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what OP/EDs do you like? I was thinking about the popularity of LycoReco when it came out and how nice it'd be to see more anime inspired by gunslinger girl since that was one hell of a boson anime. the OP for it being one of my favorites and having that early 2000s english indie song for its op. also do you remember that in the same season lycoreco aired there was another original anime "engage kiss" that failed miserably and was just a soulless gacha cashgrab checking boxes to try and hook a playerbase, lycoreco had no tie-in and was the biggest anime besides bocchi so goes to show how far creating something good takes you compared to trying to cash out on the trendy market researched ideal money printer
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File:shin_mazinger_op2.mp4 (19.25 MB,1280x720)


it's known for its earworm op most but i absolutely adore this ed


We didn't see this version of the Neko kuro ED in the stream. It has some cool visuals.


File:Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maior….mp4 (17.84 MB,1280x720)

the /qa/ theme song


File:1558757018309.webm (372.2 KB,1280x720)

my happi happi flens are here

File:Image014.png (1.61 MB,905x912)

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Alright, so I'm going to make an attempt at a Let's Play thread of what will surely be a fantastic game. I played the original Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita and it was the last physical game I ever bought (remember when we could buy and own media?) It's truly an amazing game for many reasons. Fantastic characters, great classes, great boss battles and spectacularly frustrating dungeons. Its sequel, Dungeon Travelers 2-2, came out years later, but unfortunately it never received a translation.
Now, a decade later it did received a surprise translation and release on PC. It was going to be on Steam, but those prudes backed out. I'm sure it's related to the lewdness, as Steam only has room for stuff like Sex with Furry Hitler 2 or War Crime Simulator 2023. Instead it got a release on one of those gacha/freemium sites where it feels like you get malware just by loading the page, so I will instead be using the version found on nyaa.
If Aquaplus actually wanted money I'd be willing to buy figures and stuff from them, but nope, they don't. If I traveled to Japan I could get some crappy keychains if I timed it right and found one of their "pop up" stores, but that's about it. Okay, back to the game:

This game is a "what if" scenario at the end of Dungeon Travelers 2 if the final battle was lost. There's a Demon Queen that wants to corrupt and conquer humanity and blahblah that part isn't very exciting. Since the characters are the of the highlights (Aquaplus is involved after all) I'll give a brief introduction of each character before I start the game.
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File:crop resize 026_AMADUYU_TA….png (1.82 MB,1018x1785)

But I was joking and did say that the hair and eyes were similar afterwards. I only know of Nobeta as patreon bait and not as a character, but she was a witch action game or something, right? Quite a bit different from Yume's show.
It's deeper for Tamaki and Kuon since they share some personality traits in addition to sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.


In the nobeta/yume case I only meant it in the first place as an appearance-based resemblance and not something deeper.
>sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.
I don't think this counts for anything unless you're prepared to say that all N characters in ToHeart remind you of all M characters in Utawarerumono and vice versa.


File:TOHEART2_63wnGDZbC3.png (628.62 KB,800x600)

Left out the rest of her quote here >>>/jp/76784 hehehe
She's really fun, but I'm not sure if Ma-ryan has a route since I'm basically on Sarara's now. I guess it could diverge, but it will feel kind of bad to do it now.


File:TOHEART2_kybomMkmvQ.png (653.65 KB,800x600)

Okay, this route is nuts. It seemed like the most serious and down-to-earth one there could be. It was very emotional and indeed I'm getting closer to her, but a short event recap:

1. She falls from a tree and I have to grab her chest to keep her from falling down
2. [Nice serious and emotional events happen here]
3. We install LAN cables in the school computer lab and the cables wrap around her like tentacles with a nice CG
4. Some more emotional stuff
5. Ma-ryan, sensing Kusugawa/Sasara's increased desire to seem appealing to me, dresses her in a maid outfit to sell food in the cafeteria despite her shy nature
6. Yuugi, Tamaki and Konomi join the student council with us to help Kusugawa out. We head to a storage room to officially disband the "UMA Club" that is investigating aliens and the sole member sends Sasara into a trance where she first thinks she's 4 years old. Then she re-enters a trance and now she's a deep-voiced warrior from Mu. She is only disarmed by me grabbing her breasts.


File:whaaaaaaaa.mp4 (5.74 MB,800x600)

...and then THIS happens. This isn't exactly a spoiler, but if you want to go in fully blind don't watch it. I think it highlights the classic Aquaplus charm, though.

File:Utako_Shimoda,_director_of….jpg (156.21 KB,429x588)


Can we take a moment to pay our respects to Utako Shimoda. Who blessed us with the seifuku.
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File:seifuku2.png (604.82 KB,1114x1600)

People that are used to humid climates don't really have an issue wearing long sleeves in summer. But yes it's a bit much. Another win for the Seifuku.

Proving yet again that boys make the best school girls.


File:seifuku1.png (657.68 KB,1114x1600)

A boy after my own heart.


File:sukumizu.png (478.27 KB,1114x1600)

Does anyone know which great person we have to thank for the introduction of sukumizu? They should be honored just as much as Utako-sama.


sukumizu are trash, bro.


>it's a shirt, a sweater AND a blazer together
And underwear, too.

File:FipZliFUYAAnzeC.jpg (314.41 KB,869x1228)


The new league starts in a few hours so I thought I'd advertise the /qa/ mansion guild here in case anyone wants to play it. We're around 6-7 right now, but I have enough guild slots so that we can accommodate pretty much the whole /jp/ spinoff population that still plays games (upper limit of 30-ish if I'm assuming generously). The bulk of us are going to be playing on softcore-ruthless so I'd recommend doing that too if you want to reap the benefits of a shared use stash. But, anyone that just wants a bunch of free space can join to use it in normal/hc too. We have a good deal of space https://files.catbox.moe/b6cox8.jpg so poor NEETs can enjoy the convenience of paying without needing to spend a dime.

So if you're interested post your userid or character name ITT if you want me to invite you, we're fine with anyone that's not a complete subhuman.
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Rejoice! The new PoE2 class trailer just dropped and this time they focused on the witch, and even more specifically minion builds in general.

The most massive change they're making is using corpses to summon everything has been completely scrapped in favor of a new spirit resource that I'll need to se a bit more of. Depending on if it's level or area based it's either really neat or has me feeling 'ehhh'. However, minions are now summoned automatically, and revive automatically once some time has passed and no minions have died (even on bosses!) so you can keep a constant army of them up at all times, which is so fucking cool and an extreme step up for minion builds that used to be a real pain in the rear once your minions started dying. It also seems like you'll be selecting your minion composition through allocation of spirit (which makes that distinction important), but temporary minions still seem to be a thing and corpses now are used more for buffing up other spells it seems. One thing that stands out in particular is that it now seems like you can collect spectres inside of skill gems and be able to summon them at any time you want like other minions, they also auto-revive too. This makes spectre gameplay so much better since you only need to find the minion once to use it extensively and when it dies you don't need to go hunting for another one, and the way it tells you what spectre you bind to the spell and what their spirit cost is BEFORE you summon from the corpse is a much welcomed QoL addition. All in all fantastic news for anyone that likes minion builds in these games, should be the best experience to date.

As a side note, despite all the detail they went into there didn't seem to be any news about golems.
Not sure if they're waiting to give more updates later or if those just aren't going to be a thing in PoE2. If they are and animate golem is still a thing I'd love for it to also be auto-respawning in such a way that I don't need to worry about the weapon I fed to it being lost forever when it dies.


File:[ASW] Akuyaku Reijou Level….jpg (199.63 KB,1920x1080)

I don't really care about this because minions suck and only chaos/curse witches are good. The D2 skelly necro sucked as well. You literally couldn't kill any bosses with it.


File:01.jpg (575.01 KB,1715x1351)

Yeah, well, you're gay.


>minions suck
>D2 skelly necro sucked as well
But minion stuff is fun...
That's why Titan Quest was so cool with multiple masteries having pets. Man, I should play that game again sometime. I wonder if there's any other games with fun minion stuff that released lately. Commanding a little army is just so cool.


Buid an army
trust no one

File:kissu streams.png (230.94 KB,924x847)


Current plans: Monogatari streams every Friday, nyaa! (and some on Sundays I guess?)
This is a thread for discussing and planning streams that people can host using kissu's own anonymity-supporting cytube fork at https://theatre.kissu.moe/! People can and should make threads for the big day so they can post images and stuff and be more in control, but a thread to talk about stuff was suggested and I think it's a good idea.
I think I'll edit this OP to coincide with planned streams as well.50 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:c5e29a1d91b8f7dedd0955ac1f….jpg (101.36 KB,1166x1302)

Decided that before and after every one of my streams I'm going to put an episode of Mazinger on so that I can more easily get myself through all of it without forgetting about it and it going into an eternal "On-hold". It's more like a SATAM cartoon than some anime with a complex overarching story so people can hop in and watch if they want, you probably won't get lost. On episode 4 right now too so still far more to go.

The basic setup for the story is Kouji's grandfather, Dr. Kabuto, discovered the strongest alloy on earth, Japanium, and made a robot, the Mazinger Z, out of it to battle the villains, Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura, who intend to take over the world with their robot army. Dr. Hell is able to kill Kabuto but not before he passes down the Mazinger to Kouji, who uses it to destroy the first big three robots sent by Dr. Hell and foil his plans for world domination. Now, hungry for revenge and Japanium, Dr. Hell continually is trying to destroy/capture the Mazinger from Kouji so he can be free to take over the world.


File:[DameDame!] Umineko no nak….jpg (42.52 KB,768x256)

Oh, I ended up getting it, someone popped up and seeded it thankfully.
(One of the really great things about this is that many lines seem like the worst translation imaginable but go even further by being completely made up. A simulacrum of a bad translation, amazing.)


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (314.2 KB,1920x1080)

That Code Geass thing is finally happening next season. I thought it was still a ways away. Umm... do we consider it common enough knowledge to add to seasonal stream as-is or should we marathon it sometime soon?
It has been almost 20 years (ouch) so they're probably doing a story refresher thing? Or maybe they're already streaming the old show on Japanese TV or something?


Yes, but also yes. They did compilation movies for the runup to the new movie just a few years ago. They were all shit and technically an alternate universe, but it does count as a refresher.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….png (3.22 MB,1920x1080)

Yes in that you think we should stream it?

File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)

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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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File:PortalsOfPhereon_aFhgqQiQa….png (2.63 MB,2229x1225)

I'm playing this again, but as a different character. It's crazy to think how deep this ero game with dickgirls is, and the art is fantastic. That being said, I just can't fap to it. I think it's that the girls are drawn as sticks. Freaky monster girls are awesome, but they look so emaciated and I just can't get into that.
It would take too long to explain this Creation character, but the gist of things is that I can create duplicates (with limitations and bonuses) of humanoids I've been "intimate" with, which is similar to the Evolution character. The Evolution one transformed directly and became very strong, but this Creation one if focused on making stronger allies.
This game just has so much stuff... it's impossible for me to play the proper "timed" mode because it's overwhelming. I might do it after I get more accustomed to stuff, but as it is is I panic too much with a time limit.
I completely missed that you can terraform the area on the other side of portals, building roads or gathering resources. How the heck.... this game just has too much to do AND there's three major classes to play as. AND you can choose to play as Unique characters you've discovered in previous playthroughs and while they don't have fancy skilltrees they have cool bonuses. AND you unluck various other stuff.
Man... if ever there was something that deserves the infamous Patreon porn game money this is it.


File:image-web?px-time=17175259….jpg (317.47 KB,1210x907)

neat little trophy they give some creators


gotta show it to mom


File:soft fuwafuwa shab.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB,1600x900)


Started playing this Shinobi interrogation nukige and was surprised at just how much content there is in it. I don't want to skip days so I've been allowing the hentai level to rise consistently but it seems like it locks you out of other content the more you focus in on one area, and I'm not sure if it's just the way I've played it or not, but 3 trainings in a row seems to be the level up mechanic for it.

Aside from the training sessions you also have some dating sim like activities you can partake in in the interim and from the DLsite page it looks like the other sub heroines are loveable too. Though I assume that since this game's locking me out of certain types of training if I level up too much without investing in that field or specific type then it might lock me out of the subroutes if I break the main heroine too early, but I'll test that tomorrow.

Either way, normally I'm one to not care too much about these games since I'd rather read a doujin instead of deal with art that's usually not on the same level, but the live2d is well done. It also helps that I've enjoyed CGs from this artist before and this is really some of their best work yet. All the girls seem really soft too which I like and there's a good amount of different fetishes to explore in it too like futanari. I played it in JP because I can, but the author has an AI translated English version out too that dekinais can use. And I'm not sure I'd test it myself or not, but going by the conversations with the imouto (I think... somewhat spedread a little bit but that's what I'm pretty sure I heard kage call say she was) it seems like there might be a way to go for a pure good ending and not break the main heroine. And even though I probably won't go for it I like having the idea of a potential option for it.


Their other game, Moaning Wood is a fun little boardgame thing that I liked playing. Not too hard

File:e5b1127baf.jpg (319.56 KB,900x637)

 No.125141[Reply][Last50 Posts]

mamoru blog
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swept the floor



>USB fan
It was chargeable battery powered!


Bled from my nose for the first time since I could remember, feels weird having something that is not snot flooding down your nose...


I used to get nosebleeds a lot when the air would be dry. Fuck now im nostalgic for one i had 10 years ago…

File:spring 2024 seasonal chart.png (6.75 MB,2519x3850)

 No.122445[Reply][Last50 Posts]

It's spring!


What are you planning on watching? Have any suggestions or recommendations?
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I read a couple of chapters when the manga was in its early stage and i ended up dropping it because i felt it became to shouneny? It just kind of felt like another cookie cutter villain of the week fighting thing if you kind of understand what im getting at. But wow, the anime looks very good. I will definetly be watching it now


no don't watch it it's bad and you were even more right than you think


Not a fan.
The problem i have is that its "modernized". And by that i mean that it feels less unique and more bland. As in they made it cheaper.
Here its just more detailed compared the photo above. Its just disheartening because the same thing happened to Higurashi and i hated it. (yes DEEN version is great no matter how many people pretend to think it looks like shit)
The charm is gone. It just feels so watered down. Now compare it to the old photo.
Here you can just feel the "charm". I know me saying charm is kind of like a buzzword but its what i feel and i think is wrong with it. I just hate these "modernized" (another buzzword,but its true!) more "cheaply" made versions. I dont want to sound like some "its all getting worse" "it used to be good" person but it does feel like things are getting cheaper. That doesnt mean good things arent made anymore but it makes me mad when i see things change like this. Why? I mean i've already speculated as to why but its frustrating!


It looks good. It's stupid fun, but very stupid. He should completely skip the school stuff that introduces the side characters because it's terribly boring. It's like 2 and half episodes though, unfortunately.


Started watching 7th prince and so far its pretty fun.

File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

 No.4165[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: February 7th, 2023
595 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


All that will happen is your users will think the internet is down for about 2 minutes or so. Once the modem reboots and fetches a new IP everything will just werk as always.

Ah of course. I only used it as an example. But it is hating on an entire group of people. So I included it as an example of a group that's a-okay to hate.

Some anons were complaining about this in some threads I was lurking a few months ago. I can't remember what thread they were posting in now. But they were basically saying that anyone that criticized Korea was getting the old mod treatment. They were claiming censorship.

It was probably for that Korean anime that aired back in the winter. I know some anons that were laughing about its ratings got banned for no reason.


Racism being persecuted is not exactly new.
What is new is that the moderation is so selective that it feels out of place.

You can really tell what the mods don't care about, what discussions mods want to shut down and what threads mods have turned into their personal strongholds.
The rules at this point are little more than tools to achieve the desired purpose.


File:C-1718025871652.png (30.59 KB,572x171)

Anonymous.... this wasn't a mod deletion, it was someone remaking their post because they accidentally deleted the last number from their quotelink, making them quote a thread from fifteen years ago:
None of the old posts were actually deleted either, that's a 4chanX problem.
Anyways, as slow as the happenings thread is nowadays, I don't think using it to complain about random moderation on 4chan is anything worthwhile. There's nothing new to say about it.


my bad, didnt think a chain of deleted replies would be because of some typo


I posted on it once and my post was removed.

File:[MTBB] Monogatari Series ….webm (580.38 KB,1280x720)


What's your favorite yokai/Japanese folklore being? I think most people are probably going to say kitsune, but the bakeneko is interesting as well. The Sawarineko in Monogatari was based on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakeneko
It's a cat spirit associated with curses that not only it can possess people like how it's demonstrated in Monogatari, but also kill them and take their place by shapeshifting into the person, similar to how kitsune also have shapeshifting powers. It's the opposite of the maneki-neko which brings good luck. You know, that cat figurine with a raised paw.
15 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


yeah, for the more major yokai, people will have put some extra work into the article, but if you pick any random example from category:yōkai, it will probably be a mess. sadly the best resources like YokaiDB seem to remain untranslated. i also came across this interesting paper about it https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.13110/marvelstales.27.2.0276.


File:bakeneko.jpg (65.58 KB,632x474)

the bakeneko is also the inspiration for the original kusuri arc from the ayakashi series, which the mononoke series was based on.



File:1538224766176.png (798.87 KB,728x934)

>Typically 99 or 100 years
And here I was looking forward to marrying my PC when it turned...


File:uchouten tanuki.jpg (194.5 KB,1178x1200)

You probably know a fair bit more than you think, but normally when they're presented in anime and stuff the youkai aren't exactly treated as or specifically stated to be folklore monsters because they just are. It's ingrained into the culture so seeing them isn't as out of place. And even then because it's so ingrained there's many different interpretations. Like the Nine-tails from Naruto is an interpretation of kitsune and in the folklore nine tails signifies the highest level of kitsune. Likewise for a more recent big shounen, in Jujutsu Kaisen Ryouman Sukuna is an actual piece of folklore himself too. Uchouten Kazoku is basically entirely about youkai and folklore.

Though I wonder at what point we stop calling things folklore and start calling them just urban legends? Since Hanako-san is technically a youkai but is more of a recent thing in that it's post-WWII. Similarly there's a fair bit of urban legends/yurei/yokai that one can see across japanese fiction that have certified themselves in the culture post-WWII but I don't know if we can call them folklore either... Technically I think they should be.

File:Magical Girl Raising Proje….png (2.99 MB,1920x1080)


One of my favorite shows is getting a sequel soon. I really like this series and think a lot of people passed over it because it was said to be a Madoka rip-off when the anime came out. I've been reading the LNs and they're really good. I think they'd be a perfect series for someone learning kana.

The new season of the anime should be really good because it will cover what is arguably the best two LNs in the series. The only downside is it'll probably be 12 episodes instead of 24. It's a lot of content to cover in 12 episodes. The first season felt really fast paced because of that. I don't want to spoil anything but suffice to say characters are introduced quickly and certain events happen too fast.

Anyone else a fan of Raising Project? I don't understand why this series isn't more popular. It feels like only a few people have seen it. I am hopeful season 2 will do good in the ratings and maybe we'll get some OVAs or something. A proper video game based on this series would be really fun.
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File:[GJM] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei ….jpg (125.13 KB,1280x720)



This series better be fucking good because I just merged the entire series into a single .epup




File:1475375334980.jpg (140.83 KB,1280x720)

They're not really connected. Battle harems were the previous braindead LN template that got adapted way too often. The edgy mahou shoujo trend just fell off over time as Madoka became a distant memory and the genre slowly reverted back to light-hearted stuff like Twin Angel and Ore.

She was just playing the game to the best of her ability.


File:[GJM] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei ….jpg (108.39 KB,797x720)

I remember not reading the books themselves but hearing about how it really changes after the first round of games where Himekawa starts to take charge and really differ from how she was in the beginning.

File:monster-energy-lovers.mp4 (356.15 KB,640x632)


Do you drink/like energy drinks?

I've noticed quite a few of the people that I talk to drink them, but I personally find them pretty gross and not all that helpful.
31 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


That's self-employement.

>So they end up working part time so they can buy things for their waifu.


File:Parasyte v3 Cover.jpg (167.26 KB,910x1600)

>That's self-employement.
And your hand is your self-girlfriend.


File:vlcsnap-2014-12-23-21h19m0….png (525.61 KB,1280x720)

Hey, show some respect to my girl! No one talks smack about my Rosie Palms!


Ayase shouldn’t have lost as hard as she did


well, I ended up eating my words. I was feeling surprisingly good up until lunch so I decided not to drink the energy drink (monster) I brought. I instead drank a powder drink that has caffeine and B vitamins (effectively an energy drink). it’s weird that I was feeling so decent with 3 hours of sleep.


late rome was pretty entertaining in it's spectacular failures
69 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:rasgos-dialectales-del-esp….jpg (80.85 KB,947x594)

Spain is interesting as well. It doesn't have nearly as much linguistic and cultural diversity as Italy since they were unified for much longer (Catalans are very loud with wanting independence though), but it has one of the few non-Indo European languages in Europe; Basque. Unlike Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian it doesn't pertain to the Finno-Ugric language family though, it's something much more unique. It's believed to be the language of the pre-IE expansion Early European farmers. Sardinians and Etruscans also spoke something similar to it before they were conquered by the Romans.


Spain has comparable linguistic diversity with Italy, since while they don't have as many regional dialects like north Italy most of the languages there are actually used by (part of) the younger generations and have recognized standards and some form of institutional support for them. Granted, apart from Basque they're all slowly dying, but simply having institutions and recognized the grants their regional languages some prominence that is basically unknown in the rest of Western Europe. France and England murdered their regional dialects and Celtic languages, Germany doesn't recognize Low German at all, and so on.
The lower level of dialectal diversity in Spain is due to the Reconquista; the dialects from the northern kingdoms simply spread south.


Dumb argumentative baptistshitposter


dumb baptistard
dumb baptard
dumb baptistshitard



 No.114027[Reply][Last50 Posts]

What music has /qa/ been listening to lately?
252 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Since we were talking about Blasphemous allow me to demonstrate its ost. You know the composer is good when he has "Viola" in his name.



What the HELL. Can't believe no one ever mentioned that Daft Punk released a new song (last year).


The sound of spookiness


A more serious sounding spook

File:[SubsPlease] Ijiranaide, N….jpg (242.66 KB,1920x1080)

 No.102559[Reply][Last50 Posts]

pouting at the fact that kissu has a bump limit
344 posts and 282 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File:[MTBB] Tsukimonogatari - 0….jpg (180.88 KB,1920x1080)


File:[MTBB] Tsukimonogatari - 0….jpg (188.34 KB,1920x1080)


File:[Nekomoe kissaten&LoliHous….png (6.52 MB,1920x1080)

how did you get the tenshi pout a week before the episode released??


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] The N….png (1.01 MB,1280x720)


File:[SubsPlease] Shuumatsu Tra….jpg (234.92 KB,1920x1080)

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