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File:IMG_20220524_042900.jpg (1010.05 KB,1440x3101)


shes a clown


How about another joke, cutey.


I spilled spot remover on my dog, now hes gone


She looks too fancy and with a certain dignity I want to call her a piero or jester.




File:maple_fell_down.png (160.02 KB,467x467)

what do you call an angle between 0 and 90 degrees?


File:9bd84cfbcba2d39078eb92a1bc….gif (525.81 KB,364x489)


I might die soon
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funny how I knew it was just from reading the three word preview


Zhdun, no idea why they did a pairing with Marichka


which one?


File:1652452601711.png (142.4 KB,450x450)

I like the drawings of Boris Johnson. His hairstyle and mannerisms really does lend itself to parody.




File:53079130_p0.jpg (231.26 KB,480x889)


Whenever you see this thread go and get some exercise! You can't just laze around all day as a NEET!
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I like being outside, especially the feel of sun on your skin. Don't really mind mowing the lawn, but I've got a pretty small yard so it doesn't take very long.


File:tooru-tch.jpeg (27.06 KB,452x227)

oh yeah, mowing the lawn. that was one of the things i had to do this week


did some brain exercise with wordle


that witch is strong, considering the weight of her boobs

I'll have to meet you halfway; it was a self propelled electric, mower.


File:289c0e89724ee2cc8e90d9f88a….jpg (561.77 KB,800x1109)

Had some freetime at work and cranked out 100 pushups in a little over an hour! It's about time I stop being lazy and sitting in my chair all day...


File:[SubsPlease] Kawaii dake j….jpg (287.1 KB,1920x1080)


Bump limits are for DORKS
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File:[00_06_04.971] [NC-Raws] A….png (3.51 MB,1920x1080)


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (188.79 KB,1280x720)

RPG Poutosan


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Honzu….png (926.44 KB,1280x720)


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Honzu….png (820.31 KB,1280x720)

Just say no, to pouts!


File:vlcsnap✝[SubsPlease] Honzu….png (820.52 KB,1280x720)


File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)

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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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File:672b67eff9.png (336.01 KB,1282x752)

We have to stop the revolutionary party from enacting the sexual revolution!


File:Game_DxUwGD1YMu.png (1.4 MB,1280x960)

Well, this doesn't seem like it has any of that crap thankfully, but I do think where the repetition can materialize. I'll see how it goes, but so far it's kind of nice. Kind of hoping for some more futanari since that surprised me in the introduction.
The main thing, though, is that I'm a sucker for crafting and gathering. It needs to be really bad for me to not like it.


that's already deeper than their ntr titles.

Their NTR games are basically this structure(easy to write this out):
- Introduce romance with male
- Male is in debt
- Female works and Male works to pay off debt
- Play as female and pick some jobs. Some are only on weekdays or in the morning.
- Get sexually harassed on the job
- Repeat as the character's guilt gage goes down

That game looks more quest and RPG like. Although I've seen this mechanic in some other game, it just presents itself pretty nicely


File:C-1653381118074.png (1.86 MB,1200x900)

Unrelated, but the best NTR games involve elements of voyeurism, corruption and character building.

The funnest aspect is observing the personality of a character who falls from grace. Where does the author take the stereotypical shoujo (paired with a boring self-insert) and turn her into something people see as undesirable or of lesser value to the norms. A slave, a prostitute, girlfriend of a horny guy, a woman of the downtroden, or someone who takes the easy route to escape their problems. Summer Shattering is a game that covers this idea well. None of the ends are bad for the heroine, she just doesn't end up falling for her childhood friend


File:FXAJ9757.PNG.png (141.36 KB,1033x356)

I've had enough of that shit and most of the spins games do don't make it anymore interesting.

After getting surprised with it once and reading a couple of xration mil (before his paneling went to shit) series, playing Thug Hero Party, etc I've kind of built up a tolerance to it and without the shock and disgust there's not much substance to it, it just comes off as generic porn once you've been slightly traumatized by humiliation of the heroine through graphic birth. That combined with the autistic fanbase made it lose a lot of its luster and funnily enough getting into the genre makes you notice in non-h when an artist draws such things.

(another poster here noted these themes as misogynistic, I still don't agree but I understand it more I guess).


File:banana battle.mp4 (13.58 MB,720x480)


Can you believe there are people that don't watch Mewkledreamy? What is wrong with them?
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File:goodnight.jpg (181.3 KB,462x510)

I dream


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….png (1.92 MB,1920x1080)

Mewkledreamy had a similar feel as stuff like Looney Tunes or Animaniacs to me. Especially the original Mewkledreamy. Like it was written to appeal to kids, but also has some jokes aimed more at adults. Like how Yume can't Dream Synchro while in a Halloween Costume because they'd have to redo the stock animation, or when the transformation scenes are dragging out too long so the Queen shows up and says from now on she'll just pick their dream stone to use to speed things up. Or Asashi's bondage tennis outfit...that was something else.

Not to mention, it's got Sanrio throwing money at JC Staff to make it, so the animation is high quality and they throw in clever repeated frame animations that make for good meme clips. Visually it looks similar to Milky Holmes, but targeted at a very different demographic.


File:huhhuaahh.mp4 (214.23 KB,1280x720)


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (429.33 KB,1920x1080)

Yes, exactly! Mewkledreamy has a decent amount of stuff that would fly over kid's heads. Not necessarily the obvious things like you mentioned, but just general stuff that no kid would possibly understand, much less appreciate.
Heck, you could entertain kids with a pile of rocks, all this work put into Mewkledreamy is wasted on them. Well, not wasted, but I don't think anyone would do it merely for kids.
I didn't really intend for this to be anything other than a 'check out this latest (subbed) mewkle clip!" to get people to watch it, but Mewkledreamy does deserve discussion!


quite franky the plot doesnt appeal to me and the girls dont get their kit off


File:1652667999899.gif (2.03 MB,512x640)


they told me i could become anything i wanted, so i became peanut
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>contrarian contrarian
The best type of contrarian to be. You get to be contrarian but also to be actually right about things.


Being a contrarian is still letting the mainstream get to your head.
I like it because I like it, not because it has hype around it.

Same reason I dislike things even if they're popular. Because I do.


File:assassin.png (1.18 MB,1920x1080)

popularity matters


Taxxons are snakes!


andalite scum


File:1588897392638.jpg (50.13 KB,613x613)


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File:1625686577344.gif (364.58 KB,280x158)



File:Melon.mp4 (5.6 MB,640x640)



File:asukamelon.jpg (191.01 KB,719x720)



File:reimelon.jpg (44.59 KB,600x585)



File:watermelon attack.mp4 (3.26 MB,1280x720)



File:C-1653366453597.png (88.64 KB,822x299)


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what I've found from doing the 2k vocab(listening/sentences/characters) is that I don't even understand the writing/pronunciation of the characters themselves, but when I see them I know how they sound as part of a word. If I had to write sentences out it would be different, but if ever I'm only going to be typing out phonetically and letting the computer cycle through options


brainlet eop


thanks, 4chan


terrible post


you too


File:[Moozzi2] Seisenshi Dunbin….jpg (257.49 KB,1440x1080)


Wait a minute... How much isekai has there actually been before it "blew up"...
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File:Twain.jpg (202.76 KB,899x1259)

It's been a good while I think.


It started getting annoying right around the time SAO came out, which come to think of it probably caused it.


File:1451417008196.jpg (134.92 KB,1280x720)

There's no doubt that it did, but modern isekai are also pretty divergent from SAO, with varying levels of shittyness. Can't believe that garbage is a decade old already. Feels like it aired yesterday to me.


Referring to these older shows as "isekai" feels vile. That word is almost entirely associated with things from the past decade for me.


I heard the term "native isekai" the other day and thought it was just some intermediate trolling


File:[RMX] 1982 Otaku no Video ….jpg (304.98 KB,1520x1080)


I'm the jack of all trades
Master of anime




that's what you call meroposters


File:1597696531550.gif (4.86 MB,640x360)


i am eating
and potato

potato is

eating eating eating eating EVERY NIGHT


File:2ee92dccb547d30c7189cc7355….png (1.16 MB,1000x1000)

hell see, hell sea


File:sketch_artistry.png (1.29 MB,1920x1080)


The pain we experience may be on a different level than what you'd experience from cosmic horror or hell. Pain and pleasure are relative and operate on a sliding scale. Increasing your tolerance to pain would allow your to lower your standard of living and thus experience greater highs. Might be why people choose to take cold showers, since cold showers aren't dangerous.

We disguise the pain we feel in our pursuit of pleasure as struggle, and as pleasure evolves, so does the sophistication of the pain we feel. By doing so, we raise the boundaries for pleasure directly and indirectly. But pain is inherently unpleasant, so the ideal would be to set a low baseline to begin with instead of introducing pain later on. Not sparing the rod and spoiling the child. This also means not jumping the gun and injecting yourself with heroin.

Pleasure itself operates on two levels - quantity and quality. There is a limit to quantity, but it seems like we can increase our quality indefinitely. The optimal approach to maximizing pleasure is to increase both as life progresses. This can be thought of in an individual and generational sense. Perhaps we sacrifice individual pleasure to ensure the increase in generational pleasure. This would require the ability to transcend the self. There should be a single consciousness and it expresses and divides itself as multiple identities. This could be another sense of pleasure, spiritual.

It is strange for us to get sick of learning. Like how we're not supposed to get sick of eating, but it can happen. Boredom is a form of disgust, or revulsion for the familiar, or a form of pain. Manually breathing becomes tiring quickly, but our minds divert our attention away so we can do activities that bring us a higher quality of pleasure.

Is it possible for us to ensure our curiosity is continually satisfied, the same way we can ensure we are always well fed? We have the basics down, but it still takes a considerable effort to learn some things. Yet as we increase our lifespans and our mental ability, we can approach the limits of knowledge and ascend to growing our spirituality, which can be seen as a purification of sorts. At this point, however, we can genetically modify ourselves to become more spiritual. I believe the limiting factor is how lucky we are, which cannot be determined by genetics.

Control over our environment and ourselves is good because that means we have control over how much plPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's the messed up thing. I heard someone say "the more knowledge you obtain, the duller life seems" and that scared me. So then I started wondering about the idea of being tired of the process of learning itself. Curiosity is the desire to learn.
Blindly believing in Santa, even though we know it not to be true. That is insanity. Violating certain assumptions about the world is incredibly useful. Other assumptions, not so much. Euclid's fifth postulate is extremely important, entire fields of geometry have been spawned because people chose not to assume it.
So then that leads into whether we can reject rationality (although keep it to stay sane in our daily lives) in the pursuit of something more.


Maybe spirituality isn't the right word. Because you can be spiritual without defying logic. The unknown versus the wrong. So then is the next step spirituality or insanity?


anyways, there was a more succinct version of this idea explored in the movie "The Lighthouse"

>Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men to villains, and the water goes quick, lad, vanished.


The Lighthouse is an excellent film that everyone in kissu should watch


File:154743bf75fd0474b0ac48cc26….jpg (161.33 KB,1080x1080)

Lighthouses are interesting to me. They are a building where the inhabitants are both a warden and prisoner.



Is this art?


Sure looks and sounds like it.


File:[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga Kon….jpg (258.19 KB,1920x1080)

Was going to say no but then I kinda watched it again and then again and then again and then yeah it is



happy to help
sincerely, Anonymous


i can see everything


File:67713510_p0.jpg (1.7 MB,1754x1240)

 No.162[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Let's have a thread for expressing thoughts and ideas which don't really deserve their own thread, and possibly aren't entirely appropriate for elsewhere on the site. As the content that description begets may not be entirely up to /qa/lity standards, I ask that posts made in this thread are moderately thought out and are kept at a civil level so the thread remains somewhat peaceful and is befitting of kissu. Aside from that, feel free to get whatever it is that's bothering you off your chest, or say whatever odd thoughts may come to your head.
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wearing a tie. wish nice clothes weren't so much work.


I hate the recent trend of people calling everything that's even remotely self-aware or self-deprecating "ironic". I get that we're all sick of the 2010s, but please stop abusing words.


I found a list on Wikipedia about deaths caused by selfies, many of them were people falling into ponds and rivers while taking selfies in India and drowning because they can't swim.
It's embarrassing that humans need to learn how to swim, if you throw a cat into the water it will be fine and know how to swim without being taught.


I can understand rivers. Rivers can appear still or calm on the surface but may have very turbulent currents flowing lower down, which even for experienced swimmers might lead to drowning. Ponds on the other hand... Yeah, those people are probably Darwin Award material...


Whenever I'm looking for specific editing software, video software, or anything; An immediate indicator of a good product is usually always having some form of anime in its product description or download site.

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