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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: June 29th, 2022


that guy is retiring from heyuri after two years. Kayuga, a turkish mod who's been working with him for a while is taking over, same as what happened with gurochan


wow that thread sure brought out all the gremlins of yesteryear


is there a summary of his deal?




What do you mean? A summery of Kaguya'a deal? He's a fairly high ranking Kolyma employee who joined in 2020 and has been doing most of the moderation and public relations on Heyuri for a while now while that guy has been more absent (ironically similar to how that guy was more active and recognised then lolico back when he was in charge). He also recently launched this site - https://nihongoch.net/


>He's a fairly high ranking Kolyma employee who joined in 2020
not to be rude but using this terminology for fucking imageboard moderation is so gay


Kolyma is a whole company, according to their site Kaguya is a member of the "central comitee" or some shit. I assumed that means his job goes beyond moderating imageboards so i called him that.



8chan.moe finally banned the posting of images of minors in sexual contexts (think of the "subtle" pedo OP in 4chan's /tv/ if you have seen them before, with images and videos of little girls in bathing suits and commentaries about how "cute" they look). Most of the users who frequented these pedo threads immediately attempted to seek asylum in Kohlchan /int/'s own pedo threads, but were banned for being too obnoxious even for Kohlchan's standards.
Change in 8chan's global rules:
Posts mocking the pedos for their failed migration to Kohlchan (posting them and not the Kohlchan threads because these have borderline pics):


thought this was the only reason to be using 8moe


File:b4k.png (345.92 KB,919x1766)

the /cumg/ extension anons from /g/ are having a minor fight with the b4k archive admin
cap from b4k /meta/ thread that got deleted
they continued to argue here https://2chen.moe/tech/1353679#p1366318


I love observing pointless internet fights like this.


Truly the quality petty squabble you'd only see from tech autists


I'm honestly surprised anyone was still hosting them. Was this in response to a legal threat?

Another day, another reason to hate the inhabitants of /g/.
Why does this thing scrape archives? Isn't it for active 4chan threads?


>Was this in response to a legal threat?
I don't know if a third party is involved, only that the hosting company contacted the admins because the pedo general and other similar threads were becoming a problem for them:


>the pedo general and other similar threads
what the fuck


now they're fighting again in the thread because the b4k admin added a script to try and ddos the cumg git


cyberpunk dystopia.


Nah, geeks have fought like this since the dawn of the internet, this is nothing new or dystopian


Sigh... I was being sarcastic...


DO NOT sigh


Isn't raping the archives bandwidth a bad idea?


what are you referencing?


rape is a really good idea


File:1652060191891.png (2.17 MB,1920x1080)

Some guy(s) leaked Duke Nukem Forever stuff on 4chan /v/. It's been a while since I followed that stuff, but it's a very infamous case of vaporware from 20 years ago. Supposedly they'll release it in June, but obviously empty promises and lies are the default for threads like this so it wouldn't hurt to remain skeptical.
https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/598358716 (https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/598358716)

I tried to save the page on wayback machine but it threw me an error. If anyone else wants to capture it you can try.


didn't this get released already like several years ago


File:1652187600825.png (153.88 KB,640x480)

they already leaked it. https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/598471840
also there was a pic of Rei in the files
that guy leaked an old build from 2001. the 2011 version that was released is a completely different game.



Duke Nukem Taking Forever


never heard about this site before


Links to Phichan and Nanochan's clone?


File:75570459_p0.png (582.25 KB,1500x1500)

Thanks. Have a small Link.


is still open to nano refugees if anyone's left.


>who came out about their sexual attraction to the users
Thats a first.


File:firefox_Q7eFx314Py.png (200.57 KB,1241x613)

Crypto is crashing and burning, and /biz/ is on fire as it usually is during these times.



big crash


now's the time to buy


Hiro should remove /pol/ for causing yet another mass shooting


From what I've read he's 18, has the requisite manifesto which praised 4chan as his source of education and livestreamed the shooting (I heard twitch)
It goes without saying, but don't post any of it here.


The manifesto also namedrops 8chan.moe, stating that he (more like one of the members of the Discord server he was part of) would leave a post there and another in 4chan, probably with the purpose to frame both sites.


should but won't


a newfag, redditor, and /pol/tard writes over 100 pages of garbage to terrorize people just going to the supermarket.


I don't think hiro is even aware of it...


File:1597681953211.webm (557.08 KB,590x720)

I wonder if the other staff members are hiding things from him. It's obvious that he doesn't browse 4chan on a day to day basis, so it wouldn't be too surprising if the de facto admin or whoever only gives him sugar-coated info regarding the site.


Highly doubt they would have to try hard to hide anything from him, or if they would need to bother being subtle to begin with.
Dude just likes talking on streams and sipping French booze.


another 4chan archive bites the dust


It was reported to Cloudflare for malware links.


aaaaa why sometimes i check /biz/ on that one
now i have to go back to using poopy old warosu


Journalists continue to use the recent shooting turn 4chan into the new 8chan aka their personal boogeyman and the "embodiment" of radical hate speech.

>FROM 4-CHAN TO THE CAPITOL: A text-as-data analysis of QAnon


Also the governor of New York signed an executive order that will create a new unit dedicated to fighting "domestic terrorism", which along with other things will monitor social media in search for online extremism.


>Also the governor of New York signed an executive order that will create a new unit dedicated to fighting "domestic terrorism", which along with other things will monitor social media in search for online extremism.
How is this any different than what the NSA already does?



Its hilarious how you can get journalists to believe anything if you write a manifesto and do a major crime


it's far less than that
i remember someone on /pol/ convinced a journalist that he's going to ukraine to fight russians and all it took is a made-up story and a few twitter dms (it was published too)


I don't like when people refer to journalists as if they're this collective hivemind. Journalism is a profession, and there's different levels of professionalism within that profession.


File:greenweedle.jpg (17.92 KB,300x332)

there's a weedle sticked on /v/ because reasons


File:Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 2….png (806.68 KB,827x1418)

HxH's author made a twitter today and announced 4 new chapters for the manga. Now there's a sticky on /a/ for it that I don't recommend going to.



Wow that thread is awful.


File:1652400333484.png (739.92 KB,702x634)

That's modern /a/ for you. I wouldn't recommend going there for anything besides some manga threads (but not battle shonen manga like HxH).


File:1440019806522.jpg (119.62 KB,692x659)

Welcome to /a/ - Battle Shounen & Manhwa


File:loud n proud.png (308.39 KB,1364x373)

there was a 3DPD vagoo on /vp/ for almost 3 hours with a ridiculous amount of posts and finally one hero had enough and invoked the spirits of old /qa/ within himself
and i thought that was justice so i wanted to share


It's full of teens.


where do you go for manga then


Mangadex comments



>Из-за санкций мы временно закрыты.
>Because of sanctions we are closed temporarily.


real suka blyat moment


File:4chan and good smile.PNG (24.13 KB,449x173)

When is kissu going to get investment from a Japanese toy company? The kissu girls could get there own line of figmas.


90% off-topic ranting about lolicons and political stuff, 5% speculation, and 5% actual information. Web journalism is such a joke.


This will be less eventful than the vtuber thing.
I dont even know why hiro bought it.


You think web journalism's bad? You should see the epic win comics in the Guardian


yeah the only interesting part of the article is the snippet i posted


It's political stuff, yeah, but 4chan is a political entity. The genie's not going back in the bottle so this is how the world will report on it.
I think the majority of this was already reported on a year or two ago. The Good Smile thing, at least. It was some employee lawsuit thing that went back and forth and it resulted in some stuff getting leaked.
I have to say, though, it's entertaining that they think people with anime figures are the 4chan demographic while at the same time listing all the political activism. I think they were looking for a connection that wasn't there- a figurine company must be using 4chan to sell figures.


An article about 4chan is going to be political because the political side of things is the only relevant one to your average joe. It's easy to forget if you're completely immersed in imageboard culture, but to the general public, very little of what we do actually means anything.


File:772.png (210.84 KB,859x929)

Hispachan, one of the oldest non-English imageboards, announced its closure in two days after deleting one of its regional boards (/mx/ - Mexico):
https://www.hispachan.org/b/res/220203.html - https://archive.is/3sTpE
https://www.hispachan.org/b/res/220921.html - https://archive.is/QEecY
https://www.twitch.tv/janip4 (stream where one of the admins made the announcement, he's still streaming at the moment of posting this).


I REALLY wish it was 4shit instead.

Also, reason for the closure?


Lack of money (I heard something about the site costing $1000 per month) and people willing to use their real name and personal data to pay the bills.
/mx/ was closed first because the admin hated it for being a /tv/-tier cesspit full of retards who kept breaking the rules in purpose all the time while complaining about being banned for it.


I see. Hiro also mentioned having the site having financial problems before, which is why he had to resort to the malware ads, self-serve ads and other stuff. I really hope he closes it sometime in the future as well once he runs out of options for financing it.


>Hiro also mentioned having the site having financial problems before
I'm pretty sure everyone agreed that was BS. moot pretty publicly stated before the handover that 4chan was in good financial standing was finally turning a profit, and that was just with J-List as the sole advertiser and pass sales. Some time later afterwards, Hiro tried to release information about what the hosting costs were, but some people on /g/ and /qa/ were saying that 4chan's operational costs would have been way higher than the rates for just about any hosting provider, which wouldn't make sense.


It's different now. /pol/'s explosion in popularity shoo'd away most advertisers, including J-List.


4chan has self-served ads that shady porn sites and crypto scammers keep buying, and since most phone users are too stupid to block them (there were complaints about pop-up videos appearing in the mobile version and making it harder to use) adbucks won't be a problem for now.


File:hispachan.jpg (204.26 KB,1508x590)

24 hours until Hispachan closes after being active for almost 10 years. There's a farewell note on their blog: https://www.hispachan.org/blog/#/fin - https://archive.is/dmQSd

Bunkers are already being set up elsewhere, with https://8chan.moe/ (Hispachan's admin personally recommended it: https://www.hispachan.org/m/res/112391.html#112538 - https://archive.is/1r1kK ) and https://krautchan.rip/ (Krautchan spin-off/successor, they created a bunker board at /hs/ for them) being the most active at the moment. Mostrochan, on the other hand, has made it clear that Hispachan refugees are not welcome there: https://mostrochan.org/l/res/109268.html


File:confused osaka.png (523.33 KB,1022x766)

>after being active for almost 10 years
That's odd. I swear it was older than that. What's the oldest Spanish speaking imageboard?


1000$ huh...


File:A6BD2795-C843-4823-B69E-68….png (127.42 KB,538x344)

wow, can't tell if Hispachan is that cancer or if this guy is that elitist


>That's odd. I swear it was older than that
Hispachan was created in 2012, and was down for some months in 2018.

Both. That guy's site isn't much better.


I've been there a couple of times, all country boards were terrible.
The rest of boards were uninteresting to me but had better posters.



File:kronk-smug-57d788f589064.jpeg (17.87 KB,850x477)

>zzzchan /2hu/ removed captcha
>board got shittier with pornposting and one guy blogging
>asked to bring captcha back and granted
>he immediately called it a dead board



Who are you quoting?


does 4chan have a built in webm player now? looking through the kunoichi thread in bed before I sleep and I can play the files without using a separate app


no, it must be your browser


I believe there was something added to the extension code specifically so iPhone/Safari lurkers can view and play webms.


idk some anon from /g/ talk about it. i just know that iPhone cant run webm until now, that's lame.


File:1112154652.png (850.67 KB,1671x808)

I see, it took my page an extra 10 seconds to load and looks like trash


Unrelated, but since when SauceNAO has a limit of 50 searches per IP per day? I use it every day and only saw the limit yesterday.

According to https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/87227268#p87231210 they added a JS library that converts .webm files to something Safari can play: https://github.com/hajimehoshi/ogvjs


i thought webm was quite well supported on rotten apples


>SauceNAO has a limit of 50 searches per IP per day?
Has to be a new addition, I've done more than 50 searches with the same IP in the past, even within this month.


It supports webm, but only for WebRTC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebRTC). Regular videos aren't supported yet.


damn, I missed out on aBad Apple joke


/lgbt/ got flags now


for what purpose?


it only took like what 5 years?


Everyone's favourite battle shounen board is having another sticky. This time because Berserk is apparently coming back.


Celebrating pride month™.
The dev should merge /lgbt/, /pol/ and /mlp/'s flags into a single pool and let people pick up to 3 of them for the next April fools, then implement a mechanic with them.


It's not like it matters, 99% of the userbase is mtf trans and the rest are in their barely used generals
Man, it feels like everything has a month now that only exists in commercials



you just know this is only because swaglord and some of the others are exclusive iOS users tired of missing out


Imagine what Heyuri could be if K*z never took over...


File:22chan.jpg (303.4 KB,1600x1397)

Another dead chan. No idea when it closed but it was alive a month ago. Are imageboards dying? What can we do about it? I'm starting to get really anxious and sad about the death of imageboards.
R.I.P. 22Chan.


boards like that die and get resurrected or have their userbase drift off like nomads all the time; it always has been that way.
Go to that overchan site and click through the links.


Imageboards come and go all the time, it used to be even more frequent back in the day.

4chon from back when /new/ on 4chan died long ago. Lasted for years, disappeared for years, and then some new clone came back with a different userbase and same name claiming to be a continuation. Life is fleeting and so are imageboards. I don't think we have anything to fear for decades to come. Textboards fell off the planet when imageboards rose and took their place, but I don't think anything is going to replace the imageboard feel on computers. Videos aren't "the next step" either since we've had that capability for decades and they never grew since most imageboards users would rather not watch short videos all day long and prefer talking to each other over text and attaching relevant files like images and videos.


Don't think imageboards as a format will die anytime soon since they occupy a niche in the "social media ecosystem" of being mostly anonymous and not having to make an account to use them. And thanks to the cultural pull of 4chan, new people will be brought into the imageboard ecosystem even it's something like only 1 person per 10000 new 4chan users. 1 active user is more than enough to help sustain a small imageboard.


>Are imageboards dying?
Yes, just like forums. Since centralized platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Discord became more prominent, most communities lost the need to host their own forum/imageboard in order to talk about the things they like since they can simply create a subreddit/Discord server with 2 clicks.

Also I never liked 22chan. It always felt like a straight up clone of 4chan with extra rules on top and nothing original.


people really don't care that much about being anon


Imageboards never die, they just split and merge.

People say that, but I think it's just a bunch of doom and gloom nonsense.

You can't really centralize imageboards the way Discord centralized chatrooms or Reddit centralized forums. I mean you can, that's basically what 8ch was, but they don't really benefit from it (from a casual user perspective) the same way forums or chatrooms do.

Being anonymous also means they occupy a slightly different niche from the likes of reddit and discord, making it impossible for those sites to ever fully eat them.


There's another imageboard that is fairly similar to that one called 3chan.co.
They have a habit of copying the 4chan design and wanting it to be "4chan but not 4chan" instead of something more unique.

Centralizing imageboards suffers from "the 4chan problem" of boards invading each other and being obnoxious for quick attention. There are many sites that allow for board creation, but you end up being constantly invaded by the main biggest community on the site and those community members will try to transform or control your community which makes it harder to grow a niche. There are a couple that manage to do it though, but they're usually extremely niche in hobbies already so bigger communities just stay away because it bores them and they can't get their dopamine fix.



Looks like Mewch is returning maybe soon? This time they're running their own Meguca fork it seems


fun with digits in a kunoichi tsubaki thread


Sometime I wonder if it's not imageboards that have been dying off, but the rest of the internet that's just exploded in size.


File:4stats.JPG (142.09 KB,1403x777)

It's very noticeable on the media/hobby boards like /a/, /co/, /mu/, /ck/, etc. They are all declining in activity. The only ones that are growing are /pol/ and /tv/ because of modern 4teen outrage culture. /v/ isn't growing but is stable because of that, otherwise it would be declining as well.


File:b.JPG (119.36 KB,1383x770)

Also, /b/'s stats are just sad. To think it was so active and the center of the site's culture when I actually started using the site.


File:g.JPG (139.82 KB,1389x781)

/g/ is also dying hard.


Doesn't look like "hard" but it's not thriving with it's cultural setup.


File:C-1655035920138.png (55.51 KB,1222x296)

Something to keep in mind is that media/hobbies also have their own ups and down, and if you look at the more popular ones then a similar trend can be seen.


Forgot to mention that's /vt/


File:Screenshot from 2022-06-12….png (57.21 KB,1373x476)

>media/hobbies also have their own ups and down
That's always one of the most interesting things for me about these stats. For example, /a/ has clear bumps around the end of every season and the beginning of the next, big peaks for New Years r/a/dio, and longer boosts from crossboarders who only show up around big happenings (like the KyoAni arson, or last year's SnK/Eva/Miura triple whammy). There was also a clear increase in traffic when Covid lockdowns and work-from-home started, even though the seasonal lineup was very sparse, and that reflected in the quality of posts. A lot more "ennuiposting", for lack of a better word.

If we take those peaks due to external events into account (what happened on /a/ around 2013? tripfag spam?), traffic actually looks pretty stable over the long term. Maybe something similar holds for many other hobby boards.


File:1436747746691.gif (273.5 KB,189x189)

>what happened on /a/ around 2013? tripfag spam?
Take a look at the events that happened and the shows that aired in that year here and you'll get a hint: >>89591 >>89617 But just compare 2014 /a/ with current /a/ instead since it didn't really have anything as interesting going on. It's clear there's a decline in activity. It has been dying since N/a/ruto but with some odd bumps here and there.


File:1447532252691.png (175.85 KB,625x515)

Streamers cannot be considered media/hobby though.


>Textboards fell off the planet when imageboards rose and took their place, but I don't think anything is going to replace the imageboard feel on computers

Textboards have kind of had a revival recently, although the userbase is a lot different than the typical imageboard crowd, it seems like it skews a lot older and technical.


File:[Judas] Jashin-chan Dropki….jpg (276.98 KB,1920x1080)

I get really sad when I talk about this by the way. I wish I could go back to 2011. 2007, 2008 and 2009 were turbulent, but 2010 is when things calmed down and 2011 had a lot of memorable shows, events and memes. I can see why that year is remembered fondly by /v/.


Damn, that was a stacked year, plus the N/a/ruto fiasco on top of that. That explains a lot. There's a huge gap in my memory of /a/ around that time because I got too busy with college to keep up with seasonals. I just remember coming back there in 2017 and thinking "What the hell happened?"


To be fair, there's a tribe of /tv/ that is total outrage culture but it sometimes gets so ridiculous that it veers into /s4s/ territory. I don't think it's comparable to /pol/ at all.
I blame a lot of the console tourists going back and Libera Chat took a lot of the FOSS chatter.
I held on until DitF which was 2019? Justifying it by saying "It's better than the rest of 4chan", simply because the anime only rule shielded it from much of the cancer, but after it started having "Post your height and weight" threads during said anime I was done.


I used to feel like that until /qa/ became a thing, really. Though I would probably give it up to get prime iichan or hongfire back


/qa/ is cool and all but it's also after the election (as 2D/R), which is what permanently destroyed the site forever.


File:1477657068611.jpg (1.18 MB,1200x1400)

I don't think I stopped browsing /a/ due to a specific event, my interests were just gradually shifting more towards /jp/ subjects starting with Touhou. I stayed mostly on /jp/ for a few years before the mods in their infinite wisdom pulled a N/a/ruto 2.0 JayPee Edition on the board. But now I'm here, so I suppose something nice came out of all of this.


Thats a very unpleasant image


File:1548531273373.jpg (397.75 KB,896x716)

There is nothing unpleasant about cute girls slurping noodles.


people slurping are gross in general


File:391a0a684038c941c1fa886158….jpg (116.53 KB,700x945)

Bacon girl is cute.


File:g-ays btfo.jpg (195.11 KB,2052x972)

/lgbt/ surpassed it recently. I guess the "trap coders" eventually came out of the closet and changed boards, heh.


mods forcing us off of 4/qa/ really was the best thing that could have happened; by 2019 I was pretty tired of the terrible state of 4chan, and I started using the site in 2015 so my standards were already low. I stepped away from the internet for a bit until early 2020 when I remembered that kissu existed, and this site ended up being everything I'd want from an imageboard.


>Are imageboards dying?
I don't think so, but I think it'd be very beneficial if there was a pipeline that wasn't so reliant on 4chan. If it could somehow become normal to see other places mentioned around the internet I think it would do some good. Maybe on an original youtube creation, maybe on an artist's profile, or maybe some programmer's github. It could lead people to exploring imageboards without first spending months or years on 4chan.
Obviously people are very nervous about gaining new people from the wider web, but new blood is what keeps things going.


>Maybe on an original youtube creation, maybe on an artist's profile, or maybe some programmer's github.
It might be surprising to here, but quite a few YouTubers I know run forums still.


File:[shiggy] Made in Abyss - S….jpg (292.93 KB,1920x1080)

I think /lgbt/ is growing because of /pol/ though. The more they talk about "gays and tr*nnies" the more they attract them. They don't realize their obsession about them is ridiculous at this point.


please do not contradict the old person's complaints about the world ending


probably a decent amount of projection of self hate going on, once someone I knew who is the /pol/ type drunkenly admitted that he thought of himself as transgender. He either doesn't remember this himself or doesn't think I remember as he continues to demonize or complain about trans people in completely unrelated conversations. I think its a combination of what you are saying and my observation happening at a large scale


dumb post


like most things there i think what you're referring to is just a very vocal, spammy minority that now has some parrots trained to squack like them on reflex.


that's me


What I said doesn't contradict them at all...


This reminds me, there's a certain tripfag on /pol/ that always gets replies from idiots/bots regardless of the thread and the content of his/her post: https://archive.4plebs.org/_/search/tripcode/%21Frozen%2FS0A/
The monkeys who reply to these posts no longer know why they're doing it, it became a matter of mere reflexes for them.


File:goodbye.jpg (450.53 KB,700x962)

RIP /nen/ ;_;

Guess I'm down to just posting here now.


File:Screenshot_2022-06-12 The ….png (14.37 KB,874x235)

I always liked nen's nice relaxed atmosphere... There goes another imageboard I liked...


Rip it was the last decent /jp/ spinoff.


>hate /qa/
I only have myself to blame


/lgbt/ is mostly growing because modern lgbt communities are unusable and ban everything they don't like. The state of the board is terrible since there are subreddits and twitter accounts dedicated to the board making memes and content being shared directly to smartphone users with little knowledge about imageboards who are attracted by the promise of being able to say slightly unacceptable things. The vast majority of board visitors had it as their first imageboard experience and had no respect for board culture.


So many imageboards are shutting down.. its starting to get suspicious


To be fair, 4chan culture as a whole sux at this point. Disrespecting its culture is like disrespecting the shit you took this morning


>I know a lot of you hate /qa/
well, depending on the context and whom is asked /qa/ also hates /qa/ so big deal.


>respect board culture
¥ on 4chan

you're idealistic to a flaw


is the 'archives' link in the op of this thread not working for anyone else? I cant seem to see the list of old versions of this thread.


forgot to rebuild it after we switched servers. back now


why does the 4chan /a/ janny delete any threads about anime/manga industry
not even talking about /pol/ish threads


not a happening


I don't know where else to whine about it


File:cloudflare.png (3.79 KB,393x128)

A Cloudflare outage affected tons of boards including 4chan and Kissu.


>Posted 1 hour ago. Jun 21, 2022 - 06:43 UTC


I think it was a regional thing. Cloudflare is like half of the internet and I don't think half the internet was down.


meant it was caused by her


File:1655690048976.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

ate the internet


>Also I never liked 22chan. It always felt like a straight up clone of 4chan with extra rules on top and nothing original.
Sorry for being so late but I agree. I posted a picture with a spoiler and it was deleted very quickly. I didn't like that so I stopped going there pretty quickly. But yeah, 22chan was fun for a while. It kind of did evoke some nostalgia from the oldfag age, at least in my opinion. It's a shame it was dead and that the owner seems to have moved over to twitter, for whatever reason.


File:1623107880593.png (584.69 KB,2000x1519)

Have you tried sending feedback?


supposedly /b/ got totally wiped but it repopulated in mere minutes


possibly they migrated their data storage from hardrives to cloudflare-argo


I mean R2
Argo is their very expensive priority routing service


"that guy", former admin of a few imageboards may have just been arrested for running botnets in Russia

>35 years old

May be related to >>90256
Source: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/06/meet-the-administrators-of-the-rsocks-proxy-botnet/


Did you mean to post this to /sum/ because there's nothing related to
imageboards there


that guy is pretty related to imageboards

Krebs, the author of the article I linked in my post. You could have saved yourself the breath if you spent 2 seconds clicking what is ent


None of this is related to imageboards. This is genuinely baseless rumormongering.

Consider not posting next time ``kudasai''.


good thing that guy already handed over heyuri to that other guy


Would anybody care enough to give me a quick rundown on what nenpo was?


You can read these


Nen was a /jp/ spinoff that became it's own community where everyone was happy and nice to each other.


Thanks, however I feel like kissu anons are very nice. So nen was about same things as 4chan /jp/?
Or did it also include other things?


Q returned


?, any more info?



Q is gone again


nah it's back unfortunately


This is not a political statement but I think Q is fucking retarded and the people who follow it are either people going along as a joke (or not a joke who knows) or senpais who shouldn't be on imageboards those old fucks


Kissu is #28.

Q is why you must never listen to tripfags.


That list feels kind of sad.


That list is a reflection of the people that frequent that site and nothing else.


Any idea what the "value percent" is?


I assume it's something like how many people visited a site through their site's links or something. So visits to a particular site divided by total links clicked.
If that's the case, it's fairly meaningless. It'd be interesting to test. Maybe it wouldn't be hard to make Pissu #1!


I seriously hope nobody is deluded enough to follow into that a 2nd time.
Whether it's a troll or just some trained bot I can't say, but for sure nothing it has ever posted has ever had value or helped anyone.


Well said.



shamiko (the software formerly known as meguca) ha ha ha


I had a dream that hiro added e-mail accounts to 4chan


Following a big meta argument that derailed a thread on another imageboard
nanochan gvols (the upper tier of the site's moderation) are split on whether to remove the problem tvol (tvols are the lower tier).


is nanochan even that big/active


File:stats.jpg (39.13 KB,694x219)

This probably doesn't classify as a happening, but I noticed that /vt/ surpassed /b/ in activity recently. Surely it classifies as a historical moment at least since /b/ used to be the most active 4chan board before and now it's a shadow of its former self. And /a/ continues its downward spiral into irrelevancy after the dead of the season hit.


Not to imply that /b/ is any decent condition when it comes to quality, but if the /jp/ vt threads are anything to go by then it's probably the same 10 or so users posting one word replies to one another ad nauseum


File:2022-07-04-114954_1181x331….png (43.56 KB,1181x331)

Relative to other .onion imageboards it's pretty big. But not big compared to small imageboards on the clearnet. They have a statistics page here:


lots of mod talk for the board size


File:1616463516063.png (62.12 KB,297x353)

I wonder why they even made /vt/ in the first place since it's not like discussing vtubers is banned on other boards. And I know they didn't make the new board because they were trolling /jp/ - that became obvious when they started babysitting vtuber threads and banning people for posting ">>>/vt/".


Because it allowed them to steal the biggest audience for the new and booming media type... Also because of its Anonymous nature it became the perfect place for english indie vtubers to post without revealing themselves.


Who even uses /b/ anymore? Last I saw it was /pol/-lite


>media type
Don't call them that. They're just streamers with a 2D/3D avatar. It's not a mystery that streamers are popular since the normal ones can get like 1 million viewers+ watching them doing stupid shit in Minecraft.

I say this as someone who occasionally watches them (but hates the fanbase).


stop getting angry at things that people find interesting


I don't. I said I hated the fanbase, not vtubers themselves. I just see them for what they are; streamers. If there was a board dedicated to streamers in general on 4chan you can bet it would even surpass /pol/ in activity.


The board is not about talking about Hiroyuki's streaming, it's about a subset of streaming that focuses around girls playing videogames/doing things.


File:1640377336332.png (146.7 KB,519x464)

??? What are you trying to say. I know that. I just said that IF there was a board dedicated to normal streamers who aren't vtubers on 4chan it would definitely be one of the most popular ones, if not the most popular. They are the most popular form of content for young people to watch, far surpassing anime/TV shows.


stop trying to start fights with anyone who mentions the vtuber fad in a possitive light


Bots programmed to make the same "socials/FB/IG" threads every hour, furfags who don't like posting on /trash/ for some reason, lolicons and shotacons who have nowhere else to post, more bots that post /pol/bait on multiple boards, and sometimes Mexicans who only talk about sex.


I just don't consider them to be media/hobby. You could make a case for the earlier ones since they were more distinguished though.



Well that's completely arbitrary.



It only took them a decade...


The few times I bothered making webbums I got filtered by that stupid vp8 limitation and now I don't want to make anything.


AND Opus audio too


File:captcha.PNG (6.92 KB,320x158)

Captcha just changed on 4chan. Now up to 6 letters, and some white lines added to avoid the previous method to auto find slider position.

Neat. Even yuv444p10 video I posted went through. So no chroma subsampling and 10-bit videos are supported.


File:1653681999427.jpg (5.17 MB,2066x3150)

i hate these new captchas so much, as someone that has mild dyslexia/is probably dumb in the first place. though there's probably a case to be made about how making captchas difficult can increase post's quality somewhat. i wouldn't be able to count how many times i gave up on posting something because i couldn't get through the captcha after a million attempts.


Same here it makes me sad


I solved the problem by just giving up on 4chan... There's either a sufficient imageboard replacement or IRC replacement for everything there...


File:[HorribleSubs] Watashi ni ….png (549.11 KB,1003x693)

>IRC replacement
I feel like I am in a minority when I say I don't like using IM clients.


File:1440785306453.jpg (156.01 KB,484x659)

Yu-Gi-Oh's author got eaten by a shark.


should have parried it


I summon him from the g-
Oh no.


>There's either a sufficient imageboard replacement or IRC replacement for everything there
I disagree. Most of the alternatives are too slow to be a satisfactory replacement unfortunately. 4chan needs to die off first for them to get an acceptable level of activity.


If 4chan dies, likely what will happen is a collapse and dark age of imageboards. The conditions that would kill 4chan would effect many imageboards on the net and probably forums


File:83019616_p0.jpg (2.76 MB,1794x2946)

I replaced posting on /vt/ with another imageboard and IRC just fine.


>The conditions that would kill 4chan
4chan could die at any moment if the owner pulls the plug, for as trivial of a reason as being bored of it and it not earning enough money to be capable of selling off. With a site like that (which, perhaps uniquely for its size, seems to be managed more like a small forum than like the social media giants) it really only lasts as long as the administration has the will to keep it going, and that doesn't necessarily reflect on the broader situation at all.


File:lick my feet.jpg (98.84 KB,1200x675)

4chan dying would more likely than not lead to an increase in posts on other imageboards as inevitably many users seek refuge elsewhere. In the long term it might be very harmful though as none of the replacements get big enough to become "the new 4chan" and while a fractured userbase is good for resurgence of alt growth it also means less notoriety on "entrance level internet" which means less teenagers and young adults will be introduced to the concept of imageboards and eventually some of those would seek out alternative ones, but if they're never introduced to the main one it would likely result in a much smaller amount seeking out alts in the long term. Short-medium term it would be a dream come true though.
I think this theory makes sense anyhow.

If you're not a fan of instant messaging, there's not many imageboard replacements for everything.
There's imageboard replacements for some boards like /a/, /jp/, /pol/, /sp/, but then what? Most of everything else is extremely nichè and has maybe one post a day, if not less or dead. They're still fine to use even if they're very slow, but hardly a replacement.


that's completely unrealistic

that's completely idealistic


File:1639915447994.jpg (115.23 KB,421x565)

>There's imageboard replacements for some boards like /a/
There really isn't one for /a/ if you are into manga. The /a/ spinoffs are all extremely slow to have any substantial manga discussion and the /jp/ spinoffs never talk about manga (I'm not sure how I would fit kissu in here since it's neither a /jp/ or /a/ spinoff, but it didn't have a manga thread before I made one).


Kissu is 2d/random, so by technicality it would fall under the /jp/ sphere of influence.


Yes, but it's pretty different from /jp/ spinoffs still. And it's obvious there are some /a/ posters and other posters that aren't from /jp/ in it. The /ai/ posting that's so ingrained into it is definitely not a /jp/ thing for example.


Well through the history of the site, there was other /jp/ sites while this is also a spin-off of /qa/ which is a blending of meta and 2d/random. But you should know this by now, its like a founding myth.


Or maybe your expectations for activity have been set obscenely high by 4chan. I missed the speed back when I first quit 4chan, but when I went back to it it was nauseatingly fast.


File:nomnachi.gif (82.92 KB,320x320)

It's mostly because of: >>93055
If I was only into anime I could easily replace 4/a/ with kissu + a clusterfuck combination of multiple other sites, but I read more manga than I watch anime, so I'm still forced to use 4/a/ for that purpose. Also, there's /m/ which is still surprisingly decent for a 4shit board, can't really replace that one either. I can live without using /v/, /tv/ and other normo boards though.


/tv/ getting a sticky for the death of James Caan. RIP



/jp/ getting a sticky for the shooting of Abe, crazy day.


this week sure has had a lot of stuff happen and today has been even crazier


Man, what a sorry state 4/jp/ is in. They should just rename it to "Japanese Culture Generals" because Shinzo Abe getting shot has literally nothing to do with otaku culture.


Well it is Japan/General




>Man, what a sorry state 4/jp/ is in
If anything, it somewhat comforts me that at least someone watching over /jp/ still knows the board's roots.




praying for Abe


He's passed onto the spirit realm now...


let's make a manga spinoff


I think the problem there would be getting enough people to replicate the amount of discussion >>93070 is used to from 4/a/. If existing places already can't muster that amount of discussion, what would making a new site accomplish? It's a conundrum that I'm unsure how to solve.


File:1654226710254.jpg (91.7 KB,456x448)

The only solution to it would be becoming fluent in Japanese and using futaba/5ch for it. Manga in the West is inherently going to be niche and hard to get into compared to anime, therefore alternatives that don't have a good amount of activity aren't adequate for it.


Clearly, the most reliable way to get more manga discussion on altchans would be to destabilize 4chan's threads to the point that even mods get tired of it. Someone's bound to move to another site.


File:haku1.png (187.2 KB,279x514)

I can't even use /a/ for manga discussions anymore because even if the thread topics are somewhat niche, the way they post just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


The threads about battle shonen manga on /a/ are completely unusable due to the kind of demographic it attracts, but I think they aren't bothered by the smell of their own crap.


...And it's not like /a/ is all that good for manga in the first place. Threads die in like 30-40 minutes there, so trying to keep a thread up for a lesser known series becomes a chore.


It's good for finding new manga to read rather. And yeah, it would be better if they split /a/ into a board just for anime and one just for manga to avoid the threads of lesser known series from dying with little to no replies.


if you found such a way it would be used on kissu


>Also, there's /m/ which is still surprisingly decent for a 4shit board
Is it? Last time I looked at it it was pretty bad.


4chan is recruiting jannies for the locked /qa/ board


fake news
/qa/ is not an option in the application form


File:1626140561130.gif (13.95 KB,309x318)

I have toyed with the idea of becoming a /jp/ janitor just to see what happens if you delete all the "undesirable" topics and remove like 2/3 of the threads. Probably a permaban and then it's back to business as usual for /jp/ - 3D/Japan


pay for 4ch /a/ ads and bribe a scangroup or two to post on your altchan


>Manga in the West is inherently going to be niche and hard to get into compared to anime

There's still lots of manga readers in west and it's been growing a lot (on tiktok there's loads of teens into manga). Not saying that's who you want to attract to a site but english imageboards are surprisingly low traffic for manga discussion when you compare to other social media like reddit, discord, forums, etc.
2ch.hk has a manga specific board but haven't looked at it much.
Honestly wish 4chan mods would add a manga board, there's like 9 vidya boards now.


Are you willing to reveal your name, address and face to the managers for an experiment?


>There's still lots of manga readers in west and it's been growing a lot (on tiktok there's loads of teens into manga)
It's very surface level shit. It's nothing new. A lot of people in my class read the Naruto manga and stuff. They're also more into Korean crap I feel, since it's easier to read 'webtoons' on a phone.


it was at the time i posted this


File:82022352_p1.jpg (625.31 KB,1400x1600)

What? I didn't know you had to kowtow to those assholes that hard to become a janitor. I thought writing some fancy CV and squatting around in discord was enough.


It has been that way since the #jannyteam leaks if I'm not mistaken, but people still keep leaking shit anyway. I think you could easily fool them with a fake identity too.


I have looked at the manga board there, >>93179 is right. Most of the threads were memes and BNHA shit.
I'm surprised there's still active manga forums, theres only 1 or 2 active anime forums


what kind of crap is getting posted in the happening thread today... hm...


I noticed it too


The first form requires you to send your full name (plus a nickname), age and a basic description of yourself as a potential mod. Subsequent emails require you to send your address, sign a digital no disclosure agreement with Hiro/the manager in charge and then to have an interview with the manager where you have to show your face and voice while answering a series of questions.
I applied to be a janitor of a small board I liked a couple of years ago, and while I managed to get away with a fake name and address, the revealing my face in an interview was too much for me and never replied to the manager's emails again. Fuck the legal system.


Real-time faceswap is feasible nowadays so I wonder if they have more screening process now.


File:a4EnRP1_460s.jpg (46.13 KB,460x613)

Hello, I would like to be janny


Wow, all this for no pay


Imageboards are serious business, specially when they are managed by companies like 4chan community support LLC.


running 4chan is actually serious buisness. not joking


Finally, a happening.


File:1657773697968.png (767.48 KB,969x866)

This guy worked out a way to work large jpeg files so that they adjust to counterbalance the bloat 4chan pads them with which makes some of them trigger filesize limits, although technically they shouldn't have originally.



¥ 4chan.org
>Cloudflare is unable to establish an SSL connection to the origin server.


someone once told me that .bat files are the devil


File:1658282186481960.png (1.88 MB,2000x2000)

Speaking of 4chan, they added another 3 digits to the unix filename of images, like this one I just grabbed. It could be for the duplicate image thumbnail switching glitch, but that's been going on for a long time so it's strange to address it now. (plus it was funny).

The old adage for bat files was to always check them in notepad before running them.


File:1658187542454840.jpg (302.75 KB,828x1074)

Apparently the latest weekly American mass shooter said goodbye on /bant/ before attacking a mall and being killed 15 seconds later by an armed civilian:

/bant/ is such an useless board that even its criminals are good for nothing.


bad tasting post


It's been more than an hour and I'm still getting this error


I stopped getting it 10 min ago.


Any program is malware until proven otherwise. .bat files for obvious reasons are best when paired with an internet explorer logo.


What's wrong with /bant/. It's just another 2d/r board


>It's just another 2d/r board
I wish


So, not very close at all then?


more minor drama with /cumg/ extension anons
that furry spammer from 4chan showed up and started giving out proxies
someone started using the extension to post cheese pizza on 4chan
the b4k admin is arguing with them and 4chan mods are adding more file filters blocking lots of normal gifs





tl; dr:
- the furfag avatarfag that spams boards with domestic proxies gave away various accounts to strangers on Discord
- one of them is using the proxies to post embedded CP on /v/ and other boards
- somebody told Catbox's admin and he's planning to block PEE users for abusing his site
archive b4k's admin implemented cross-site protections to thwart PEE for most users (Firefox fags can still use the add-on because of how the browser works)
- Google banned future updates of the PEE add-on from the store for linking to too many porn sites, forcing chromefags to sideload the add-on
- even 4chan's dev is patching the site to stop embedding because of the proxyfag hiding CP in random threads


Minor drama, major impact.


File:he ran out of pee.jpg (125.38 KB,672x968)

Looks like 4chan's dev won the autism war, although this could be just a prank/feint from PEE's dev.


And now the Happenings Thread on /trash/ is being spammed by the PEE Matrix cabal owned by the developer of the add-on because somebody threatened to post all their chats there.


Is this at all related to the sporadic cloudflare issues on certain boards the last couple days?


Maybe. Server work does occasionally require taking the servers offline and 4chan is made such that some servers run different boards.


rip in piss


>And now the Happenings Thread on /trash/ is being spammed by the PEE Matrix cabal
Nah that was just a Desuposter who wanted to have some fun
>owned by the developer of the add-on
Not owned by the developer of the add-on desu, in fact he's not even a mod there desu


420chan and Kirtaner's personal website have been offline for a week.


I remember him having personal troubles right? Hope he's ok.


Surprised he's still around after all of these years. I haven't been to 420chan in 5 years+ or more at this point.


Does anyone know what happened to Rainchan (boards.concealed.world)? The imageboard part of the site went down a while back, followed a while latter by the main blog, and now the domain is for sale. It was my gateway into the indie web and so has special meaning to me. Until recently I basically only used the internet for YouTube/Twitter/Discord. But the site has gone down with seemingly no explanation. I wonder if something might have happened to the admin.


Please tell me hes dead


Yeah, then we could trade for you.


>It was my gateway into the indie web
What does that mean?


I knew he was getting divorced and that his wife would take most of the stuff with her, but that was a while ago and I haven't paid attention to him since then. The latest I knew of Kirtaner was that he was trying to attract attention to himself by claiming to be "the father of the "Anonymous hacker collective".


Non-mainstream, I assume.
>only used the internet for YouTube/Twitter/Discord


I'm finally over the point in my life where I wish people dead I think.
But if he stops making his hot takes on twitter and making a fool of himself that would be good.


I hope he dies and rots in hell


This is not the place to wish death on people, especially when it's presumably political motivated.


- 16chan
- 22chan
- 420chan(?)
- Hispachan
- Nenpo (got a replacement)
Any other IB that has shut down in the past two months?


420chan is just down. A site like that doesn't disappear without notice.


i wish death upon lala for illegally immigrating to Earth


Hmm, the mind control satellite must be broken...
Where are the true Lala cultists when you need them...


I figured I'd do a bit of research. Why did his Twitter get a suspension?


Discord is private.. maybe could ask on their IRC... well anyways, the best I can find is that the site's mods were losing interest in the site and one of their lgbt board had wojack spam like happened on 4/lgbt/.

Maybe, a followup spam attack did mass reporting to the host so it's down. Still hitting ~300$ on patreon...


I never followed him that closely but he would tend to make some pretty heated political remarks so it wouldn't surprise me.


Legalize Lala's immigration to Earth.


4chan is borked again.


/g/ is being slowspammed by an obnoxious furfaggot


Is it Bui?


I think that's very unlikely. I don't think he's done anything for years, has he? From what I remember he was mostly focused on 8chan until it died.
I don't really care about those personalities, but that guy really was amazing at what he did. That one imgur thing is still mind-boggling to me.


what's "slowspam"?
what did he do exactly?




Recently the dev put in some new filters to try to remove hidden content in .webm files. Given how badly he implemented JPEG metadata removal, I wouldn't be surprised if that change broke the site or created a new DoS vulnerability.


Did he use the fox from Zootopia or a white dog to avatarfag?



>An attacker could have pulled off massive pwnage by abusing a bug on Imgur, which is often featured on Reddit’s “front page” of the Internet; instead the hacker targeted 8chan; 4chan and 8chan experienced some downtime. Imgur quickly issued a patch.


whatever happened to neet.moe?


It's still there


File:[SubsPlease] Yofukashi no ….png (783.39 KB,1280x720)

Flooded by children with their dead wagie and soyjak memes, anti-anime, and edgy shitposting because it's the only way they'll ever get attention in life. It's likely not going to recover at this point since the people currently posting think they are "fighting for a good cause" by targeting all "groomer tranime" imageboards and that they need to "save" the board by making sure it has only the "correct opinions" and converting it to a political board. It's a delusion that they are even fighting anything there at all, they're really just spamming it down for no reason. Most likely scenario people will simply move on to another board that does ban them making their efforts completely pointless.
It was pretty bad the past months, but it's going downhill faster and faster.
They've really brainwashed themselves into thinking a board with mostly otaku is the reason why they are unhappy and that they need to fix it. Admin doesn't care though so this is the new normal unless they change their mind.



I think I screwed up what I was trying to say, I hate those people though and wish they never found imageboards. They simply don't understand the appeal of imageboard culture, and stop at nothing in their attempts to ruin it.


Are you sure it's just not just a raid combined with an absent admin? On slower boards an admin might go weeks between checking, although that opens you up to getting dropped by the host if you don't clean up bots posting illegal things.
Well, there's plenty of other boards out there at least. You guys had/have time to try and organize moving somewhere else, which is a luxury unfortunately not afforded to many imageboards that suddenly go offline one day at the surprise of the community.


File:1655832518467.png (434.44 KB,822x590)

Yeah it seemed like it was just a raid from the soyteens from that site. Some of the stuff appears to have been deleted already. Could've been far worse. Those subhuman shitstains caused desuchan to shut down.


If it's a raid it's been going on for a while. Admin does delete illegal content, but has kept a no moderation policy so far. It's been trending in this direction for a long time, it is what it is. The perils of not doing any gatekeeping. Make a note future mins, at least weed out the worst before they invite all their friends.

I don't see anything cleaned up.


Well a site like that is obviously going to be full of /r9k/-like posting if it has no moderation, but the soyteens are a different group from "wizchan rejects" or whatever. They just fuck with smaller imageboards at random. I've never heard of it before, but the idea of a site for neets doesn't sound appealing to me even though I'm one.


File:waterfox_CXmrzX2kbB.png (62.04 KB,675x219)

>Admin does delete illegal content, but has kept a no moderation policy so far.
Oh. That's unfortunate, then. Yeah, that's the death knell you hear for the board.
Speaking of desuchan, it was over a year ago that the admin said he was going to bring it back. I wonder what the holdup is, because the more time passes the less likely it is to ever return.

Those people all blur together for me and it's all a part of the generic social media teenager's internet culture now so really you can't connect it to anything. It's like how ragecomics stopped being a 4chan identifier after a certain point.
How strange it is to me that you can connect all of this damaging stuff back to 4/qa/. I knew the mods empowering the antisocial psychos there and giving them a board would have negative consequences, but it has really exceeded my expectations for how far reaching the damage has been.
What a mess, and it was all avoidable.


I hate to say it, but I probably would've been one of those kids if I was growing up now. At their core, most of them are just bored, frustrated teenage outcasts who need an emotional outlet. Raiding niche imageboards makes them feel like they have a purpose, as weird as that sounds. It gives them something to be a part of, and it lets them feel like they have control over the world. It's pretty sad, really.

On the bright(?) side, outside of the literal schizos among them, I guarantee most of these kids are going to grow up to regret it (the same way I regret participating in kiwi farms lolcow stuff).

Meh. A handful of teens can only do so much damage to a well-moderated site that's good about keeping backups. They've tried attacking Kissu multiple times, but the mods take care of it fast enough that they get bored and give up. All of the sites they "destroy" are either week-old lynxchan sites with a single-digit userbases that spam ads on larger imageboards, zombie sites from the 2000s/early-2010s that receive one post every half-decade, or slumlord sites run by an admin who doesn't administrate and a moderation team that doesn't exist. They only ever "win" when they go after easy targets.


¥admin of desuchan
¥admin of lolibooru
talk about being baste


File:411197f6789e005205debc0b48….jpg (71.96 KB,686x960)

that 4chan captcha solver actually got updated!
tested 10 times, got 70% correct and 30% off by one letter
auto slider position was 100% correct
so pretty much a practical rate for automatic posting


>70% correct and 30% off by one letter
heh, that's about the rate I get solving them manually



well, /g/ already made 4 albums and all are much longer than this...


the sushi album is impressive for a small board methinks


Too bad it doesn't work with the captchas in teh report window.


The captcha seems to give out freebies for 1-2 minutes after posting, so if you report often, it might be faster to make a short funpost and then do all the reports in a row.


New fork of this just dropped
It has far superior performance to AUTOMATIC's version

*edited by mod to bypass filter


Does it work with the captchas in the report window?


File:HUPI2741.PNG.png (370.88 KB,800x800)

I browsed neet.moe until 2020ish, I'm surprised to see it got so bad but I quit after these delightful exchanges.
There's nothing to be gained from talking to other neets/hikkis anyway.

Anonymous 2021-10-21 02:12:21 No.3639
I use this site 8moe 22chan and a few others but i mostly lurk 2ch and Futaba now while watching YouTube and hangout in Japanese discord servers and talk to Japanese NEETs.

Heyuri is nice new board but slow although faster than here
It has the potential to be something great but unfortunately that faggot WT that guy and his gang of kohai teens who btw are not old enough to remember old internet culture are what's ruining it.

Anonymous 2021-10-29 06:14:09 No.3658

> and talk to Japanese NEETs.

japanese failed normalfag incels and teenagers

Anonymous 2021-10-29 06:44:11 No.3659
If you're implying they are larping you're retarded.

Anonymous 2021-10-29 13:09:35 No.3660
yeah have fun talking with incels

Anonymous 2021-10-29 20:47:33 No.3662
I don’t think he is, but the Japanese don’t really have an interest in purity spiraling.

Anonymous 2021-10-31 05:36:17 No.3666
a249e03d4f31606c1ccff7c499(…).jpg (52.24 KiB, 632x377) google saucenao

Not all Japanese NEETs are incel otaku losers if anything Japanese NEETs are more normie like compared to western NEETs. Most western NEETs are toxic incel losers and very neurotic. Most Japanese NEETs are just failed normies since a lot of them had successful lives or decent lives before they became NEET/Hikikomori and some were even employees at big companies. My point is in Japan NEETdom can affect anyone regardless of their social status.

Anonymous 2021-10-31 05:41:22 No.3667
Most Japanese people don't lose their virginity until their 20s since 20 is the legal adult age in Japan.

Anonymous 2021-11-01 03:03:57 No.3670
I have a hard time believing people wait that long.

Anonymous 2021-11-01 03:45:14 No.3671
Well i was mainly referring to Japanese men Japanese women mostly lose their virginity during middle school or high school and have sex with their pedophile teachers especially gaijin English teachers and even the popular boys.

Anonymous 2021-11-01 09:37:05 No.3673
would prefer talking to these NEET than the majority I see online who are incel loser faggots.

Anonymous 2021-11-01 10:07:58 No.3674
引きこもり.jpg (59.14 KiB, 350x400) google saucenao

Do these guys seem incel-ish to you? i don't think so,

[YouTube] Living for Free in the Mountains of Japan? NEET Documentary (English Subs) (embed)

I feel like i get along with Japanese NEETs better than most western NEETs and relate to them a lot more too.

Anonymous 2021-11-02 02:03:21 No.3681
They’re definitely incels but not in a Western sense.

Anonymous 2021-11-02 02:51:59 No.3682
Japan is more of a vocel country since a large amount of young and middle aged people are willingly choosing not to have sex or be in relationships.

Anonymous 2021-11-02 07:20:11 No.3684
whatever makes you pat ur dick retarded larper, be it men who don't work or whatever.
japan is top1 incel country, next to it is korea
about third of its population are incels for sure

they have been dealing with crime rather successfully, combined with rise of computers means incelism is a byproduct of men not going against public law that much (which will result in getting laid less)

i used to care about japanese, koreans and shit. it will come to you with experience as well. most of them are trash, especially neets and incels. lazy, boring genetic trash that can't even feed themselves

Anonymous 2021-11-02 07:22:03 No.3685
if you earn money under the radar technically you are also neet. its that simple. and it makes like half a whatever country neets.

but what you imply is just feasting on some internet lifestyle teenage subculture shit.

go work pathethic incel


>zombie sites from the 2000s/early-2010s that receive one post every half-decade

I often wonder if most of these are still online because the person paying for hosting or doing it manually just forgot it was charging or if they paid for like 10 years of hosting at once.


At that time the only option was likely buying 4 year contracts


>It has the potential to be something great but unfortunately that faggot WT that guy and his gang of kohai teens who btw are not old enough to remember old internet culture are what's ruining it.
Are... Are you faganon?


I misunderstood your post. You were quoting him.


It does.
Also, JKCS is on the Firefox AWO now.


On principle I can't download this...


Based on what principle?




fuck captcha


Apparently 4chan now strips metadata and changes the hash of webms uploaded. Presumably as part of the attempt to stop the image embedding scripts from /cumg/. It makes finding the source for webms a lot more annoying now.


It also removes transparencies from webm files.


where are all the happenings? I'm so bored


get a hobby other than drama, retard


make your own habbening!


Hiroyuki is selling 4chan to a Saudi prince tomorrow.


I keep checking 7chan only to be let down once more by little traffic. I like that place.


>let down once more by little traffic
how about posting there instead of just looking?


I do when I feel I have something to say.


my hobby is browsing imageboards but most of the content is boring these days. a lot of people grew up, left the internet and became norms. the new generation rarely post anything interesting.

I could believe this because the guy who bought SNK and Capcom and all those other Japanese game companies seems to be doing well


nice blog happenings


File:1556009736591605762_6CTOt4….jpg (41.5 KB,400x400)

I found drama regarding Kirtaner and 420chan going offline without notice one month ago, and while I'm too lazy to read the replies of everyone involved, it seems that Kirtaner finally lost everything and is currently bankrupt(?).


Not to be insensitive, but the relevant part is this comment in regards to 420chan:
>It’ll be back up when my current circumstances are rectified.


Kirt just drives himself into more and more of these situations and it's sad to witness.

Kind of related, but 94chan's owner, IHM, might be beefing with him over IB drama, but she's just as unhinged as he is from the looks of it.


File:1609287886550.png (1.87 MB,2550x2550)

2 hours old wojak thread on 4/jp/. Good going there, vtuber "meidos".


how can the leader of Anonymous fall so low?


Maybe he chould have cut back on the substances and save a few bucks


bleh, reading through a lot of this he seems pretty bad in the head now. The Nitter/Twitter community not much helping him find inner peace.
Not much more to say without crossing the barrier into disrespectful, but everyone on there is either an e-detective or someone trying to make money through libel cases.


They always fall into this trap where they're unhappy because of social media drama, but they feel like they can't leave because they need to debunk rumors and falsehoods, and then things just get worse over time instead of doing the more sensible thing of disappearing, or maybe just making a new pseudonym and ignoring the past. It's not like anyone who is writing shit is gonna go "oh so that's how it is, I understand now I am sorry for getting it wrong" when they try to correct things they see as misconceptions or lies, they'll just get agitated and write even more shit most of the time.


What a complete waste of time and energy, seems like a good way to end up pulling your hair out.


File:no idea how this can repre….png (1.59 MB,1920x640)

The Dutch made a theater piece about 8chan because why the fuck not:


>In the theater performance Infinity Chan, a woman seeks refuge in the darkest cellars of the internet. A strong stomach helps. But how strong must the mind be? Theater maker Eva Line de Boer [1988] logs into an eerie world that is inspired by anime – Japanese animation art.

>The woman [Jessie Wilms] in Infinity Chan becomes increasingly entangled in a digital world where people share extreme thoughts. To free herself from her own identity, she crafts avatars that dare to go considerably further than herself. Unnoticed, the physical and digital worlds begin to merge. The notes she finds in the delivery meals of a sushi joint become her only tangible contact.

>Infinity Chan is an exciting stretch for the mind: how close can you get to someone whose mind is miles away? Is empathy allowed? An additional trigger for Eva Line de Boer is the story of Frederick Brennan, founder of 8Chan. On that internet forum, participants can post racist, sexist and anti-Semitic messages uncensored.

>Eva Line, who previously appeared on Boulevard with Zeventien, makes outspoken, highly edited performances with abrasive humour. Recurring theme: sharing emotions in public – especially on the internet.

>Note: This performance uses stroboscopes/bright flashes of light. This performance is not suitable for visitors under the age of 16.

>Eva Line de Boer will be a guest at Gesprek van de dag on August 8 at 4 pm.


File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sen….jpg (119.35 KB,1280x720)

what the fuck


I'm legitimately interested.


Sounds interesting, have to agree.


it's official then: Kissu is the most famous Canadian-backed imageboard now


Yay Canada.


that's probably the worst part about this place
my blood boils when i think about it
an uncontrollable desire to burn down the canadian capital overwhelms me


File:ff19c358181a8f19a18b632fbc….jpg (396.39 KB,1795x2791)

Keep those torches away from our igloos and sorry, but please don't take the maple syrup supplies. It's aboot all we have to eat.



They've blocked my country for months now ever since the /cumg/ happening, so I don't use them anymore.


File:zzz_chan_animated_1.0.gif (273.95 KB,960x271)

zzzchan had its 2nd anniversary one week ago:


File:8chan.moe-zoo.jpg (122.01 KB,1280x720)

A South American news(?) channel did a report about the "dark web" while using footage from 8chan.moe's /zoo/ - Zoophilia board to exemplify the "horrible content" that can be found in the dark web.


File:_..jpg (139.76 KB,380x394)

¥ human on giraffe


File:b7ab179893ce82cc2933a79583….gif (2.33 MB,320x240)

I don't think it exists, but imagine if it did.


By walking up a few steps.


Should be the same as with cows and mares.


That must've been a hell of a day at the office for the dude who was given the job of finding the bestiality porn.




Well, I can verify that the ZIPs contain images and not viruses. Are there versions without the obnoxious watermarks?


Not that im aware of. I didnt post the thread its from because it is a banned link here obviously. For some reason, not every thread was exported, but there was several interesting ones in there, including a /j/ thread where they all shat on moot for leaving. Theres some interesting stuff if you ignore the watermarks


i'm sure you can post the link if it's related to a happening and on the off chance it's filtered you could just bypass the filter
i don't any links are banned unless it's illegal


Bleh. It's a delicate situation since it's a happening, but as this thread has talked about imageboards getting raided and killed because of that place it does not deserve links. It craves infamy and this place shouldn't be an avenue to receive it. All the attention whoring is in the 4chan happenings thread if you want to see it for yourself, and also see what it is that we're trying to keep out: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/50284202
Please do get the information and share it, but the watermarks are already too much.


On the whole, that was a bunch of nothing. Which I probably should've expected given that if any janitor could get sensitive information we'd have a lot more frequent leaks. My guess is that all the actual discussion takes place within the confines of IRC or the actual mod chats which the common janitor would be excluded from. 1/10, they tried.


sounds all the good stuff is already here
he'd post it otherwise i'd guess


File:smuggy.png (247.68 KB,355x449)

¥/vt/ and /jp/ both have the same mod


File:1649646857593.webp (5.46 KB,255x191)

People like community. I know I do. One thing that makes almost want to use reddit is the rewatch posts where r/anime all watch independently an old show and share really obscure facts about the show like how the exams in the anime version of Railgun don't make sense because they're about to go on vacation and how it was moved from a later chapter in the manga to introduce other characters sooner.

I once planned a Certain Magical Index read along and even made dozens of notes for every chapter the LNs and Manga and then I realized I'm a homeschooled western otaku in a remote rural location in /alaska/ with no friends so I was wasting my time. But I can see that working if you could convince people to use mangadex to readalong. Also this is my first post on Kissu, might change my namefagging later idk.


how'd you find out about the site?


Over the past few days I have been compiling a map of usable channels that a non-retard can use with notes on, I'm not sure how to say this, how to integrate well without distrupting the board? I've thought about posting it somewhere but the nature of image boards being what they are I don't even know if exposure on some mainstream site is something owners would want. But over the course of the project I naturally found *this thread* specifically without really knowing much about Kissu itself.

Most people my age hate social media but have a crippling internet addiction I think they'd like imageboards if they had exposure to them that isn't just 4chan. I think lainchan and night.city really revived my love for the medium.


File:1660688213998007.png (316.79 KB,700x752)

late.city my bad its late and I may have passed my very small pr in beers drank in an hour.


well, you could post it here since it's related to imageboard.I'm one of the admins and I don't really care.


Oh it's still just a bunch of notes, I haven't decided how to actually map it out or how I could translate the notes idea to a map.
Really i just fell into this autism side quest because I was using allchans and I realized suddenly that allchans actually really sucks if you're shopping for a place to shitpost and want to know what to expect. I think that's kind of a barrier to imageboards in general theres this air of mystery about it where you're kind of tossed into the pool by your dad to force you to learn to swim.


allchan had it's 10 year anniversary a few days back and wrote an alright article on imageboards. Wonder if more people have been dropping by from there. Article has a lot of cancer on it so refraining from linking


File:yeah yeah ywah.gif (989.76 KB,480x270)

Welcome newfriend!


>retard spic
Rude and crude

Welcome to Kissu!

By the way, the site supports post formatting. Instead of /this/ or *this*, try wrapping your post in [i][/i] [i]like so[/i] and you'll get this. There's also a preview button (the pencil and ruler icon) that lets you see how your post will look before you post it. And while I'm on the subject of formatting, since it's an unusual quirk of the site, we pretty much exclusively use greentext for quoting. For the other common uses of greentext, we use
¥the yen character, which turns your post purple.

As for namefagging, people won't freak out or anything if you do it, but it's generally not a thing people do here unless they have a specific reason to.


File:1660680214090599.gif (1.3 MB,566x800)

I usually don't do it unless I see a lot of others doing it, then being the only anon might as well be a name but I'll keep that in mind, I saw a lot of names when I was scrolling through, but I'll toss it.
like this, huh? There are actually a lot of options on Kissu I've never seen anywhere else.
but who know what they do


File:1624697972453.png (936.16 KB,817x695)

There is nothing unusual about using greentext the correct way.


admin #2 does name changes with events and sometimes from a random set of names, probably saw those.


File:the birth of Vivian.png (1.46 MB,1600x5888)

Today is /v/'s daughter's 8th birthday.


gators organizing any kind of event?


File:e9f182d6b590f283ed33bd7a6f….jpg (62.61 KB,567x802)

Not really, but the remnants of the GG community on 8moe are posting as many images of Vivian as they can in their general.


i'm a gator
i game


I know people like to say chanology was the turning point in western imageboard culture, but honestly, I think a case could be made for gamergate being the real moment when things started shifting towards where they are now.


I only got involved with imageboards in 2016-ish and I'll admit election drama sort of got me I to it, but I stayed for non-political reasons. As I remember it, a lot of oldfags were there funneling new blood in either intentionally or not because they already hated 4chan after m00t lost his mind and tried killing two anime boards on an anime website.

In hindsite not the 400 IQ move he probably thought it was.


Chanology and OWS were the seed of "internet activism", but GamerGate was when "sides" were taken and the surface internet became divided in "left and right".


>m00t lost his mind and tried killing two anime boards on an anime website.
Are you referring to n/a/ruto and...?


maybe saying /m/ is his favorite board?


File:mod (14).png (37.54 KB,249x638)

guy is like one of those North Korean generals with all the medals


Welcome! I think you'll fit in just fine here.

r/anime would be fine if it was only the users that used the sites for the 2D/otaku subreddits, but like a lot of bigger sites the crossboarders ruin it. This isn't even going into the whole scrutiny r/anime gets from the rest of the site for political and bullying reasons but that exists too.

The notes you write on things could help if you leave reviews on anilist or somewhere like that.


I forgot half of these are boards. I remember /toy/ wasn't too bad last time I checked it.


File:Just say my name next time.jpg (133.1 KB,640x884)

m00t declared /jp/ to be the new /b/ at the same time and caused a refugee crisis but maybe I'm wrong and an internet lorebeard can correct me. I had forgotten about /m/, I guess he kind of killed 3.

Internet activism was inevitable but the way it's so permeated everything to a nauseating degree is a shame. You can't even go to a wrestling forum without someone spamming pictures of the latest current thing that finally gives current people a voice for current issue and these people know what they're doing. I won't pretend I'm above it all but I can respect others interests enough to know I can literally just open 5 different websites on my browser and get political in places where its welcomed.

Thanks anon, glad to be here. I've considered writing reviews on anilist but I am a pathological procrastinator and I don't know how to fix it, and if I did, I'd probably put it off.
I have about 6 sidequests on my plate and I need to figure out how to progress on at least one at a time. Picrel hes talking about me.

Can someone give me a QRD on why soyjak.scumbags apparently hacked lainchan over a dispute about 4/qa/ and what soyjak even is? I have only encountered hatred for the site and if they participate in hacking imageboards for being comfy I can kind of understand why.


Teen site that seems to have a few programmers that are interested in doing anti-social thing


what's your anilist


As far as I'm aware, none of them hacked anything, just spammed.


File:ErKKNvfXAAEncoy.jpeg.jpg (182.36 KB,1105x2048)

I dont have on yet, I'll probably make one later. Actually no I won't i just remembered my terminal procrastination hold tight, and... IceTeaSea riffing off my Mangadex username, I'll fool around with it later I hear it has a pretty decent algorithm.

I guess the site owner just wiped his slate clean, the dev notes or whatever you call dev notes for a website mention needing to rebuild the board.


I didn't hack anything, just spermed.



File:1661453818185092.png (29.72 KB,273x288)

Cloudflare has started doing its "Please wait, checking your browser" thing on 4chan's captcha page, causing many users to have difficulty posting.

Current thread on 4chan about it:


an additiona leak from the rogue janitor. a screencap of part of the ban evader information sharing thread on /j/. it's too large to attach - https://i.imgur.com/a9Vv3uc.png
do you see your name on the list? do you remember any of the friends we lost?


He failed at screencapping this. It's cut off at 2014.


oh yeah some of those names are a real blast from the past. the good ol days...........


no 2018+, so won't be able to find anything qa related


Looks like pretty ordinary administrative comings and goings.


File:1597215247026.png (1.13 MB,1660x2400)

it's sad to be reminded just how many mobilefags there are when they all crawl out of the woodwork during such times.


lots of people use mobile phones to post on Kissu


stop trying to poison the well satan!

I think 2014 was a pivotal year for /j/, it was when the Aussie hacker aired quite a bit of dirty laundry, then obviously there was further reform and cleanup in 2015. They seem to have stopped using it as much after that, and moved the juiciest things to Discord, which can have even further pockets of protection based on heirarchies within staff.


Bad speculation.
You can see exactly how many posts are missing, they are still actively using that thread.
/j/ has always been dead, the previous leaks showed that the IRC was where most of the action was going on. That's moved over to discord.
All in all, nothing has changed.


bad speculation or not it seems to me you're saying basically what I already said; it's not on /j/ basically.

anyways, totally unrelated but apparently since at least a month now "sage" with a lowercase s can be used as a name. Some seem to have realized it already but I haven't seen it mentioned explicitly anywhere.


He's getting banned if he uses racial slurs on kissu again, since he's only here for this thread I was giving him just warnings, but since you're trying to defend him, I'll straight up say it.


RIP to the racial slurs


the racial slur poster


I didn't even notice your "warnings" as I only read and discuss the cool happenings in the thread.
you have no need to worry anyway as happenings are thin on the ground lately so I won't be posting again any time soon
I wasn't interested in kissu when you created it and I'm still not interested now. (except for happenings of course!)

Racial slurs are Otaku Culture. there, I said it and I am not ashamed.


You behave appropriately for kissu or you leave.


File:1576547676351.png (268.99 KB,1200x1200)

>Racial slurs are Otaku Culture.
Imagine being this out of touch.


Imagine unironically defending the owner of soyjak who fucking ruins boards. Bunch of fucking slackjaw faggots.
You are as culpable for their crimes if you defend them in anyway.


if you want to continue this into a discussion, make a thread on /b/ about it. Kissu doesn't change who it is because there's someone people don't like on it.


File:141ef795856b1ff943e7e6f478….jpg (2.93 MB,3840x2160)

Today marks the 8th anniversary of GamerGate. 8chan.moe is honoring it with a global green-purple theme and a pinned GamerGate thread on /v/.


>I won't be posting again any time soon

>Racial slurs are Otaku Culture. there, I said it and I am not ashamed.
You're free to think whatever you want. Doesn't make it true though!


i'm a racism and racial slur otaku


Is this it for /bun/?


It's for any imageboard happening, so yes


No, /bun/ is down.


My condolences I read your post wrong.



wonder if the lingering CP spam finally caught up with it, or if he just decided it was enough



The statement is about Kiwifarms, but in their retrospective on the actions they took against 8chan cloudflare expressed regret in that they see themselves as a utility which should be available to all no matter what opinions or ideas they express. Meaning that people afraid of having the same happen to their imageboard probably have nothing to worry about anymore.


They're basically implying that the government should be going after these people and not cyber security(and etc.) companies. That trying to get the company to be a substitute for the law is a mistake, and that removing cyber security protections on the internet to encourage people to cyber attack a website goes against the interests of the Internet.

So basically encouraging the individual doxxed to form a legal case against the website or get legislators to side with them. It's a sensible opinion. 4/qa/ was basically destroyed by so called community moderators who refused to discuss things with the administration and get them to see their case, instead resorting to criminal actions that only created factionalism


File:1596942729364.gif (15.35 KB,500x500)

>. 4/qa/ was basically destroyed by so called community moderators who refused to discuss things with the administration and get them to see their case, instead resorting to criminal actions


I think it's happened before in that way. You could try checking their IRC channel on rizon if anyone still uses it


File:IMG_20220830_175624_135.jpg (223.06 KB,1280x853)

Kirtaner was raided by police, who seized all of his electronics.


guess this is truely it for 420chan.


File:42611601_p0.jpg (528.26 KB,1080x720)



being the leader of the hacker legion ain't easy


I haven't seen that horizontal-vertical-text-meme-thing (I don't know what it's actually called) in years!


on 4chan it got filtered a few years ago I think




bun is dead. I just talked in the IRC. The host pulled the plug and everything was deleted from the servers without warning. Bun did not usually delete the illegal spam instantly, but everyone figured there was an understanding that it was dealt with in a reasonable amount of time for the host. It's something imageboards unfortunately have to deal with.
If there are any archives or backups they would be third party copies, so someone could step forward if they have them as the admin does not.


Rest in peace, Bunbunmaru.


The deletion of illegal content was unacceptably slow and intent to resolve it was not there.


File:bricked.png (792.37 KB,1855x800)

/g/ is getting bricked


>mentioning that place at all
I hate the webring. Dead site full of undesirables. Terrible people with terrible moderation.


Technically the webring is a group of sites with self-updating board lists for each one of its members.


I miss 8chan.


9chan.tw is shutting down in 6 days. From its board message:
>We're going to shutdown 9chan on September 14th. We don't feel we have enough moderation resources to stay on top of all the things we need to. So please archive what you want and let your communities know where to find you next.

In unrelated news, 8kun.top (and The Daily Stormmer) is offline, probably because their CDN, hosting and anti-DDoS company VanwaTech is being attacked after it began to offer its services to Kiwifarms.


so much for infinity next


more like infinity never lmao


8kun down since hosting infrastructure was used to support KF



File:Untitled0.png (13.5 KB,827x216)

I have a feeling /vg/'s 400000000 GET came from fujochan.


I think /feg/ just shitposts about fujoshi. This is the first time I heard of Fujochan.


crystal cafe is fujochan anyways


>Update 2022-09-17: Added the 50 million missing 2007-2008 /b/ posts! Read about this and other changes here.


it's time to find my cringe newfag posts!!


File:1654808455105.gif (89.25 KB,378x450)

update: i found them and it hurts


what's /bun/?

also why is lolcow down


Bunbunmaru was a /jp/ spinoff, the oldest one, made in 2009. It was far, far more active around 2009-2013, but still had a post every week or so at the time of its death. Notable for being a spinoff that had people passionate about Japanese stuff instead of general shitposting with random touhou images that became the identity of so many others.



Post them.


File:no thanks.jpg (12.67 KB,258x195)


File:1508035963584.png (193.63 KB,624x334)

I didn't know jaw.sh of the InfinityNext disaster also was the kiwifarms admin.


Also 9chan was shut down in the 14th, in case you didn't notice.


That side of the internet is a pretty small circle, but very good at creating drama


Please keep the thread focused on imageboards and not internet drama battles. There are many, many places to discuss the latter.


was tangentially about 9chan


File:1550627826373.png (21.78 KB,800x600)

What happened to 2kind?


I think it's just temporary downtime. They were going to change host.


File:screenshot.png (14.75 KB,1161x74)

Problems with the host, there was actually a thread created around a week ago on there where the admin announced /kind/ going down. iirc he said the issue was fixed after a day or 2 but then this happened anyway.

In any case, this is the shelter thread:
(look at the last few posts, since that thread's been used multiple times in the past)


4chan mod uses his HTML posting powers to be a dumb frogposter on /v/:



should have covered every part of the screen in frogs like that one part of the old testament


So the admin went missing and they couldn't pay the site bills/respond to host issues?


File:c7129c20694fb2c1a273a5666f….png (11.79 KB,393x130)

The wording they use sounds distracting. Like he had a problem with the site and left, but I don't think that's the case


oh I'm reading things from Feb


Can't find out anything more than "host pulled the server. They had their reasons"
Maybe they had malicious file uploaded...


Today is 4chan's birthday (October 1st) in some parts of the world.



Please keep thread about happenings. You're free to make threads about other stuff.


So it's a neat UI for proxy posting on 4chan? Seems pretty cool.
Although, no offense intended, people are naturally providing their IPs to access it so it's something privacy-oriented people should keep in mind.
Maybe an imageboard tools/scripts/css/etc thread would be a good idea. Then again, I'm not sure how many people are interested in that sort of thing.


Use a VPN. You can't post on 4chan without a residential ip. You could use this website and use a data center ip and post on 4chan. You see the difference?


literally behind 7 layers


I beg your pardon?


File:4chan_19_birthday_th.jpg (357.76 KB,600x727)

4chan's 19th birthday art is a Calvin and Hobbes parody. When someone thinks of the carefree innocence of youth they think of 4chan? Makes as much sense as Yotsuba, I guess.


I mean in a way 4chan is pretty representative of the current youth so I'd say it fits.


File:4chan_19_birthday.jpg (840.26 KB,2377x2880)

Better res, also some easter eggs:
- moot's cat face along with his and Snacks caved in the log.
- Pepe sleeping next to the river.
- Anon fishing in the background.
- Amongus hidden in Hiro's left ear.


>- Amongus hidden in Hiro's left ear.


Those images makes it seem like Hiro doesn't just completely ignore the site


sometimes you just gotta shut it


File:dead.jpg (280.17 KB,2242x726)

8kun was spammed so bad that Jim had to implement a two factor authentication measure that requires a phone app to work, and while it stopped the spam it also killed the little activity that remained in the site.



Makes sense if you follow the logic of Hobbes actually just being an inanimate toy.


Dreamchan is down.


It's just the SSL cert


speaking of collecting trash, i found someone archiving that site on shodan


File:meirl.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.15 KB,640x639)

i know i'm pretty late to this, but man do i miss 420chan. yes, 99% of the users were permafried but it was still fun to lurk and post in sometimes. i also miss the old net character board...


Reminder that this thread is about internet happenings, not internet personalities.


File:8kun.jpg (573.78 KB,2234x1426)

8kun's activity 9 days later.


Why doesn't it surprise me that qresearch and /pol/ would be perfectly fine with having phone authentication...


Those active ISP numbers are low


Perspective on the above:
That number is unique IPs in the past 72 hours.
So lets just disregard the trump board on that site and look at what else it has to offer...

Kissu has more unique IP addresses in half a week than their entire site excluding Q... and this is no exaggeration.


I'm surprised 8kun even came back after all the communities made their own boards.


Wow, /cuteboys/ was still going...
I honestly have a bit of nostalgia for the first 1 or 2 years of 8chan, it was a bit of an imageboard and irc renaissance and there was some genuine fun to be had before /pol/ took over the site and the fun people retreated back to 4chan or other boards.


I think it had been eventually been revealed that Jimbo actually had some secret hidden Q board set up during his tenure at 8chan whose activity outright dwarfed all but the most active boards on the site.


Yes, that's /qresearch/. It had around thousands of posts per hour and active IPs, being on par with /mlp/ in terms of activity.
The board became visible over a year ago due to a bug, but since Ron, 8kun's main dev and admin, quit his job nobody bothered to hide the board again.

>Wow, /cuteboys/ was still going...
It's just one or two bots necrobumping Discord threads. The actual board (and 99% of the site) is not only dead, but even its old images were lost forever due to a server failure that happened a while ago.


pfft they should have a qaresearch board instead!


File:Ffc5RdTaMAASmlE.jpg (191 KB,1280x1280)

on Twitter yesterday everyone celebrated Shirou day, by using the same avatar of his face.
I don't really get it, but it was funny.


I miss /cuteboys/ it was fun while it lasted. Might have been posting there too young, but oh well.


antisemitism thread on 4/jp/. how's that related to otaku culture at all. i sincerely wish rapeape gets what he deserves for ruining 4chan


This thread is getting quieter and quieter...
Miss the days where there was always a new happening to read every day or so.
Sorry, gonna shut my mouth now.


I think a problem is all the happenings are either in, or dwarfed by real life now...


We are in the post-happening era now.
The eternal nothing burger that just never quite digests in our stomachs, leaving us hungry.


moot trolling boards was a normal and largely welcome thing that happened to every notable board over the years. The /jp/ thing was just him evading the question of his favorite board at a con in a way that everyone knew was a big joke. The impact was basically just flushing out the catalog before everyone was done laughing and went home. /a/ was probably the board that loved him the most when he left. It's bizarre to me how those events could be interpreted any other way even by people who weren't there.


¥ This thread has nothing happening it in but I'm going to sage because I don't want to point out a potential interesting conversation


The last major event was 8kun and then there's some stuff relating to heyuri and an attention whore who's banned for trying to use the thread to promote himself. So that's that


I ought to write up a quick and stupid if-statement so that no one can sage in this thread anymore
Edit: I did it


Well, people have generally reserved this thread for big events, but if things are slow we could try to include fun threads or projects that people are doing at various places? That's something I thought about mentioning a few times, but I never got around to it.


File:1642967840616.jpg (322.51 KB,1280x960)

Channeling that maverick spirit of ancestral /qa/, perhaps we need to begin a "create a happening" general.
Then our our happenings thread will have things to discuss!


File:1492917511684.jpg (28.94 KB,512x512)


huh... so it just gets bumped?


doesn't get bumped on /all/


you've heard of autosage, now get ready for autoage




hmm? what kind of projects? I hack on a chan-related project every once in a while...


File:Screenshot_2022-11-14 jp ….png (184.66 KB,1540x1779)

Not particularly a happening, but while browsing the archives I noticed a new type of spam on /jp/. Strangely it's some sort of tame interracial spam that follows the pattern of "[Touhou character] is having hot baby-making sex with X-year old [random African name] ([Touhou character] is importing men from Africa to increase the population of Gensokyo)." The quantity and speed of spam seems relatively low so they're likely posting by hand which is stranger still.


File:waterfox_23UUtmDvr0.png (128.61 KB,1194x537)

This was posted in the 4chan happenings thread (yes I'm still there for some stupid reason) and it seems kind of interesting. This is a site for "tracking hate speech" on some platforms and it includes 4chan and 8kun, but you can use any word. September 3rd was a particularly bad day for Bulbasaur discussion.
I could have sworn there were already ways you could do this, maybe on some archive sites, but this seems like a faster way of doing it.



I blame /trash/'s blacked general for this.


Oh, the poor idol tiktok generals!


File:wapchan down.png (1.04 MB,1794x1232)

Wapchan, a small board known for retro anime discussion on /ar/ and /lum/, has been raided and forced offline for the time being.


Hopefully these spammers get drafted...


Oh, I know about this one.
On 2chen.moe's /tech/ board they have /cumg/ threads and in there there are some people using 'ecker, an alternative frontend for 4chan, to spam those. It lets you ban evade and get past the captcha automatically but to use the public instance you have to send the gay furry admin a picture of your own peepee. https://git.sperm.tech/mrq/-ecker/wiki/Use-Me


is this WAPchan - Kuon?


really wonder who could be behind this..




the wap poster


a story as old as time


They're back now.


Good to hear.


How attackers managed to shut it down (temporarily) even though it was getting regular moderation:
>As it turned out, I had misconfigured the software on here, so even though images were being "deleted", they still remained in the filesystem. This allowed a malicious actor to file a report about some illegal content previously though to have been deleted, which caused our host to take down the site temporarily. I take responsibility for not catching this beforehand, but this does not change the fact that this was a deliberate attack on the site. This has been fixed and all relevant material has been deleted, hashbanned and reported.
[from their /meta/ board]


Damn, you have to be real careful running a board these days. Good thing they managed to get that all fixed up.


It happens when you make a mistake modifying the software.
Various software like to not give you errors whenever something didn't do what it was expected to do.


also can be confusing if you use cloudflare since things linger on their cache servers when it's not on the actual


/a/ just finished drawing the other Bocchi's ED:
It's neat.


File:1668651870575.png (158.83 KB,594x594)

64chan is back, website has been alive for a couple of days now and it's gaining activity.


autoage saves the thread again


I guess it really does only work on /qa/(board itself) huh


64chan has been yo-yoing between alive and dead for years it feels


File:booba.png (476.48 KB,1765x889)

/vp/ mod has a sense of humor and interest in the new pokemon release it seems

context: Pokemon Violet/Scarlet are pretty glitchy and unstable at times, among other things. I'm still having fun though.


File:800d33658fee2ac8a55e138b4c….png (142.23 KB,913x1168)

tiktok general got banned again
2chen was down overnight as a result


File:800d33658fee2ac8a55e138b4c….png (142.23 KB,913x1168)


I do find it odd that tiktok dancing videos is somehow child abuse. A creepy activity to collect these videos, but not exactly harmful on its own.
The actual suspicious thread has been removed since they wiped their /jp/ board clean, the /jp/ junior idol thread that similarly to cum/g/ was also banned from 4chan. I'm guessing they'll just move host and registrar and revive those threads in a bit.


grey area csam is less about the content itself and more about how people are using it


File:d79358f37d61ca45bfa435f036….jpg (193.81 KB,2360x1640)

All posts on /sp/ now have USA flags


File:C-1669760088264.png (167.39 KB,897x834)

Alright, this is pretty hilarious.


Oh wait... I'm just completely American. I thought FIFA was the video game and the World Cup was the World Cup, didn't realize they were the same thing....


What, is the football thing over already?


More like who's posting it. Can't exactly ban minors for sexualizing themselves.

FIFA is the organization that hosts the WC, among other things. USA didn't win either, they just made it through the first round, which is why the celebration was so short-lived. It's just banter.

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