeds?
R:28 / I:14

Tea, coffee, and other similar beverages

How do you like your hot drinks? I just started making drip coffee (machine) and it is definitely an improvement over that instant stuff I used to drink for years--even the "top shelf" ones. And I like how there are so many more types of coffee to choose from now, the ones with very little acidity being my favourites.
R:36 / I:6

New Year's Gikopoi Party

It's that time of year again when people from various textboards, imageboards, IRC and other outdated internet communities turn into little kinda-almost-isometric 2D cats and hang out and welcome in the new year. New Year's Eve is this Saturday, which will interfere a bit with the seasonal stream for some timezones, but I think we can alter how that goes and give a buffer zone for each hour mark.

There's two different forks of it and I don't know which one we'll use. Maybe a dice toss or something will decide? If there's some drama involved (which there usually is) I don't care about it.
Anyway, this is your heads up that you can spend that night with your internet friends.
R:3 / I:1
Still need to make two threads
R:224 / I:28
To keep the "Post AI generated images" thread silly and carefree, a serious discussion that came about is being moved into this new thread so that one can stay topical.
Here is the original text:

Looks like a villain has already arose. "NovelAI", a monetized AI art thing publicly states that it trained on danbooru. Japanese artists (and stupid English speakers) upset about their art used for a paid product are associating danbooru as a willing partner and not something scraped by the parasitic company. So now some people want their work purged from danbooru because of scum like the "NovelAI" people. This is why we can't have nice things.
Also, danbooru has already banned AI-generated images. https://danbooru.donmai.us/forum_posts/223144
R:17 / I:3
I need to vent a bit, hope it won't disturb the peace and comfiness of /qa/. I swear I take it easy most of the time but I had enough. I will never buy figurines ever again. I bought a Reimu figurine from Amazon Japan for Christmas and as I was trying to put all the pieces into place I accidentally scratched the base of the figurine with the plastic stand Reimu was supposed to stay in. Then today as I was cleaning my shelf and relocating my figurines, the top of her shinto stick (sorry idk the name) BROKE UP. I can't take it anymore. I have been collecting figurines for about a decade and most of them broke up or got scratches or whatever. I'm tired of overpriced figurines, I'm tired of the of PVC, I'm tired of the burden that is putting the pieces together. Like, why can't it just be a single piece. Why the removable head, hands or torso? Why the extra fragile base stand? I won't buy more figurines because I can't take care of them. I hate how dusty they get all the time, how fragile they are and I fucking hate removable parts. I'm buying a vinil statue not a fucking toy, I don't need 5 different types of hand.
There, I feel much better now.
R:312 / I:248

Utawarerumono? UTWARERUMONO!

I need a thread to post about the Utwarerumono trilogy, specifically the anime adaptation of part 3 which has just started airing so I made this thread. Generally speaking, I'll do what I did about the stream thread here >>91605 and post art and music and stuff to share my love for this series and I hope you'll join me in talking about it!
I LOVE Utwarerumono! Do you love Utwarerumono? You should love Utawarerumono! Let's all talk about our love for Utawarerumono! This is a thread of those who love that of whose legends are sung!
R:45 / I:33

Filesharing Thread

It's a thread, and you share files in it.
You can link them, or possibly upload them directly if they're small enough since kissu supports archive files.
R:304 / I:284

/qa/ - pout

Bump limits are for DORKS
R:39 / I:5
When it comes to future general AI, why do you think people are so confident to predict that they'll be bordering on omniscient, if not omnipotent?

It seems far more likely to me that they'll be rather mundane and more on-level with the intelligence of a regular human.
R:16 / I:10
Does /qa/ have any brain problems?
R:12 / I:5
Is it better to space out good things or to engage with them as they are found?
I ask this because in the past 3 weeks I have finished Natsu no Arashi, Penguindrum, and Mahoromatic. I think less of Natsu no Arashi despite really liking it because I was quickly blown away by Penguindrum. Similarly I found Mahoromatic to be fun and well made, but lacked the impact the other two had. If I hadn't watched these shows so close together these connections wouldn't have been made. Is there a reason to not intentionally space things out or a way to take advantage of this?
R:8 / I:2

What video editing software do you use?

What video editing software does /qa/ use? I'm looking to perform simple editing like cropping, flipping, and speeding up videos and making image sequences. I use Sony Vegas and it's really bad, the exported video is always dimmer than it should be and the compression is awful compared to ffmpeg's.
R:20 / I:10
Sup dudes, I've been away for several months due to life things. Anything notable happen in the meantime? Also, my only entertainment during that time was VNs and tokusatsu, so if you could also let me know about the good 'nime that came out in the meantime that'd also be nice. So many shows that I was looking forward to like Suisei no Majo, Shadows House S2 and Bocchi the Rock, and I haven't watched a single one of them. ;_;
R:10 / I:5
How do imageboard archives get all the space to store 1000 versions of Tenshi eating a Corndog for 10 years?
R:215 / I:86
><Anonymous> like say someone starts a thread about mecha it's gonna take two years to reach 200 posts

Let's prove him wrong.
R:22 / I:7
What happened to 4/qa/? I have only been browsing KC for two years or so
R:11 / I:2
At what point in a show's lifetime do spoilers stop becoming a problem?
R:4 / I:2
What the heck how did I just learn today that one of my favorite eromangas got an animated adaptation??!?!


I'm not expecting a lot since animated hentai is usually pretty low quality, but I'm still downloading it to watch.
R:2 / I:1
Is it possible to learn a skill you never picked up in your teenaged/growing years?
R:5 / I:1
Have there been any isekai-style stories about revisiting not the distant past or a fantasy setting, but revisiting the internet of 15 years ago and introducing modern culture to it. Like imagine a guy who knows all about modern twitter humour and can quote 1000 dril tweets from memory, getting a massive head-start over everyone else when he introduces it to 2007-era twitter where people didn't post about anything more interesting than their lunches or their work or because the cultural knowledge of how to actually be viral on twitter just did not exist. Tell me that doesn't hit the same buttons as spreading knowledge of the printing press or internal combustion engine to antiquity.
R:13 / I:7

Character Alignment Charts

Lets make some D&D alignment charts of our favorite stories!
R:4 / I:1
Is it just me, or does Bocchi seem to have brought forth a lot more MADs recently? Felt like they were sorta on the downturn or I didn't see them as much before, and now I see them in my recommended feed a lot more while surfing youtube.
R:13 / I:2
Why is it that indie video games are so much better than industry produced games, while at the same time industry produced cinema does much better than indie cinema?
R:14 / I:9

Bocchi the Rock

People may say 'She's coming out of her shell too fast!' or 'Unrealistic she should stay hikki forever', but I think that having a hopeful message for hikkis is nice every once in a while. I want to see Bocchi happy.
R:40 / I:8

Dennou Coil(2007)

In ~6 hours @ 6PM EST I'm gonna be streaming Dennou Coil(2007)
Director: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsuo_Iso
Streaming: https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/vermeil
6 Episodes per stream

It's a Madhouse Scifi Original by a dude who did a lot of mecha.
An episodic series where each episode builds up a hypothetical universe around artificial reality. It does this by following around a group of kids who experience it.
Rather than a story of jaded (young)adults fighting against technology it's a ghibliesque story of kids adventuring in a strange world driven by a common place technological item.

If I recall correctly it was pretty light hearted show.
I don't remember it very well and I wasn't patient enough to do episodic series a long time ago.
R:52 / I:25

Kissu's Birthday!

Kissu is four years old! Stream has concluded!

You WERE cordially invited to the annual streaming of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, the namesake of this corner of the internet known as Kissu!
Kissu was born on December 1st, 2018, and since streaming is done on weekends for the benefit of those people that have things known as "lives", the stream will start on Friday, December 2nd at 6PM EST/11PM UTC.*
Currently the plan is to watch 13 episodes on the 2nd and then 13 more (12 + OVA) on the 9th, which is what we did in previous years. However, I'm also open to splitting it up into 3 weeks since 5 hours of streaming is a pretty long time.
Questions? Comments? Neko mimi modo?

*Timezones are a major pain and sadly some people will be left out, but if there is enough interest maybe someone can organize a stream for the Eastern hemisphere and I could provide you with the stuff you need. [css deactivated]
R:7 / I:2
What exercises does /qa/ do to alleviate wrist/hand pain when it starts to build up from too much hard computer use?
R:16 / I:6

Dwarf Fortress Released on Steam Today


How are /qa/'s dorfs holding up?
R:33 / I:5
The Ex forums are blowing up because the admin decided to change the UI and kill search pages for 'performance'.

R:11 / I:1

Video Games as a Pedagogical Tool

Thinking about and planning around Factorio recently has made me wonder about what use more complex games like these could potentially have in regards to education (specifically mathematical). Usually when one thinks of games meant for education, they think of dumb kids games that aren't necessarily engaging at all. They don't necessarily challenge players to think about problems from a more "real-world" perspective. With strategy games like Factorio, AOE2, Paradox Games, Civ, or even some complex action games like Path of Exile (doubtful maybe), I believe that there's a really amazing untapped potential for the use of these for actually engaging youth and providing them with application problems that carry with them actual motivation to solve.

Abstraction seems to be a real hard thing for kids to overcome and visualize, so to have something they can apply these abstractions to in a way that makes sense and produces actual visual results would probably be best to tie a reward system for people that keeps them invested in the learning process. What does /qa/ think about the potential for this endeavor, and will the rise in VR potentially help to make this a reality with the education that could be done using it's technology as well?
R:42 / I:27
Every time I see an artist that draws Blue Archive it's always lolis. Is the game just that chock full of them that it's all there is to draw? It really tempts me to try it out, but my distaste for gacha is still stronger. Only by a little bit...
R:22 / I:3
Is there any logical reason for companies that could still function with their employee working from home to oppose working from home? When it comes to housing issues caused by insane city population density & living expenses, having employees being capable of working from anywhere could really alleviate the issue.
R:23 / I:6
What does /qa/ think about cybernetics, especially their potential going into the future? I'd want to see them being used to fix all sorts of disabilities, or observe how far they'll go in enhancing the human body. Just think of all the problems in life that they could help solve!
R:35 / I:17
How does Kissu sit?
R:19 / I:2
Is the metaverse truly the future? Or will it be something far more mundane. Also if it is, how likely is it that Facebook gets a significant piece of the marketshare?
R:8 / I:3

PHP 7.4 Retires

Welcome to the new Internet, same as the old one.

As of today PHP7.4 no longer has any security support provided by the language developers. If something breaks, it's staying broke.
R:9 / I:5
How do you keep yourself from coming to dislike something as a result of its fans?
R:6 / I:1


Does /qa/ play Tabletop RPGs?
R:39 / I:4

Moderation Policy

What's /qa/'s philosophy for how moderation should be handled? Hands off and left up to the users, or complete control under the mod's discretion? Back on 4/qa/ I used to lean more towards the hands off side with how the board was ruled by user moderation. However, after reflection I realized that the user moderation was a bit of a consequence of circumstance which kissu doesn't really have, so now I'm in favor of more moderation to keep boards/sites stable.

My idea of what a good moderation strategy could be is mods identifying the best posters and making decisions based off of what'll create the best environment for these posters. I believe this removes a bit of the bias on the side of the staff as it considers more than just their wants, and also it can lead to a bit of introspection when the "best" posters post something a bit out of orthodox. The justification for this is my philosophy that some people are just naturally quality posters or "good people" in general.
R:76 / I:51
media screenshot/video thread for stuff you don't necessarily want to make a thread for
R:10 / I:1
Do you watch anime on Japanese TV where they are first released?
Since anime mostly premiere on TV and only appear with subs hours later (and often weeks later back in the day), there exists a gap where they are already being discussed heavily by the Japanese communities but most Western audiences are left in the dark other than the few who choose to watch them on TV. This is especially true for anime originals.
In addition, this seems the most convenient option to catch up a large number of seasonals. The newest episodes from different titles are played one by one without any intervention from you.
Also you have the chance to see the otaku-oriented ads for the latest releases and merchandise info. At anime late night slot time they're pretty much the only kind of ads you can see. For example I saw Utawarerumono ads twice on one night of watching session!
R:306 / I:29


for posting your good musics and remusics
R:33 / I:4
What's Kissu's ethos when it comes to ads? Do you owe anything to creators or websites?

Recently YouTube tried out the idea of making people pay to be able to watch 4K videos, but this comes at a time when YouTube is also making users watch up to 5 ads in a row now.

I don't get how they haven't realized that making ads more intrusive encourages more people to use ad blockers. If YouTube still had banner ads and limited the number of ads to be more reasonable there would undoubtedly be less people using ad blockers and YouTube might have never gotten themselves into a situation where they would be showing a very small number of users up to 10 ads in a row...
R:7 / I:1
Does /qa/ have any favorite animators? I really like kekeflipnote. Their animations have a really nice fluidity to them.
R:20 / I:0

Apparently EA is switching over to using Unreal 5 as its main engine, and my question is, is it really that good? What makes this one so special that everyone seems to love it?
R:54 / I:12

Shinsekai Yori

Realistically, how would you deal with and manage a society of unpredictable beings with the destructive potential of nuclear weapons? It doesn't seem like you could really allow them the same freedoms that normal humans enjoy and not have society collapse in on itself.
R:18 / I:4
Does Kissu like trains?

I've been watching a few of this channels videos here and there and its really come across to me just how busy and expansive the US rail network is. At the same time that makes it seem all the stranger then that despite the infrastructure ostensibly being there, that there isn't more passenger service outside of the few large metro areas with commuter rail, such as in the North East. Likewise, its also a bit peculiar to think that there's basically no electrified lines outside of those aforementioned commuter rail services, such as along the North East Corridor with Amtrak, or with the lines operated by NJ Transit and SEPTA.
R:3 / I:1
The Guardian Angle of all /qa/-chinpos
R:0 / I:0
My blog.
Found this site from a QR code. I think it's free web hosting.
R:8 / I:1
Does /qa/ keep records in any form?

I have a little notebook I use everyday to remember and keep track of what I want to get done that day, which has the upside of being able to look back in time to see what it was that I did. For example, in the 25/07/22 section I have things like "Laundromat ✓, Sweeping X".
I also have a calendar where I mark daily constant things, for example □ is the symbol I use to track that I've taken my morning pill. Before that, I'd forget, and it was messy. This way, I can look back in time and say "ah, that's when I switched to a different dose". I also write down dates for appointments or other important tasks.
A minor extra thing is writing down individual noteworthy milestones, such as "on the 23th of September of 2022 I bought a new laptop".
Lastly, I have the weekly notes I using to bring to my psychologists, with which I can see what I was dealing with at the time. They didn't have dates though, so it took me a while to nail when exactly each session took place.

Putting all of this together, cross referencing it with logs and stuff, it lets me get a pretty clear picture of how things have gone these last three years. This isn't something I implemented all at once, but a bunch of different helpful things that at one point realized I could use to form a chronology of events, which turned out to be very useful. It gives you some great perspective on your life, I seriously recommend it.
R:22 / I:7

writing prompt

let's have an easy little writing and writing prompts thread
keepn it fun and take it easy, or poor your heart if you want too

I'll post a prompt soon if no-one beats me to it.

let's all boost our creativity and imagination! we can beat the ai writing thread but it's a friendly competition of course
R:240 / I:70
Kissu! Kissu! Would you be interested in playing some Minecraft together?

Last time there was a server, people were a bit divided on whether it should be creative or survival, so I set up a basic hub when you first spawn in so you can choose which you'd rather play on. At any time you're free to head back and swap which world you're playing on as you see fit.

The server will be based on 1.16.5, but is mostly client agnostic. You can play on just about any version of Minecraft from the past few years, including Bedrock Edition - which includes phones, and consoles. But, if you decide to play on an older version, things will look a bit different since new blocks and items will be rendered as older blocks and items depending on what version you're on.

There is just one limitation to the server itself, however... Because it's a free server, if no one has been online for about 5 minutes, the server will automatically shutdown beyond my control. I typically have #qa open all day, so if the server goes down, either say something there, or make a post in this thread.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.
R:7 / I:4
I can't believe it...
The main background character is... dead...
R:22 / I:4

Pixiv is being stupid again

Pixiv's monetization thingies of Fanbox and Booth are banning loli/shota, bestiality, rape, incest and guro starting on December 15th.
It is presumably related to monopolistic credit card companies exerting their influence the same way they did on Patreon and porn sites, but it is just an assumption as no one knows for sure right now. Note that this is for stuff sold, and not uploaded for free on the main pixiv site. Still, I can't imagine a neutral reception to this.
Put on your image-scraping boots because twitter and pixiv being stupid and self-destructive at the same time will quickly make a mess of things.
R:26 / I:11

The Kirino Question

Incest. Do you think it's okay?
R:11 / I:4

How does /qa/ retain their knowledge?

What activities do you partake in to keep your mind up to par with whatever it was at its peak? How do you motivate yourself to stick with them? Also how do you switch your brain from just mindlessly playing video games to theorycrafting and analyzing them so that you can actually play/strategize better?
R:9 / I:1
she has a gun!
R:8 / I:1
does /qa/ make sure their fumos have games to play together?
R:2 / I:2
R:15 / I:1


Do you watch things that are in your native language with subtitles on? I find that even with things where I don't have any trouble hearing what's being said that I often still watch with subtitles.
R:5 / I:4
There's a strange comfort in horror, don't you think?
R:12 / I:6
I find Claris singing the OP to Lycoris to be, in a meta way, very symbolic. Insofar as every anime I can remember them singing the OP to has been a roller coaster of entertainment from Oreimo to Madoka, and just as well Lycoris is following in those footsteps to become a favorite of mine for how lovably enjoyable it is. It doesn't tackle any unprecedented new grounds of storytelling to earn its fame; instead, the show simply follows a fairly conventional plot with extreme care and effort put into making it the best it can be. Putting its characters at the top of the priority list and endearing the audience towards them through great on-screen chemistry & development. Which by all means has been a resounding success given the anime's popularity and abundance of fanart enjoyed by the main characters.

Hopefully the success of originals like this push for more studios to try their hands at creating something of their own in the future. As I really have enjoyed recent ones like Odd Taxi and Megalobox too.
R:17 / I:2
does anyone have any good videos or writtings on the free to play model and how it's implemented?
R:9 / I:5
R:29 / I:5
is rationality decided by emotion or is emotion a distraction from rationality? In other words, can you really ever say a show/game/anything is objectively good if you any level of investment in it? Are the best judges the ones who care the least?
R:12 / I:4
So /qa/, what do you think are some good ideas for how a site can advertise itself on the modern internet?
R:27 / I:13
What is it that drives activity?
Because it's been said that making threads is very important, but if I go and dump five random pics on /jp/ that's not gonna do all that much, at least not always. Not all threads generate the same amount of replies either.
It's also said that activity is sorta exponential and a few posts can become many, but it leaves the question of why that is happening in the first place.
So, what is it and why?
R:5 / I:3
The transition to digital animation was supposed to enable anime to be produced quicker and at better quality than ever before. Do you think this is actually the case?
R:24 / I:9
Spent all day trying to write a simple program and cursing myself because I saw a million ways to make it cleaner or more efficient, but I was just too tard to figure out how to write it that way. Why is programming so unintuitive and retarded and gay? I feel that the only reason it's made this overly complicated is so that company programmers can get inflated budgets because nobody else put in 100000 hours to understand their cryptic shit.
R:6 / I:3
/qa/eers are /qa/zoku, but what are kissus?
R:16 / I:9
Urban decay is such a weird thing. This is Michigan Central Station, a rail station in Detroit. It's strange to realize that this isn't some place that's been abandoned for centuries, but that this is just the result of around 20 years of abandonment.

Does /qa/ have any interesting abandoned places nearby? Thought about doing any urban exploration?
R:9 / I:1


Are filters helpful or harmful for imageboards? On one hand it can more easily allow for coexistence of elements that are both perfectly fine on the grand scale but maybe don't get along with each other. On the other, they could potentially separate boards into "factions" of sorts.
R:17 / I:14
Oh, no! Koruri procrastinated too long and now she needs you to give her an outfit for Halloween! Draw/edit/etc something onto her!
(and try to keep the background clear so I can make a collage)
R:10 / I:3

Little Witch Nobeta

Nee, nee, kissu.moe/qa/-tachi have you played Little Witch Nobeta?
Should be a cute and funny geimu with Souls-like gameplay from what I've read. I've been thinking of buying it.
R:4 / I:1
I've been thinking. I think the most forgotten and inaccessible (subbed) anime are probably good but not highly-regarded series from the 2000s and early 2010s. There's hardly any reputation and most public torrents are dead. They just sort of exist for people going through old seasonal charts.
R:201 / I:103


Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
R:30 / I:12
Are people who like 2D-related content nicer than other people on average? It does seem like they are in the imageboard context at least.
R:9 / I:2
Philosopher vs Mathematician, who's stronger?
R:2 / I:1
R:13 / I:4

Osamu Tezuka's Shammi-sen manga


Any place I can find this manga in digital form?
I would very much love an English scanlation, but it's very likely it does not exist. So Japanese original will suffice.
Maybe one day I can do it for Shammy-chan and be translator myself, who knows!

Google leads me to believe only option is the purchase of physical copy of High School Course 1 [高1コース] from jap auction site. But then again, google sucks green eggs these days.
R:27 / I:8
Can you read? Like books and stuff
R:11 / I:3
Why do people use social media
R:13 / I:6
Seems like firefox is going for a more customizable/individuality feel with it's recent update.
Not sure who these slogans are catering to though.
Shame that the color schemes are all bad.
R:3 / I:2
there are two dejiko now nyo
R:7 / I:3
How many words do you need to construct a mainstream social media site/forum?
R:11 / I:4
What are some good anime/vns for escapism?
R:7 / I:5



R:16 / I:4
What are your favorite midi files and how do you listen to them? Personally one of my favorites is tenshi.mid It is an XG midi. I listen to midis with SYXG-50 or Sound Canvas VA depending on the song. I would love to own physical midi hardware though
R:3 / I:0
How the h*ll do I fix my posture before I turn into a hunchback shogi player???
R:77 / I:35

Been four years since we wrapped things up with bestest girl Neia, two since macrogenocide, now it's time for the Theocracy to finally get their game on. So far we have some Scripture deliberation and Nazarick workplace antics, it's a good start.

Ch1 part 1:
Translator's posts:

I expect there to be some sort of diplomatic tug of war where Slane and Nazarick compete to see who gets to win the elf king over, a mini cold war where anti-Nazarick factions try to forge an alliance without triggering an overkill retribution due to poking a random zombie once. Umu.

Also, the anime. It's premiering tomorrow.
R:62 / I:25
The Cyberpunk show is out apparently. Watched a few episodes. The action scenes aren't that great and the story feels a little bit too much like the game's but otherwise it's a decent show. Definitely doesn't feel like anime though, more like an animated Cyberpunk 2077 show. Which i guess is what they were going for.
R:30 / I:11
Is the 'Golden Age' of visual novels over? What was the last notable VN released in the last 5 years? I can't think of anything. I can name a lot of stuff from the early 00s though.
R:179 / I:87

Summer 2022 Anime

There's a new season on the horizon, kissu. So that means it's time for you to sift through this list and find me the good ones to watch.

R:68 / I:27

Stupid questions thread

How I stop Furryfox from saving images as .webp?
R:10 / I:1
Wake up, Kissu!
R:8 / I:2
I am not a number,
I am a freeman!
R:5 / I:4
it is fun lying down and wiggling your finger in an ear
R:1175 / I:223

hot blog

starting to melt in my blankets
R:3 / I:3
Look, look...
R:7 / I:2


How many pets does /qa/ have?
R:12 / I:5
Everyone hates people pluralizing anime as 'animes' or manga as 'mangas', but I see comparatively little push-back to the pluralizing of other otaku-culture loanwords in the same way. How do you feel about words like 'lolis', 'tsunderes', and 'otakus'? What about something like 'boorus'? Are they acceptable, or should their usage be discouraged?
R:8 / I:3

Upcoming Anime

Any good anime in the future? Like, not next season but just the future. Watching this looking for things and there's a Kenshin reboot for some reason.

R:14 / I:4
How does /qa/ pronounce the "o" in "loli"?
"la-li" as in lallygag?
"lo-li" as in low?
or do you do it another way?
R:64 / I:30
Sono Bisque Doll got me thinking... does Kissu have a favorite cosplayer? Do you even follow any cosplayers (that aren't just ecchi ones, you PERV)?

I'm a big fan of SeeU. She's really cute and her outfits are pretty impressive.
R:14 / I:2

when did you first start using Chan-Sites?

I first heard of 4chan watching Gamer from Mars videos about '10 crazy 4chan pranks' I think they were called I remember seeing these videos and thinking that 4chan was this magical place where you could say anything you wanted and get people to do what-ever you wanted and it wasn't as good as I thought it was but I still enjoyed being able to say why I liked with complete anonymity and I became interested in anime and manga and gradually I started using 8moe and other chan-sites
R:16 / I:5
Why is it that in anime productions, people remember the names of studios better than they do the directors, teams or top level staff?
R:2 / I:1
Do you think these spooky videos are faked?
R:4 / I:3

Audio Editor

Found a nice online DAW that lets you mess around with audio using node graphs.
Finding that it's impossible to export anything you make on Firefox because it uses a broken version of the WASM FFMPEG(or maybe it's something else) so I've only been able to get it to be fully functional on chrome.

R:3 / I:1
Have you ever discovered something you weren't meant to or found any sorts of real life easter eggs?

Just recently I discovered an unannounced product by looking through the published manuals on a certain company's website.
R:4 / I:2
Pruning/splitting a reaction folder and deciding what the optimal size for it will be for quick access almost feels like deckbuilding in card games or something.
R:70 / I:6
So what happens to imageboards after PHP 7 dies?
R:51 / I:16

Mice Thread

Interested what type of mouse-grip you use, or if you use an alternative style of mice such as the vertical or trackball designs.

Thinking about switching from a standard laser mouse to a trackball (like picture related) because my laser mice always fail in similar ways and I might get a better lifespan out of a different type of mouse. They also benefit from better ergonomics, not putting strain on the wrist. I'm concerned if I would be able to play games well on it.
R:12 / I:0
Most dubs are terrible or at the very least pale in comparison to the original audio, just about everyone recognizes this. Despite that, when it comes to old media they enjoyed dubbed when younger there are those who hold these dubs close to their heart. Are there any anime/games like this for /qa/?
R:9 / I:1
Have you ever given thought to creating some document for yourself in case you ever lose your memory?

Every now and again I think about maybe creating a small booklet with key details about myself, such as a brief autobiography as well as important information like bank details and passwords.
R:45 / I:21
Don't forget to catch Hatusne Miku the animation this season!
R:13 / I:5
When does sameface become a problem for you?
Is the perception of this problem's severeness inversely proportional to the severeness of an obsessiveness-factor in human brains?
R:29 / I:12

/qa/ quiz time

1) Have you ever watched this video/swf before?
2) Can you name every single show/media that is in it?
R:5 / I:3
Let's talk semiconductors.

What does /b/ think about Apple's recent A16 chip? From the looks of it's using recycled Avalanche and Blizzard cores from A15 on... TSMC's N4 process... which itself has marginal, only %6 density improvement over N5 and the same yield returns. A15 itself had marginal improvements over A14, so we are talking about a two-year stagnation. Apple used to be the leader in performance per watt on their chips for a decade now, each A series processor somehow outdid its predecessor and the entire competition, but it seems like that trend is grinding to a halt. With their senior engineers departing for Nuvia and Intel and Tesla (not sure about the last one), Apple has been experiencing a massive brain drain lately. It's actually a reversal of times when they were poaching engineering from all over the industry, but it's kind of fun and sad to see the same happening to them now. M1 lit a fire under Intel & AMD's asses, and we are seeing massive performance improvements on x86 front as a result, but it looks like Apple itself is now losing steam. It's Intel's 14nm+++ all over again.

I think they were betting too hard on TSMC delivering 3nm on time in 2022, but apparently N3 has horrible yields and TSMC is trying to put the blame of kusocanning the process on Intel for withdrawing from that process for Meteor Lake (yes, 3/4 Meteor Lake cores will be made by TSMC). But even Apple apparently gave up on TSMC 3nm and like everyone they are targeting N3E now.

From the looks of it, I don't really expect any significant performance improvements from Apple for several years, primarily because they are so dependent on TSMC delivering their node advancements in time. They have to revamp their custom core designs without that sweet node shrink. AMD on the other hand entered N5P pretty late, so they have some time window until N3E actually becomes viable, and they can switch to that without much hiccups and perceived delay on their end. In my opinion, we won't be seeing any new groundbreaking chips with double digit IPC/PPW/ST/MT gains until at least 2025-2026, like how it has been for several years now. And when TSMC N3E arrives, it's going to be EXPENSIVE. Samsung's 3nm GAAFET's are pretty interesting though, as well as advancements on Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express. 2026-2027 is going to be wild for consumer processors. What do you think?
R:13 / I:4

/po/ thread

papercraft and origami are fun. here are some threads I thought were funny

R:9 / I:2
Does /qa/ have lots of emergency foods in your home like canned and frozen foods? What kinds of these do you have?
I have lots of these foods including pasta and pasta sauce, lots of sardines, beef cubes, corned beef hashes, canned ham and chicken breasts, and jams in my shelf. Also some udon, gyoza, and hot pockets in my freezer.
Together I think all these stuffs can last me about a week, but nowhere near some people who have full basements of stuffs enough for years.
I think having something you need sometime in your home that doesn't need to be worried about going bad is always handy especially for the /qa/hikkis. I just opened a strawberry preserve that's been sitting on my shelf for almost 2 years to serve with my breads!
R:14 / I:4
Do you have a game or show or anything else that you experienced when you were younger that has left a permanent impression on you? Not just nostalgia, but you feel as though it altered your way of thinking or what it is you desire.
I'm aging myself a bit with this one, but two prominent ones for me are the two Lunar games. They're JRPGs that I first played on the PSX. They originally came out on SegaCD, but it was wisely remastered for a console that more than 5 people had. I did go back and play the SegeaCD versions on emulator back in the day, though. I even had some Lunar avatars that I still have on my drive!

The main themes of the games are adventure and love. At its core the games are very simple both in gameplay and story scope, but its charm is the unmistakable purity of it. I think these two games gave me desire for the fairytale romance that you can only see in fiction, and of course the corny "defeating the bad guy with friendship and love" cliché. It's just so beautiful and pure. If someone were to ask me what paradise is like, I would point to this kind of thing. It is the pure idealization of human emotion.

Someone might have also noticed that the art looks familiar, and that's because the character designer eventually worked on [email protected] Takane in particular really has the face, so she's a bit of a weakness of mine when it comes to 2D idols, even when I don't really partake in that culture.

Of course, the games do have issues. Today I can appreciate the fact that Working Designs went overboard with the localization process and should have been respectful to the source material. The main story is fine, but the random NPCs make jokes and references to pop culture that they really shouldn't.
R:56 / I:24

Kissu in Haven and Hearth?

There's a new Haven and Hearth world starting on August 12th!
Is anyone else interested in playing some Haven and Hearth in a couple weeks? It's like a free* multiplayer version of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley in one shared world, but with more focus on exploring and there's combat and stuff. You start with nothing, but you can build up a little village (with others) as you hunt animals and raise crops and stuff. It's really so much more fun when there's a bunch of people you know working towards goals and having fun building and decorating. Do note that there's PvP and people can freely attack you if they have the right unlocked perks, though there's ways to hide in your town. Certain animals/monsters can also permanently (rarely) kill you, although it only happened to me once when I was really new. There's some system to inherit a percentage of xp from your dead 'ancestor', but I never looked into it.

There's a pretty heavy emphasis on grinding to the extent that you'll always need new materials and food. However, stuff happens on real world timers, like it takes 20 hours to dry leather, or 3 days for crops to finish growing and other such things. It takes a similar time to recover from injuries and to 'study' things to get XP, so things can't progress TOO fast.

The current world should last for at least a few more days I think if you want to run around and get a handle of things, but there's no rush.

There's also a wiki for it, though the info isn't always accurate to the current version. https://ringofbrodgar.com/wiki/

*If you pay $15 you'll get an extra row of inventory space and 20% more XP. It's a fun game and I spent a lot of time in it so it was worth it to me.
R:32 / I:4
If everybody loves the old tripfags and people say the era in which most people were named was best, then why don't more people use trips?
R:7 / I:0

``delicious flat chests?''

what are some things mammary challenged girls did to save the environment? except using less water and soap
R:19 / I:7
Communities are a whole lot nicer and easier to talk in when people consider the others in it their friends rather than strangers to be cautious about. Does /qa/ love their /qa/ friends?
R:2 / I:2
is this the /qa/ board?
R:13 / I:3
There are two points in an anime season where people stop discussing anime...
half way through a season and while shows are ending.

moved by request
R:13 / I:5
This is a very funny logo design document.

R:5 / I:1
Friendly reminder to savor your favorites sites while they're up.

RIP https://kaomoji.ru/en .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.
R:20 / I:9
Are there any ambitions you have /qa/? Or did you discard those long ago
R:33 / I:15
/qa/ what do you personally believe in? Do you have a religion?
I believe there is something above me that is comparable with that of an Abrahamic deity, that it does exist outside our plane of existence, and that it has trapped us on this hell known as material plane. Thinking about it, Gnosticism sounds like westernized Buddhaism because the only way you can escape this infinite cycle of death and life is through Gnosis/Enlightenment, but as they say in the East you should kill the Buddha on the road.
R:7 / I:2
What's proper proper upkeep procedure for your hikki blanket?
R:10 / I:3
What would you want the afterlife to look like?
R:10 / I:2
How do you think you'd be able to live your life without a system of written communication ? Some kingdoms, such as the incans, only had numerical record keeping through systems such as knots on ropes and never had the idea to write things down on stone or such. Wonder what it would be to live in a society where you have to talk with the plebs to learn anything.
R:10 / I:1
Do you think it's possible to make anything successful or is everything just manipulating the luck stat to proc a favorable outcome?
R:8 / I:1
Did you ever give it a thought what you could do with music other than listening to it? You could try to
-emulate it in your head before pushing the play button
-turn a major key to a minor key and vice versa
and the most difficult of musical-mental exercises
-inverting the qualities of each bar, making the loud notes soft, the lengthy notes short and of course the same goes the other way around
R:9 / I:2
What be dreams and why is so much written about them?
R:71 / I:67
Let's play a game.
Someone picks a word and we post images on our hard drive with that word in its filename, assuming they're not horrible or anything. If you're like me and you've forgotten at least half of the images you saved, so you can find some cool things that you forgot about. You can also just find loose game files or other things you've never actually seen. It would be cool if you have any story or description to go along with the images, but that might be too much effort.
If you're on Windows I highly recommend using 'everything' to search for stuff on your drive as it's 500000x faster than windows default search: https://www.voidtools.com/

Anyway, the first word is turtle
R:9 / I:1
I don't know if it's just me or youtube maybe but the colors on this trailer seem really muted from what i expect of trigger. Sure there's a lot of color but they don't look that vibrant too me. It's been a while but i feel like the Star Wars visions episode was better looking than this trailer.
R:44 / I:4

A filtering appraoch for imageboard moderation

I've been observing a severe lack of automatic filtering approach to moderation in online discussions. The model currently used is based on banning users or IP addresses, an approach known to be ineffective because changing IP is easy, it requires constant manual monitoring of all posts, and a user can be banned for one single post regardless of how good the users' other posts are.

This issue mirrors the problem of spam emails, where content-based approaches like Bayesian filtering performs significantly better than blacklist-based approaches with few false positives. Here is a write-up of this topic:
Just replace "blacklist" with "banning" and "spam" with "bad posts", and you get the situation of imageboard moderation.

I think integrating such tool in imageboard moderation provides lots of benefits:
- instant rejection of bad posts before it ever appears on the website
- moderation based on contents rather than person, less likely to cause drama
- existing moderation decisions can be used to tune the filter so they will conform to individual imageboards' standards
- it will work even better than email antispam because posters basically have to make their posts unreadable to evade filters

I can only conjecture that the only reason why this approach isn't widely deployed is because mods want to feel powerful, and this approach doesn't satisfy them.
R:11 / I:2
Have the consequences of extensive data mining and wikis been beneficial to gaming? Or has it sucked away some of the magic from them?
R:9 / I:5
A very special Comiket 100 is being held right now
Is there anything you're excited about? Like new doujin game, manga, music, merch, etc. or maybe just pictures of cosplayers
R:5 / I:3
There so many different types of vampire.
there are old draculas and there are cute little gothic lolita vampires with blonde hair which I wouldn't mind if they bit me. there are vampires but there are also dumbpires, stinkpires, cutepires. Vampires are so versatile. The thing is that zombies are also versatile because you have lots of ways to zombify people and you have slow zombies and fast zombies and fat exploding plague zombies. the difference is that you don't see all those zombie types represented in anime girls so much
R:17 / I:2
Been thinking of playing that new Lost Ark MMO and I'm pretty sure once I start playing there's going to be builds and guides for everything down to the smallest detail and everyone's going to be minmaxed to hell and back within the week. So that made me think, has the development of the net ruined MMOs to an extent?
R:7 / I:1
Feeling pretty guilty about not being able to support my favorite artists.
I know one person wont change anything but...
I feel guilty pirating an artist I've supported for a long time.
R:56 / I:18

Kissu multiplayer games?

Do you play any online games you'd like to play with kissu people?
Maybe this could be a thread to play some games together online? I think the stuff should ideally be free, cheap, or already have multiple players here.

Personally, I'd like to start playing Power Bomberman together again. It's a free fan game it's really fun, featuring a crapload of characters (including the new slutty ones) in beautiful pixel form and lots of cool maps. We had a thread for it about a year ago.
You can play it offline too, if you want to practice.

So, what multiplayer games do you want to play?
R:47 / I:34


R:46 / I:4
How do you work up the motivation to start and complete really long series?
R:29 / I:8
What are your experiences with the dreaded automobile and its locomotive functions, aka of the worst enemies of hikkis and neets? I have a driver's license but can't remember the last time I picked up a wheel. I probably forgot how to do it at this point. Driving is scary as hell for me. I was extremely nervous during my test and wanted it to be over as soon as possible. It's one of the most terrifying things you can do a daily basis. It's more dangerous than being a police officer or a security guard for example. Drivers have a much higher death rate than people in those professions. I had a friend who got killed in a car crash and have gotten myself involved in two accidents before, one of which could've easily killed me as well if the stupid trucker actually banged on the car instead of just scraping it, so that definitely contributes to my fear of driving.
R:92 / I:19
What the fuck is this webp garbage? Everytime I save an image now I get this garbage format and I can't post it on imageboards because its not supported. Where the fuck did this shit even come from?
R:25 / I:8
What do you think changed the most between the current year and 2001?
R:37 / I:19

What's Kissu's Vocabulary Size?

How big is Kissu's vocabulary? There's this fun test to take that will tell you! There were some difficult questions on here I thought.


There's also a Japanese vocabulary test that I quit halfway through because I was too frustrated. Guess I need to work on my 日本語 more...
R:6 / I:2
Don't you find it funny that there are two anime airing right now about "shadows" imitating and trying to replace humans?
R:55 / I:37
I've been thinking that I need to make a good computer-in-bed setup, but just for gaming when I'm tired or when it's near the end of the day.
About a decade ago I had a Vita that would use Moonlight and Nvidia Shield for windows to stream the PC screen to the vita and I could use the vita buttons. It worked pretty well, but it had so me pretty big limitations like the vita's unusual resolution and input lag which made action games a bit too annoying.
I think I want a tablet or something, and then have a metal 'holder' thing and some switch joycons and an adapter.
Does /qa/ have any knowledge or experience with such a thing, or general advice?
R:9 / I:2

Your favorite eras in anime?

Cel: Late 80s (Akira, Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, Patlabor, City Hunter, Maison Ikkoku, Guyver, Bubblegum Crisis, Gunbuster, etc).

Digital: Mid to late 00s (Aria, Mushishi, SZS, Bakemonogatari, Kaiji, Kara no Kyoukai, Spice and Wolf, Gurren Lagann, Gundam 00, etc).

This is both in terms of looks/visuals and shows which are my favorites. I think everyone agrees that 80s is the superior cel artstyle due to everything before it looking 'dated' and with weak art and animation and 90s anime having a 'wobbly' exaggerated look to it in comparison. And my preference for mid to late 00s stuff is because early digital stuff had a weird flat look to it since animators weren't completely used to it yet. Also helps that CGi wasn't as prevalent before. The death of hand drawn mecha was the greatest tragedy of the modern age.
R:2 / I:2
Looks like Jachin-chan is a fan of sucking on big 'ole cow tits. Can't really blame the gal for it, with tits as good looking as those.
R:39 / I:10
Sarcastic humor is good. Ironic humor is bad. Irony is basically the dumber and less sophisticated version of sarcasm: https://grammar.yourdictionary.com/vs/irony-vs-sarcasm-types-and-differences.html
R:305 / I:146
Slow days are best spent gaming
R:10 / I:2
Have you ever had a "misplaced time experience"? It's similar to "missing time experience" but instead you misplace the dates in which certain events occurred. For example: it's very strange to me that Kizuna Ai came to be after the 2016 election only. My brain doesn't connect the two events together and I thought she showed up earlier than that. There are also several anime/manga that give me this feeling, the most notable one being "Is It Okay to Touch Mino-San There?" I thought I read it around 2015, but to my shock it only came out in 2018 and ran until mid to late 2019.

It's not so weird as to think something which happened quite a while ago happened earlier since time appears to pass faster for you the older you get, but the opposite happening starts to get into "alternate realities/we are all living in a computer simulation" territory.
R:6 / I:2
The Healer Girls anime seemed like a pretty ambitious and extremely well produced project for an anime where I didn't instantly recognize any of the main cast's voices. So it got me thinking and an idea popped into my mind, which looking at the seiyuu pages pretty much confirmed.


The anime seems like a test of promising new seiyuu talents with the supporting cast being mostly already confirmed pros. And so far I think they're doing a pretty good job. I think it's interesting to see things like this that show a promotion of new talents over staying with the same safe bets forever (like dubs do), what about /qa/?
R:8 / I:3
Overlord needs to give the Pleiades more screen time
R:37 / I:8
How much time do you spend using imageboards a day on average? I feel like it's very easy to spend the entire day browsing a fast shithole like 4chan. It's almost as addictive as crack and cocaine and that's dangerous. This addictive quality is probably the reason why the users tend to not be very right in the head.
R:27 / I:11
You ever notice otaku have a noticeable fascination with pocketknives?
R:15 / I:1
If you don't post about what you do every time after you did it, did you even do it?
R:17 / I:10
What's your preferred style of anime?
R:31 / I:10
Post a word which you think it sounds funny, from any language. I'll start: flabbergasted.
R:2 / I:1
R:2 / I:0
the /qa/ couch
R:143 / I:115

Utwarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen Streams

We're in the home stretch of catching up on shows with sequels coming out in the Summer season!
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen's first 13 episodes will be streamed this Friday, and the final 12 episodes + Bonus will be next Friday, both at my usual streaming time of 6PM EST/11PM UTC!
For those who may be new to this, kissu has an anonymous-supporting fork of cytube and the channel we're using for this is:

Utawarerumono is a trilogy close to my heart, so much so that I can type it by memory!
Grand story, amazing characters, beautiful art, atmospheric music (RIP Mameda ;_;) and the gameplay in 2 and 3 are actually pretty great if you ask me. I'm going into the anime adaptation blind, however, but if it's half as good as the VN then you're in for a treat.
This is technically season 2, but it's not too strongly related to season 1 which had released a decade earlier. The VNs also share a similar gap in release dates. I'll see if I can find a relevant summary somewhere, though, if people are going in blind.

I will warn you ahead of time if you're someone that avoids conflict in media then this isn't for you. It's a world at war and it also has some really sad moments in it that aren't directly related to war. But, there is also lots of slice of life moments and positive emotions of comradely and romance in it.

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