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File:[MTBB] Nisemonogatari - 08….jpg (356.58 KB,1920x1080)


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It's time to choose.
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File:[MTBB] Tsukimonogatari - 0….jpg (220.11 KB,1920x1080)

So how many were converted today?


File:18 - Koyomimonogatari [20A….jpg (198.6 KB,1920x1080)

Some people may still be a bit afraid for their body


still a man of justice


File:1485816995889.png (962.58 KB,1600x1200)

What really sells me on skihii is realizing that she loves her onii-chan just as much as Karen does. It's not as obvious in Nise because she's a lot smarter and more socially aware than the baka bee, so she acts more belligerently instead of declaring herself his sex servant. Tsuki helps to show the genuine affection and regard for his well being that she holds, not to mention the repressed sexual desire.

Her bird powers also make her one of the few girls immune to Nisio's mutilation fetish.


wish my sister would declare herself my sex servant sigh

File:[MoyaiSubs] Reiwa no Di Gi….jpg (313.95 KB,1920x1080)


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File:[SubsPlease] Seiyuu Radio ….jpg (114.73 KB,1280x720)

It's fine to good until the end of each arc, where they insert increasingly absurd melodrama to force the girls into bonding moments. In this regard, it is absolutely a yuri series, even though the girls are 100% straight.


>even though the girls are 100% straight.
You don't have to lie just because you're jealous.


i like how inconsequential all the stakes are in salad bowl


i like how inconsequential the calorie count is in a salad bowl


*pokes you in the tummer*

File:C-1717433929540.png (9.29 MB,5472x2840)


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i call that one with the grey-blue buttons and that shape a super famicom. i call the western one a sness


File:Mission - Yozakura Family ….jpg (347.28 KB,1920x1080)

Personally I was a "Super Nintendo" guy, but I do remember some kids saying "S N E S". I think the latter feels like it takes more energy to say.


File:super-famicom.jpg (41.35 KB,960x768)

It's crazy how much better the Super Famicon looks in comparison. Most unnecessary redesign ever.


We all called it Super Nintendo when it was current console. Since everyone called the NES "Nintendo". We all called the Genesis a "Sega" or "Sega Genesis" but the latter wasn't as common from what I remember.

They wanted it to look similar to the NES in America because of the branding. I remember the first time I saw one in person. They had it at the local mall for several months before it got a public release. Everyone was hyped up for it because the demo came was the new Mario game.

I never got one while it was a current console. I'd gotten a Genesis a few months before the SNES came out. I begged my parents for it because I got to play the first Sonic game at a neighbor's house. Compared to NES games Sonic was amazing. The graphics and speed the game ran out blew my mind.

My cousin had an SNES and I was always jealous of her for it. I found out when we were adults she was always jealous of us having a Genesis. We should have traded consoles but I doubt our parents would have let us. Her Mom hated the Genesis because of the games that featured blood like Mortal Kombat and Mutant League Hockey.


Round edges are for sissies and faggots. Real, red-blooded American gamers want edges sharp enough to crack skulls with. That's why the Gamecube is the greatest console ever made.

File:pet the tsumi.png (40.41 KB,268x211)


will you pet her


File:ee2c170b64fd79a0a4c529c721….jpg (402.5 KB,880x1212)

NO! Go pester someone else, aho.

File:doggytemple_doggydisco.jpg (423.7 KB,3840x1074)


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A very tough choice.


Also, consider watching both before making the choice:


i mean, disco is more varied, but temple is straight to the point and focused, so i'll go with that one


File:1640992032933.gif (884.73 KB,225x350)





File:yukiko cappybara.png (300.83 KB,957x500)

Voting third option: Coconut doggy

File:38e59edfd696b6895966737903….jpg (286.02 KB,718x1013)


The Roulette is open for entry for a week. At the conclusion of this period, the following occurs for all of the people who entered:
¥ One person, chosen entirely at random, is turned into the perfect loli according to whatever they personally consider that to be
¥ Every other person gets free use of the loli

Do you enter?
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You need to roll the dice at least 3 times


File:sad remilia.png (100.45 KB,246x246)

I don't remember my number.


should have voted no to avoid all this mess.


There are now 13 anons unsure of their genitalia.
One of them is going to have a rude awakening when she realizes that the phallus between her legs is not her own, and it's being as enthusiastically social as a little puppy.


File:R-1714941827620.png (187.11 KB,737x489)


File:1622611292198.jpg (577.59 KB,912x700)


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Which cup is which flavor?
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File:1609629519930.png (34.5 KB,612x691)

Illya is chocolate
Kuro is chocolate
Miyu is chocolate

I am the type of person who scoops out all the chocolate.


white choco


File:1552716932817.gif (395.45 KB,2267x1903)

There is no strawberry


this is something ive thought about and pondered for years. i still do not have an answer.


>>4240 is lying. She has the answer, but refuses to share.
This is after she was taught the good news for the sole reason that she would carry it out into the world and share it with everybody.

File:852571ec7dc8310a58e439d2a6….png (12.68 MB,2844x4093)


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I wonder what the gender ratio for the Kissu, how much of a sausage party is this place?
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*there are liars here


girls saying they're boys....


That's a scary thought.


File:Bgatahkei.webm (655.45 KB,1280x720)

Online, we're all cute 2D girls.


File:C-1714705486086.png (838.93 KB,920x1300)

who SHAB here?

File:706ec8ace2c45d6f83d0ee61b8….jpg (1.63 MB,983x1770)


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devilry from above and below


Is the onee-chan an immortal loli that has a complex about not being able to grow into a real woman despite being the eldest, with her imouto being almost 2cm taller than her, and promising to remain almost 2cm taller than her for the rest of eternity?


File:1524084376785.jpg (121.79 KB,600x800)

If those are your ideal sisters then sure.


File:1523929163602.jpg (73.93 KB,955x170)

I'm pretty sure the question is relative to you. If you're picking between two younger girls of different ages, it would come down to factors other than birth order.


File:1356417717799.jpg (238.14 KB,671x1000)

Imoutos always win

File:nt8snx.jpg (421.86 KB,1536x2048)


How many cats do you have?
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holy flip... christmas came early...


When I lived with my friend who has 20+ cats at one point we had some odd balls. Here is a list of those that I remember;

1) Name: Tagz
Brown stripped cat. Couldn't meow or speak. Instead he'd stand on his hind paws and "pray" using his front paws. Which was basically stretching them out above his head then quickly pulling them down in an down->up motion. Loved pets. Loved eating. Would regularly jump on top of fridge and pray to the overhead light for some reason only he knows. Died of cancer about 10 years ago.
2) Name: Otep
Small black and white female cat. This was my cat (everyone in the house had at least one). Liked to sit in my lap all day. Found out she was female when she first got pregnant and ballooned into a fat cow. Tried to give birth in my lap. Ruined my pants. Got hit by a car not long after that.
3) Name: Momma cat
Small grey cat that sired many children. Kept all the cats in line. No one fucked with her. Lived to be over 20 years old
4) Name: Tom Boy
Mama's cats husband. Sired many children. Got in a lot of fights with neighborhood cats because he was always looking for fresh poon. Got hit by a car. Once sprayed my leg to be an asshole.
5) Name: Funny Face
A small grey cat with a funny face. Pretty chill. Ate my friend's girlfriend's hampsters after we told her not to bring them in the house. They lasted about a week.
6) Name: Sebastian
A large grey cat with a puffy tail and massive balls. So we named him a corny male name. Then one day he freaked out and was obviously in pain. We couldn't figure out wtf his problem was until he started having kittens. Turns out he was a hermaphrodite and somehow managed to give birth. His kittens didn't make it.
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only have one and she is sometimes an asshole, i have scars due to her


0 gomen


Op here, I also have zero cats :(

File:C-1712426077339.webp (609.78 KB,1204x636)


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What do you feel are the better ways for users to post on a site comfortably while addressing the problems of spam.

To clarify on the last one:
It's like what Youtube does where a video goes through, you have no disruption but after a few minutes they scan through your content and see it's copyright disputed. Posts might show up as being marked as suspicous or maybe just a shadow ban type thing.
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yes but >>4023 is wrong in saying that in general ibs would benefit from this since it's only in specific circumstances that they'd benefit in all others they get fucked


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (499.82 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, all 4 working in tandem, really. I think for imageboards a unique-ish captcha and filters do well enough on their own, though. Computers are unfortunately already better than humans on any captcha has anyone has bothered to train for it, so for basic ones (click the image) you need a unique one.
Maybe some sort of 'trusted user" situation where specific people can temporarily hide posts until a mod approves or disapproves of it?


spam is free speech


On private websites, free speech doesn't really apply.
The only reason twitter gets into free speech territory is because the fucking POTUS posted there about his policies.


sperm is free speech

File:GH8CvH5aoAA72df.jpg (458.89 KB,1658x2048)


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If you watched MahouAko and didn't masturbate to it, you wasted your time.


back to philistia with you


no frieren?


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (372.61 KB,1920x1080)

Started in Fall


consider this wanderful anime

File:d40aeb85d60a533a99c371c122….png (200.31 KB,346x530)


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Please keep in mind that this isn't really about the modern versions of /a/ or /jp/.
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The people who post in that general are mostly from the last era of /qa/ and are hostile to the rest of the board


>it's almost infamous for being stale
That was specifically why I used it as the extreme end of the spectrum. I think it was even banished to /jp/ for a short time because it is just ritualposting memes from five years ago nonstop forever without anything resembling series discussion.

The point about number of posters is valid, though, since the manga was translated through those threads for two or three volumes, which was honestly quite frustrating because the handful of people inclined to discuss new chapters would immediately get drowned out by the memers.


File:boku wa kimegao de sou itt….jpg (125.94 KB,1281x714)

>There's not a lot of discussion of actual anime/manga and the appreciation tends to be very surface level, with more focus being on the memes and culture around it
I think this is changing recently though. It used to be true back then, but anime discussion is getting a lot more replies now. Examples:
Most of these threads were posted by berun and he is quite passionate about it. The last four ones are by other anons I think. Last one is me.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I don't usually look at those all-encompassing threads because the topics are so broad they have a hard time really focusing on any one thing. Maybe that makes my viewpoint a bit inaccurate, but looking at the seasonal thread I see a ton of posts about D&D systems and religion which, while interesting, are not anime or manga discussion so I don't think it's unfair to discount them somewhat.

I do really hate how /jp/-sphere altchans all use that format. I understand feeling the need to consolidate things on super slow boards, but pushing all seasonal discussion into one thread kind of shuts down other threads from being made. Kissu is actually a lot better than most at balancing the /a/ with the /jp/ in this regard, it's just that it still has an obvious slant towards /jp/.


File:1317758902849.jpg (60.43 KB,940x1002)

As far as topic broadness is concerned, it really irritates me how sterile 4chan/a/ has become. They can barely step out of their lane at all anymore.
That's not a /jp/ thing though. It is standard for image boards to just explore lines of discussion wherever they might lead you, and it was the catalog and generals that put an end to it.
Pic related. /a/nons used to be proud of their ability to just nerd out at the slightest opportunity.

You don't have to follow people into every weird rabbit hole that they dig for themselves. But following the "discussion" of just a specific title gets boring after a while.

This may just be prejudice speaking, but I think that old /a/ was more knowledgeable about anime&manga because they got to talk about random /a/-related stuff more often, as the conversations happened to veer that way.

File:1476293385446.jpg (317.59 KB,1125x1500)


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When should the kissu april fool's event start? This is in Eastern Standard Time which kind of officially became official kissu time although I don't think we have many people in it. Just a tradition, I guess.
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Poll closed with the worst possible outcome. Going to be 12-12.
original.kissu.moe will be retained


you shouldn't have posted a reminder for me to vote :)


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (257.19 KB,1920x1080)


File:Precure All-Stars F v2 [Se….jpg (283.97 KB,1920x1080)

Remember: original.kissu.moe if needed!


Moving feedback into a new /jp/ thread

File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (286.79 KB,1920x1080)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (405.22 KB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (359 KB,1920x1080)

Frieren's animation quality (especially the magic) is really good and the story is fun, especially Fern and Frieren's interactions. My personal favorite is Undead Unluck for many reasons, but it's mostly just me talking about it so I can't really vote for that one.
Its later subplots were very bizarre (and took away from it I think) but I have to go with 16-bit as the /qa/ show of this season because it easily generated the most interest and activity. Also it's tangentially related to Aquaplus since some staff was involved so it's the Kuon vote.



Kusuriya may not have had a shot here, but there's always a next time.


Huh, I wasn't expecting that. Not the show I was hoping to get a sequel this season, but good news for the people that like it.


File:114080330_p1.jpg (1.82 MB,3418x2480)

Can't believe Kissu would rather some elven hag than this time traveling otaku dork.

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