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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: April 2nd, 2021


If so, then desuchan will be ruined and i dont want that



desuchan is down
I wonder why...


He's implying it was attacked in some form. It's best not to give attention to the people that do that sort of thing, so it's better to just leave it at that and hope it comes back.


what if it's the canadians again...


A couple of severely autistic pedophiles have been spamming 8chan.moe's /v/ and /b/ boards with pictures of naked children and CP for over 6 hours, all because a mod deleted stock photos of little girls that they posted in a pedo general (which was deleted as well because they started spamming CP), and it's possible that they continue like this for at least another 6 hours while all of the mods continue sleeping and another autist shills his own imageboard. These people did something similar on 9chan one year ago until everyone left /b/ and the rest of the site, and on multiple other now defunct imageboards.
No links or archives of the event for obvious reasons.


put this thread into zombie mode meaning it has no bump limit and it can't die.


Hey this is a long shot but does anyone have the date for the Seven Year Joke stream?
You know for 4/a/?
Thank you.


What's the difference between a zombie thread and a regular cyclical thread? Will the thread keep growing in post numbers instead of automatically pruning old ones until it reaches 10 gorillion posts and crashes the site's DB?


Grow in number indefinitely.

Eventually it will become too expensive to rebuild the thread every time someone posts but then I'll make it cyclical zombie so it disregards the set bump limit, can't die and auto trims after 1 gorillion posts.


It's being actively cancelled from the webring due to the existence and defense of the /hebe/ board now.


it was never an alternative imageboard to begin with. Always was an 8chan clone.


didn't know the webring HATED free speech


File:479096cdd6bc90b987480d70bc….jpg (164.96 KB,689x1232)

More webring drama (just after the one about pedos was partially solved with the creation of a containment board for them and a change in global rules). Somebody decided to buy ads on Facebook for various webring sites (smuglo.li, anon.cafe, zzzchan.xyz, theguntretort.com) and mlpol.net, causing a lot of lulz (yes, I still say lulz) and butthurt in equal parts.
Where it started:
Where it exploded:


Vichan already does "show last X replies", couldn't you do something similar and have paged threads so people don't have to load 10,000 replies.


Yes, paged threads are on the new UI


and you can't "just do it" because it fucks up every javascript file vichan has and would require me to go over every one of czak and hotwheel's ancient javascript


I didn't mean to vichan, just in principle... Ah whatever explaining is too hard


Adding pages to imageboards requires you to reconceptualize the features as a mix of forum function and imageboard function. The best way I've found to do it is through the glass overflowing into buckets.

It's not easy and can be very confusing if the UI doesn't do it properly. I think Kissu is the first to do it and it has a few problems that could be fixed.


> I think Kissu is the first to do it
pixmicat (and recently, kokonotsuba) have been doing it for decades...


Do they do it like cyclicals or forums ? I'm unaware of software that runs on PHP4 and hasn't had any commits in 7 years.


there is a pager at the bottom with each page being a new 1000 posts. the kokonotsuba software was was made in 2020, and pixmicat in 2007 (i think)

no imageboard that uses either of the software is particularly active, though, so examples are few and far between


File:QISaYP3.png (4.6 KB,304x74)

Kissu's works a bit differently to make it easy to access threads from the index.

You access the Recent page through catalog. This is a conventional page that anyone who uses imageboards can understand.
After 150 replies, the oldest one is knocked off like in a cyclical and is dumped onto thread page 1.
These knocked off replies fill up page 1 until a page 2 is created.
I consider this a cyclical style forum system that allows for people to still use imageboards while gaining the storage/bookmarkable abilities of forums and decreasing the load time on pages.


What was there before this "sort by bump" arrangment on imageboard software? Although I don't remember the whole story, I had read in a imageboard that this "sort by bump" was born out of a script, "remix" was it's name by what I can recall, before that script threads were arranged in another way. Sorry, I only know bits of information.


If people think this imageboard discussion is off topicing the happenings, post it in the dev thread on >>>/b/ or thread on board.


is cock.li dead? A week ago or so I read that it was going to become invite only but earlier today I noticed the site didn't resolve anymore.


File:firefox_3civcoBPEF.png (60.1 KB,650x545)

Something is going on with Freenode. It seems that the domain and company was sold in the past to the VPN company PIA, and there were leaked drafts of resignation letters from the Freenode staff. However, apparently all that the new domain owner owns is the domain, and not the Freenode servers. So there's some complications with the new narutard owner conducting a hostile takeover it seems.

>< rasengan> Hey Freenode Staff! Hope you're well. A message from the official board of Freenode Limited, owner of the freenode IRC network: kevinp is in charge of infrastructure and has been legally resolved into this position by the board of Freenode. Please work with him to get his access and credentials in place smoothly.

The resignation letter draft: https://fuchsnet.ch/privat/fn-resign-letter.txt
There's a whole lot more to read in this thread if you so wish to read more: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27153338


For some time now - at least 6-12 months it feels - it's had more and more downtime and idk what's going on.

I haven't seen anything mentioning it being invite only? Anyway, it's up for me right now, but yeah, it's not even reliable enough for jokey mail. I'd just start migrating to something else if you have anything linked to it.


>I haven't seen anything mentioning it being invite only?
here's the statement: https://cock.li/register

I heard about it on /g/ but vincent didn't post in the thread so I don't have more details. Dunno if the claim about intelligence agencies is real or not.

According to his twitter cockli reached 1 000 000 accounts recently https://nitter.pussthecat.org/gexcolo/status/1387200279716585473



File:__shameimaru_aya_and_inuba….png (1.85 MB,2004x2963)

This is your friendly local reporting tengu 'bout to lay a FAT egg on you.
Autistic screeching noises can be heard zapping your brain for miles this week. This is of course because of the pedo shitflinging that's taken the webring by storm the last few months. It reached a crescendo when /hebe/, yes THAT /hebe/, was founded on 8gag. Torpedoposting ensued, so you can guess what happened next. Shortly afterwards, it was delisted and cancelled on all other major boards. Responding to complaints, the owner defended it as free speech it in what all present can describe as a massive PR blunder. This statement among others did nothing to rectify the anal damage that had been inflicted. As a result, it is this reporting agency's firm belief that they will not be uncancelled any time soon. When approached for mental gymnastics, Acid responded with
This is clearly an expression of severe regret over my unjustified termination as his PR manager. This tengu is still not coming back.
In other -more relevant- news, the officially licensed Touhou gachashit has finally come to the west. Titled Touhou 「LostWord」 (one word), it features the standard predatory business practices that comes with the territory. With this release, the shoe is finally on the other foot for ZUN's stance on commercialization of his series. This reporter fully expects it to recline harder than ever with secondaries flooding the nation since they are stuck at home with nothing better to do. With each tippy tap of the occultic picture slab, you can rest assured that a little piece of Gensokyo will die right along with my soul.
To the attentive Anon, you may have noticed an increase in tribal shilling from our kind over the past 2 weeks. Pay it no mind, for the owner of this publicly funded reporting agency has given the order that she doesn't want her name to be besmirched in any way. Unfortunately that means you'll have to deal with paid tengu shills, much like you do with the wumao. This tengu wishes that high command would stop acting like the CCP and let it go already. Nobody wants to touch their magical cardboard after the public learned that the price was manipulated by the likes of Elon Musk.
Teenbros around the globe are all coming together to celebrate one last GET on smug/a/. After a long hard road, filled with drama, deplatforming, and destruction, they are slated to reach the million post milestone. It's quickly shaping up to be quite the event, you won't want to miss it. There is even going to be a tea party afterwards. This reporting agency will personally be taking part... If it happens during working hours. Regardless of the outcome, I would like to wish you all luck on your ventures while we warmly wait for the end.
If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP or HOT TAKE they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: coprophilia, henri, kink-shaming, ota trip worship, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me everywhere because I'm apparently omnipresent for more details.

This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.










Always preferred Rizon to freenode anyways. People should just move there.


/japan/ a shit


ur mom


>soy is weeb
so this is 2nd 4chan


>As per global rule 2, no pictures of persons that are below the age of 18 may be posted

what even is point of this board


written cp i guess


I can't even figure out how to post on 8chan.moe it just says please wait for validation.


That's a "proof of work" captcha they implemented to combat spammers that change IP with each couple of posts. Basically it makes your device solve complex math problems before letting you post. The speed it takes to solve them depends on your browser and CPU, so a toaster running an outdated/shit browser will take more solving it than a relatively recent PC running an updated/better supported browser. This captcha is only enabled when somebody has been flooding the site for hours and there aren't enough mods available, not something you have to deal with every day.



Holy shit, no fucking way. RIP.


>Mr. Kentaro Miura passed away.
>Mr. Kentaro Miura, the creator of "Berserk", passed away on May 6, 2021 due to acute aortic dissection. We would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude to Mr. Miura for his art work, and we sincerely pray for his soul rest in peace.
>May 20, 2021 Young Animal Editorial Department, Hakusensha Co.


and thus another series will never be completed


>An aortic dissection is a serious condition in which the inner layer of the aorta, the large blood vessel branching off the heart, tears. Blood surges through the tear, causing the inner and middle layers of the aorta to separate (dissect). If the blood-filled channel ruptures through the outside aortic wall, aortic dissection is often fatal.
Holy hell, what an awful way to go...


File:4stats.png (74.69 KB,994x500)

/a/ is the fastest and most active board at the moment because of this sad event.

The last page is a frontal view of a naked little boy. Quite a way to end.


They picked the most appropriate piece from the OST to go with this event.


The more I think about ut the more it hurts to realize Berserk will never see an ending.


File:c363.png (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB,1071x1600)

Here's your ending, bro.


File:firefox_w39RP8SpcT.png (148.21 KB,1879x326)

What an odd sticky.

Also I'm not sure on the stats, but the berserk thread seems to be on its way to becoming the third largest thread in the history of 4chan.


Stickies are so annoying. a solid 95% of all activity in them is just "lol postan in le epic sticky :DDDDDDDDDDD" rather than people actually replying to the op.


Particularly notable that the thread has dubs


Oh I suppose this is the reason why. Interesting.


why does the webring seem to attract the most retarded anons


no pph = no quality control aside from the obvious


>no pph
You mean not enough traffic?


that too, but the metric doesn't matter that much, not many people are aware of altboards and those savvy are content to purity windmill themselves instead


guys what happened to yuki.la?


went down months ago didn't it?


File:original (2).jpg (1.85 MB,1505x2125)

ohh, months huh?


File:firefox_IRJF2sEwku.png (354.06 KB,941x844)

/vt/ is blowing up


Ok, and what's the difference between a "zombie" thread and a "permanent" one?

Did something special happen, or is it just a regular stream?


First collab between an EN Holo and the Holo that got suspended for saying "Taiwan"


File:b5adb4872f2c84cec7f2154530….jpg (680.68 KB,1100x1500)

Libera.Chat, the Freenode evacuation target, is getting new users rapidly, now reaching about 20,000, or about 1/4 of Freenode active users.

Mentioning Libera.Chat on Freenode is now banned:


Greedy corporations can get screwed, good for the Libera chat devs.


why'd this guy try to acquire an IRC channel anyways


also how



File:Suigintou.full.456706.jpg (368.7 KB,701x1000)

It's been almost 20 days. Is Desuchan finally dead? What a sad day...


It was like an imageboard museum, really sad to see it go.


Do you know who is responsible for its death? Name is filtered


File:is such a thing even possi….gif (793.03 KB,256x145)

Ron Watkins (Codemonkey of 8chan fame) is moving onto alien conspiracies, presumably because Q money is drying up and he senses a new grift which is actually a pretty established grift with a fair amount of competition.


I refuse to give any click or view to these sites. Here are archived pages:


Had /lgbt/ always celebrated pride month? I've never gone there so I wouldn't know...


They had one last year, but the rainbow Yotsuba is new.


Why are anime spinoff posters pretend to be overly nice but actually mean and bitter.


i am mean and butter


I like how it only works on 4:3 or 5:4 monitors.


>Tor is ending its support for version 2 (v2) Onion Services, and v2 onion sites have since been deprecated. If you're a site administrator, upgrade to a v3 onion service immediately. Learn more

What's this about? How many sites are going to be affected that aren't going to be updated because of absent devs?


old news, it means v2 addresses will stop working after oct 2021
although i think most of these websites are not controlled by "absent devs", or they would have been dead already


Tell me a single good reason to use tor? clearnet aside


Putting aside the kinds of content that can't be accessed on clearnet; If you were that concerned about anonymity then you wouldn't be using the sites that require it in the first place.


You can easily host a hidden service behind NAT.


zzzchan.xyz down following a security breach of ebin proportions. Turns out anyone with an account could take ownership any board and manage any post. The owner is having a panic attack while he tries and figures out how to deal with it.


isn't jschan owned by someone else


yeah so the breach probably affects him as well but he hasn't realized it yet


If you live in a nation that censors the internet, you can use it to visit blocked websites.


i mean, sturgeon or whoever runs Z isn't a jschan contributor. It seemed like he was mostly a community admin, not dev admin.


what version was zzzchan running on, there was a bug that allowed unauthorized users to basically get access to admin accounts but that was fixed months ago, or did the jschan dev fuck up again


Apparently this bug was found two months ago, but since zzzchan uses an outdated version of JSchan the attacker managed to exploit it.

Yes. JSchan (the software) is primarily developed by an Aussie who has a test site at fatchan.org. zzzchan.xyz is owned by a different person who used to be a mod on Fatchan and Zchan's /v/ before both sites went down for various motives.

It was 0.1.0 when I visited it for the last time. The current version is 0.1.4 according to fatchan.org


File:fishbrain.png (78.98 KB,1476x432)

Heh, turns out that it simply was a case of an admin being retarded and not a real bug.


File:8e3925af92.png (408.37 KB,1563x935)

Youtuber vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match is going on, /sp/ has become the fastest board on 4chan.



/sp/ at 120 PPS
also at the beginning of the fight a commentator said something like "this is Tik Tok meets 4chan"


I don't think I understand the comparison...


4chan is the everyman, whereas tiktok are spoiled kids.


that guy transfers ownership of Gurochan to someone else


It appears that soyjak.party , the infamous imageboard that spams altchans to death, and is home to the people who browse 4/qa/ nowadays, got hacked.





Are these the faggots that spammed /ota/, /gnfos/ and /japan/?


It's back now.




Then it's deserved.


they never changed the default vichan password




File:fc01af559d.png (436.14 KB,1400x996)

The dragon vtuber is graduating and /vt/ is in flames.




Leaving the company, never streaming again after July 1st.


hmm, they can't do the same trick anymore after the kizuna ai fiasco...


sorry for living under a rock, but what happened to ai-chan?


the company secretly occasionally replaced the person behind kizuna ai to another person, but the personality difference was discovered by some viewers and they were very unhappy about it
the company's response was even more disappointing, seemed to let the original person to appear less and less
from my memory they even got a "mirror" kizuna ai to appear at the same time as "real" one, hinting that the original one will "graduate" soon, by that time they lost all credibility



The fuck does it mean to 'graduate' in vtuber? Are they just firing the employees? lol


Probably want to expand more into the Chinese market and were given an ultimatum to fire her if they wanted to do so.




File:41c3758ec0.png (1.64 MB,1919x998)

how can you hate this retard...


How can you not hate him?


I don't think he's been on the site for a couple years. 4chan is a passive investment while he actively generates money from his youtube casts and books.


Because I no longer value anything on 4chan...



When did this event start? I never even knew it was a thing until checking for E3 news...


File:battlefield threads on pol.jpg (836.01 KB,2391x1029)

/biz/raeli bought https://www.battlefield2042.com/ and made it redirect to 4chan /pol/.


You'd think publishers would learn after the first 100 times...


Done posting on ota forever.

Admin edited my posts, filename, and changed the image I posted.

Then changed my post's password so I couldn't delete it.

This kind of shit is why Henri left and it's why I'm leaving. Incredibly petty and jealous admin.


Wait really what the heck?


4chan is down


forever soon


I have not posted there for years. It's overtaken with /49k/, /b/, /GNFOS/ and all over kinds of 4chan like posters.


I have no problem with the posters.

No I'm done posting there just like henri.

Enjoy your dying board otamin. I've tried so hard over the years to be friendly with you.


>I have no problem with the posters.
Well I do.


File:c043ddcc3b.png (521.22 KB,1413x943)

Is this average /vt/ or is this something exceptional?


You can see how the current speed of the board compares to normal by looking at the 'activity now' column - 2.5x speed is definitely exceptional.


File:e6583aef4a.png (1.94 MB,3443x1266)

2B in the /v/ E3 thread for Square Enix, also /v/ is naturally fast right now.


does anyone know any working archvies for desuchan


Your best bet might be to try and contact someone in their IRC which I think was on freenode.


kolymas front page says its on the verge of shutting down and gurochans admin changed


Predictable. The Siberian retard who owns the network? company? spawned a lot of sites and services (including a hosting service similar to Neocities, which definitively requires a lot of maintenance, more than an imageboard) in a short spawn of time just for the sake of it without thinking on long-term consequences.
>Gorechan (why make a separate site for 3D gore?)
>that BBS based on the ancient site that inspired Futaba
>a hosting service
>a truckload of sites and archives in Russian
>probably more things I don't care about


/sp/ now has individual flags for the countries in Great Britain. Northern Ireland keeps the Union Jack.





why is that good


Imageboards should not be centralized, moreover one individual should not be owning a handful of them.


Ironic that you post on kissu, then.


Two is not a handful.


and 4 is? thats where you draw the line?


Any more than 2 is too many.


I did not know he owned more than one, what other board does Kissumin have?


4taba. The old owner had decided that they didn't want to continue working on it anymore and was going to let the site die. Vermin picked up the site and old domain and continued running the site. Not at all comparable to that guy, who swoops in and buys out sites and then threatens legal action on the basis of copyright infringement if others try to make a new site based on the old one.


File:d29d9c7fef1ec280770b74d8ba….png (687.7 KB,740x720)

Actually. Now that I think about it, maybe "that guy" was being upfront about his intentions all along. Kolyma was an old Soviet prison labor camp. Might as well have named his network "Treblinka" instead, because everything he touches is apparently not just doomed to indefinite confinement, but to death as well.


I got an email once from someone there asking to take the 4taba off my hands


can you name more than one instance that he bought a site or used legal action (gurochan)?

he didnt buy heyuri, by the way. didnt seize it either


how does this guy not realize how transparent he comes off with his constant damage control


think he was trying to sue the owner of 64chan too


ive never heard about that


i dont like that guy either but most of the stories told about him here have no substance...


>buy heyuri
I don't remember if it was the site, the domain or the trademark, but he bought something from Heyuri's other co-admin to keep the site for himself.

Yeah, he was even offering $1000 for info about 64ch's admin (Maki) mafia style, all because Maki DDoSed one of his sites.

He also wanted to buy Lolifox without success.


Heyuri's other co-admin is still the main developer for Heyuri. He sold the site to that guy because he no longer had the personal time required to moderate it. Not that it matters much now, considering the site died activity-wise.


File:22df4ca9f4.png (212.18 KB,1197x284)

Hadn't paid too much attention to it, but it seems that 4chan staff really seems to favor /vm/



File:SionxRoastbeef.png (316.5 KB,560x650)

ayy melty!


Sticky on /lit/ for no apparent reason:


They organize weekly vidya nights since the board was made:


Well, that's neat then.



Ah cool, it looks like we might finally have a mod that cares about /lit/


I keep seeing fumo destruction ads
theyre pretty funny the guy makes good content


File:toobig.png (6.4 KB,400x200)

i wish kissu and heyuri were friends


me too kind of, but they list kissu.moe as a malicious site and this place censors his name so i have a feeling that it wont happen


best thing to do with a histrionic is a wordfilter


the amount of misinformation about him in this thread is stunning, there are never any sources, never anything to show for it, just speculation. its 1-2 guys running rounds trying to mess with peoples reputations for fun


don't try to social engineer your way into this site.




another common tactic, "everyone who disagrees with me is him". cool samefag by the way


File:1624577244893.png (15.05 KB,400x200)


i think your missing the point

its saying that calling a tiny group of websites a monopoly and "too big" is extremely ironic considering the circumstances of the imageboard meta


Nah, I get it. I just thought it would be funny to add that text.


His name is filtered because he's been posting in the thread with an IP that resolves to one of his websites trying to bait drama about himself and create an atmosphere as a tough guy imageboard personality.

Likewise we(cool or myself) will have to take more actions against drama if individuals(or perhaps a collective) continue to post an "us vs them" narrative about Kissu and other sites in a strange attempt to generate publicity and advertise rather than discuss imageboard events/happenings.


>he's been posting in the thread with an IP that resolves to one of his websites trying to bait drama about himself


File:emo-yotsuba-ph34r.gif (462 B,42x33)

gas the russians
imageboard wars now
consider copying/stealing Heyuri's Yotsuemoji system. It's the only thing I like of that site.


it was plainly obvious to me he's constantly astroturfing ITT but it's still nice to be vindicated like this

what a creepy schizo


Regardless, there are a lot of misinformation about him. Drama is inevitable when there are those dramaqueens claiming outright false information every time he is slightly related to the topic, at anywhere. I think once everything is made clear, there wouldn't be any reason to bring up drama either. They never show any proof at all.


not really a happening but posting is down on 4chan again. Interestingly the boards load fine for reading, but the home page (i.e. https://4chan.org/ ) doesn't load


just saw this too and this is the first place i tab over to to verify


According to 4stats the site has been broken for around two hours, and some boards (like /tg/, /qa/ and /vt/) are completely empty.
>the home page (i.e. https://4chan.org/ ) doesn't load
sys.4chan.org is down as well.


Here's hoping the site never gets fixed.


about 3 hours late with that hope



Better late than never?


Dev seems completely out of place on the new /qa/...


the happening threads are as close to old /qa/ as exists on 4chan


The 4chan Happening thread died long ago...


I'm surprised he even threw a pearl to the swine.


The author of the most accurate Super Famicom emulator has allegedly killed himself/themselves in a fit of depression following an unsuccessful attempt to bring down a Kiwifarms entry on him/them, prompting the twitter outrage mob to spam Cloudfare with requests to pull an 8gag on Kiwifarms and 4chan. This in spite the fact the latter had nothing to do with this and the former's entry being piss relevant in the grander scheme of things (compared to say, YandereDev). Regardless, a significant part of imageboardians celebrate the event of a supposed trannoid's demise (the guy wasn't full blown trans) and the twitter mob keep pushing for more internet regulation to avenge the death of one of their beloved comrades (there are archived /emugen/ posts in which the guy admits that trying to become part of the twitter clique has been a huge mistake in his life since he didn't really fit with their groupthink). All in all a great tragicomedic encapsulation of everything shitty with the modern web.


Could you not infuse buzzwords into news? Anyways, fuck kiwifarms. If I could trade it for LiveLeak, I would do it in an instant.


heh, the site's DoS'd into being offline and showing a statement page


It would be surprising if this'll be the thing to finally end it for good.


File:eecf0e0a7ba2af8a0d4ee04b0c….jpg (68.53 KB,694x700)

>Could you not infuse buzzwords into news?
Byuu/Near (Byuu is a cooler name, so I'll use it for the rest of my post), the creator of the most accurate SNES emulator allegedly killed himself over an old Kiwifarms thread about him. According to various sources, he tried to convince Josh to take down the page by offering him $10k, helping to work for him and even threatening him with the blame for making Byuu kill himself, something Josh rejected again and again. Twitter and similar shitholes have been doing DDoS attacks on Kiwifarms while blaming it and 4chan (even when it has nothing to do with this) for Byuu's death, Josh has uploaded the emails shared between him and Byuu to defend his point, while /v/ermin have mixed opinions on this (some celebrate because Byuu was a transgender furry or something like that, while others lament his death and/or condemn Kiwifarms for it).

Here's the original doc from one of Byuu's close friends narrating what happened: https://archive.ph/McXtE
Here's Josh's response: https://archive.is/qy7TT
And here are the emails between him and Byuu: https://archive.vn/2021.06.27-212420/https://kiwifarms.net/threads/byuu-byuu_nyan-setsunakun0.43056/page-14

I don't give a shit about the drama, I just hope this doesn't kill the development of Higan and bsnes since they're really cool projects.


Hope that doesn't die too, but kiwifarms can burn to the ground


File:ho_ho_ho.gif (1.03 MB,376x318)

>Someone is currently paying money to DoS attack the forum. While the Kiwi Farms and everything on it is legal, DoS attacks are a federal crime.


figuratively, or what do you mean?


Yeah a better approach would be to infiltrate their ranks and kill'em from the inside out using their own methods...this is why we can't have nice things....


Agreed. Fuck em.

Who are you quoting?


the site put up a page explaining that it's all a hoax and the people dos'ing them are commiting a crime.


File:38ce697a7531c5576c345e2a65….png (727.93 KB,1191x1478)

It's ignorant to take social media out of the blame game.

Someone is autistic but has a need for socialization. He turned to social media for help.
It was a mistake, he thought he made some friends here by trying to fit in, but in reality he got the kind who would turn back on him because of his political views and being doxxed that was not his fault. And the kind of mobs who would use him as a weapon to advance their political agenda instead of genuinely helping him.
Hell, he could'ven't even known the existence of kiwifarms if not for his social media "friends" telling him.


KF doesn't deserve blame for making some guy kill himself, but it does deserve blame for being a community of losers who spend their time stalking other losers in order to feel better about their own miserable lives.


KF reminds me of PSAs about bullies being bullying victims paying it forward. They're losers putting down others to feel better about themselves.


You should refrain from generalizing a group just to fit your personal view.


Huh. Old news, but I just noticed that rbt.asia was merged into desuarchive.


I was wondering what was going on with RBT redirecting to desu, but I guess that makes sense now.


File:fe7169293a.png (104.63 KB,1243x685)

Kind of interesting, but during the peak of vtubers on /jp/, the board was faster than even /vt/ is now for a more sustained period. Probably due to the fact that a small portion of activity still remains on /jp/. But what I find most interesting is just how fast /jp/ not only lost activity, but that it leveled off at exactly the peak it hit before the board exploded.


File:furwheels.jpg (1.67 MB,1224x6946)

Hotwheels made a long post on Twitter about coming out... as a furry. In said post he narrates how seeing 8/fur/'s shota mascot made him realize he was a furry, how keeping it in the closet due to the fear of facing "harassment from the alt-right and kiwifarms" caused him psychological damage, how Byuu's death (scroll up on this thread if you don't know about this) made him come out, and how his fursona (a green fat racoon) represents his childhood trauma or something like that.


gay, cringe, and faggot all come to mind reading that
good for him but also no need to write a short story about it makes him look more insecure than “coming out as a furry” already does
When will people learn that showing weakness on the internet is asking for trouble more so than showing strength is asking to be challenged? If you don’t stick out Anonymous won’t bother you.


File:Screenshot_20210701-075604.png (265.27 KB,760x1266)


Coco graduation stream is going on, and in addition to being this the viewership is also over double that of any live involving vtubers ever.


I'm sure he's trolling KF


File:firefox_Dui6I6MMzE.png (895.72 KB,1792x1025)

Also it's on the front page of YouTube live.


File:6c8bd4ca2d.png (57.8 KB,927x437)

Peak of numbers so far


horrifying but at least more sensible than an outfit reveal


File:7259645da6.png (136.24 KB,1891x241)


Anyone know if /vt/'s broken 300 PPM before? I think this could be a record.



I'm sure the expert quayers have already seen it, but there's an html-only archive over on /t/.


looks like they are testing a new captcha on 4chan


That's a pretty annoying captcha.


that is a good thing


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (210.39 KB,1440x1080)

For other imageboards.


can we get some pictures of the challenges


you align some code with a slider
frankly I don't think it's too bad but apparently not all browsers support it


File:4capimg2.png (3.13 KB,298x160)

New captcha API endpoint:

The return is JSON containing two PNG images in img and bg field encoded in base64. The challenge field goes to t-challenge and solution to t-response for posting request.

You slide the bottom image over the top image until some letters show.


idiots are being filtered en mass. i can only hope the post activity stays this low but i imagine people will get used to it soon.


File:1625509724838.jpg (266.18 KB,931x666)

The new captcha is already broken. Someone made a script to automatically get the correct slider position using the exploit in the pic.


is it really "broken" just by knowing the slider position, considering some users don't even need to use the slider after a successful post? this is not what an "exploit" means


This means bot posting must have been really out of hand for them to renege on the "google captcha is all we can afford" thing.

If people are smart (which they aren't) they'd want until the design is more finalized before posting stuff like this.

calle calle


Text-based captcha has already been shown broken years ago. You can find many articles by searching.
Even JDownloader has a built-in text captcha solver.

It's just a mater of time before a new design is broken.
By the way, spamming calle calle worked for old recaptcha.


I wonder how Google will take this. All things considered, 4chan is likely among their largest, if not the largest, single source of Captcha requests. Not that Google would want to belittle themselves by bowing to a Mongolian Yodeling forum, but it must account for quite a significant portion of Captcha (and by extension image, text, and audio) training data, I would think.


It's an OK captcha I think.

The thing is that there are a lot of variable positions and neural networks are subject to missinterpretting noise as signals. Not only does it have to run a lot to verify every position, a good implementation will have to be able to recognize what actually is a letter and what is garbage.


Maybe Google got around to charging 4chan money for the service. They said they were going to start charging money a while ago, which is why Cloudflare switched to hCaptcha.


It certainly makes it weaker.

People pointing this stuff out helps them fix it.

That's true, but Recaptcha was even more broken than text captchas due to the small number of possible solutions, allowing guessing attacks. At this point it's more of an IP blacklist than a captcha.


/biz/ in particular was filled with constant bot spam.


How strange that4chanX stopped working here at the same time 4chan changed its catcha (which doesn't load in 4chanX's quick reply window by the way). Right now the quick reply window is gone, hovering over reply numbers does nothing, and clicking on them reloads the entire page. I'm on the legacy/original mode, haven't tried the new UI yet.


The quick reply here isn't part of 4chan X.


4chanX updated, quick reply window works and I was able to post.


I wonder how 4chan handles spam overall. Yotsuba seems pretty dated, so probably poorly.


Yotsuba probably runs an ancient version of PHP and mootsl's spaghetti, but they have an active developer who is good at dealing with these things.


can you explain this because this makes no sense


Top portion is one position before correct, it always seems to have one pixel width lines that are either black or white. I'm guessing how it would work is just by checking for vertical lines, and adjusting the slider until there are no more vertical lines, thereby solving the captcha.


it isn't solving the captcha. it's just a slider that resolves the captcha. it's just an extra step, not an overall solution. and regardless, captchas are a filter not a full-stop and you'd be disingenuous to suggest this isn't a functional filter.


I disabled uBO on kissu and everything seemed to work again. I wonder exactly what did I bork this time.


Fix the problem and whatever, captcha "unsolved". Beats chess and for a multi-topic site that can't use knowledge captchas(captchouli) I think it's got something going for it.


File:Screenshot 2021-07-05 2318….png (88.7 KB,1362x496)

>you'd be disingenuous to suggest this isn't a functional filter.
How much of a difference has it actually made? I don't care enough to know what's typical of every board, but going based on historical trends on 4stats, nothing seems particularly slower than usual.


Someone on 4chan /g/ managed to OCR their new captcha at 80% accuracy using Calamari and 476 training images:


if it weren't an effective filter then there would be a lot more activity than normal. same activity is not a bad sign.


I really don't get why so many people seem upset about the new captcha. It's not even hard... I guess it goes to show how many people never had to deal with captcha v1.

I guess this is true.


In my case, it's less convenient than 4chanX's noscript captcha + keyboard mode where you only had to select 3 images by pressing their respective keys in less than a second. The new captcha forces me to leave my keyboard and use the mouse (or press Tab various times) to press on the "get captcha button, then makes me move to the keyboard and write the visible characters and press enter, assuming that I get a captcha without slider and I don't have to use my mouse to drag it. Not to mention that the site no longer lets you post "for free" during some minutes before making you solve a captcha, you now have to solve one for every post regardless of which board you are in.
Still much better than the regular Recaptcha, which could take entire minutes or even block you if you refused to suck Google's cock and let them shove trackers down your ass.


Genuinely, why do you still post on 4chan?


File:78789010_p0.jpg (281.48 KB,715x1000)

Nowadays I only use a couple of boards there and lurk a handful of other sites to complement them. 4/qa/'s happening thread and /cm/'s shota thread are the only recurring 4chan threads I post in while being a silent lurker elsewhere.


Honestly I'd spoiler the first one nowadays...


File:5708061601.jpeg (146.58 KB,2048x1236)

I just realized that I posted a pic from my loli folder instead of my shota one.



Got bored so I'm going through the whole archived thread. There's surprisingly little porn. I'm somewhat disappointed.


This one or that 4/qa/ sticky?


The one on 4/qa/.


cock.li has reopened registrations but it's now private
there's 5 invitations per account and 15 for 3+yo accounts


What is that and why is it blocked in my country
Is it good email service?


>What is that
an unreliable email provider. it's somewhat relevant to the thread since people use it a lot on imageboards and the owner used to post on /g/
>why is it blocked in my country
dunno, it's nothing menacing by itself but it's been used by drug dealers and to send death/bomb threats so there's that. the servers have been raided multiple times
>Is it good email service?
no but it's not bad for a burner email. I use that to register on shitty sites, to receive mailing lists, and to contact people on imageboards


File:firefox_4Yp7Ym2Fea.png (127.18 KB,1237x678)

Looking at the post totals it shows there's been a small drop. Whether it continues to drop or not is anyone's guess, but the captcha is a hell of a lot more annoying than recaptcha for those google treated nicely.


someone made a script to fill the new captcha automatically
only tried once but apparently it works about 9/10


File:captcha.png (1.17 KB,260x80)

captcha now served with ellipse windows
the exploit no longer works, but it doesn't address some other kinds of workarounds



this whole thing is incredibly stupid


Knowing /g/, it's dead within the week. Which is a shame since I'd like to not have Audacity relay my info to the NSA.



afraid they'll hear the cries of lolis being edited out of the background of your podcast about mahou shoujo anime?


The captcha solver was updated to handle the slider.

It solves the slider like this:
>>Also is the slider a bruteforce search where you feed the image to the nn and settle on the most probable position?
>This was my initial attempt but there 50 possible offsets and solving 50 images takes about 35 seconds on my computer. So I just select the position of slider that minimizes the percentage of black pixels that have a non-black pixel below them.

4chan then changed the captcha a bit and the captcha solver's author started downloading new images to retrain on.


It's weird that 4chan loves branding its projects as being from 4chan. Even if they took audacity to new heights and made the best audio editor in the world, the name "sneedcity" has already killed it. It makes it look like a joke.


Just install an older version. Not exactly like much ever changes from version to version.


>It's weird that 4chan loves branding its projects as being from 4chan. Even if they took audacity to new heights and made the best audio editor in the world, the name "sneedcity" has already killed it.
I thought sneed was a discord meme.


How....audacious of them.


The point still stands. They named their software after a dumb fucking meme, destroying its marketability. Nobody's going to use a program called sneedcity for serious work.


well, it suceeded in making me look up what this drama is. Never would have known that Audacity changed hands a few months ago.



really? my news feeds were spammed with it, two waves even. I'm not sure why it was big news, then disappeared for a month or more, then appeared again with twice the drama. Maybe the news writers that monitor imageboards were responsible for the second wave.


File:qa.png (116.54 KB,1110x230)


File:1491168745307.jpg (81.18 KB,960x540)

I mean, is this really a surprise to anyone.


It's strange to me that people are still so ignorant as to think that mods aren't active there on 4/qa/. Isn't that ban phrase (noo my heckin qa'arinoooo nooooo) itself one of those catchphrases that's now synonymous with that cesspit? I mean, there is a /qa/ board on Kissu (and our own happenings thread that is in reality the only happenings thread) because team 4chan decided they wanted a direct influence on the board itself. That is their board more than any other.
One day I hope people learn that 4chan mods are not reluctant heroes, but flawed cynical people that make questionable decisions.


>One day I hope people learn that 4chan mods are not reluctant heroes
Virtually no one thinks this. Sentiment for 4chan mods is extremely low across the site.


kuzs tripcode password was cracked and theres ongoing talk about him being arrested but thats likely just a joke



Wow he got real creative with that one


Who is this?


they deserve somehow even less pay than 0


Rich Russian fag who is obsessed with buying old and dead image boards and creating services related to them that nobody uses. He's a bit infamous here because he has done not-so-subtle advertising and brought drama (either directly or indirectly) in various occasions. I personally think that all of his sites are irrelevant wastes of time and resources and that he should focus on one of them and get rid of the rest, but whatever, it keeps this thread busy during dead hours.


funny you say this.. a few hours before you podted that, that guy said it was dissolving so he could focus on just 1 board

https://that guy.fka.cx/blog/thaw/


It's dead. I hope you archived it.


the filter broke it, its k*z.fka.cx


File:1527910312806.jpg (50.3 KB,600x400)

>I now have trouble finding new places to socialize in within certain BBS circles where the members do not already have a negative disposition towards me because of lies spread by the /qa/ mob.

Beware, The Twelve are always watching and pulling the strings.



>the filter broke it
This is new to me. Anyways, I archived both blog entries just in case:

How long before he starts putting public faces of kissu (like the admin) on his "public enemies" list and offer rewards for their heads?
https://nss.kolyma.org/public-enemies/ (https://archive.is/6OOya)


I don't really care tbh. I find the talk about him in the thread as an imageboard foil more annoying than any drama he posts on his blog.


alot of that stuff is made up


I don't care if it's real or not, I know that people on both sides of the fence post their drama here to make the guy look like a badass or a sociopath and I would say everyone except for the people posting about it know this by now so unless it escalates into something more serious that's negatively impacting kissu, no one cares except the people involved.


File:Aqua laughing.gif (1.89 MB,400x400)



thought he was in jail


GN keeps going down and I don't know where to discuss things with schizos anymore


Not directly related to imageboards, but unlisted videos are used sometimes, so...
Youtube is changing unlisted videos and turning them into private videos unless people log in to change them back. I'm sure there's lots of older accounts that won't be signing in to revert them, so go back up any unlisted videos you have bookmarked. The comments made on them will be set hidden, too. Seems like a really stupid change, but I'm not a company with power rivaling several countries so what do I know?


Why can't google ever introduce good changes...?


They are good changes, for google.

Google knows what it's doing. They have one of the largest collections of data in the world, and they use it to find what will statistically make them the most money, even if everyone says they hate it.


tvch is dead


damn got my hopes up


Following up on the kiwifarms drama, their domain registrar cut ties with them. Small punishment, but shows that whatever the community does next to get on the media will mean more troubles.


File:6eadfadbb7.png (317.68 KB,1686x349)


There's no way he pays for the server again. GN is finished for good this time.




He will bring it back eventually. He always does.


what if it's for real this time?... On the bright side, I guess this pales in comparison to the time everyone thought he died.


when you discount the spam no one even posts there anymore, who cares

hope he doesn't because I feel compelled to keep visiting every extant spinoff no matter how terrible they are


Kissu tech stuff usually goes on /b/, but I can see your replies perfectly fine over there.


The thing controlling display on the new UI turned off while I was writting some changes


And yes, post about it on >>>/b/ or an IRC in the future.


thankyou I am sorry


They moved to Cloudflare in the mean time, and "somebody" didn't like it and had a meltdown:


File:grrrr.jpg (46.12 KB,248x248)

grrr sushimin broke sushi with the update earlier today. i haet sushimin!!


File:1626429422945.jpg (47.48 KB,443x370)

Desuchan is still down...


File:1192998227230.jpg (98.91 KB,1024x768)

I imagine it's gone for good. Still hoping someone comes around with an archive of the site (even if years old).


archive.org works pretty well


Happenings thread will be going back to a 600 post cyclical.

Current archive


Seems that sometimes it comes without the puzzle part and you just have it as a recaptcha v1 type of captcha. Also seems to have a very forgiving 5 minute grace period before you need to type one again, which is more than it used to be at 2 minutes I believe.


File:firefox_A0Xzy5c27J.png (18.64 KB,558x190)

As an example


is the Cloudflare glowing?.
it help me open gov blocked web using DoH tho.




A certain meta chain was moved to >>>/b/7851


No news is good news.


Mark Mann might step down from being a mod of >8chan.moe /v/
Thread: ( https://8chan.se/v/res/371410.html )
Archive: ( https://archive.md/ZybIq )


LMAO chris-chan drama over twitter and r9k


Your post contains almost no pleasant words.


If Kissu had a Bayesian filter removing stop words a post like that would be flagged as spam.


>I'm gonna be starting my own business, I don't wanna say too much since the last time I did, someone took the basic concept and created Discord, but yeah basically I'm going to approach some angel investors and hopefully market a successful product that people will enjoy.
How does 8gag attract this degree of insanity


File:funkg.png (44.76 KB,360x360)

/vg/ finished their Friday Night Funkin' (a Newgrounds music game that has become quite popular) mod, and the music is quite catchy:
Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTXQrrpRqiY


File:1628695259458.webp (367.24 KB,943x669)

Supposedly the Roskomnadzor has gone on a block spree of websites. Known ones are Kiwifarms and Kohlchan, but without a proxy on that service hard to actually test.


File:vgvdDON.png (52.06 KB,664x668)

ah yeah, I was looking through some boards and also found this one blocked http://www.kanal4.org/

it's actually easier than I thought to check.


Is it mostly non-Russian sites? Are any Russian imageboards talking about it?


I don't speak the language. This is some Russians discussing what it means for them to keep posting on it.


perhaps a poster's reply is related:
>Its because of 2D guro. Harmful for children. Not because of loli threads.


guess I should archive that thread anyway https://archive.is/wl4BX


File:ibtfo.PNG (856.11 KB,1898x961)

/g/ sticky celebrates satania's birthday





Masami Suda (character designer for fist of the north star) died at 77yo



2021 not a good year for manga....


I really loved the characters design


I've found that the CP spam has been documented by some unindexed forum, or a discord

It has come to our attention that Ganbatte is running a Paedophilia network of spambots.
The lead admin is called Patch is running bots from South Korea and Russia.
As a result some of the chans listed here are currently hosting pizza content posted by the bots and those that are infected are moved to the very bottom of the list until the content is either removed or the site gets seized by the authorities
I suggest you open these links in Tor Browser for the time being.


I would take this with a truly gargantuan grain of salt as the people involved in those places thrive on conflict and conspiracies and it's extremely difficult to find any solid information if it exists in the first place.
This seems like a good site list, however.


Isn't that the mentally unstable faggot who creates imageboards with little to no rules, spams links to them on every other known imageboard and then deletes them after two weeks because somebody pointed out this behavior in a thread? I heard in the past that he had a tendency for spamming CP on sites that "rivaled his", but I didn't know he was responsible for the spam with links to shady "CP packs" too.


For a moment there I thought this was about Hara Tetsuo, the king of Men (漢). That still sucks, though.


File:88772614_p0.jpg (1.83 MB,1325x1600)

Do you guys know that 4gag is completely infested with bots?
A lot of the posts (perhaps the majority) aren’t made by real people.
Maybe you already know this but I want to bring it up...
I’m only beginning to understand how bad things really are...

(Personally, I think the “resident schizos” on 4/qa/ aren’t real people either, they’re bots. How else can you explain the constant flood of utter garbage on the board? 24/7, 365 days a year?)


I mean it probably seems like it from all the posts, but I think that's more the average populace than bots...


I know personally that /biz/, /qa/, and /pol/ are horrific about it.
I'm sure plenty more have them as well.


How do you know this?


https://archive.is/7FdoW (https://blog.kolyma.org/fighting-spam/) is linked on the rentry.co site.

Do you think they were covering up, or at least protecting these sites under their hosting service intentionally, or do you think this post is sincere?


Constant verbatim posts, that are regularly posted and not pasta, but ones that seemingly feign discussion for whatever reason.


I don't know what content they had on their website initially. Beyond petty social engineering those guys don't do anything illegal. They're more interested their USSR roleplay. Idk where that site was even linked anyways.


its on rentry.co/chans - and dont they do hosting for the "ganbatte" people? that was my takeaway


Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about. You see them the most on boards that the mods don't care about.


what >>76761 says. I wouldn't focus on talking about speculation. No one likes these ads on their sites.

Most of the links on that page resolve to 4x13 and by extension sageru


That's true of basically every large open discussion platform, isn't it? I know Reddit in particular is especially bad because of how easy it is to make a bot that just finds popular posts of images/videos from a few months ago and reposts them verbatim. At least with a site like 4chan (or parts of it anyway) it is marginally more difficult for bots to blend in with discussion and there isn't much reason to set a bot up there unless you have a personal vendetta against a particular community.


>At least with a site like 4chan (or parts of it anyway) it is marginally more difficult for bots to blend in with discussion and there isn't much reason to set a bot up there unless you have a personal vendetta against a particular community
1. set up bot to fetch posts from archives
3. worked for accelspammer back in the day every time he didn't make it apparent that it was him




I agree.
There's a saying that goes something like "don't attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence". Similarly, I don't think a mass of stupid posts on 4chan is necessarily any sign of botting as much as it's a group of teenagers that are easily entertained, at least when it comes to most 4chan things. For boards like /biz/ or /pol/ with real life implications I can definitely see bots as being fairly common, and /b/ had struggled with bots making porn advertising threads for many years. But 4/qa/? I don't think you need bots to salt fields that are already barren. It's just another team 4chan moderation success story, no grand conspiracy of automation needed.


File:1625782069579.png (542.85 KB,935x955)

Around a month ago there was another vice article about 4chan, for some reason focused on /k/...

Read at your own peril.


I'm not sure exactly how to feel. It's certainly more nuanced than the typical, "hur 4chan bad racist ebil white young men", but it still tries to link it back to real world activist crap that's associated with /pol/, and not /k/. It's obviously written by someone who is a clear outsider, and it definitely shows. The fact that they actually bothered to consult someone who isn't a retard like the 8gag people is good I guess, but I think that came down more to sheer luck than being well-intentioned in covering /k/.

All I can really think to say in response to it is, "Okay?" I really don't get what they sought to do in covering /k/ at all.


I have a bad feeling that ota is dead forever this time.

I hope you're okay oatmeal. I know ota has probably been extra stressful to moderate this year, more than it has ever been before.


It went down for around a month this time last year too. Maybe there's something about this time of year that just came up for which otamin needs to take the site down?


I stumbled to ota a while ago at https://8chan.moe/ota/ and got curious but never looked deeply to it


That's not the ota he was talking about...


I wish someone with actual know-how would write about the problems with 4chan. It's a terrible website used by terrible people, but you need to have experience with it to know exactly why and how.


its greatly over exxagerated. Whining about it all day is whats really terrible


I know 4chan stinks because I've been using it for the better part of a decade. Don't you tell me what is and isn't exaggerated!


File:nanochan logo.png (79.19 KB,640x640)

Nanochan, a Tor-only imageboard, has been suffering from neglect from its administrators and mods. They seem to only check the site every few days, and the admin seems to check it even less.

They have left day to day management in the hands of a "trial volunteer" by the name "hikari". Trial volunteers have limited power; they are allowed to hide posts from the default view, but can't permanently delete them. Hikari is not a good moderator; he deletes posts because they disagree with his pro-pedophilia opinions, and he is wrongly convinced he can identify anonymous posters on a Tor-only board, claiming everyone who criticizes him is the "scat spammer."

Because the board was getting spammed regularly, one of the non-trial moderators changed the captcha to what is intended to be a harder version, in which the user has to compute the derivative of a polynomial to post. This significantly decreased the posting rate. The supposedly harder captcha is much easier to automate than the regular captcha, and because of poor design, there is a way to spam at a high rate without decoding the captcha image at all.

The change in captcha did not prevent spam, and as of right now the site is frozen, possibly due to a recent spam wave. If so, this would not the first time in recent history a spam wave has shut down the site. Attempting to post gives the following error:
>500: Internal Server Error
>cannot rollback - no transaction is active


I thought nanochan's hole claim to fame was the admin being insane. The mods being about the same seems like the site's in line with it's original objective.


Which one? I remember reading that there were two or 3 "nanochans" due to autistic mod fights.


I don’t think Congress knows how imageboards work. I wonder how slow /j/ is or if they even keep irc logs. I guess they have discord logs now maybe since the janitors have a server. Just not sure what they could even get from 4chan other than mods/jannies power tripping.


They want them to put forward evidence that they weren't involved with the QAnon capitol storming. If they can't provide some form of evidence they plan to take the site to court.

About time if you ask me


I know owning 4chan would be cool and all, but I don't at all like the precedents this threatens to set.


Governments are allowed to investigate businesses that operate in their country. The benefits of free speech don't apply if you try to overthrow the government that offers it to you.


Describing the events of January 6th as anything other than the capital police mishandling their opsec is disingenuous. To then say 4chan or any business is responsible for the government’s own failing is grasping for straws. The government anyways shouldn’t be able to do anything to 4chan as despite its failing it is probably the closest of any of the major social media sites to upholding the spirit and letter of the law in of section 230.


What is this revisionism. Imageboards that promote "free speech" have always been a centerstone of radicalism. It's about time the US get their shit together.


Are you thinking of the hapa supremacist guy? He was running an alternate nanochan on and off, but not currently.


Yeah, that's the one.
I didn't know there were many versions of the same thing. Seems like they're tied together by insanity


I think you are reading more into my post than what I am meaning. Also you misunderstand the principle of free speech. It necessitates the tolerance of what peers call radicals. If there isn't a tolerance for radicals and radicalization then there isn't free speech.


4chan doesn't have "free speech" in the sense that you are allowed by mods to organize illegal events such as this. Sure it allows people to stew in radicalism but saying that's specific to imageboards is wholly disingenuous since even on other big platforms, facebook especially, this occurs. Saying the US gets its "shit together" is asking them in regards to this is asking for them to address a problem of independent people hosting websites and not giant corporations that will adhere to strict laws. I don't want that.


Free speech is destroyed by radicals and requires regulation. Strict adherence to free speech by nature destroys itself.

Mods on 4chan don't delete events that are on the grey area of legality. Various events have worked to promote the agenda of individuals who go against the idea of freedom. It's about time the US gets their shit together and fucks up any platform that promotes damages to the free world.


Who does the regulation? Free speech is promoted by the existence so many diverse view points such that no one view has the power to overwhelm the others. Any sort of regulation will automatically give the regulator a controlling power over all other views. One of the core objectives of free speech is to prevent might makes right scenarios where the only way someone can show the validity of there idea is by physically fighting over it instead of verbally talking about it. The only form of radicals or beliefs that destroy free speech are the forms that promote restriction or regulation.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (343.38 KB,1920x1080)

In the name of such virtuous causes such as "saving the children" or "opposing radicalization" you get reform that further restricts general individual freedoms to combat a fringe population. In terms of internet censorship this usually means making the web more centralized and hard for individuals to stand up on. Especially with the recent pushes for section 230 reform that would inevitably end up with websites being more unmanageable for individuals leading to more control and activity flowing towards corporations.

Personally I find them despicable, but they are damn effective in tricking fools to be persuaded into giving the government/corporations more control over their lives.


Discord does keep logs of everything including images and voice chat. I guess they could check for any talk about the event in regards to deletions and such, but it will be a test to see how long 4chan keeps the IP information. Although, there's certainly people stupid enough to share images of themselves there so who knows.


Regulation exists no matter how hard you wish that it doesn't exist. Regulation is the very nature of society. If a religious society is allowed to bring up people to value the church more than expression of free religion then the church controls speech of those people. If a country promotes nationalism then the country decides what speech is.

Free speech exists in the Western world at the benevolence of democratic governments. If you let another force control it it's gone.

Opposing radicalism is intrinsic to protecting free speech. If a group of people are allowed to discuss together "hypothetical" means to overthrow a democratic government then they need to be regulated because they threaten the existence of free speech.

Section 230 doesn't exist in many countries yet they still promote free expression. However for some reason in the US it shelters some of the worst sites that no one wants around.


I didn't say opposing radicalism was wrong, but that it's a convenient justification for abuses of personal privacy.


You're acting like 4/pol/ and other boards were involved in the unplanned boomer touristic visit to the capitol in any way. The most they did was spam threads about the event, then spam threads about how much it sucked and how retarded everyone involved were. Nothing was coordinated there (they're too paranoid and stupid to do anything), individuals calling for action were disregarded as "glowniggers" and sometimes deleted. The most 4chan got "involved" was a thread on /k/ about a fat fuck wearing patches sold on an online "/k/ommando store" that isn't related to 4chan in any way.


Regulation of speech always existing is not a reason to not oppose increasing it and it does not say anything about if regulation is harmful to the principle free speech
You may think otherwise but I believe to the point of saying I know regulation of speech is antithetical to the principle of free speech. A Free society doesn't decide what speech is; it lets each individual member decide what their speech is and further each individual member allows other members to decide what their speech is. The only interaction a government can have in regards to free speech is through the regulation/restriction of it. There is of course no functional difference between regulating or restricting free speech.


then you are an ally of totalitarianism is the last thing i have to say.


Looks like posting came back at UTC midnight. And apparently the site is 3 years old now:


File:36F1A53B-911C-4EF2-86EE-E2….gif (413.1 KB,500x90)


god I miss when old /qa/ wasn’t completely irredeemable and utter shit



This looks like it goes into detail about what archives there are of /b/. I haven't read it yet, but the length and images and names mentioned makes it seem 100x more informed than the typical write-up.


It's not a bad article. But it and the other articles on the site seem to mainly be a Very Serious effort to investigate why them 4channers are such right wing hitler nazis. The article approaches things from that direction and mostly seems to be interested in the history of 4chan/b/ only to the extent that it can answer that question. Yawn to that. In any case thanks for sharing


I guess it makes sense when you look at their 'about' section:

>Open Intelligence Lab or OILab is an Amsterdam-based collective of interdisciplinary scholars scrutinising online political subcultures on the fringe and lesser-researched corners of the Web.

...OILab follows the provocation that data is the new oil in order to make sense of new political currents in the digital sphere.

Heh. That's quite a strained analogy for the OIL in their name. I guess we're destined to only see papers on memes and politics in regards to imageboards. Maybe it's better this way.


Update: The "hikari" volunteer went on a massive deletion rampage. It was reverted, and his privileges were suspended. Shortly afterwards, somebody started posting child pornography, which has yet to be deleted due to the lack of active moderators.

On the technical side, the side goes down about 1 in every 3 days. It is down right now. One of the users made a text only bunker at:


Why does Nanochan have so much drama involving mods?


Tor and any form of centralization don't work together. Having a mod team will always fail and admins can't be anything more than developers. Trying to treat an onion site as a clearnet site is disaster in progress or leaning heavily on the honor system.


Lack of supervision from the admin, plus most of his mod team losing interest.

>Tor and any form of centralization don't work together
Can you elaborate on why?


policing content is impossible and the people who endorse tor won't let the admin get a good idea about the people's personality leading to bad actors or misaligned team chemistry


It seems like a traditional "staff loses interest" thing to me and that's not limited to TOR. The problem is that the result of that situation is magnified by TOR just like it is with anonymous imageboards over forums with account systems.
Keeping a TOR imageboard clean sounds like a tremendous amount of work.


The sort of people who use both TOR and imageboards are not exactly the most stable. And I'm saying this as someone who is in that bracket (don't worry vermin, I don't use it on kissu)


File:1631836330351.png (318.49 KB,1280x960)

Some guy posting his old OS-tan collection on /g/.



File:1196613748469.jpg (392.23 KB,1024x768)

cute firefox


I still have an old "Lolifox" add-on that replaced error pages with ones featuring that girl and extra buttons.


I think I have alot of these actually but I never share my horde. Pretty sure I saved most of mine from Pooshlmer or iichan or something; hard to remember all those vague hazy days sitting at a computer.



that guy says it's 'regretful' he didn't have good relations here


¥From: that guy
¥To: that guy

I'd like to register this bridge to Kolyma be blown up by the local #jp chapter



I don't think I can find where anyone asked


File:21c8ff2361160d363bc9a6cdf4….jpg (433.77 KB,843x1200)

I made an imageboard and it's doing well!

luckily I have avoided the types of drama I see in this thread


As a counterpoint to it being mostly bots I have reposted random threads and posts for years just cause I think it's funny. Fairly often some anon will assume I'm a bot/script.

There's probably a fair number of others like me.


Does it use an existing software, or did you create your own?


>sites spammed with CP by some idiot
>some idiot, Profile: Tokiko
is this for real lmao


if only zun!bar were here...


what a fall from grace


File:4chan18_birthday.png (4.14 MB,2260x1484)


Can't believe 4chan is already old enough to post on 4chan... And I can't believe the illustration doesn't reference that.


No mootykins? And why is green Aqua there?


hahaha they referenced NOT!Sanae


how can i be added to the list i wanna be on there and have a little mugshot like those wanted dead or alive posters


File:regimechange.png (174.41 KB,1172x425)

New update on the nanochan situation. After a period of frequent downtime and anarchy, someone escalated the child pornography posting to hurtcore material. This pissed off hoshi, the last remaining moderator who had been somewhat active, enough for him to become active again and clean up the board. Hoshi also removed a large number of orphaned files which were eating up disk space despite not being referenced in any posts. This seems to have improved the stability of the site, with it no longer going down one day in every three. Hoshi made a post (pic related) declaring himself de facto quasi admin in endofunctor's absense and seeking input on changes to the site.


File:60126827_p0.png (2.19 MB,1405x1530)

cute pink


Become an avatarfag or tripfag and spam CP on his sites.


Looks like he reinstated hikari, so any hope of him governing the site well is pretty much out the window.


did this place even have anything going for it besides it being tor-only (which I personally don't really see as a good thing given what kind of people tor posting generally attracts)


There have been some interesting technology threads, although they were often focused on what some would see as paranoia.
Regarding the site itself, it has actually working moderation transparency (Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly), and I think the way you can download the database so that anyone can make a clone of the site if the original goes down is nice.


>I think the way you can download the database so that anyone can make a clone of the site if the original goes down is nice.
wasn't there some 8gag or webring controversy over this? I thought I heard some site had scraped boards and then postured itself as an alternative in an attempt to capture the userbase from the site they were scraping from or something.


I've posted about nanochan bunkers using its database in the past, but I don't recall them being touted as an alternative to the original. The closest thing I can think of to what you describe was when Watkins seized Hiroyuki's 2channel and Hiroyuki made a clone by scraping the original.


I wasn't talking about nanochan in particular, I just thought I had heard some other site in the webring or 8gag splinter sites doing that.


>Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly
I'm a dork, what are they doing right that other sites are doing wrong?

8chan.moe has a tool to "import" boards from other sites into it (and any other Lynxchan-based site), but I don't remember any controversy caused by it.


He's talking about, at least in kissu's case, how you can see every mod deleted post on /trans/.

I wouldn't say other sites are in the "wrong" though, as personally I couldn't care less about something like that as it really doesn't impact my experience one way or the other but I guess it's something that placates some people.


> it has actually working moderation transparency (Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly)
what does meguca do wrong?


I could live without it, but it's a plus. It's probably most useful for newcomers who want to see if the way a board is moderated is agreeable to them. As for doing it wrong, a lot of sites have a version of this where they log only the reason for the deletion and not the post itself, which is typically useless because of mods with an overly broad definition of "spam." (An exception is that if the mod has a policy of not deleting anything, you can check that the log is empty. But I don't think that's good moderation.)


Good point, I should include meguca based sites in the list of sites "doing it right." And there are probably others I haven't thought of.


Spin-off wojakniggers raided 1chan and all of its threads are gone.


sushigirl too


Didn't even know you could still post on 1chan. most of the time those sites give you an error or the post never goes through.

If the owner or anyone else doesn't have a backup then who cares. The site has been around forever and if no one bothered to preserve it then they have themselves to blame for it disappearing.


In the future I highly suggest not feeding antisocial kids the notoriety they crave, least of all those borne of team 4chan's malice.



*their streamer's twitch profits leaked.


Everyone is focused on the streamer profits, but does this mean there's going to be proprietary code released that will help other websites do streaming? Could be quite a boon to people wanting to get away from Amazon and Google.
And add some nico text scrolling while you're at it.


it's twitch source code and streamer revenue if i'm reading it right


Not how it works. You can't just lift the code unless it comes out that Twitch used GPL code or licensed code that requires downstream edits to retain the same license for usage and redistribution.


text scrolling is already a thing if a streamer decides to enable it


File:33063e83c5b6100bfcb96818bb….jpg (271.03 KB,1790x1998)

if the posted data was correct, that means only the top 6900 twitch channels generate more than us federal minimal wage of revenue


The /g/ thread was moved to /bant/ which presumably was done to kill the link on external sites. The thread was also deleted on /bant/. As a side effect its archived /g/ form on warosu is screwed up, which you can tell by the lack of dozens of ghost spam ads.
This is the /bant/ archive page on its best (in my opinion) archiving site: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/13578558/

I recommend not visiting archived.moe without ad-blockers and/or selectively blocking javascript. Here is the archived.moe page of the /g/ thread: https://archived.moe/g/thread/83691438



Very nice, Hera is #3007


You're thinking of the wrong 1chan


File:waterfox_luP9QRiyGh.png (61.97 KB,672x220)

Great (but old) news for Desuchan. It's still not online today, but the backup exists and it will be brought back at some point.


I remember 1chan being so easy going that in 2017 during my strong imageboard curiousity phase I managed to access their moderation/board panel with hardly any trouble. They must have simply not cared.


There's multiple? I'm only familiar with the train one.


Oh, then you are thinking about the right one. Sorry for the mistake.

In addition to 1chan.net, which is what we're talking about, there's also 1chan.us. It's a general purpose imageboard that's noteworthy for 1. requiring registration before posting (although you can still be anon if you want) and 2. using tags instead of boards. It's been literally unusable since 2017, and kind of had a crap community anyway.


2ch been down for awhile now today


Huh? It's working fine.


I meant russian 2ch


>russian 2ch
What goes on there?


File:waterfox_XHBhdLKhfE.png (11.19 KB,652x54)

Nothing terribly interesting, but warosu is no longer archiving new posts of /g/ and /tg/. Another sign of the times as /vt/ dwarfs every other board archived on warosu combined, so a choice was made.


Looks like there's a new (text only) archive on the block with 2005-08 content from that one archive.org guy's dump a couple years ago.


soyjak[.]party is the 4th largest english imageboard


I refuse to believe this, particularly because it is non-organic activity.


what do you mean by this?


It is "active", but it's activity is without substance since there is nothing resembling discussion. To consider it the largest anything is farcical.


4chan has very little substance, but we all consider it the largest 4chan imageboard.


4chan is the largest 4chan yes.


How do you know it? What are the other 3?



I think he means lots of bots and manual spamming. You wouldn't have called those old intl and related boards huge and active because they had hundreds or thousands of spam posts a day, would you?
Besides that, you then have to gauge the content of the posts and how the board is being used. Most people exclude places like hima, meguca or doushio when talking about activity because the posting format is a rapid-fire chat room atmosphere where a full sentence can be rare to find. It's an apple and oranges comparison towards more traditional places with multiple threads focused on different subjects.
I don't think I could compare it against other imageboards for these reasons.


4chan can at least have substance


based on what?


posts per day. whatever your guys' opinions are on "what counts", objectively speaking, its the 4th largest.


So what are the other 3?


why doesnt someone make a list based off averaged-out PPD over the course of a year~?


Don't know and don't care to find it. You're the one who brought it up.


Chill out. I didnt bring it up. Stop being so uptight and rude


Sorry. Didn't mean to come off like that. I just mean I searched for it and couldn't find it and I literally don't care to search anymore.


are you excluding sites? from a glance these seem faster or similar to soyjak[.]:



Someone from Heyuri made a [Incomplete/WIP] timeline of anonymous bulletin boards


He should have left some form of contact.
I would like to give information about Brazilian imageboards.


Weird that they classified a bunch of imageboards as BBSs. I wonder why they did that or if that was just a mistake since it looks like there's two Western BBS categories for some reason.


Imageboards are BBS's..


I don't know what an IP/admin page thingie is supposed to mean...


Kind of a lame metric if you ask me. Spam aside, it doesn't account for posts per user. A small imageboard used by schizos who post all day every day is going to have more posts per day than a larger one with a more chilled-out community.


Is there any archives besides shite old warosu that archive /sci/?
their cloudflare just infinitely sniffs my browser and gatekeeps me out of them


https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/sci/ (only goes back to when it started which was late 2020)

If there are others I don't know of them because I never used /sci/.


thanks alot, I actually can't believe I forgot fireden exists


Looking at those posts via the archive was my first direct exposure to 4chan in years, and it's amazing just how much it sucks now. I mean, it was awful before, but jesus fucking christ.


it's dead


File:4qa.jpg (601.22 KB,2560x1360)

90% of 4/qa/ was wiped out, and attempting to post there returns a "Performing site maintenance. Try again in a little while." error.


File:qa is dead.PNG (10.31 KB,421x139)

4/qa/ is getting potentially axed


good riddance


end of an error


error 404 quality not found


File:1538952319899.jpg (183.42 KB,1280x720)

Maybe they are making room for a couple of new boards that will focus on niche otaku hobbies which will potentially make 4chan somewhat useable for an audience that is genuinely interested in things and isn't there just to shitpost and constantly be angry about something?



File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)


File:welcome to qa.png (422.73 KB,1534x1129)

The wojakbot finally broke one of them, amazing.
Incidently, now is the best time to make meta threads on any given board.


File:Screenshot_20211103-183512….jpg (58.39 KB,784x189)

Started about a week ago, I guess. Every now and then I check it out to see how bad things are, and every single wojak thread was deleted.


rest in piss


it's good to hear that /qa/ is still keeping up the tradition of spam
wonder when the mods will learn they can't actually control what or how much people post


File:aids.jpg (819.46 KB,2560x1338)

/bant/ is the new host of the cancerjaks.


I feel like crying, /qa/ was the funniest board


File:1589403561659.gif (1.79 MB,500x281)



ALTERNATIVE: Probably because it sucked

Hmm and why did it suck again? Surely nothing to do with the 5 years of total mental Barneyfag baiting let wild.
Fucking piece of shit, he's an alternative to useful.


File:qa12.jpg (50.3 KB,600x400)

>only 12 threads on /qa/
this must be a sign from the 12


13 including the sticky. sign of the apocalypse.


File:00b4a0eb59.png (531 KB,1903x767)

You were saying?


there influence has no limits


i'm glad there's a harapan thread up


newfag to kissu here. How familiar are you guys with that guy? Apparently this site is on his list of banned chans, and he's got some sort of a bounty linked whenever you type "kissu" on sites owned by his network. I ask this because he's being a megasperg on 4-ch and some other sites. What are the deets on this mysterious figger?


File:buttons.jpg (35.47 KB,601x601)

"That guy" did some weird form of advertising where he posted about himself in the happening thread here, people got annoyed and posted about some things he allegedly did, argued about it, and he hasn't been here since after claiming to be wrongfully portrayed. People though Heyuri was novel, and that's the extent of the influence outside of the occasional post in this thread. No one cares, and I doubt he does either.


>No one cares, and I doubt he does either.
Quite the contrary, he seems to care, a lot. He cares so much that he's obviously samefagging in several threads, that all started with him advertising his rinky dink network. I wouldn't even care enough to ask about him if it wasn't for the fact that he's invading several small spaces I enjoy posting on, with his shady imageboard "business". I've seen his type of personality in other people before. I've seen him raid in action, in a server that has nothing to do with imageboards, and used alts and did it several times. Then when this shit comes back to haunt him, he acts like it's all slanderous lies evil people are telling.


Well, at any rate, if he has any illusions of grandeur, his reach doesn't extend here. Kissu has pretty good spam mitigation and competent, active moderation.


Well, you've ran into the name filter so you know part of it already. The general idea around here was that it seemed to be a whole bunch of manufactured drama without any coherent connections to anything. I don't have any hard feelings towards him or his users.
I agree with the other guy that heyuri seems very nice.


ayy, I finished that mission two days ago


This post is just a lie. Not only do I not own a discord account or have participated in a raids, you seem to have completely bought into the falsehood that I think imageboards are a business. I dont, nor have i ever claimed such a thing. I dont advertise "my network" really, the 4-ch thread was relevant to the topic, and I deliberately avoided posting links to the software I designed that was being discussed. You havent "seen me" anywhere, just because someone puts on a username "that guy" doesnt mean its me.

This whole situation has made me quite annoyed recently, especially when people make spam posts or raids in my name. I have absolutely 0 interest in committing raids, because as you can see here, they just come right back and harm my reputation.

Something about my "incorrect" way of speaking and my small amount of knowledge about the ettiquites of a foreign board just makes me seem more annoying than im trying. None of this helps when made compacted by a person whos associated in this site.. who self-proclaimed goal is to "drive me off the internet"

My message must keep getting lost during my convey-point to others. If I can find someone who is more PC and who has a better grasp of the english language, and one who does not have a poor reputation, than I would hope they can take my place and become face for many awesome softwares and services that are planned.

I never made a post where "its me", but this is an appropritate time. This thread has been pissed on .. Sorry...


File:32.PNG.png (40.99 KB,586x425)

Either a really good shitpost or obsessed kuzpost.
>This post is just a lie. Not only do I not own a discord account or have participated in a raids
>you seem to have completely bought into the falsehood that I think imageboards are a business


File:20201116_231704.jpeg (1.75 MB,3264x2448)



File:1.PNG.png (44.38 KB,812x418)


File:01B3E06F-4155-45EC-B705-4….jpeg (123.5 KB,726x1024)

/qa/ is locked. all the threads except a select handful have been deleted. any attempts to post will claim that the server is down because of site maintenance.



File:__miyamoto_frederica_and_s….png (300.95 KB,800x800)


I dont see a correlation with it, that doesnt even look like me or do I talk in that way

I dont think its me that is obsessed.. considering you have what looks like over 30 screenshots of clotheless young boys and discord screenshots saved to your computer, and I just made one post.

This "front on" approach is hostile for very little reason


90% chance anyone gives a shit about this guy is because they are him or one of his . He's irrelevant other than when he pushes his relevance. Hard sage, get a life.


don’t bully me. I WILL cry.


Don't care who's doing it but "that guy" obsession is pretty annoying so please if you want to stir drama in it take it somewhere else.


Who are you quoting?


File:qa.jpg (280.02 KB,2560x778)

It also has 3 threads left.


This /qa/ thing and some discussion about it made me think that hiro must be the only one permitted to delete boards and his lack of presence is leading to some minor issues. I think it's too early to say /qa/ will be deleted, but its current state now joins /qb/ the April Fool's board and /asp/ the alternative sports board that had turned into a wrestling shitposting board.
For those who may be unaware, /qa/ was frozen back in 2017 for a few weeks. People assumed it was deleted for good, but it came back. However, I feel I should stress that hiro was a pretty regular poster on it until late 2019 so it's possible he was the one that solely decided it should stay.


yeah, I just noticed that. it's like mods are trying to say "these two threads (not counting the sticky) are the only ones that aren't complete shit" lol
I hope /qa/ comes back as a meta board and soyjak is banned. soyquoting is textbook shitposting, which is breaking a global rule, and should be banned on all boards save a few like [s4s].


leave [s4s] alone, they already lost their brackets, haven't they gone through enough?


File:2021-11-05-005049_1175x195….png (30.77 KB,1175x195)

After nanochan declining to the point where most of its traffic was from a single /pol/ RPer talking to himself, the admin suddenly showed up:


Who could have forseen that curating a board to be a cesspool of spam would result in this? Whatever occured was as much the staffs fault as it was the shitposters.


why does 4chan not support mp4 video?
it's older and more widely supported than webm


mp4 is bloated as hell, so much space for so littyle. May have been other reasons, I think that was the main one.


The difference isn't as big as you make it sound. And if some paternal instinct of video quality is the reason why is there no vp9 support?
4chan has file size limit so I don't see why rapeape or moot cares if people want to upload shorter x264 videos with same size.


i don't know if that's their reasoning but aside from the supposedly higher efficiency (vp8 isn't that much better than h264, and vp9 and AV1 still aren't allowed for some reason) there's the fact that the webm container is far more stricter when it comes to what kind of things you can put in it, meanwhile you can encode 10bit h264 mp4 videos which most browsers will have trouble with (I can't play them in firefox for example)


Since /qa/ was put on hold the soijak shitposting has gone down 95%. Some boards are far more tolerable since you don't risk someone posting those disgusting images as much.


vp8 isn't better than h264 at all, it's basically a copy of h264 with the stuff they thought patent holders could win a lawsuit over removed


*on a technical level, at least. In general Google's VP8 encoder is more likely to degenerate into blockiness than a good H264 encoder at the same filesize. Being supposedly patent-free may be an advantage, but that's all up to courts and lawyers. Some places just don't recognize software patents.


1 week since 4/qa/ was frozen. Still frozen


3 more to go if repeat.


Still no confirmation from anything credible, but some websites like 4chan itself are pretty sure that Lowtax has died.
I don't follow all the gossip and drama stuff, but I remember laughing a lot at his articles 20 years ago, and of course some kid from there made some imageboard at some point.


I never used SA even once personally. Didn't like forums that much even back when they were the norm, nor IRC. Imageboards were my destiny.


4chan's global news post is credible. Has 4chan staff ever lied?


all the bux in the world couldn't save him.........


Many people who knew him considered his issues with domestic violence. His departure from SA was marred by court cases. Wonder if death will lead him to ruin or people will just remember him as a popular forum owner.


"credible" source


File:Screenshot_20211111-103654.jpg (98.36 KB,983x851)

great comments btw


Damn who could've seen this coming!!!!



>This sucks.

>No one should die except the fash and rich wasn't one of those

>Rip in peace legend



i wasn't being ironic, i actually think those are great comments


the ones on the gofundme are even better


>if he's actually dead: lol
>if he's not: also lol


Then you're an idiot.


Second week of 4/qa/ being frozen


File:2D Random.PNG.png (35.87 KB,1030x208)

The title of the board hasn't changed after 2 weeks. Guess it will remain forever as the 2D/Random board, even if it's frozen.


It's been that way even after everyone here left anyways. 4chanX dev probably never gonna change it because it's not important to begin with.


the last flicks of warmth are all but extinguished


File:2021-11-18-182105_1172x402….png (85.34 KB,1172x402)

Another update on nanochan. Since >>80033 things seemed to have improved a little, probably due to endofunctor, the admin, showing interest in the site again, reducing the possibility of it being down for long periods. Endofunctor has made a few minor improvements to the site.

The /pol/ schizo mentioned in >>80033 started leaking out of /pol/ and posting on other boards. This appears to have gotten the attention of the mods who have started deleting most of his threads on /pol/.

Most recently endofunctor has made a post proposing changes in how the site is moderated, in the hope of improving the site's quality.


File:__imai_midori_and_andou_ts….jpg (87.85 KB,1000x856)

Not really news but it's funny seeing those soyjak faggots get raided by smug anime girls.



nice post


/jp/-tan is such a strange thing. /jp/ isolationist people hated it and indeed it's associated with people outside of the board, but as a character I think it's a pretty good design. It's most strongly associated with [s4s] which didn't exist at the time of the character's creation, but my theory of its association is the nijuira-seeking people of /jp/ that moved to the board so many years ago.


The 10 million post was a soyjak


I agree with the oddity around it. But /jp/ itself doesn't really exist anymore so who could really care what people give it as a mascot.


>it's associated with people outside of the board
I would have thought all board-tans were created by the users of said board, is that not the case?


I think that design was created in /v/ or /a/. I'm not sure how far back that design goes but I think there were different earlier designs. I think the closest thing to a board-tan that was indeed created in /jp/ was meido.


There was also other websites for the whole 4chan house thing, and the artists were definitely not anons.


she was designed by old /v/ drawfag. three angled blue or something like this


File:1611955133184.png (85.68 KB,317x367)

Why is /jp/ so shitty?



4chan's really starting to crack down on the soyjak kids, to the point where they're doling out permanent bans for posting it on certain boards. I'm actually surprised how proactive they're being about it.


Last I used 4 regular wojak and similar ms paint memes caught you a lengthy ban on /a/.


File:[Shintani]_Hidamari_Sketch….png (68.06 KB,193x238)

Eternal September, my friend.


The admin of nyafuu (4chan archive) has lost motivation in runningit, but it seems that he's maintaining it until he can hand it over it to someone.


surprises me that anyone wants to spend money to archive the boards none of the staff care about maintaining.


tohno dead


Seems fine for me.


maybe we need a policy for "X is dead" comments


truOtakuHikkiNeets never die as long as they don't work!


still better than just up and dying like yuki.la's admin, unless the poor guy actually did just die.
VoH is a good guy and i'm thankful to them.


No it's not. It wont die until Tohno himself does


Tohnochan seems to be more active than I remember it being even a few years ago.


anyone have copy or summary? seems to be deleted now


Summarized from memory:
OP was about developer issues with the site
Admin made a post saying something along the lines of 'I don't even give a shit anymore, if you want an archive do it yourself' in response to a large loss of thumbnails from server issues.
Some people asked if database dumps would be coming, but since /dev/ is gone I doubt it. Site will just go idle and not fix issues in the future.

Hopefully it was archived on something, but it's unlikely that anyone with effort still uses 4chan's archives.



what happened to 4chan's /qa/


Scroll up a bit.


File:1562963269165.jpg (212.54 KB,965x688)

meh, who cares


File:pool's closed.jpg (20.01 KB,372x434)


File:2021-11-27-141104_687x72_s….png (9.18 KB,687x72)


I doubt nanochan can be saved(from itself) but I want to see this one unfolding.


File:2021-11-27-185314_690x445_….png (45.49 KB,690x445)

As promised, endofunctor has locked nanochan's /pol/ board and removed it from the board list. He has also written new rules guidelines for the site.


For reference, the previous rules:


Nothing changed, cancer is still there.
What a disappointment, not that I expected much. Nanochan is dead, let it go.

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