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That's a fairly conclusive result I'd say


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Seeing this made me curious, especially since I've now seen a few other people in my Twitter timeline discussing the same thing, not to mention the same topic has been brought up on #qa a few times (albeit not because of this in particular). So, NTR or not?

Machine translation:
"I'm sorry, this is kind of sudden.
I'll be unfollowing any mutual followers who tweet or RT about NTR or wife-related stuff.
It's mentally taxing to even have a glimpse of it.
I thought I was being patient, but I've been a bit overwhelmed.
I'm really sorry......"

Apologies for the Twitter screencap...
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>I think there's something fundamentally wrong with someone's brain if they enjoy it, or they're evil if they view it from the other angle

It can be wish fulfillment like any other fetish, ie the tanetsuke ojisan using his deep knowledge of sex to capture the girlfriend of the DQN niwaka (who's probably the type who bullied dear reader in high school and coasted through life without adversity).

Lurking VNDB enough has taught me there's also multiple types of NTR. I assume that people are taking a liking to it because, besides reasons already mentioned, it introduces an element of verisimilar corruption (psychological/moral instead of magical) and there's plenty of cultural elements in most civilizations making the connection between sex and corruption/fall from grace. Some people get their rocks off from traps getting dicked into cock-crazy bitches, others get it from pubic crests and tentacle rape, others still from NTR. I'm assuming within that realm of corruption works it's not just NTR that's increasing in volume, but it's definitely the most noticeable as it's the closest thing to vanilla straight sex within that realm. It's a quick and easy way to add plot to your porn.

Personally, I've seen such an influx of hentai of a certain other fetish which lies within that realm (to an extent) to the point I've gotten tired of it.

I'm a pervert like any fellow man and it's hard for me to enjoy most vanilla, but that has almost always been the case and not due to overexposure. I guess vanilla is as the name implies, pretty standard and thus much more reliant on presentation. Nakamura Regura's works involving humans and even something like bakugeki friends are good examples that really get me going.


I don't understand this sentiment. If you claim to "like" NTR because of the eroticism, then your like of NTR is purely superfluous. You like the artist, then. Not the story elements. At which point, you're just subjecting people who actually care about the story to suffering because you don't care either way.


Why are there so many people like >>814 who get outright offended by it. There's much weirder, dirtier stuff out there, but for some reason everyone is physically revolted by this relatively vanilla fetish.

I can definitely sympathize with not enjoying it, I think it's just kind of boring and dumb. But getting outright offended by it seems silly to me.


I don't ever search for NTR but if a stumble upon an NTR doujin I don't have a problem with it all all. just pretend you're not the guy getting ntred.


>Why are there so many people like who get outright offended by it.
It's because NTR completely subverts relationship dynamics and portrays itself as being relatively "normal." To anyone actually normal -- i.e. people who aren't c*mbrains who get off to anything sexual -- you genuinely have to be a cuckold to enjoy it, which is frankly insulting. Regardless of how much you care about the character, then, seeing it is functionally identical to rape (not to mention, NTR is often accompanied by rape as well...).

>There's much weirder, dirtier stuff out there

There is, but the difference is that guro, scat, BDSM, urethra insertion, etc. are far, far less common. Were it the case, however, that urethra insertion was as common as NTR, you'd likely see just as visceral a response to it as well. So, although people might despise those things as well, they don't actually confront it very often so it's not very much of a concern. By contrast, if you search for just about any series, you're likely to find a handful of NTR doujins.

Part of the outrage is likely also driven by the fact, as others have mentioned, that an increasing number of vanilla artists have been producing NTR lately, which then directly impacts readers who have otherwise been able to avoid NTR.

As someone who very heavily considers themselves to be into vanilla stuff and deeply hates NTR, that's my two cents anyways.

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vote present cat for free shit

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What shows to keep? You can vote for multiple shows, but uhh I don't think you can change your votes afterwards so wait until you watch everything I guess?


forgot Higurashi...
well there's no way we're not watching that one of course


Put "Options" below subject in expanded post form
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Because I feel real stupid when I shift tab twice and type sage just to have it show up in the subject instead of saging a thread as it normally does…


Hmm, not sure. How often do people use subject for a reply?


That's not what they're trying to say… The options field jumps up a space when the "View Hidden Options" is enabled. In it's place, the subject field moves to where the options field normally is.


Yeah that makes sense.


I made it that way because it would be like it is on other vichan sites when expanded, but it makes no difference to me if Tab usability is priprotized or similarity.

I can more easily alter the tab order so that certain fields are selected before others


Thread related

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Is a burg a burg if the burg is not actually a burg?
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Truburg needs a burg, but I would say a sandwich can be a semi-burg if it has burg bread.


File:Ranald MacDonald.jpg (552.15 KB,1125x1500)

When Ranald McDonald defied sakoku to open a fast food restaurant in Japan, he had yet to perfect the burg by adding the buns and toppings. The ground-up beef he served to the nips is the heart of the burg.


File:t-mcdonalds-McChicken.jpg (7.66 KB,300x171)

For me, it's the McChicken


can I put a patty on bread or a bagel instead of a bun?


give just about anything for a nice spicy chicken burg samwich right about now

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Instate freedom time
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ISO 8601 or bust


File:1920px-Date_format_by_coun….png (229.42 KB,1920x974)

In America's hubris, though they've managed to increase the usage of the 12 hour clock, they completely forgot to export their date format!


File:1583720510248.jpg (248.29 KB,960x684)

the usa is NOT a free country


People complaining about how, "Japan isn't some 'promised land!' It's a corporate bureaucratic Hell!" always amuses me. The US works more hours per year, has a productivity 50% higher than Japan, and has just about none of the social programs that Japan has.


People mostly say that to get obnoxious weebs to shut up. If you've been told that, it means you're being annoying and they're trying to get you to cool off about japan.

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both have been very active lately for some reason


yes….for "some raison"…..lole…..


why did you think that?


I'm not sure if I'm thinking about the right channel, but if it's #qa on rizon iirc the last time I checked it wasn't in the list. it was a while ago though, like two years ago


If you meant by using the /list command, the channel was set to private for quite a long time for a while. This was because there were some spammers who would come in to any channel that showed up there with a certain amount of users.

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File:HAGI HAGI 4 LYFE.PNG (237.66 KB,489x342)

the pole results are equal becuz they r both goode


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (287.58 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, yes. These are some wise words. The world needs both tsugi and hagi, all things in balance.

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Seeing that there's a thread about it on here, I was wondering how many people actually know the the /qa/ IRCs? The ircs being:



yeah but i dont really ever lurk in them. does fun stuff happen in there?


Rizon's not really that active outside of trivia
Sageru occassionally has fun conversations

If you want to lurk one, but are scared to do so, I'd suggest sageru since it's anonymous

File:sugoi milk.jpg (568.78 KB,2024x1194)


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sugoi dekai or mega milk


cute wins


File:[HorribleSubs] Uzaki-chan ….jpg (138.65 KB,1280x720)

As it should.

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Just a quick poll so I don't have to make a thread on /b/ to kvetch, you guys play tabletop games?
If so, what systems do you play?
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>I was expecting some sort of orc breeding slaves
I mean, it's kinda the same, but instead of orcs it's gay shit so I mean…
It is what it is, I like writing so it's a good excuse to type shit out and all that.


I only know of them. The stuff with a dungeonmaster that determines outcomes sounds like it could be fun to play with /qa/, but I don't know how people do that online, or IF they do it online. It's fun to chuuni out with ridiculous fantasies and doing it together sounds like a blast


Yes I am aware of tabletop games; never played,though, I don't know anyone into that irl. I'd be interested in a oak tree table system in the winter and maybe marble in the summer


I haven’t personally used this but a lot of people use Tabletop Simulator to run games and most often they are also use discord in conjunction.


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (476.45 KB,800x800)

>but I don't know how people do that online
Well if the people here weren't hyper autistic about discord, we could use that and just theater of the mind the game. That's how I do it for my adventures (most of the ERPing ones but I digress).
We could use IRC, have someone set up the bot commands and everything should work out fine.
Could use Foundry too but that's like, $50 USD
Could also use Maptools if you know how to port forward shit.
There are lots of ways to play it, I'd have to think on if I want to run a game, because if we're running it, I'm teaching you guys GURPS because it's a really good and simple system (literally 3d6 plus whatever modifiers you're rolling), with a heavily customizable character creation.

File:1534403789734.jpg (1.12 MB,900x1207)


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Pick one right now!
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File:[Asakura] Isekai Quartet 2….jpg (919.62 KB,1920x1080)

Making friends of the enemy doesn't make the enemy a friend. It makes you the enemy.


Whoa! No it doesn't! For God's light can shine even on the most unrepentant of sinners, for God has infinite love for all of His creations! Even those who rejected Him can still at the end of the road accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.


File:EdrWzi8VAAE4W04.jpg (204.44 KB,2048x1152)

demonic thread


as a ghoul myself I must pick devils as a angel would smite me down into ash


File:[HorribleSubs] Mairimashit….jpg (460.68 KB,1280x720)


File:Screenshot at 01-33-24.png (649.68 KB,1330x1036)


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Do you want /jp/'s bump limit raised?

1 day poll, 5 posts on site minimum
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File:4059cd76621ca3318e08c3021e….png (354.24 KB,605x588)

Why don't people just use sage when posting in the soku thread? Seems like a lot of the posts are just asking for hosts or something similar anyways. As long as it gets bumped before falling off the board there shouldn't be any need for one of these complicated solutions. That's just how I see it.


because that requires thinking(or a change in behaviour) and that can't be expected without enforcement


Thinking is good and we can just bully each other to enforce it.
There's taking it easy and there's everything having to be convenient and simple. Know the difference.


Do you think that the people around you would rather be a stand in moderator or would you think that they want to talk/play video games?


File:24dc6e1b478b00f33128e18090….png (1.03 MB,1504x1012)

I think new people on /jp/ who aren't use to the way the site is should be bullied or at least understand the etiquette on the website lest we fall into the traps of becoming /b/ with anime images.
I adapted, why can't they?
Just fucking, have sage and noko on and everything is daijoubu literally.

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