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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

[4165-9545] [9546-13693] [13694-21559] [21560-27693]
[27694-30491] [30491-35017] [35017-37785] [38021-39645]
[some missing posts from the previous snapshot]
[38990-41959] [40564-46419] [45957-48018] [47742-49250] [49228-50076] [50084-51377] [51250-52209]
Last Archived: September 20 2020

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.


File:strawberryheaven.png (1.17 KB,36x32)

Kuz, former Administrator of 9channel, and former co-administrator of Heyuri, opens strawberryheaven.net as a mix between Heyuri, 9ch, and RaspberryHeaven after former "developer" and the spammer of Heyuri known as Akima gives up for good this time.


maybe politics should go in another thread.

sounds interesting, ill check it out


Their homepage looks better than Heyuri and 3chan's, and I managed to post a dick without crashing the system (unlike in the previous attempt at bringing Heyuri back). The site probably will die in 2 weeks in the middle of gay drama, but at least it seems to work.


>The site probably will die in 2 weeks in the middle of gay drama, but at least it seems to work.
i hope not, this looks super promising as far as the kolyma circle goes



the mods aren't faggots this time around


File:61177c3754.png (1.32 KB,147x25)

Well this could get confusing


>run by kuz, the guy who sold ip's to the russian govt
no thanks. you shills can smeg off.


do you have any sources for that? just curious as to if theres any merit to the russian gov claims. ive heard it alot before


to be fair it was only akima that originally mentioned it, plus some anon on heyuri meta. not exactly the most credible sources.



File:Screenshot_2020-09-29 Stra….png (2.34 KB,579x86)

When's kissu gonna have this a board?


no let it be unique to SH


this is what perfection looks like


File:waterfox_1wSc6TAanG.png (61.02 KB,1032x365)

I think the debate sticky on 4/pol/ is too fast for 4stats to track or there's some other issue.


/pol/ is saturated and people can't post: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/279934717
Ironically, /pol/ became the thing that would kill /pol/.


imagine if hiroshima did a moot and removed the captcha.


Imagine if moot did a Hiroshima and killed the captcha directly from Google because /pol/ reached the free quota.


4stats just never tracks rolling stickies because it goes by total posts over time, and it can't get that from rolling stickies


>The URL was up yesterday
>Today, the URL is suddenly gone
I wonder what happened


Sadly, nobody bothered to archive the link, so now it's lost forever.


no… its up. either the owner of that site has some really spotty internet or something. i checked it and it works for me. i would have archive.is'd it but the queue was giant



did anyone save unicodefags spam script when he posted it on github for a day?



Yeah, it's horrible.
I talked with him for some strange reason and got a newer less shit one, but its still pretty bad.
If you're interested, you would be better off writing your own. It's extremely easy to do.


oh, yes i think so. do you have the full thing?


damn.. i wanna meet kuz now


He's been joining the Rizon #qa server pretty frequently. I don't see why you couldn't talk to him if you really wanted to.


Last times I were on Rizon #qa, I never saw kuz talking on there, but he was on the channel user list.


4chans 17 birthday, party hats on every post!


so, what is kissus conensus on kuznetsovs new replacement for heyuri, strawberryheaven? better? worse? i like the fact that he kept the old rules and used a working IB software


why do you all fail to keep your shitty kuzspam on the kuz generals in kolyma?


eCelebs aren't happenings


there is a new art too https://www.4chan.org/4channews.php


So that's where the news feed went…


needs more reimu armpits


File:ef6f97af90.png (9.71 KB,176x259)


So Nintendo just announced the minecraft guy for smash, and /v/ got extremely fast for a short period of time.


Who the HECK is Alex?


File:saa.png (63.06 KB,554x436)

Don't ask me


File:Alex.png (9.06 KB,480x1080)

The other default player skin.


I didn't know there were multiple default skins.


It was introduced with the "Bedrock" branch of games, Microsoft's reimplementation of the game on a C++ engine written for mobile (originally known as Pocket Edition), consoles and the Win10 store.
Your default skin (e.g. when you're offline or the skin server is down) is picked between those two based on your account number. Alex has a slightly more androgynous appearance due to the fact that the arms are only 3 instead of 4 pixels thick.


these arent imageboard happenings. this is video games


File:1486586438206.jpg (105.74 KB,554x439)

It's almost like people enjoy commenting on the content of happenings, rather than the happenings themselves…


well, current /v/ mostly is the generation that grew up watching minecraft lets plays on their hand me down tablets.

I miss the simple times of griefing them. ;_;


File:Screenshot_2020-10-02 4sta….png (83.72 KB,1233x276)

Trump caught corona.


whats with the names?


technical difficulties


i like the names, rolling for rena


File:[HorribleSubs] Higurashi n….jpg (139.24 KB,1280x720)

Character names from Higurashi When They Cry to celebrate the new Higurashi anime. It'll go back to normal in a couple days.


File:illust_1193963_20170710_10….jpg (99.98 KB,800x667)

Tell me your secret…


Mai waifu will be the name I post with.


what do you all think of the front page now?


Great improvement on the traditional vichan homepage. Probably one of my favorites now with how useful and nice it looks. Also I like the autoplaying OPs


Everything great except for autoplaying.


the autoplay causes some issues... for example it causes you to download a 20mb video file ocassionally so I'll likely switch it to the non autoplay version.
Also, since it's an iframe you can't use rules to block it from loading.

This is pretty terrible design for mobile applications and I'll switch to the non-auto version later.

comparison of largest request items on a standard page load.


Who do I message to get back into the steam group? All the links were expired.


File:3e0e0efbab4f1915208838b239….png (349.52 KB,1755x556)

8kun apparently has advertisements now


File:8kun-ads.png (197.07 KB,1456x515)

at least ad blockers work, but 8kun is garbage anyways


Need an invite. Message cool or verniy on steam or IRC


Interview with Fredrick Brennan (AKA Hotweels or cripplekike) on Know Your Meme:
tl;dr: He blames Jim and Ron Watkins for everything wrong in his life, regrets creating 8chan and allowing GamerGate to stay there, and is convinced that Jim is Q.

The only non-dead boards are the Q-related ones, a couple of foreign boards, and the remaining random board but only because somebody spammed it with 100s of pics of some faggot. Everything else is dead and broken.


Everything concerning 8gag is like an exercise in surreal shitposting.


whye isnt ACK on kissue


4chan spammers don't show up outside of 4chan



I would be ashamed of it too if I was him


nitter more like...


File:1554427960845.jpg (94.85 KB,607x643)



File:a8dcb0cd38c0fd41ce04a7496c….jpg (730.97 KB,860x1127)

Wait, when did the fallback captcha come back on 4chan? The no JS captcha is working now. How long did I miss this?
This could mean that I spent so much time on solving crappy captcha for months.
It also means that my automatic captcha solver is working again.


Been like that for a while... Some months now I'm pretty sure.


gnfos looks dead


Is that the only happening recently... feels like everything's been so calm lately. Guess it's not that bad though.


Nothing much has happened for a while. The webring, once a source of endless drama, has stabilized, the third Zchan iteration hasn't been nuked yet and julayfags stay on their corner for most of the time, 8kun is dead outside of their Q board, Hololive keeps being a success on all /jp/ boards despite chink intervention, /pol/ hasn't been the source of new "studies" in a while (this may change after Halloween and the elections), and even 4chan's happenings threads have been lacking real happenings for weeks since nothing interesting has happened in a for weeks. Is almost as if the entire world is preparing for something massive.


Well... there is November coming up...

If things are this calm now I dread what may befall the internet come the.


so what happened with gaynfos this time? does anyone know? the schizos from there are already spamming ota as a result.


Someone posted a link to Trevor's brother's stream and he nuked it.


I think warosu may be dead


I wrote a complete, extensive history on the death of Heyuri.



Nice, I finally understand it all now.


or at least Ivan's version


>Lolico, a struggling 17 year old programmer, simply could not keep up with the constant attacks, and it took an immense toll on his physical health

didn't know mean words on the internet could hurt you physically.


Sticks and stones will never hurt me, but words may break my bones.


Running any organization is stressful when things go wrong


Sometimes, seeing some particular words makes my physical body feel really horrible.


if seeing something such as gore images can make you ill, then words can as well.


it's all in the head. it's incorrect to say it's physical because it's the mind that's causing it.


like what?


The issue with the idea that words have no weight in this scenario was that someone had their info revealed on the internet and could have lead to real world consequences.



File:shiney pogeymons!!!!.png (149.47 KB,1579x830)

veepee was funny for the first time in a while


File:__toyosatomimi_no_miko_tou….jpg (167.43 KB,548x800)

I really wouldn't consider that "funny".........



Not sure if anyone's talked about this yet, but lowtax sold SA


what would you all think of a news aggregator for imageboard news? like 2chans 2nn.jp? like a site thats where we put our happenings? the russian guy who owns kolymanet and heyuri owns one (knn.kolyma.jp) but its only for russian imageboard stuff and only select curators and kolymanet moderators can make submissions to the front page so it doesnt really fit what i was thinking.

just a thought.


That's definitely for the best, but waaaay too late from what I've read over the years. I wonder how much money it was.. probably not much?

What would be different? Things are generally pretty slow in imageboards so I don't think you can fill a website with it.


slow? across the spectrum of imageboards across the web? im sure we could put all sorts of interesting things in it.



it might be too early to say for sure but it looks like /pol/ is committing voter fraud in oregon and tampering in washington due to some massive oversights in the online portion of their respective mail in ballot system


If they get away with it then I'm not sure how I'll feel. On one hand /pol/ getting what they want, on the other people professing no issues with the system having to eat their words...


If you want it to be news-oriented like this thread then I don't think there's enough material, really. If you want it to be a content aggregate everyone will hate you, even if Eric Bauman's behavior is normalized these days.

Best to wait for evidence I think. A summary of the situation would be good, too.


/pol/ figured out how to cheat the voting, presumably


Dear fucking god, this can't be real. There's no way for the election if the president of the United States they actually implemented something so insecure?


fucking retarded americans not using voter ids.


sigh, that they're using this to support trump just shows how awfully politicized 4chan's become.

would've been funny if they used it to tip the favor in some nobodies favor, like say make moot or someone equally as absurd president of the us


Yeah, voting for moot or pedobear would definitely be the first thing old 4chan would do.


Oregon and Washington are not enough to swing the entire election, but it definitely would be funny if on election night hearing the results that the cockmongler won them.


File:0be3464b5c.png (272 KB,1567x526)


just noticed the difference in threads per hour roflolmao


Never thought I'd see the day 4/jp/ become a fast board, though it's all concentrated in few generals.


File:1602635187317.jpg (94.23 KB,500x417)

Taiwanese vtuber board begins accepting donations due to rapid growth in users:


Good on them for not giving in to chinese scare tactics. Hopefully that bully country vanishes off the face of the earth in due time.


Hotwheels may have gotten Watkins also kicked out of the Phillipines.


>Yet, in a previously unreported development in January, the Philippines Bureau of Immigration's (BI) Investigations Division determined that James Watkins was a risk to the public interest, a designation called an "undesirable alien," according to Philippines immigration records obtained by ABC News.

>Watkins "is the owner and operator of 8chan, a hate filled forum/website which hosts trolling and serves as go-to resource for violent extremists and white supremacists," the bureau of immigration's charging sheet states.

>The designation is administrative, not criminal and "it basically means you're deportable," said Jathniel Shao, an Ohio-based immigration attorney with an office in Manila.

>"Being deemed undesirable by the [Philippines] Bureau of Immigration is not uncommon," Shao said. "Even if you do something stupid when you're drunk or get in a fight with the wrong people, anyone can file a claim with the BI about any alien. It's the BI commissioners' discretion whether to pursue further action."

>Immigration documents show that Watkins sought authorization to return to the U.S. and was given a travel window of Aug. 27, 2020, through Jan. 31, 2021, before he is expected to return to appeal the undesirable alien designation. He departed for the U.S. on Sept. 4, though it's unclear where he is currently living. Benjamin Barr, Watkins' U.S. attorney, did not reply to an ABC News email last week requesting information about Watkins' current whereabouts.

>Reached earlier this month at Watkins' home in a gated community in the Pasig City section of Manila, a man who identified himself as Watkins' brother-in-law confirmed to ABC News that Watkins had returned to the U.S., following his son Ron's earlier return stateside. The brother-in-law also said that in June, Watkins sold the pig farm south of Manila where he'd been living with his family for years.

>While officials with the bureau of immigration declined to specify what prompted the Watkins investigation, Brennan told ABC News last week he thinks he knows what happened.

>"Wow, it worked," Brennan said, when notified of Watkins' immigration designation.

>He went on to explain that after Watkins filed a cyber-libel complaint against him last fall, Brennan hired a local Manila attorney to accompany Brennan's wife to repeatedly complain in person about Watkins to one of a handful of commissioners at the bureau of immigration's Manila headquarters, arguing that Watkins' history of web hosting Asian pornography and anonymous forums like 8chan from the Philippines should compel his designation as an undesirable alien.

>"We were basically playing his own game back at him, because he chased me out of the country first," Brennan said.

>Brennan said he bets Watkins stays in the U.S.

>"I would be shocked if he really ever returns now that this immigration case is going," Brennan said.

>"If you're a foreigner there you really have to prove you're not undesirable," he said. "The bureau of immigration can deport anyone for any reason or no reason and the only person who can overturn it is Duterte."

>"And that'll never happen."

>Immigration records show that Watkins must return by Jan. 31, or he would be placed on a blacklist and barred from reentry to the Philippines.


Feels nice hearing him get screwed over, but I doubt anything will really change regardless of where he decides to live.


According to the article he also sold his pig farm, which could have been his main source of income if you consider that image boards like 8kun are almost never a profitable business.


File:1453949496801-0.png (1.93 MB,680x697)

now this can never happen


Rare are the cases when a book really can be judged by its cover. What a spiteful little goblin.


we dont need democracy anyways. power to the people who are smart enough to just set up a script to farm votes. are you trying to tell me you really give a shit if some 90 year old grandpa's vote isnt counted whilst some basement dweller imageboard-browsing kid gets 50k votes? nah


>Rare are the cases when a book really can be judged by its cover


File:1603238653183.jpg (604.64 KB,2471x1361)

gn lookin pretty epic


I guess the /pol/ election fraud thing was a dud, huh? I'd assume someone, anyone, would be covering it by now.



At the very least it's self evidently a streamlined way to dox residents of specific states. And as far as voter exploitation is concerned the biggest deterrent seems to be the legal implications, so most likely it won't be any American or potential Western anons that will do anything as it would be very likely a lot of resources would be put towards catching and prosecuting them considering the nature of the crime. That leaves it squarely in the hands of anons from second and third world nations. Some conservative online outlets have covered it and some liberal ones have dismissed it, with it mostly lost in the sea of general election security talk. Realistically you won't see much real action unless someone actually exploits this.
There is still a general on /pol/ about it, trying to drum up the narrative but again unless/until it's exploited beyond doxxing there probably won't be much more coverage.


File:8e131b71e7.png (79.09 KB,812x412)

Sigh, the fated date draws near


File:826105655d.png (134.74 KB,1257x417)

Somethings happening.... I'm not sure what



>second highest post per minute
>lowest thread per hour
I love /jp/ - Japan Generals


take someone hostage and demand they continue support lest they watch an innocent man killed


File:my opinion is the correct ….jpg (100.08 KB,1280x720)

the vtuber stuff is basically a second wave of /mlp/ tbh


File:Screenshot_2020-10-22 jp ….png (194.68 KB,1893x734)

4chan(nel) has self-serve ads again, and SUPPOSEDLY there's a peko one, but all I seem to be able to come across is this one "have sex" ad. I can't tell if it's because someone discovered a bug in the system, other ads were removed, or if someone just paid a shitload to have their ad everywhere, but either way it's currently really lacking in diversity. And there's no way I'm paying 4chan money to create content for them...


>Fuck off back to your containment thread, teen.
I hate vshitters but at the same time I hate autismo "condense your threads" generalshitters. It's really hard to pick who I hate more


Can't believe they stole and monetized Kissu's user-created banners idea


Wait, now it seems to be that every time I refresh it's showing a dirty K-Pop banner. Hmm. I wonder if it's on a time, or if it's something really stupid like somebody paying for adspace is overwriting other people's ads...


I was thinking that other imageboards might try advertising for a user boost, but it seems really counter-productive. The pool of users that haven't blacklisted 4chan scripts and ads by now is probably not a very highly desired one.


File:Screenshot_2020-10-23-12-0….jpg (576 KB,1080x2340)

You mean this vteen garbage here?


I hadn't seen it myself, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that...


I don't get it, you actually like those shit vtuber banners?


No, I was just looking for something that wasn't "have sex". I guess it encapsulated what people are using them for anyways well enough.


File:1yerwcc0sgpeEd.jpeg (72.2 KB,300x250)

I'm not screenshotting it, is this the banner you're looking for?
It kinda pisses me off how vshitters are /jp/ culture now


Yeah, I saw someone posted it somewhere else and wanted to see it for myself. Though I tried for around 10 minutes and only got the have sex ad so I gave up.


File:1603471030759.png (234.05 KB,854x643)

Somebody made a proper /jp/ ad


vtubers influence /jp/ the same way shonenspics influence /a/, msybe


File:1404846060722.png (Spoiler Image,260.9 KB,1360x1082)

I expected the future to be awful but this is beyond comprehension.


File:Screenshot_2020-10-24 qa ….png (98.41 KB,1893x525)

Would you look at that. This must be ironic in some way


File:1573382161346.gif (68.49 KB,728x90)

There's another one (pic related) that links to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcxCR-PD-ZI
They're planning to put a lot of ads on every board:


Truly devious revenge


File:mlp banners.jpg (324.26 KB,1592x1440)

I still remember the one put out by Barneyfag or one of his impersonators.


File:1603478924277.png (Spoiler Image,292.08 KB,1360x1111)

updated for the modern audience


I don't get it. The sites are all the same and the captcha's still old...


File:sulking togame.jpg (75.32 KB,527x710)

pay more attention anon
I believe in you!


lel, 8kunts btfo

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