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File:2czYe.png (449.06 KB,685x665)


Can mental exhaustion lead to physical exhaustion? And if so how are you supposed to fix it.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (351.47 KB,1920x1080)

Probably? And that's the million dollar question


File:I_happen_to_be_an_idiot_on….jpg (61.08 KB,680x660)

Well, um, stress and anxiety, and a variety of other mental conditions can all lead to varying physical manifests ranging from fatigue, muscle twitching, rapid heart rate, increased perspiration, loss of appetite, etc. and they even cause deadly conditions like heart attack and stroke.

Fixing mental issues is always tricky and I think comes down to the individual in question, what they're motivated by, and whether their stressors are innate (mental conditions) or environmental (intra-personal issues). I think generally some solid advice would be to remain persistent, and -- when possible -- avoid your stressors, or overcome them through therapy or through sheer force of will. Medication is technically always an option too, but I'm suspicious of the health impacts long-term usage implies, particularly for drugs that alter brain chemistry, and in such cases I would always recommend therapy first unless the condition in question is severe and requires treatment such as manic disorders, schizophrenia, or severe depression.


also, haven't we talked about this before?


File:1387710268673.jpg (47.5 KB,250x250)

Have we? I can't remember.


Either it's since fallen off the board, or I'm weakly clairvoyant, but I do think I remember making a post almost exactly like >>78362. There were some other things I mentioned then and didn't write the post exactly the same way. I could've sworn it was started with a different image from Neptunia too. I faintly recall it being on one of the seasonal boards, and/or it getting moved? I honestly can't remember all the details.

File:1.how_light_pollution_affe….jpg (193.64 KB,947x519)


Has /qa/ ever seen a shooting star before? All things considered they're supposed to be pretty common, but I've never seen one before. I can barely see any stars, only just the bright stars that make up major constellations because of all the light pollution from where I live.


I've seen maybe one shooting star I think, but I also live where light pollution is medium, but still just as bad for seeing anything.


Yeah, I used to watch the meteor showers during certain events like the uhh... Pleneids meteor shower or something? Usually happens around August. I've probably seen about 100 or so total over the years.
In that image I'm close to suburban, but it used to be a lot closer to rural since this area has been built up over the decades. I hate cities for many reasons...

File:1474220773777.png (510.93 KB,836x964)


Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.
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Oh, but I do think it's a little undiligigent to not break Synthwave at least into Synthwave and Dark Synth. Although I would broadly consider artists like Perturbator to be a Synthwave artist, they have a much darker tone than an artist like Waveshaper.

Regardless, I also think it much more plausible that Synthwave in it's current form originated out of, or at least drew a significant amount of inspiration from, French House, and Synthpop, while also drawing upon the affect and vibe of Tracker music (and also Rock, but that's not really "Electronic" is it :P). The draw from Spacesynth, in my opinion seems much more of a matter of convergent evolution, rather than direct lineage.

Waveshaper for comparison against Perturbator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLelplIhgLE


File:Kagamine.Len.full.2813986.jpg (775.03 KB,1748x2480)

I'm more into the Jungle and Trance scene myself so to me I kept it simple; if the song uses Sawtooth Waves it's Synthwave. >>77965 Has it quite right I would say.

>Cute Len too.

Love Len.

You're not wrong there and actually - in some cases artists have been known to mess with music journalists as those are the ones making most of these genre terms IDM is a good example of that, the band Mindless Self-indulgence in an interview once called their style Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk nowadays it's artists trolling journalists to see how many goofy terms they can get them to write about.


this is like the 30th revival of 80es stuff in 20 years, might as well call it electro and sythpop like the rest


ペンライト (Pen light) is the Japanese term for glow sticks.


>Light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial (usually outdoor) light. Too much light pollution has consequences: it washes out starlight in the night sky, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, has adverse health effects and wastes energy.

You learn something new everyday, like another way that living in the city is bad for you.

File:AJW8_131980606750066976aF2….jpg (14.29 KB,640x480)


Have you ever used one of these handle accessories for a handheld gaming system? I really need to get one because the 2DS XL utterly wrecks my hands and makes them sore for the entirety of the next 3 days. Getting older sucks, but also this square design they've kept since the original gameboy sucks, too.
What about computer stuff? Do you use any special keyboard or mouse to avoid hand or wrist cramping? I feel like this is stuff I should buy before I need it and that time will probably arrive in less than a decade.
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I have a grip thing for my vita that's decent, but it's not quite perfect for me. I really want to get the 2000 model so I can get the Hori remote play grip, since not only does it provide better ergonomics, but also provides extra triggers for the touchpad on the back so you can fully map all the buttons that would be on a console controller.

Outside of consoles, I think a small thing that might help a lot is using an ergonomic mouse that has contours for your thumb and fingers. I would imagine having your fingers fall more naturally like that is probably better for your hands than a standard mouse that just has flat sides.


File:916FCj53FjL._SL1500_.jpg (131.54 KB,1500x1500)

Do you know the name of the vita thing? I need to get one, also do you have small, average or big hands? Nature gave me little girl hands that don't fit onto my body...
In related news, more research into 2DS stuff and I see this thing. I don't understand how this is supposed to work. It's like 3-5x the price of the stuff that looks like OP image, but it doesn't seem very ergonomic at all


File:31T2Plx 3pL.jpg (13.65 KB,500x500)

Yeah, it's made by a company called "OSTENT". You should easily find it just searching, "OSTENT Vita 1000 grip". They're really cheap off of Amazon. Like $7. I have about medium-large hands, and I personally find it a little small for me. I would imagine if you have smaller hands than me, it might work well for you, but you might also have trouble reaching the back touchpad. The build quality is decent and doesn't feel like it'd ever fall off, but it's nothing to write home about. Leaving it off of the vita, however, I do worry about it's build quality where it goes across the back on the top and bottom, because the plastic there is a bit thin and seems like it might break if you placed something heavy on it.


File:nerf2.jpg (70.42 KB,900x674)

That reminds of a thing I had for my DS Lite. I got it as a kid, presumably because my parents didn't trust me not to break the thing. I would imagine that 2DS thing serves the same purpose: it's to ensure that the 2DS becomes certifiably indestructible, even more so than Nintendium already is, and ergonomics is probably just an afterthought.


Ohh, I forgot there's two Vita models. I have the 1000, too. Nice.

You're right about that. It's a grip/protector thing, but I think the grip part was just marketing talk because it's not ergonomic at all. It probably adds significant weight, too, which makes it even worse.
(My forearms do get more buff if I play vita for weeks at a time as it is)

File:1599327128360.webm (17.18 KB,640x360)


What even is #qa and how is it related to kissu?
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File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (133.76 KB,1280x720)

A holdout from the tumultuous times of 4/qa/ *shudder*
Sometimes people make good remarks and conversations there that really would work better on kissu and it bums me out sometimes. I know things would receive more input and everyone would gain from it, but... bleh!

if ever the "diamond in the rough" phrase was accurate..


wait, I looked it up and "diamond in the rough" doesn't mean "a good thing among bad things" but rather something that hasn't yet reached its potential
huh, never knew


yeah lost the will to explain midpost honestly


File:1586455412600.png (487.02 KB,1250x500)

Once upon a time there was a place called /qa/ where many of the people who call Kissu home came from. The people there ushered in an era of prosperity and community moderation, but this angered the devious 4chan mods, and so they gradually made the board more and more intolerable to use, until one Summer a few years ago, their rage finally reached a fever-pitch and they then decided to ban a great many of the people here leaving them nowhere to go but Kissu. Before then and during that period of prosperity, the inhabitants of /qa/ used (and still do (very infrequently)) an IRC channel on Rizon called #qa, and at some point someone made an IRC channel on Sageru. The benefit of Sageru is that communication is anonymous, unlike Rizon where a username and pseudo-account is required. When a lot of people were banned, images were posted that basically said "Find your friends on kissu.moe, 4taba.net, qa.booru.org, etc". I believe #qa, either Sageru or Rizon was also in that list. Thought I might find one on qa booru, but I guess no one's posted one.


I have to eat my words on part of that image. /qa/ most certainly was murdered, but according to 4stats it's a top 20 board now.
Never again will I underestimate the power of that modern internet generic "shitposting" culture.

File:DpbBjIMUcAAXtG3.jpg (45.84 KB,1280x736)


Let's draw the safety cat! You can draw the original cat, or you can draw something else in that form! For examples you can look at https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/%E7%8F%BE%E5%A0%B4%E7%8C%AB/artworks
Remember- you don't need to be good! Just draw something!
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File:image_2021_09_18_14_52_48s….png (43.62 KB,1080x1851)

Attempt #2. This was fun.


File:ladybern.png (4.36 MB,4000x4000)

cat of miracles



cute cat


File:Untitled-1.png (13.96 KB,900x900)

picasso cat

File:Taiga_Nl0wY6znSn.png (7.21 MB,3176x2290)



I've been considering how this season has felt more like work for a bit of the anime I'm keeping up with. With that in mind I'd rather just be strict this season and focus on my backlog while only watching whatever piques my interest as something I'd want to keep up with weekly. Although a problem I've found is that stuff airing this fall looks pretty nice, so who knows how much time I'll end up with to focus on my backlog.

So blah blah blah, what are you looking at next season and do you have any plans for it that don't relate to what's airing?


My plans for the fall are to find even better ways to jerk off


File:[SubsPlease] Hanyou no Yas….jpg (122.43 KB,1280x720)

I think I'll wait a little bit before I give any serious look at this stuff. But dang, Inuyasha spinoff season 2? I forgot to finish S1.
It was pretty good, I just had trouble starting it every week


oh wow, things are ending. I barely even remember when the season began


no 9+ anime last season hope there's one this season

File:68170101_p0.png (691.88 KB,1023x723)

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it's what all the girls are talking about
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thinking it's time to remake the blog, have a new picture and OP


yeah this thread is pretty big


no it hasn't hit 1k yet we can't just give up now


sometimes I think about my degree of luck. Usually, I have rather neutral luck, but sometimes at sheer random it seems that my luck will perk up, but only for things that seem utterly inconsequential. and maybe my brain is failing, but every now and then I very vaguely dream about something that eventually comes to pass, but again it's never anything significant. usually it's just scenes from my everyday life: making or reading a certain post, noticing something at the store, or maybe seeing my cat do something.

if only I knew how to direct these things towards helping me win the lottery...

File:6b7219366c7f4c1b4cc77ce2e4….jpg (1.15 MB,1881x1313)


No idea if this key works.
It's only usable on the Microsoft store.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Microsoft Key - GLOBAL
Items: 1
Bought on: Jun 28/20 - 1:42 AM

If you want to play against me, just say whenever.
I have AoE2 HD as well, though I'd rather not.
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easy for you to say, whenever i try that and go army first i approach with a counter unit but the enemy already has 15x the numbers i do


RTS games are for conditioning regular gamers to become autistic.


Maybe try playing a good one.


Which do you like?


gaming sure has gotten better over the years...

File:summer 2021.png (6.62 MB,1801x4280)

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2 weeks left. What are you looking forward to? What are you interested in?
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File:[SubsPlease] Heion Sedai n….jpg (191.98 KB,1280x720)

You first


Songs like this were so common in the 00s for shonen anime




actually the same series i was thinking of when you said that


I think bleach too, but they were more hip hop than bluegrass rock

File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)


Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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The very same, yes. Here is the vndb page if anyone is interested: https://vndb.org/v2016


Love me some delicious choco elves... I'll have to read it myself eventually too.


I played Seed of the Dead - Sweet Home.

It's pretty bad, it's nice that they made an ero shooter but the Zombie theme is really really bland and I don't get how it has become so popular, they are the worst opponents you can pick for pretty much every reason.


File:8debfc36-5dc7-4f39-98e1-19….png (285.07 KB,1024x1024)

He's selling some merch now!
These seem nice for $13.


File:613d6b4f2cb50.jpg (73.98 KB,560x420)

I found one that messed up my sleep
Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~

File:[SubsPlease] Tsuki ga Mich….jpg (168.89 KB,1280x720)


1. Black Company
2. Tsuki ga Michibiku
3. Tensura
4. Genjitsu Shuji Yuusha

(Power gap)

10. Isekai Drugstore
11. Seirei Gensouki
12. Hamefura

(Didn't even bother watching)

999. 100-man blah blah blah
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Slime faired better in its finale than Tsukimichi I think. Not sure whether that would make it better than it though.


Guess Tsukimichi is split cour. Makes more sense why they ended it on such a nothing ending then.



It really is a veritable renaissance for fantasy stuff. No such luck for sci-fi or mecha, however...


Good thing we have like 2-3 decades worth of good anime for that genre...

File:9972b15a.JPG.jpg (44.56 KB,480x360)


Can't easily watch any recent anime as well as I can early 2000 and older. Is it time to stop resisting and accept Old = Good New = Bad?
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File:IrumaGroup.jpg (315.61 KB,1280x720)

My main complaints are that too much modern anime relies on processed photographs for backgrounds, and the colors are getting more muted, and the faces less expressive.

But there's still exceptions like Iruma-kun that bring back the older style, so I think not all hope is lost.


How much of the old stuff have you watched? Like, let's say a random year of... 2003. How many shows have you experienced of it? Do you think it's the same as the exposure you've had to, say, 2019?


Think I agree with this most of the stuff I really like is filled with vibrant and bright colors and 2000s anime had a lot of that.


Ok, I've been wanting to say this for a while and here it is, although much shorter and less elaborate than I wish I could be:

Getting obsessive with old content kills the potential of the new; new things shouldn't have to be smothered so heavily by the weight and expectations of the past works, even if those past works set a "benchmark" or hurdle expected to be raised, so to speak.
It's incredibly unfair to the creative spirit of the present, and those working hard on it, seeking validation for their ideas and skills in creation. Like when people still pay for and listen to dead musicians instead of sampling the works put out by new people and supporting them on bandcamp or KoFi or whatever. It's just sad is what it is. Yes, I know the future looks grim sometimes but still I want to give the new generation a chance to show what they got.

I think we all get nostalgic and want a comfortable place to return to sometimes; that's normal, but goddamit I'm so tired of seeing things like Lucky Star or Miku derived content on Twitter for the several thousandth time by some small artists, rather than characters from newer series.
I wish I had more time to say more about it.


I think that good old series still getting love isn't that bad, it's not something we should discontinue just because the new exists, but yeah I think completely ignoring what's new and snubbing it for what's come out probably isn't that good a mindset either. However, it's still probably a good idea for people to go and experience the good old stuff too since like how old stories can make people jaded about new and derivative stuff, those new and derivative stories may actually end up spoiling the old for those who haven't experienced it before. This may or not be a good thing though depending on if the new is better than the old, but usually that isn't the case.

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (239.52 KB,1280x720)

 No.62191[Reply][Last50 Posts]

What have you been dreaming recently?
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Had quite the storied dream. It started off with me in my home playing on my computer when I noticed outside there seemed to be "zombies" about, I put it in quotations because it didn't seem like the conventional type there was something off about them. So what I did for a bit was just wait inside while nothing happened until my brother arrived home with some friends and a dog. Everything went well until the dog started acting strange and then bit one of the others inside and they eventually were infected as well and came after the rest of us. I made a break for the basement, but my first floor had transformed into a large shopping mall which was now filled with infected people all over. Somehow I made it out safely and was back to enjoying myself in the basement, but then eventually I thought I had to check on my brother and immediately upon opening the door I was assaulted by an infected version of them and had to put him down to save myself.

This lead into figuring out there was a 'resistance' shelter against something so I made my way to it in an F-Zero style car, needing to outpace and dodge lasers and other such things flying at me and wrecking the county which had transformed into a mish-mash of wreckage. Eventually I dropped my vehicle for another to get them off my trail an d made it to the camp, which turned out to be an underground city of sorts.

Within the city I had some odd power, that I can't even remember the details of, and was important to some process that the ones in charge of the camp (Google) wanted to do. After wandering around a bit I ran through different situations in an SoL manner that I can't recall as well, but the town was like a festival with food stands and other such shops about, I bought a meat bun or two and didn't get ripped off because the strongman accompanying me did something in view of the store owner is about the most I can remember of something that happened. However eventually after finding out the authority behind the city was corrupt and using people for something, I used the power somehow to wreck a facility of the place, but also by this point the city had transformed into my house again and I ended up just throwing a ball and a chair onto the first floor's floor, crushing it and somehow stopping whatever had been proceeding. After this me and another person were taken to a board meeting of Google's to discuss the incident and they all talked like they were buddies and hadPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


had a dream I was some kinda tentacle monster from outta space and I was attacking girls on a train



File:57be2ff99274d9a6122e85eb78….png (148.59 KB,500x500)

Rena and Mion came over to my place and if they returned they would confess to me. I was ready to pick Mion but neither of them returned. There were also lots of deflated balloons in the window sill.


Had a dream I was pissing out an absurd amount of kidney stones. Each one was like the size of a popcorn kernal or a bean or something, and I just kept shooting them out like 10 per second like a machine gun or something.

dreams are weird.

File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san….jpg (205.04 KB,1280x720)


It's been two long years but now Kobayashi and Kyoani are finally back with a bang bringing the prettiest episode of the season with also the best OP and ED of the season in tow.
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File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-sa….webm (3.9 MB,1920x1080)

High-Power yuri action


sigh the last episode was so nice


dun dun... DUHHHHHHH
Sadly it's just a "shoot em up" and those aren't very appealing to me in general


A shmup anime tie-in? Don't think I've ever seen that before. I'll have to try it out.


Konosuba actually got a slow-paced shoot em up on the Vita.

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