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File:1708438626327749.jpg (727.88 KB,3840x1695)


There were a couple charts translated on 4chan about a poll in Japan asking men and women of various ages about their favorite media.
The source is this: https://xtrend.nikkei.com/atcl/contents/18/00960/00001/

This is the first chart.
If it's to the left of the middle it's more popular with men and inverse for women. The Y axis is age. The size of the blip is, uh... popularity in regards to how many people gave that response or something.
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Bitches love Archer


Heh, Precure leaning male.


>JOI 90% female
Weird, I could have sworn those were overwhelmingly male-oriented.


Women can't just jo


Book worm is peak josei

File:1647102525101.jpg (2.67 MB,3307x3307)





File:1650306841180.jpg (38.38 KB,566x358)

Looks like it'll be an inverted continent version of the main game, here's hoping that if they do that then they'll take from the lessons they learned on release and have the mini dungeons be more varied.

Also releasing in June so soon and not overlapping with DD2!


File:69385823_p0.png (7.91 MB,2380x3367)

Bloodborne is finally coming to PC?


Somehow I can't be excited. Elden Ring is already a huge game and it getting bigger just doesn't really do much for me. I also don't like how you can't access the DLC until way later in the game.


File:waterfox_PTgxQrEmim.png (2.97 MB,1549x1100)

Hmm.. I didn't really feel anything watching it, but I wasn't expecting to. It's really something I need to play and explore myself. I actually probably shouldn't have watched it at all now that I think about it.
Seems like the gaping dragon thing from Dark Souls is back with a different coat of paint, heh.


Where are /jp/'s resident gays? I got some great news for you
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he can investigate my purposes as long as he wears that


i think it's important to note that formal generals on /v/ became a thing before the inline catalog was introduced to the site
according to bibanon /vg/ was created on february 16 2012, but the extension came several months later in september 5
on the other hand, wayback has archived instances of the yotsuba catalog extending back to late 2010, which seemingly starts to get mentioned on desu around 2011, alongside a browser extension that appears to also have appeared around 2010 as well (search "pw: CRUISECONTROL")
the question is how widespread was their usage and to what extent did they contribute to their development
that has to be 100% homo pandering


>that has to be 100% homo pandering
I never meant to imply that it's not intentional fanservice.
It's a fujobait series.

It's the same difference that separates yuri and yuribait.


I didn't mean to imply generals didn't exist before. There were always people who gravitated towards them, but the overall culture held them in disdain enough that mods would actively attempt to curtail them when possible. /vg/ exists because /v/ started to look like modern /a/ and that was seen as such a detriment to the board that it needed to all be purged, which is, ironically, why /v/ is about the only board spared from the new wave of generalization.

I'm fairly certain the shift to the catalog as the default view happened shortly after the inline extension was added, so 2012 or 2013. Those features already existed through third-party extensions/sites, but those tools weren't being used by new users like the native tools were.


Fujos are more open to their gay boys having female love interests than yurifags are. Self-inserting as a beard is romantic, I guess.

File:[hakurei reimu kochiya san….png (Spoiler Image,2.75 MB,1296x1812)


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She brought it up.


Huh? Can you buy breast milk? Though even if you could I am not sure that I would as you don't know who it comes from.


For 'scientific research' you can, and there are charities for it. I know, I looked it up too after that post


You can buy anything, anon. It seems like there are hospitals that are pretty strict in who they take it from, but they are aimed at providing it to parents who can't produce enough themselves. There have also been some small businesses using it for novel food items like breast milk ice cream and those would need to meet the standard food regulations, but if you're buying informally you just have to trust the seller. Apparently it's big with bodybuilders.

File:20240219_015914.jpg (444.5 KB,1793x3180)


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done playing videogames
thinking of something else to do


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E17.Outsm….jpg (238.59 KB,1920x1080)


oops didn't mean to attach an image.
Well Fuko is always good


Yeah \o.o/


Ate pancakes with honey

File:[sandoe41] He Is My Master….png (533.28 KB,1040x576)


be yourself, freak


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (214.99 KB,1920x1080)



Mission fucking accomplished.
At least there will always be one thing that I can do.


File:[sandoe41] He Is My Master….png (779.13 KB,1040x576)

gainax era wides


File:[sandoe41] He Is My Master….png (1.04 MB,1040x576)


File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketc….webm (5.75 MB,1280x720)


Like music to my ears. (っ˘ω˘ς )
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File:p10.png (2.86 KB,256x224)

It shows up more clearly at around 0:35. It's a password entry screen that appears to be a hybrid of the ones in DQ1 and DQ2. Pic related is from DQ2 for comparison. DQ1 and DQ2 didn't have battery-backed saves so you had to write down or memorize a password every time you wanted to save. And then you'd have to enter that password to load your game.

SpoonSubs gives the password as

but I don't know if those are supposed to be ぼ (BO) or ぽ (PO) because the font is blurry.

As for the untranslated words:
Go back
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>but I don't know if those are supposed to be ぼ (BO) or ぽ (PO) because the font is blurry.
Haet this stuff.
Ohhh yeah, I remember reading this. I shared his same assumption, but it does make sense to put Nazuna at the top given how she relates to others, not just Nori. But Yuno, I think her Ume count would be a lot higher if you cut out the scenes where she's not having any interactions with others, although going down that path would involve cutting scenes in general and the guy does repeatedly count solo scenes given the character's thoughts. Natsume too if you're going for density, since her character does indeed pretty much only exist in relation to Sae.
A commendable venture, that one, very much so.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (338.37 KB,1920x1080)

Oh, thanks for the reply which I didn't see until now. Hah, so I was right! Sensei is using a Super Famicom/SNES controller on a Wii to play a Famicom/NES game! This is a contradiction!


I actually do this myself using an adapter. It's pretty comfy.


Lol, first time I watched Hidamari years ago would always be before bed because it felt soothing. The color palette, voice acting, OST, etc. Hadn't ever thought about this before, but could be misremembering. I love Mebae Drive and it gives me this feeling.

File:bocchi birthday.jpg (621.49 KB,3072x4096)


how are hikkis supposed to deal with a tactical birthday assault


File:suffering the slings and a….png (58.58 KB,250x215)

That's a silly question.
A hikki cannot be surprise attacked with parties because hikkis, by their nature, do not leave the area of their base unguarded for ambushers to set up their party ambushes.
The only reason why the Rock is vulnerable to this kind of backstabbery is because she is not a hikki.


File:GGxjDM2bYAA3zLb.jpg (1.6 MB,2890x4066)

envious of bocchi's birthday present


File:408559fe09345f7de134fc74d1….jpg (Spoiler Image,83.78 KB,600x600)

never tell anyone your birthday
not even your online frens


File:GG0Gjr4aMAAyxZv.jpg (332.85 KB,1447x2000)

you have to lure them in with cake or something else they might like.


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File:Thomas_C._Lea_III_-_That_T….jpg (1.86 MB,3008x3861)

It's absolutely not "despondent" in the sense of depressed.
This is more "paralyzed by internal turmoil". Possibly hyperventilating.
The thousand-yard stare (pic related) is a related effect. It's no longer an expression of surprise, but a long-term condition of emotional ruin.


File:1604443292630.webm (459.79 KB,1280x720)



Come to think of this angle and face seemed a lot more common, or maybe I just remember specific instances more. Steins;gate has a similar angle with that little girl that is quite infamous


File:[2D4U]Neon_Genesis_Evangel….jpg (266.01 KB,1440x1080)

The style is similar to the Nae's face, but the situation reminds me more of NGE


Asuka after realizing her breast milk is missing from the fridge


what OP/EDs do you like? I was thinking about the popularity of LycoReco when it came out and how nice it'd be to see more anime inspired by gunslinger girl since that was one hell of a boson anime. the OP for it being one of my favorites and having that early 2000s english indie song for its op. also do you remember that in the same season lycoreco aired there was another original anime "engage kiss" that failed miserably and was just a soulless gacha cashgrab checking boxes to try and hook a playerbase, lycoreco had no tie-in and was the biggest anime besides bocchi so goes to show how far creating something good takes you compared to trying to cash out on the trendy market researched ideal money printer
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I had completely forgotten about this show, but when assembling the seasonal stream OPED thing it came up and at first I thought it was kinda 'eh' but after listening more I'm addicted to it. I love it when male vocals have a bit of emotion to them. Also the chorus or whatever you call it is fun to say.


As much as I love Shining Days, Mai-Hime really needed a 2nd OP for the latter half more like the VNOP


I really like Gunslinger Girl OP as well. Also Wolf's Rain, Serial Experiments Lain, Spice and Wolf S1 and Ergo Proxy which is probably my favourite


Actually changed my mind. This OP is my favourite

File:1649116156227.png (477.08 KB,728x416)


i think these guys were egging each other on


Huh, so hidden threads render as empty in backlink previews. Thought they were deleted at first.


well THIS guy's not hungry >:T


Honestly you have no idea how good a sizzler is, it's like a beef/pork patty that you fry up and put on top of an egg, really good stuff.


File:1604126472_2.jpg (1.61 MB,1518x1075)

Did someone mention food?

File:1708365358206948.jpg (3.12 MB,2477x1740)


which purikyua is your favorite


I don't pick a main dish before I know the side dish.


File:mpv-shot0009.jpg (113.79 KB,1280x720)

Cure Marine is objectively the best purikyua.


File:47965e312cddefbdd4f82faf27….jpg (688.64 KB,768x960)

I like Nozomi from Yes 5.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (153.74 KB,1280x720)

I've only seen the most recent ones, but it's really hard to beat Lala in cuteness. But... Laura is really fun. Ageha in Sky Precure might have become my favorite if she had more time to shine.
I don't think I have an absolute favorite after thinking about it


File:e710c7e1ea2dacab2eaaa028d7….jpg (309.61 KB,2048x1624)

Nagisa or Laura. Those are the only ones I finished

File:__zundamon_voicevox_drawn_….jpg (144.54 KB,1179x1778)


fuck my ass
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maybe I should grow some Zundamon
fields of Zundamon as far as the eye can see


There's quite a few green, short haired characters. I can think of a handful: Gumi, Yuuka, Ranka, Wriggle, and Zundamon.


File:0727100947_5f1e295b51f16.jpg (550.95 KB,1200x800)

Apparently zunda is some kind of mashed edamame stuff? The more you know.


Zundamon treats food very seriously.


Wait the wind hair girl is not a vocaloid?

File:A.Certain.Magical.Index.S0….jpg (164.63 KB,1920x1080)


Does everyone prefer the Railgun stuff over the Index stuff? It seems like that's generally the case. I really can't remember my own preference, but I think I felt the same, although it's not as stark as it is for some people. How were they different again? Uhhh... yeah.
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File:e05134013e76dae1593826c23c….jpg (564.14 KB,1887x2268)

Index was good for a season, and then the second was tolerable. By the third, everything that made it good was thrown out the window and the entirety was smothered in chuuni nonsense that had no logical flow to it and was just introducing shit left and right like all the different groups that nobody could keep track of with the most ridiculous names like "Lunchbox" or something to that extent. It was a complete mess that cared about nothing and valued none of the actually lovable side characters that when it came to raildex actual love and care were put into. The treatment of everyone but Touma, Index, Accelerator and Misaka didn't matter. They were disposable, not people that you could root for and have their own motivations, but pawns that moved the story along. I'll never forgive Index for murdering Frenda offscream unceremoniously for shock value and then having it be for the sake of a crazy bitch snapping for little reason other than shock value for the viewer. I hated every second of Index 3 and I'm sure if they make a 4th season I'd hate it too. However if they made a 4th season of Railgun I'd watch the shit out of it, because it takes its time with plotlines and developing characters. Giving eeveryone a time to shine and attempt to endear themselves before the viewers. Not to mention that the dynamics between Misaka and her friend group are infinitely better than anything in Index. What Touma needs to feed index again because she's hungry? Ok, now time to move on to more random edgy shit that wastes away better characters!


File:A.Certain.Magical.Index.S0….jpg (193.66 KB,1920x1080)

>Index was good for a season, and then the second was tolerable. By the third, everything that made it good was thrown out the window...
Now that I think about it, yeah. I loved the first one and struggled to finish the second and never finished the third. Isn't this series still mostly LNs? I don't have any interest in reading any of this stuff. Do people consider the Accelerator one closer to Railgun or to Index? True to form, I can't remember much of it except it was one of the first things we ever had in the seasonal stream.
Looking at this folder... I need to move this to a more accessible location because I forgot I took so many nice BD screenshots.


File:Accel makes loli wet.png (784.08 KB,1101x1600)

Index 3 was a travesty of an adaptation. I'm pretty sure it adapted entire LNs in single episodes, which is why it feels like complete nonsense. Also, they gave it no budget. Railgun has been much more fortunate in that regard, only having to suffer terrible anime-original arcs to fill out the episode counts.

I'd say it's closer to Railgun just by merit of being on the science side and the MC being completely OP for the majority of encounters. It's generally not considered that good, though I think a lot of that is the unfortunate artstyle.

I think the LNs are still on-going, but I just can't bring myself to care about Touma enough to actually read them despite having read all the spin-off manga and most of Kamachi's other novels.


File:[GJM] To Aru Kagaku no Rai….jpg (259.39 KB,1920x1080)

I just read that the 20th anniversary is in April. Do you think anything will be announced?

Does Index 3 have any cute girl moments at least? I know people prefer Railgun for that (obviously), but still...


I don't remember it that well, but there wasn't a lot of downtime and they spend a huge chunk of it outside of Academy City so what's there is mostly the church girls who left after their arcs. Worst Misaka and the Fre/nda crew show up for some hijinks, though.

File:112781759_p0.png (735.37 KB,1440x1080)


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File:[SubsPlease] Akuyaku Reij….webm (727.21 KB,1920x1080)







its mondey


File:1468343528855.png (878.4 KB,1280x720)

President's Day. Feels good to live in a country which does not legally recognize this as a Monday.

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