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File:eae4e2c363560e34d79a60deb2….jpg (1.68 MB,2340x1539)


It seems pretty common for posters here to have no problem pirating anime, manga, and production software. But for video games, everyone seems to just use Steam and pay for the games.
I don't understand this because I think the belief that one choosing to not pay for digital media should extend to all forms, including games. What's your rationale behind this?
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It's quite easy most of the time if you have everything set up properly and use wine-ge


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai One Tu….jpg (344.66 KB,1920x1080)

It'd be a lot different if you could selectively buy a season of an anime for like $5 or something, but instead you need to subscribe to a service of questionable quality like old cable TV. For instance, Crunchyroll is known for paying and treating their translators poorly and instead using the money to buy fancy offices for their useless office staff or their own terrible original content, neither of which is beneficial to the industry. Of course none of this money makes its way to the original Japanese creators, either. Merchandise and other stuff is a little bit better for that.
I think Steam sales are too psychologically exploitative and people end up playing only 10% of their game library, but it shows how good it is to be able to quickly choose and purchase a specific thing with minimal effort. It's faster to buy the game than to pirate it, so if it's cheap enough...


I do pirate the occasional game, if I feel they're too expensive to justify purchasing (especially those with several hundred dollars of DLC). And, on the converse, the form of media I spend the most money on by far is manga, although that's for physical copies so I suppose might not count.
Anyway, the big difference between paying for games and paying for anime is the quality of service.
With a Steam game I just need to pay a few dollars now and I get permanent access to the game, being able both to play it offline and to redownload it freely, as well as being able to easily update it, play online with friends, and get achievements - in other words, cost aside, a paid copy of the game is on par or better in every way than a pirated copy.
With anime, however, if I pay for it then I can only watch it online, without any ability to have a personal downloaded copy (which, as something of a data hoarder, is an automatic 'yeah nah' for me), with the possibility that the license will be pulled and I will lose access at any time, and without options to freely customizing my media player, easily making screencaps/clips, use fansubs, and so forth, all of which is basic functionality for a pirated copy. So the question becomes "Why would I ever pay for something when I can get a clearly superior version for free?" - not to mention the numerous series which aren't even available for streaming.
BDs are, of course, a different story, but in that case they are too prohibitively expensive for me to realistically be able to justify buying as anything other than collector's items for my absolute favourites.
If I could instead pay a few dollars to get a permanent copy of an anime that I was able to readily both download and stream, with no major downsides over pirating, then I probably would buy a lot of what I watch, but that simply isn't an option at present.


File:1410481178144.png (1.38 MB,3442x1833)

I apply the same standards to my decision to pirate regardless of the format. Steam are just the best at meeting those criteria, though I still pirate lots of games from bad publishers to avoid promoting more of their cancerous practices. Piracy is a service problem and Steam beats pirates on everything but pricing.

Anime needs to get away from the horrible subscription streaming model and offer high-quality downloads attached to RSS or similar so I can fetch them automatically in order to compete with the convenience and ownership value pirates offer me. And that's not even mentioning the inferior translations and typesetting compared to what fans do. Manga comes closer (for the 1% that even get officially translated), but the standard there is free online viewing anyway, at least for recent chapters, so I don't have to pirate those except maybe to catch up. Production software often has FOSS alternatives that work well enough and are more deserving of support or try to push SaaS instead of actually selling you the program.

They did a little push for it years back, but it never took off. I thought it had potential, but the quality and pricing were wack. If you want to grab the archival market, you need to have BD quality, and if you want the seasonal market, you need to be cheap enough that people can snatch up a dozen episodes a week without breaking the bank. Games do the former, music does the latter, videos decided we don't need to own them.


File:Screenshot_2023-05-30_10-5….png (66.94 KB,842x601)

you can run any .exe through steam using their proton stuff
it's probably one of the more convenient ways if anything


File:65069cabd10f41040c6025e6b2….png (3.19 MB,2049x1153)

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Right now it seems to be a good time to build a PC:
CPUs and GPUs are coming back in stock.
GPU price dropped to MSRP, thanks to the end of GPU crypto mining.
New generation, low availability technologies are cropping up like PCIe 4, DDR5, RTX 4090, AM5 socket, diverting consumer attention away from previous gen.
M.2 SSDs are cheaper than ever, and will be even cheaper in the near future because of flash memory chip oversupply.

What does /qa/ think about building a PC now?
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File:6a04cfbc67da68c2dac99d3511….png (3.23 MB,3259x2061)

got a new dual tower cpu cooler to replace the stock cooler, and added 2 rear case fans
chose the Thermalright SilverSoul 135 because my case has 140mm height clearance, and pretty much it's the only dual tower cooler in this category with a 120mm fan
installed it and the rear fans so that the cooler fan blows through the fins directly to the case fan
now the pc is 10-15c cooler than before, runs faster, while also being much quieter!
the cooler performs very well despite only cost $30

also got a 3090 in the meantime


Don't really know much about monitors, does this look good?

I'm not looking for anything too fancy, and I won't be using curved monitors or dual/triple monitor setups.


Looks alright. I've never heard of that brand and it not being height-adjustable is kind of eh, but the reviews look pretty good. If you care about gaming, I think VA panels are typically a bit slower than IPS and TN panels, but are a bit better at contrast? I can't quite remember.


165hz is a terrible refresh rate, which is not divisible by 24 or 30, so there will be stuttering effect when viewing videos.
144hz is more common so they should also be available for cheap, and is divisible by 24.
VA also has bad response time, and those with much less have overshoot artifacts. IPS is superior in all possible ways other than contrast.
The only reason to buy this is because the brand name looks like koruri.


need a megu edit of that thumbnail


File:playstation-project-q-rele….jpg (11.74 KB,480x240)


Well this is extremely lame. Instead of making a new Vita, allegedly for the last 8 years Sony had been making this stupid Wii U style in-home streaming thing. Epic.


Ah, yeah. I remember seeing this. I'd seen rumors that there'd be a handheld, but with the caveat it'd be an extremely disappointing to vita/psp users. I guess this does fit that bill pretty well. Not even sure what the purpose of this is, and didn't know the Wii-u's either, I thought that was a massive flop as well that nintendo perfected with the switch... In comparison this feels like a massive regression that I don't know who it will appeal to.


The WiiU's failure was more about colossally poor marketing that made it look like an add-on to the Wii and a lack of big name titles to push sales early on than the innate stupidity of the premise. The in-home streaming was more of a bonus feature, the main intent was to use the second screen in tandem with the TV (WarioWare and Pikmin 3 both offer unique experiences by doing this), which is not what this or the Switch do. They're either/or affairs that seem to exist for the sole purpose of killing the handheld gaming console off for good.


File:PSP-3000-VPN1-3167327560.jpeg (122.31 KB,1280x784)

I just wish some company would remake the PSP3000 with a more powerful well known chip so that you could emulate N64 and PS2/GC/Wii without any lag and have lots of software supported by porting open source linux emulators, tools, and games. Most Linux supported games would be playable with some keypad mapping so they could be released through a proprietary online store by the console developer that gives access to both handhelds and desktops and charges a fairly small fee from the publisher for the privilege of being in the preinstalled store and encouraging people to buy instead of pirating by making it easy. Preferably DRM free for longevity.

I've seen some things like the odroid which almost does it, but they're always so much bigger than they need to be and lower build quality than what one could hope to find in a PSP or GBA. Usually just a tad too weak too whereas if they cost a couple hundred dollars more they could be incredibly powerful and popular. Nobody wants a device that just barely can't do the thing you want it to do so even if it's more affordable it won't be popular as it leaves a sour taste in everyones mouth when it doesn't perform to people's expectation.

A high quality built device with PSP3000 formfactor would no doubt to me be a smashing success if it was powerful enough to play modern games as well, but instead we just get these cheap looking touch tablets with controllers one the side that feel like a bad joke. Too big to be portable. A child should be able to put their favorite handheld in their pockets and it should be square and durable enough to be dropped on the ground without immediately being destroyed.
The PS Vita is almost there being a mostly okay form factor and more powerful, but unfortunately wastes money and build quality on the front and back touch when it could have been just as durable and with much more performance. The gimick set it behind more than the lack of games imo as the gimick caused the lack of games, there was just no reason to develop for it when it compromised on the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics. N64 emulation has gotten pretty good on the Vita at least, but PS2 and GC games are a pipedream unfortunately whereas a modern recreation by Sony of the PSP should be more than possible to make powerful enough to blow every other small handheld out of the water.

I would gladly pay $1000+ for a proper powerful PSP3000. Only minor change I cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:ds.jpg (218.45 KB,1024x1152)

>the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics

Anyway, I'm almost certain every major game company thinks portables are dead because of smart phones, and they're probably right to a degree. Nobody was ever going to dump $1000 on a toy to keep their kid busy on road trips and they're sure as hell not going to do it when the kid already has a bunch of F2P phone games and access to social media right in their pocket. You get these retarded tablets because they're being designed as a way to play console/PC games away from a TV/PC, not as a platform to make portable games for.


File:vidya.jpg (284.76 KB,1659x1035)

>>the things that mattered at the time, performance to run good graphics
>Suuure. [pic related]
To be clear I am talking about why people bought Sony devices.
Nintendo had the gimmicks and fun party games, but that's not why people bought the playstation devices. If PSP buyers wanted a Nintendo DS they would have bought the Nintendo DS. By copying Nintendo the end result is that they lose their main fanbase's support and don't really gain any Nintendo buyers because they care more about first party games.
Nintendo's popularity with the Nintendo DS, Wii, and the Switch has never been copied by any other company and everyone who has tried has given up because they misunderstood their own customer base. Remember Playstation Move trying to copy Nintendo Wii? A collosal failure. If the Playstation Vita did not spend money on the touch screen and the back touch they would be able to deliver a stronger machine that didn't alienate PSP fans and more games with impressive graphics would be built for it. No PSP fan would buy a DS imitation. If you wanted to make a kid friendly game with touch for the Playstation Vita you would be better off just releasing it on the Nintendo DS instead as it already had the userbase of people with consoles ready to buy. Sony messed up big time, it happens.
>Anyway, I'm almost certain every major game company thinks portables are dead because of smart phones, and they're probably right to a degree
Nintendo continues to produce portables that sell. It's definitely true smart phones have almost killed the market though.
>Nobody was ever going to dump $1000 on a toy to keep their kid busy on road trips
You're right that people wouldn't dump $1000 on a toy for their kid, that was only a personal wish and not really related to the fact that they wasted way too much money on R&D and production for gimmicks nobody wanted when it could have simply just been a much more powerful PSP that could've played more impressive games which would also mean much more incentive for developers to release a Vita port. If the device isn't anywhere near powerful enough to handle it, what's the point in releasing a let down? Developers knew the Vita was a flop before it flopped.

Anyways in 20Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:[polished] Kokoro Library….webm (455.92 KB,640x480)


Describe Kissu in one image or video.
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File:patch eat.png (127.15 KB,292x300)



File:Idontevencareifigetbanneda….png (156.19 KB,398x395)



File:c10875f45e5a5f027e3e1a5ebf….png (585.35 KB,2000x2000)

vtuber fans on kissu





File:AI art.png (370.42 KB,512x512)

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There's two threads on /qa/ for different AI generation content and help. A thread on the morality and ethics of AI. One about the future potential AI holds. One on >>>/megu/ for more in-depth help with specifics. Then scattered about across all the boards some threads using AI generation for image openers and such. However, none of these actually encompass kissu's opinion on AI!

So, what do you /qa/eers think of AI currently? Do you like it, dislike it, find it useful in any meaningful way at all? Or are you simply not interested in the output of algorithms?

I myself find AI to be a useful tool in generating the kind of content I've either exhausted the available stock of or are gated off by some hurdle I need to spend more time overcoming. When it comes to text/story generation, it's like a CYOA playground where I play the role of DM and set up all the lore/situations/characters, and then the AI acts out events as I lay out the flow of the story. This creates a more interactive experience for me than just writing out a story myself for some reason, and I find it highly addictive. Then for AI art generation, I find that AI works wonders for filling a specific niche taste I have, or specific scenario I want to create an image for. It really is quite amazing in my eyes, and I have hopes for it getting even better in the future.
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I felt too mean


It was alright




hank the science guy



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Been doing stuff to youtube autoplay and it's sent me down a Megumi Hayashibara road, so I've been listening to a bunch of Slayers and Saber Marionette themes. Always gets me in the mood to do stuff.


This song helps me when I'm in a sigh mood.


I love the kind of melancholy vibe you get in a lot of western media from the late-60s and 70s. It was the fallout after the excesses of postwar era, and it really shows in the culture of the time.


Kokoro Toshokan has a very nice OP song.


the song that plays when I get banned from /qa/


File:54189387_p0.jpg (218.12 KB,680x1019)



What are /qa/'s favorite scores for anime and such? Are they mostly comprised of scores for older series or has anything recent really drawn your attention and favor as well? Or, do you even notice the soundtrack while watching?

Also I don't mean an anime with say 1 good track throughout the whole thing with the rest forgettable, but one where the music as a whole is good.
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Ah, Monogatari is just so nice in the sound department. So many of these talking anime for some reason neglect their bgm and don't realize just how well it can keep the viewer engaged.


Witchblade had a pretty killer OST


I was watching some kuso seasonals and getting annoyed by my lack of progress through them as I couldn't help but stop and "multitask" something else while ignoring them and leaving them on pause for ages each episode. At some point while listening to older anime OSTs on the side (specifically vid related) I decided to resume the seasonal I was watching. Upon doing so I was instantly able to focus on it better and keep myself somewhat conscious of the contents of the ep as if putting on the music had instantly made the anime 10x better. I tried watching without the music to confirm and realized that it was much more of a bore the second time around. Possibly owing to the fact that instead of a beautiful symphony to accompany the supposedly emotional scene I had been watching, I was instead treated to some generic emotional track of which I can't even recall.

It makes me much greater appreciate the effort and talent put into excellent soundtracks. Maybe it could go underappreciated consciously at first, but I'm sure that everyone's experience something with a nice soundtrack is enhanced by it being there significantly.


0079's is absolutely unforgettable with how groovy it is


Took me a few seconds to remember it, but I could hear the trumpets in my head perfectly right before they came on. That groove is hard to forget.


File:[SubsPlease] Megami no Ca….webm (2.92 MB,1920x1080)


Huhhhhh? Why are you getting all flustered by girls /jp/?


ummmm what the heck


File:[SubsPlease] Iseleve - 09 ….jpg (500.95 KB,1920x1080)

You got a problem?



Do you think you'd be able to tell if an anime you were watching was adapted from a western source or not?


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (418.26 KB,1920x1080)

I can't say I would and it's not something I'd ever really care about. It kind of depends on how far you go into inspiration/source since so much stuff is medieval European fantasy anyway.


From looking at clips of Witchblade, I'd have to say no, It's certainly helped by the original having bikini armor.
I think Heidi is an even better example because at least where I'm from people are much more familiar with the anime than with the source material. I've never seen anyone bring up the book, ever, it could've been entirely original and I would be none the wiser.


I didn't even know until I saw your post...


Probably not. Source material is often only a rough guide and people then do whatever they want with it and the west itself butchers western sources anyway.


File:[SubsPlease] Ijiranaide, N….jpg (242.66 KB,1920x1080)


pouting at the fact that kissu has a bump limit
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File:[NanakoRaws] Kubo-san wa M….jpg (513.85 KB,1920x1080)


File:[SubsPlease] Edomae Elf - ….jpg (291.31 KB,1920x1080)

bit of a strange one but the intent is there


File:[SubsPlease] Kuma Kuma Kum….jpg (311.03 KB,1920x1080)



wobble wobble


File:[SubsPlease] Megami no Caf….jpg (249.27 KB,1920x1080)

most certainly a pout


File:57878230_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,1590x1320)


It's 20 C outside. I think I'm gonna die
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Imagine the breeze they get when the other farts.


Spring here has so far been very mild and cool, I really like it. We had a really hot December, hottest in like a century if not recorded history (granted it's USA) so this is a nice balance.
Been a few freezing warnings on a couple nights, though, which is definitely not a good thing for budding plants.


File:1682609925624185.jpg (60.4 KB,666x915)

9 C
i am melting pls kill me


Cold and rainy today. Wanna just stay inside, but I need to go out to eat.


File:[BTN] Sayonara Zetsubou Se….jpg (112.85 KB,1280x720)

Was able to easily wear my hikki blanket up until now, now I'm starting to sweat because it's getting flippin HOT and humid and I hate this.


 File:36759780_p0.png (658.15 KB,600x800)

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 File:108326141_p1.png (1.19 MB,1062x890)


Pubic hair level depends on eyebrow thickness


 File:P001.jpg (2.31 MB,2061x3000)


 File:20230529_202030.jpg (173.8 KB,1367x1878)


 File:20230529_202032.jpg (180.83 KB,1367x1878)


 File:[group] a80c21ba108c6ea5c5….jpg (422.87 KB,1223x1631)


Is there anything more humanizing than a character eating a burger? Messy, greasy hand food that's often eaten in extremely casual settings among friends and strangers. It is a part of our shared humanity.
The greatest villain. The strangest alien. Even girls with different hats.
None of that matters in the end.
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 File:3edabe26645a19582410797b32….png (989.68 KB,964x725)

Hamburger steak


 File:IMG_20200323_185944.jpg (174.11 KB,1390x1716)


 File:20230521_020845.jpg (237.73 KB,3065x2508)


 File:1540182063621.jpg (80.55 KB,558x530)


 File:20230529_202107.jpg (573.35 KB,3456x4096)


File:1682382589146027.png (3.25 MB,3957x4096)




dont post pictures of me


File:1542627784126.png (323.11 KB,600x822)

Die maus.


Mäuse fängt man mit Speck..


File:1540278712968.jpg (312.21 KB,1536x2048)


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….png (1.52 MB,1920x1080)


Didn't you consult the instruction manual? It clearly says: flip HERE.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (266.18 KB,1920x1080)

postin in an Elly/Elle/Ellee thread


gonno flip that baby

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