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File:97528285_p0.jpg (297.15 KB,869x1228)


starting to melt in my blankets
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I usually mix it up and watch one or two backlog shows when watching seasonals.


Wish I had the motivation to watch anime at all...


File:1605606545150.jpg (3.03 MB,2560x2880)

Have you tried sitting down in a chair with it playing on a screen in front of you


just watch a good one and it'll be easy


There are many good short-episode anime out there.

File:48c4c82dbd3c05f23c59dfdb23….jpg (395.72 KB,513x900)

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I want to nakadashi *girl* has become a popular phrase on imageboards (mostly 4chan). But it's a mix of Japanese and English. If I was going to say "I want to cum inside Holo" fully in Japanese, how would I go about doing that? In the English sentence, nakadashi is a loan word and it is the action being done, but in Japanese I don't think 中出し is a verb. Can it be verbified by adding する to it? And then you conjugate it to say you "want" to do it. So the end result would be 私はホロで中出ししたい which would translate to I want to cum inside Holo. Am I correct?

Japanese is fun to learn.
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you hate learning?



the feeling I got was a feeling of having learned things, so you're saying to me that you hate the feel of learning


The figures in the background do look like they are dressed for a funeral.


A nice and sunny 11:45PM funeral

File:Taiga_8BtzF8vr0y.jpg (1.95 MB,3665x1953)

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Somebody's probably going to bitch if I don't make a "proper" seasonal catch-all thread for the season or create another lame one that has the same fornmat as always if I don't do it just right so here it is.

I'm going to watch these ones:
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san
Yuusha, Yamemasu
Date A Live IV
Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Heart
Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru
Honzuki no Gekokujou: S3
Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu
Machikado Mazoku: 2-Choume
Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai 2
Magia Record: FINAL
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imagine naming the roads


File:Gunslinger Girl Ep 11v2 'F….jpg (359.18 KB,1920x1080)

Hey I remember this from gsg. Always interesting to wonder how an actual city built for people works.


File:[SubsPlease] 86 - Eighty S….jpg (660.95 KB,1920x1080)

Finished up 86, it had some really nice scenery


This show is surprisingly good


File:[SubsPlease] Estab-Life - ….jpg (131.35 KB,1280x720)

It's alright. A neat showcase for the advancements in CG, but to me the movements are still a bit stiff. Other than that I was thinking that the premise kinda reminded me of a east-west Berlin sort of thing and then I saw this which all but confirmed it I think.

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for posting your good musics and remusics
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bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark





File:1474220773777.png (510.93 KB,836x964)

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Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.
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None of these are fun facts. Consider not posting next time.

Interesting, but not a fun fact.


The velociraptors in the Jurassic park Franchise are not actually velociraptors, they are dromaeosaurs. Kemono Friends does not have a velociraptor so I can't show you what one actually looks like.


File:0fdec0f3dc4d4671a488c57a76….jpg (119.02 KB,1211x969)


I too would prefer her bag of meat over the two slices on her hand.


That's not a fun fact, that's a creepy perv fact. >>89929 isn't going to be happy when he sees this.

File:e2ecf177e7c38e1ca7cbfdce7c….png (17.53 KB,437x609)

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I can already tell this thread is going to go great.
If we want to gain an understanding of the vtuber boom that goes beyond calling them the spawn of the devil, we have to take a proper look at all of their characteristics and seriously consider what could make them attractive. Otherwise, you might as well dig your head in the sand.

First, the claim that they are simply LPers. There are a number of very important differences here: let's players don't put out songs, they don't go on concerts, don't go on seiyuu radios, don't appear in gachas, and, most important of all, don't appear in so many doujins.

So, why do they play videogames all the time?
First, a digression. You don't need me to tell you that when someone likes something, like say an anime, they often wish they had more of it. See: fanfiction, creating the content yourself. Videogames are a trivial way to pump out hours and hours of new content. The chat is key to the whole thing, they help set up situations that the vtuber works with to better entertain, a thing that is indeed a lot like regular streamers. But, you can see vtubers are far more character-centered than common LPers due to the prevalence of zatsudans and superchat readings to which thousands tune in to, in those streams there is no activity other than interaction and blogging. If people are attracted by them being good at games, that's more of a coincidental thing.

Now you may ask, what character? It's a real person. Absolutely true. Compared to a fictional character whose story must be written, the vtuber supplies their already existing story. The more unique parts of it are highlighted, as there is a charm in a fictional-sounding story being real, actualizing fiction. For example:
If someone, say, goes into an /ss/ thread and posts about how he had sex with his babysitter when he was 14, he's likely to get a standing ovation. Stories about your very real imouto are also likely to be well received. A relatively recent post in /ec/ commented about an artist and his failure to carry out his femdom fantasies. None of this is novel, it might be impure but it is what it is.

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Forgot to make the very relevant point that for anime and movies, the lifetime revenue from merchandise always, without question, exceeds any potential revenue made from initial TV runs or movie tickets.


What's a "voice pack" for? Phone alarms or something?


Usually various scenarios to listen to. It's basically the same concept as the radio dramas that used to be popular before the internet


Those would be the "situation voice" merch. Voice packs are just the phone alarm type things.


I know there are anime voice packs for GPS systems as well, not sure if that is related.

File:Ei76V4YUwAAkLQz.jpg (418.88 KB,2048x1756)


Do you know how to play any instruments, /qa/? My family has a piano that passed from generation to generation which is almost 200 years old, so I had to learn how to play it from a young age. I took classes and stuff, so I'd say I'm kinda decent at it.

I tried learning guitar before too but I CANNOT do it. It just doesn't click. It seems very complex in comparison to just pressing keys. Of course I had to be bad at the one you can actually take to social gatherings and impress your friends.
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drums or gamelan
or maybe piano, not for itself but for how ubiquitous its interface is


tap dancing as a pitiful apology for my lack of dancing and instrumental ability


it is, and always has been, the piano


I used to be able to play cello but didn't continue it after elementary school. I do have a piano though so I occasionally play. I never took classes so whenever I do play I watch a synthesia video of a song and practice like that. I'd like to learn piano but I haven't been able to commit to practicing.


Violin or Koto.

File:BBCF_kp3yoThq5t.jpg (1.47 MB,3840x2160)

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Slow days are best spent gaming
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File:20220519023821_1.jpg (716.79 KB,3840x2160)

Love the dead gameplay of this...


File:20220520015916_1.jpg (685.09 KB,3840x2160)

Big vermin damage


awaiting my sentence at the end of time


I wonder if anybody has seen the link and come here through playing games with kissumin.


i don't play enough online games with pubs, but it reminds people who already know of the site that it exists.

File:16cd7e2926999d826c9bb2a811….png (6.29 MB,4000x4000)


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made myself a scotch and vernors


File:[SubsPlease] Atasha Kawaji….jpg (330.78 KB,1280x720)

it happened again


File:puhaa.png (446.26 KB,823x796)


pleasantly inebriated


File:1535532990154.jpg (1.07 MB,1200x1697)

4pack for a good measure

File:[SubsPlease] Kawaii dake j….jpg (287.1 KB,1920x1080)


Bump limits are for DORKS
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File:pizza pout.png (620.47 KB,495x1162)

Pout adjacent image.


File:Front.png (1.9 MB,1920x1080)


File:Side.png (2.39 MB,1920x1080)


She's gonna blow!!


File:[SubsPlease] Deaimon - 07 ….jpg (122.88 KB,1280x720)

File:0c434c47-be1e-11ec-9152-eb….png (1.47 MB,1024x1024)


Let's do another neural network AI filter thingie. This one seems to be popular on 4chan lately and the results were pretty nice.
This was "Tropical Rouge Precure"
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maybe a robotic feel to it, like it was created by following an algorithm


File:557c3229-c84a-11ec-9075-1d….png (1.34 MB,1024x1024)

anime girl riding a banana

I think that's a bird on the left


It's like one of those supposed images of what things look like to someone have a stroke. Things are often vaguely recognizable, but the actual detail are completely nonsensical upon close examination. Words are often muddled and unreadable, objects are distorted and melt into one another, with only a vague resemblance to what something should be.


File:32ce33f4-d7ff-11ec-a251-55….png (1.07 MB,1024x1024)

dog is a cat


File:c5990638-d801-11ec-b805-55….png (1.07 MB,1024x1024)


File:75012032_p0.jpg (428.76 KB,1347x877)


Throughout the course of human history, it seems to me that there has been a general trend of innovation and creativity coming from people who are able to focus, often to an autistic, self-detrimental way towards realizing something. Be it discoveries in mathematics, physics, or geometry, or discovery through general experimentation. At the crux of it, these figures often focused on solving something that they're fascinated by and want to understand better, or wanted to create because it solves some issue that they had. In large part, both creatives and intellectuals were only able to achieve their goals because they had some patron. Although it's clear that some amount of work is necessary to keep society from collapsing, modern society forcing everyone into individual roles and requiring that you be "productive" to survive seems pretty counter to human discovery and innovation, even if innovation has been exponential in the most recent decades and century.
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It seems like the current time should be ideal for prospective innovators to find patrons. If only someone would set up a website to streamline this sort of activity. We could call it "Supporteon" or something because it supports the innovators.


File:9b41883091429d3bf9fc55d1d9….jpg (300.09 KB,600x700)

>coming from people who are able to focus, often to an autistic, self-detrimental way towards realizing something
... and being from upper class who can afford to have free time.
Nothing has changed. Peasants and slaves in the past, minimum wage workers at present.
If any, it's changing to a positive way with the commodification of knowledge in the form of internet.


Wouldn't a scientist working for a company or at a university fall under that? People still do the things you describe.


There's a lot of opportunity to innovate in combining expertise in different fields as well as pedagogy.

What hampers creative output? First is because smart people don't suffer from the same difficulties and miss problems in the cracks. Second is because it seems like everything in reach has already been figured out, at least in lower levels of education. You also have to deal with the proof of expertise required for people to take you seriously. Third is because we have been conditioned to mainly see creativity as proficiency in the visual arts. Fourth is because you can be more productive if you only do what has already been done, so there is little incentive to solve other people's problems. Fifth is the recent trivialization of original ideas in favor of execution alone. Sixth is the use of these creative efforts to shame those that choose less "productive" endeavors. There are probably more reasons I missed.

The main issue for me is my ideas can't reach the audience it needs. I'm also afraid someone will take credit for my work. I don't want money. I just want people to acknowledge my worth.


>I don't want money. I just want people to acknowledge my worth.
The human condition.

File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)

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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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also played through the prologue 4 times, 3 times to get each character backstory and then the 4th time on the hardest dificulty


actually i'm not entirely sure how long I played.. probably 10-15 hours?



File:(clipboard)1650175535907.png (Spoiler Image,441 KB,549x420)

Too many games. As soon as you learn of a few studios that you like, the games just never end. Might have to start managing my time better


File:2022-04-24 15-02-44_1.webm (Spoiler Image,191.05 KB,640x480)

Interesting nukige. This one is kinda like a roguelike platformer in that you try and beat as much as you can while getting cards that will give you 3 random powerups to choose from. You can initiate sex with any defeated enemy for a short scene and an HP/MP boost which could maybe be seen as raping them to death? Although you can do it to girl characters too so maybe not. Although there's not too much context behind the scenes themselves which could be a bit of a turnoff to some, the animations are of truly exceptional quality and unique for each enemy. Also there's two characters: One slutty bunny girl, and another a more traditional mahou shoujo looking one. The scenes for the two are also unique.

Also on nyaa


File:G2mffPYjMS.png (215.88 KB,1024x768)

Playing Kilo the Magician and the Futanari Elf, an extremely simple and short RPG Maker game. It is a machine translation which has quite a few flaws to say the least, but I think it also had some edits for basic readability. I honestly don't know if pic related is a machine translation error or a manual edit for the Fate reference. Maybe it's half and half. Such is life in the machine translation world.
The futanari elf has a magical disease and she's forbidden from properly ejaculating or she'll die, so she's tied up in the basement, but not in a cruel sadist way that you might expect from such a scenario. She needs to orgasm to trick a magical parasite to release its magical power, but she can't just directly masturbate because of aforementioned affliction. It starts out with basic predictable things like nipple teasing and butt stuff, but it also gets quite fantastical in nature like psychic dildos that Kilo stimulates and breaks the psychic connection of right before she could ejaculation. The RPG part is you exploring areas around for no real reason, it's required to progress the game but it's clearly a time sink without anything erotic involved.
Anyway, the art is not particularly amazing, but a thirsty man in a desert does not complain about weeds at an oasis.

There is a sequel that is also machine translated, so I'll try that one later on, but...
Unfortunately for me there are hints that there might be something like castration involved in the sequel, so I'm not sure if I'm going to play with that one unless it's fully 100% optional. That's not story-justified teasing, that's just sadistic cruelty, even if it turns out to be magical and fake.


Post something cool that youtube has recommended to you recently. Note: this is not meant to be a music thread, it can be any kind of video.
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Found this channel in my recommendations. They have really freat editting and production values, but not many views on most of their videos. I think this one they most recently made must have guven them a massive bump in visibility. I'm going to watch a bunch of their other videos because from the few I've seen, I'm really impressed!


>I think this one they most recently made must have guven them a massive bump in visibility
The magic of the YouTube algorithm at work




I've never heard the majority of these songs before.

File:shin-ikkitousen_pantsu.webm (17.75 MB,640x360)


Bringing you over 2 minutes of shiroi-pantsu per episode
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File:shin-ikki_pant03.webm (118.77 KB,640x360)

they are the purest form of pantsu!


You know it's Ikki Tousen when someone gets choked out and pisses herself


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (124.27 KB,1280x720)

Kinda miss the robots-leaking-motor-oil-from-their-crotch days. Where has the magic gone?
Well, at least the the semen volumes are still about the same, if not higher.


Its weird to see 2000s type fan service with modern animation. Im kind of afraid to watch this as I have deep nostalgia for the original


Why not? It's not like the new season could ruin your nostalgia for the original

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