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What music has /qa/ been listening to lately?
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what a topical video for kissu!



new nanawo akari and a....


Rare Rin appearancr


File:79378973_p2.jpg (540.71 KB,800x545)


The longer time goes on in a community you fear participating in, the bigger the newfag you'll be when you eventually post. The bonds that exist will grow stronger without you and those chances you had to forge friendships will be lost. Wary and judgement is cast upon the newfag when they first enter into a community. Their every contribution or post viewed with the extra critical eye people place on strangers to the group. Yet even still, the brazen newfag presses on without fear and eventually forms connections and becomes seen as more than a stranger.

I envy the newfag with the willpower to leave their mark.
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>Does the past cease to exist once it has happened?
Physically, yes.
You cannot interact with things that used to be there but no longer exist.*
>the future is just time in the positive direction from the perspective of a particular reference frame.
Determinism has been proven wrong by quantum physics.

>To say future and thus time is abstract is to say that an object 10 ft. in front of me is abstract until i go and pick it up.
That's a false equivalence.
Whatever you think about the future, even if you accept determinism, is guesswork.
An object 10 ft. away can be observed and measured. That's why physicists can say a lot of things about the universe, but are not incredibly good advisors in regards to politics.

*you can still feel the effects of things from the past. And with light traveling from distant galaxies you can see into the past. But that is not the same thing as interaction with the past.


There exists a restricted set of possibilities that the future can take based on actions that happened in the past and are happening in the present. We are able to provide a range of possibilities for the future and the past based on present conditions and vice versa. These possibilities may be infinite but they are restricted. We can say with certainty that you will not be visiting the other side of the observable universe within a year, riding a conventional rocket.

Before going too much further into this discussion, do you also consider the scientific concept of energy abstract? When talking about time I am meaning the scientific concept of time, that is a measurable quantity and directly tied to the scientific concept of distance through the concept of space-time.


All "concepts" are abstract. But that's just nitpicking.
>that is a measurable quantity
The measured quantity depends on who is doing the measuring.
But I never said time was not real. I said your future is not real. You turned future into time. Those are not the same thing.
There is no way for you to measure the future. Your argument falls flat when applied to actual topic.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “future”. When I say “future”, I mean some event or object in the forward direction of time. 10 minutes in the future is just like 10 meters in front. I guess I agree there is no way to measure the “future” because it’d be like measuring the “in front”. “future” is really more of an adjective than a noun that describes what time direction (positive or negative) something is in. “future” being used as a noun is more a quirk of English and how it describes things in the time axis.


>10 minutes in the future is just like 10 meters in front.
No, it very much is not.
First of all, time is not a dimension in the same way that the others are. We are moving through time in a single direction. Forward. There is no backward.
The object 10 meters away from you is there for you to interact with at a distance, but can also be approached. It can be ignored for 10 minutes and will still be there. You and it both are traveling through time. Therefore the object 10 meters away from you is technically also 10 minutes away from you. It is also an hour away from you because it will still be there then. This is how nonsensical that declaration is that a thing is 10 minutes away from you.

And you are shaping the future right now. By planning to do something, you are aiming for a specific outcome. The future is not yet real. The thing that is awaiting you 10 minutes from now depends on whether or not you now get off your ass to make a coffee, or choose not to, because you don't like coffee.
The future is not yet real.

File:drawn_by_moyazou_kitaguni_….png (6.26 MB,3128x3167)


The Kissu Filesharing Thread returns!

Kissu does support a few more file formats than most imageboards, but sadly we do not yet live in the age of infinite hard drive space so you can link stuff here if you want to share it.
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File:cover.jpg (87.57 KB,500x500)

I forgot about this thread... I need to get around to finishing the Aquaplus uploads I was planning.
Well, here's the Utawarerumono Piano Collections 1-3


File:cover.jpg (381.26 KB,1872x1872)

Utawarerumono 1 stuff (VN, anime, OVA, VN remake). Some shared songs on them while others differ.

1.9gb... I wish my upload wasn't so comparatively slow


Why are there four Flans


File:__flandre_scarlet_touhou_a….jpg (88.1 KB,800x600)

One of her spellcards creates clones so that there's four Flans in total and it gets referenced in art now and then


More often than it is referenced in porn?

File:3a3542d67d54546a71fa2cbaed….jpg (652.5 KB,1000x968)

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General video games thread since the other one hit the bump limit. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?
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ehehe. whoops


File:094_Mitsumi_Misato_Art_Wor….jpg (3.67 MB,4878x6960)

Dungeon Travelers 1 is now released on Steam! Buy 20 copies! Pay for the Aquaplus bundle! Do everything you can to convince Aquaplus to make something new!



File:20240219204733_1.jpg (422.81 KB,1920x1080)

Sorry girlie, I only date girls with glasses.


File:f4d936fdf4586e33964f3bd2ad….jpg (309.21 KB,1451x2048)

Okay so debating on doing a Something Awful style Let's Play of EU4 (Extended Timeline).
Like posting screenshots of the game as it happens, would anyone be interested?


Yes. It has been ages since I last played EU4, would be nice to remember it while reading.

File:16cd7e2926999d826c9bb2a811….png (6.29 MB,4000x4000)

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I also think I can't stand my own thoughts which are not really conscious and I can't figure out what they are, this could be why not being always distracted by something makes me feel such dread.


File:1904ebfe5e9805891b34688026….jpg (331.5 KB,800x640)

Drunk on cheap beer.


File:lifeless eyes on undead gi….png (243.85 KB,401x582)

Yesterday was the one annual event where I would drink any alcohol at all.
My mom insists that I join her feuerzangenbowle every winter.
So I drank a large cup as instructed and left, because I dislike both alcohol and any crowd larger than 4 people.
And I know nothing about this whole thing reflects well on me.


File:1x1,id=07acb8a8,b=lecker,….jpeg (406.51 KB,1600x1600)

I must admit that looks cool as heck. Sucks about the being forced into it part, though. Nobody should be forced to drink if they don't want to.


File:45609682_p0.jpg (656.76 KB,1500x1300)

Drunk again.
Time to game.

File:R-1708396625078.png (1.3 MB,1060x1060)


Sometimes I wonder what Kissu would be like if the voting system used on /ec/ and /megu/ was a sitewide thing that was active on every board.

In the standard imageboard format, it's hard to tell the difference between a post that has no replies because no one read it, and a post that has no replies because people found it generally agreeable and nobody had anything to add, and it can sometimes feel like you're shouting into the void.

This isn't a feature request. I'm not even sure if it's a good idea to begin with. I just think it's one of those things that's interesting to think about.
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File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (287.29 KB,1920x1080)

...to praise Elle and acknowledge her as their superior before departing!


File:rhythm kimo look.png (267.56 KB,576x576)


First panel: Opening a video titled "ugly baby eaten by dog"
Second panel: Watching the video


this is what pitbull mamas enjoy doing in secret


File:20231002_221220.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB,960x960)

The video thumbnail:

File:[SubsPlease] Ijiranaide, N….jpg (242.66 KB,1920x1080)

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pouting at the fact that kissu has a bump limit
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File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Solo ….png (549.63 KB,1280x720)


File:1708381677838.png (490.29 KB,1280x720)

What a chin.


hi fern


the power of korean native isekai pouts


When will she do the anti-male hand gesture

File:301df07dab4ef0b53b81f73aaa….jpg (99.43 KB,410x620)

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Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?
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KDE behaves very inconsistently... there's a lot of visual bugs and stuff


6 is coming out in 1 or 2 months which will help with a lot of Wayland issues apparently


yeah, it's wayland so we'll see what happens then. It's just a recreation computer so it's not a matter of productivity or death


File:C-1708398644033.png (356.88 KB,3452x1716)

Nice out of the box system monitor in KDE


File:C-1708399334620.png (437.47 KB,3452x1716)


File:e5b1127baf.jpg (319.56 KB,900x637)

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mamoru blog
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shaved my beard off, feels nice.


Suzume is a good story if you want a sort of shinto fantasy, other world, thing


killed a dozen more
i have stained these walls with the blood of men


came to the office to escape my dying internet and the store i was supposed to test is unusable due to backend changes


Cleaned up some stuff in backyard... had to kill two black widows and saw a third dead one.
Yeah, definitely shouldn't stack stuff outside to give them space to hide

File:1.jpg (2.03 MB,2048x1536)

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I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.
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File:20240218_185206.jpg (1.07 MB,3024x2268)



File:bike ride cat day and nigh….jpg (377.45 KB,1000x1000)

I never got around to posting about it back in December last year but this is another bike ride cat.


That cat is SCARED


scaredy cat


all scaredy buggers will be taken pics of

File:65069cabd10f41040c6025e6b2….png (3.19 MB,2049x1153)

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Right now it seems to be a good time to build a PC:
CPUs and GPUs are coming back in stock.
GPU price dropped to MSRP, thanks to the end of GPU crypto mining.
New generation, low availability technologies are cropping up like PCIe 4, DDR5, RTX 4090, AM5 socket, diverting consumer attention away from previous gen.
M.2 SSDs are cheaper than ever, and will be even cheaper in the near future because of flash memory chip oversupply.

What does /qa/ think about building a PC now?
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Until then, Microsoft is gimping my computer, probably because I don't have enough DRAM anymoore


File:swedish.png (390.65 KB,768x650)

Scandi accents will never not sound tard.


holy what the CAT


er, apparently the nvme slots of my motherboard came with something called thermal pads and I thought it was just some random crap they put onto it for protection... well, I guess I didn't need them...


covered in cathair and dust anyways

File:erururururu.jpg (376.32 KB,640x480)

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Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.
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I'm surprised this thread is still alive.


I'm reading The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles right now


How is that one so far? How does it compare to the older ones? I've read through the original trilogy and the 3DS stuff but haven't touched those newest ones.


File:e14417c3a12881207d17fc1617….jpg (45.66 KB,527x873)

I played through them a few years ago. They were pretty fun overall, but I enjoyed the original trilogy + Rise from the Ashes and Investigations 2 more. Otherwise I think they're better than the rest of the series (4, Investigations 1, Professor Layton VS, 5, 6).
Chronicles is a port of the two Dai Gyakuten Saiban / Great Ace Attorney games on the 3DS. The first game was made with a sequel in mind, so it leaves a lot of plot threads hanging, which makes it feel lacking as a standalone game. In contrast, I think even if you stopped at 1 or 2 in the original trilogy you'd be able to feel satisfied.
The games take place in Meiji-era Japan but also in Victoria-era London. The main character is Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, a university student and ancestor of Naruhodou Ryuuichi / Phoenix Wright. シャーロック・ホームズ / Herlock Sholmes and Natsume Souseki also appear as characters. Personally I'm not familiar with Sherlock Holmes, but I think The Great Ace Attorney contains many references to the original stories that were written about him, but the games are still enjoyable even if you don't catch them. Natsume Souseki is caricatured as referring to himself in the first person as "wagahai" due to his famous novel Wagahai wa Neko de Aru.
In some respects they feel like a spiritual successor to the Professor Layton crossover. They share the same director/writer (the guy who also wrote and directed the original trilogy), the same main composer, London as one of the settings, and mob testimony.
The soundtrack is great overall but feels different from the other games except the Layton one because it relies on more period-appropriate instrumentation instead of, say, square waves and electric guitars. The tracks associated with Asougi and Susato blend Japanese and Western elements in an enjoyable way similar to what >>119364 described for Utawarerumono.
Unfortunately the Western releases lack the option to set the text to Japanese while the Japan and Asia releases let you switch between Japanese and English as you please. The first three Japanese DS games were like this too, except that in those games each language gets its own save file, while here you can continue right from where you left off in the other language. Also the port doesn't feel like the definitive edition bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I like it, it's pretty fun. I think it's just as good as the originals. Also they turned Watson in a little girl >>120072

File:ab708131e24529da534c51b7e8….png (4.42 MB,1611x2531)

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Didn't have any basil for my pizza so I put thyme on it instead.
It's not a bad substitute. It's pretty good in its own right.
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File:Dungeon Meshi - S01E07 (10….jpg (416.02 KB,1920x1080)

Do you have any experience or recommendations for noodles made of uhh.. different... stuff? I've seen stuff like noodles made from chickpeas or whole grain (which is actually hard to find it seems) or sweet potatoes and other novel things. It seems like a good way to get some extra nutrition, but I wonder if it imparts too much of a flavor or a different texture that ruins things. I also noticed that the stuff that brags about including broccoli and carrot in the noodle ingredients has them dead last past the usual seminola and other ingredients so it seems more like marketing to me.
Maybe I should try those zucchini noodles, but that stuff seems more aimed at the gluten-free fad.


Whole grain spaghetti is great. You got the rough and solid texture of whole grain and it all comes out of the pot no oil needed


You have food snobs preaching about "al dente" but every day is al dente with whole grain spaghetti. (You can leave it boiling for 30 minutes and still have that rough and solid texture)


Whole grain spaghetti is ok but different if you didn't like combination of normal spaghetti with some sauce it can taste different or better with whole grain. Same can happen with corn flour spaghetti.


I koruri'd a 1 kilogram steak today.

File:00353-2700800976-girl, fac….png (365.08 KB,512x512)

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Anyone else been messing around with the stable diffusion algorithm or anything in a similar vein?
It's a bit hard to make it do exactly what you want but if you're extremely descriptive in the prompt or just use a couple words it gives some pretty good results. It seems to struggle a lot with appendages but faces come out surprisingly well most of the time.

Aside from having a 3070 i just followed this guide I found on /g/ https://rentry.org/voldy to get things setup and it was pretty painless.
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>The people dumping thousands of images onto places like pixiv in droves
This is becoming a problem for some tags, I personally have no issue with AI art, but shit like https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/%E3%81%8A%E3%81%AD%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%82%BF%20%E6%9D%B1%E6%96%B9/artworks?s_mode=s_tag is very annoying.


Also, as for games, if it's a really well-written and made game, but the art is the worst part I could see people overlooking AI. Like, Snow Daze is one of the best western h-games I've ever played, but the art constantly going off model takes it from really good, to just OK.
For a situation like this, I could see AI art working well.


>my own purposes (penises)


File:aaaAAAAA but still better ….png (604.22 KB,1404x640)

Foot review guy forgive me, this modeled foot has to look a certain way in its base form (like big and spaced out toes and it also looks like a blob since I just threw subdivision levels on it without sculpting detail)

>On the otherhand, using AI as a tool to streamline handmade art works out since the final product is not technically AI.

This is basically what I'm working towards... slowly. AI as "shader" basically. People know the problem with AI hands, well it's even worse for AI feet. I can't draw and don't really want to learn, but I have a lot of fun sculpting in 3D (retopologizing aside, which is what's holding me up)
You can see that even with all the flaws of my 3D mesh (disembodied and all) it can do a decent job of steering it.


>Foot review guy forgive me

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (239.52 KB,1280x720)

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What have you been dreaming recently?
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File:46ebfe263469ba5a4dd624399d….png (1.85 MB,1279x1424)

i dreamt that my uncle, two of my younger cousins, and i all were smuggling toilet paper and paper towels. we'd go to the store (where we'd get locked in, which i remember just using the opportunity to steal shit) and then bring the goods back to some kuso place in the inner city.
while we drove from place to place, my uncle and i would talk about acid rain.
at the end of my dream, we were just about to finish delivering the goods when some black guy that kind of looked like notorious big showed up and said something like "If y'all don't wanna die, then get the fuck outta here right now!" and then a white van pulled up, threw something that looked like a paper towel, but i shit you not, the moment the paper towel hit the ground, it was the F.L.E.I.J.A. from Code Geass and i watched everyone get vaporized before time rewound and then froze just before the bomb hit the ground, at which point i woke up.


File:1676974964910.png (741.38 KB,817x849)

Had a dream inside a dream again. The inner dream was a repeating nightmare where things would melt and face that appeared from nowhere had distorted faces like The Scream. The outer dream where I awoke was at a family reunion. After some substanceless discussion, I left and got to peak on my sister in the shower. She was not enthused. Then, my family got into an 80s retro futuristic car and my father berated me for forgetting something inside while we're we leaving. Then he started talking about how the nightmare I had was a result of a corporate program where some company after the New Year was sending out dozens of packages to people. The packages had things inside that would affect your dreams and give you nightmares. According to the newspaper the corps dream was that they wanted to mentally traumatize people into buying pharmaceuticals to help.

Weirdly anti-consumerism dream.


File:1624680678119.png (472.77 KB,637x477)

Had a dream where I was dining at some fancy restaurant before somehow ending up in front my bathroom mirror and began cosplaying as Yukari. Weirdly enough I managed to pull it off, and I even wore a striped thong for maximum immersion.


People were bowling with bottles of 70s beer in a borders book store


The mind is a fascinating thing. Was on the precipice of falling asleep and whilst half submerged in my dream I was on a pirate ship being stabbed in the eye by a pirate, and outside the dream my eye hurt a bit with pressure as well. Instantly subsiding once I awoke. Kinda weird dream too.

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