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File:chamaji33.jpg (608.36 KB,936x1001)


If you ever want to reward me for a good job, then I have several ways you can help.


This page has donations as well as some affiliate programs which provide me commissions on sale.

File:3c5544f97d0b9428a635888794….png (1.5 MB,1470x1610)


Referring to the post at >>>/poll/1597 you can use this thread to request statistic information about your current IP.

Items such as post counts and etc.
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lay it on me



do me. i'm curious


but you have posts on the site since 2020. Can only count what's on the site right now.



File:Kissu-Ven.jpg (1.8 MB,4495x3916)


I've done a bit of thread moving based on this diagram and deleting a few posts from /b/.

I didn't move everything that I thought was out of bounds. Only ones that seemed clear and left a ghost post to show where items have been moved to.
This diagram isn't showing what is allowed, only how I feel about the organization of what exists.
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I'll have to clarify something as well, that there are few cases where replies to threads are effected by organization. A reply to a thread can be off of the board topic but a thread should be on topic.

There are some exceptions, but just plainly stating this makes it more clear about what the intention is and easier to organize.


I'll be renamimng
/sum/ - Seasonal Blogging
and so on to
/sum/ - Summer Activities
/aut/ - Autumn Activities
/win/ - Winter Activities
/spg/ - Spring Activities

To make /qa/ more of a central board on the site again:
Some existing threads(relevant ones that are not too old) that have more than 5 replies which are discussing music, food, and tech on that board will be moved to /qa/.
New threads discussing the above topics will be moved into /qa/.
History and tech will stay on /sum/. Documenting events happening in that season will stay on /sum/.

If there comes a time where /qa/ is too dense and good threads are getting lost(such as the time when /jp/ was created) then this statement could become void and /sum/ will return to hosting music, food, and tech. But for now, I want to focus on how it's a board for the summer season, and not a random that conflicts with /qa/.


Done a bunch of moves of content that could have been in /qa/ or /jp/, but was placed into /sum/.

Tech discussion is a bit of a tricky question. One that I won't answer. If people want to discuss windows 11 it might be moved onto /qa/, but if you want to discuss tech on /qa/ or /sum/ I wont pass any judgment.

I believe this is the last of the reorganizing.
I'll update the picture in the OP to better contain my idea of Kissu's organization and place it into the FAQ


File:Kissu-Ven.jpg (2.3 MB,4495x3916)

Last update, this issues been resolved to me.


something a bit confusing.

Food is an element of the seasons. In fall is the harvest, in summer there's bbq, in winter there's roasts, in spring theres(idk what's in spring).

But there's also a crossover with blogging that goes on /qa/ so discussing food is sort of in a perilous situation where you can discuss drinking or cooking on the respective /qa/ general thread, but it also makes sense on /aut/.

Until the two /qa/ threads hit the 300 reply limit I can't exactly refine the organization of these topics so that it's clear where these things are better placed.

File:1521788087935.png (77.05 KB,320x320)


Do you think we should do any outreach at 4/jp/ with all of that brouhaha going on? On one hand there's still some good people there, but on the other hand it's still 4chan so they're the minority
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You're greatly overestimating the people who would come here from any advertising.


Indeed. Which is why it's a "worst case," not "the most likely case."


yeah but in that case you just expel the shitters


File:1608761622716.png (369.53 KB,562x494)

We have moderation here you know. The mods don't just sit on their asses unlike the 4chan mods.


File:1442386967450.jpg (33.22 KB,500x510)

I feel a little sorry for the good people who are still clinging onto 4/jp/ despite it now being nothing but a sea of generals and empty image dumps. I would like to reach out to them but the opportunity to naturally mention other imageboards rarely comes. And I'm not sure if the posters here are too keen on risking bringing over shitty posters to kissu, which there has been a surge of on 4/jp/ ever since vtubers took off in the west.

File:1523906435605.gif (30.83 KB,320x241)


Use this thread for testing features on a live board. Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Hiding this thread will stop notifications and annoyances.
For thread testing and tests that don't involve notifications there is >>>/test/


Reminiscing on /qa/ I realized there hasn't been one of these in a while
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File:76B6AE1D-745E-46F1-99EE-16….png (915.04 KB,709x982)





File:3681A728-0431-47B6-B687-B….jpeg (231.56 KB,1121x1645)

no u





File:oHYyZRS.jpg (25.97 KB,603x466)


Why does the end of season always have the least discussion about anime?


That doesn't make sense....


File:pS5NP3aGIBuYLQdLYlDDPmtJZL….jpg (26.56 KB,480x360)

makes sense to me


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (154.01 KB,1280x720)

I guess things are less exciting after a couple months.. and well you can't really discuss spoiler stuff that much and that's how it goes after the first few episodes?


Probably. I start to feel like keeping up with seasonals is a job around this time if I wasn't prudent in dropping stuff.

File:a7310cbfebdfb3977b06bbe65c….jpg (193.24 KB,1200x1725)

 No.8005[Reply][Last50 Posts]

This is the next iteration of Kissu's feedback discussion AKA devblog. Though there's not much in the way of dev there are still bugs to fix. This iteration will hopefully focus on admin-blogging or tool development.

Important Note: If you want a new software feature (or a really any sort of change) provide me with a detailed proposal. It must be at least 3 sentences long and tell me why it's needed.

Kissu's features are in a good place. There's no reason to rewrite anything, only improve and fix. On the outside, this is a unique site with an appearance you won't find anywhere else yet still your typical imageboard interface. This puts software at the software state we were sitting in 1 1/4 years ago before I started drafting a new UI except with more features that were more optimally integrated into the package.
[det]Nerd Things
People may not fully realize it, but Vichan is a dead end and their HTML and JavaScript implementations leave developers at a dead end. Not that I really endorse alternatives such as JSChan or Lynxchan which think NodeJS doesn't have similar problems as PHP... at least the UI is more moddern
Positives: No major raids or attacks on the site yet I've still been promoting Kissu. FAQ and Rules have been clarified to make it more clear to newcomers about what Kissu is about or how to use the new UI.
Negatives: Previously noted that we'd have an IRC channel, that exists(rizon#kissu) for when it needs to be used, but there are other ways to communicate that are better. Finances are what they are.
Future Tasks:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oh I think you might be omitting some information... was this on the happenings thread? Happenings thread has a unique way that the UI works.


yeah, so you switched to the old UI from /qa/thread/4165 which changed your URL to /qa/res/4165, but 4165 has a unique rule that it ignores your UI cookie(for archiving) so it stuck to the old UI and then when you changed page it started working again


I've resolved what I assume to be your issue


Similar threads, found at the bottom of thread pages, rotate on every refresh now.
Previously it was showing the same threads with lots of replies, now it will show less responded ones as well due to a random shuffle function. The algorithm will still prioritize larger threads however.


Nah, the layout on the whole site looked to have reverted to default software settings with all custom elements (themes, options menu, new UI, banners page, etc.) completely missing. Changing or refreshing the page didn't do anything. I didn't alter any settings and it revert to normal by itself after five minutes or so.

File:icon128.png (196 B,128x128)


Although I haven't done much development on 4chan X lately, bugs still crop up, and eventually I want to get around to making it work with the new Kissu UI. This is a thread where you can discuss problems with or suggestions for 4chan X. I'm thinking about linking this from the bug reporting page if Verniy's okay with it.
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Or wait, I guess the banner would be covered if it got shorter, hmm


I'm someone who does know what's going on, and linking new 4/qa/ users here is a terrible idea. They have nothing to do with the /qa/ that kissu came from, and kissu itself has gradually drifted further and further from its 4chan origins.


File:9slhcpD.png (324.7 KB,1214x719)

this is actually an override I did because pic related.

It's fixable on thread pages, but not that simple on the home page https://imgur.com/JlHJNSL.png


I've been wondering, could it be possible to make the threadwatch work with the new UI if it were to do what it normally does for vichan by incorporating original.kissu.moe into the usual actions for kissu?


I don't see how that would make a difference. I think the API works the same on both UIs, the work is getting things like the watch thread button and unread posts tracking working.

File:o2hMZvf.png (765.41 KB,1607x910)


accidentally turned my autotranslate on


But why would it be on for Japanese? Is it to help learn it or something? If it is, I'd think machine translation would be very bad for that


i downloaded an extension to translate what i highlight and it seems to have hotkeys that convert the entire page


it was supposed to be jp -> eng, but for some reason it didn't do that

File:Review.png (102.3 KB,547x514)


My rating algorithm needs some work it would seem

Kissu: 0.71 (B)
4/qa/: 0.44 (D)
Ota: 0.38 (F)
Nen: 0.56 (C)
GN: 0.55 (C)


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (114.79 KB,1280x720)

I can't agree with including 4/qa/, even if it's a pre-existing template image. Its score should be FFFFF or Z or something. So uh, how does the rating thing work? It must be including speed if a 4chan board isn't automatically the worst score possible.


I agree with the F for "Fuck ota."


It's a letter grading system used in GPAs
By chance there were no A+ or A-, only A


how the hell did ota get lower than gnfos and 4/qa/
feels like this rating is broken


Yeah, exactly what I mean with my questioning of the rating thing upthread. Speed must be be worth a lot of points, even if it's copied posts and templates or just general 4chan buzzword spam

File:EBXfwYH.png (720.15 KB,708x911)


JPG optimization is magical
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I was asking if there were any noticeable artifacts in the optimized JPEG which I don't see posted in the thread. I wouldn't be able to tell from the screenshot because it's scaled down.


File:ezgif-3-0cc8ab7ab059.jpg (3.3 MB,6366x4230)


If you look at the clock, the webp version has the best static


actually kind of strange. The .webp attempts to clean the artifacting of .jpg

The original is actually the worst looking... but there are some flaws with each



The biggest difference I've noticed so far is some subtle dithering-like speckles on the wall in the background which show up in the original but not in either recompressed version.

File:0b940d221bd6947a532c5d34d9….png (13.46 MB,3840x2160)


What do you think it is that separates the qualities of a site like Nen from Kissu?

"Some people" seem to think it's about the perception of having an audience. If it feels like there's a lot of people around then more people will want to take part because they see value in responses to their posts. This theory is why I personally think image-boards that abandon rules thrive. Having no restrictions on what can be post means a lot of topics can be made at any time and you can expect, because no one is filtered out, that activity will be high. Places like this are 4chan, Himasugi or #jp. The lack of rules makes boards fast, and speed snowballs to speed more easily.
My personal value is that activity does not come through the perception of activity. The variety of topics is what makes a site more active and the mere existence of interesting content will drive things forward. If there's discussion about the ethics of porn, serious analysis of certain political theories, cute and funny otaku posts or otherwise high effort content then people will always find something interesting to them. It doesn't matter what the audience is, if you build it they will come.

To some extent a hybrid is possible and the active board will gain lots of interest from intelligent people looking to reach a large audience, or the sophisticated imageboard gathers attention as a place for scholars/artists and create a lot of activity, but lets think in black and white for this case. It's a scenario where the hybrid has not yet been able to occur.

So what do you think it is that separates similar themed imageboards from one another? Is it the perceived audience and the chance that your content will get lots of views(the belief of critical mass), or is it that having a lot of different high quality content(build it and they will come)?
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Activity begets activity. In the case of kissu it has almost everything to do with the unique set of circumstances surrounding /qa/‘s community. I reckon most of the difference between nen and kissu can be explained by timing and audience the site targeted. kissu was made and marketed at the right place, at the right time, to the right people. Another thing that drastically help kissu is that when this new market of posters from /qa/ became available there wasn’t really any other competition in town. It’s also a good thing that kissu has “grown up” in a period where there is a sole primary imageboard like 4chan that is “alive and well” but none of the secondary sites are as large and well known as 8gag was to act as the default place for all users looking a non-4chan imageboard.


File:82468336_p0.png (1.13 MB,1200x1399)

I think kissu has a higher density of NEETs/no-lifers that helps drive activity, it leads to the speed sometimes being faster than some other places with a larger userbase that post less often. There are also downsides to this, but it's not major. nen is great as an aside.

>This theory is why I personally think image-boards that abandon rules thrive

I don't really agree with this. These boards are usually full of intense spam waves because the community is really somewhere else, usually on a discord, and that's where the real activity is. The imageboards that rise and die every few weeks tend to lack rules as well- people still need content to read and reply to and that's the biggest draw of any community site. Finally, when there IS a "no rules" board with a decent speed, the quality tends to be abysmal as people essentially rely on clickbait to get replies.


1. An imageboard needs to have a reason to exist. If people can get the same or better experience from a more well-known site then no one will go to yours.

2. On the opposite extreme, a board can't be excessively niche or else they will quickly die off as soon as the initial content runs dry, if they can even get off the ground in the first place. If the rules clamp down too hard on what topics can be discussed on a site then that stymies potential activity and makes it hard for a community to develop.

3. People need a reason to keep coming back. That means either an active community to interact with, or for there to be new things to discuss. A board about a weekly airing series will have people returning each week even if it is dead in between, whereas vaguer discuss-anything boards are dead for good as soon as they go inactive since they require constant discussions to keep people engaged (if every active user has visited the site since the last post was made and hasn't added anything new, then that's the end of it).

4. There needs to be a path to get new users to the site. Even dedicated posters slowly peel off from the community and if there is no one to replace them you'll quickly get into a downwards spiral. Having a strong community identity is important to keep people engaged but if that is the -only- appeal of your board then it won't last for long as no one new will join. There also needs to be a way for potential users to find your board (and preferably without spamming other sites).

5. Excessive fragmentation is a killer. If discussion is split over too many boards then none of them, or at best one or two, will have any consistent activity. That turns away new users who will struggle to find active discussions and regular users will just congregate in the few active spaces without ever even looking at the rest of the site. Personally I think an imageboard (other platforms can be different in this regard) should have no more boards than it does (semi-)separate communities, with certain exceptions such as to prevent off-topic discussion from clogging up an otherwise niche topic site. If a board can't maintain its own identity then it only serves to weaken the identity of the site as a whole.

6. Active moderation that is engaged with the community. Imageboards are a major target for spam and if it isn't cleaned up quickly then that's a good way to kill a site. Also if the moderators are excessively 'hidPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The only two that I think I could disagree(or not even disagree but reword) with are 1 and 5.

1 because a site doesn't need to have a purpose, it doesn't have to be better or doesn't even need to be good. It can suppose a purpose to others or merely market itself as the true alternative to X. Hence why I think that the free speech imageboards are popular. More what I'm trying to say is that I would reword 1 to say An imageboard must validate it's reason to exist with marketing slogans that target a focus group.

5 because moderation and features can compensate for the fragmentation problem. An overboard removes the problem of fragmentation and a mod team who focuses on organizing and instructing others about the right way to do thing. Boards are simply an organizational tool, not a way to separate communities. This of course depends on how you view image-boards as either belonging to the 4/8chan model(each community is seperate) or how I think kissu works, each board is used by the same group and they can selectively hide whatever content they don't want to see (removing /sum/ for having too much real life content or /ec/ for being too sexual).


I drafted >>8216 before you wrote this, but some of our ideas overlap.

File:huFnVEn.png (7.21 KB,1122x67)



File:603b0a.png (513.05 KB,1280x780)


Looks at this photograph
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(≡('ω')≡(ε: )≡(.ω.)≡( :з)≡('ω')≡(ε: )≡(.ω.)≡( : 3)))


now this is art


I guess I make the leap of faith that everyone is evil.


if everyone is evil then no one is evil

but it doesn't matter, what's important is hating something


are you trying to help or get me to hate you?

File:firefox_p4AzkiqPH9.png (13.95 KB,745x194)


I wonder what searches bring people to kissu
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Heh just noticed that


File:36edc30b6b7fad170b9bcd0b5c….gif (523.9 KB,500x620)

thanks for pointing that out


lol nice


File:top ten banners.PNG.png (278.4 KB,889x841)

pretty sure that's my fault
apparently I've got the second highest performing banner


not a big deal tbh, search engine visibility isn't the be-all-end-all.

Wondered if the search engine crawlers also navigate and give it clicks.

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