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85815 How come youtube videos get so many damn views nowadays? They must've changed something in the system with how works. There's no way it's a natural evolution even when accounting for more people gaining internet access over time. Kony 2012 has 'only' 103m views today, but it was literally what everyone was talking about back then. 100m is pretty much nothing nowadays compared to shit like Baby Shark and Despacito. Baby Shark having a whopping 10 billion views also do not make any sense to me wha [View]
89765 https://fansubdb.com/wiki/Spring_2022 What the hell happened with fansubbing? The list keeps getting smaller every season. The Slyfox one for Summertime is a fucking bait and switch too, should have a strikeout. Slyfox only did a single ep and then switched to the official shit and now we have to see everyone speaking like Wakka from FFX. [View]
86306 What are ''your'' standards for quality? [View]
91370 Mod edit: Someone has made a direct nenpo replacement if you're searching for something like that: >>92698. Caveat emptor: https://kakashinenpo.com/ This is a thread on /qa/ to help facilitate discussion among wandering nen friends that have recently lost their home board. There is already a thread on /jp/ here: >>>/jp/36668 but due to /jp/'s nature as a board for general nonsense [View]
93686 Sugoi! Yurine got three Jashins with one throw! [View]