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File:1445920748493.jpg (62.42 KB,1228x913)


What the fuck is this webp garbage? Everytime I save an image now I get this garbage format and I can't post it on imageboards because its not supported. Where the fuck did this shit even come from?
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Why should we even care about smaller file-sizes for general purpose image sharing these days, when bandwidth and hard drive sizes are so large that no one is realistically going to run into issues from large image sizes?


Think of it like this: the only reason you have higher capacity storage solutions and higher bandwidth than a decade or two ago, is that the people involved actually invested resources in the better alternatives.
The sheer stupidity of your post reminded me of why I come to imageboards very rarely these days.


I am delighted that Kissu is walking on the bleeding edge of posting innovation


The biggest thing is that software doesn't support it. Imageboards are social places and ideally there are people making edits and stuff. Stuff like gimp and photoshop can't open them, which is probably working as intended I imagine.




File:16604409663006824352337556….jpg (474.98 KB,1108x1478)


A very special Comiket 100 is being held right now
Is there anything you're excited about? Like new doujin game, manga, music, merch, etc. or maybe just pictures of cosplayers
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File:1465087279281.jpg (53.63 KB,696x717)

I may be looking forwards to the next fatalpulse doujin, but not really because that's kimo of course! No way I'd be interested in something so lecherous...


File:[SubsPlease] Tokyo Mew Mew….jpg (171.96 KB,1280x720)

I haven't been paying attention, so not really. I'm sure there's going to be tons of awesome stuff and some of it will get uploaded, so that's nice.
Comiket seems so stressful with all the waves of people and extreme heat. No thank you!


File:1366421333160.gif (104.91 KB,150x150)

Haven't paid much attention but what's with the Type-Moon cover for it? Are they going to be announcing something big?


File:EA468712-1330-4CB7-9B9E-2….jpeg (146.22 KB,620x900)

There's a fresh squeezed oj doujinshi out that I hope ends up on DLsite or something; also seeing Nyalra (Needy Girl Overdose) creator would have been cool.



wanna squeeze one out to this doujin

File:c6280b170a56be8486fc0a29b4….jpg (650.41 KB,1683x1190)


/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!

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oh man I got a good one by chaining prompts.

Top 10 reasons to hate anime and manga

Why do we love watching anime and reading manga? As a matter of fact, why do we even like watching and reading those? This is a question that's hard to answer, but I'm going to try my best.

Before I get started, let me tell you something about myself. I was in the first class of students who entered a middle school in 2012. And I was the only one in my class who was in a love triangle.

It's true that I don't have any knowledge about anime or manga. But I think that's a good thing. It means I don't have to be a professional who can compare anime and manga to other works of art. And it's also a good thing that I don't have to go to a cram school or a training center to learn about anime and manga.

But still, I'm not a professional. And I'm not a big fan of anime and manga. So I'm not going to judge anime and manga and try to prove that they are good or bad.

Here are the Top 10 reasons to hate anime and manga.

1. You can't relate with other people
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize the majority of the superheroes you see as the hero of the story are actually the villain. A mix of their true selves and the person they wish to be. An example of this is what happens when the hero is a schoolboy. They fall into a deep depression because they're not "cool" or "popular" like they thought they would be. It's so sad and it's so true.

The same thing happens when the hero is just a regular teenager. They see a girl at school, and they just completely lose their mind thinking about how amazing she is. In fact, it's so much that they lose their


There I was, beginning my journey as the land's greatest dickgirl necromancer when my party ran into a tribe of wild catgirl amazons. We made our preparations for battle and I began incantations for my most devastating spells: "Stoning! I shall use my bare feet to crush the skulls of your princesses and make them use my bare feet as paddles for my stream of divine piss!"

The princesses did not give me the pleasure of seeing their skulls crushed. They gave me the pleasure of seeing my stream of divine piss sprayed on their faces and on their breasts. They are now following me around, begging for more.

A quest for glory and honor as a complete dickgirl necromancer, complete with a bunch of amazons for subjects!

I was walking around a little town, and I came across a local farmer


File:1598688235678.gif (622.19 KB,500x446)

K-On!'s philosophy about their characters and their respective worlds reminded me immediately of how System Shock taught me about alternate realities (as well as alternate dimension). The conversations between Wexford, Wander and Rev about how thoughts manifest emotions, Mysts sense as they walk down paths and Multiverse nodes linking stories didn't exist. Tales of Fandom in 1980's Britain about Star Trek' adverts were a staple of local media and were also how we formed conversations about the truth of what we saw there - and also form stuff for where we went (though the games established enough universes for that!).

So those kind of themes not only reflect the time and


File:d5dbjz8-d7c82783-de74-4974….png (15.53 KB,614x442)

File:Capture.PNG (43.73 KB,1456x654)


How big is Kissu's vocabulary? There's this fun test to take that will tell you! There were some difficult questions on here I thought.


There's also a Japanese vocabulary test that I quit halfway through because I was too frustrated. Guess I need to work on my 日本語 more...
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There are sixty questions so your actual score is the first three digits divided by ten, multiplied by two. Roughly.


File:waterfox_8Kh5JuqKnb.png (25.11 KB,981x614)

I don't really like this quiz, it's really bizarre with the word choice and antonym/synonym isn't really a good choice for words with multiple meanings. Well, I did better than I thought I would


How is the kissu average so much higher than the site's average. Even excluding the cheaters


File:R-1660451473266.png (29.64 KB,952x450)

I did pretty well I think.

This. Some of those picks were pretty strange.

I assume it's a combination of the site naturally attracting the kind of people who tend to have larger vocabularies, and writing somewhat in-depth posts every day improving your grasp on language as a whole.


I'm a loli who lieks to read.

File:53079130_p0.jpg (231.26 KB,480x889)


Whenever you see this thread go and get some exercise! You can't just laze around all day as a NEET!
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don't tell me what to do


>basketball and swimming
Don't those both have a pretty high chance of bonk.
Something that doesn't involve other people messing with your balance like running. If you're doing it for appearance then weights are likely fine.

no... there are a lot of ways you can get violently knocked off of a bike.

idiot... too many concussions can lead to aneurysms and other bad things.


>idiot... too many concussions can lead to aneurysms and other bad things.
Do you think that's what happened to that poster?


yeah, he said it and you basically encouraged him to get brain damage


It's already too late.

File:[SubsPlease] Shadows House….jpg (237.48 KB,1920x1080)


Don't you find it funny that there are two anime airing right now about "shadows" imitating and trying to replace humans?


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (215.74 KB,1920x1080)



File:[EMBER] Summertime Renderi….jpg (192.49 KB,1920x1080)

The ones in SR are way more evil though. The ones in SH don't need to kill their hosts to take their form.


But they do, in the end of the first season or the beginning of the second season, it's mentioned that shadows take over the human's body, effectively killing the human.


But they can make them pop out of their shadowy bodies. It doesn't look like they are dead, just assimilated.


>pop out
Isn't it just the look of their human? I don't think the humans still have a will of their own by the time they're assimilated. I don't remember if they mentioned that or not, though.

File:1622622058691.jpg (107.55 KB,1000x703)


What do you do when you want something good for dinner but your motivation is almost rock bottom?
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well yes, but i'd rather use kana over the legendarily bad orthography of english


>curse hippies and their overpricing of anything moderately foreign
When I was reading up on quinoa I learned that the price tripled in a decade with 2016 at the most recent. It's probably higher now. It really does seem like a really good thing to eat, though. What thing were you looking at?

Well, I guess not everyone uses language to communicate with others.


there is kibbeh nayeeh which can be either beef or lamb
of which i am currently eating the beef variety right now
there's also usually atleast some spice mixed in too so it's not just raw meat


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 06 (….jpg (256.63 KB,1280x720)

Made it again with a different recipe: https://bakeatmidnite.com/deli-style-macaroni-salad/
It still doesn't' taste like the grocery stuff at all, although I didn't have any celery seed. I don't think that would add the flavor I'm looking for anyway, or any at all. Also I didn't add any green pepper, but again that wouldn't possibly add the flavor (and I never eat those chunks in it anyway).
Really, really want to get this down so I can start modifying it to make it healthy. (though it'll never be "healthy" with all that mayonnaise really)


drink water

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (309.45 KB,1920x1080)


I've been thinking that I need to make a good computer-in-bed setup, but just for gaming when I'm tired or when it's near the end of the day.
About a decade ago I had a Vita that would use Moonlight and Nvidia Shield for windows to stream the PC screen to the vita and I could use the vita buttons. It worked pretty well, but it had so me pretty big limitations like the vita's unusual resolution and input lag which made action games a bit too annoying.
I think I want a tablet or something, and then have a metal 'holder' thing and some switch joycons and an adapter.
Does /qa/ have any knowledge or experience with such a thing, or general advice?
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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (344.58 KB,1920x1080)

All images of Kotoko are very cute!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (159.27 KB,1920x1080)

The VN thread on /jp/ has reminded me that I haven't bought the stand thing for my tablet. Unfortunately, it seems like there's not a good solution and I need to make a sacrifice somewhere. The prices seem absurd to me, as expensive or MORE expensive than monitors themselves. The solution that would be ideal are the 'hospital' monitor arms, but like hospitals themselves it's ludicrously expensive. $600 minimum.
This is what a typical 'monitor arm' looks like: https://www.amazon.com/Ergotron-Mounting-Arm-Monitor-Capacity/dp/B00689HXI4
But I need one with a long arm to reach over to my bed, so there's stuff like this:
But it effectively has a minimum height and it's definitely not made for rotation over a bed.

This stuff is designed for regular monitors and not little tablets. Ideally I'd want to be able to support a monitor if I want to, but it seems that it's out of my price range.
So now, I think I'll look into tablet holders that are centered around kindles or ipads or something


File:51C6azVSnFL._AC_SL1000_.jpg (57.98 KB,1000x973)

>So now, I think I'll look into tablet holders that are centered around kindles or ipads or something
Huh, maybe this really is the ideal solution and it was right there in my second post of the thread. It seems like these are a lot cheaper and of course are centered around personal use instead of office stuff, so it's made with beds in mind.
I'll be doing some research and making a purchase soon!


Might buy one of these two then I never have to move


Yeah, exactly. Well, more precisely you don't need to hold your arms in the air for 10 hours straight which causes heavy strain when you do it every day

File:[Noms] Jashin-chan Dropkic….jpg (274.43 KB,1920x1080)

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There's a new season on the horizon, kissu. So that means it's time for you to sift through this list and find me the good ones to watch.

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Yeah, same.


File:[SneedFox] Summertime Rend….jpg (169.92 KB,1920x1080)

No more ya/yer bullshit in Summertime. Eat shit SlyFox.


formerly chuckfox


awwww but i liked it


File:[Asakura] Isekai Yakkyoku ….jpg (206.92 KB,1920x1080)

Teppen and Isekai Pharmacy are two great shows that people need to be watching. I'm pointing them out because people voted against them in the stream because the their first episodes were kind of lame, but they really got better. A LOT!

Eh, it grew on me. It's kind of unique and gives them the rustic islander feel. I'm generally someone that isn't anal about this kind of thing with subtitles, though.

yes, hilarious 4teen humor

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (239.52 KB,1280x720)

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What have you been dreaming recently?
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Most of my dreams are really short and dull, but recently I had an extended 10 minute one that was just like watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares or something similar, except I was there. I haven't watched that stuff in a long time. It was really weird.


File:1598704388159.webm (1.4 MB,640x480)

I dreamt that Osaka pressed the big red button and ended the world with nuclear armageddon


Second one sounds like it would make for a good anime.


had some strange dreams
the first I don't remember much of because I forgot most of it quickly after I woke up to pee but it involved some sort of cultural exchange program in a poor African village
As for the second I was with a small group of people on a bus driving out in the middle of nowhere being told that we were going to take part in an experiment, I look out the window and see we are approaching this massive structure that looked like a cylindrical scifiish skyscraper wider but much taller. I remember being in awe at the size of the building and wondering why it needed to be that tall, something in my mind felt I had seen it before and connected it to a nuclear power plant. We get there and I look go to look straight up from the base of the building, even from the little I can see do to the layerish structure of the building it astounds me. We get inside and go to what seems to be like a medical center and are given a sort of presentation as to what the experiment will be. We are the first test run of a procedure that will in a couple steps swap the gender of a person down to the genetic level, I thought it was crazy and felt like it wasn't going to work out as well as I was being told it would. We are brought to this small rectangular waiting room to sit in a line of chairs facing a reception desk, I was sitting there next to two people I know watching people walk by and watching others in the experiment get called and with every second that passed I got increasingly nervous. I was convinced that this experiment would fail and that I would be thrown away with my body ruined by defects with my chinchin destroyed. My friend that I'm sitting next to gets called up and I decide I'll see how it goes for him before I decide to run or not, he comes back looking something like halfway between a man and a woman and it just feels so strange that I'm doubting this is even happening. Usually this is the point where I realize I'm dreaming and shortly wake up but instead it keeps going, he comes back again fully as a woman and says how he feels great and it went perfectly. Then my name is called and I go, the actual procedure got skipped and it was like I just saw the steps being progressed through on a check sheet and I walk out and look in a mirror, seeing myself there was the weirdest feeling I've felt in a while even when awake. I was starting to wake up starting with my name being called so the end was rushed, me and my friend became a lesbian paiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I did hardware repair on my own which had surreal physics. Then a stranger approached me in my own home with a knife, but I was still busy with hardware repairing, I got control of the situation and suddenly he held another knife in his other hand. But the stranger was so witty it didn't seem like he wanted to attack me violently, I could defend myself and get him in a position where he's powerless but still he wanted to attack me. Much later I sat on a cushy sofa with two strangers, we were watching some 80s OVAs with delirious themes.

File:java_vpaQ21ktJe.png (1.55 MB,853x809)


There's a new Haven and Hearth world starting on August 12th!
Is anyone else interested in playing some Haven and Hearth in a couple weeks? It's like a free* multiplayer version of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley in one shared world, but with more focus on exploring and there's combat and stuff. You start with nothing, but you can build up a little village (with others) as you hunt animals and raise crops and stuff. It's really so much more fun when there's a bunch of people you know working towards goals and having fun building and decorating. Do note that there's PvP and people can freely attack you if they have the right unlocked perks, though there's ways to hide in your town. Certain animals/monsters can also permanently (rarely) kill you, although it only happened to me once when I was really new. There's some system to inherit a percentage of xp from your dead 'ancestor', but I never looked into it.

There's a pretty heavy emphasis on grinding to the extent that you'll always need new materials and food. However, stuff happens on real world timers, like it takes 20 hours to dry leather, or 3 days for crops to finish growing and other such things. It takes a similar time to recover from injuries and to 'study' things to get XP, so things can't progress TOO fast.

The current world should last for at least a few more days I think if you want to run around and get a handle of things, but there's no rush.

There's also a wiki for it, though the info isn't always accurate to the current version. https://ringofbrodgar.com/wiki/

*If you pay $15 you'll get an extra row of inventory space and 20% more XP. It's a fun game and I spent a lot of time in it so it was worth it to me.
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> Ohh wait, they changed it and made it a consumable.
Changed what? The beacons were always consumed on use if that's what you mean.


Oh. I thought you'd light it for an hour and as many people as possible could teleport to it.
Anyway, it's up with the password of 'kissufriends'


is there any way that by joining I could be useful for "the team" or this mostly an individual game?


Just about anything in this game can be done solo but it'll take a lot more time. Most people play in groups (villages) for that reason plus it's more fun.
Everything in our group is shared so most things you do count for the team I'd say, even making your character stronger with food/exp/gear since it means access to more things that others might need.
It helps to have more people because you can specialize in a certain skill (get more of it that any other skill). So someone is the best for handling dead animals, others have more strength and can mine harder walls, more carpentry/masonry means higher quality of corresponding stuff and so on. Later on it gets a bit more even when you make equipment sets that boost stats but it'll still count if you want the best quality.


File:javaw_y9IWRokHiw.jpg (300.65 KB,1037x678)

Yeah, I agree with the other post. And even if you're not going to do much you can still help organize and decorate or just hang out.
Currently we just have a bunch of garbage strewn around as we search for a better location to set up a real base. Also the server just crashed

File:97528285_p0.jpg (297.15 KB,869x1228)

 No.89785[Reply][Last50 Posts]

starting to melt in my blankets
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downloading popotan VN! it's going to be a fine day


Going to walk to wcdonalds


File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_038__rs2_….jpg (80.08 KB,640x480)

love mcdonalds


looks more like a WcBurger to me


argh by force of habit I typed mcdonalds and missed the whole joke

File:27.jpg (66.11 KB,1133x1600)


What do you think changed the most between the current year and 2001?
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It's not what you said it's how you said it.


>individualism has also increased and makes for worse and less products to enjoy
i agree, especially when it comes to mmos


>The internet got old enough that it started to become introspective.
that was pretty much always the case, when a new group of people flooded into a community, the people in that community whined about it, from usenet groups to irc to forums and imageboards and whatever else
it sounds like you are using Internet and Web interchangeably, which is misleading


Irony-poisoning and triviality are ubiquitous in conversations. Attention spans are shorter and the ramifications of this being the trend for over a decade is beginning to show.


Those gosh darned kids showed up and started acting differently from me!

File:book think.png (55.71 KB,207x290)


Cel: Late 80s (Akira, Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, Patlabor, City Hunter, Maison Ikkoku, Guyver, Bubblegum Crisis, Gunbuster, etc).

Digital: Mid to late 00s (Aria, Mushishi, SZS, Bakemonogatari, Kaiji, Kara no Kyoukai, Spice and Wolf, Gurren Lagann, Gundam 00, etc).

This is both in terms of looks/visuals and shows which are my favorites. I think everyone agrees that 80s is the superior cel artstyle due to everything before it looking 'dated' and with weak art and animation and 90s anime having a 'wobbly' exaggerated look to it in comparison. And my preference for mid to late 00s stuff is because early digital stuff had a weird flat look to it since animators weren't completely used to it yet. Also helps that CGi wasn't as prevalent before. The death of hand drawn mecha was the greatest tragedy of the modern age.
4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


As far as television anime goes, considering availability and number of titles produced per year, I'd estimate having watched around 10 shows from the 70s, 20 from the 80s, 40 from the 90s and 5-10 for subsequent years is probably the bare minimum to have a somewhat informed opinion.


90s and early 2000s because it was what I watched when I was a kid so it doesn't hit the same.
about 300 shows but very few before the late 80s


the 2000s


Practically all of my favourite tv anime aired between roughly 2006 and 2017, so that would be my pick. For movies though my favourites are more spread out, and I couldn't really say I have a preference for any particular era in that case.


I haven't watched enough to have an opinion.

File:[SubsPlease] Kawaii dake j….jpg (287.1 KB,1920x1080)

 No.87528[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Bump limits are for DORKS
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File:shimaipout.PNG (11.69 KB,89x155)


File:[SubsPlease] Soredemo Ayum….jpg (298.67 KB,1920x1080)


File:[Fresh Precure!][47][BDRIP….png (1.18 MB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (107.73 KB,1280x720)

pout of determination


File:[SubsPlease] Kanojo, Okari….jpg (235.95 KB,1920x1080)

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