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File:chamaji33.jpg (608.36 KB,936x1001)


If you ever want to reward me for a good job, then I have several ways you can help.


This page has donations as well as some affiliate programs which provide me commissions on sale.

Changes June 6th, 2022
Presently someone is covering my developer cost for the site. The terms of donation are slightly different because of this. Likewise changes to my monetary account are requiring a change of services from Patreon to Ko-Fi.

Kissu needs a total of 30 USD / Month to pay for it's services. This covers both per month domain fees and server fees. Extra gets put into savings for future needs or gifted to people important to Kissu.

My patreon will be open until no one is left in them.
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File:823135b07af2035d17b9ad0e3a….jpg (293.43 KB,1232x1232)


File:hazuki-404.webp (751.37 KB,500x261)


If it doesn't fit into a thread, discuss it here.

General Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Kissu_Satisfaction/4
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Ranked choice voting might be nice for some types of polls.



Seems like the perfect thread for linking to the proper board for meta discussions. I think some input here could be helpful, and maybe some ideas for how we can use /secret/ may work as well.

File:a6c209d75045e47dba3a3a5dc0….jpg (280.53 KB,1166x1400)


Thread is for discussing Kissu's replacement of Vichan and my blogging about it's development.

Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Server_Feedback/13
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Another point that has come up where posts_b, posts_jp is causing issues...
When a post is moved between boards, or just moved in general, it requires a recreation of the existing thread and then a deletion of the old one.

With a new system it only requires duplication(in the case of cloned moves) or a change in a datafield with where it belongs.

There is very little reason to have there be board specific database tables other than the thought that it will make sites go a little bit faster on posts(of which image manipulation is the most computationally expensive task anyways...)


I'm going through all of Vichan and my own stuff's functions and writing out use-case lists which I'll use during my architecture formulation stage.

This use-case list will be open source, basically encapsulating all of kissu-vi's functionality and things I plan to add to Tsukuyomi


I'm writting into my draft every time there is a delete action that they will be stored in an inaccessible recycling bin for a few hours. This will allow for moderator controlled rollbacks on some of our actions which are normally irreversible.

These would be true deletes(user deletes), page renumbering deletes, archive deletes, cyclical deletes.

A proposal I have to add in a long term text archive of kissu would be connected to the concept where some of these recycling bin items that are cleared from recycling would be accessible on another database. This would be a lightweight version of the archives we know well on 4chan, but on Kissu.
Ghostposting you might ask? We'll think about it.

File:3e3c0390177a80f17166db44be….jpg (1.15 MB,1802x1274)


Bring up issues for both Kissu UI.

The old HTML pages will be undergoing an update to a new templating language so I will be more receptive to resolving issues with it.
UI Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/UI_Feedback/12
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possbily resolved now. Haven't verified




Yeah, it's been working on my end since yesterday.

File:8d4e8abf97fef639ee445ea007….jpg (1.93 MB,1578x1790)


Thread discussing the state of documentation on Kissu
Primarily for the rules page and the FAQ page, though there are some others.

Feedback on FAQ, Rules and documentation: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Static_Page_Feedback/11

Page covering site rules: https://kissu.moe/rules
Page covering FAQ content: https://kissu.moe/faq
Kissu's JSON documentation: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-JSON-API-Docs
Kissu-UI Developer API: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Fr-API-Docs

Posts cover notable updates to these pages or discusion on them.
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Someone said there's a problem with the FAQ somewhere...


oh right, it's outdated for thread pages


Just a minor thing, but I noticed that toddlercon is misspelled on the rules page.

File:Tsukuyomi -MOON PHASE- - C….jpg (47.98 KB,720x480)


Project thread for the banners.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Community-Banners-2.0
Feedback on banners: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Banners_Feedback/10

Original TextWe should make banners or something, or rather someone other than that one guy that makes 90% of them. Do you have any ideas? We should think of new stuff to add to the clickable longer banners, too.
Or maybe if you're lazy you can come up with ideas and other people can make them.

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File:1605880209437.jpg (66.37 KB,1024x576)

No that's a glottal stop, I spelled "キス" wrong, although technically "キッス" still works. I thought I had spelled it the way "kiss" is written in Japanese, but the way I spelled it can be used for foreign names and ideas like the band KISS, or in this case the imageboard Kissu.


Akshually, the sokuon only represents a glottal stop when used at the end of a word, after a vowel. Its more common form is that of a geminate archiphoneme. Either way, キッス works, there's plenty of gairago that geminates just because the English word is written with two consonants.

File:2f2f94e8c6662bad98f896b0ef….jpg (100.73 KB,707x1000)


Project thread for the feedback.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Feedback-and-Forms
Feedback on the feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Feedback_Feedback/9

Original Text I'm going to make a questionnaire form sometime soon to get an idea of the type of people to use the site. Things like:
How did you discover kissu, what do you want to do more of on the site, proficiency with imageboards, what you think kissu's problems are, some simple personality questions, technical experience and etc.

Idea is the poll will be anonymous so you don't have to threat about me not liking anything, but if there's something about this or the idea that seems off you can bring it up here. There are some questions which people might not be comfortable to answer in a forum such as where they found out about kissu or problems they have with the site.
I'm attempting to gather up some information so I can better direct software and other site related things.
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Done a respectable amount of development on the features of this tool and gotten some good information on issues that could arise.
I think it would be good to push both this application and the banners application as something other people could use. But I guess maintenance of these features would get backseated to vichan replacement efforts.

There are still a handful of improvements to do with testing and libraries that I want to elaborate on. Expanding on test cases and removing some components for others will be done before getting into writing a major server.
Having these things well understood will pay off in maintenance and development.


- After testing how Twig templates(the Vichan and PHP style of templating) function in Golang I'm going to be rewritting templates from that standard into Pongo2.
Benchmarks say this one of the top3 fastest templating engines in Golang.
- Also I will be expanding test cases to handle fuzzing(essentially throwing random inputs into a function until it breaks or the time expires).
- Also will add in HTTP testing.

After these three tasks are accomplished I will be putting this on idle like the banners program and shifting focus to replacing Vichan with a Golang(Gin+Pongo2+ReactJS) imageboard engine.


Looks like I've gotten everything I wanted to learn out of this project.
Have knowledge of every concept in golang after this. Just will have to expand on it through practice

File:genius_comes_17.jpg (768.16 KB,1064x1500)

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Today I begin a programming project to construct real numbers and various operations on them. I don't mean the wimpy limited precision floating point numbers that you've probably used if you've ever written a program in your life. Nor do I mean arbitrary precision numbers which can have as many digits as you like (until your computer runs out of memory) but still have irrecoverable rounding error because the digits end at some point. I mean exact representations of numbers that can be queried to any precision (which in practice may be limited by time and memory constraints).

This has been done many times before and probably much better than I will manage, so I don't expect to create anything really novel or useful. This is primarily for my own edification, to learn more about numbers and the computable/constructive reals. In this thread I will blog about what I'm doing and discuss the philosophy of numbers with anyone who's interested.
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We need to show
¥ for every rational number eps > 0 there is an n such that
¥ min{I[m].max[n].max | m ≤ n} - max{I[m].min[n].min | m ≤ n} < eps.

Since eps/3 > 0, there is an k such that
width(I[k]) = I[k].max - I[k].min < eps/3
and therefore
I[k].max[n].min - I[k].min[n].max ≤ I[k].max - I[k].min < eps/3.

Furthermore there is an n1 such that
width(I[k].min[n1]) < eps/3
and an n2 such that
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:calculator.mp4 (450.24 KB,1024x768)

When I started this thread I said
>This has been done many times before and probably much better than I will manage
but I learned of an implementation of this concept in a surprisingly ubiquitous place.

On a phone that runs Android, open the default Android calculator app and input any expression that has infinitely many decimals in the answer. Then in the place where the result is displayed, swipe left.


some more exposition of this feature


that's kinda cool


Going to make a conscious effort to go and reread through this thread again after having beefed up my mathematical knowledge a bit. Hopefully this time nothing goes over my head

File:8d8f19abb4a8d0065c9c87584c….png (24.63 MB,3700x3500)


Oh no, I guess this could be an issue

[s glowgreen|font-size:48px]Oh no, I guess this could be an issue[/s]
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File:55c5c3d1ee.png (12.72 KB,495x380)

so strange, if you copy paste the code block section it's not actually a white space... What character did it even insert


Strange, you copy paste an HTML entity which means that it doesn't work as expected
&nbsp; does not translate into a space


Issue resolved with copy pasting the OP, learned nbsp is not the same as whitespace

Oh no, I guess this could be an issue


seems to be an issue or feature(?) of markdown preserving the look of whitespaces with html


it's because code blocks have a lot of their characters converted into HTML entities in order to prevent any markup being rendered inside of them

File:icon128.png (196 B,128x128)


Although I haven't done much development on 4chan X lately, bugs still crop up, and eventually I want to get around to making it work with the new Kissu UI. This is a thread where you can discuss problems with or suggestions for 4chan X. I'm thinking about linking this from the bug reporting page if Verniy's okay with it.
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I'm on the same version of Firefox now, and I still haven't seen the issue. It could be something wrong with your Firefox profile, or it could be a bug that only triggers under rare circumstances. It might be hard to diagnose.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was something wrong with my profile. When I'm feeling less lazy I'll make a new one and see if it still happens. Thanks for looking into it.


The catalog button in the top bar is broken on the new UI, with it just leading to a 404 page.


There's now an element called "danbo-slot" on top/bottom page that is completely empty with 4chanX, only taking space. Can you remove it?


I got around to trying out a new firefox profile and it seems to have fixed the issue. Ugh, now I have to try and migrate all my settings over...

File:1523906435605.gif (30.83 KB,320x241)

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Use this thread for testing features on a live board. Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Hiding this thread will stop notifications and annoyances.
For thread testing and tests that don't involve notifications there is >>>/test/


Reminiscing on /qa/ I realized there hasn't been one of these in a while
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i remembered the onion and clickhole exist







Post too long. Click here to view the full text.





File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (237.19 KB,1920x1080)


I figure it wouldn't hurt to have a thread focused on kissu's CSS stuff. I can blog about it and people can offer suggestions. CSS is the text that alters how stuff looks on websites. When I add in something temporarily, like little images attached to posts, it's a CSS thing.

Anyway, I think it'd be cool if there was more community interaction with this thing and people could provide material for me to use.
We can't really celebrate every idol or 2hu birthday or it'd be a lot less special. I've just been doing it on a whim now and then with random stuff, but I'm only one person with one set of likes and dislikes.
Maybe you liked part of an episode or game and edited a nice crop of it? Yeah, I can put that up for a couple days. Did a manga come back from hiatus and you're excited to share a picture from it? Sounds cool, I'll attach something to your thread if you provide it. Stupid stuff like "Can you add furry Patchy to this /jp/ thread" is also acceptable, in moderation.
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I just saw a deleted post.


File:Honeyview_background 50 o….webp (592.18 KB,1920x2068)

I should have mentioned that I usually give backgrounds reduced opacity so they can work with dark or light CSS.
It doesn't matter really, it's quite possibly the simplest edit you'd ever do


File:waterfox_2SF4f57cff.png (510.77 KB,713x644)

Here is the weekend Suite Precure CSS. Put this in your Custom CSS Box under the Style Tab under Options for new UI or CSS Options for Old UI and you can keep it forever*.

Expand for CSS Text
.qr-handle {
color:#ececf8 !important;
text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) !important;
background-image: url(/b/src/1668203736473.png) !important;
background-position: top left !important;

#lowercontents, .page-details, .main-sections.thread-window {
background-image: url(/b/src/1668204994315.webp);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: right !important;
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Text beneath these is always really hard to read on the themes with light colored text. mix-blend-mode seems like it might be useful for helping with this, but I'm no good at CSS :<


File:96360537_p2.jpg (2.93 MB,3038x4096)

Hm, yeah, I forgot to do the thing that forces replies to be a certain size so text is never under the image. Or maybe I can learn how to make an animated PNG since I think they can have reduced opacity unlike GIF.
Oh well. It's over now, and doing stuff like this helps me learn.
*cough cough* give me more stuff guys *cough* *cough*
Well, Sachiko's birthday is on the 25th so I'll throw in the usual Sachiko CSS and maybe see if I can add some new stuff.

File:Plastic Heart.webm (20.74 MB,1920x1080)

 No.10191[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Dev-blog iteration - 2022:
- Bugfixes
- Remove Vichan (The imageboard engine)
- Write a defacto Vichan successor able to support both UI(private)
- Consolidating appropriate services into a single main one
Other things:
- Maintaining original UI
- Improving Kissu UI
- Minor Kissu work and rework
- Improve the quality of Kissu content
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doesn't sound complicated. will try


I did your suggestion(total of 5-10 minutes) and it just leaves the download button at the bottom. Does it look better to you this way.


In the new UI on the phone it leaves the link
In the new UI on desktop it removes it entirely it's exactly what I wanted. Thanks


Thread discontinued


File:f0ecdd1ecbdc568aa6c66c6a64….jpg (770.44 KB,1125x1500)

thread pisscontinued

File:848f84bf0b5dbe4823720709dc….jpg (225.93 KB,1099x922)


I can teach you every programming language! HTML, XML, Microsoft Excel...
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I want Nori to teach me how to do Flash and CG!


Can you even make flashes anymore with Adobe having killed it?


File:norippe_study.gif (972.74 KB,500x282)


I'm not sure but I think you can with CleanFlash debug version. https://gitlab.com/cleanflash/installer/-/releases pick the debug option while installing.


I think people on /f/ still make them once in a while, but it's certainly not a skill anyone should learn if they don't already have it

File:R-1668195077969.gif (38.48 KB,500x90)


this is referring to us law not canadian


well yeah it says us penal code right there


penis code





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