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File:a6c209d75045e47dba3a3a5dc0….jpg (280.53 KB,1166x1400)


Thread is for discussing Kissu's replacement of Vichan and my blogging about it's development.

Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Server_Feedback/13
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>To those who wonder what might be wrong with the aforementioned approach, here's a hint: NO, that's not how software is written. First, you sit down and study computer science, algorithms (Knuth before all), programming ideas, principles, and paradigms. Then you analyze your task and explore and evaluate the tools needed to do it, google around, ask for tips and pointers. Then you pick your tools (PHP+SQL in our case) and study them thoroughly by reading technical literature available in rich selection. Then you make up a complete plan of what you are going to do, and how exactly, usually employing the "divide and conquer" principle by breaking up the task into logically orthogonal interacting units. And only after all of that you actually start writing code unit by unit. And finish with testing (+ regress-testing for updates), debugging, profiling, and optimizing. At least that's how I've been taught... But apparently not this shitshow crew behind Tinyboard and vichan.

Such a quote is very nice reassurance since it's my approach. But it's only common sense really for anyone who has formal education in computer science


His statements that using Twig in PHP is retarded is also true.

The same sentiments came to mind when thinking about how to remake vichans templating engine. That it's probably to little benefit to even bother and all languages seem to have good enough built in templating ability.
Tenplating engines just abstract out some of the architecture complexity


we're going to heavily use .so files to create short term replacements to vichan's php components. This provides an easier solution to the issue of new server software allowing me to get a better idea of what I'm getting into by doing this project.
This and providing a speed boost to existing operations and giving us a 'security by obscurity' situation, walking us away from the well known and understood vichan.
Still want to create a large kissu imageboard engine, but it's time investment will be too large to ignore certain issues without smaller fixes... plus I don't want to go into a situation where I'm always thinking that it needs a few more years to be perfect

File:hazuki-404.webp (751.37 KB,500x261)

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If it doesn't fit into a thread, discuss it here.

General Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Kissu_Satisfaction/4
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feature request plz
crosslinks from other boards to moved posts also update
e.g. >>>/f/408


Ah, forgot to reply.
So yeah, over a third of the site is /ec/, with /qa/ being another third. Part of that must be from videos like >>11705 says but also the loooong threads that /qa/ has.


correct where they're pointed to for now though.

File:3e3c0390177a80f17166db44be….jpg (1.15 MB,1802x1274)


Bring up issues for both Kissu UI.

The old HTML pages will be undergoing an update to a new templating language so I will be more receptive to resolving issues with it.
UI Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/UI_Feedback/12
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my last post in the utawarerumono thread was from me and it felt rude to keep posting in it


the last post*


Nice, very nice.

File:Tsukuyomi -MOON PHASE- - C….jpg (47.98 KB,720x480)


Project thread for the banners.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Community-Banners-2.0
Feedback on banners: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Banners_Feedback/10

Original TextWe should make banners or something, or rather someone other than that one guy that makes 90% of them. Do you have any ideas? We should think of new stuff to add to the clickable longer banners, too.
Or maybe if you're lazy you can come up with ideas and other people can make them.

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File:C-1679012245350.png (10.77 KB,529x144)


it's appearance chance is kind of low. That might be another bug


mm, nvm I get it a bit. Maybe I want to tune it so that specific banners are chosen more often... I'll consider this as a future plan since I might end up rewritting hazuki.kissu.moe into Rust anyways

File:chamaji33.jpg (608.36 KB,936x1001)


If you ever want to reward me for a good job, then I have several ways you can help.


This page has donations as well as some affiliate programs which provide me commissions on sale.

Changes June 6th, 2022
Presently someone is covering my developer cost for the site. The terms of donation are slightly different because of this. Likewise changes to my monetary account are requiring a change of services from Patreon to Ko-Fi.

Kissu needs a total of 30 USD / Month to pay for it's services. This covers both per month domain fees and server fees. Extra gets put into savings for future needs or gifted to people important to Kissu.

My patreon will be open until no one is left in them.
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You can agree or disagree with what I see, but it's just that. If you don't like it then all you can do is find someone else with a better vision. This is my artistic direction. Not up for debate, though we can poke fun at my writtings and trying to come to a better conclusion that supports my vision


uh huh
though we did browse different sites, that much is true


canadian hell must be really cold

File:8d4e8abf97fef639ee445ea007….jpg (1.93 MB,1578x1790)


Thread discussing the state of documentation on Kissu
Primarily for the rules page and the FAQ page, though there are some others.

Feedback on FAQ, Rules and documentation: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Static_Page_Feedback/11

Page covering site rules: https://kissu.moe/rules
Page covering FAQ content: https://kissu.moe/faq
Kissu's JSON documentation: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-JSON-API-Docs
Kissu-UI Developer API: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Fr-API-Docs

Posts cover notable updates to these pages or discusion on them.
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Running it through a spellcheck it's just two things aside from todlercon.

Can see about updating these pages for any issues.
But it's kind of outdated and looks really rough and flavorless(compared to 4chan's).
Yet these pages are not used by anyone except perhaps the curious new user


I wrote up a quick document for writing CSS sheets to help Cool. Lots of grammar typos.

Will include it here when it's a bit nicer


>FLIP tots
i agree

File:2f2f94e8c6662bad98f896b0ef….jpg (100.73 KB,707x1000)


Project thread for the feedback.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Feedback-and-Forms
Feedback on the feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Feedback_Feedback/9

Original Text I'm going to make a questionnaire form sometime soon to get an idea of the type of people to use the site. Things like:
How did you discover kissu, what do you want to do more of on the site, proficiency with imageboards, what you think kissu's problems are, some simple personality questions, technical experience and etc.

Idea is the poll will be anonymous so you don't have to threat about me not liking anything, but if there's something about this or the idea that seems off you can bring it up here. There are some questions which people might not be comfortable to answer in a forum such as where they found out about kissu or problems they have with the site.
I'm attempting to gather up some information so I can better direct software and other site related things.
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Done a respectable amount of development on the features of this tool and gotten some good information on issues that could arise.
I think it would be good to push both this application and the banners application as something other people could use. But I guess maintenance of these features would get backseated to vichan replacement efforts.

There are still a handful of improvements to do with testing and libraries that I want to elaborate on. Expanding on test cases and removing some components for others will be done before getting into writing a major server.
Having these things well understood will pay off in maintenance and development.


- After testing how Twig templates(the Vichan and PHP style of templating) function in Golang I'm going to be rewritting templates from that standard into Pongo2.
Benchmarks say this one of the top3 fastest templating engines in Golang.
- Also I will be expanding test cases to handle fuzzing(essentially throwing random inputs into a function until it breaks or the time expires).
- Also will add in HTTP testing.

After these three tasks are accomplished I will be putting this on idle like the banners program and shifting focus to replacing Vichan with a Golang(Gin+Pongo2+ReactJS) imageboard engine.


Looks like I've gotten everything I wanted to learn out of this project.
Have knowledge of every concept in golang after this. Just will have to expand on it through practice

File:hacker.png (336.53 KB,620x459)


This is still working?

File:979cac308af30cb2ed65f9406f….gif (782.89 KB,508x372)


Zippyshare will shut down by the end of this month.
I think the impact is limited since it's meant as temporary file hosting, but a small number of files have survived for much longer due to continued downloads.
If you know some old files you want on Zippyshare like those on some DDL sites, download them now.

On the other hand, if Mediafire was to go down, the impact would be much larger since lots of files on it are now over a decade old. The same can be said for Mega due to the huge amount of files shared on it.


Yeah Mediafire going down would be apocalyptic for older downloads. But I think every time I've seen a zippyshare link to something it's always been accompanied by a variety of other links to other similar sites so the impact should be fairly limited. Although it'll suck that one of the better dl sites is out of the picture.


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (266.77 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I've said it before that mediafire is the backbone of so much stuff. If and when it dies a huge part of the old internet dies with it. The uploads are still there like 15 years later. It's such an important thing for people trying to find older things, like custom patches for games, mods, and tons of other stuff


The Internet's fate is ephemeral, and temporary. Because, technology is not eternal. The only thing that is eternal is you. I guess that's what Lain was all about.


I'm still mad about the shutdown of megaupload, that really was a catastrophic loss considering it made %4 of total internet traffic at its peak. Used to download so many games from there...

File:8e92d04f0a95becad8c8be14d4….jpg (3.56 MB,1811x1211)


A timeline for Kissu's software. Most of this information has been blogged, though the earlier stuff was lost by setting the config options on /b/ to 1 page.

December 2018 - Kissu is started out of a need to keep /qa/ going with mod autismo moderation. It picks vichan because that's what all the other spinoffs are using. Verniy gets the site running and picks the cheapest VPS available.

January 2019 - Kissu is released and Verniy works on removing bugs from the software. Begins doing simple changes such as audio hover expansion and so on. On release Captchouli was added to the software in a semi-functional state. Took features from NPFChan for deleting posts to restore bumps. To replace Cytube, theatre.kissu.moe was added to this site.

February 2019 - Kissu has every page checking if posters have been banned. Feature is later removed.

March 2019 - Bug fixes and improvements to the UI. Vichan's catalog post box was probably created at this time.

April 2019 - Kissu releases /agg/. Worked into an April fools joke it was a board that scraped all the /jp/ imageboards with JSON APIs. Stayed around for a few months until it started being difficult.
Around this point in time Kissu took the index updater concept from GNFOS.

May - August 2019 - Not a lot is recorded during this time. Ideas were played with like bans.kissu.moe which was a bullitin board thing. Some concepts of a potential imageboard overboard using /agg/. Had summer courses and a part time job taking up most of my time.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File:C-1678330763872.png (205.13 KB,2000x1150)

2023 Prospective
Adding socket functionality
Some services removed/disconnected from normal functions
Transitioning from NodeJS applications to Rust(temporary)


File:C-1678331047615.png (147.29 KB,2000x1150)

2024 Prospective
Replacement of vichan and combination of imageboard services into one package.


Don't think I'll convert the IRC bot to rustlang. It goes against my principles of Kissu only being golang and rustlang. With time sensitive/user experience vital operations being in fast Rust while the extra services being in the easy Go.


>April 2019 - Kissu releases /agg/. Worked into an April fools joke it was a board that scraped all the /jp/ imageboards with JSON APIs.
This one was really cool. It brought some problems socially, but on a technical level I really liked it.
Apart from that, I don't have much to say because I don't understand this stuff. You really put a lot of work into this and learned while you were going which is pretty cool to see.


mmmm yeah.

So the site's tech stack is going to end up being:
Rust -> Core site functionality
Go -> Side services supporting the core
NodeJS -> Scripts, bots etc.
Typescript+ReactJS -> UI design

Some exceptions for 4taba which will go read-only
theatre.kissu because I've only modified it.
Potential WASM changes would be Rust for UI design

Was more experimental then... nowadays it's professionalism.
Formal tech stacks, test driven development, complicated and fast languages, WASM integration

File:R-1678585058906.jpg (399.12 KB,1400x1300)


Downloaded Handyman Isekai from the stream and it didn't have subs when using SMPlayer/VLC. The fix was to change the video track from 2 to 1. Hopefully this works for the anon having trouble with Buddy Daddies.
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File:99da906753.png (14.68 KB,1356x91)

he didn't use handbrake, uses a ffmpeg rule.
Your ones have one video track, his one has two.
Precure tends to have a lot of changing colors, but same size as Buddy

So like, I think he's been doubling the size of the uploades. But maybe for streams and webplayers it only picks one and doesn't download the extra.


File:mpc-hc64_1SLWV82p4V.png (973.76 KB,1020x627)

Ahah! So that's why the Precure and Urusei uploads of his were so gargantuan and I needed to upload them myself.
I didn't even know videos could even have multiple tracks, but now I notice the option in MPC. I wonder what situations there are for people doing it on purpose. Different censorship levels?


File:mpc-hc64_kv4AteR1eZ.png (1.07 MB,1155x701)

I should have cropped that image better


Checked all the files for the number of video streams:
1 mewkle stream opening
1 onimai
1 precure
2 buddy
2 saitou
2 yen
2 fire
2 revenger
2 bofuri
2 suiri
1 urusei
1 tensei6
1 tensei7
1 tensei8


>DVRs which record video in different quality as separate streams into the same video file
The more nefarious use they discuss was an issue on 8gag at one point.

File:8d8f19abb4a8d0065c9c87584c….png (24.63 MB,3700x3500)


Oh no, I guess this could be an issue

[s glowgreen|font-size:48px]Oh no, I guess this could be an issue[/s]
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do you need the glowsomething for the font size to work...


i aint gonna teach you the easter eggs


Nope, but I can't get it to work unless there's a | in front as if I was doing multiple things. I never bothered to learn how to do it otherwise

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (237.19 KB,1920x1080)


I figure it wouldn't hurt to have a thread focused on kissu's CSS stuff. I can blog about it and people can offer suggestions. CSS is the text that alters how stuff looks on websites. When I add in something temporarily, like little images attached to posts, it's a CSS thing.

Anyway, I think it'd be cool if there was more community interaction with this thing and people could provide material for me to use.
We can't really celebrate every idol or 2hu birthday or it'd be a lot less special. I've just been doing it on a whim now and then with random stuff, but I'm only one person with one set of likes and dislikes.
Maybe you liked part of an episode or game and edited a nice crop of it? Yeah, I can put that up for a couple days. Did a manga come back from hiatus and you're excited to share a picture from it? Sounds cool, I'll attach something to your thread if you provide it. Stupid stuff like "Can you add furry Patchy to this /jp/ thread" is also acceptable, in moderation.
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Linking since it's related, but this isn't a main /b/ thread


File:Goburin CSS.zip (14.37 MB)

>give me more stuff guys
For an unspecified date.


File:[SubsPlease] Mairimashita!….jpg (400.41 KB,1920x1080)

Very nice!
Hmm... can you think of any dates associated with her? There's usually some weird Japanese associations with stuff for this kind of thing. "Reimu's name can be be written as banana, and bananas grow on trees, and there's a small town that celebrates trees on April 25th, so April 25th is Reimu Day".
Or maybe some alcohol or oni festival? Not sure...


Hmm... Oktoberfest, maybe?


I like Oktoberfest

File:firefox_p4AzkiqPH9.png (13.95 KB,745x194)


I wonder what searches bring people to kissu
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Kissu was featured on an altchan post on /g/ recently; it was actually part of an image.


mesmerizing webm


File:similarweb.png (158.27 KB,1336x598)

According to SimilarWeb, the top three are "novelai loli modules", "fetish lora [sic] models", and "futanari promps [sic]". The more you know.


This is kinda weird. First that's like 70% just me and secondly I've done most of the fetish/dickgirl blogging on /megu/. And the first one... well... we can't post so that's really strange that it brings anyone. This seems really, really nonsensical


i got here from the 4chanX link on 4-/qa/ like a year ago

File:1583621862191.png (12.01 KB,370x320)


substanceless bumping is pretty dumb.
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what if the thread was bumplocked to ruin that guy's fun


the necroer


the prophecy is fulfilled


eh it's only been six months



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