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File:6953b14e0cc3333ae65004c430….png (1.53 MB,1131x1600)


Welcome to Summer
Time of fire and smog

But also Lemonade!!!

This season, Summer ends on Saturday, Sep 23
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File:m_aww358f1.jpeg (37.49 KB,520x282)


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (326.56 KB,1920x1080)

/sum/mer is coming to an end this year. If you have anything else to say, do it now because this board will be closing for the year soon!


File:d81ce6fd5345e83a675c8e091e….jpg (122.3 KB,1200x736)

Even though it seems unlikely, I'm leaving this message of hope for things to have improved in Myanmar by the time this board reopens

File:img-iy9ynonfVSILyZyWLD6Fx.jpeg (561.87 KB,1024x1024)


So, what ur expectations? Girls wearing almost nothing, fountains with ppl acting silly around it (lolis wearing ah just panties) , sleeping with window open, feeling how its warm right after the sunset, poplar pollen flying around like a local sakura (already intact), sweet smell of wind and most of all, feeling how closer and closer autumn comes day by day, with darker evenings, redder sunsets, fluffier clouds and ghostly appearing snow above us... as for me.

File:b743635e5273bab49cdaaccf2e….jpg (390.94 KB,550x733)

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What are some interesting news articles you've read lately /qa/?

I was surprised after reading this that of all companies Apple implemented a privacy measure that lost them money.
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File:lithium-mining-brine-pool….webp (79.71 KB,564x423)

> World's largest lithium deposit uncovered in U.S., could change EV industry
>The McDermitt Caldera, a former super-volcano between Nevada and Oregon, may play home to 120 million tonnes of lithium



>may play home to 120 million tonnes of lithium

That does not sound like correct English for some reason.


thought of you


Moved to >>>/qa/127237.



i love this band



me too


See you next year.

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Have you watched anything neat on youtube or similar sites lately? Don't just link it, mention why you like it!
This is a re-enactment of the American Psycho dubs man scene with Weird Al and Huey Lewis. There's some very nice attention to detail and the humor is great. Somehow it's 7 years old and I never saw it.
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https://www.twitch.tv/rtainjapan How about a japanese speedrunning event?


I remember seeing some AI things before, but this Family Guy one is genuinely hilarious because people are feeding it prompts and it's just soooo good.
I hope I can find a way to download them, because god damn some of these are really hilarious.


This speedrun history stuff is so dumb and yet it's somehow enjoyable


Why does Iggy look like a STALKER Controller.


Moved to >>>/qa/127496.

File:[SubsPlease] AI no Idenshi….jpg (226.13 KB,1920x1080)


There's a WEBP exploit floating around out there so you should update your browser and anything else that you might use to open the cursed format known as WEBP
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This is true, but it kills some things like youtube thumbnails and even kissu video thumbnails (or was it just webm thumbnails that are webp...)



why would you even change. it's already been patched. And what was the extent of the exploit anyways


File:waterfox_PU2J6L0iJD.png (14.15 KB,727x425)

Yeah, the waterfox fix is out, too. Pretty speedy



If I'm not going to be dumping these in IRC they're going here
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File:[SubsPlus ] Level 1 Demon ….jpg (284.39 KB,1920x1080)


Seems like the Unity thing is getting more and more fallout. Lots of developers have chimed in. Seems like a lot of them are doing a "wait and see" approach, but I imagine most can see the writing on the wall even if all of this is walked back. It's a company firmly in the "squeeze it dry and move on to the next victim" phase of the corporate life cycle.
Unity has closed some offices after claiming to have received death threats, but I don't believe it. While I could see some gacha addict doing that, it won't be months until such a thing would be felt and even then they would need to make the connection.


Unity is such a huge piece of the gaming landscape that it's hard to see it going away. That would basically leave Unreal with an almost complete monopoly on the industry,

I think that somebody will buy out Unity, after all, I am sure Microsoft or Google could think of a benefit to having it. Thought that's probably not any better.


Microsoft going to get legislated out of any more mergers



Hate screencaps

File:1489696668023.jpg (78.92 KB,600x507)


if you are reading this i hope you have a great day
thank you for reading this
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Japanese girls and their iMacs


I hope you feel better.




thank you! im feeling way much better, just a stuffy nose thats all :p


File:1688961367228981.gif (164.26 KB,244x266)

Your welcome good sir!

File:1340694066278.gif (288.18 KB,320x240)


Happy 9/11
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I still laugh at all the edgy images from back in the day.


It peaked with the hogan ones imo




File:F3gqNEpbkAA9czR.jpg (123.1 KB,1500x1500)

im the same age as kissu


File:1542723878951.jpg (130.62 KB,600x338)


File:[SubsPlease] Megami no Caf….jpg (446.08 KB,1920x1080)


Is kissu familiar with "e-bikes" at all? They seem like an interesting concept and something I could benefit from using. To me the problem with bicycles (or walking) more for transportation to the store and such is that I'm worried about the ride home. Maybe I'll get too tired, or it gets too dark or or other such issues. Having a bicycle that I can pedal normally, but then turn on for assistance seems like a really nice idea. Though, I'd really want one I could load with groceries...
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File:1486393023425.png (240.33 KB,500x540)

I think it depends on where you live, flat places like Denmark and Netherlands are famous for their bike commuters. On the contrary, where I live it's basically all mountains, so you won't find any grannies and businessmen in suits riding normal bikes here.


I don't think it's that different. Even in suburbia kids and teens still use bikes as transport.
And are E bikes that popular in the east? Are they more popular than they are in the west? Outside of couriers that is, it's easy to justify why they would use them.

I don't view them as a form of exercise, I just think riding a bike isn't that hard and if you are using them to go from place to place you may as well get the most from it.


File:1686586572507844.jpg (186.73 KB,1060x1244)

If you did get one, You can go to this website and you can buy a basket of your choice



File:[SubsPlease] Megami no Caf….jpg (178.7 KB,1920x1080)

Interesting. Nope, I need a lot more research. That stuff seems really expensive, though.
I don't know if it would be better to buy a regular bicycle and do the "conversion kit" thing or buy a bike that's electric from the start. But, yeah, more than anything I just need to do a bunch of research and I've been procrastinating about doing it.

File:IAPbbOFFLi9djtMv.mp4 (4.94 MB,888x482)


Check out this video
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File:[HorribleSubs] Uma Musume ….jpg (93.9 KB,1280x720)

moshi moshi horse desu~


It looks like he put more effort and resources into modifying his car to do that than it would have taken to just get a trailer. Maybe he just really wanted company on the road.


he thinks its funny when it shits all over his car


File:1689954172604097.jpg (14.93 KB,200x200)


File:1609898043694.jpg (26.49 KB,394x410)

4piss lingo is NG.

File:1681403541155153.png (10.92 KB,112x112)


it is too hot please turn the heat down thank you
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File:[SubsPlus ] Level 1 Demon ….jpg (221.33 KB,1920x1080)



why is it 105 F today it is september there should not be a heat warning it should be getting colder


File:atsu.png (1.59 MB,1430x1072)

was cold today, made me miss the heat




now theres a summer show...

File:20230903_154457.jpg (2.96 MB,4000x3000)


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File:anzu mizugi.jpg (51.46 KB,850x578)

i don't like the outdoors, can we stay inside and play smash instead?


it's been so long since I've seen the sea that it feels almost unreal.


This is the sea, as you can see.


File:F4BimA2aQAAHRNO.jpg (1.03 MB,1518x2150)



File:b6bd5797183dae7f29fc334309….png (2.04 MB,1350x1800)

Labor Day is over.
The teens are back in school.
The beach is mine to enjoy!

File:Futhorc_Rune_Chart242.png (58.43 KB,1622x831)


I remember someone once posted a chart like this with Japanese runes and asked us to guess their meaning, but what about this anglo-saxon rune chart?
These are proto English letters, but they also have names that are concepts or objects. Well, most of them, some of them are apparently still mysteries to modern anthropologists.
(remade the thread because some of the remaining text was still spoiling things)
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I remember skimming over that one, a very old nordic carving right.
My interpretation of it is, since it's on a weapon, that it's onomatopoeia for laughter, since it sounds like a hearty laugh.


File:waterfox_K7OFaRLvH8.png (16.87 KB,493x158)

>As to their meanings there are plenty of inscriptions left in mostly understood languages - but the more esoteric meanings seem to be reconstructed or outright novel even, dating from the 19th-20th centuries even, so I tend to be wary of anyone asserting they know the meaning.
Well, I meant the more basic ones. The two M-shaped things are quite interesting in how they're distinct from each other and how M is used today. M being "Man". I don't think that one is up to much interpretation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannaz
I never thought about the carving thing, but it makes sense. I don't really know much about this stuff, I just thought it was interesting to find some patterns or similarities and have people guess.


Yeah, from a spear. Pic interprets it in the following way:
>The sequence ‘I erilaz of Asugisalaz, I am called Muha’ is followed by some sort of battle-cry: gagaga gin(n)u ga ‘many times ga’.
This is distinct from gægogæ, which later on references gagaga but is hypothesized to be a separate thing, meaning "password," "consent." Heh.


Thanks for sharing the PDFs, I enjoy reading this kind of stuff before bed.


File:1671239004154649.gif (203.15 KB,146x114)

File:1_bag.png (64.25 KB,200x204)


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Maybe they are stale when I sometimes buy them, but butterfingers are always too hard to comfortably eat when I try to them. It's shocking for a candy named BUTTERfinger, maybe they meant cold butter


yum want some popcorn


File:too green.jpg (8.57 KB,321x157)


i ran out of butter so i improvised by dissolving salt in water and throwing it on the popcorn like an anointing priest


File:1634937087814.gif (530.71 KB,200x200)

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