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109912 Im sick of finding a imageboard and then contributing lots of content only to have content deleted at random for no rulebreaking reason. I've tried these >zzzchan >8moe [View]
105332 What do you think about AI games, where not only scripts and characters will be AI generated, but also the game route, game mechanics, and random events? With various advances in AI, it's becoming inevitable that such AI games will appear. And I think they have the potential to be the ultimate "write your own adventure" games. You can write a description about what you want the game to be like and AI will generate fitting story, characters, and mechanics for it. Games can be unpredictable si [View]
108488 Do you think you'd be able to tell if an anime you were watching was adapted from a western source or not? [View]
109722 Remember "Creamy's Curated List of Imageboards"? It was a list of imageboards with a guy's short description and opinion of them. Do you think there's any value in trying to bring something like that back? Opinions are probably something to avoid, though.
If if were to be brought back, I think it'd need permission from admins, and maybe the users, for their site to get added to the list. I remember someone on /qa/ had been working on one back in 2017 or maybe later, but due to jerks using it
109759 If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two halves of a sandwich or two sandwiches? [View]
109511 does kissu read light novels? show us your favorites or what you're currently reading. it's an aspect of otaku culture that i somehow never got into despite being a bookworm, and i rarely see people discussing novels online. thought i should change that, so i downloaded pic related on my tablet since i'm a NisiOisiN fan and i am already familiar with the anime adaptation. maybe it's not an ideal introduction to LNs but we'll see how it goes. [View]
109470 Try and find a dark theme that isn't based around blue tones [View]