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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: April 2nd, 2021


File:firefox_A0Xzy5c27J.png (18.64 KB,558x190)

As an example


is the Cloudflare glowing?.
it help me open gov blocked web using DoH tho.




A certain meta chain was moved to >>>/b/7851


No news is good news.


Mark Mann might step down from being a mod of >8chan.moe /v/
Thread: ( https://8chan.se/v/res/371410.html )
Archive: ( https://archive.md/ZybIq )


LMAO chris-chan drama over twitter and r9k


Your post contains almost no pleasant words.


If Kissu had a Bayesian filter removing stop words a post like that would be flagged as spam.


>I'm gonna be starting my own business, I don't wanna say too much since the last time I did, someone took the basic concept and created Discord, but yeah basically I'm going to approach some angel investors and hopefully market a successful product that people will enjoy.
How does 8gag attract this degree of insanity


File:funkg.png (44.76 KB,360x360)

/vg/ finished their Friday Night Funkin' (a Newgrounds music game that has become quite popular) mod, and the music is quite catchy:
Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTXQrrpRqiY


File:1628695259458.webp (367.24 KB,943x669)

Supposedly the Roskomnadzor has gone on a block spree of websites. Known ones are Kiwifarms and Kohlchan, but without a proxy on that service hard to actually test.


File:vgvdDON.png (52.06 KB,664x668)

ah yeah, I was looking through some boards and also found this one blocked http://www.kanal4.org/

it's actually easier than I thought to check.


Is it mostly non-Russian sites? Are any Russian imageboards talking about it?


I don't speak the language. This is some Russians discussing what it means for them to keep posting on it.


perhaps a poster's reply is related:
>Its because of 2D guro. Harmful for children. Not because of loli threads.


guess I should archive that thread anyway https://archive.is/wl4BX


File:ibtfo.PNG (856.11 KB,1898x961)

/g/ sticky celebrates satania's birthday





Masami Suda (character designer for fist of the north star) died at 77yo



2021 not a good year for manga....


I really loved the characters design


I've found that the CP spam has been documented by some unindexed forum, or a discord

It has come to our attention that Ganbatte is running a Paedophilia network of spambots.
The lead admin is called Patch is running bots from South Korea and Russia.
As a result some of the chans listed here are currently hosting pizza content posted by the bots and those that are infected are moved to the very bottom of the list until the content is either removed or the site gets seized by the authorities
I suggest you open these links in Tor Browser for the time being.


I would take this with a truly gargantuan grain of salt as the people involved in those places thrive on conflict and conspiracies and it's extremely difficult to find any solid information if it exists in the first place.
This seems like a good site list, however.


Isn't that the mentally unstable faggot who creates imageboards with little to no rules, spams links to them on every other known imageboard and then deletes them after two weeks because somebody pointed out this behavior in a thread? I heard in the past that he had a tendency for spamming CP on sites that "rivaled his", but I didn't know he was responsible for the spam with links to shady "CP packs" too.


For a moment there I thought this was about Hara Tetsuo, the king of Men (漢). That still sucks, though.


File:88772614_p0.jpg (1.83 MB,1325x1600)

Do you guys know that 4gag is completely infested with bots?
A lot of the posts (perhaps the majority) aren’t made by real people.
Maybe you already know this but I want to bring it up...
I’m only beginning to understand how bad things really are...

(Personally, I think the “resident schizos” on 4/qa/ aren’t real people either, they’re bots. How else can you explain the constant flood of utter garbage on the board? 24/7, 365 days a year?)


I mean it probably seems like it from all the posts, but I think that's more the average populace than bots...


I know personally that /biz/, /qa/, and /pol/ are horrific about it.
I'm sure plenty more have them as well.


How do you know this?


https://archive.is/7FdoW (https://blog.kolyma.org/fighting-spam/) is linked on the rentry.co site.

Do you think they were covering up, or at least protecting these sites under their hosting service intentionally, or do you think this post is sincere?


Constant verbatim posts, that are regularly posted and not pasta, but ones that seemingly feign discussion for whatever reason.


I don't know what content they had on their website initially. Beyond petty social engineering those guys don't do anything illegal. They're more interested their USSR roleplay. Idk where that site was even linked anyways.


its on rentry.co/chans - and dont they do hosting for the "ganbatte" people? that was my takeaway


Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about. You see them the most on boards that the mods don't care about.


what >>76761 says. I wouldn't focus on talking about speculation. No one likes these ads on their sites.

Most of the links on that page resolve to 4x13 and by extension sageru


That's true of basically every large open discussion platform, isn't it? I know Reddit in particular is especially bad because of how easy it is to make a bot that just finds popular posts of images/videos from a few months ago and reposts them verbatim. At least with a site like 4chan (or parts of it anyway) it is marginally more difficult for bots to blend in with discussion and there isn't much reason to set a bot up there unless you have a personal vendetta against a particular community.


>At least with a site like 4chan (or parts of it anyway) it is marginally more difficult for bots to blend in with discussion and there isn't much reason to set a bot up there unless you have a personal vendetta against a particular community
1. set up bot to fetch posts from archives
3. worked for accelspammer back in the day every time he didn't make it apparent that it was him




I agree.
There's a saying that goes something like "don't attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence". Similarly, I don't think a mass of stupid posts on 4chan is necessarily any sign of botting as much as it's a group of teenagers that are easily entertained, at least when it comes to most 4chan things. For boards like /biz/ or /pol/ with real life implications I can definitely see bots as being fairly common, and /b/ had struggled with bots making porn advertising threads for many years. But 4/qa/? I don't think you need bots to salt fields that are already barren. It's just another team 4chan moderation success story, no grand conspiracy of automation needed.


File:1625782069579.png (542.85 KB,935x955)

Around a month ago there was another vice article about 4chan, for some reason focused on /k/...

Read at your own peril.


I'm not sure exactly how to feel. It's certainly more nuanced than the typical, "hur 4chan bad racist ebil white young men", but it still tries to link it back to real world activist crap that's associated with /pol/, and not /k/. It's obviously written by someone who is a clear outsider, and it definitely shows. The fact that they actually bothered to consult someone who isn't a retard like the 8gag people is good I guess, but I think that came down more to sheer luck than being well-intentioned in covering /k/.

All I can really think to say in response to it is, "Okay?" I really don't get what they sought to do in covering /k/ at all.


I have a bad feeling that ota is dead forever this time.

I hope you're okay oatmeal. I know ota has probably been extra stressful to moderate this year, more than it has ever been before.


It went down for around a month this time last year too. Maybe there's something about this time of year that just came up for which otamin needs to take the site down?


I stumbled to ota a while ago at https://8chan.moe/ota/ and got curious but never looked deeply to it


That's not the ota he was talking about...


I wish someone with actual know-how would write about the problems with 4chan. It's a terrible website used by terrible people, but you need to have experience with it to know exactly why and how.


its greatly over exxagerated. Whining about it all day is whats really terrible


I know 4chan stinks because I've been using it for the better part of a decade. Don't you tell me what is and isn't exaggerated!


File:nanochan logo.png (79.19 KB,640x640)

Nanochan, a Tor-only imageboard, has been suffering from neglect from its administrators and mods. They seem to only check the site every few days, and the admin seems to check it even less.

They have left day to day management in the hands of a "trial volunteer" by the name "hikari". Trial volunteers have limited power; they are allowed to hide posts from the default view, but can't permanently delete them. Hikari is not a good moderator; he deletes posts because they disagree with his pro-pedophilia opinions, and he is wrongly convinced he can identify anonymous posters on a Tor-only board, claiming everyone who criticizes him is the "scat spammer."

Because the board was getting spammed regularly, one of the non-trial moderators changed the captcha to what is intended to be a harder version, in which the user has to compute the derivative of a polynomial to post. This significantly decreased the posting rate. The supposedly harder captcha is much easier to automate than the regular captcha, and because of poor design, there is a way to spam at a high rate without decoding the captcha image at all.

The change in captcha did not prevent spam, and as of right now the site is frozen, possibly due to a recent spam wave. If so, this would not the first time in recent history a spam wave has shut down the site. Attempting to post gives the following error:
>500: Internal Server Error
>cannot rollback - no transaction is active


I thought nanochan's hole claim to fame was the admin being insane. The mods being about the same seems like the site's in line with it's original objective.


Which one? I remember reading that there were two or 3 "nanochans" due to autistic mod fights.


I don’t think Congress knows how imageboards work. I wonder how slow /j/ is or if they even keep irc logs. I guess they have discord logs now maybe since the janitors have a server. Just not sure what they could even get from 4chan other than mods/jannies power tripping.


They want them to put forward evidence that they weren't involved with the QAnon capitol storming. If they can't provide some form of evidence they plan to take the site to court.

About time if you ask me


I know owning 4chan would be cool and all, but I don't at all like the precedents this threatens to set.


Governments are allowed to investigate businesses that operate in their country. The benefits of free speech don't apply if you try to overthrow the government that offers it to you.


Describing the events of January 6th as anything other than the capital police mishandling their opsec is disingenuous. To then say 4chan or any business is responsible for the government’s own failing is grasping for straws. The government anyways shouldn’t be able to do anything to 4chan as despite its failing it is probably the closest of any of the major social media sites to upholding the spirit and letter of the law in of section 230.


What is this revisionism. Imageboards that promote "free speech" have always been a centerstone of radicalism. It's about time the US get their shit together.


Are you thinking of the hapa supremacist guy? He was running an alternate nanochan on and off, but not currently.


Yeah, that's the one.
I didn't know there were many versions of the same thing. Seems like they're tied together by insanity


I think you are reading more into my post than what I am meaning. Also you misunderstand the principle of free speech. It necessitates the tolerance of what peers call radicals. If there isn't a tolerance for radicals and radicalization then there isn't free speech.


4chan doesn't have "free speech" in the sense that you are allowed by mods to organize illegal events such as this. Sure it allows people to stew in radicalism but saying that's specific to imageboards is wholly disingenuous since even on other big platforms, facebook especially, this occurs. Saying the US gets its "shit together" is asking them in regards to this is asking for them to address a problem of independent people hosting websites and not giant corporations that will adhere to strict laws. I don't want that.


Free speech is destroyed by radicals and requires regulation. Strict adherence to free speech by nature destroys itself.

Mods on 4chan don't delete events that are on the grey area of legality. Various events have worked to promote the agenda of individuals who go against the idea of freedom. It's about time the US gets their shit together and fucks up any platform that promotes damages to the free world.


Who does the regulation? Free speech is promoted by the existence so many diverse view points such that no one view has the power to overwhelm the others. Any sort of regulation will automatically give the regulator a controlling power over all other views. One of the core objectives of free speech is to prevent might makes right scenarios where the only way someone can show the validity of there idea is by physically fighting over it instead of verbally talking about it. The only form of radicals or beliefs that destroy free speech are the forms that promote restriction or regulation.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (343.38 KB,1920x1080)

In the name of such virtuous causes such as "saving the children" or "opposing radicalization" you get reform that further restricts general individual freedoms to combat a fringe population. In terms of internet censorship this usually means making the web more centralized and hard for individuals to stand up on. Especially with the recent pushes for section 230 reform that would inevitably end up with websites being more unmanageable for individuals leading to more control and activity flowing towards corporations.

Personally I find them despicable, but they are damn effective in tricking fools to be persuaded into giving the government/corporations more control over their lives.


Discord does keep logs of everything including images and voice chat. I guess they could check for any talk about the event in regards to deletions and such, but it will be a test to see how long 4chan keeps the IP information. Although, there's certainly people stupid enough to share images of themselves there so who knows.


Regulation exists no matter how hard you wish that it doesn't exist. Regulation is the very nature of society. If a religious society is allowed to bring up people to value the church more than expression of free religion then the church controls speech of those people. If a country promotes nationalism then the country decides what speech is.

Free speech exists in the Western world at the benevolence of democratic governments. If you let another force control it it's gone.

Opposing radicalism is intrinsic to protecting free speech. If a group of people are allowed to discuss together "hypothetical" means to overthrow a democratic government then they need to be regulated because they threaten the existence of free speech.

Section 230 doesn't exist in many countries yet they still promote free expression. However for some reason in the US it shelters some of the worst sites that no one wants around.


I didn't say opposing radicalism was wrong, but that it's a convenient justification for abuses of personal privacy.


You're acting like 4/pol/ and other boards were involved in the unplanned boomer touristic visit to the capitol in any way. The most they did was spam threads about the event, then spam threads about how much it sucked and how retarded everyone involved were. Nothing was coordinated there (they're too paranoid and stupid to do anything), individuals calling for action were disregarded as "glowniggers" and sometimes deleted. The most 4chan got "involved" was a thread on /k/ about a fat fuck wearing patches sold on an online "/k/ommando store" that isn't related to 4chan in any way.


Regulation of speech always existing is not a reason to not oppose increasing it and it does not say anything about if regulation is harmful to the principle free speech
You may think otherwise but I believe to the point of saying I know regulation of speech is antithetical to the principle of free speech. A Free society doesn't decide what speech is; it lets each individual member decide what their speech is and further each individual member allows other members to decide what their speech is. The only interaction a government can have in regards to free speech is through the regulation/restriction of it. There is of course no functional difference between regulating or restricting free speech.


then you are an ally of totalitarianism is the last thing i have to say.


Looks like posting came back at UTC midnight. And apparently the site is 3 years old now:


File:36F1A53B-911C-4EF2-86EE-E2….gif (413.1 KB,500x90)


god I miss when old /qa/ wasn’t completely irredeemable and utter shit



This looks like it goes into detail about what archives there are of /b/. I haven't read it yet, but the length and images and names mentioned makes it seem 100x more informed than the typical write-up.


It's not a bad article. But it and the other articles on the site seem to mainly be a Very Serious effort to investigate why them 4channers are such right wing hitler nazis. The article approaches things from that direction and mostly seems to be interested in the history of 4chan/b/ only to the extent that it can answer that question. Yawn to that. In any case thanks for sharing


I guess it makes sense when you look at their 'about' section:

>Open Intelligence Lab or OILab is an Amsterdam-based collective of interdisciplinary scholars scrutinising online political subcultures on the fringe and lesser-researched corners of the Web.
...OILab follows the provocation that data is the new oil in order to make sense of new political currents in the digital sphere.

Heh. That's quite a strained analogy for the OIL in their name. I guess we're destined to only see papers on memes and politics in regards to imageboards. Maybe it's better this way.


Update: The "hikari" volunteer went on a massive deletion rampage. It was reverted, and his privileges were suspended. Shortly afterwards, somebody started posting child pornography, which has yet to be deleted due to the lack of active moderators.

On the technical side, the side goes down about 1 in every 3 days. It is down right now. One of the users made a text only bunker at:


Why does Nanochan have so much drama involving mods?


Tor and any form of centralization don't work together. Having a mod team will always fail and admins can't be anything more than developers. Trying to treat an onion site as a clearnet site is disaster in progress or leaning heavily on the honor system.


Lack of supervision from the admin, plus most of his mod team losing interest.

>Tor and any form of centralization don't work together
Can you elaborate on why?


policing content is impossible and the people who endorse tor won't let the admin get a good idea about the people's personality leading to bad actors or misaligned team chemistry


It seems like a traditional "staff loses interest" thing to me and that's not limited to TOR. The problem is that the result of that situation is magnified by TOR just like it is with anonymous imageboards over forums with account systems.
Keeping a TOR imageboard clean sounds like a tremendous amount of work.


The sort of people who use both TOR and imageboards are not exactly the most stable. And I'm saying this as someone who is in that bracket (don't worry vermin, I don't use it on kissu)


File:1631836330351.png (318.49 KB,1280x960)

Some guy posting his old OS-tan collection on /g/.



File:1196613748469.jpg (392.23 KB,1024x768)

cute firefox


I still have an old "Lolifox" add-on that replaced error pages with ones featuring that girl and extra buttons.


I think I have alot of these actually but I never share my horde. Pretty sure I saved most of mine from Pooshlmer or iichan or something; hard to remember all those vague hazy days sitting at a computer.



that guy says it's 'regretful' he didn't have good relations here


¥From: that guy
¥To: that guy

I'd like to register this bridge to Kolyma be blown up by the local #jp chapter



I don't think I can find where anyone asked


File:21c8ff2361160d363bc9a6cdf4….jpg (433.77 KB,843x1200)

I made an imageboard and it's doing well!

luckily I have avoided the types of drama I see in this thread


As a counterpoint to it being mostly bots I have reposted random threads and posts for years just cause I think it's funny. Fairly often some anon will assume I'm a bot/script.

There's probably a fair number of others like me.


Does it use an existing software, or did you create your own?


>sites spammed with CP by some idiot
>some idiot, Profile: Tokiko
is this for real lmao


if only zun!bar were here...


what a fall from grace


File:4chan18_birthday.png (4.14 MB,2260x1484)


Can't believe 4chan is already old enough to post on 4chan... And I can't believe the illustration doesn't reference that.


No mootykins? And why is green Aqua there?


hahaha they referenced NOT!Sanae


how can i be added to the list i wanna be on there and have a little mugshot like those wanted dead or alive posters


File:regimechange.png (174.41 KB,1172x425)

New update on the nanochan situation. After a period of frequent downtime and anarchy, someone escalated the child pornography posting to hurtcore material. This pissed off hoshi, the last remaining moderator who had been somewhat active, enough for him to become active again and clean up the board. Hoshi also removed a large number of orphaned files which were eating up disk space despite not being referenced in any posts. This seems to have improved the stability of the site, with it no longer going down one day in every three. Hoshi made a post (pic related) declaring himself de facto quasi admin in endofunctor's absense and seeking input on changes to the site.


File:60126827_p0.png (2.19 MB,1405x1530)

cute pink


Become an avatarfag or tripfag and spam CP on his sites.


Looks like he reinstated hikari, so any hope of him governing the site well is pretty much out the window.


did this place even have anything going for it besides it being tor-only (which I personally don't really see as a good thing given what kind of people tor posting generally attracts)


There have been some interesting technology threads, although they were often focused on what some would see as paranoia.
Regarding the site itself, it has actually working moderation transparency (Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly), and I think the way you can download the database so that anyone can make a clone of the site if the original goes down is nice.


>I think the way you can download the database so that anyone can make a clone of the site if the original goes down is nice.
wasn't there some 8gag or webring controversy over this? I thought I heard some site had scraped boards and then postured itself as an alternative in an attempt to capture the userbase from the site they were scraping from or something.


I've posted about nanochan bunkers using its database in the past, but I don't recall them being touted as an alternative to the original. The closest thing I can think of to what you describe was when Watkins seized Hiroyuki's 2channel and Hiroyuki made a clone by scraping the original.


I wasn't talking about nanochan in particular, I just thought I had heard some other site in the webring or 8gag splinter sites doing that.


>Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly
I'm a dork, what are they doing right that other sites are doing wrong?

8chan.moe has a tool to "import" boards from other sites into it (and any other Lynxchan-based site), but I don't remember any controversy caused by it.


He's talking about, at least in kissu's case, how you can see every mod deleted post on /trans/.

I wouldn't say other sites are in the "wrong" though, as personally I couldn't care less about something like that as it really doesn't impact my experience one way or the other but I guess it's something that placates some people.


> it has actually working moderation transparency (Kissu and nanochan are pretty much the only imageboards that do this correctly)
what does meguca do wrong?


I could live without it, but it's a plus. It's probably most useful for newcomers who want to see if the way a board is moderated is agreeable to them. As for doing it wrong, a lot of sites have a version of this where they log only the reason for the deletion and not the post itself, which is typically useless because of mods with an overly broad definition of "spam." (An exception is that if the mod has a policy of not deleting anything, you can check that the log is empty. But I don't think that's good moderation.)


Good point, I should include meguca based sites in the list of sites "doing it right." And there are probably others I haven't thought of.


Spin-off wojakniggers raided 1chan and all of its threads are gone.


sushigirl too


Didn't even know you could still post on 1chan. most of the time those sites give you an error or the post never goes through.

If the owner or anyone else doesn't have a backup then who cares. The site has been around forever and if no one bothered to preserve it then they have themselves to blame for it disappearing.


In the future I highly suggest not feeding antisocial kids the notoriety they crave, least of all those borne of team 4chan's malice.



*their streamer's twitch profits leaked.


Everyone is focused on the streamer profits, but does this mean there's going to be proprietary code released that will help other websites do streaming? Could be quite a boon to people wanting to get away from Amazon and Google.
And add some nico text scrolling while you're at it.


it's twitch source code and streamer revenue if i'm reading it right


Not how it works. You can't just lift the code unless it comes out that Twitch used GPL code or licensed code that requires downstream edits to retain the same license for usage and redistribution.


text scrolling is already a thing if a streamer decides to enable it


File:33063e83c5b6100bfcb96818bb….jpg (271.03 KB,1790x1998)

if the posted data was correct, that means only the top 6900 twitch channels generate more than us federal minimal wage of revenue


The /g/ thread was moved to /bant/ which presumably was done to kill the link on external sites. The thread was also deleted on /bant/. As a side effect its archived /g/ form on warosu is screwed up, which you can tell by the lack of dozens of ghost spam ads.
This is the /bant/ archive page on its best (in my opinion) archiving site: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/13578558/

I recommend not visiting archived.moe without ad-blockers and/or selectively blocking javascript. Here is the archived.moe page of the /g/ thread: https://archived.moe/g/thread/83691438



Very nice, Hera is #3007


You're thinking of the wrong 1chan


File:waterfox_luP9QRiyGh.png (61.97 KB,672x220)

Great (but old) news for Desuchan. It's still not online today, but the backup exists and it will be brought back at some point.


I remember 1chan being so easy going that in 2017 during my strong imageboard curiousity phase I managed to access their moderation/board panel with hardly any trouble. They must have simply not cared.


There's multiple? I'm only familiar with the train one.


Oh, then you are thinking about the right one. Sorry for the mistake.

In addition to 1chan.net, which is what we're talking about, there's also 1chan.us. It's a general purpose imageboard that's noteworthy for 1. requiring registration before posting (although you can still be anon if you want) and 2. using tags instead of boards. It's been literally unusable since 2017, and kind of had a crap community anyway.


2ch been down for awhile now today


Huh? It's working fine.


I meant russian 2ch


>russian 2ch
What goes on there?


File:waterfox_XHBhdLKhfE.png (11.19 KB,652x54)

Nothing terribly interesting, but warosu is no longer archiving new posts of /g/ and /tg/. Another sign of the times as /vt/ dwarfs every other board archived on warosu combined, so a choice was made.


Looks like there's a new (text only) archive on the block with 2005-08 content from that one archive.org guy's dump a couple years ago.


soyjak[.]party is the 4th largest english imageboard


I refuse to believe this, particularly because it is non-organic activity.


what do you mean by this?


It is "active", but it's activity is without substance since there is nothing resembling discussion. To consider it the largest anything is farcical.


4chan has very little substance, but we all consider it the largest 4chan imageboard.


4chan is the largest 4chan yes.


How do you know it? What are the other 3?



I think he means lots of bots and manual spamming. You wouldn't have called those old intl and related boards huge and active because they had hundreds or thousands of spam posts a day, would you?
Besides that, you then have to gauge the content of the posts and how the board is being used. Most people exclude places like hima, meguca or doushio when talking about activity because the posting format is a rapid-fire chat room atmosphere where a full sentence can be rare to find. It's an apple and oranges comparison towards more traditional places with multiple threads focused on different subjects.
I don't think I could compare it against other imageboards for these reasons.


4chan can at least have substance


based on what?


posts per day. whatever your guys' opinions are on "what counts", objectively speaking, its the 4th largest.


So what are the other 3?


why doesnt someone make a list based off averaged-out PPD over the course of a year~?


Don't know and don't care to find it. You're the one who brought it up.


Chill out. I didnt bring it up. Stop being so uptight and rude


Sorry. Didn't mean to come off like that. I just mean I searched for it and couldn't find it and I literally don't care to search anymore.


are you excluding sites? from a glance these seem faster or similar to soyjak[.]:



Someone from Heyuri made a [Incomplete/WIP] timeline of anonymous bulletin boards


He should have left some form of contact.
I would like to give information about Brazilian imageboards.


Weird that they classified a bunch of imageboards as BBSs. I wonder why they did that or if that was just a mistake since it looks like there's two Western BBS categories for some reason.


Imageboards are BBS's..


I don't know what an IP/admin page thingie is supposed to mean...


Kind of a lame metric if you ask me. Spam aside, it doesn't account for posts per user. A small imageboard used by schizos who post all day every day is going to have more posts per day than a larger one with a more chilled-out community.


Is there any archives besides shite old warosu that archive /sci/?
their cloudflare just infinitely sniffs my browser and gatekeeps me out of them


https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/sci/ (only goes back to when it started which was late 2020)

If there are others I don't know of them because I never used /sci/.


thanks alot, I actually can't believe I forgot fireden exists


Looking at those posts via the archive was my first direct exposure to 4chan in years, and it's amazing just how much it sucks now. I mean, it was awful before, but jesus fucking christ.


it's dead


File:4qa.jpg (601.22 KB,2560x1360)

90% of 4/qa/ was wiped out, and attempting to post there returns a "Performing site maintenance. Try again in a little while." error.


File:qa is dead.PNG (10.31 KB,421x139)

4/qa/ is getting potentially axed


good riddance


end of an error


error 404 quality not found


File:1538952319899.jpg (183.42 KB,1280x720)

Maybe they are making room for a couple of new boards that will focus on niche otaku hobbies which will potentially make 4chan somewhat useable for an audience that is genuinely interested in things and isn't there just to shitpost and constantly be angry about something?



File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)


File:welcome to qa.png (422.73 KB,1534x1129)

The wojakbot finally broke one of them, amazing.
Incidently, now is the best time to make meta threads on any given board.


File:Screenshot_20211103-183512….jpg (58.39 KB,784x189)

Started about a week ago, I guess. Every now and then I check it out to see how bad things are, and every single wojak thread was deleted.


rest in piss


it's good to hear that /qa/ is still keeping up the tradition of spam
wonder when the mods will learn they can't actually control what or how much people post


File:aids.jpg (819.46 KB,2560x1338)

/bant/ is the new host of the cancerjaks.


I feel like crying, /qa/ was the funniest board


File:1589403561659.gif (1.79 MB,500x281)



ALTERNATIVE: Probably because it sucked

Hmm and why did it suck again? Surely nothing to do with the 5 years of total mental Barneyfag baiting let wild.
Fucking piece of shit, he's an alternative to useful.


File:qa12.jpg (50.3 KB,600x400)

>only 12 threads on /qa/
this must be a sign from the 12


13 including the sticky. sign of the apocalypse.


File:00b4a0eb59.png (531 KB,1903x767)

You were saying?


there influence has no limits


i'm glad there's a harapan thread up


newfag to kissu here. How familiar are you guys with that guy? Apparently this site is on his list of banned chans, and he's got some sort of a bounty linked whenever you type "kissu" on sites owned by his network. I ask this because he's being a megasperg on 4-ch and some other sites. What are the deets on this mysterious figger?


File:buttons.jpg (35.47 KB,601x601)

"That guy" did some weird form of advertising where he posted about himself in the happening thread here, people got annoyed and posted about some things he allegedly did, argued about it, and he hasn't been here since after claiming to be wrongfully portrayed. People though Heyuri was novel, and that's the extent of the influence outside of the occasional post in this thread. No one cares, and I doubt he does either.


>No one cares, and I doubt he does either.
Quite the contrary, he seems to care, a lot. He cares so much that he's obviously samefagging in several threads, that all started with him advertising his rinky dink network. I wouldn't even care enough to ask about him if it wasn't for the fact that he's invading several small spaces I enjoy posting on, with his shady imageboard "business". I've seen his type of personality in other people before. I've seen him raid in action, in a server that has nothing to do with imageboards, and used alts and did it several times. Then when this shit comes back to haunt him, he acts like it's all slanderous lies evil people are telling.


Well, at any rate, if he has any illusions of grandeur, his reach doesn't extend here. Kissu has pretty good spam mitigation and competent, active moderation.


Well, you've ran into the name filter so you know part of it already. The general idea around here was that it seemed to be a whole bunch of manufactured drama without any coherent connections to anything. I don't have any hard feelings towards him or his users.
I agree with the other guy that heyuri seems very nice.


ayy, I finished that mission two days ago


This post is just a lie. Not only do I not own a discord account or have participated in a raids, you seem to have completely bought into the falsehood that I think imageboards are a business. I dont, nor have i ever claimed such a thing. I dont advertise "my network" really, the 4-ch thread was relevant to the topic, and I deliberately avoided posting links to the software I designed that was being discussed. You havent "seen me" anywhere, just because someone puts on a username "that guy" doesnt mean its me.

This whole situation has made me quite annoyed recently, especially when people make spam posts or raids in my name. I have absolutely 0 interest in committing raids, because as you can see here, they just come right back and harm my reputation.

Something about my "incorrect" way of speaking and my small amount of knowledge about the ettiquites of a foreign board just makes me seem more annoying than im trying. None of this helps when made compacted by a person whos associated in this site.. who self-proclaimed goal is to "drive me off the internet"

My message must keep getting lost during my convey-point to others. If I can find someone who is more PC and who has a better grasp of the english language, and one who does not have a poor reputation, than I would hope they can take my place and become face for many awesome softwares and services that are planned.

I never made a post where "its me", but this is an appropritate time. This thread has been pissed on .. Sorry...


File:32.PNG.png (40.99 KB,586x425)

Either a really good shitpost or obsessed kuzpost.
>This post is just a lie. Not only do I not own a discord account or have participated in a raids
>you seem to have completely bought into the falsehood that I think imageboards are a business


File:20201116_231704.jpeg (1.75 MB,3264x2448)



File:1.PNG.png (44.38 KB,812x418)


File:01B3E06F-4155-45EC-B705-4….jpeg (123.5 KB,726x1024)

/qa/ is locked. all the threads except a select handful have been deleted. any attempts to post will claim that the server is down because of site maintenance.



File:__miyamoto_frederica_and_s….png (300.95 KB,800x800)


I dont see a correlation with it, that doesnt even look like me or do I talk in that way

I dont think its me that is obsessed.. considering you have what looks like over 30 screenshots of clotheless young boys and discord screenshots saved to your computer, and I just made one post.

This "front on" approach is hostile for very little reason


90% chance anyone gives a shit about this guy is because they are him or one of his . He's irrelevant other than when he pushes his relevance. Hard sage, get a life.


don’t bully me. I WILL cry.


Don't care who's doing it but "that guy" obsession is pretty annoying so please if you want to stir drama in it take it somewhere else.


Who are you quoting?


File:qa.jpg (280.02 KB,2560x778)

It also has 3 threads left.


This /qa/ thing and some discussion about it made me think that hiro must be the only one permitted to delete boards and his lack of presence is leading to some minor issues. I think it's too early to say /qa/ will be deleted, but its current state now joins /qb/ the April Fool's board and /asp/ the alternative sports board that had turned into a wrestling shitposting board.
For those who may be unaware, /qa/ was frozen back in 2017 for a few weeks. People assumed it was deleted for good, but it came back. However, I feel I should stress that hiro was a pretty regular poster on it until late 2019 so it's possible he was the one that solely decided it should stay.


yeah, I just noticed that. it's like mods are trying to say "these two threads (not counting the sticky) are the only ones that aren't complete shit" lol
I hope /qa/ comes back as a meta board and soyjak is banned. soyquoting is textbook shitposting, which is breaking a global rule, and should be banned on all boards save a few like [s4s].


leave [s4s] alone, they already lost their brackets, haven't they gone through enough?


File:2021-11-05-005049_1175x195….png (30.77 KB,1175x195)

After nanochan declining to the point where most of its traffic was from a single /pol/ RPer talking to himself, the admin suddenly showed up:


Who could have forseen that curating a board to be a cesspool of spam would result in this? Whatever occured was as much the staffs fault as it was the shitposters.


why does 4chan not support mp4 video?
it's older and more widely supported than webm


mp4 is bloated as hell, so much space for so littyle. May have been other reasons, I think that was the main one.


The difference isn't as big as you make it sound. And if some paternal instinct of video quality is the reason why is there no vp9 support?
4chan has file size limit so I don't see why rapeape or moot cares if people want to upload shorter x264 videos with same size.


i don't know if that's their reasoning but aside from the supposedly higher efficiency (vp8 isn't that much better than h264, and vp9 and AV1 still aren't allowed for some reason) there's the fact that the webm container is far more stricter when it comes to what kind of things you can put in it, meanwhile you can encode 10bit h264 mp4 videos which most browsers will have trouble with (I can't play them in firefox for example)


Since /qa/ was put on hold the soijak shitposting has gone down 95%. Some boards are far more tolerable since you don't risk someone posting those disgusting images as much.


vp8 isn't better than h264 at all, it's basically a copy of h264 with the stuff they thought patent holders could win a lawsuit over removed


*on a technical level, at least. In general Google's VP8 encoder is more likely to degenerate into blockiness than a good H264 encoder at the same filesize. Being supposedly patent-free may be an advantage, but that's all up to courts and lawyers. Some places just don't recognize software patents.


1 week since 4/qa/ was frozen. Still frozen


3 more to go if repeat.


Still no confirmation from anything credible, but some websites like 4chan itself are pretty sure that Lowtax has died.
I don't follow all the gossip and drama stuff, but I remember laughing a lot at his articles 20 years ago, and of course some kid from there made some imageboard at some point.


I never used SA even once personally. Didn't like forums that much even back when they were the norm, nor IRC. Imageboards were my destiny.


4chan's global news post is credible. Has 4chan staff ever lied?


all the bux in the world couldn't save him.........


Many people who knew him considered his issues with domestic violence. His departure from SA was marred by court cases. Wonder if death will lead him to ruin or people will just remember him as a popular forum owner.


"credible" source


File:Screenshot_20211111-103654.jpg (98.36 KB,983x851)

great comments btw


Damn who could've seen this coming!!!!



>This sucks.

>No one should die except the fash and rich wasn't one of those

>Rip in peace legend



i wasn't being ironic, i actually think those are great comments


the ones on the gofundme are even better


>if he's actually dead: lol
>if he's not: also lol


Then you're an idiot.


Second week of 4/qa/ being frozen


File:2D Random.PNG.png (35.87 KB,1030x208)

The title of the board hasn't changed after 2 weeks. Guess it will remain forever as the 2D/Random board, even if it's frozen.


It's been that way even after everyone here left anyways. 4chanX dev probably never gonna change it because it's not important to begin with.


the last flicks of warmth are all but extinguished


File:2021-11-18-182105_1172x402….png (85.34 KB,1172x402)

Another update on nanochan. Since >>80033 things seemed to have improved a little, probably due to endofunctor, the admin, showing interest in the site again, reducing the possibility of it being down for long periods. Endofunctor has made a few minor improvements to the site.

The /pol/ schizo mentioned in >>80033 started leaking out of /pol/ and posting on other boards. This appears to have gotten the attention of the mods who have started deleting most of his threads on /pol/.

Most recently endofunctor has made a post proposing changes in how the site is moderated, in the hope of improving the site's quality.


File:__imai_midori_and_andou_ts….jpg (87.85 KB,1000x856)

Not really news but it's funny seeing those soyjak faggots get raided by smug anime girls.



nice post


/jp/-tan is such a strange thing. /jp/ isolationist people hated it and indeed it's associated with people outside of the board, but as a character I think it's a pretty good design. It's most strongly associated with [s4s] which didn't exist at the time of the character's creation, but my theory of its association is the nijuira-seeking people of /jp/ that moved to the board so many years ago.


The 10 million post was a soyjak


I agree with the oddity around it. But /jp/ itself doesn't really exist anymore so who could really care what people give it as a mascot.


>it's associated with people outside of the board
I would have thought all board-tans were created by the users of said board, is that not the case?


I think that design was created in /v/ or /a/. I'm not sure how far back that design goes but I think there were different earlier designs. I think the closest thing to a board-tan that was indeed created in /jp/ was meido.


There was also other websites for the whole 4chan house thing, and the artists were definitely not anons.


she was designed by old /v/ drawfag. three angled blue or something like this


File:1611955133184.png (85.68 KB,317x367)

Why is /jp/ so shitty?



4chan's really starting to crack down on the soyjak kids, to the point where they're doling out permanent bans for posting it on certain boards. I'm actually surprised how proactive they're being about it.


Last I used 4 regular wojak and similar ms paint memes caught you a lengthy ban on /a/.


File:[Shintani]_Hidamari_Sketch….png (68.06 KB,193x238)

Eternal September, my friend.


The admin of nyafuu (4chan archive) has lost motivation in runningit, but it seems that he's maintaining it until he can hand it over it to someone.


surprises me that anyone wants to spend money to archive the boards none of the staff care about maintaining.


tohno dead


Seems fine for me.


maybe we need a policy for "X is dead" comments


truOtakuHikkiNeets never die as long as they don't work!


still better than just up and dying like yuki.la's admin, unless the poor guy actually did just die.
VoH is a good guy and i'm thankful to them.


No it's not. It wont die until Tohno himself does


Tohnochan seems to be more active than I remember it being even a few years ago.


anyone have copy or summary? seems to be deleted now


Summarized from memory:
OP was about developer issues with the site
Admin made a post saying something along the lines of 'I don't even give a shit anymore, if you want an archive do it yourself' in response to a large loss of thumbnails from server issues.
Some people asked if database dumps would be coming, but since /dev/ is gone I doubt it. Site will just go idle and not fix issues in the future.

Hopefully it was archived on something, but it's unlikely that anyone with effort still uses 4chan's archives.



what happened to 4chan's /qa/


Scroll up a bit.


File:1562963269165.jpg (212.54 KB,965x688)

meh, who cares


File:pool's closed.jpg (20.01 KB,372x434)


File:2021-11-27-141104_687x72_s….png (9.18 KB,687x72)


I doubt nanochan can be saved(from itself) but I want to see this one unfolding.


File:2021-11-27-185314_690x445_….png (45.49 KB,690x445)

As promised, endofunctor has locked nanochan's /pol/ board and removed it from the board list. He has also written new rules guidelines for the site.


For reference, the previous rules:


Nothing changed, cancer is still there.
What a disappointment, not that I expected much. Nanochan is dead, let it go.


Someone edit the OP to say that the thread isn't for documenting spammers.


who is this ¨V¨ guy I keep seeing is he like a virgin lol


not after all those nights with the /qa/ boys theyre not


this is the list as it is
the other list went to shit for some reason


A guy on 3chan posted a big text archive torrent from 2004-2009 4chan, but it might majorly overlap with the dump from the archive.org guy that was already converted into that sage.moe site. The "new" bits would be the beginning and end, naturally.


wish I could be happy about this but I'm much more distraught over losing yuki.la's images; few others seem to have what that admin possessed.


I miss my home


So, /qa/ died and the happening+meta threads population haven't migrated anywhere?


4chan happenings threads migrated to /trash/


Didn't know that, nice


There's imageboard/internet meta on kissu and other imageboards now and then, but for specifically something on 4chan I don't think it went anywhere. It wasn't on /qa/ the past few years either, just contained in the happenings thread.
Maybe you could use archives to search for active threads since they're always scraping. It would work for boards like /v/ since "v" isn't a word people use, but you're screwed with boards like /a/. Maybe do a search for OPs only with "4chan" for more general discussion?
As for the /trash/ happenings thread, it was good for a couple days, a return to proper form in fact. But, then it got linked and it's actually worse than it was on /qa/.


Nanochan seems to have been recovering a little. Also the admin finally removed hikari after he blatantly ignored the instructions in >>80676.



Has /mu/ rated it yet?



One of /biz/'s favorite mascots died



File:potato.jpg (156.43 KB,537x720)

I'm surprised the board hasn't been completely overrun by kpop yet.


I wasn't a fan of the memes they were featured in, but I think it's always sad when something like this happens.


Oh so that's why he didn't get a sticky on /tv/.


oh shit, they’re about to dump the entire market


File:gdsgsg.png (2.01 MB,1877x988)




now that's a good surprise


They've been doing a lot more CSS stuff lately. I wonder if it's a new guy or a returning one


Total outsider here. I used nanochan like 4 times, strictly to look at and curate Nazi content. Nothing of substance ever cropped up on the board, It was out of the way and not worth opening up Tor each time I felt like checking it, and the only good thread was a thread about OpenBSD and device security (its probably gone by now, RIP). I found several websites that linked to CP hosts or aggregators, and it generally seemed like the portal to the same deep web anyone would lurch it in with at first glance. Just another waste of time for the terminally online.


This was fun. There were many complaints of not being able to see anything or remove them.


the growing shamiko from last year was nicer, but ok


File:Screenshot_2022-01-07 Kemo….png (403.36 KB,1583x1096)

It would seem today is the two year anniversary of Kemono.party (RIP Yiff)


File:1627947931929.png (238.6 KB,467x531)

The soyjak altchan got taken down for having too much CP so this is the last /qa/ - Questions & Answers board.




I checked there every so often and never saw any? where was it?


die freak


Was it done by someone to take it down?


/qa/ still has the christmas theme and music


cant flippin believe the weeb mafia won


wtf I love that guy now


Usually a post needs to be made after a CSS change is made for it to go through, and of course people can't post on it. I'll have to wait until 4chan next crashes or it gets refreshed for whatever reason.


I got to see dozens of CP threads be spammed on their main board (/soy/) a couple of times, but only because somebody on 4/qa/ and /trash/ alerted me of them. The spam lasted between 30 minutes and one hour on average. However, some days ago I saw single threads be up for 8 hours, so it's possible these were the cause of the party's deplatforming.

Happens fairly often, specially on sticky threads on blue boards.


only the very most quality boards would get an extra helping of fun.


the soy spinoff is back and soot confirmed it was down because of a cp report, supposedly it was this guy from 4/g/


This made me chuckle a bit although is a frogposter.


There's a script spreading on 4chan named Third Eye that allows people to share images to other script users based on a booru filename, which is itself based on its md5 hash. I don't know any specifics about it, but if you want to look at it, /g/'s /cumg/ general is its origin.


I have known this for a while and they also made some scripts to embed music and videos in image files. This ura image concept is pretty interesting but I refrained myself from mentioning it because too many posters were pissed off by the name of the general.


>I don't know any specifics about it
See https://git.coom.tech/futalover69/how-to-use-the-eye (fixed URL to bypass filter -mod)

MD5 link:
When you enter a thread it will search for filenames containing a booru MD5 hash, if it founds a compatible MD5 hash from the filename it replaces the posted image with the images taken from that MD5 hash.
A MD5 link will only affect it's filename, thus preserving the original size of an image. If downloaded it will download just the original image, but with MD5 name

The script will Embed a file onto another, so in the end you will have an image with another embedded image.
A Embedded file Will affect it's total size, because you are adding it to the original image. If downloaded you will download the original image with the added file, meaning you now downloaded two files together. But you can post it later, and will show that extra embedded file.
Only PEE and Media Embedder have embedding. Cunnysoft's Third eye does not have this feature, and you will not be able to see these embedded files while using Cunnysoft's third eye.


It's back


File:stats.png (2.75 KB,750x59)

4chan had it's four billionth post recently.


File:1516296476444.png (256.65 KB,929x937)

4chan must be amazing if it can get stats like that!


File:2022-01-14-497188884699142….png (5.3 KB,338x105)

Soy spinoff got deleted again for cp, now one of the news channels about soyjaks is saying that the host deleted all the data and the owner, soot, is restoring from a 5 month old backup


>one of the news channels about soyjaks
Why do you need more than one channel about this garbage? In fact, why do you need a single channel for it?


Ironic when half the posts in this general are about that kind of garbage...


its up


What's up?


Supposedly this was broken by 4chan dev shortly after --and perhaps because of-- people posting files with embedded cp in it. Maybe that 4chan github page thing with desuwa has something listed in it? I don't know programming so maybe it's not listed at all.
Also their general on /g/ was purged.


File:1529935744041.jpg (57.11 KB,302x341)

My dick after seeing you.


4chan has had filters against crude forms of steganography -- such as appending a file to an image or putting a file in a large auxiliary chunk -- for some time now. Before the filters, appended files were occasionally used to distribute CP, but more often used to distribute books or music. Although against 4chan's rules, you can still post hidden content using slightly more sophisticated forms of steganography, such as the classic method of changing the last bit of every pixel.

As for the eye thing, it's not embedding files in the image, but just putting an MD5 hash in the filename. In order to use that to distribute CP, someone would have to be hosting the CP in a well-known location searchable by MD5 hash. If you posted CP to the boorus, it would be deleted and the hash banned. So there's little reason to block it, and if 4chan did block it anyway, it would be very obnoxious, because there are lots of files posted with their hash as the filename.


there are two scripts, one is what you mention, the other actually embeds things


File:ackchyually.png (20.78 KB,700x700)

There are 4 scripts and at least 3 methods:

– Third Eye: the original who introduced the MD5 method. Never supported any embedding method.
– PNGExtraEmbed/PEE/lolipiss: the one who introduced embedding and became the most popular of the bunch, also the most bloated.
– Media Embedder: like PEE but written in pure Javascript. Supports the same things as the other two.
– mrq's fork of Third Eye: added support for catbox embedding after regular embedding was blocked.

– MD5 linking: works by replacing a normal image's filename with the MD5 of a file hosted in a list of boorus booru, then downloading the external file and displaying it next to the "native" one. All scripts support this method.
– File embedding: There were different methods for each format. Only PEE and Media Embedder support this method.
–– PNG embedding: works by appending the file in the last IDAT chunk. Metadata information is stored in a tEXt chunk.
–– WEBM embedding: the file is embedded in a SimpleTag tag, with a TagName of C00M and a TagBinary that contains the file content.
–– GIF: the embedded data is contained in an application extension chunk, usually right after the NETSCAPE extension.
–– JPG: not supported because 4chan re-encodes files in that format to stripe out their metadata.
– Catbox embedding: similar to regular embedding, but instead of whole files there's only links to catbox.moe embedded, decreasing the "host" file's size by a lot and making it harder to be detected by 4chan's filters. Only PEE and mrq's fork of Third Eye support these methods.


4chan is down for some reason


No, it's not.


File:c7de3097e9.png (13.66 KB,992x339)


Seems like it's a few boards and the homepage. I wanted to check /biz/ and it's down.


I just checked both homepage and /biz/ and it works for me.


I caught this too, it was down
but a few minutes later it wasnt


odd. guess they restarted the server or turned off nginx or whatever services they use.


Apparently a deal that guy made to soot fell through and the soy spinoff was sent into absolute dissaray for hours and almost got kicked off their hosting.

Soot offered to sell it to that guy after that guy previously said he was interesting in having it. For 1600$ in bitcoin, but after some issues cleared up soot changed his mind.


Ha! Fishing for buyers for a site that keeps getting shut down for CP spam. He ought to be giving it away!


I hope that guy gets it in the end.


meguca (https://shamiko.org/) is shutting down or in the process of shutting down due to their admin (lat) resigning.


never forget that being meguca... was suffering...


always thought bakape was the admin because he made the namesake software


someone's probably going to take over anyway, right?


Looks like someone has. The way that site is organized, with a large group of people each owning different domains that point to the same server, makes it very unlikely to stay dead once killed.


Bakape IS Lat


They also have thousands of bunkers, spinoffs and discords that all resent eachother. Its odd to see in a community of about ~100 people this much splintering


as in latvian?


>a 34yo man named Christophe Poole was arrested for possessing and sharing CP
The ultimate shitpost.


Please don't use stupid chanspeak like that. It makes you sound mentally deficient.


shut up retard


You're doing it again!


File:94949605_p0 scaled.jpg (489.95 KB,593x705)

desuchan is still down about 8 months later. The admin said he had backups and was going to bring it back, but that was about 5 months ago.
Does anyone have any updates?


>mass ban VPNs
Please dont.


What is chanspeak and why isn't it allowed on a forum based off vichan and where all the users come from 4chan?
I'm new please tell me.


Don't shit where you eat.


People use other imageboards because they're not 4chan. But this isn't a topic worthy of this thread.


4chan supposedly allows custom advertisements, and I noticed recently that the shithole you're talking about has ads on a few boards as well. I know Hiro has a hands-off approach to 4chan, and traffic (and thus, money) is valued over quality; but allowing an image board that exists exclusively for raiding/spamming other websites to have adverts on your site (which is also a raid/spam target) is counterproductive and brainless. I have no idea how any admin or mod would allow that.


File:zzz.png (580.38 KB,720x1018)

ZZZchan, one of the 8chan bunkers/offshoots with a focus on video games, just published the first issue of their "Sleepy Station" magazine about video games.
Announcement: https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/108987.html#114308
Download link: https://files.catbox.moe/bnsbxg.zip


nice content


that's pretty good


"8ch spinoff with a focus on video games" is a description that makes me want to run as far away as humanly possible.


Vidya really isnt my thing but its weirdly comforting people still make zines


k uz (name blocked due to drama), the controversial owner of Heyuri and Gurochan, just announced that he purchased Vidlii (vidlii.com) from its owner. Vidlii is apparently the 4th largest youtube rival


i'll believe it when i see it and even then i probably wouldn't care


>4th largest youtube rival
The homepage's "most popular" videos all have less than 100 views. Pretty sure every single porn site gets more views than that, so this one's probably #infinity-1 in terms of popularity.


The most popular has like 100k+

Also by youtube rival i mean a regular website just trying to go against youtube, pornhub isnt a youtube rival, its its own thing


wonder why pornhub never tried to compete with youtube


There was a brief period where people tried using it as a youtube replacement ironically, by uploading the E3 conferences one year, but it only lasted a few weeks of people trying to upload things, and it was mostly just people linking to individual videos because of the lack of any real SFW categories for videos. I think a few years later they pulled everything that wasn't actually porn down for some reason. Pretty sure that was before the purge of non-verified accounts because of payment processors and banks fearmongering about pornhub hosting cp because there was no age verification.


File:7ac599_3f007d6c935e44359d1….png (215.66 KB,594x540)

Fake and gay until you provide a source.
Also here's something that it's really happening on VidLii:
tl; dr: VidLii's code is teenage moot-tier garbage and is falling apart, plus Google banned them from AdSense because reasons, so what originally was a rework of the site will become a new platform (Vili) with probably new rules, the opportunity to have AdSense again and with the possibility to migrate accounts and content from VidLii (which will become read-only).

Because it would be extremely difficult to market a platform made by a porn company to the general public, and it wouldn't even be profitable (can't use non-porn ads or credit cards due to the puritan companies that offer these two services).


pornhub's parent company mindgeek has all the infastructure so they would just need to seperate the two operations and deal with marketing. Probably more complicated than this though


This is getting beyond on the bounds of imageboard meta a bit.

>Because it would be extremely difficult to market a platform made by a porn company
Not necessarily. It's not as if PornHub would just say, "hey! come to pornhub and upload your gaming videos" or something. They have the hosting infrastructure already, so they could just spin up a separate site and see if it works out. To me, it seems like a missed opportunity.


The problem most YouTube competitors run into is that their goal is to be a YouTube competitor. Most of YouTube's strength comes from its ubiquity. It's the place to watch and post videos, and you can't easily recreate that. No matter how good your YouTube competitor is from a technical standpoint, in the consumer's eyes it's just "YouTube with less content".

If you want to succeed, and this applies to everything, not just video hosting, you need to find a niche that hasn't already filled (or at least not well). TikTok is actually a pretty good example; it succeeded because it offered a service that YouTube didn't: YouTube is notoriously bad for shortform content, and TikTok is nothing but shortform content.


first read that as shitform.




>The deal was for 600$ in bitcoin in return for ownership of s*yjak.p*rty and a backup of the site on the day of the transfer, effectively giving that guy complete control over the site.
lol $600. >>84041 said it was for $1600.


Newfag here, why does everyone sage this thread?


Sage is not a downvote. It is used when the poster feels their post is not worthy of bumping the thread. It is also the case that many people sage by default.


sage is excessively used here because no one wants to be held accountable for what they post. But in this case likely because the majority of us don't want to feed a guy who samefags and a topic that could perhaps make a normal thread on documenting imagboard threads into a lolcow thread.


>It is also the case that many people sage by default.
This. I usually only bump if I think there's value in people non already involved in the conversation seeing what I posted. I'm saging this post because it's basically just an extension of >>84443. But I'd probably bump a post like yours because it's a new "branch" in the conversation.


File:final boss.jpg (45.15 KB,500x723)

A certain name is filtered due to a history of seemingly endless (self) promotion and unfortunately it is still needed. The happenings thread is not the place to build up a mythology around a guy as the final boss of imageboards; it's meant to be a place for interesting or entertaining events concerning imageboards or related things.
As for sage, personally I do it when I think my post can't stand on its own. It's my own preference and someone can have their own reasons for doing it or not doing it. It's really nothing serious and I hope people don't take offense to it as it's not intended. People might be accustomed to the "sage as a downvote" phenomenon, which does happen, but people can have other reasons for doing it.
Speaking of, it has almost been 9 years since 4chan lost visible sage.


I use sage when my post has nothing to do with the subject of the thread or when I do not want to bump a thread.


Looks like the post was real



Disregard my post, the Russian really bought VidLii. The announcement on VidLii changed today:
Thread on one of the Russian's sites:


why do you guys take yourself so seriously


Your proxies are mega suspicious.


disregard that, i suck cocks


mmmmm cock


File:1644452446345.webm (5.46 MB,1920x1080)

Not really sure if it counts as an imageboard happening but this guy has a pretty neat trick for getting vp8 to run with AV1/OPUS codec. And i didn't want to make a thread about another thread.


>inb4 this ends like the /cumg/ script


to people who are low technical skills what does this mean?


Applying the VP9 functionality to VP8 such as audio webm perhaps. I dunno codecs

Great garbage thread anyways


Somebody found a way to hide a video within another video, allowing to bypass the audio codec restrictions of 4chan. This trick only works with Firefox because Chrome and derivatives treat tracks differently and can only play the dummy video (while Firefox can play the hidden one).


File:dual webm.webm (529.03 KB,640x360)

It's not just the encoding abuse and I'm not too immersed into the technical space of webms outside making some basic ones with shitty compression on ffmpeg but i thought it's cool you can have the file play different videos based off what browser you're using. Even more so since the techinic seems to be corrupting the video/audio tracks somehow.


File:60c0fbc38d.png (519.18 KB,1690x917)

this is pretty neat as a concept


Downloading that for a rickroll felt like late 90s internet


Who are you quoting?

Wasn't rickroll from the mid/late-2000s though?


Nyafuu, a 4chan archive site is shutting down and there's a nice warning ahead of time instead of the usual "whoops I guess the site is dead":
The data is being migrated to another archive so nothing should be lost... probably. It's best to never assume everything will go perfectly and make backups if you have anything you want to save.


>The data is being migrated to another archive so nothing should be lost... probably.
The image data was already lost months ago and the admin said that they couldn't be recovered, that's why "yet another loss of data from negligence" is in the announcement because that's the previous one. Old images aren't on the new archive, and even newest images and searching don't work at this time.


I meant stuff that is there right now, but yes you're right about that.


File:kf mentioning bant.jpg (139.68 KB,992x1190)

Kiwifarms has been down since yesterday due to a huge DoS attack (around 100GB according to Josh himself). Some users tried to set up a bunker thread on /bant/, but mods began to delete them after their first thread, while some of /bant/'s resident spammers started to attack any non-deleted KF thread.


It was dumb they didnt just use /trash/ or /b/








File:poa.st.png (696.02 KB,600x2182)

lol, Josh is mad at the mods for deleting his bunker threads

What I fail to understand is why they want to be on /bant/ of all places when there are boards and imageboards better suited for their special flavor of cancer. Hell, Josh even created his own imageboard some years ago (9chan) and knows how it works, why not advertise it instead of struggling to remain in a place where they clearly aren't welcomed?


The answer is probably pretty stupid. It's undoubtedly something like thinking what they do is just "bants", so they want to host themselves on /bant/.


File:screenshot.png (134.73 KB,1320x278)

not anything major but this was pretty funny, on 4chan /g/.


/g/ seems like one of the only boards with a mod that doesn't have a stick up his ass at all times anymore.


this and the strawberry elephant are probably the funniest public bans I've seen in the last five years.


/g/ is dogshit, dude...


That's because fission (the dev) is the one who makes "bear computer" threads from time to time.


That doesn't have anything to do with what I said. Yeah /g/ is pretty bad, as most boards on 4chan are, but it seems like there's a least one mod who browses it that isn't afraid of a little silliness like this. Funny bans, adding Satania to the sticky, etc.


Now I understand why the board is always filled with shit from /v/ and /pol/.
Speaking of mods, I still miss modcat.


who's josh


Kiwifarms owner/admin.


Josh was actually paid a few 10k dollars to write an imageboard software to replace 8chan's and he spent all his time getting high in Brennan's living space


The software got written and is in use now at https://9chan.tw/ (the site founded but no longer run by Josh that >>84823 wonders why the KF people don't use instead of /bant/).

The biggest issue with that attempted software migration was trying to solve efficiency problems without sufficient testing to determine what was causing them. This resulted in unnecessary rushed attempts to move 8chan to not-yet-working software. After the fact it was discovered that 8chan's original software was choking on really inefficient statistics code that Josh wrote (not the only issue but what caused the decline prompting the emergency migration attempts), and Infinity Next didn't work well enough because of really inefficient captcha code Fredrick wrote. They could have figured these things out eventually and pulled off the migration, but things went sour after Jim Watkins demanded the code be relicensed to something other than AGPL, which would have allowed him to add data collection features to the software without publishing the code for them.


are any of these people good programmers or do they just sort of fall into hacking on imageboard software from being in admin role?


File:1438776316270.png (361.45 KB,473x675)

What the hell, when and how did Josh become kiwifarm's owner? I knew about him from his 8chan days, but I don't think he was the owner back then.


For a long time, even before it was called kiwifarms(it was the "cwcki forums"). Since 2013. Pretty sure he actually met Frederick because his site was bullying people on wizardchan right after it started.


My mind is completely blown away. I guess not many people must've known about it however, since I never heard him being referred as the owner of that website back then. He's ironically a huge 'lolcow' himself.


>He's ironically a huge 'lolcow' himself.
Like most people into "lolcow culture".


Rushia was cut for breaking corporate ToS -> 4/vt/ sticky
Russia decided it wants a war -> 4/pol/ sticky
Elden Ring releases soon -> 4/v/ sticky maybe?


File:firefox_4ILWcbb7p1.png (9.54 KB,616x107)

big day


Moving to >>>/win/1308
This is a news topic, not an imageboard topic.


Elden Ring may not have a sticky, but you can damn well expect it to be all over the catalog of /v/.


Don't forget:
A cat sensed the Russia-Ukraine war -> 4/bant/ sticky updated
Wars are about politics -> 4/int/ sticky (that wasn't closed until hundreds of replies were made, lol) telling people to use /pol/
War is a big event -> activity of 4/k/, /int/, /gif/ and /wsg/ is higher than usual (although no sticky)
War started in Chris-chan's birthday -> lol, also everyone forgot Estonia's birthday
Steam Deck launches in two days -> possible lols as well


Why do people get so excited over stickies? Its so retarded



symbol of power on an imageboard


File:nyafuu splash page.png (330.09 KB,723x555)

gonna miss 'em


File:65372421_p21.jpg (489.84 KB,800x1130)

ate the archive


/v/ has some interesting CSS and music on it right now.
Not sure what the occassion is.


Harmony Day.


File:1646176883025.webm (Spoiler Image,2.96 MB,1280x720)

Users of 4chan's /int/ (or who were on 4/qa/ back then) may remember a joke of theirs about "monkey Putin" that grew rapidly because of the Streisand Effect of a janitor culling pictures of it.
Well, here we are years later and I'll let the video do the talking:
The thumbnail spoils it so I'm giving it a spoiler, but it's not graphic or anything.

I know this thread isn't about politics or world events, but this seems like a silly thing to mention.


memes control the perception of reality


File:tucker ghost of kyiv.mp4 (1.66 MB,640x352)

The Ukrainian-Russian war has provided plenty of lols. /pol/ managed to trick dumb folks into believing that Sam Hyde was "The Ghost of Kiev", a mysterious (and probably fake) Ukrainian pilot who has destroyed dozens of Russian aircrafts. Even Tucker Carlson, famous Fox News reporter, fell for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx-SqVzg_2Q&t=9m50s (video attached includes the part in question).


File:pol tricks reuters.jpg (1.66 MB,2269x4201)

Another example from /pol/: some guy from /chug/ (a general about the Ukrainian war) convinced a reporter from Reuters that he was a conscript fighting for Ukraine, and the reporter included his false story in the full article:


He didn't fall for it though, he explicitly is making fun of the congressman who did fall for it, which you posted. Are you retarded?


>Are you retarded?


I don't like how political this thread is getting...

Images like that one make me want to rip my eyes out.


Memes DNA of the soul etc etc...


gross images




Nothing much happening on imageboards...


File:wow samurai.jpg (394.15 KB,1280x720)

4/jp/ is still shit and clogged up with generals! And /a/ is /v/ but with anime and Korean comics!


Some /g/uy hacked the Twitter account of the maintainer of a popular JavaScript module who some days ago uploaded a malicious version of his software that automatically destroyed the files of computers running it that were located in Russia and Belarus' territories as a way to "protest" over the war:

Info about the incident regarding the compromised JS module: https://www.darkreading.com/application-security/recent-code-sabotage-incident-latest-to-highlight-code-dependency-risks


i dunno if it was actually imageboard related, but it was an interesting event that ocured. Someone claimed that they were going to take the code owner to court after one of their servers documenting war-crimes located in belarus was completely wiped(but this could just be fake alegations).


File:waterfox_yiiVN6IAEO.png (45.93 KB,756x386)

I'd be curious to see how many other imageboards have seen post rates fall due to Elden Ring and a certain real world event going on. The only activity trackers are for 4chan, right? I think the webring has something, but it's just current post rate averaged and not a timeline like this.
(4stats.io in case people forgot)


I just post on Kohl for war stuff since kissu has an allergy to glancing at anything that might cause them minor amounts of stress.

That site apparently having issues with janitors being overbearing or inadequate. Kind of reminds me of 4/qa/'s problems with mods at times.


/v/ and /vg/ certainly took a much bigger hit than /a/ which seems to indicate that Elden Ring really has had a large impact on board speed.


No news is good news.


File:firefox_3pxzoAVRHr.png (357.27 KB,1252x843)

So Hololive is holding a concert and the post rate is extremely high. I'm not sure if this actually breaks any records though.


More than just a concert. It's a 2 day expo.


File:toh4.png (93.25 KB,230x230)

/jp/ got a pinned thread as well. The mods really don't like that board, do they?


File:bf91430fe7ef493a12d502b46f….jpg (92.73 KB,790x719)

>check second link
>first thing I see is soyjak


Who are you quoting?


Update: The admin of nanochan has disappeared again, and the problem tvol or someone who acts like him is back under a different account. The tech problems haven't recurred as far as I know, but I wouldn't want to use the site.


Who are you quoting?


mentally ill


You're quoting mentally ill?



>mentally ill



New thread moved to /qa/. The board remains locked under "Site maintenance" however.


File:chicken chan.jpg (69.65 KB,585x918)


Go back to your hellhole


I bet your left testicle that a mod moved the thread just to get rid of the Christmas theme that was stuck in 4/qa/ for months.



Huh, people seem really mad in that thread for some reason. And someone posted the ol' 'kuso thread' image for some reason. Kind of makes me nostalgic.

/vp/ seems like one of the better boards on 4chan, just by virtue of being topical and having very dedicated nerds on it. I don't use it, though, so maybe I'm wrong.


no need to lash out.


it's not a good board, it's just not an absolute shit board like some are.
I still do enjoy a select few threads there once and a while.


Is there a way/api to fetch a single 4chan post data or identify what thread it came from?


Whatever could you mean by this? Yes, an API exists. Identify what thread it came from? I don't understand what you mean.



If you're trying to find the thread a post is in by its post number you can use


The 4chan api doesn't has no way to get post data by post id same with find.4chan.org.
desuarchive might have a way but I don't know how to search by post id (if it's not been replied to).
this is close enough thanks


>I don't know how to search by post id
Go to a board and open the search. Right there is "Go to post number".


File:firefox_5SJzapVHeL.png (920.5 KB,1549x1948)

The Oscars are going on and absolutely nobody cared it was ~50 PPM, and then Will Smith slapped whoever the host was and it blew up.


File:4stats.jpg (191.61 KB,2048x1084)

Have a graph to illustrate your post.


File:Oscars 2021.jpg (316.02 KB,1200x1200)

Also that slap was 100% staged to produce artificial drama and increase the Oscars' low ratings.


he slapped him because he called his wife's medical condition a joke.


I highly doubt the slap was staged as if it were they would have had something better prepared for it, or would have done it earlier into the show. I think it's just Hollywood actors getting so high on their egos that they think they're free of repercussions. And Will Smith is a Scientologist too so he's crazy enough to do that for real.


I don't care about the Oscars, I have not seen a western movie since the Hobbit. But I looked this up and I was severely disappointed. That was a very weak slap, if I slapped somebody it would be much harder than that and it would echo across the whole room it would be so loud. That slap sounded muffled and the other person looked fine afterwards.


^ t. pro slapper


It was fake. It was about on par with the other hack shit they did that night in terms of acting.
It is interesting that we have gotten to the point where an attempt at a joke is met with physical violence, and then applause for it.
I think this is the first step of dismantling comedy, honestly. I can see it now: "Comedians hurt people! There should be boundaries!", even the meme "And that's a good thing." headlines have appeared. Hollywood and coastal America in general are a bunch of thin-skinned putzes.


How the FUCK is talking about the Oscars an imageboard happening?!


Anon got worked!


damn shameful is what it is
almost too lowly even for late stage terminal cancer 4/qa/


as usual, I blame irc


well for a while most threads on /tv/ were about this



Looking back to it that move was probably a mistake on the part of the mod as the thread seems to have been deleted now. He was likely not informed that the board was locked.


The mod moved the thread to refresh 4/qa/'s CSS and get rid of the cached Christmas theme.


Pics or it didn't happen.


wow what a bastard


File:1648787392516.png (107.08 KB,625x662)

4chan's April Fools this year is... some emote gacha thing?


File:Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 0….png (74.03 KB,826x302)

Also it's limited to only one emote per post so people can't even have fun spamming them or properly making joke posts like


File:1648793316867.png (232.83 KB,476x477)

Full list of emotes is this


epic as always


did anyone do a cool april fools this year?


File:uowtumbleweedgw7mj3.gif (12.77 KB,63x34)

I 'bought' 10 and they were all frogs and the yellow phone faces. Well, that was fun.
forum stuff might have been a better idea, but I guess it'd be lost on the vast majority of people.
There's some imageboards that have this as an innate feature, but I wonder if people get bored of them since, well, they're imageboards and the internet has a little bit more bandwidth these days.


Gelbooru's spooked me for a sec


File:1534085386384.gif (163.69 KB,320x240)

As usual, their idea of fun is making 4chan even shittier than what it already is.


Apparently the Kuroba dev (4chan phone app) also did an April Fools joke that adds a "posted from my [phone model]" to every post made from the app. I was wondering why I saw so many of those. Thought it was just some new shitposting at first.


You just know that these awful things are team4chan's discord channel emotes. bleh.


wow this looks kinda like the catalog view of a really shitty board

like /biz/


Looking now it seems like more than just one is allowed now.


A torrent of emojis, frogs and Discord/Twitch emotes. Is it supposed to be some sort of critical "commentary" or is this genuinely what they thought was worth it?


Pretty sure the frogs too are all twitch emotes.


Looks like there's a new 4chan archive, Rozen Arcana:
I don't remember exactly what boards nyafuu archived, but I think this is a copy of it. It seemed to have at least partially imported ghost posts. The archived boards are relatively small except for /vt/ which is sometimes the most active 4chan board so I hope the admin is up to it.


File:Powiticawwy Incowwect.png (564.69 KB,497x1720)

Mods pulled a last prank and cursed /pol/ with "OwOspeak".


Wow, it's only /pol/. That's pretty funny


File:3e0855be3628604d57808ec8b8….jpg (296.17 KB,600x600)

It would be funny if they made it permanent.


And it's only the emoji users? Even better.


it was actually just random, /pol/ schizos were making up reasons for who it hit https://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/46634446#p46641054


There's a real STICKY thread on /trash/. NSFW warning.



good sticky.


File:[UNSET].jpg (51.71 KB,738x800)

Some guy on /g/ finds a vulnerability in 9Front (a fork of Plan 9)'s website, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology recorded the vulnerability while citing the archived /g/ thread as reference:


nice, love it when anime girls get slipped in official documents


File:image.translated.jpg (293.7 KB,720x668)

Biggest imageboard in Russia, 2ch(Dvach) admin got hard doxxed and stuff. All this around Ukraine things.
Now they have a large essay up saying not to wrongthink on their platform and are banning things according to publishing laws.

Quoting a post from: https://kohlchan.net/int/res/15701567.html#15705614
translated picture related


>K correction is:they don't necessarily ban you for it, but there were cases where people got IRL banned [spoiler]to prison[spoiler] for violating Russia censorship laws and I believe that's what they're referring to.
>Artem Vladimirovich, you published a post Vkontacte containing extremist contents


File:squint.png (184.81 KB,460x282)


Please take your dumb 4chan image back wherever you came from.


File:ants.gif (44.97 KB,50x28)

Is this better?


Does anything interesting happen on image boards anymore? I do miss the old /qa/ before soy anything was posted. Like the 4chan secrets thread and stuff.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my blog post. Hopefully I can make some friends here.


I think they do, occasionally, but you need people to see them and report on them. 4/qa/ had the greatest variety of users from 2015-2018 or so and that's what provided the greatest amount of varied content. Similarly, there could be something amazing happening on Bob's Fishing Imageboard right now, but if we don't have anyone here using it then it might as well not exist to the thread.
Maybe we've set the bar too high and we should just post cool things instead of necessarily major things. This is something I've been thinking about lately, but I haven't really had a chance to mention it. The other of course is that many imageboards are rather insular and might be strongly against being highlighted in such a way, so you kind of need to respect that.
And hello!


I guess I wish there was some way to get that kind of variety back. However after reading through this thread it has 99% of that same energy, just slower. Definitely a fan.

4ch had me hooked on it for the surprising quality of posts around 2015, and that’s what made me stay there, but it’s certainly been a slow burn straight into a shell of its former self.

Are there any imageboards that you recommend?

side note, I’ve been working on merging all 4chan archive data I can find into 1 searchable database. Almost done with that, but is that even something interesting anymore?


It indeed imported all it's data from nyafuu in february when the owner shut it down.


>I’ve been working on merging all 4chan archive data I can find into 1 searchable database. Almost done with that, but is that even something interesting anymore?
I think so. It depends on the size and I guess what it might offer that current archives don't. The sage.moe site should have been hugely popular since it offered a searchable and readable version of that archive.org guy's dump, but it really seems like people haven't used it to its potential, or at least people don't talk about it. I guess it could be the lack of images, but people were so excited about it that it's strange that interest in it only seemed to last about a week.


I think the big offering that I'll be able to bring to the table is actually being able to search everything. A lot of archives struggle offering search and I /think/ I found a way to do it well.


It's probably of great interest to a lot of people if you spread the word about it or have others help.


It would be very interesting if you can make this database available when it is finished.


why'd they get rid of image statistics


do you guys ever get threatening emails about reporting your image board for hosting cheese pizza?
do you just ignore them


no, some have over various grey-area content which are paired with temporary or permanent suspensions on services.


Once in a while the happenings thread on 4chan actually has something notable and this is a good example. The 4chan shimmie (booru for board-tans) seems like it might never come back, but someone has archived most of the content if someone ever makes another one:

Threatening how? Do you mean from the host or from random individuals? You can try to demonstrate actions you've taken to fight it, I guess. Cloudflare has this, although from what I've seen it doesn't really do anything against the stuff that imageboards usually get: https://blog.cloudflare.com/the-csam-scanning-tool/
Generally speaking if you take care of deleting it in a reasonable timeframe you should be fine, but hosts have their own predilections with this..


I'm not sure how many people will recognize the site http://desktopthread.com , but it has suffered a "There has been a significant hardware failure. 2 hard drives were lost: The primary hard drive and the main backup drive."

If you're not familiar with the site deeply, I'm sure you've at least used it once or twice to check a tripcode before.


A chat bot that has been trained on several years of /pol/ posts has been shared on 4chan.


It's quite accurate. I'm not sure if it says more about the model itself or the current level of discussion on 4chan.


That's some hilarious stuff. Also wonder if people were right that it was trained on old data given all the mlpol-like comments


that guy is retiring from heyuri after two years. Kayuga, a turkish mod who's been working with him for a while is taking over, same as what happened with gurochan


wow that thread sure brought out all the gremlins of yesteryear


is there a summary of his deal?




What do you mean? A summery of Kaguya'a deal? He's a fairly high ranking Kolyma employee who joined in 2020 and has been doing most of the moderation and public relations on Heyuri for a while now while that guy has been more absent (ironically similar to how that guy was more active and recognised then lolico back when he was in charge). He also recently launched this site - https://nihongoch.net/


>He's a fairly high ranking Kolyma employee who joined in 2020
not to be rude but using this terminology for fucking imageboard moderation is so gay


Kolyma is a whole company, according to their site Kaguya is a member of the "central comitee" or some shit. I assumed that means his job goes beyond moderating imageboards so i called him that.



8chan.moe finally banned the posting of images of minors in sexual contexts (think of the "subtle" pedo OP in 4chan's /tv/ if you have seen them before, with images and videos of little girls in bathing suits and commentaries about how "cute" they look). Most of the users who frequented these pedo threads immediately attempted to seek asylum in Kohlchan /int/'s own pedo threads, but were banned for being too obnoxious even for Kohlchan's standards.
Change in 8chan's global rules:
Posts mocking the pedos for their failed migration to Kohlchan (posting them and not the Kohlchan threads because these have borderline pics):


thought this was the only reason to be using 8moe


File:b4k.png (345.92 KB,919x1766)

the /cumg/ extension anons from /g/ are having a minor fight with the b4k archive admin
cap from b4k /meta/ thread that got deleted
they continued to argue here https://2chen.moe/tech/1353679#p1366318


I love observing pointless internet fights like this.


Truly the quality petty squabble you'd only see from tech autists


I'm honestly surprised anyone was still hosting them. Was this in response to a legal threat?

Another day, another reason to hate the inhabitants of /g/.
Why does this thing scrape archives? Isn't it for active 4chan threads?


>Was this in response to a legal threat?
I don't know if a third party is involved, only that the hosting company contacted the admins because the pedo general and other similar threads were becoming a problem for them:


>the pedo general and other similar threads
what the fuck


now they're fighting again in the thread because the b4k admin added a script to try and ddos the cumg git


cyberpunk dystopia.


Nah, geeks have fought like this since the dawn of the internet, this is nothing new or dystopian


Sigh... I was being sarcastic...


DO NOT sigh


Isn't raping the archives bandwidth a bad idea?


what are you referencing?


rape is a really good idea


File:1652060191891.png (2.17 MB,1920x1080)

Some guy(s) leaked Duke Nukem Forever stuff on 4chan /v/. It's been a while since I followed that stuff, but it's a very infamous case of vaporware from 20 years ago. Supposedly they'll release it in June, but obviously empty promises and lies are the default for threads like this so it wouldn't hurt to remain skeptical.
https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/598358716 (https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/598358716)

I tried to save the page on wayback machine but it threw me an error. If anyone else wants to capture it you can try.


didn't this get released already like several years ago


File:1652187600825.png (153.88 KB,640x480)

they already leaked it. https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/598471840
also there was a pic of Rei in the files
that guy leaked an old build from 2001. the 2011 version that was released is a completely different game.



Duke Nukem Taking Forever


never heard about this site before


Links to Phichan and Nanochan's clone?


File:75570459_p0.png (582.25 KB,1500x1500)

Thanks. Have a small Link.



>who came out about their sexual attraction to the users
Thats a first.


File:firefox_Q7eFx314Py.png (200.57 KB,1241x613)

Crypto is crashing and burning, and /biz/ is on fire as it usually is during these times.



big crash


now's the time to buy


Hiro should remove /pol/ for causing yet another mass shooting


From what I've read he's 18, has the requisite manifesto which praised 4chan as his source of education and livestreamed the shooting (I heard twitch)
It goes without saying, but don't post any of it here.


The manifesto also namedrops 8chan.moe, stating that he (more like one of the members of the Discord server he was part of) would leave a post there and another in 4chan, probably with the purpose to frame both sites.


should but won't


a newfag, redditor, and /pol/tard writes over 100 pages of garbage to terrorize people just going to the supermarket.


I don't think hiro is even aware of it...


File:1597681953211.webm (557.08 KB,590x720)

I wonder if the other staff members are hiding things from him. It's obvious that he doesn't browse 4chan on a day to day basis, so it wouldn't be too surprising if the de facto admin or whoever only gives him sugar-coated info regarding the site.


Highly doubt they would have to try hard to hide anything from him, or if they would need to bother being subtle to begin with.
Dude just likes talking on streams and sipping French booze.


another 4chan archive bites the dust


It was reported to Cloudflare for malware links.


aaaaa why sometimes i check /biz/ on that one
now i have to go back to using poopy old warosu


Journalists continue to use the recent shooting turn 4chan into the new 8chan aka their personal boogeyman and the "embodiment" of radical hate speech.

>FROM 4-CHAN TO THE CAPITOL: A text-as-data analysis of QAnon


Also the governor of New York signed an executive order that will create a new unit dedicated to fighting "domestic terrorism", which along with other things will monitor social media in search for online extremism.


>Also the governor of New York signed an executive order that will create a new unit dedicated to fighting "domestic terrorism", which along with other things will monitor social media in search for online extremism.
How is this any different than what the NSA already does?



Its hilarious how you can get journalists to believe anything if you write a manifesto and do a major crime


it's far less than that
i remember someone on /pol/ convinced a journalist that he's going to ukraine to fight russians and all it took is a made-up story and a few twitter dms (it was published too)


I don't like when people refer to journalists as if they're this collective hivemind. Journalism is a profession, and there's different levels of professionalism within that profession.


File:greenweedle.jpg (17.92 KB,300x332)

there's a weedle sticked on /v/ because reasons

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