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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: February 7th, 2023


File:savior of the white race.jpg (34.07 KB,391x501)


should have had another proxy layer


Wonder what else there is to the story, if it’s real. Assuming the guy doesn’t get scared into a plea deal I don’t think the charge will stick. Threats in the US have to be very specific and are time sensitive from what I understand. Like if you just say “I’m going to kill”, it’s not a threat but if you do so with a gun aimed at me then it is a threat. Unless that anon had some plans to do or was in communication with the Sheriff, sending specific threats to him a lawyer should be able to get anon off. Of course this could also just be an attempt to scare 4chan.


a judge has to issue an arrest warant...


...and in any case, legal harrassment is annoying enough that it sends a message that you're not safe, even on 4chan


An arrest warrant in the US has nothing to do with whether you actually committed a crime. It’s basically a cop saying they think you committed the crime and that they think there is probably enough evidence to convict you.


4chan doesn't save IP addresses of threads once they're archived. So to catch this dude on the shithole of peace 4/pol/, where threads have a half life measured in minutes because its all a torrent of effluent noise, they would have had to have been right on top of him so they could do their law enforcement hold/forward on his post when it was still live.
So probably a sting thread trying to get a known POI. That or he pissed off 4mods too many times ban evading after making threats, so they were keeping an eye out for him already to forward info to the police.

PS my info is a little old. But it was the case only managers/sysadmin types can make these requests (not even the full mods much less the jannies). Admin actions like this are the only real info 4chan keeps forever. Or kept. Like I said my info is c. 2015.

PSS I have really strong opinions about /pol/ and this is the most purely meta I could keep my post


how could such a wizardly looking guy be such a teen retard


>While on the "4CHAN" chatroom


>4chan doesn't save IP addresses of threads once they're archived
You don't actually believe this?


Yeah it's the way it was. Threads when naturally 404'd dropped everything from the db. When moot wanted a first party archive to compete with the third party archives he wasn't a fan of he specifically wanted archived threads to drop all user identifiable information so that aspect would be the same as the days when threads just 404'd.
Why would they do that? Because it's much less work for the admins when they get like a takedown request and they can honestly tell the serving party "sorry it's already gone and we don't have records for that user". moot himself also never got enough credit for valuing his users privacy, within the confines of US law.

If you've ever been on 4chan in the past and they delete/ban a handful of posters in a thread before deleting the whole thread this is why. They can't actually IP ban you out of the archive, because that info is gone.

There are provisions to save info in bans, and cp stuff is forwarded to the NCMEC like every other US website, or my above mentioned permanent log of sysadmin actions, but by default 4chan doesn't save all this stuff. Unless all the funny old mspaint conspiracy theories have all become true over the past 8ish years.


File:C-1679628851064.png (62.25 KB,896x434)

Vichan has no maintainer and has reached the end of its lifespan. No more updates for security or anything. Also something happened to the stuff in the GitHub but I dunno what any of this programming stuff means...
Can some expert hackerman tell me what any of this implies?



Imageboards are reaching very close to the the apex of what they can really be I think; it's already based off 20 year old tech, and most of the shine and polish seems to have went to the javascript interactions with it.


It means any found security issues will not be fixed in the vichan repository, but it may be fixed in public or private forks by current admins running vichan if discovered.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything, old software like Wakaba is still alive even though it's unmaintained and the language it's written in is dead (Perl). Those boards aren't being hacked so it's not necessarily an immediate threat to any boards. Maybe in 10 years it will be deemed too insecure with bots scraping for vulnerabilities on active servers to get a backdoor for nefarious activities, but frankly there's not enough instances for it to be worth it. At worst someone will be angry and pwn vichan sites to troll and sites will migrate to other scripts. Hopefully they pick something that works well without javascript.

A sad day either way. Tinyboard/vichan is my favorite imageboard script.


I thought Vichan's main repo was abandoned years ago and that only a couple of forks were getting updates.


basedgentoo commented Mar 24, 2023

So as of today I will be taking over as maintainer for this project.

I just want to state that Kolyma, according to Fred, is completely lying about any vulnerability in vichan. If you have a reproducible critical bug, please demonstrate it to me in private and we can discuss how to handle it. So far it seems like the people from soyjak.party were just lying to try to make it seem like their closed source software was superior. But at least according to Fred, there was zero communication about this stuff with him. I don't know the concrete truth in this, however. For what it's worth, Fred didn't even know Kolyma existed until today.

I will be updating the README to reflect this change. And if the people at soyjak.party would like to demonstrate their vichan exploits (which I personally doubt exist), please feel free to explain them.

Thank you.


If true, I would be lying if I said I didn't have severe misgivings about handing it over to a guy named 'basedgentoo' that joined github specifically for this event. (the account is two hours old). Judging by the conversation, though, he was at the right place at the right time and had a private discord conversation before others, like experienced admins or with people with ties to the software, could talk things through on github or an imageboard instead.
Vichan handed off through a discord fits the very tumultuous times we find imageboards in today and I almost want to laugh.


But he did a PGP key exchange so he's verified!

Yeah. I thought the same.


File:2023-03-24-74099.png (15.05 KB,837x289)

The russian guy is now one of vichans maintainers and will be doing "the bulk of future code".


what could possibly go wrong


These very questionable decisions make it seem like he wanted to go out with a bang and extend a middle finger one last time. Well, the good news is that there's other board software out there if things go in the expected direction.
It reminds me that I haven't seen anyone catalog all the open source board software out there lately, but I haven't been looking.


Well I guess this was the moment vichan truly died. Now there won't be a good and maintained fork to come.


I for one am going to hold out and hope he does something good with it.


a typical reaction to conmen so I couldn't blame


what's actually more crazy here is how isolated from the imageboard community Brenan has become over the decades. If I were to die there are I assume 5 or 6 people who could hold Kissu together and eventually work it into progressing again in a few years.
Somehow ctrlc has to interview people who created accounts 10 minutes ago in order to find someone who cares (and his method of stirring up drama to get takers has put it into the influence as someone he sees as like Watkins).

Just let the project die and turn off the lifesupport. If no one is genuinely interested then archive the repo and move on.


Whats wrong with Lynx??


File:imagecapture.png (55.87 KB,575x501)

Fred wants the russian to buy 2ch and hire him to work on it.



...Huh. That would be... odd.


13 likes lol


He's trolling, right? He's not *actually* this naive, right?


he will probably sue him for real

ugly and probably not good performance


that guy loves to generate fake hype about buying random imageboards and then never follows his claims. he said he was going to buy 4chan last year and told people to wait for the big announcement, which naturally never happened. stopped believing anything he says a long time ago.


Scratch that. Just saw he posted this: https://nitter.1d4.us/fr_brennan/status/1639355361416077319#m

Unless this is some old pasta I'm not aware of, he sounds ready to watch vichan burn. As an aspiring webdev, I'll bookmark this epic rant as a warning.


>he said he was going to buy 4chan last year and told people to wait for the big announcement, which naturally never happened.
Uh, no. He said that this year, in january. He didn't say he was going to buy 4chan, he said he wanted to, and then he said he would tell more about his plans in a livestream. Which he did. He said he'd consider it after he talks with his partner and make a decision in july.


Welp, let's see what happens from now.



Thats video is a post about Gurochan written by Enclaved, that other russian admin guy who OD'd on meth.



he sounded smart though


I didn't know 4chan was for sale?


File:1625362390091.png (213.47 KB,488x454)

do you really think he has the money or infrastructure to buy and maintain the two biggest imageboards on the world, that to my knowledge aren't even on sale anyways? he just larps as a huge company but actually loves people talking about him on random chans. nothing he has ever said can actually be proven.


File:438fb5dd53.png (39.54 KB,3326x195)

Kissu wins again


Yeah, I realized that halfway into the video. Didn't know the old admin died, though.


Vermin really is ahead of the curve


boatslut hands typed these posts


2channel isn't an imageboard.


don't be pedantic or you're getting the delete


your getting aids up your bum


It's ugly as fuck and it's moderation tools are average at best and "please kill me" at worst because the dev hates "rulecutieery", but I have to give credit to Stephen the favelinho for providing support to his creation for years and making installing and maintaining instances relatively easy and low on resources. Personally I prefer JSchan, but Lynxchan isn't a bad alternative when you need to deploy something quick.




What was the name of the imageboard that splits text posts, images and video links in 3 different pages? It had a comfy aesthetic.



>Documents obtained by WIRED confirm that Good Smile, which licenses toy production for Disney, was an investor in the controversial image board.
https://archive.ph/6QPR7 (an archive I already saw linked elsewhere, but it seems to be in awful mobile format)

There's a Wired article about the Good Smile company owning part of 4chan. I don't really trust these people to get anything accurate about imageboards and the article hasn't provided any proof, so I'd take it with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, Wired claims it has proof that the Good Smile company owns or once owned 30% of 4chan the company. It also puts the price that moot sold 4chan for at over $5 million.
A large chunk of the article is devoted to the "we must stop 4chan to save the world" stuff, but there's still some information in it that might be interesting if it's true. It's hard to see an article like this as trustworthy when it parades its biases so loudly.


>It also puts the price that moot sold 4chan for at over $5 million
I have it on good authority he sold it for a dollar.


Silly article, but Hasan, among other commentators, had this pretty smart opinion that a lot of liberal rags like to trick the cons into being outraged from at their articles to drive impressions.

The purpose isn't accuracy, it's to get you to click on it. And grats, you got me to, but at least I won't share it anywhere else so it can die on this thread.


At first I wanted to say that this looks to be one of those cases where the media brings up old news for no reason other than driving clicks, on top of circular quotations with no substance. BuuUuUUuuUUUUt there does look to be something going on.

Starting in 2017-2019, it seems like Good Smile got in contact with and later bought a company in Californa for making merchandise, but in 2020 this company independently started to do business with Netflix which led GS to fire two of their vice-presidents and then suing them because:
>stealing away a merchandising opportunity related to “Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience,”
>While employed at GSC, these executives had signed noncompetes, non-disclosure agreements, and an agreement to refer business opportunities to the figurine company.
The two fired guys countered this in September 2021 with a cross-complaint claiming that:
>GSC actively profited from sexualizing underage characters, discriminated against non-Japanese employees, evaded taxes, and funded 4Chan.
GS told Polygon that:
>The Defendants’ cross complaint, in contrast, is based on demonstrably, knowingly, and provably false and defamatory allegations.

Sources for this part:
And here's the two legal documents:
https://www.scribd.com/document/525487943/Good-Smile (Fucking 185 pages.)

Later in May 2022, Wired put out the article "Who Owns 4chan?":
It's an anti-imageboard rant, but the important parts are that first it links to Hiro's following statement:
>>* How did you raise the amount of money to compensate Moot?
>I borrowed money.
The article goes on to state:
>By 2016, Nishimura announced that the costs of running 4chan were simply too high and suggested the site’s closure was imminent. In 2018, Nishimura attempted to cleave the site in two—leaving 4chan intact, with its obscene and pornographic boards, but creating a safe-for-work alternative, attractive to advertisers, on 4channel.
This is true. If you ctrl+f "4chan LLC" you'll also see the important part about 4chan's legal structure, which is true as well. From there onwards it goes back to the previous lawsuit which caused a number of internal documents to be released or whatever I'm getting tired of reading this:
>Sources with knowledge of Good Smile say the company owns at least a part of 4chan, and that Good Smile is more involved than it lets on publicly. WIRED is not naming those sources, who fear retaliation for speaking publicly about Good Smile.
>Internal Good Smile documents obtained by WIRED reference a “confidentiality agreement” dated April 2015—just months after Poole announced he would be leaving 4chan, but some five months before Nishimura was announced as the buyer. One document names Dwango, Future Search Brazil, and Hiroyuki Nishimura as parties in the “consideration of M & A [mergers and acquisitions] regarding 4CHAN, LLC.” The executive responsible for the five-year deal was listed as “安藝”—Good Smile CEO Takanori Aki.
The interesting thing is that the conflict was decided outside of court, the procedure didn't get to the point of proper examination:
>A lawyer for the former employees declined to comment, except to say that the legal proceedings were “mutually and confidentially resolved.”

Then there's this other article from the New York Times about Hiro's record:
In particular, his efforts to avoid paying for shit while profiting and other legal hijinks, and Watkins' takeover of the site in 2013. Ctrl+f "handsomely" to skip to the important part. Also:
>(Mr. Nishimura, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times and people familiar with the situation, bought 4chan with funding from three Japanese partners for an undisclosed sum.)
Suspicious, buuuuut there's more to it.

This brings us back to the story you quoted. The article is written by Justin Ling, who for whatever reason uploaded the evidence separately in his own site:
There he links to the .pdf in question, according to which Good Smile, Brazil, and Hiroyuki would've pooled a total of eight million dollars as capital:
See the second page, middle section "Capital Contributions; Percentage Interests".
Here's the kicker: it's signed by Hiro, Brazil's Fukami Keiichiro, and Takanori Aki which Wired previously mentioned. It does actually show them getting a shitload of money for it, of which Hiro only contributed 10%. I don't know how legit the file is but aaaaaaaa this is exhausting and requires delving into too much shit so im gonna stop because i dont really care but somethings up for sure

theres these two other articles in jap that may be useful but reading them would take too much effort
https://www.excite.co.jp/news/article/Otakuma_1685326/ {mentions eiichiro in the title}
one of these had a part about hiro no longer being able to dodge laws

Wired did a beyond abysmal job at conveying this info, but it doesn't seem to be entirely bullshit.



That's not a new opinion and not restricted to the political spectrum or even journalism.
Social media algorithms are built off of outrage and this has been proven, it's just how things work in this low attention span world


It's how marketing works in general. Before the internet, the word "tabloid" was basically synonymous with "nonsense ragebait".


File:firefox_RcSKTJzHl5.png (10.88 KB,631x134)

Seems as though 4chan's April Fools this year is tagging some posts with "Powered by GPT-4chan", not sure if there's any actual bot posts though.


File:1680306380621.png (780.87 KB,1806x760)


someone's getting a lot of mileage out of This post violates United States law


>Watch that tone goy, you're being monitored!
How ironic


This might be the lamest april fools prank in 4chans history


Plus this one is not even original anyway. Specific posters being marked as something has already been done before in the past


File:yuno mic.jpg (63.52 KB,400x500)

The world must've truly gotten wider as of late, because 4/a/'s going to be singing Hatena de Wasshoi:
Deadline is April 12, in case you want to participate.


File:yunofinland.png (278.31 KB,981x710)

I am surprised people still post moe anime on 4/a/, I heard people say that it got completely taken over by shounen threads and off-site drama recently.

>Deadline is April 12, in case you want to participate.
I get the feeling that offboarder participants aren't welcome.


nice ribbon mic


4/a/ has generals for every airing anime and popular manga, regardless of genre. What those people meant was that if you go out of the general for whatever moe show you're watching, you will see a bunch of shounen generals and get mad about it.

A bunch of /a/ traditions are carried on by people who have mostly left for other sites and the current state of the place is so fragmented that there isn't really a standard "/a/ user" anymore. You can blend in fine if you want.


Ah, I meant older moe anime. The Gochiusa/Kirara threads used to be a staple on /a/ but they have recently moved to /jp/.


Hmm, so kissu streams Hidamari Sketch and then AnimeBytes makes it the AotF and then 4/a/ does an /a/ sings of it. What do we do with this power?


It's just a matter of time before team4chan decide /a/ sing's isn't anime discussion and its banned along with every other banned tradition.
I expect 4/a/'s last traditional thread will be the buyfag thread owing only to 4chan's financial ties.


File:fedoraspam.png (195.91 KB,1721x689)

some guy is being a peepee ass on /g/


/g/ has been getting spammed pretty regularly for a while now. Almost always some macOS vs Windows vs Linux spam.


I feel like the console war weirdoes are OS war people now


he merely wants to tell of His Journey


Why do people do this?


Well he got enough attention to be screencapped and shared on a whole other board, so clearly it is effective.


I believe it's just a tactic to get all the threads including the original deleted. The person doing this seems to only do it on low effort OS threads.


File:6bbb0527ce0dd3950c9f84e83f….jpg (877.7 KB,2288x3372)

the Showderp general on /vp/ has been running for 10 years now; it's birthday being today.
Due to mods clamping down and just age running its course, even on it's birthday there are less than 10 spectators even however.
It was something joyous to behold for some of us.


What is it exactly? Is it about playing Pokemon battles in the browser?


On the bright side Smogon became a lot more open and accomodating to different playstyles


yeah if you like playing 100 turns of stall
smogon council can tongue the blackest assholes


File:1393119509653.png (118.08 KB,1221x1094)

Essentially, Pokemon Showdown. I never really followed the threads, but I believe the idea was to use weird joke builds instead of playing to the meta like everybody else.


Following up on this, the date got stretched until today but it's finally out. Pretty decent imo.


File:8fkisb.mp3 (5.28 MB)

And here's the more heterogeneous version by the first mixer (because there were two of them).


whats up with the resurgence in popularity?


It only takes one person to make others start thinking about something good again.


Either gestalt magic, or a funny series of coincidences. Take your pick.


And now, two posts at the exact same second. I'm tending towards magic.


File:1557090357293.jpg (1.65 MB,1800x1200)

Hasn't Hidamari had always been quite popular among the moe audience?


argh why is that image not a png


it's odd to see an old fanbase to show combined interest without some sort of 'catalyst'


File:yuno pc.jpg (125.84 KB,1920x1080)

Just convert it back into png to recover the lost bits of data.


File:58f24264bf8d6f6d27367d1c8c….jpg (373.26 KB,646x919)

I used to do this...


I was looking through my Kissu folder today. Concerning number of jpg... Around half out of ~5000 images.


Funfact: Before shii was known for shitchan and his website chronologizing internet lore, he was first known (and made fun of) on antediluvian 4chan for autistic insistence posters use png where appropriate.


lol what a dweeb


Well he was right.


420chan is back up, and it seems hotwheels bought it.


Strange decision for an egoist who denounced Vichan.


File:★コピペ.jpg (1.66 MB,2039x2894)

Very strange.

>What just happened?
>Fredrick Brennan (★コピペ) bought 420chan.org on April, 20, 2023, from Kirtaner for the sum of US$4,200 (US$420×10) and uploaded this landing page. For the full agreement between them, see the below signed contract.
>Future plans
>Under new management, Kirtaner will remain the admin of 420chan, with Brennan as owner. The goal is for the site to be owned by a non-profit organization, with Fredrick Brennan as Chairman of the Board, by 2025. There are plans to rebuild the site from scratch.
>Additionally, a legal challenge will be brought to recover the servers that were seized by law enforcement in 2022.


I suppose it could be weirder.... right?


Imgur will remove all its NSFW content and old stuff uploaded by unregistered users in less than a month: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/14415587638029/
Two 4chan archives, https://4archive.org/ and https://4chanarchives.com/, use Imgur as their image host, so a lot of content is at risk of being lost forever.


I'm still bitter about yuki.la


me too, nothing quite like it ever took up the mantle since


4chan's a lost cause anyways. Not much in it to archive anything when the userbase is mostly composed of illiterate, room temperature IQ morons. The only people to care about the archives are the same sort who would like to learn about 4chan and imageboard meta and those same people will inevitably become disillusioned and search out other imageboards where discussion isn't diluted by the 50 ppm chatroom-like atmosphere.


No man the archives are for schizomancy.
Like making those bloated infographs nobody really reads all of with different anon comments all implied to be linked together in some way.


Archiving any imageboard is a misguided venture since half the appeal is that your posts will disappear forever once they fall off page 10, but I'm pretty sure 4chan's archives do the opposite of what you think. They give newcomers a better impression of the site when they search for some popular topic and find threads from 5-10 years ago when the site wasn't in such a sorry state and they promote the chatroom-lite style since it's actually possible to stay caught up on every post on a topic so long as everyone keeps their generals labeled. There's also the nostalgiafags who want to relive the glory days once they've given up on being able to recreate them.

Regardless, I don't mourn the loss since the ethos of the site is survival of the fittest via reposting, not universal archival.


> They give newcomers a better impression of the site
Bold of you to assume anyone actually lurks.


Assuming a proper use of an imageboard is a misguided venture


It's not misguided its Darwinian.
Web design is like changing the environment. The sort of interactions best suited to the design change with the design.


The topic of Emergent Gameplay is one that overlaps with the topic of UI design for social media platforms. One could go far with thinking of their websites as video-games where the actors in the environment shape the features that the designers put in.
Designers do shape the interactions, but the actors can break the design to fit their own ideas of what something should be.


Do you consider searching through archives to be lurking? I'd consider it more similar to sites like Know Your Meme since you're searching for specific information rather than sitting in on whatever topic the community feels like bringing up at the time.


Speaking personally, I find the 4chan archives really helpful for looking up the history of terminology and trends in the anime fandom. I'm not aware of any other anime board that has been consistently active and archived for as long as 4/a/ which is as easy to search as the standard archive format (the native search features on sites like Twitter and Reddit are particularly useless), plus it has the added bonus of covering a wide range of series and leading many trends.


File:C-1682972502301.png (46.06 KB,248x303)

The new Zelda got leaked 12 days early and now it's all over /v/



Sounds like good old guerilla marketing.
People weren't talking about it enough? Well now they are.


File:1682969655829.png (510.56 KB,680x621)

Heyuri and wapchan had a bit of a spat (wapchan removed heyuri from their links due to their differing rules about nsfw content, only being discovered when wapchan was raided by soyjakparty), but seem to be on good terms again.


Wapchan going after a more mainstream audience for an imageboard seems like an interesting idea. But, being strict with NSFW seems so alien with Japanese-related content on imageboards, so I'm quite curious to see if it pays off. An imageboard where you need to prevent yourself from posting lewd screenshots and such, when Lum herself is in a bikini and was topless in her first episode? It doesn't feel right to me, but I'm never good at predicting social trends.
But, geez, looking at the screenshot, that was a very naive move by the wapchan guy to actually go to the source of the raiding and try to talk things out. That has never and will never do anything but encourage more raiding.


nsfw content is mainstream, but harder to get banks and CC companies to invest in ad space on you.


It's Zelda and the followup to BotW, it was already big. 12 days is a lot, but plenty of Switch games get leaked early.


Uh I sincerely doubt leaking the full game a couple weeks before release on non-nintendo platforms is a Guerilla marketing tactic.


Looks like he made a post clarifying their rules:
>Really I just dont want any of the boards to look like /h/ or /e/, but to have /a/ style rules on that




I dont know if it's still a hot thing but I think WAPchan could've gotten a more mainstream audience because the whole "retro anime" thing was fairly popular a couple of years ago and thers's arguably a couple of forums that got regular users, so I think that the imageboard format is holding communities back


It was? I completely missed that, I think... that tumblr that made fake screencaps of modern anime like maidragon as if they were high budget 80s anime, was that what you had in mind?


The future funk and City Pop music fads


I've had salient conversations on the soy sites (and 4/qa/ before that) after they fucked with me. You just hide the noise and read only the signal.
Really wading through four of five 'this is you' soyjacks to read the real posts isn't that hard.
Most of them can smell when you aren't really trolled. If they're bored with your reaction you ultimately don't encourage more of it.


I mean I've seen basically zero mentions of wapchan outside other imageboards, so they're probably planning to recruit on social media or something, like how Agora Road did. Those sites are kind of similar...


Dreamchan is another site that could have a larger userbase if not for the stigmatized format


I didn't even know that site existed. The deed system looks cool, but judging by the archived pages, it was ultra dead for years before finally being put down last month.


Yeah that got resolved https://wapchan.org/meta/res/713.html#865
Now they are contemplating about banning soyjaks and frogs like Heyuri https://wapchan.org/meta/res/866.html


I noticed it was down thanks to this 2 posts. I feel at fault for its decline because I knew this chan since 2017 of so but barely posted there. Just a reminder to always be active on small chans because they can disappear any given time.


speaking of chans disappearing, 22chan.org came back from the dead.


One of the shitties chans and management tbh. Wish it stayed dead


>Server Error (500)
Wish granted.


File:98000006.png (46.17 KB,1096x665)

I can access it no problem


File:waterfox_z9b4LGbSvI.png (16.89 KB,1049x129)

It seems the 4archive.org guy is aware of it and took some action and there's a discussion thread about it on archived.moe: https://archived.moe/talk/thread/1694/
Today is effectively the last day of imgur as an image host as it joins tumblr in the grave, although most of this stuff is old since imgur lost favor many years ago with the increased popularity of pomf clones. If you've been procrastinating in downloading any old uploads, now is the time to do it.


>most of this stuff is old
Lots of rentries still use imgur for image hosting, and many of them are NSFW.
For example, the following is from the /hdg/ rentry:
And who knows how many of these guide images were uploaded anonymously which will also be deleted. We're seeing another pastebin catastrophe here.


File:Screenshot 2023-05-15 0035….png (26.89 KB,532x335)

I think this is imageboard-adjacent enough to warrant posting. Particularly since the date range for affected people is so wide that I think a lot of people, even here, might qualify.

>If you were a Facebook user in the United States between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, inclusive, you may be eligible for a cash payment from a Class Action Settlement.
>Claim Deadline: August 25, 2023
>When will I get my payment? The Court has scheduled a Final Approval Hearing for the Settlement of this case on September 7, 2023 at 1 p.m. PDT


>What is this lawsuit about?
>Numerous lawsuits were brought on behalf of Facebook users who allege that Facebook (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) shared or otherwise made accessible to third parties (including but not limited to third-party app developers, “whitelisted” parties, business partners, advertisers, and data brokers) user data and data about users’ friends without permission of the users whose data was shared, and did not sufficiently monitor and enforce third-party access or use of that data. The Honorable Vince Chhabria of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California was appointed to oversee these lawsuits, which have been consolidated as In re: Facebook, Inc. Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation, Case No. 3:18-md-02843-VC (N.D. Cal.). The people that filed this lawsuit are called the “Plaintiffs” and the company they sued, Facebook, Inc. (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) is called the “Defendant.” Settlement Class Members include all Facebook users in the United States between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, inclusive. Meta expressly denies any liability or wrongdoing.
>Why is there a Settlement?
>The Court did not decide in favor of Plaintiffs or Defendant. Defendant denies all claims and that it violated any law. Plaintiffs and Defendant agreed to a Settlement to avoid the costs and risks of a trial, and to allow the Settlement Class Members to receive payments from the Settlement. The Settlement Class Representatives and their attorneys think the Settlement is best for all Settlement Class Members.


>The claim website notes that they could be awarded up to 25% of the settlement — or $181.3 million. If they receive that much, the settlement will be reduced to $543.7 million for the Facebook users who ask to be part of the claim.
Note, the settlement was determined to be for $750 million, so the $543.7 million is how much would be given to, and split among people who sign onto the settlement. Purely hypothetically, if 10 million people sign on, then each person would receive $54.37. Not exactly grand, but not nothing either. Really depends on how many people submit a claim.


Tangentially imageboard related:
A couple days ago google announced that it would start deleting the data of accounts that have been inactive for two years. Since google accounts are youtube accounts, people were worried about tons of old videos getting deleted off youtube.
The latest news seems to be that google won't be purging youtube videos of old accounts:

But, this doesn't seem to extend to google drive or google docs. This is going to be another purge like imgur that will start in December of this year. There's tons of stuff stored on these sites as google docs was a good way to create a page with organized links and google drive was a good way to share files.
Go make backups.


At this point I think it's best to look at it from the macro perspective:
>The running total of layoffs for 2023 based on full months to date is 168,243, according to Layoffs.fyi.
>Tech layoffs conducted to date this year currently exceed the total number of tech layoffs in 2022, according to the data in the tracker.
Alphabet in particular laid off 12k people.
It seems to me that simply hoping for growth to lead to eventual profits isn't going to cut it anymore, and what they're now cutting down on is costs. Next thing you know, Twitter might start doing this stuff as well.


I've been sent at least 3 letters listing me as an affected entitled to a part of a class action suit.
Each time the company just weasles out of it because "LOL too big to fail" and they just pay nothing or give me something gay like "free credit monitoring for 2 years"
They try to dissuade you from taking cash, but whether it's $1.00 I wait a years for, or just a single ¥ even I'll take that on the principle over whatever they want to convince me to take instead.


Wapchan's new UI finally launched, along with the boards being reconfigured somewhat. The new themes clearly had a lot of work put into them.


Well from a lot of vlogs and tiktaks, it seems like most American megacorp tech employees barely worked so it was inevitable


warosu search does not work anymore


We have to let it go


maybe we can do more about it


I guess the way around it for now is to use "end date" instead of "offset"


File:1471461581029-3.jpg (118.88 KB,777x656)

I've been considering signing up for this because I deleted a facebook account long ago. I requested they send all data they had about me to my mail address on DVDs/Disk. They never sent anything despite being required by law. It took me months to nuke that account. I had a script running 24/7 for months deleting old posts. I didn't even use it that often. They kept hiding old posts from my timeline from me.

At any rate to this day they still maintain a zombie account in my name and I'm still getting pissed off complaints from people IRL because I won't add them as a friend. I really wanted to see the data they had on me and my various dev accounts because I had to use their API for many projects over the years (it was required to embed the facebook button+log-in with fb account option on websites I made/ran for other people).

Did anyone here attempt to get the cash settlement? I'll contact them later and try I guess.

The only purpose with these purges is getting rid of history and proof of how the internet was before a few years ago. Since covid they've been purging old data, archives and history left and right. If they nuke imgur and related places like the various archives of imageboards they can claim anything they want about the state of the internet between the early 90s and late 2010s.

They've done it before with USENET archives. As soon as google got a monopoly on those they nuked tons of old stuff.

They're getting rid of every last trace of the old "culture". If you don't believe me just attempt to search for "The fappening". You won't find anything about it even through Russian search engines like yandex. Despite the fact that it was the major reason why 4chan became so locked down and moot quit. Those two points are often blamed on gamergate. But GG wasn't that big of a deal all things considered. The fappening was the leak that forced them into action because it compromised so many people (basically everyone that had an Apple account+iPhone. Fappening wasn't just celeb nudes leaking out. It contained TONS of information about important people).

Please enjoy smug pyramid as apologies for being semi-off topic. I do not lurk very often anymore as the internet is dead. I try to check in with kissu once a year or so but I often forget it exists as I've mostly stopped using the internet. I would have posted something better than pic related but my personal archives from before about 2014 are now sitting on HDDs I haven't hooked up in years. I have them in the bunker safe and sound waiting for the end of the world.

I hope everyone is doing well.


I think that in terms of saving things for posterity, the best that can be done is putting together your important files and trying to upload them to archive.org. It's the simplest and most reliable thing to do.


Just wait, if the corpos cannot kill archive.org with the book thing, they'll go after the copyright infringement in their uploads.


It's still the best we have, isn't it?


Also please donate to the archive aaaaaaaa


I just searched "icloud leaks" and a whole bunch of articles, videos, and even a wikipedia page calling it "The Fappening" so I guess I was smart to not believe you. There's not some grand corporate conspiracy to rewrite internet history. At most, there are asshole mods/admins who want to kill off the nostalgic oldfags who are bitter about them selling out. Companies just don't want to waste money storing a ton of data that doesn't generate anything for them. You've surely heard of anime and game production materials being lost for the same reason and those are vastly smaller than internet archives. The fact of the matter is that 99% of internet communication is idle chatter and attempting to record and archive every conversation of every person ever is a fool's errand.


>I guess I was smart to not believe you.
Yes anon those articles and that wikipedia blurb that mention it happened and only contained some nudes is the real story. The mountains of documents, txt files, videos and data that was dumped along with the nudes from ever politician's state issued iPhone/iCloud accounts was a right-wing conspiracy theory. It never happened. More importantly it was a good thing that we censored multiple websites and changed the rules on places like 4chan because we must believe all women. Uploading copies of naked pictures they took of themselves and uploaded to the internet is "revenge porn" and anyone hosting them should be persecuted and locked away for life.

I'm to the point where I don't care if people like you are
>A) stupid idiots
>B) liars
it's the same result. You're just as annoying either way and you're part of the problem. If you can't see what's happening then you're literally too stupid to be on the internet in the first place.

archive.org and similar websites remove stuff all of the time for different reasons.

What we should have done is kept developing p2p software. IPFS and similar projects could have become a public "cloud" where ever user donated a little HDD space and bandwidth in return for being able to access any data in the network. We had the technology to avoid the censorship way back in the 90s.

The problem is that even torrents have been gameified and have morphed into stupid things like private trackers. Where people have locked up data that should be free behind paywalls and artificial roadblocks. They claim it's that way because people won't seed files. But the real reason is because they want to chase internet points and do what jannys do best: be annoying power tripping faggots.

Go and try to release something like a fansub right now without using a pre-existing account. You will not be able to upload it to some place like Nyaa. They locked down registration years ago and only allow old accounts to upload. Most releases are just rips from offical sources now. If you go to their IRC channel and ask nicely for an account and attempt to show them 20+ episodes of some old rare anime you've painstakingly translated you'll get kicked+banned because the janny didn't even read your message. You can't join with existing groups on the discordz without doxing yourself (gib cell phone number or you're a troll). You can open an IRC channel on rizon and do the xdcc bot thing but no one will ever download your release. You can ask nicely on 4/a/ if someone with a nyaa account will mirror/upload the .torrent for you. Enjoy getting banned for being "off topic".

It's obvious that the whole fansub thing is locked behind a pay2play wall now. You don't get to participate anywhere from public to private trackers without sucking janny cock and censoring your releases. If you dare to point out that the offical CR sub is bad and inserting political propaganda (usually of the gay kind) it's an instant ban everywhere for being a bigot. God forbid you actually attempt to do a real translation of what the chink cartoons are actually saying in the native language.

I can do this with every "community" on the internet these days. FOSS is worse than fansubbing. All boards are censored. All trackers are locked down. All repos are highly moderated. Any new account with 0 followers is a "troll". Everyone is terrified of "leaking their real IP" when THAT'S HOW THE INTERNET WORKS. The best part is they shun real p2p software then cry about the censorship on centralized big /tech/ services. Plenty of people are terrified of using IRC because it exposes their real IP address if they don't use a bouncer. Yet they're more than happy to hand over a cell phone number to use telegram, discord etc. It's madness.


Do not tell me I'm making shit up or crazy. I was around for the good old days. I know how things were and I know things were much better back then. Hackers, botnets and skids were always around. I might have even had a botnet of Windows 9x and XP computers myself that I C&C'ed from a private IRC channel at one point. People were using these to ddos websites they didn't like all of the time. We managed to keep our servers online anyway and we didn't need some service like cloudflare to do it.

Most people in the /tech/ sector are 100% talking out of their ass. These are the people that claim we need https and signed certs in the name of security. Then they turn right around and advocate for MitM services like cloudflare. It's obvious whats going on: Unencrypted traffic for me but not for thee.

So much has been memoryhole'd over the last 6 years. It's really amazing the amount of things that have been purged from the internet and global consciousness. The only place data is safe is in your local backups. Even there you want to take great care that they're offline. As every consumer device comes with multiple baked in backdoors that can be used to read/write/modify data at any time.

But sure I'm paranoid. Those OPsec threads on 4/g/ are totally legit and you're safe using those services like Signal and telegram. The encryption is really strong to! Never mind the fact that your CPU allows a remote user to pluck anything out of RAM in real time. Those ancient Snowden leaks never happened. Go and re-post the contents on 4/g/ right now. See how long it takes for the friendly local mod to ban you after a legion of bots calls you a schizo.

Here's a fun pdf file: https://sgp.fas.org/othergov/dod/dod060807.pdf

Department of Defense "Internet interactive activities" program. That's all the way back in 2007. Proves they employee millions of people all over the world to censor and shit up places like this one. Proves they bring anyone with the same reach as MSM into the program via PR agencies. Proves that they kill any organic happening on the web before it spreads outside of its original region/website/community. All the proof is right there. But try to talk about it and see how quickly you're banned and/or drowned out by bots, low effort trolls and people pretending to be concerned anons. You're crazy and a schizo for noticing the man behind the curtain.

The fact is the average internet user (outside of AOL) in 1998 would have never put up with what's happening today. Back then if they threatened to take down something we liked we mirrored it 20 new places for fun. We'd even root a Military server or three to host our anime fansubs and warez on fast ftp servers. We did not comply with their demands and stupid laws for things like copyrights. Now all anyone does is comply. They've complied with so much stupid shit they've forgotten how things used to be. People now are so stupid they pay for warez and services to download warez. They're so stupid they take a protocol that is totally public by nature and attempt to make it "private" then cry when someone with half a brain leeches from their swarm.

I for one and sick and tired of it all. I consider the web totally lost at this point. It's the space for normalfags and the corporations that rule over them. There are still plenty of free places on the internet with intelligent people but the barrier to entry is higher on a technical level. It's a good filter that keeps out the riff-raff. The web was never intended for most of what people use it for anyway. It was supposed to be for documents and stateless applications like old-school web forums and imageboards. It was never supposed to be for "apps".

We will never see a revival of imageboards until people stop treating them like social media. 4chan is never going offline because it's run by Five Eyes and the US DoD program. A small website that isn't in their fold is never going to grow into something like 8chan did. If it does it'll be brought into the fold or destroyed by bad actors much like the webring project was. You either comply and let them study the users or you get the CP spam dumped directly from the Government's large database. There are no other options. You will never do anything sekrit or maintain a sekrit club on a global network they control.

They are going to continue purging old data from the global network and re-writing history until someone stops them. There is no political solution. There might have been a chance for a political solution 10-20 years ago but that time has long passed. They are tightening the noose around our collective necks and you're either going to go along or you're going to lose access. We're going to be in a similar situation as the Chinese very soon. What with the social credit and the federal IDs and the limits on what and how much you can use the network. Anyone that doesn't see it coming is living in lala land.

>The fact of the matter is that 99% of internet communication is idle chatter and attempting to record and archive every conversation of every person ever is a fool's errand.
This is exactly what they're doing and the NSA data centers being built all over the world at an unprecedented rate is proof enough. They are so massive they're draining entire lakes to keep the servers cool.

You have no idea how bad things really are.


Tbf the schizo's not wrong about archive.org being unreliable, they do remove stuff.


pyramids are supposed to represent a foundational hierarchy, not a tier list


IMO it'd probably be better to make a torrent.

Archive.org is simple, but it's not reliable; people issue content takedowns to the site all the time, and at the end of the day it is fundamentally just a website; if the site goes down it takes all of its content with it. A torrent, on the other hand, while not invincible, is going to be a lot more resilient because it's not dependent on any specific owners to maintain its existence.

>Everyone is terrified of "leaking their real IP" when THAT'S HOW THE INTERNET WORKS.
What an odd thing for someone like you (a schizo) to say. There's ways to hide your personal information online, including your IP address, and you should take advantage of them whenever you can.


The cartel is as the cartel does.


But how often do takedowns happen? Just look at all the available uploads with the 4chan tag:
There are archive dumps, wikis, board albums, scraped threads, history stuff, images both individual and in packs, flashes, youtube videos... Hell, there's a greentext made into a pdf. A lot of them, especially the bigger ones, do come with the option to torrent them, like this one that's a hundred gigs of images from 2013:
It's been on the site for almost ten years, uploaded back in 2014, and its well-being is verified by a comment from 2022. Or this pack of SHMUPs which HAS to be breaking copyright laws:

You can upload just about anything you want by simply making an account and clicking Upload up on the top-right corner. I'm asking genuinely, what have they removed in the past?


>We're not going back to the stone ages to live some moronic pastoral fantasy

People who tend to go low/no tech and are informed in the topic are just deeply concerned about privacy and surveillance, because even using only open source stuff there's things like Oracle's surveillance and they see it as the only way in these times.


711chan.net is back


hope this gets moved rather than deleted


kolyma is dead https://img.heyuri.net/q/koko.php?res=64031
lets see what will happen to that soyjak site kolyma operated now


Yeah, moving it into a new thread is a good idea so people can post as much as they want about it without worrying about it being off topic.
Reddit discussion has been moved into its own thread: >>109657


verm will buy it


so he can youtubepost at more people


youtube is an infinite well of knowledge to explore with your friends


File:ponkosaw.png (369.49 KB,766x530)

4/a/ having daily chapter dumps for ponkotsu ponko
ponko is a fun and cute manga that all of you should definitely read!


Hasn't /a/ been doing those daily dumps for a while now?


Yes. The number of daily chapter dump threads has been steadily increasing for the past few years. Easy way to get a general going for whatever series you want.


the shrimp fried rice girl


File:33b5953295774eb5e6da337ef1….gif (6.45 MB,415x569)

Since I don't see any mention of it here, there's a new imageboard:


bet he doesn't even know that NodeJS sucks


Is amazing how empty some imageboards feel without a sidebar.
Like lynx stuffs everything into a comment box or hides it away behind an icon, kissu makes it all just stand out at a glance. I always know what I'm doing and where I'm going. Lots of features, but they're all right in front of you.

It's a well styled site, but it doesn't make me feel like I have any competition in terms of usability and community management.


i see, it has a traditional frames toggle. pretty nice


bzzzzzt competitor identifier powering up
processing visual design...
simulating user experience...
chaka chaka chaka
analyzing framework...
gashunk gashunk
result: NOT a threat, existence is tolerable


Do not insult me young man


File:696fb2d9be.png (8.94 KB,1105x90)

Can we just agree that whoever made this doesn't actually use an imageboard


The theme or the entire top bar?


theme's pretty good. But the author of the theme doesn't discard every single aspect of lynx's front end(the kuso parts) and completely rewrite all of lynx's backend in another language(the other kuso parts)


such as... using icons for imageboards(home overboard so on) is just bad. It doesn't work. Abandon the idea. I prefer what's used here


really, the biggest issue is the icons for stuff. They just suck. They're not even using them for anything useful.
And the CSS switcher shouldn't be a predominant item.


There's just so much redundancy...
if someone wants to make Lynx actually good they need to get rid of every single part of it. But I guess the server components of it work well enough for most people.

The HTML pages though... man they're so atrociously made. Vichan has a nice retro-simple aspect to it where it's very focused on giving you simplicity. The Kissu-UI focses on expressiveness and fluid transitions... I have no idea what Lynx is going for... And I won't say that the Kissu-UI has always been good, but it's gone through a lot of major itterations to make it something nice. Lynx is just the same old crap for the past 5 years. And like FUCK it's not even in typescript, what is this guy doing???


processing processing processing processing


hey why did you retract the vichan statement i liked it


I wanted to phrase it differently but couldn't find a good way to express dislike yet some degree of appreciation.


heyuri is organizing a raid on a german word of the year thing




File:szs 7 year laugh.JPG.jpg (369.65 KB,2540x736)

It's time to laugh again.


Holy crap that felt like it was just recently what the hell... I don't remember the lead-up to the first one feeling that fast...


File:9ffd2dfc6eabc4322d9c66bf9d….jpg (117.12 KB,420x630)

New season doko?


Anonymous, it is time to say sayonara


old.sage.moe added ~6 million 2003-2014 posts from world4ch/dis.4chan and chanarchive.org.


File:zetsubou.jpg (440.73 KB,1280x720)



Much prefer the septennial laugh to the yearly Toradora.

After all, just what exactly have I even done in that timespan? besides despair of course.


File:__ibaraki_kasen_touhou_dra….jpg (110.46 KB,800x1119)

I'm surprised it got a sticky, I thought having fun was a bannable offense on current /a/.


That's really impressive. Was it specific boards that were filled? I'm quite surprised you could just fill it like that if it was because of existing gaps over certain days or weeks




File:image.png (59.67 KB,1175x364)

Dunno if anyone cares but http://lupchan.org/
Is read only now and will be probably shut down completely eventually because the admin got tired of the ubiquitous cp spam

Lupchan is a [s4s] spinoff that was created way back in 2013 because people thought [s4s] wasn't going to be a permanent board, but it kinda kept kicking on all these years.

It wasn't a very active but it did get the occasional post and I liked checking it out from time to time and looking through the old posts. Even found an ota thread back when the first ota went down.


Another light flickers off...


Man, that's a terrible way to go. The admin should at least give them some place to relocate and make plans. But, yeah, the illegal spam is so god damn frustrating and it kills boards. I really wish there was a way to prevent it that didn't inhibit how imageboards work.


there were barely any posts for months at a time and i don't think anyone minds much, but it's still sad seeing old things shutting down

i wonder who or what is even behind the constant cp spam, it's virtually everywhere and has been happening for years



apt remove php-fpm
Instant win


From what I can tell, it's mostly people trying to make a quick buck by getting pedophiles to sign up for paid accounts on file sharing sites to download files that are purportedly CP videos. (They probably aren't or the file sharing sites would have kicked them. This arrangement gives the sites responsible plausible deniability.)

This sort of thing has been going on for decades, although the sites responsible have changed over the years. You can look up
if you're interested in seeing the 2009 version of all this.


What reason would the US have for getting 7clams and lupchan taken off the net? C'mon man be logical


I don't know about this particular case, but the feds definitely do have bots pumping the net full of CP spam. I imagine it keeps a steady stream of retards coming in so they can justify their department with the bare minimum amount of effort. There are, of course, third worlders looking to scam people or just spite a website, and at least one anti-CP NPO reporting their own uploads to attack people, but the only ones who can do it on a large scale for a significant length of time without fear of getting caught are the ones who do the catching.


By feds you mean the KGB and whatever the DPRK uses.... right?


all feds of all countries
SOMEONE'S doing it


it must be THEM, you know the one!


The DPRK doesnt really do spam, much less CP, mostly hacking and illicit services for Chinese and South Korean markets, some for gaming!


oh my god it's YOU


Its obviously Shii holding a grudge


wonder if they still farm gold in Sork MMO's


Apparently they make some Lost Ark bots


Nork fundraising campaigns!!


File:C-1689873302781.png (1.25 MB,1853x952)

/tv/ sticky


Wizchan has been down for hours now and been having storage issues for months.


I don't get it. Do they self host their own racks or something?


They're still around? Weird.


File:C-1690688206302.png (294.5 KB,1260x602)

So Hololive is having another English batch of streamers debut, and /vt/ is doing election numbers, it's insane.


More convincing a shop than Nolan's gasoline "nuke".


I'm more surprised /o/ and /trash/ are that active


/jp/ got a sticky thread too from the looks of it.
The Jay has had a hard life.


Don't underestimate furries.


Half of /trash/'s activity comes from obsessive autists that spend 18 hours a day flooding threads and the catalog and necrobumping other threads in an attempt to kill one specific general they don't like. Sometimes they are banned for spamming, but only when they touch a general mods like.


/o/ limps along with its motorcycle general, one of the oldest and shittiest chatrooms on 4chan, and trolling/countertrolling regarding electric vehicles.
/o/ is so slow I believe half the posts per minute are those two things, no exaggeration.
I've been on /o/ almost since its beginning when I was shopping for my first car in 2005. The board's activity in the past was a lot of tripfags doing old school 4chan meetups. As you might expect the rise of discord largely supplanted that and /o/ never really recovered.


/trash/ is as big as it is because it fills the niche of a furry 4chan board, something there's a lot of demand for but the 4chan staff will never add for obvious reasons. It also doubles as a more permissive /d/, which got fucked over a bit when they added /aco/.


File:3da06ce8833a28b2805e72f2dc….jpg (153.06 KB,1045x614)

4chan just made the captcha letters a little vertically squeezed. I noticed this because this somehow breaks A1111's captcha solver userscript which usually only missed 1 letter before, but now it's completely useless.
Pretty amazing that this script has been working for 2 years until now.


It certainly succeeded in making it more annoying for people like myself with higher resolutions. It reminds me of the older google captchas that were slightly better at deterring automation but 10x more frustrating for humans. The people targeted will find a way around it while everyone else bears the collective punishment.


4chan's also dropped its cloudfare javascript challenge.


4chan is shitting itself again.


this is awful
can't hang out here since i'm not a weeb anymore and my regular haunt doesn't have any decent spinoffs


by passu, no captcha

buy passu, help keep 4chan up


We do talk about other stuff, but yeah I know what you mean. What kind of hangouts are you looking for?

heh nice, missed those posts


how does someone stop being a weeb


Get the weeb vaccine.


How does someone become a weeb?


turn your brain off and enjoy the slop - i mean cute girls doing cute things


Turned on my mind and now I can't watch 95% of airing western media...


Try to find other places where your scene hangs out that arent imageboards or social media


File:FYrh_V2UcAE2lXs.jpg (712.88 KB,768x1024)

This is the part where people start advertising kissu.


CGDCT has become rarer than it used to be - its kind of been replaced by pure comedy and romcom


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 015 [B….png (2.93 MB,1920x1080)

Um... where though...


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (410.59 KB,1920x1080)

We could, but it's so hard to do it in a way that doesn't immediately dissuade people by the very act of advertising itself. People generally expect the worst from places that get advertised regularly. These events can be tricky, too, because a bunch of people at once makes assimilation much more difficult.

The only place that springs to mind would be desuarchive's /a/ ghost thread since I assume that tradition is still going strong. But is the typical /a/ user interested in something like kissu? People there generally accept low quality on 4chan, but they like the speed. I guess if 1 in 100 people will give it a try then that's still a lot of people.
Well, maybe I can get to work on the thing I wanted to do that I mentioned here: >>109722
I think 4chan's 20th anniversary will be an opportunity since there will surely be a lot of meta threads everywhere


File:1657788673014.jpeg (91.34 KB,811x1200)

Post butts and bellies with your friends on https://kissu.moe/


If someone's in /ghost/ they probably know smug/guca/kissu already at the very least.


I actually reallly doubt that.


Did smug's fedi instance get pwned?


kissu has been mentioned multiple times, whenever somebody brought up altchans and /qa/


Yeah, but does the average /ghost/poster know? I kinda doubt we have that much of a presence that we're known that well outside a few probably talkative people.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (471.05 KB,1920x1080)

I kind of regret mentioning /a/ ghost since it's lead to it getting spammed. Oh well, we talk about things here and unscrupulous people learn things they shouldn't know. Such is the mantle of /qa/.
Sorry about that if anyone was using it.

I doubt most people know. It's easy to lose track of time and how things change. If someone wants to advertise kissu there they can. Someone made a "what sites are people using" post there and maybe you can reply to it. https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/255725955/#255746388_2761
If you want the post to stand out use some ASCII or SJIS or even braille since it's getting spammed.


Meguca hasnt been the same since lat left


File:1690831238964170.png (72.62 KB,256x256)

4chan is down what do


File:1549256535511.gif (220.04 KB,266x266)

Post on kissu!
And drink.


What was it like before and after?


File:1446672687904.png (64.75 KB,243x430)

Altchan threads tend to stay up on /jp/ if they're not too obvious, but I'm not sure if being sneaky is really a good way of getting the word out. I also get the feeling that the majority of people still on /jp/ are the types who are content as long as they get to post in their favourite general, regardless of which board or site it's on. Still, I think it would be cool if someone like the vocaloid posters came here, never heard anything bad about them.


   _,,....,,_  _人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人_
-''":::::::::::::`''>   ゆっくりしていってね!!!   <
ヽ::::::::::::::::::::: ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
 |::::::;ノ´ ̄\:::::::::::\_,. -‐ァ     __   _____   ______
 |::::ノ   ヽ、ヽr-r'"´  (.__    ,´ _,, '-´ ̄ ̄`-ゝ 、_ イ、
_,.!イ_  _,.ヘーァ'二ハ二ヽ、へ,_7   'r ´          ヽ、ン、
::::::rー''7コ-‐'"´    ;  ', `ヽ/`7 ,'==─-      -─==', i
r-'ァ'"´/  /! ハ  ハ  !  iヾ_ノ i イ iゝ、イ人レ/_ルヽイ i |
!イ´ ,' | /__,.!/ V 、!__ハ  ,' ,ゝ レリイi (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン ).| .|、i .||
`!  !/レi' (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン レ'i ノ   !Y!""  ,___,   "" 「 !ノ i |
,'  ノ   !'"    ,___,  "' i .レ'    L.',.   ヽ _ン    L」 ノ| .|
 (  ,ハ    ヽ _ン   人!      | ||ヽ、       ,イ| ||イ| /
,.ヘ,)、  )>,、 _____, ,.イ  ハ    レ ル` ー--─ ´ルレ レ´


/ghost/ looks pretty bad


it's only when the site goes down that i'm reminded of the existence of these alt-chans and i wonder why i don't come here more often instead of filtering 50 threads out of the catalog per day.


I think most people fail at advertising based on what they want more than what they already have. There's not much reason for vocaloid posters to move here without others present. However for people like the songmakers or server builders that have really long drawn out posts and potential discussions for their stuff it'd probably be good to advertise that to those interested that fit the culture of the board. Since what makes a board really good isn't just a bunch of people with different ideas, but a culmination of people that can bounce off each other with talk about their interest.

Do that, and then as more people start to talk and make stuff others will naturally notice and get interested too and as they come more they'll bring their varied interests with them as well and then the cycle continues until you have an a bunch of different thriving subcultures. The only place within imageboards that has that right now is 4chan and that's why it simply has no true alternative. But with smart enough advertising I feel like someone, if not us, could turn that around somehow.


I used to be able to actually do both post on altchans and 4chan at the same time, but it just became too much at some point. Everywhere I went people were trying to stir up some sort of epic flamewar instead of actually discussing things. Also helps that I actually started delving into my hobbies more with the increased free time I got from things being a bit slower and not having to worry about the quality of the board, so there's less reason for me to desire posting all the time.


I think they key to successful advertising is the hook. You have to offer the reader something they're not currently getting on 4chan.
4/a/ semi-regularly organizes cytube streams and stealth advertises them with a link inside an image (because direct links get deleted). Maybe advertising streams hosted on kissu that way could be a way to gradually put the site on anons' radar without looking too spammy. It also naturally selects for better-than-average posters, because only anons interested in the show mentioned in the OP will click the image.


>they key
Wish I didn't make stupid typos all the time, but you get the idea.


really it's for the best


Lat running a giant blog thread with occasional seasonal talk and a hilarious amount of drama & infighting from a community that small.
After, a lot of people left and fractured even more and a lot of character without the staff was lost.
Idk if the r/a/dio crowd even uses it anymore either


The alt imageboard crowd just doesnt have enough users anymore to make it a "thing". There's like four flavors of board and its the same handful of people who like that type of site on all of them


That's what I've thought for a while too, but I'm too introverted to ever really take the plunge to go out and advertise. Maybe I should though.


Everyone that uses hacker news should be beaten to death


Just need to get enough of them to congregate in one place and you have a suitable alternative to 4chan easily.


File:filename.jpg (82.83 KB,932x525)


It's not really like having more people on a site matters... We don't even run any advertising for me to get money off of it...


4chan isn't struggling to load anymore, butsys.4chan.org and sys.4chan.org are down and /a/ and /b/ are empty.


I think there are a lot of people on 4/a/ who are tired of what the board has become but can't work up the will to leave. Every event thread these past couple years has people mentioning how they only come back for special occasions and encouraging altchan migration.

The best way to advertise is probably just to post stuff that gets made here in relevant threads to give people an idea of what the site is about while still contributing positively to their experience there. You get a slow stream of people who like the content and want to find the source and get in people's minds as an option for when things break like this. Has to be done in advance, though.


Solution: Webring with a "no competing boards" clause.


Violators will be punished with DEATH


Dude, imagine the power struggles.




Imagine the power snuggles uwu


was just about to ask if anyone knew of some sort of diy or homesteading imageboard since 4ch has that but most alts don't due to focusing on some mixture of anime, shitpostin, tech, and pron.


I think the majority would just join for the streams and then leave after. Or they would just post in the 4/a/ thread you created for the stream.
Part of the problem with getting traffic off of 4chan and to other sites is that 4chan has everything, pretty much every hobby has a dedicated board or general. Most altchans only cover a certain niche and as soon as a user wants to discuss something outside of that, they have to find another site. Why shift between 4-5 sites to discuss stuff when you can just use one?


people say the problem with alternative imageboards is not a lot of people, but it's really that the most motivated people gravitate to high volume platforms so they can get the most attention for their things.
So you can find lots of alternative imageboards, but the group of people who are interesting is normally limited to the owner and a circle around him.
It's imageboards which have a strong sense of identity that tend to get the better flavors of people and attract interesting people to them


Glad that kissu still has a strong meta niche for discussion imageboard culture.


I agree with this, the difference between something like a robot wife imageboard and anime character imageboard is that 4chan already exists.


I'm not sure I agree. I personally consider myself a member of Kissu, not of the larger 'altchan' community. It's the only imageboard I imageboard I use with any regularity.



Homesteading, huh. I can't really think of any places with that sort of focus, but it sounds interesting to me. It's not rare to see cooking threads in lots of various boards, but that's about it. Kohlchan might have discussion around it since it has an older demographic than most. Then there's the /tg/-oriented places that again have an older demographic, but also learn towards crafts due to the hobby. Unfortunately, it's also a subject that some people mix politics into, so it might exist on some political-oriented imageboards that I don't pay much attention to.
It's really hard for me to find places that I mesh with, personally, as there's still a lot of 4chan reactionary outrage branding involved.

It's funny you mention the robot wife one while I was writing my earlier remark. That's a place I would be interested in if it was more "let's make our dreams a reality" and less pol9k. I don't mean to focus on that one in particular as this has happened to me repeatedly when searching around on different imageboards. The subject of discussion is the focus, true, but atmosphere and culture is just as important to me. Finding imageboards that don't share 4chan's culture is pretty rare, and if you have 4chan's culture I don't notice a difference apart from CSS.


File:Screenshot from 2023-08-06….png (197.08 KB,852x237)

Looks like it's back...


http://textbunker.net/ is kind of similar. But has a prepper lean


File:seijo.png (1.45 MB,1920x1080)

Oh OK. She defended it obviously...


Fair enough. I can never tell what percentage of 4channery is astroturfed psyop to trolling to actual belief at any given time, my optimism tends to make me believe its mostly the former two whenever someone says something ridiculous. Kohlchan seems interesting, I'll check it out alongside scoping out tg boards. Been hankering to do some sort of a quest anyhow.


Thanks, I'll check this out!


Same. Most altchans have these nice looking descriptions where they tell you about all the cancer they ban, but then you look at the catalog and its generals as far as the eye can see, just without the occasional quality content that makes you somewhat willing to wade through the blogging and ritualposting on 4chan. Makes me wonder why they even make these things if they're just going to emulate modern 4chan. The only altchans I use with any regularity are ones that offer things 4chan doesn't and of those, Kissu is the only one covering a big enough need to warrant investment in the community.


I'm checking the archives and seems like 4chan is up in some parts of the world while remaining down for others. At first I thought it was an EU issue but then I saw german and finnish flags. So why is it still down for me?


I checked again and 4channel.org works fine.


File:4channel.png (46.85 KB,1634x874)

Seems to be borked for me at the moment. Might be a case of patchy/inconsistent downtime rather than a clear-cut regional thing or whatever.


boards.4channel.org/... works for me but the home page does not


Yeah me too, I also get a time out like the post above


I tried making a post on 4chan but I get an error saying I'm banned and when I click on the hyperlink it goes straight to this >>112097

Can't tell if I'm actually banned or 4chan is just fucked up. I don't think I posted anything ban worthy recently anyway.


guess they had a server failure


Front page is still down. This is a new low for me, mods refuse to answer on IRC and still no twitter post or anouncement apologizing. If the whole staff doesn't care about the IB they should just step down and let people who would give 2 cents for it to take care of the whole chan. I'm tired of the current state of 4chan. Worst part? I'm a 4chan pass owner.


Same I just renewed my pass last month. Also whenever 4chan goes down I realize just how much social interaction I get via imageboards. Feels bad.


File:thumb002_png.png (1.59 MB,1920x1080)

Does this count as imageboard news? Well, it's at least tangential, right?

Hiroyuki is starring in a reality show where he has to cross the African continent on a limited budget.


internet properties don't pay the bills afterall


An abduction by islamists would be hilarious


Imagine if he runs out of money and has to sell 4chan to a local warlord to cover his travel expenses.


i hope he dies in the desert


There's an anti-Western coup going on in Niger. Would be an amusing twist to be imprisoned by the military junta.


File:1585890970272.png (6.92 KB,300x300)

Some 3D idol freak spammed threads on 4/jp/ earlier today. He apparently has a grudge against Touhou posters.


Funny, those parasites have no reason to have a grudge against what the board was for.


That archive now seems to be down, sadly. I wonder if the posts are completely gone or if anyone else has archived them anywhere. Would be sad if all those years of discussion were totally lost.

It seems the site's blocked from archive.org and archive.today has barely anything, only a few captures.

>You can add /azu/ to the list of older boards that now only exist as discord channels.
It seems like there's a new board here now: https://azu.nfshost.com/azu/


File:akarin.jpg (234.04 KB,650x867)

https://kind.moe/ has been shut down:

>Goodbye, /kind/

>Unfortunately (or fortunately), this incarnation of /kind/ is coming to an end. This was a total failure on my part, primarily due to a lack of free time and unwillingness to use heavy moderation to make the board what I, and for those who liked 2kind, wanted. With 2kind, I could focus on being a part of the site and steering it's culture in the direction that I had wanted. After I got a job so that I could pay for kind.moe's hosting, I could no longer do that. I also lost motivation for the site early on with all the outsiders coming in early on from adjacent sites that went down, which as we all know got worse as time went on. As for the moderation issue, there have been occasional posts about old /kind/ and the board's culture. It really stumped me. I lost sight of /kind/ as it was back in the day and that made me unsure about what I was doing.

>I've been considering shutting the board down for many months now, and after a brief conversation with an anon on another site and this recent thread, it finally gave me the push I needed. I apologize to the good posters that have stuck through it and any that have left. Thanks for making my brief period as kindmin something I will look back on as enjoyable.

>A temporary board has been made on wapchan. It's a good site.

>-formerly, kindmin


It sounds for the best, and the solution is better than discord


I wish admins did that more often when they decide to shut a site down. Give people a chance to regroup somewhere. It can be anything, just direct them to a named location.


Wasn't wapchan going to consolidate its boards as part of their redesign, or am I taking crazy pills?


Based on
the admin consolidated some boards and the users didn't like it, so he reverted the change. They do have an overboard, so the individual boards being very low-traffic isn't as big a deal as it would otherwise be.






/pol/ and /q/ garbage drove me off Chan's for a while. It's all ritual sameposty spot-the-glowie garbage. Just getting back into it and it's hard to get caught back up.

Don't know if I've changed or chans have. Weird seeing altchans going strong. Figured with no new users most of them would have died years ago.


soyjakparty is dead.
The original domain was taken down, then the site was shut down with the official reason being that the owner not being able to pay for the site.
There is also a source about a rogue mod took over the site, banned everyone, and leaked info about previous mod teams.


File:C-1692118294580.png (27.23 KB,1207x131)

...why was this posted in a porn general?
Anyways, by coincidence I was able to check the site with an -S the other day by consulting the wiki (pic is from its main page) but couldn't tell what the fuck was going on. From looking at talk pages and booru comments it seems there's also a ton of CP spamming going on, currently happening in some new bunker as well, that's another issue to take into account.
A shame, really. That was an incredibly strong community.


File:C-1692120884553.png (38.01 KB,300x168)

what a shame


>preserve internet culture


Because all generals eventually become chatrooms. Imageboards that function as Discord servers are a dumb idea second only to imageboards based on being le ebin trolls by spamming normalfag memes to annoy other imageboards.

Laughing at those retards right now.


it's over



the weeb mafia must be offing their rivals


File:1476426520599.png (316.73 KB,460x635)

Don't mind me, just killing an imageboard.




But in all seriousness, I see nothing wrong with it if the site's structured around it. It's upfront about what it is and if you don't like it you don't have to use it.


>if you don't like it you don't have to use it
Yeah, not like they raided dozens of other sites and shoved their trash in your face or anything.


I didn't know that site did that. That's really kuso.

But my point still stands. If you don't like the format don't interact with it.


Wait, I thought you were talking about basing your whole online identity on poorly drawn MS Paint memes popular with norms, not the chatroom thread format.


If you run a community based on antagonizing anyone and everyone for the sake of being antagonistic, you will eventually become a target of their antagonism. It's a bad idea.


No, I meant the chat format. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

See above.


Yeah, teenagers sharing dumb memes is normal and harmless, at least in theory. I don't think it's a coincidence that memes centered on attacking people birthed a culture that actively attacked imageboards.
It is (I won't say was yet) a place that prides itself on wiping out other imageboards and as someone that is a big fan of those (hence my presence in this thread) I am ideologically opposed to those that seek to destroy them.
If it stays dead then it means imageboards as a whole will receive less malicious antagonism. I can't pretend to be neutral about it.


8chan was a tremendous shitshow but I honestly miss it
Now that I think about it everything that transpired was unique to that time, I don't think we'll ever see something quite like it again
The 4chan exodus, the /fatpeoplehate/, the /intl/ saga, Hotdud and his cronies, the constant drama that eventually killed the site, the sheer number of groups crammed onto the website, the GETball competition
Everything surrounding /intl/ in particular was incredibly hilarious like the time they spammed /intl/ into Top 10 and when DudWheels got the entire site to raid /intl/.
The website was much smaller than 4chan but it felt so much bigger because of how many groups there were.
I remember browsing 8chan looking for niche and hidden boards.
A shame most of it was lost to 404 and time
So many memories

/intl/ won


the soyteens really are the modern incarnation of /b/fags with all that that label implies


Then I would argue that an imageboard is not geared towards that style of communication. They would be better off going to a proper chatroom rather than continuing to force the imageboard format to accomodate something it wasn't designed for.

That label implies a measure of creativity, variety, and impact, so I don't really see them as equivalents. There's a reason /raid/ never became a thing.


I was always pretty sympathetic to the party for that reason.
The label implies some nostalgia for a past they were never really a part of and a stubborn defiance that makes them not really mind being a pariah in other people's eyes because your idea of them doesn't intrude on their fun, if anything it fuels it.
Both of those things are right out of cancer era /b/.


>8chan was a tremendous shitshow but I honestly miss it


>The files are archives, leaked conversations and such. The site was bought up moments before this happened, by someone called "Andy", who no one knew about, prior.


File:1444670917769.jpeg (78.77 KB,512x512)

I especially miss /am/ but /intl/ was great too


>There's a reason /raid/ never became a thing.




File:6895669e47f29bad043e4be090….png (513.76 KB,506x768)

angeleno wasn't always competent either imo. The wiki bunker for instance had spam as well, but the booru is back up. I feel bad for Doll, really. Buying a site just to sell it. Poor man deserved better I guess. I do hope bad things happen to Red for what he did to everyone.
I never even know who that andy dude was since I didn't use discord I felt very out of the loop on nearly everything. Uni is starting for me soon so it's time for everything to come to an end anyway. Probably forget this even happened.


>I feel bad for Doll, really. Buying a site just to sell it
I don't.
>Poor man deserved better I guess
A better kick in the nuts.


File:998f780dd406620845095223b9….jpg (99.12 KB,1280x1086)

True, Doll was also responsible for a lot of the sites problems. He also should've fired Red otherwise the leak wouldn't have happened. I don't really agree with a lot of his decisionmaking, why he spent 10k on a babysitting site is really just beyond me. I doubt anyone will buy it from him either.


I missed the boat on 8ch. From where I stood, it looked like a site for gamergate people, and I didn't really feel like being part of that party.



Desuchan is back, but in a read-only state:

Anonfiles is dead:


Feels like a lights appearing from a storm with this coming back as soon as tge cancerman site dies. Although sucks about anonfiles.


yeah 8gag was definitely meant for people who still cared about GG. don't care enough to use moe or any of the other sites.
>anonfiles is dead
Pretty sad news. I've used them to link a few files on nyaa before, idk how I'll be able to go back and fix all of them seeing as I can't edit comments.


File:firefox_saX665RcN1.png (16.07 KB,2068x141)

4taba's server is expiring soon and Vern's tired of dealing with CP on two servers at once so he may close posting and just keep it up as an archive unless anyone else trustworthy is wiling to manage it instead.

It's expiring sometime in November I think so if anyone wants to reach out to him his email's always open.


sell it to that guy


File:1529969244990.jpg (232.98 KB,560x560)

Based /intl/ chad
The sharty was the most fun I've had in an imageboard after /intl/'s spirit was carried by the wind. The past few months were pretty coaly but I'm optimistic this sudden shock will make the soyteens come back gemmier than before.


Exectly why I'd archive it rather than alternatives...


I'd be willing to help moderate if it's a manpower problem. I can't imagine the place gets more than 1 or 2 CP spam posts per day. Usually what I do with sites that slow is set up a simple script that queries the server every minute or so and displays a notification on my PC whenever anyone posts.


Just make it a public archive. Its very very slow without tabamin


sasuga absolute trash poster





File:1692589499379.png (143.53 KB,1475x649)

Tangentially related, "that guy", the former owner of that site was charged with diddling kids


me as the house maid


interesting, sors?
thought he was dying of aids or some other sickness, but in retrospect that could've pefectly been a joke


File:1692309680135708.jpg (341.82 KB,1920x1080)

What site is this?
I'm pretty sure the AIDS thing wasn't a joke, based on conversations I've had with people tangential to him on IRC and what he has posted himself on telegram in the past. Though as with many other things surrounding this fucker it can't be verified at all and should be taken with a massive grain of salt.


It looks like Heyuri


It's not, they don't have those IDs and I couldn't find the post anyway


How does knowing that someone has played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. count as evidence that they sucked your dick five years ago?


this doesn't surprise me given that he had an underage polish boy on his moderation team.


I think that imageboards lost their social role. People can upload images with their comments on various SNSs now. Hey kissu, how about starting a Mastodon instance or the like?


Social platforms are always based off of timeless concepts that can be traced back to Greek historical records.
Not to say we are all Greek, but because they kept the best records and it matches with everything else we know.
None of the social platforms are ever going away.


File:off of.png (151.47 KB,1669x1237)

>off of
neat construction that seems to be making a comeback
apparently it's proscribed and considered redudant, a trend probably started by one of those pretentious 18th-19th century gasoline huffers who wouldn't know grammaticality if it... i don't know what grammaticality can do to you, but you get the idea


Kinda a surprising trend imo. While it doesn't sound ungrammatical to me, if I say it out loud I contract it to something like 'offa' from which the natural evolution would seem to be dropping the 'of' entirely.




The userbase is really offputting though.
maybe the German part of the site isn't.


if the problem is you speak german then that's the problem


If you can believe it it's worse than it used to be. The 'zine made a lot of the less pretentious (unironic Serious Discussion™️) users leave.
KC was getting better before the admin let it die, it's a shame really


cripplekike and null couldn't handle the buffalo, good times


It never occured to me that /intl/ is probably a large reason why fred is the way he is


well my gaysea friend
what's left for us, now?
I don't know where to go


It depends on what you're looking for, I guess
For niche interests find out wherever they gather, ditto with regional chatter
To blog/talk current events, no fucking idea
Maybe DG was doing us a favour


File:4chan_20thbirthday.png (3.13 MB,1770x2668)



Presumably there's nothing planned, right? I think it's been years since hiro appeared and he's got money from his youtube stream.
I suppose you can't expect something like https://4chan.org/flash?file=cakeformoot.swf again.


File:1696134412875.png (1.79 MB,1920x1080)

>infinitely less special than the 10th anniversary image
>drawn by a furry fetish artist on top of that
For fucks sake.


It does suck but at the same time an image capturing the last 10 years of 4chan would be extremely depressing to look at so maybe it's for the best. Would be nice if the furry artist didn't make it so obvious they want to fuck the Hiroshimoot rabbit at least though.


Hiro treats the site as passive income, his policy is to have the staff do the bare minimum needed to keep the site usable and superficially keep traditions going to prevent total outrage because that minimizes the risk of him needing to get involved. That image is the bare minimum for a birthday celebration. Not having moot in it is a slap in the face, though.

A 20th anniversary image should cover 20 years and even in the last 10 years of decline plenty of good stuff has been created. It may have lost prominence as an exporter of internet culture, but that doesn't mean the stuff it imports hasn't become quintessential 4chan enough to justify being in an image like that. There was cancer back then too, you just don't focus on that during a celebration.


Moot's in the corner


So... was the cockmongler irate gamer?


File:dyuv8l.png (8.7 MB,3750x2880)

This was posted on [s4s], so it has their stuff mixed in: https://boards.4chan.org/s4s/thread/11049908#p11082437


Damn, there's like a sadness to pedobear now. He completely got replaced by spurdo


Don't you think it's sad that almost all of these memes are from the first decade?
Not really seeing it.




This image comes to mind. Do not click.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (310 KB,1920x1080)

No. You have many places to post such images and kissu is not one of them.


He's just sad he's standing on the wrong side. Must have a court order...

4chan doesn't have new memes. All the current ones are just rehashes of ragefaces from 2011 cancer. It's a good stylistic choice to use the old memes, but it barely represents 1% of 4chan at this point.


Fair enough


What did he post?
And I think I've already asked this, but why don't you use a capcode? It's confusing.


elle still wants to fight after being slapped twice


File:1670147705318911.png (14.39 KB,377x414)

4chan does get new memes, but I'd say what has changed is that they don't cross boards as much, and with many boards having generals there's a second level of isolation added to it. Some of them cross just by virtue of being relevant to multiple boards, like the "pokemon creatures" editorial comic joke that was somewhat successful on /co/ and /v/. I would say /v/ still gets a healthy amount of OC, but the board moves on from it pretty fast which is generally how it's supposed to work.

One of those new variety of wojaks centered on attacking people for enjoying things. It was spoilered, but no one would enjoy seeing it (which he admits in his post).

>but why don't you use a capcode?
Well, you could infer it from my post, right? We don't really like using staff capcodes here unless absolutely necessary. I just want to be anonymous


File:1529128354248.jpg (38.73 KB,326x430)

Wow, it's nothing.


File:1651278102826.png (291.89 KB,961x807)

Just off the top of my head Todd Howard, TLOU2 edits, and Stick-chan all started on /v/ and spread through the whole internet this decade. Also [s4s] is barely over 10 years old, so everything they did falls in this decade, some of which has become sitewide culture like topkek. And I'll give /pol/ MAGA hats before everything spiraled out of control there. /tv/ had baneposting and cunny, which admittedly didn't start this last decade but did take off with the rest of 4chan and the wider web within it. Oh, and I guess I KNEEL has passed from /a/ to everywhere else now, though I doubt they'd be happy about that.

The totally anonymous poster is right: the site has become way more subdivided and insular over the last 7-ish years and that makes it much harder for things to reach the same level of ubiquity as the old memes did, but a few still break out of the /b/2.0 regions and catch on elsewhere. There are still plenty of short-lived in-jokes popping up where fun is still allowed and those are the real imageboard spirit, contrasting with the reddit spirit of rage comics and cancerman being driven into the ground.


It's also just the case that meme culture has been in decline internet-wide over the past decade. There's still plenty of localized community in-jokes, of course, with the occasional one spreading past that, but with nothing like the regularity and impact that they had in the 2000s and early 2010s - even the word 'meme' itself has in many circles come to mean little more than 'funny image' these days. It's hard to think of any memes from recent years that come close to rivaling the global recognizability of, say, advice animals or rage comics - even Pepe and Wojak have been around more than a decade at this point.


this is nice art


Bowsette started on /v/


I think advertiser posting in response to NSFW on blue boards is from this decade as well. Architect posting is also another new /tv/ one that has spread to other boards.


File:1639248700363.png (3.28 MB,2424x2000)

Yeah, "think of the advertisers" was in response to Hiro trying to get rid of lewdposting and went full-throttle when he did the 4channel split.

/sp/ also had three world cups, with Bra71l and BANG BANG BANG being recognizable across boards. Also Punished Messi, which itself is a result of the MGSV hype that took over the whole damn site and got integrated into everything in some way, as did Kill la Kill. /v/ spread no way fag around too and /tv/ did sheevposting, HOWEVER, and kin (though I'm not happy about the last one). /a/ was the origin of >imagine and Abe memes. So even if the era of image macros is over, there were still quite a few memes that spread out of the place over the past decade.


right next to pepe and that /v/ girl


File:photo_2023-10-17_17-40-00.jpg (78.12 KB,748x704)

there was one imageboard, it was about simping tiktok girls only. full of tiktok girl threads, every girl has their own thread, it was dynamic ibanyone knows? I can't remember the name.


That's the one that came from people on 4chan's /wsg/, right?
I don't remember its name, but I'm pretty sure I heard that it got deleted. I think?
It's far from my purview so maybe even asking on /wsg/ on 4chan would be better. See if there's a related thread there maybe.


Sturdychan, formerly known as 2chen. The fags from /g/'s "Sperm Tech" general moved there too after mods banned them for their "third eye" add-ons.


sperm tech


wow I don't know how to thank you, legit spent 3 hours to find that board


Baby batter tech.


very minor happening but /x/ has a spooky ghost on the catalog and it seems to be the only board haunted by it


Major happening. /hap/ research has broken containment
they are breaking threads left and right


I looked, and using some specific long tripcode breaks the native extension apparently?
I didn't notice anything with 4chan x.


A bunch of & > or " get escaped and somehow gets 4chan to clip the unescaped html of the tripcode field. That changes the html structure to something that isn't expected, breaking the native extension.

Exploit simple how-to: https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/97054762#p97055250


nice, another feather in 4chan's already puffed up goofy exploits cap


What happened to Wapchan? It seems that the site has been replaced by a new one, but I can't find a link to it anywhere. The links to the boards are still there, but you can't visit them (404 Not Found).


Was there not an announcement ahead of time? Looking at /digi/, the only board with posts, it seems like it was a surprise to people? This might be the first time I've ever seen a '402 Payment Required" error on a website. I guess give it a few days like someone already said there, but that's really a strange way of doing things.


I know this is already old news but, I just can't help but say it feels like this sort of thing should have been discovered YEARS earlier with how often anons play around with stuff. I wonder what else is still out there.


Seems that the posts have been restored, at least the text.


can't read this site's name without thinking of the kuon posts


File:meat.webm (190.33 KB,1920x1080)

I want all imageboards to accept webm/mp4 please...


okay there's no excuse for mp4


File:elden ring.jpg (1.97 MB,5120x3072)

this isn't a happening but I don't know where else to talk about this. usually I would go to OG /qa/ but... well, you know. and [s4s] is just NOT a good replacement.

on /v/ there are AI threads which have been pretty fun but suddenly posts are getting deleted left and right due to aggressive moderation (and potentially a mass-reporter). some dude posted pic related and got either warned or banned (even though it was on-topic). yet other posters just spam their kuso fetish all day (no joke, they post almost identical images for 10~ hours). it's always feet or obesity. like, what the fuck? I'm legitimately afraid to post an obscure video game character out of fear of being banned for """""off-topic""""".


File:F56JDy0asAAqH4B.jpg (11.64 KB,279x185)

Sasuga 4chan staff.


/v/ is often /b/-lite, this sounds like mass reporting harassment


>afraid to post an obscure character out of fear of being banned for """""off-topic"""""
Ah, the /a/ treatment. AI threads are cancer, as you yourself have explained, so I see it as a case of mods only doing half of their job.


>AI threads are cancer
Honestly, with how many boards have one in them, I don't understand why Hiro hasn't made an AI board yet. Vtubers weren't even as pervasive as it is right now.


is that a thing becaues i've tried mass reporting many times and it always ends up with me getting a 3 day for something i posted days or weeks prior, and the posts i mass report never get deleted i think the team 4chan have it out for people who do that yeah...


>i've tried mass reporting many times


File:morrigan night 1.jpg (103.63 KB,1024x1024)

pic not related but it's something I made
that's the same conclusion the other users have come to as well.
the worst part is that EVERY ban is 3 days, so you can't even appeal it.


What site was Wapchan again? It sounds so familiar but I can't for the life of me remember what it is...


>One of those new variety of wojaks centered on attacking people for enjoying things
As an 00's /v/irgin I think more people need to be attacked for liking the wrong things, personally.
Does a body good.


It's the 4mod version of schizoposting. The senior mods can still see your IP when they go to ban you. If they make a spurious connection between your geolocation and your posts, presuming you to be a single person or some "known" shitposter, they go out of their way to ban you.
I live by a college and I get conflated with what must be at least a dozen early 20's shitposters all the time, slapped with ban evasion or other such nonsense for posts I never made. You get very autistic interpretations of the rules when they think you're some shitposting demon and you get banned for very little.

Alternatively they just know you're a mass reporter and they're tired of you. You're mileage may vary.


Imageboard version of Agora road


can you explain agora road


pretend i dont know anything about 00s forum culture


You can do that in better ways than plastering the site with template images designed to be displeasing to the eye and going "this is what you look like!" I honestly feels like they're false flags with how they make the poster look worse than the person they're insulting.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (413.23 KB,1920x1080)

This is what you look like!


File:Kindly fuck off.png (898.31 KB,680x680)


File:shut up elle.png (1.23 MB,1920x1080)


When you have Roman graffiti saying the equivalent of "look at me I suck dicks" you know the straw man comic format isn't going to go anywhere.
I'll join you in hoping the wojack era art gets dropped from the format, though.


4chan is down again


Seems like a similar error to earlier this year? I wonder what's going on


It's somewhat different. Threads and the catalog are loading just fine, but you can't get captchas and the refresh thread button doesn't work. The site in general is slow too.


4chan is already back, if anyone cares.


Shoutouts to what's left of ghost. Surprising lack of posters this close to Christmas.


NTA but I remember posting in OG /qa/ and getting my IP blocked (like, my specific address; NOT a range). It's because I was reporting the schizo wojak spam (the one where they greentext EVERYTHING over and over again). I guess I shouldn't have bothered.


If you run afoul of a mod on any board there they'll just make shit up to ban you. It has been four years now and I'm still unable to post on /g/ from any IP within 100 miles of my old residence. They got so tired of me pointing out that the mods were shitting the board up on purpose that they range banned an entire city. From time to time I check and it's still there. I'm guessing someone near the area tries to post on /g/ from time to time and they assume it's me.

I didn't even do anything wrong. I just got tired of the constant "LOL you don't have bidet" threads from Google employees and the constant troon bait. The mods were doing this thing where they'd post some thread vaguely related to technology that they could shift into /lgbt/ type discussion. When they were called out about this they'd write essays for hours in those threads. Then they'd purge most every good post that wasn't one of theirs (meaning the other half of the argument), call it "trolling outside of /b/", ban everyone, archive the thread and then re-post a similar one. This went on for nearly 2 years on /g/ before a bunch of anons bullied the schizo pre-op abomination of 3DPD (his words not mine) into leaving. I'm sure the new batch isn't any better.

/g/ is moderated by a combination of feds, big /tech/ employees and lonely kids confused about their gender doing it for free. It's why the quality of the board is so bad compared to even 5 years ago. They chased out everyone that stayed after the exodus to 8ch/tech/ which took the vast majority of anyone that could into coding. Even /tech/ was lost before 8ch died to a group of skids. Most everyone ended up on various /prog/ boards and threads on hobby boards.

We all know the mods have always been fags. But the faggotry going on today is much worse than the old days. They don't just try to censor the place they actively post propaganda and hate the userbase. It only continues to exist because they don't feel like going through the trouble of baiting everyone into another honeypot. It's why any alt-chan with more than 10 active posters instantly gets targeted and spammed with pizza+ddos'ed+deplatformed. It's always blamed on some random group of discord troons but in reality it's directed by the intelligence community. It's why there aren't any fun memes or organic movements through the internet anymore. They own and control all the platforms. Hell 4chan itself is hosting out of a military base now.

I think it's interesting that they ended up with a Japanese as the face of the west's biggest imageboard while Jim Watkins is the face of Japan's. Really funny how they did that and left both userbases with no actual contact with the admins. You'll notice that both of these people do not even interact with the community at all. The userbase doesn't even bother to complain because they know no one is listening. This is very different from the old days when the admins got yelled at everyday for little bugs and dumb decisions.

I really should sit down and write about the history of the web and its culture between about 2002 and 2023 before the real story is lost to time. No one trying to be honest has sat down and attempted to document it all. All the archive sites and wikis are filled with lies made up by newfags attempting to fit-in. Or straight lies by oldfags trying to bury something embarrassing from their past. It's no coincidence that websites like ED and KF were run/ran by the exact people that shouldn't be hosting anything. KF's owner (not typing name to avoid sending him google alert) only runs his website to prevent the story of his past being posted online. He got tired of being made fun of by most of the internet everyday. Instead of changing his ways he buried all mentions of himself and now he controls the flow of information about people like Chris-chan. He even stole thousands of dollars from anons during the 8ch pig farm days. But no one talks about it and if you dare mention it anywhere on the internet the users of his forum will show up to attack whatever platform it's being hosted on.


Theories about 4chan/internet/etc being controlled by [disliked group of the moment] is best left for somewhere else. This thread is for happenings


Yeah, that's why most technology talk has been shuffled to other protocols, be it IRC or Matrix or Slack etc. (usually the latter two these days, though XMPP seems to being have a resurgence in popularity).


I thought everyone liked big tech employees and just hated those big bad suits


It IS a happening though. It's the biggest happening in the last 6-8 years. If you haven't noticed the shift everywhere you're not paying attention.

But I take your point and will respect it.

XMPP and IRC are the only real options. Everything else has central control server. The reality is they managed to fragment everyone in the middle of 2019 and no one was able to establish the next big place. So everyone ended up getting split into various discord and telegram channels. Where the content can be controlled, monitored and deleted forever if need be (can't effectively mass archive any of that stuff). While the web itself was tard wrangled and everyone was forced back into places like twitter, reddit, 4chan and instagram. All of which require RealID already excluding 4chan which just doxes you based on IP or the pass system.

I find it very odd that the one big happening since 2019 (well two) are the exact subjects that are always labeled
>we don't talk about this in comfy thread take it to uncomfy thread/site
I understand why it's that way: It invites the drama and gets the place attacked and taken down. But this attitude is the reason why nothing related to that topic is archived. Which allows people to make shit up about what really happened and use it as justification for even more censorship.

I for one have faith in people not to wander "off-topic" for very long. No one should care that "off-topic" discussion is happening somewhere as long as it doesn't totally derail the thread or attempt to exclude other conversations happening in said thread.

Do not get me started on what's really going on. It's a sad depressing story. I went down this rabbit hole in 2020 and discovered a lot of bad things. I've been trying to warn everyone about what I've found since then. I've been banned more times than I can count and the bots follow me around like I'm made of pure energy. My power level has risen way over 9,000. I even know what keywords to avoid to be able to talk about this without luring them in now.

You must excuse the length of my posts. I have autism you see. I type 200wpm. I have a lot to say. Feel free to call me a faggot if you want.


I hate them because they made fun of me in an interview once.


I hate them because they made tiktaks bragging about not doing anything at work and then cried about being laid off (and then went to work at the NSA)


Tell the story plz


I like the ideas you have as far as documenting the internet, culture surrounding it, etc. Definitely sounds like a group effort that needs more collaboration. If something gets started, I wouldn't mind writing a few pieces towards it. I've been involved with a lot of it ranging from geocities in late 90s to all sorts of various forums between 1997 - 2003, Newgrounds in the early 2000s, and 4chan as early as mid 2004. I agree with a lot of your statements, especially regarding /g/. Not too mention how bad the bot posts have become there as well. 4chan as a whole seems so inorganic and has been truly stale even well before moot left. I still visit there from time to time and just get sad on top of being annoyed with how devolved the next wave of anons are over there. I guess it's really not a lot of their faults as they didn't have the same chances to discover better online "avenues" as the previous generations. I see from time to time that people really want an "old web revival" as well. I wonder what that would really look like if there was a large enough collab among web enthusiasts. I'll admit I enjoy seeing webrings on neocities even though I know it's not even remotely the same as well as some of the faults surrounding all of that. Either way things need to make a shift and soon before all of us lose in the end. The web as we all came to know and love is on life support while tptb are on their way to the building to pull the plug once and for all.


I'm sick of every imageboard that manages to avoid pol9k-ification devolving into people bitching about how the internet sucks now and we live in a dystopia and so-on and so-forth.

Like, I get it: corporations are evil, the government enables them, and both are spying on you. But I already know that; it's why I'm here. Kissu's an escapist site about escapist subject matter. I use it to get away from the stressful bullshit of the rest of the internet, in the same way I used to come to the internet in general to get away from the stressful bullshit of real life.

And to be clear, I'm not going to throw a shitfit just because someone said something negative about the modern internet, or modern life in general. What I take issue with is the doom-and-gloom everything is terrible attitude; not because it's wrong, but because it's fucking exhausting.


The happenings thread is a treated as an embassy thread of sorts; posts that would get deleted elsewhere are able to stay here because we expect (and hope) people that primarily use other sites will make use of it or contribute. That's not to say that trolling or otherwise purposely causing trouble will be tolerated, however.




The kissu secret police on happening gheto patrol


File:165e18f47a5b90_full.jpg (126.19 KB,640x480)

Seems like the new board isn't working either? Also /azu/'s archive (>>104745) is dead too.
This is what appears on the main page for the new board:
>/azu/ wiill be back soon, in november!
So we'll see what happens until November ends, I guess.

I've been thinking about /azu/ again, specifically about the PHP galleries that were hosted on the site, as seen on this snapshot: https://archive.li/eyOGE . If someone from the /azu/ discord is reading this please let me know if these pictures have been archived, I remember there were a lot of great old-school azuma/barasui pictures there.


don't think ill be reading a ``history of the web'' written by a severely autismal 35 year old senpai no matter how """"authentic"""" you think it is


kono gaki.... you should listen to your senpai, you know?


Ota died


guess that means the spammer will be back on the rest of the circle now


It's gone down suddenly before and returned, although this time it's had illegal spam sitting on it for weeks (and apparently some freak trying to kill it by bumping all of it repeatedly) so it might be serious this time. Presumably the gathering place for them would be gnfos as every other ota-adjacent spinoff is dead.


rest in piss




the most relevant meta thread on it


File:azu.jpg (386.35 KB,1732x1158)

>So we'll see what happens until November ends, I guess.
It'll be back up this month, promise! Your post gave me the kick in the butt I needed to finally restore it. I've just been super busy IRL and haven't gotten around to it. Apologies for the downtime.
>I've been thinking about /azu/ again, specifically about the PHP galleries that were hosted on the site
I sadly do not have anything from the "galleries" tab of the old imageboard archived, and not much of the site either. I've asked on the Discord and no one else there does either. Pic related is the status of all the site/image archives, which are now back online at https://azu.nfshost.com/archive/



Does anyone know where my ota friends moved to?
(Besides gnfos)


File:1690652103568.jpg (28.43 KB,446x447)

Kind died, what died, bun died, nen's hanging on by a thread. You know where.


Unfortunately, I don't think you've missed any sort of exodus and that's probably the place with the highest concentration. You could make a thread here like some nen people did when it died, if you want. Looking at gnfos it seems like buttmin might bring back /what/, but obviously it wouldn't be the same thing.


They went to the far beyond lands of a place called IRL.


hope he brings back /butt/


I really miss Dreamchan.


Me too...


I dont know where


Does anyone know where there's a good wrestling board other than /pw/? I don't have any interest in ever returning to 4chan.


4chan /g/ never recovered from the text boards being deleted. Now it's 80% made up of all the terrible imageboard versions of the old /prog/ and /tech/ threads.


Strangely of all 420chan had a quite successful one from what I heard. Unfortunately do note the "had" and not "has" since that place is still dead with a "soon" placeholder starting page.
I checked the webring and there's a /wooo/ (which I think was the 420 board?) but it seems like it's a lot slower than the original: https://tvch.moe/wooo/
They might have gone to a different place, but I don't personally know.


Isn't tvch a pol9k place?


smuglo.li has a /wooo/ too, but I don't know which of the two is more active.


tvch is pretty much not worth using because it's 4-6 moderators that have done everything in their power to chase away users for the last several years. Whenever someone calls them out for their actions they blame it on some troll that hasn't been around in years. Most of them sit in a discord chat all day attempting to latch on to failed e-celebs in an attempt to gain internet fame. It's really that bad.

tvch and vch (8/v/) both attempted to kill off the webring in the early days. They tried to force users back into 8kun when it re-launched. When it was discovered Mark was on payroll and had control over who did and didn't get BO access to popular boards people lost faith and never came back. The moderators of tvch then spent the next year or so doing everything they could to kill off all of the rest of the boards in the webring. For whatever reason they really hate smuglo.li and 8/a/. They were also against /cow/'s board because it hosted threads about tvch's owner and Mark (who were friends IRL). All that stupid drama and pizza spam spawned from the discord channel the tvch jannys use. They went on an autistic crusade against any board that allowed you to post anime. The TLDR is they're cancer.

I'm not sure where the users of /wooo/ went after the attempt to migrate to smug. The tvch people used to try to host streams of wrestling events but they chased away everyone outside of their little clique with their usual antics. There isn't a board in the entire webring that they haven't openly attacked. They've even doxed multiple admins over the years for the simple crime of allowing content they didn't like. They forced several boards like /jp/ to migrate from board-to-board without a proper home. Then would dox anyone that gave them shelter. I've lost count of how many people have closed up shop and left forever because of this small group of people.

Aside from smug most of the webring hasn't been worth lurking for a long time. I go months between visits and nothing much changes. The same threads from years ago are still in the catalog and it's always the same handful of people posting the the endless generals. You haven't missed any kind of exodus. There simply isn't anywhere left to go outside of the chat applications that require you to dox yourself for access. I think we're finally seeing the death of the web itself. It has been replaced with stuff like telegram and discord. It's very lonely now if you don't want to dox yourself for access to chat rooms filled with power tripping moderators and admins.


Most open source protocols can be done anonymously, and a lot of the users there are into nerd shit.
There's also cagematch if you can tolerate the smarks but its not really a forum


Also I wouldn't call them a /pol/ / /rk9/ place. One of the first things they did during the early webring days is shut down any discussion related to politics and current events. Everyone was fear mongering that if we didn't censor ourselves we'd get deplatformed. Then they turned right around and posted that type of content on unrelated boards and emailed hosting providers to deplatform boards within the webring they didn't like. Most of which only committed the crime of talking about /a/ and /v/ type hobbies. In other words they're hypocrites.

It'd be more correct to say that they're the absolute worse type of anon from late-era /cow/. When that board when from documenting the antics of strange people on the internet to following the day-to-day drama of youtubers and related e-celebs. They even showed up here at one point attempting to dox the owner because they thought the /jp/ board was related to someone they were having autism wars with on tvch at the time. There was some guy that liked 2hu that started poking fun at them a few years ago. I can't remember all of the details but they got at least 3 imageboards shut down over the course of like 2 months simply because they thought that person was posting on them.

I'm honestly convinced a few of them were being paid to prevent any 8chan-type imageboard from building up a user base in the wake of 8chan getting taken down due to the antics of /pol/. Instead of a proper exodus we ended up having a lot of people getting forced back into 4chan because it was the only imageboard with an active community. None of the established smaller alt-chans wanted to take in that mass of users. The ones that popped up to take on those users were all deplatformed one way or the other by the same small group.

I am not really that familiar with /wooo/ content because I stopped following wrestling when it got boring circa-1999/2000. I'm just saying that there really isn't a place you can go to talk about it as anon anymore. I'm sure it's true small communities for it exist but most of them seem to be centered around youtubers and more mainstream sources of content. It isn't like pre-2020 imageboards where boards for this stuff exists that you can lurk as a casual fan. Star Trek community suffers the same issue. When we lost /strek/ on 8ch nothing ever showed up to fill that gap despite it being a very active board with a close-nit community.


Last time I checked smugloli it was just a general chit-chat thread more than anything


True but if you want to talk about seasonal anime it isn't that bad. 8/a/ managed to survive due to having a good plan and established bunker. Most hobby boards did not.


I was familiar with /wooo/ on 420chan. They were more centered around Japanese wrestling and indie promotions which I very rarely even bother with. I still browsed it for a bit early into AEW starting then after just stopped getting on there until one day I found out that it had died. I do get on tvch and smug's /wooo/ boards which it doesn't bother me getting on slow boards but they are literally dead crawls missing out on so much active discussion that could be had. I've honestly thought about seeking out a few forums that may be active at least on a week by week basis.

At this rate looking back in retrospect, it's almost seeming like 8chan truly caused more harm than good by ever even being created in the first place. Makes one wonder what the state of imageboards would look like if it never were created. I also don't really understand why board politics has become so aggressive in recent years which ultimately has ended up messing up so much potential that 'altchans' really could have had.


In my opinion 8chan was fine outside of the larger boards in its last year. There were so many small active communities there that minded their own business and avoided the attention the larger boards like /pol/ drew in from outsiders. The concept of being able to quickly make a new board and being able to moderate it mostly outside of the control of the administration was a good thing (save a handful of global rules to prevent the entire place getting nuked).

The problem when it died was a lot of outside forces organized together to ensure nothing like it would take off again. Everyone was too terrified to allow the users to moderate themselves. The one host that did take in anyone no questions asked was quickly over run with people seeking global positions that did everything in their power to discourage people from using the place. It only took them a month or two to chase away all the users. Now they sit in an echo chamber with like 8 active users (all jannys of course) blaming everyone else for the lack of activity. They claim what they did was a good thing. They burned it all to the ground just so they didn't have to see anime on the catalogs and overboards. The thought of simply not lurking such places never crossed their minds.

As I said before I'm convinced most of these people were paid off to do this. There is absolutely no way in hell someone could be so stupid. At one point you had a global mod throwing hissy fits about lolis and instagram models on a mexican board being pedophilia. All the while the same person was camping a board where pedophilia was being posted on the daily. But it was okay for them to participate in it because it was e-celeb drama and they were seeking fame. Killing off the momentum and chasing all the boards/users away wasn't good enough for them though. They had to organize with a handful of other jannys and dox and harass every other board in the webring. They couldn't allow people to move to another host and moderate themselves. It all made sense when it came out that the same people moderating that host were the jannys on tvch.

They killed off the only viable 8chan clone because they were mad that people wouldn't use their imageboard. I don't know why people get involved in such petty drama. It's sad to see it. Every year or so I go back and lurk and the same 6 or 7 jannys are still there posting in one thread everyday. Blaming everyone but themselves for the lack of activity and OC.


Stop using that fuckugly word. And you're not even pluralizing it right!

>As I said before I'm convinced most of these people were paid off to do this. There is absolutely no way in hell someone could be so stupid.
You'd be surprised. Anyone who's had a j*b for any length of time can tell you that there's a disconcerting number of people that are basically high-functioning retards; people who are exactly smart enough to get themselves into a position where they can then fuck everything up for everyone else.

My impression of the tvch guys, having dealt with people like them before, is that they're just bullies, hence their obsession with dipshit e-celeb drama. They're not attacking other people with any sort of agenda in mind; they're attacking because it makes they feel superior.

Aside from all that, I'm glad 8ch failed. It attempted to do for imageboards what Reddit did for forums and Discord did for chatrooms. Centralization of services that could and should exist standalone is always a bad thing, even if it's in the name of "democratizing" the web.


I saw the deleted post.


8chan was a terrible idea for an imageboard even discounting their aggressive attempts to recruit radical political obsessives. moot was right when he said creating too many boards subdivides the community and removes opportunities for novel interactions. 4chan itself suffered from this during that time period when it made boards like /sci/ and /diy/ which led to a braindrain on /b/ that caused even the dumb and silly threads to lose a lot of potential, and that problem has only grown as boards and even individual threads increasingly isolate themselves from the site as a whole. I understand why people gravitate towards that kind of set-up, but good moderation should counterbalance this by forcing everyone to coexist. That's not possible when everyone can set up their own mini-community to exclude whatever group or opinion they don't want to deal with anymore. You end up with an environment where the people with extreme views set up echo chambers that make them more extreme and the people who want to take it easy huddle up in tiny groups homogeneous enough to ensure no disagreement or evolution ever occurs. Those aren't environments where interesting things happen.


moot was unequivocally wrong about board subcultures and the hatchet he took to /a/ before leaving should be applied to his forehead.


The first year of 8chan was fun and did have intra-board interactions (considering a gay male board and a furry board were extremely popular it wasnt just a political echochamber) and it had a very active IRC channel.


I miss 8chan.


I'm glad it's gone.


I just checked and it's back


be yourself, retard


File:autism.png (170.57 KB,500x500)

Words to live by.


still find it hilarious that people keep saging a thread with autoage
sage does nothing, sure, sure


Views don't need to be political to be extreme. "All shounen should be banned from /a/" is not a political view, but it is an extremist one and one that has been continually reinforced by separation between the concerned parties.


I haven't found a community I'm interested in since 8chan was around. I can't relate to imageboard related topics at all anymore. I check up on imageboards because I grew up with them and they're the only way of communicating online that I'm comfortable with. It's more comfortable to stay off the internet.


Was this archive of the old axypb.net /azu/ board saved?


kohlchan /int/ is pretty decent


What happened to wapchan?


I went there yesterday and saw that cheese pizza had been up for 6 days, I think the admin had become inactive and it was taken down


I don't believe so. You could maybe ask on heyuri, or was that someone else?

It's so depressing to see how many imageboards die because of that vile garbage. I hate it so much. I hope the users had a meeting place in mind somewhere for such a situation. If not, this is another reminder to people to have something set up ahead of time for any community you're a part of.


If kissue dies lets all meet up on v's threads


I mean, Kissu has Sageru #qa, and Rizon #qa and #kissu. I like to think at least most people would be able to coordinate a new site if worst were ever to come.


It was a joke


The admin is rolling back from vichan to lynxchan since his update failed. I think the site is going back up soon


If Kissu dies then I die too


>You could maybe ask on heyuri, or was that someone else?
Unfortunately the archivers were the "soyjack party" trolls and that site has died, no way to contact whoever had hosted it.


That seems inconvenient.


/v/ has Doom CSS to celebrate it's 30th birthday


Site's back up, the admin's just not a NEET so he couldn't fix it immediately


What's going on with wirechan? Just late getting their certs back up? Or something more?


File:1702740215906024s.jpg (2.05 KB,250x63)

Seems like 4channel.org is kill, well except for the homepage which still exists. But now all boards redirect to 4chan.org.


Oh, I was wondering why my theme reset. Guess Hiro finally realized that the loose separation wasn't attracting any more advertisers than there already were?


I use uBlock on PC but whenever I use 4chan on my android I notice most ads were either crypto scams or "advertise on this site" type of banners.


someone needs to compile a grand list of imageboards again. Seems like 50% of them have died since the covid years


I thought about it and even made a thread about it here somewhere, but the thing is that the sites really need active moderation before they should be listed. Not so much for general raiding (which is quite rare these days) but for the illegal spam which is an unfortunate reality of having an imageboard and especially one that is on a list that gets passed around. Unfortunately, not many of them have said moderation and the stuff can sit there for days which will invariably get them yanked by the host.
Permission could be asked ahead of time so any possible negative repercussions are, uhh.. consensual? (how else do I say this)
I don't know, this just seems like an iffy thing to do, but it probably would be beneficial.


maybe the best thing is just for them to be found naturally in that case


fuck off m8


Why are you so upset?


The idea of "naturally" finding something is such a misnomer that it's basically impossible not to get angry at people who think discovering something through an affiliate, advertisement or search engine is anything different from finding it by being friends with another person who advertises in place of the organization


Not exactly happening, but today I found out both my home ISP and my cellphone carrier's IP range has been blacklisted by 4chan because of "abuse". I tried VPN, but that quickly gets detected and perma-banned/blacklisted. Looks like Hiromooot doesn't want people posting there without paying.


He's raking in the cash by allowing shills free access to the boards while banning all the real users. If you buy the pass you're basically paying them to advertise to you.


The 4chan captcha seems to have gotten updated again, though my auto-solver still works most of the time. It puts a big circle somewhere in the middle that makes each captcha look like the Japanese flag.


When Hiro first was announced I remember reading a handful of reaction threads on 2ch/an. One of the things that got echoed a lot on 2chan was this, Hiro liked to hand out range bans on 2ch to drive account sales.


It's amusing how the main English imageboard ended up being run by the tyrant of Japanese imageboards. Meanwhile the tyrant of 8chan ended up running the largest Japanese imageboard.

How do they keep getting away with it?


According to open2ch they did it on purpose to use the language barrier as an excuse


That's my opinion on the matter as well. Any complaints can be written off as
>so sorry I can't understand you
Jim Watkins was very shady pre-8chan even. But after he showed up in front of the US Congress and nothing was ever said again about it I'm unwilling to go anywhere near any IP range he owns.

The only reason he can bully people is the fact that he bought a block of IPv4 addresses way way back in the day. If he didn't have that no one would have ever bothered doing business with him.

I wish I would have purchased a block of IPv4 addresses and gotten a bunch of free 2-3 letter .coms back then. At one point you could get those .coms for free.


Check out chan.city


File:garland.png (10.55 KB,503x50)

I don't remember this was there before.


So is it new?


I have never seen it until now, and I don’t recall it being in the image files listed out in the past in some older /qa/ /s4s/ threads.


What are some of the longest ritual posts/threads out there?


File:clip.png (5.92 KB,311x129)

4chan is nesting captchas now, placing their own native captcha behind cloudfare's verification. This is likely being done to combat the ubiquitous use of captcha solvers on mobile apps and more speculatively, to combat bots. This comes after the in house captcha has been updated at least twice in the last month, updates that proved insufficient to combat the solvers.
From my personal experience the public captcha solvers on 4chan have a success rate of around 95%.


I remember there being a screenshot from 2003 (or maybe 2004) of a "me on the left" post. It might predate 4chan even, but I think it's one of the funniest long-lasting stock replies.



It’s for the better that 4chan did that honestly.
(It’s been forever since I visited 4chan other than visiting the site once to look around one time last year.)


Fortunately it doesn't do this every time. It was freezing up my captcha solver at first, but once I turned it off and clicked through the CF one once I was able to turn it back on and continue posting without solving that stupid fucking puzzle. I swear the solvers have better success rates than I do.


File:pfft.gif (2.07 MB,500x375)

Going to put this here instead of making a thread since it's about 4chan. There are two odd things I've noticed about 4chan over the last few years and I was wondering if they'd happened to anyone else.

1) 4chan works even if you don't pay ISP bill.

At least with my local ISP it does. I've forgotten to pay my bill on time 3-4 times in the last few years. Every time I was able to continue using 4chan even days after my service had been shut off. The only thing that happens is the speed is reduced to be on-par with old ISDN speeds. Meaning images load very slowly. But I can still post and get updates for threads pretty quickly. It continues to work even when websites like google, amazon and the other big websites that maintain local cache servers at my ISP's head end do not.

2) 4chan continues to function when all other websites are down due to mass outages

I've seen this happened twice in the last few years. I can't remember the exact date off the top of my head but it was around the time of the 2020 election in America. There was a mass outage at 12am-4am EDT one night. Everything was offline from cloudflare to youtube and even google's search. It was so odd that I was checking every large website I could think of to verify their status.

4chan continued to work. Well 4/g/ continued to work as I was lurking it at the time. The strange thing was it only seemed to be a handful of us that could get messages through. I ended up in a thread with 4 or 5 other people talking about the outage and relaying information. I thought it would be big news the next day because it was the largest outage of internet services I had seen since about 2002 or so. But the next morning there wasn't a peep about it on any tech websites or in the media. A couple of us tried to post threads on 4/g/ the next day in an attempt to figure out what had happened. But they would get instantly deleted by moderation.

I still wonder if it was some kind of cyber attack.


Check your basement, you may be living with a CIA server room.


AI and Cloudflare: two of my least favorite things, helping each other make life worse.


nonsense, there is no such server room


Anon.cafe is shutting down.


A two months advanced notice is really good. Practically unheard of, really. A shame for the loss, but that's a lot of time to make plans, exchange info, register domains, and so on. If only every imageboard disappearance had such a grace period we'd be able to fight off entropy just a little bit better.
I hope they can all find a place they enjoy. (and I guess it's a good time for people to extend welcomes to any related boards)


File:1438815993232.jpg (114.71 KB,1440x810)

Is /cutieromance/ kissu related?


I can tell you why, at the very least, the PC building general thread on /g/ was being spammed ad nauseam with misspelled words from archived posts by some angry autist with a captcha solver and the mods and janitors couldn't ban his proxies well enough. There could've been similar threads elsewhere but I only knew because I got banned wrongfully because I posted inside one of the threads to give advice.
My first appeal was rejected probably because I used a throwaway email account from cock.li and they ignored my well written appeal about how my IP was not a bot. I had to burn my alternative Github account to show I was a real person with a public private key combo on a Gist for my 2nd appeal which is a bit cringe and probably not why they unbanned me. But they did it on December 17-18 or so which was probably an indication they had decided to use Cloudflare to tackle the issue at that point.

Anyways, it was honestly a good thing because I got to actually browse altchans which I haven't done since before the pandemic in 2018 and see how things have shaken out. I haven't posted in many even before that point since I was a relatively late 4chan poster starting in 2009 or so but I decided I wanted to take a shot to do more on seeing better change and thinking how 4chan has changed for the worst after seeing you guys here and Henyuri and wanting to keep some of that alive today. I didn't feel comfortable posting until I lurked more though which is why you are only seeing this now. I will probably still browse 4chan but hoping to switch that over more to altchans if possible for deeper thoughts and discussions.


if you last browsed altchans in 2018 I wonder if you browsed 8chan before it was shut down. remember when the autistic furfag Bui spammed all of 8chan with short posts of random characters? I wonder if it was the same guy here. If not him then maybe that 'ecker guy from 2chen.


File:1703652752237691.webm (1.62 MB,1080x720)

tshit got owned so hard in monhun that he deleted gn and sold the domain and deleted his twitch account


absolute pwnage


Went to ota to see the aftermath and saw 2 cp threads on the front page great job as always shitmin


Oh, wow. His Twich's still there though, see the last VOD:
>killing the dinosaurs then killing my babysitter gig
He decides to do it right at 2:36:00.
lol'd@that nick


he does this every other month


he apparently has to offboard as an affiliate before he can delete the channel


I did but it was shit in my opinion because they clearly aimed and targeted and encouraged the worst posters to move. I rechecked out 420chan and 7chan but they didn't appeal that much to me because they focused more to the normal oldfags. That furfag poster does sound like one of those vile people that would move over to 8chan but I don't think it was him or the other person mentioned that spammed on /g/. He was just some autist or underage with money that didn't like the thread maker for the general or had something against that thread only. It didn't leak elsewhere but it was annoying especially since I got banned.


>spammed ad nauseam with misspelled words from archived posts by some angry autist
>ban his proxies
That's the accelespammer script Or rather how it worked. Pulls posts from the archive to blend in while avoiding regex filtering, and posts using multiple proxies so even if the mods do ban a single post all the others were made on different IPs stay up.
4mods really can't stand not being able to hit two buttons to make all the posts go away. Hunting down 12 proxies making 80 posts makes them mad and sloppy because they just want to go back to pressing two buttons.


It was probably a variant since captcha did kill the script. But captcha solving has gotten really good and just using experimental ML models that do OCR from like 5 years ago is enough to achieve human-level accuracy. That's why for a while, reCaptcha changed to the whole identify traffic and etc. to train Google's internal vision model for driving. Google jacking up the price and introducing v3 which used more heuristics instead probably prompted 4chan to move away from it.
Really, the new capchas weren't bad. But the thing that made the whole spamming semi-possible was the usage of specialized models just to solve the new captchas as a userscript even with the sliders which was introduced by Automatic1111 who also made the stable-diffusion-webui everyone basically uses now to generate images. For the longest time after he started the latter project and he stopped updating the solver script, you could not say his name on /g/ due to his userscript until he stopped hosting it.
In any case, the new captchas with the whole black white section with sliders only help a little bit but the captcha solvers already have enough information to solve them. I would say that Cloudflare's captcha and backend services are doing more here to stop scripts than the change to the captchas themselves based on that. We'll see how long the pricing holds out to help out small websites but it sucks that CF is now basically a cartel because of this shit. It shouldn't need to be a given when you run a website that you need DDOS protection and have to pay protection money once you hit a certain size. Modern society sucks.


I find ti kind of hard to believe that a casino/gambling spam site came up with a logo for GNFOS, but it's definitely a unique spin on his normal gag, either true or false.


>This is likely being done to combat the ubiquitous use of captcha solvers on mobile apps and more speculatively, to combat bots. This comes after the in house captcha has been updated at least twice in the last month, updates that proved insufficient to combat the solvers.
There has been a cloudflare check before loading captcha ever since recaptcha (or whatever google calls it now, since it has nothing do do with reading anymore) was discontinued with the 4chan slider captcha in its place. It's just that now the cloudflare check is (slightly) more aggressive.

Also it has no effect on using captcha solvers



>no effect
They're trying to use the cloudfare js blobs to check for solvers. They've gone through multiple iterations already and briefly broke the site for regular users.
It's not nothing.


File:GESN0G3bAAAkPTh.jpg (240.19 KB,948x1672)

The iconic Longcat photo turned 20.


How does this work? Some sort of telemetry?


https://developers.cloudflare.com/bots/reference/javascript-detections/ no idea what an invisible javascript snippet is, but I suppose they're using this tooling


File:1582178627885.jpg (136.84 KB,818x1200)

And Yotsuba&! turned 21 yesterday.


Yotsuba&! is one of those weird things that feels like it's always existed at some non-determinant point in time, never becoming an "old" manga while obviously not being new.


I feel like people have a tendency to associate the age of a manga with when it got an anime adaptation, so something like Yotsubato which never got one feels comparatively timeless. For example, I feel like most people would struggle to pin a manga like Uzumaki down to even the correct decade, would not think of Vinland Saga as at all old despite it having started nearly 20 years ago, and are surprised by how 'classic' series like Black Lagoon and Ichigo Mashimaro are still ongoing.


>Black Lagoon and Ichigo Mashimaro are still ongoing
Only by pure technicality.


Did Black Lagoon become shit? I heard one of the recent arcs was badm but I haven't kept up with up in a long time.


It just didn't release for a long time, then gave an okay arc, then seems to have stopped again. I guess it's better than Ichigo, but it's hard to consider them current manga when they're barely releasing new chapters.

Another example would be HxH, which is technically more current than, say, Kimetsu even though the latter started and ended without the former releasing a single chapter.


You might as well say the same about Yotsuba&, which has only released four volumes since the start of 2013 (the same as Black Lagoon and one more than Ichigo Mashimaro). HxH has released five in that time, but I'd consider that way worse, considering it is supposed to be a weekly series, whereas the others were only ever monthly.
>then seems to have stopped again.
The latest volume released just last month. There's also a 7+ volume spin-off that started in 2020 and a 3+ volume one that started in 2022, both of which are getting regular releases, although I have no idea if they're any good.
>Another example would be HxH, which is technically more current than, say, Kimetsu even though the latter started and ended without the former releasing a single chapter.
No? HxH released 40 chapters while KY was running. HxH did have a 4 year hiatus, but that didn't begin until halfway through KY's run.


Hidamari Sketch too, last I checked.


File:2024_01_24_23-52__axm.png (209.63 KB,779x754)


File:e74cdef8946f3e884726d7d296….jpg (539.95 KB,1700x1200)

Great news, now they only need to let the punishment fit the crime.


I spent a bit of time the other day arguing with all the bloodthirsty X users talking about it that the arsonist was basically already burnt to death; the doctors had to go to great efforts to keep him from dying of severe burns thanks to the way he just sloppily tossed gasoline everywhere.


im thirster i thirst


File:58a9a4492800c8dfe4af52aa08….jpg (114.43 KB,900x1083)

drink thirster


File:344ac6fa69b048d095afe6699….jpeg (690.21 KB,827x1169)

I had one of those when I was in Japan. Pretty overrated if you ask me.


Yeah, may as well finish the job now that he's been served due process.




bloodthirsty shab just bit me


Interesting thread about the malicious CP bots that have been targeting imageboards and related communities for years.


probably fanfiction. I'm pretty sure I already know what they're about but I'll check their donut steel.


From my observations over the years the OP has no inaccuracies, which I am honestly surprised by because I've become accustomed to conspiracy theories about this stuff. The later part of that thread is what I've come to expect and it is actively detrimental to actual beneficial discussion, unfortunately making boards more susceptible to it. If OP is still in that thread after it was destroyed so utterly I would be surprised. The neocities site seems really useful!
The guy really does know what he's talking about.

-Eastern Europe/Russian in origin: Yes
-Hits the top post in index or top board on the side/top alphabetically: Yes
-Done manually: Yes
-Profit-driven: Seems that way
-Patterns from different individuals at different times, seemingly replaced over time: Yes
-Multiple imageboards at the same time: Yes

Illegal content is indeed something that had been weaponized among the 8chan remnant sites, but I don't consider that stuff to be spam in the traditional sense so I consider it unrelated to this.

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