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72394 Kissu day! ''Chu~'' [View]
72344 This guy is the official /qa/ youtube reviewer [View]
72333 Fresh Kumo-sans for sale! Our BOGO promo is active through the end of the weekend! [View]
72293 Miura passed away... The eternal hiatus. He's managing idols in the sky now... [View]
70848 Have you ever stopped to appreciate something amazing? Take dandelions, for instance. People regard these as an ugly weed sometimes, but I think they're awesome and a true success story. [View]
70109 Haven & Hearth is getting another new world, anyone want to play? We had a few people playing last time they reset it. It's a survival/crafting game with permadeath. You progress your character by eating and finding stuff (to craft or build with and things that give exp), eventually settling somewhere and building a village. Later on getting into things like farming/mining/husbandry. It's pretty unique, I recommend trying it out if you haven't already. To spawn together someone has to build a [View]