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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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 File:c418c2a8d7c8976a29893ed0a9….jpg (1.25 MB,962x1339)


  • /ec/ is an NSFW board for sharing the cute side of eroticism.
  • Acceptable content must conform to site rules and feedback from the community.
  • These rules allow for a wide variety of images to be posted and even more when spoilered

Flavor of Spring: Swimsuits and open clothing


 File:853c1b33369d4ec3e319399b8f….png (7.67 MB,2542x3579)


 File:bb15cfb14c81ac0c94c56c3c73….jpg (537.13 KB,1451x2048)

 File:98596689_p0_master1200.jpg (1007.07 KB,850x1200)


very feminine summer suit


 File:98596689_p2_master1200.jpg (1.13 MB,850x1200)


 File:83842039_p0.png (1.32 MB,1518x1075)

 File:ea173aabcadc0e41fa08a5eb18….png (1.54 MB,2603x2737)


i slept really poorly last night because i couldn't stop thinking about feet
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 File:__yae_miko_genshin_impact_….jpg (1.95 MB,5179x6909)

and finally this one seems like a good "shot" of the heel. Are these heels good?
that's it for me


how do I give an image a minus vote?


just right click



Thanks, I'll keep it mind

 File:79386943_p0.png (379.88 KB,705x1000)

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Big bags of fun!
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 File:C-1655854421748.png (8.71 MB,3424x2464)


 File:C-1655854362143.png (9.1 MB,3435x2467)


 File:C-1655854349015.png (6.6 MB,3410x2453)


 File:C-1655854340560.png (7.3 MB,3411x2473)


 File:0001.jpg (2.34 MB,4266x6040)

 File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (142.01 KB,1280x720)


Whether it's an artist recognizing the greatness and beauty of our avian friends or a producer relying on cheap bird service to sell BDs, birds can appear when you least expect it.
When you're watching or reading something and you see a bird, post it here!
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 File:Utawarerumono.S02E01.False….jpg (308.17 KB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S02E09.False….jpg (130.36 KB,1920x1080)



 File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (115.15 KB,1280x720)


 File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (103.51 KB,1280x720)


 File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (154.22 KB,1280x720)

I think the Shachiku-san birds are telling a story

 File:EoMH2f3WEAQl5fP.jpeg (869.68 KB,1500x1058)


have you ever noticed how advanced poses are for girls to look sexy
look how she's briding and dramatically arching her back to look sexier

if you scrolldown/ec/ you can see lots of dramatic sexy and cute poses
also hand poses/finger poses contribute a lot towards being the cutest
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 File:FK1vCz0VkAMMpaF.jpg (27.72 KB,500x626)

this is a really lewd pose imo even though she's fully clothed


with my cock


 File:90190085_p1.png (591.12 KB,1000x1003)


 File:1614392858407.jpg (1.19 MB,1999x1200)


 File:FVcLdALaQAA0HRO.jpg (711.31 KB,906x1400)

 File:88611303_p0.png (648.88 KB,1200x900)

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just a random cute pictures thread

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 File:74077179_p0.jpg (3.26 MB,1400x1697)


 File:96441128_p0.jpg (340.38 KB,1152x2048)


 File:bc314297147b4fcca148a8d0ff….jpg (99.59 KB,604x930)


 File:20220617_171624.jpg (508.85 KB,642x923)


 File:1650940215000.jpg (1.68 MB,1441x2039)

 File:876d5a5057e79005ce7d8ae359….png (11.32 MB,2877x4083)


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cute outfit, but otherwise don't care who she is


 File:maxresdefault.jpg (162.33 KB,1280x720)



 File:45fa18d6c3de7e8879ada6e476….jpg (187.97 KB,850x1200)

Would love to have that sake just for the cute bottle label.


 File:a90abf5d4e5e071e4b7d9bd0d3….jpg (641.83 KB,1500x1500)

Troublesome alcoholic yuki onna cat vampire elf brat Wamy...

 File:84241496_p0.png (22.01 KB,400x400)

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I think most people are familiar with this artist, or at least have seen images posted here or there. Lokulo is drawn in a lot of cute situations and references to Japanese pop culture and I like them a lot. Kissu is overdue in having a shrine to bask in this greatness.
The artist does post stuff that's far more sexual, usually of other unnamed girls, but for this thread I'm focusing on cuteness.
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 File:97451849_p18.png (33.52 KB,400x400)


 File:97451849_p19.png (39.27 KB,400x400)


 File:97451849_p20.png (42.81 KB,400x400)

Wow, that was fast! hehehe




STALKER Lokulo (>>8381) vs Lokulo stalker (>>8383)

 File:86100116_p1.jpg (1.09 MB,1063x1505)

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What is the purpose of megane?
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 File:824e7111df4765550dc82b8380….png (3.5 MB,2000x3226)


 File:d7a2c62bc43089f14646d46a46….jpg (2.24 MB,3653x2742)

primitive arousal


What do you mean by that?


really good 'fantasy-realistic' look


 File:FVHHwZmUUAExr_O.jpg (779.75 KB,2560x1440)

For staring

 File:36759780_p0.png (658.15 KB,600x800)

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hella ero


cant.... stop.... looking....


 File:C-1654773256666.png (1.06 MB,890x1120)


 File:FVKAP3vaUAAAF_4.jpg (109.73 KB,1250x872)


 File:FVMHa1EaMAAa7sY.jpg (197.56 KB,1026x1557)

 File:White_Christmas_001.jpg (295.83 KB,1280x1817)


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 File:422.jpg (419.02 KB,646x1193)


I really like the scenarios where girls give in without any magic/drugs.


 File:oyiykiyjkfufjy.png (103.73 KB,530x445)

I love well drawn blowjobs. Way too many artists rush the BJ bit and just draw a penis stuck in the girl's face.


I love FLCL, but I just can't give that the +1.


 File:JK ero.png (368.37 KB,825x417)

I miss Tamagoro-sensei, his JKs were the best...
(pic not by him but still related)


That arist is legendary

 File:b16d9ddc290e610049efc0d2a4….png (535.67 KB,768x1024)


best friend is such a perv X⦀⦀_⦀⦀X


 File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….jpg (164.84 KB,1280x720)

It's not a perversion it's called being a free spirit.



 File:98797915_p0.png (12.11 MB,4093x2764)


For great justice!
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 File:96559162_p0.png (10.88 MB,2894x4093)


 File:98482691_p0.jpg (2.1 MB,2088x1488)


 File:98782574_p0.png (15.73 MB,2891x4080)


 File:98384167_p0.png (638.75 KB,1200x850)


 File:f59617a922fdd0d0c212bdf823….jpg (1.54 MB,2057x1324)


 File:cc422d78728b391305abe5bd94….jpg (75.41 KB,493x700)


The subtle kind of ecchi


 File:db05000e577517f80fc3598e29….png (1.19 MB,1405x1988)


 File:7c37a492a98150e92b2e4e6981….png (2.52 MB,1364x1897)


 File:88a47a0fda32b4fb771547b661….jpg (76.66 KB,500x500)

REALLY subtle


 File:C-1654776123872.png (7.18 MB,1820x2978)

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