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File:95df97eae9c4a12ee38790a1d5….png (22.22 MB,4000x2250)


Welcome to Summer,

The season of frolic and heat,
prudes close your eyes.
May your tabitabi be magical.

This season, Summer ends on Wednesday September 22


File:bbae329771e3fae0db13f72e39….png (7.67 MB,3969x2138)


File:1623258694939.jpg (916.37 KB,1466x1080)


i watched anime with a friend today virtually
it was a good day he is cool and i like hanging out with him

File:1624223585184.png (719.49 KB,750x1036)


going to collect Japanese girl images from terrible places
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same person or am i being a bigot?


damn, i'm going to hell.
664 is かの のぞみ
and 869 is 落落Raku


I really don't see it


long bangs, shiny black hair


differently defined lashes/eyebrows and the nose looks different, also 664 has thicker thighs

File:Brioche-Loaf-7089-699x1047.jpg (74.35 KB,699x1047)


I want to make a fucjing loaf of bread and I'm getting someone's blog about making it in the form of a wikipedia article.

What the hell is up with recipes.
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yeah, worked out fine. It tastes like a croissant, but as a loaf of bread


File:77558052_p0.jpg (1.7 MB,1840x2304)

thanks for bread


File:[SubsPlease] Shinigami Boc….jpg (237.22 KB,1280x720)

wonder if pan like this would work


I've seen a korean video a while ago on youtube with that kind of steamed buns. I can't find it right now but it really didn't seem hard to do, I was surprised.


shaping bread is a bit of a pain. It probably only takes one or two tries to get it, but it's not as easy as it looks.

File:303BA803-308C-41A8-97C0-4….jpeg (479.69 KB,1242x866)


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mother turned into a dumb anti-mask person after getting vaccinated. she went to a 4 day "event" for some multi-level marketing scheme thing, and now that she's back home she keeps coughing. told ya so~, but of course she won't listen or learn.


stay safe so she doesn't give it to you too


sounds like one of the people who are "vaccinated"


What do you mean? Everyone I know who got vaccinated is fine.


>mother turned into a dumb anti-mask person after getting vaccinated.
That sentence means that she got vaccinated

File:1619901275769.jpg (51.27 KB,604x593)


reply to this thread to die instantly


File:[SubsPlease] One Room S3 -….jpg (702.77 KB,1920x1080)

This better work.


File:[SubsPlease] Maou-jou de O….jpg (123.42 KB,1280x720)



File:here_the_magical_rope.png (123.41 KB,248x581)



didn't work


Why don't people like IKEA?


getting lost inside of ikea has killed too many innocents!! good meatballs from what I hear though


Same reason people would hate any big company making cheap crap that replaces craftsmen and artisans I would imagine

File:c82b41689656a8af16d6bc233e….png (5.37 MB,2838x2838)


File:1574319088196.jpg (98.53 KB,700x700)


get dabbed on please


I don't think I will


I don't think I will


Why am I getting bullied by a cat?


you're mom


Apparently Games Workshop updated their fan-made content policy to a "zero tolerance policy", so the massively popular fan fiction series, If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device, is now going on "indefinite hiatus" up to and beyond a change in policy until it becomes apparent that Games Workshop genuinely means that fan-made content is acceptable, and is not merely making an exception for a largely popular series.
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stuff like this is why I support free culture and stuff like touhou which, while not really free culture per se, actually encourages and supports fan-created works.

I wish there was some kind of curated list of what franchises actively allow you to make stuff, instead of everyone just hoping corporations keep turning a blind eye forever


File:waterfox_7slzDLtr7R.png (3.65 KB,182x92)

>their Patreon or demonetize their channel
I'm going to preface this by saying I have no idea what this TTS thing is. Anyway...
This is different territory than what I thought it was going to be. Once you're making money off someone else's IP it's whole new ballgame. This isn't some doujin thing about a guy at a booth making a couple hundred if he's lucky, this is a commercial enterprise.
I think it's a grey area in this example and not something like Nintendo going after some guy's SNES rom hack.


It should be stated that not all of that money goes directly to the creator. Lots of it goes to paying voice actors, and editors.

>I think it's a grey area in this example and not something like Nintendo going after some guy's SNES rom hack.

Honestly, I think a more apt comparison is the case of Macross v. Robotech. At it's core, the only things directly being taken from Games Workshop themselves are the characters; the MAJORITY of the references and story lines expounded upon are in regards to other fan-made novels and such. The only difference is that those novels are licensed, but that's sort of the thing... Games Workshop literally benefits from work that other people do, without lifting a finger, so an action like this completely spits in the face of fans of Warhammer in general.


> without lifting a finger
except creating/managing the IP.
Without that IP no one would give a crap about what any of these randoms are doing, much less throw money at them.

yes I'm being cynical, the world of IP is a haunted place.


I don't think it's just a case of being cynical. if you think about it, people are most likely finding that series because of searching specifically for warhammer related stuff and finding that as part of their search, not searching directly for that series itself. games workshop has access to money and professional marketing and all kinds of resources the average person doesn't have, so it only makes sense their "brand" would be more well known.

the smart thing for that guy to do now would be to start a new series with original characters, so he can piggyback off his past success while also branching off from using a copyright he has no control over. he has enough eyeballs on him already now to potentially go independent. I doubt he'd have as many viewers as he does doing warhammer stuff, but that's still better than being unable to make videos at all!

File:3730f7bd03aa64fd27a2a015e4….png (829 KB,714x1010)


If a strong tornado were to come tearing through your home, how safe would you be in an ordinary basement?


My country doesn't really have them, only old houses do. It seems like it would be a lot of work to make them and most houses are just build on concrete slabs now anyway.


I live in an apartment, so there is no basement. I would just... die, basically. There's a pretty steep decline nearby that I could maybe hide at, but considering a lot of the danger in a tornado is flying debris, going outside to hide in the woods may not be the best idea.


I have no idea, tornadoes are so rare here I can't tell how much damage one would do. There should be a room secure enough in my house though.


Depends on tornado strength, but they're generally pretty safe. The best option is a safe room that's made out of steel and also has large bolts anchoring it into the ground, but it's pretty rare for anyone to have those. I've seen commercials for them, though.

File:Simone Biles.jpg (71.42 KB,1200x800)


Has Kissu followed the Olympics at all? Apparently, Simone Biles, a 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist and US athlete, had to pull out of the Olympics because the ADHD medication they take, Ritalin, is banned in Japan.
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Why drugs bad?
They should take whatever they want, make it more exciting


cause sports isn't about the game or strategy, it's so people can gawk at how strong/coordinated humans. If you add science to it then the culture of the olympics is no longer about the strength of people, but the strengths of science and the support that technology gives.


Pretty much >>792, and if it were to just become a science show there'd be no competition from any countries aside from the major superpowers.


because once you allow drugs people wouldn't be able to compete natty, also increasing performance momentarily at the expense of long term health consequences goes against mainstream sport ethics

i think there should be a separate league where people would go full retard with drugs and cybernetic prostheses though. there's value in laughing at people going too far


File:bcaac74614902246a72254cce0….png (681.64 KB,1000x1300)

>go full retard


damn Belkans
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File:Acecombat6idolmaster.webp (70.06 KB,660x370)


File:2132362571.webp (60.44 KB,631x355)


File:2132362572.webp (46.13 KB,479x269)


File:A-10A_-THE_IDOLMASTER_SP-….webp (133.78 KB,1280x720)


File:Typhoon_-THE_IDOLMASTER_M….webp (104.17 KB,1280x720)

File:ccy5jl.mp4 (1.4 MB,1280x720)


Was busy doing editing and games for a few days now I'm behind on like a dozen seasonals why can't time just stand still while I do other stuff...


Time is such an awful thing. If only there were more of it


File:Patlabor_Warning-1.webm (3.47 MB,640x480)

big part of the reason I don't watch seasonals at all anymore is how much more freedom I have with watching what I want, when I want to. I can leave stuff when I'm busy and watch it when I'm not. I got a lot (and I do mean a lot) of older anime I've never touched, too, so I'm not lacking for options.


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (130.27 KB,1280x720)

I'm really bad at watching stuff every week. If not for the kissu seasonal stream I'd probably watch like 5 shows a year and I feel exhausted after I watch them
life is hard


Never liked keeping up with seasonal anime. I just look through old anime and watch the ones that look good.


Liked to do this too, but I think with watching seasonals I come across a lot more anime I enjoy that I probably wouldn't have given the time of day if I was watching it in a non-weekly format.


Boy howdy these computers I tell you I can't wait to see what they bring in fact I bought one! You should see my kid on this thing I'm tellin' you he's going to build rockets some day. Oh don't tell the misses but I snuck on one night after my son got that World of webs working and something amazing God dang boobs.com I'm tellin' ya man.
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My cousin's daughter started using a smartphone before age 2. I mean, she plays games on it and probably watches videos. I told her that it's a bad idea because brain development still isn't understood very well and the early ages are very important. Then there's stuff like depth perception and I wonder what else can go wrong when she isn't interacting with her physical environment when everything is getting wired and rewired at that age.
Humans were definitely not meant for these things...


It's fine. It can't be worse for your mental state than when your eldest brother died at childbirth and your youngest sister died of pneumonia.


My uncle used to talk about how bad these were for children and how even Bill Gates did not allow it and sent his children to a school where they did not use computers along with other rich people but then he had children and ended up letting them play with smartphones to keep them quiet anyway, it's just the lazy option. But he also talks about nutrition but doesn't follow what he says and he also thinks society is collapsing and plans to take his children with him on a boat which he will use to sail between island delivering computer parts for money. So take that how you will.

That's just character building.


I don't need to take what he's taking... he might need to take more of it


It still blows my mind that there's parents who do that kind of thing. Giving your kid a smartphone before they're in middle school is child abuse.


Always wondered if some of these dubious videos such as mouse trap videos and lock picking are for a demographic of psychopaths on YouTube who enjoy committing crimes.

Videos like this don't help anyone except criminals and the innocent minority of people who watch them to buy a good lock.
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He did a followup with a more realistic test. Method gets open basically any lock and anyone can carry around wrenches in their bags. Anyone who's seen this video is now able to get into some good quality locks using leverage.


File:1ch3hi.jpg (372.22 KB,1920x1080)

Your next line is, "Anyone can learn to break and enter by viewing videos on building security pen testing from DEFCON events."


am i going to have to buy a random lock from the hardware store and test this?


File:801_1_.jpg (33.95 KB,500x360)

just use bolt cutters, or a cordless grinder


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