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When you don't go outside it's easy to forget the basic hygiene you practice since much of the motivation for taking care of yourself can be perceived as a social thing. However some things are important to do even if you're not going outside for the sake of your long term health! Like brushing your teeth and flossing to keep them clean of plaque leads to healthier gums and reduced risk of brain disease! If you haven't brushed yet go do it!

What other health tips does /qa/ know to keep their body in peak condition?


File:1692202067084027.gif (527.57 KB,300x340)

I dont really have any tips. I am a huge shutin and i do get some exercise but i do it when i feel like it.


File:1444237698809.gif (778.16 KB,500x720)

regular exercise has been the most consistent positive change in my mood over the years. even looking back on the years when i wasn't consciously thinking about it. remember to go out and move a few things in the world, /qa/!


or just don't consume sugar which starves the plaque to death and has the added benefit of making it much easier to not be fat. Ever notice how your dog or cat never brushes their teeth yet their teeth never rot? It's because they don't eat sugar.


that is true however i'd like to mention that even walking and doing regular chores can be beneficial along with exercise


I'm losing weight so I'm selling my clothes.
I'll walk to the post office today


>What other health tips does /qa/ know to keep their body in peak condition?
Taking Vitamin D supplement because your body won't get enough of it, especially if you spend most of your time indoors. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so take it with food. I also recommend going for walks (at least semi-regularly) and swimming if you want to. Swimming is great because it exercises the whole body and it's not hard on your joints or anything. I'm thinking about starting swimming but I have OCD and indoor swimming places feel too filthy for my OCD brain. Also, try reducing the amount of soda, juice and energy drinks you are drinking. Try to replace them with good quality water and herbal teas (rooibos + vanilla, mint and hibiscus are my recommendations). I stopped gaining more weight after I did that.

I also fixed my sleep cycle by going to bed by midnight, instead of going to sleep around 4:00 AM. My doc told me that melatonin pills can help but you need to take them around 22:00~23:00 for it to work properly. I have also heard that young adults shouldn't use them continuously/daily for more than 2 months because it can (apparently) interfere with natural melatonin secretion. I still have bouts of insomnia. I have used a lot of meds for it. I recommend trying OTC melatonin first but if it doesn't help then prescription Mirtazapine (low dose, half of 15mg tablet) and either Temazepam (Restoril) or Zopiclone (Imovane) are the best. I used to be on Quetiapine (Seroquel) for my insomnia but it was horrible drug. I felt like a zombie the next day. My dosage was from 25mg up to 100mg. It's best to try Mirtazapine first and also sedating anti-histamines like Diphenhydramine (Benadryl in some countries) or Hydroxyzine (Atarax). Seroquel should be the last option and even then it should be used only when it's absolutely necessary (here is a relevant study => https://www.ccjm.org/content/88/5/286).


¥reducing the amount of juice
Sigh, I know it needs to be done but are there really no good tasting alternatives?


>It's best to try Mirtazapine first and also sedating anti-histamines like Diphenhydramine (Benadryl in some countries) or Hydroxyzine (Atarax).
I would recommend against abusing anti-histamines as sleep aides. After a period of using the same anti-histamine for a period of time, you begin to develop resistance to it and will require a higher dosage for the same effect. These first generation anti-histamines are central nervous system depressants and it is possible in cases of overdose to cease breathing during sleep.


Don't trust the medicine man. Stick to all-natural solutions like basking in direct sunlight, drinking water out the tap, and laying down with your eyes closed. These cure-alls are cheap, proven effective, and have no side-effects.


fruit or smoothies


Every time i have gotten suckered into paying into health insurance during the busy season at work i've regretted it because i'm always too busy to schedule a doctor's visit, then during the slow season when I want to finally get around to it I don't have enough hours and lose coverage again.

I really want access to ADD meds it's getting harder to do anything right now I'm taking white kratom sometimes to see if even that can help.


File:7754570.jpg (81.66 KB,476x700)

i cant take care of myself
i cant stand how disgusting i am but i still just cant


File:hakase goro goro.gif (958.21 KB,500x281)

The few things for me to keep in mind on my unwritten to do list are
-drink more than 2l water per day (I have a 2l water jug in my room)
-no sugared drinks, a dry mouth is the consequence
-open the windows fully when you're out of the room for more than 5min.
-jog in place for few minutes every hour
-eat food in slowmotion if it's high-sugar/fat (might be bad for teeth though)


File:wooly.jpg (156.4 KB,640x480)

I have a really bad cavity that got worse 2 years ago. I pretty much have to avoid caffeine because it makes it pain like hell. No, I can't even cover it.
I used to be obsessed with buying natural supplement stuff on amazon but my money ran out during the summer. Now I just focus on herbal teas...


why is remilia able to use the mirror?


File:[SubsPlease] Koi to Yobu n….jpg (52.18 KB,973x720)

>open the windows fully when you're out of the room for more than 5min.
Why? It'll be freezing when you go back in.


Cold is synonymous with comfy in my book. But it really isn't cold where I live except for three petty months and even then there is no snow.
And more importantly, mold will accumulate on the walls if your room is dark with closed windows for 16h+ each day, condensation dew on the windows being an early sign of it.


I moved from somewhere it's warm all year to somewhere that actually gets winters, but my building controls the heat and they make it way too hot in winter. I was robbed of my comfy.


Can't open my window anymore since somehow I broke it so I can only open the inner window :( Now I just open my door whenever I get out of my room
Here it's somewhat warm for 3 months and cold for most of the year. Which is depressing.


It's only depressing if you look/hear what's outside. At night the air is fresher, less or no noise from people,cars,dogs, so my disappointment after opening a window without getting the expected refreshing effect doesn't hit as hard as at daylight.


File:Kindle_2023-10-08_19-15-08.png (1.71 MB,1263x1876)

gotta start small anon. you can't hide from your self. it'll start to know the small improvements too.


File:[Chihiro] Watashi no Yuri ….jpg (221.67 KB,1920x1080)

Terrifying consideration... but is it a good idea to 'go outside' to get regular doctor's appointments so that you counter and avoid whatever nasty disease or debilitating health issues you may have before they become serious?


Also how are you even supposed to find a doctor if you haven't been to one in years..


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (224.28 KB,1920x1080)

Definitely. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and is if the cure exists. Take action as soon as you can.

Unless you changed locations the same office is probably still there and you'll have records. If not... I'm not sure. I've always lived in the same location.


Do you not have access to the internet?

Depends on your age and symptoms.

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