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File:FUFkj43UEAElLGX.jpg (1.05 MB,1800x2404)


Which side does /qa/ take? Obviously pixiv would probably be better for searching (although boorus are even more preferable for that) and viewing a long list of art at once. However, in recent days I've been using twitter's feed more and I think that in terms of discovering new artists and likewise finding interesting stuff from people you haven't already followed it's a lot more convenient. Also the previews are a lot easier to see. So in terms of finding content, which do you think makes for the better go-to feed?


I use Gelbooru with a bunch of tags that I check and Pixiv for artists that I have found that I want to follow.

I did make a Twitter account a long time ago but it feels far too overwhelming for me and I was only following a handful of artists.


I use neither to find new artists, I just find the source for what ever anonymous posts here.


>but it feels far too overwhelming
You know I actually kinda felt this same way about pixiv. I tend to follow a good amount of artists so either way I'd be flooded with art each day. However the way Twitter presents it is just in a single line that you can scroll down, while in pixiv there's a huge mountainous list of stuff to check (visually) that makes going through stuff feel more intimidating. Especially since I want to try and go through the recommend of good art of characters I like when I see them and end up wasting hours just checking through a character. While with twitter I don't really get thrown from page to page.


I ran a Twitter bot and took part in a network which reposted hentai images and video. You can get a lot of streamlined content on Twitter as long as you're willing to confine your tastes to that of a channel. If you're following artists on Twitter then most of your feed would end up being updates on their food or melonbooks notices.
I'm not sure how you do it.

For Pixiv, I'm not much of a fan because Japan has bad search engines. I just use gelbooru nowadays


File:97200461_p0.png (2.66 MB,1500x1500)

I remain consciously ignorant of the artists that only post stuff on twitter. They made a choice to upload one piece of art for every 100 blog posts and I made a choice not to put up with it. Alas, it is just the way things are. Sometimes I can see them reposted on a booru, but statistically I never will. I just rely on pixiv for following people and occasionally I'll be exposed to nice art when I'm not looking for it, like in a random thread here.


Ahh, I should also note. The way that Pixiv shows things normally is bad. What I do is I go to my own profile, then click following and then it will show you every artist you follow in a neat line and you will easily see anything new they post so you could check multiple pages of artists in a minute or two.


On Twitter I have to use UO to cut out the stuff like that section to the right that shows trending because it's always total gossip garbage with a lean on politics.


Twitter compresses all images that are uploaded, which fucking sucks, and is also in general more of a nuisance both to browse and to save images than Pixiv. If an artist I really like exclusively posts content on Twitter then I'll check their page occasionally, but otherwise I tend to avoid it.


This is pretty much my view. Twitter destroys media quality.


File:FR2HHjuaIAA4vRQ.jpg (482.79 KB,2048x1964)

Every now and again I use Twitter, but the timeline pisses me off too much to consistently use it. It constantly shows things I've already seen 3-4 times before. They also compress images to hell, which I hate. Discovery is definitely nice, since it shows what people are interested in and there's also the artist trend things. There's also a lot of people that left in an boycott of Pixiv since they changed their TOS at some point that gave them rights to use artists art or something like that.

Still, I much prefer Pixiv. People complain about discovery there, but... Have you seriously never scrolled down on an artwork page? It'll show like 100+ similar artworks, and when following an artist it'll throw up a ribbon with artists that have a similar style or draw similar stuff. My only real gripes with Pixiv is that it has moments where the site starts loading extremely slow on certain days, and opening more than a few tabs causes my browser to start crawling probably from loading all of their bloated web stuff.


>Have you seriously never scrolled down on an artwork page
Yes, but a big problem is that once you've scrolled down an artwork page you open up 50 tabs that then lead to another dozen tabs each...


I kinda wish it would have become the practice for, in addition to posting their pictures on twitter, artists to link to their drawings on pixiv as well so I don't need to search out the higher quality images...


File:FKcU18JaMAUNcy3.jpg (503.31 KB,2388x1660)

took me quite a while to realize even with with the train there that there actually is continuity in their art.


>There's also a lot of people that left in an boycott of Pixiv since they changed their TOS at some point that gave them rights to use artists art or something like that.
Ah geez, seems like every user content driven website that gets big enough tries that. Why can't they just let artists be? No one is there for the site, it's the artists.


File:FUEPLe6VEAArswn.jpg (432.31 KB,1900x2100)

Twitter is very great to just turn off your brain and watch some cute 2D waifus on your screen !
Gelbooru is great only if you need to search something specific. You can't just turn off you brain and like some cute drawings...


umm... you can only be married to one waifu at a time


You can't marry any at all apart from maybe Id*ls and Vt*bers because they are trollops.


File:871e9265c8a6a50c141714632b….jpg (652.47 KB,1600x1287)

I use boorus most of the time and pixiv occasionally. Twitter is too cumbersome to use for that purpose and the tag "banned_artist" keeps growing ever since Japanese artists had the genius idea to move there.


which vtumor would you marry


File:amadeus.jpg (249.44 KB,1920x1080)



You are not enough woke. In this new society, you can date as many people as you want.


Do you mean the tag 'banned_artists' on Boorus? I was curious about that, is that tag used for artists banned from twitter?


None of them!


I'm pretty sure it has to do with twitter the overwhelming majority of the time. It's very common to find an image from twitter on boorus which isn't there anymore.


I'd support Eilene's broke ass


No, it's when the artist themselves ask the boorus to remove their works from the site, which is funny because I think boorus just hide it behind a paywall.


That doesn't make sense. It's a reasonably big tag on gelbooru; 3101 and you can always find more of the artist's work there that have that tag sometimes. You'll also see it lining up with deleted twitter images a lot of times.


File:Screenshot 2022-06-01 1409….png (11.81 KB,1004x114)

Just read the tag summary...


File:[SubsPlease] Paripi Koumei….jpg (186.91 KB,1280x720)

I was talking about gelbooru, not danbooru. I don't use dan. And why such a massive difference in numbers? It's almost 13x bigger on danbooru.


File:Screenshot 2022-06-01 1434….png (9.12 KB,431x124)

Anonymous... Read. The. Tag. Summary.


Doesn't really explain my question.


File:1613702459712.png (229.19 KB,577x480)

And I have to admit I have never used the gelbooru tag wiki before even though I use it for like 12 years or more already since tags are self-explanatory most of time.




I think Pixiv is better, but it seems like a lot of artists don't upload to it very often and instead post stuff exclusively on Twitter. Pixiv also kind of sucks for finding new art I think. And it's slow. Twitter also sucks for having so much junk inbetween the art I want to see. And there's no way to view only posts by an account so I'm stuck scrolling through tons of retweets of art I'm not looking for. But it's much better for discovering new artists. I get most of my art from boorus because it's the easiest way to get the specific things I'm looking for, but those also suck for various reasons (gel has horrible tagging quality and gaps in content, dan has paywalls, everything else is really low on tags and has a fraction of what dan/gel have, some art never gets uploaded there from the source). All in all it sucks to try and find new art because there's nothing that combines all the good parts of all these sites.


I think artists tend to use twitter more because it's easier to interact with people, and also because pixiv is seen more as a place for higher quality artwork and maybe as a place to archive twitter doodles if any.


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 048 [B….png (2.4 MB,1920x1080)

Those blog posts are extremely dangerous since most of the time artists seem to love blogging about their food, so whenever I'm scrolling through my feed I keep seeing a bunch of delicious Ramen or Udon or whatever and get really hungry.




Is it just me or has the Twitter algorithm been really good lately? My entire home page has been full of nice art. It's like it knows exactly what I like.


they're both terrible in their own ways


Only rarely do I care about artists' personal lives, and when I do, it's usually complicated by how Twitter locks translation behind opening the Tweet in a new link. What the fuck do I do when someone posts their life story? I'm not going to click through all that.
Pixiv is perfect for just getting art.


When you just find a character who's had a decadelong backlog of content this is a problem, yes, but even then it's a gift.


File:FZozl29UsAAzMEF.jpg (579.78 KB,707x1000)

I check the front page of Pixiv and I see no Bridget, I check my twitter feed and it's full of Bridget. I think the winner here should be obvious.


I replaced Pixiv with Twitter ~4 years ago myself, every artist I liked was using it primarily and there's lots of cute doll posters too.


File:1478281923491.jpg (25.55 KB,414x419)

Twitter is GAY and likes PENIS

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