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81532 Issues of clipping and extremely poor model interactivity/physics are always thrown about as critiques of eroge, whether they be cheap indie games or bigger budget illusion titles. This issue doesn't really seem to plague 2D animation at all and the portrayal of such scenes is more than likely able to carry weight and/or convey the meshing together of bodies. I've even seen 3D animations that don't appear to clip and seem to function well on the model interactivity side. How come game animators [View]
80028 Someone mentioned recently having a bad dream about an "/ac/ - academia" board being created and it got me wondering. Would such a board really be that awful a concept among philosophical NEETs with too much free time on their hands? [View]
52258 What have kissu's gamers been looking forward to recently? Or is there anything interesting/fun you guys are playing now [View]
81471 Sometimes I notice bad writing habits in my post and then just delete it in shame and cringe in embarrassment for half an hour even though nobody probably saw or noticed. [View]
81476 What came first, the image or the board? [View]
77170 Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver [View]
81319 Amateur Radio is a strange hobby. On surface it seems to be something that would appeal to people like computer nerds but several aspects make it to be the opposite: - Because radio frequency resource is limited and lots of people are using it, communication time is short and there is little to no chance to exchange anything other than the most basic info like name, location, calling code etc. - Need to go outdoors to get good signal. - No privacy. Everything communicated is public and c [View]
81377 I broke ota [View]
80905 [pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold][pink]![/pink][blue]![/blue][gold]![/gold] [View]
81251 Assuming that hell exists and god holds final judgement on all humans, how would one play it safest throughout their life to not be sent to hell? Assuming that you have no idea which sect is right, so God could be as the Islam bible describes him, the Hebrew bible, or as any of the Christian variations describe him? Is there any way one could accomplish this or are they just fucked? [View]
76084 Does /qa/ eat strange foods? I tried eating natto and actually like it a lot, the sticky texture is very nice, but it has some bitter taste so I eat with the attached sauce. [View]
80975 Just got gifted a $25 prepaid card but have no idea on what to spend it on. Does /qa/ have any suggestions? One idea I do have is to get the ecchi illustrations from nacchan's fantia (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/6561). I don't know how fantia works though, is it $10 to unlock all the illustrations or $10 per illustration? [View]
81195 Happy Birthday kissu! [View]
80854 Does /qa/ prefer breast meat or thigh meat? [View]