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File:80405523_p3.jpg (85.93 KB,700x515)


Welcome to the new When They /cry/ board! You can post Higurashi content without worrying about spoiling things. This board won't be showing up on /all/ or the front page. You can post about Umineko and Ciconia, too, but you should use spoiler options on those for the time being. This is something we can figure out together.
A custom CSS is in the works, so you might see changes to the visuals now and again.
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Happy birthday to /cry/!


The thought didn't even dawn on me


Board locked until new developments


Lambda on the front page!


File:[Nii-sama] Higurashi no Na….jpg (23.5 KB,203x449)

lambda :3


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….png (2.35 MB,1920x1080)

What kind of friend would ever want something more?

File:shitoko.webm (2.71 MB,1920x1080)


Before the board is gone let us remember all the good times we had with Sotsu.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….png (2.05 MB,1920x1080)

remembering the hanyoobers fondly


File:FYbxOimUcAEiSPZ.jpg (1.37 MB,1296x1812)

Err, well, at least Rika and Satoko were very eroi in GouSotsu.

File:FU0u32-aQAEbyXg.jpg (620.72 KB,1600x2259)


My wives and their friend Shion.

File:97888147_p0.png (1.45 MB,1200x2249)


Furude Rika will never be balli-


File:[Kirion] Higurashi no Naku….png (321.11 KB,1280x720)



File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (149.99 KB,1280x720)

She'll certainly never make the hoop.


File:amazing_rika_7__hoops_NBA_….png (559.62 KB,900x738)

Rika's got hoops!


Japanese Rika jumping through 4 hoops.


File:R-1660411308068.jpg (103.34 KB,1200x873)

there are 5 hoops

File:96724198_p6.jpg (289.59 KB,842x786)


So Kissu, what do you think's in the box?


Satoko's homework!


File:21620967_p0.png (631.09 KB,727x596)

Small bombs.

File:FV4avE7aIAAlu5T.jfif (1.41 MB,1158x1631)


Today is Satoko's birthday. Happy Birthday, Satoko!


File:1503004379686.png (173.37 KB,455x466)

fuck satoko


File:FUqmaT-UEAAkSLJ.jfif (396.21 KB,1013x1427)



File:92094978_p0.jpg (1.24 MB,3508x2480)


File:friends.png (881.76 KB,514x711)


when are we getting phase 2
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File:1570396580048.png (378.6 KB,680x720)

We were supposed to get some news regarding Ciconia on Christmas 2021 if I recall correctly. Maybe it's a surprise release.


We've still got that "special higurashi announcement" thing going on tbe side. Maybe it's actually the countdown to phase 2?


Yeah, I wish. I can't believe it's already been two years since P1.


never, it seems


File:644292.png (24.76 KB,317x317)

Seems the possibility of its release has been phased out.

File:1611278694000.png (779.02 KB,920x925)




File:su4533457.jpg (157.14 KB,982x999)

just going to post this before vermin pulls the plug

File:1314738302292.gif (2.91 MB,480x810)



File:366945ed03c6878a4fc878bc8d….jpg (328.41 KB,1313x1833)

Extremely important gif.


File:[Doki]_Higurashi_no_Naku_K….jpg (285.77 KB,1920x1080)


File:rikabutt.webm (4.3 MB,480x810)


File:4da55469083b6da0c296dc22e….jpeg (239.89 KB,984x1574)






feed me

File:1603423286826.png (652.99 KB,745x582)


What would happen if you tried to kissu a L5 Rena?

Just curious, I don't think that batshit insane Rena is cute or anything silly like that.


She'd bite your tongue off in self-defense

File:FPN8KG6VkA0QLR8.jpg (345.47 KB,2048x1448)



I can't do it. I can't watch recorded plays. Maybe, MAYBE I could enjoy them if I was there, but what does a recorded play have over a TV show? Even more than that, what does live action have over 2D?
Still, it's kind of cool that it exists.

File:3400cb9e-0332-4671-bad6-9c….png (752.67 KB,1500x2133)


Being Satoko is suffering.
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The anime really butchered her character. It seems like the manga is doing a better job with her characterization, so at least there's that.


Is it the same premise or a new story? She seems to have human emotions here so it seems quite different


File:89102614_p0.jpg (4.86 MB,2000x2798)

At least the fan art is nice.




It looks like it's the same basic premise, so far, but executed far better.

File:FlaurosOG_(3).png (416.88 KB,922x960)


*glomps you*
*shreds your guts*
*eats you whole*



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