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File:16bit sensation.png (1.51 MB,1616x909)


What are the most thematically relevant rape scenes in anime/manga?

I can think of the ones in Royal Space Force and The Rose of Versailles as examples
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File:Manga_E86_Femto.webp (667.72 KB,1050x1192)

Obligatory elephant in the room.


File:[Doki] Yosuga no Sora - 12….jpg (116.94 KB,1920x1080)



File:screen-shot-2013-06-14-at-….png (145.98 KB,614x348)

Seems I'm one of the few to remember Valvrave the Liberator still, but this episode made some pretty great waves of shitposting at the time, I was in the live thread and it just flooded /a/.
The entire anime was something fresh and ridiculous each episode so this was just extra sprinkles at that point. Even funnier with how casually Saki just gets over it but I guess that's MC privilege for you.


I still remember Valvrave, especially how awful the second season was where I was screaming on /a/ and in real life at the monitor when everyone was acting like a complete idiot near the end.


That was part of the fun really. Something we could all look forward to getting upset about over how stupid it was.

File:[SubsPlease] MF Ghost - 10….jpg (225.83 KB,1280x720)


Beware of birds.
They are not to be trusted.


File:R-1701651322655.jpg (151.72 KB,1200x776)





The migratory gulls are back around the fishing ponds I drive by often. So weird to see them this far inland.

File:tegaki-1701744375143.png (7.7 KB,380x380)


le fishe


File:51cccd3077bc19508779ef46fd….png (2.38 MB,2000x2000)



what if laura was big


is that a pout?


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (275.99 KB,1920x1080)

Laura, pouting on my kissu? It's more likely than you think!


File:Le Fishe au chocolat.mp4 (1.01 MB,480x380)

Le Fishe au chocolat

File:[SubsPlease] Kanojo mo Kan….jpg (110.81 KB,1280x720)


Is this true? How would you even know?


Typical east asian sex education


Because men who wear chastity cages are often awoke by nocturnal erections to the point where some say its impossible to wear that to sleep







File:[SubsPlease] Jujutsu Kaise….jpg (233.02 KB,1920x1080)


remember to enjoyee your lifetime
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if it were a serious discussion then I would say Chainsawman was the sign that MAPPA was a disfunctional company


Wit Studio will be perfect for Chainsaw Man


File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (255.52 KB,1920x1080)

Chainsawman was a lot lower quality production-wise than I was expecting. My assumption was that such a huge IP would mean they'd bring out all the stops to produce an astounding visual treat. Surely there would be clips people would talk about years later!
Well, I guess the clips are out there but it's from the awkward-looking stuff like the weird 3D hallways and cardboard cutout static poses. The OP was really good, though.


Some of the animation was really good, chainsawman is not as good as a whole lot of people say it is.


A lot of its problems were directorial rather than technical. It's like how GoHands shows are always eye cancer even when they have better animation than most cheap adaptations.

File:Utawarerumono.S02E02.False….jpg (202.46 KB,1920x1080)


Why haven't you, yes YOU personally, bought and uploaded the Utawarerumono S3 BD and its accompanying bonus VN disk?
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File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (193.36 KB,971x1059)

I actually don't think I can find copies of the BD box that has it, or maybe they do exist but they all cost yen and are $300 so I'm a bit wary about where I get it.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (145.04 KB,1280x720)

If you're looking at the Crunchyroll one I don't think any English version has the VN, unfortunately. They probably don't have the software to edit and translate the mini-VN so it's a Japan exclusive. Or maybe it's a licensing thing or they just don't want the responsibility of doing tech support.
I forget how expensive BDs are. You really do need to be a huge fan to buy them.


File:2023-12-01 16-04-33_1.webm (2.1 MB,1280x720)

I smell something... something quite /xmas/-y...


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (65.65 KB,1280x720)



funny face


weird that they dropped all the other characters except for purin but i guess the animation is pretty good
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still cant get over that the mc girl's name is yua serufu
the show is called do it yourself they literally named her Your Self


wait a flipping minute, this isn't diy, this is something different


not a fan of massive stompers


she became mamoru-kun...


a fan of massive stompers

File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (375.04 KB,1920x1080)


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I don't know what that is...


rain stick?


I kinda want a girl with a personality like this


What a weird coincidence. In the Di Gi Charat marathon a couple days ago I noticed that toy was used, but I can't remember where...


I first watched the video without sound and was confused what the stick was but I just rewatched it with the sound and immediately recognized it. No idea what it's called though, can't even remember what I used to call it if anything.

File:[SubsPlease] Dark Gatherin….jpg (223.64 KB,1920x1080)


retsura gooo!
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File:main-6531007b-3811-4492-bf….png (1.14 MB,1024x1024)



File:1701655615447.jpg (292.5 KB,1920x1080)



What a smokin' hot anime babe Sanny is.


such order


ZARDOZ speaks to you

File:mpv-shot0048.jpg (119.83 KB,1280x720)


ITT big foreheads
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File:1683901629447.jpg (596.05 KB,2694x3113)



dont girls get pregnant when you do this to them


File:tegaki-1701659926258.png (44.02 KB,700x800)



File:mpv-shot0053.jpg (131.06 KB,1280x720)


File:20231201_145309.jpg (396.83 KB,1913x2400)


Proof for why Anime Kaede > Manga Kaede:

1. Anime Kaede's boobs are larger than Manga Kaede
2. Boobs are made of fat
3. This means Anime Kaede has more fat than Manga Kaede
4. Thus Anime Kaede is more /qa/ than Manga Kaede
5. Since being more /qa/ is an objective measure of /qa/lity, Anime Kaede>Manga Kaede

Refute THAT
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File:5f51a855425855c0cfee954bf6….jpg (546.29 KB,1275x2048)

>Audio is Opus@256kbps for main audio tracks
If you're so concerned about device compatibility why don't you use AAC?
At that bitrate they have no difference in quality. You're already using MPEG format for video anyway.


>If you're so concerned about device compatibility why don't you use AAC?
I don't like free AAC encoders and Opus is supported by anything less than 15 years old. It's also better at the bitrates I'm using than AAC. Also *nix support for the codec is better. If you have mpv (and every set-top device does) you can decode Opus for free.

I would have normally used an AC3 audio track and not touched the audio at all. However, AppleTV users can't decode it for free with the player they use for Plex/Jellyfin (Infuse wants money if you attempt it). This BD also had uncompressed audio and no AC3 audio track for several episodes that included 2 commentary tracks. Opus was the best compromise and was supported by every device used in testing (AppleTV, Roku, various Xbox consoles running Kodi, all android devices and Windows/*nix PCs running mpv and the old CCCP).

Basically, anything that supports AAC supports Opus unless it's 20+ years old.


File:105813701_p0.jpg (353.61 KB,1240x1754)

I'd love to help out myself, but when it comes to the talents needed to do stuff I don't really have much at the moment. My ffmpeg skill is only really enough for me to encode webms or convert video to streamable format, and my JP is probably still a year out from being able to confidently translate anything that's not H-doujins (which I still feel a couple months off of on as well). I do have money though, so I could get BDs themselves if you ever need them. Although I don't have a crazy amount saved so I can't be getting BD after BD all the time.

Although, there is one thing I'm going to be getting soon that's not anywhere raw or translated. So if you know anyone that's into game (specifically VN) translation they may be interested in it.


>Opus is supported by anything less than 15 years old
ogg vorbis is, not opus.


True but such devices don't support HEVC either.

File:Hazuki.(Tsukuyomi .Moon.Ph….jpg (664.7 KB,2007x1328)




(Feel free to submit characters/things that remind you of kissu >>65278
and I can try to add them. Sorry if I missed anything)
No plans for a Moon Phase stream this year since there wasn't much interest. It's probably better we don't do it every year. But, if anyone has something in mind that we can do this weekend or week, say so!
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File:R-1701645148062.jpg (587.44 KB,1440x810)



File:R-1701645953699.jpg (94.12 KB,1030x930)



File:R-1701646013310.png (268.99 KB,508x590)



File:R-1701646061536.png (5.62 MB,2508x3541)



File:R-1701647962655.png (1.53 MB,1478x887)


File:88379f055b2dd2d6af3919a1fd….png (2.35 MB,2000x2000)


Have you bought anything or found any good deals over the weekend? I wasn't really thinking much about it until I noticed my headphone pad starting to get torn and started looking at replacements on sennheiser, only to realize I could get HD600s for the price I normally paid for 599's

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File:portablemonitors-2048px-2….webp (34.87 KB,1024x512)

Something I read about recently that may be of interest to this recent discussion is the "portable monitor". It's all in the name, really, as it's a... portable monitor. It seems like its purpose is to allow laptop users to also have a multi-monitor experience. It seems like they're a new concept, or maybe somehow I just was never aware of them? It seems like something I'd notice earlier since it would have been my preferred bed setup instead of using a drawing tablet as a monitor.


It seems I'm too tired to not repeat "It seems". Man, my writing really takes a nosedive


It does look a lot like an extra-sized tablet that even uses the same sort of case to stand up, and apparently they're not just for laptops but also stuff like the Switch.
>using a drawing tablet as a monitor
How well does that work? My first impression is that I'd accidentally push something into the second monitor or some dumb stuff like that.


File:mobile-pro16_25K-high-pic.jpg (267.38 KB,900x788)

It works quite well. It looks very similar to that portable monitor thing there. I have it on a tablet holder thing hanging over the bed and I play with a controller while on my back looking upward so I don't really have any danger of actually touching the screen. My assumption is that a drawing tablet wouldn't have a high refresh rate for stuff like FPS games, but I don't play those so it doesn't matter.
The cables make it kind of awkward and I actually have Windows flip the screen (which unfortunately does not carry over for the touch screen) for that reason, but other than that I have no complaints.
It was a good decision since I long wanted a tablet for 3D sculpting stuff and also wanted something to hang over my bed when I have a VN or similar thing to enjoy.


How often does this site collect price info? It doesn't have the price drop for a monitor I bought on Black Friday.

File:1694938110685.jpg (623.87 KB,1835x2541)


dumb shab
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No, someone who says that some people enjoy having internet arguments wanting to have an internet argument is the opposite of irony. You could say it's unironic.


rip anonymous he did not deserve it


He died as he lived, making the world a kinder place.


love it when a kissuer is shamed into self post deletion especially when its accidental


cola flavored f-

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