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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: February 7th, 2023
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It's been resurrected under a different name and now redirects to the new site.


File:what does this even mean.png (252.53 KB,1131x763)

I posted this in a blog thread here, but I got blocked due to "spam" (blog thread abuse?). it's not a happening but I don't what other thread to talk about this (and I don't think it's worth making a new thread for). can someone explain what the fuck pic related means?
>Moderation is insufferable even on boards like /a/ now. Doesn't matter if you're civil or not. You say the wrong thing and you're going and I'm not talking about low effort /pol/ stuff either.
it really seems like that right now


Mods can make mistakes too. Come back when your appeal is denied. (and take their advice to heart - even if they have wrongfully banned you, insulting them won't do you any good)

As a side note, I am surprised you can already see the appeal form. The way I remember it, it should be locked for the first 3 days of your ban and only become available after 72 hours.


i think it's a confusion that bans under three days don't ever get it.


I've gotten a bunch of lengthy bans over the years, and I distinctly remember having to wait to make my case - usually that they wrongfully accused me of ban-evasion, which the already passed waiting period itself proved wrong.
So, I'm pretty sure that I do not remember wrong.


I appealed earlier today; I didn't insult anyone. anyway, I think I will post about 4chan stuff here from now on. I really miss having /nah/ threads on the original /qa/ for stuff like this.


He probably thought you were trying to summon barneyfag, who is somehow still doing his thing 10 years after its had any relevancy. And, while mods are garbage and ruining the site, considering you were on /s4s/ and typing like a retard, I'm not confident that's not exactly what you were trying to do.


The moderation on 4chan is so insufferable now I don't even bother to appeal. I reset my router+modem to get a fresh IP by spoofing the MAC address on the router and go about my business. I don't think they even check posts anymore. If you send enough reports you can get banned for anything.

Technically, it is against the rules. But I try really hard to stay within their unjust rules when I do post there (maybe once a month now). Even then I frequently catch a ban because someone wants to argue. Then they dog pile from what I assume are discord servers. I've noticed I'll get banned for the exact same thing the other side of the argument is doing but they're never punished.

It's obvious there is a mod club and if you aren't in it or friendly with it you get banned for 3 days - months. Same thing they used to do on IRC. It's just on discord now.

I honestly don't find much value. The small boards are starting to get as bad as the large boards got a few years ago. Of course everything after about 2007 isn't that great.


I agree but I can’t evade, apparently. leaving my router disconnected all night won’t reset the IP address. I remember it used to work with just 10-15 minutes of being disconnected. I also have gotten banned multiple times due to someone else mass-reporting, and just bullshit reasons in general.


I feel like every decision the mod team makes (incognito removed, IP count removed, 50 captchas, etc.) is meant to cater towards little kids who have the time to wait through just to make the site worse. I wish I could hear it straight from their mouths that they really want that kind of awful crowd.
man what the hell? fucking feds I wish they'd leave the damn 20 year olds alone.


>incognito removed
>50 captchas
Elaborate? I haven't used 4chan recently.

>IP count removed
As far as I am concerned, they should never have introduced the IP counter. It only worked to reveal the laziest of samefags, the ones that aren't even malicious, such as OPs trying to give their threads a little kickstart.


>4 posts getting deleted for criticizing koreans/calling them "gooks" on /a/
really weird change in moderation. I've used that term all the time up until now. I wonder if "chinks" is taboo now too.


File:1496085600163.jpg (100.27 KB,855x720)

Isn't like 1/5 of /a/ about manhwa and webtoons now?


I only really use one thread but yeah, it is so in that particular thread


such freedom of speech restrictions that you're not allowed to talk about japanese politics on /a/


Do you spoof the MAC address of your PC or router connected to your modem? A lot of ISPs are getting very restrictive now. They recently replaced the modem/router combo of a family member here. I can't even get into the admin panel of it. They want you to call them and tech support logs in remotely. A large security hole waiting to happen.

They claim you can configure it yourself from their cell phone app. But I don't have a cell phone anymore. Logging in from the local ip ( just redirects you to a support page that tells you to call them or download the cell phone app. I'm not letting them replace my modem if I can help it.

I've been thinking about buying my own modem. There is a list of like 3 you can use on the ISPs network. But it's a pain to get them to approve the use of them.

Half the mod team of /a/ are gooks now that use the
>no racism outside of /b/
rule to unjustly ban people. That rule and another are use as justification to ban people everywhere these days. The mods don't play fair on 4chan. If you aren't in the clique you'll catch a ban for doing exactly the same thing they're doing in threads. You can always tell a mod is lurking when a heated debate is happening. They'll delete one sides posts that make up half of the thread and issue 3 day - 3 month bans to silence them.

In other words. You aren't allowed to joke about anything anymore. One side can throw around racist and vulgar insults and the other can't. You can complain about certain people (e.g. whites, straights, Americans, Japanese, senpais) but if you joke about others (e.g. gays, transexuals, blacks, Koreans, Jews) you'll eat the ban.

The only people that apply for mod positions now are the exact types you don't want to have access to mod tools.


kohais must learn to respect their senpais if they are to post


unfortunately I am tech illiterate so I don’t know about that spoofing/MAC address stuff. I just remember evading used to be easy but my folks have changed their internet provider from time to time and I think that may have changed something. and from my experience, 99% of bans are 3 days so it’s just short enough to deny the right to appeal. I remember getting banned for commenting about another user (the official reason was “off-topic” although I did use a racial slur). strangely enough, that user in particular CONSTANTLY blogposts about his life and blatantly off-topic shit like his affairs and his ruined marriages (he is attention-starved); he’s never once had his posts deleted from my time in those threads. He once remarked that the moderation team likes him, and in hindsight, I think he was a janny.
that’s a very strange filter to have on kissu. I wonder what it was.
test: spic


He probably was a janitor or even a mod. They have an in-group and let people in that group break the rules constantly.

Spoofing a MAC address isn't that hard depending on what kind of router you have. Most of them have an option to change the MAC address somewhere in the settings. After you change it you simply reboot the ISP's modem. Usually by unplugged it from a power source and waiting about 10 seconds to plug it back in. When it reboots it'll see the device connected to it has a different MAC address. This will force the ISP's network to assign your modem a new IP address.

My local ISP has two ranges (e.g. 165.x.x.x and 89.x.x.x). It's sometimes useful to keep resetting the modem until I get an address in the range I want. Since they do not allow you to run servers on home connections and block them if you're in the same range as other people. But if you're on a different range than your clients it works for whatever reason. I have to ensure I'm not in the same range as friends and family that access my media server and locally hosted website.

I don't have to reset mine much for 4chan unless I catch an unjust ban on /a/. Which I only post on at most twice a month now whenever I announce something I've created is up for download. I learned a few years ago that it was useless to post on most of the boards. /g/ in particular is really bad now. Almost anything of value to be discussed is an instant ban and the mods are lurking it all of the time. Which is why the board has mostly become a place to shill products. When I tried to announce and get help for my fork of Gentoo I was banned for 3 days constantly.

You're right. They abuse the 3-day ban because you can't appeal it. This way the admins never see complaints (not that they care). Mods use a lot of underhanded methods like that. On some smaller alt-chans they'll ban you and claim you posted pizza. Since the admins don't want to verify and look at such posts to see if they were really pizza they take the mods word for it. Most of the time they couldn't verify it anyway. As such posts are purged from the database instantly. Since everyone is paranoid about having pizza on the server at all (with good reason).

Finding honest moderation is really hard. The people you want doing it are the last that'll apply for the position because they don't want the headache. The people you don't want doing it are the first to apply because they want the power. Now a days a lot of mods are paid anyway. Since it's a great way to subvert or kill a board. Most people are not interested in real discussion anymore. The owners are interested in turning a profit and faking user stats. They bow to advertisers because they're making bank off the adds and the shill posts. This has been a long standing problem going all the way back to when people first started embedding google ads into web pages. Since they didn't want to get kicked out of google's network they started implementing rules against free speech. Back in the early-mid 2000s some forum admins were making upwards to $10k a month just off google ads alone. Even smaller forums were making several hundred-thousands of dollars if they embedded google ads. Some forums were being auctioned off for $20k+ because people knew they could make it back off ad money in just a few months. I knew several people that owned 20-50 forums all running google ads. Some of them were making over $250k a year in ad money alone until google blacklisted all the forums and started re-directing people to social media websites like reddit, facebook and the others.


>that’s a very strange filter to have on kissu. I wonder what it was.
I would tell you but I've already forgotten.


alright, I guess if my appeal gets denied: I’ll look into changing the MAC address. my WiFi is used by a lot of people so I’d rather not tamper with it too much to avoid fucking something up and ruining it for everyone. not surprising that everything ends up being about money. I could go on about unfair bans but it would never end.


File:maccin'.png (1.74 MB,1483x868)

>MAC address


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (217.55 KB,1920x1080)

It's the 'oom' and 'oon' words that all the kids are crazy about these days. "Kouhai" is the filter for the Z word used by older users to talk about people they dislike and "senpai" is the filter for the B word that younger people use to talk about people they dislike. Theoretically it's possible to make a good post with these words in them, but it's statistically insignificant.


File:deleted combo.jpg (55.85 KB,502x347)

and these posts did not have any racial slurs, nor did they mention koreans (they seemed to be talking about FMA). it seems like moderation is becoming aggressive for some reason. truly bizarre.


All that will happen is your users will think the internet is down for about 2 minutes or so. Once the modem reboots and fetches a new IP everything will just werk as always.

Ah of course. I only used it as an example. But it is hating on an entire group of people. So I included it as an example of a group that's a-okay to hate.

Some anons were complaining about this in some threads I was lurking a few months ago. I can't remember what thread they were posting in now. But they were basically saying that anyone that criticized Korea was getting the old mod treatment. They were claiming censorship.

It was probably for that Korean anime that aired back in the winter. I know some anons that were laughing about its ratings got banned for no reason.


Racism being persecuted is not exactly new.
What is new is that the moderation is so selective that it feels out of place.

You can really tell what the mods don't care about, what discussions mods want to shut down and what threads mods have turned into their personal strongholds.
The rules at this point are little more than tools to achieve the desired purpose.


File:C-1718025871652.png (30.59 KB,572x171)

Anonymous.... this wasn't a mod deletion, it was someone remaking their post because they accidentally deleted the last number from their quotelink, making them quote a thread from fifteen years ago:
None of the old posts were actually deleted either, that's a 4chanX problem.
Anyways, as slow as the happenings thread is nowadays, I don't think using it to complain about random moderation on 4chan is anything worthwhile. There's nothing new to say about it.


my bad, didnt think a chain of deleted replies would be because of some typo


I posted on it once and my post was removed.


File:C-1718262464927.png (47.71 KB,1375x384)

Update on this roughly a month on. The board recovered somewhat but is still missing 33% of users and the increased traffic in /bant/ has stayed. The threads that were the most high quality on the board like the stock market, commodities, and precious metals threads with traditional assets and not crypto is completely dead on /biz/ and commodities didn't come back. The threads would go through multiple OPs a day before the change and now will go an entire week before the thread dies. The counterparts on /bant/ are still mirroring the old behavior meaning people didn't come back and are staying there. My prediction is that the crypto scammers are eventually going to come back and shill and that seems to be where most of the traffic increase going back up is from so would not be surprised if this doesn't stop the problem regardless. The other worrying trend is /pol/ using it as an outpost and posting about dumb stuff like financial sanctions and GME. Sad that the board had to die like this, I used it infrequently but people had good insights in the non-crypto threads and now I can't browse it at work unfortunately to my detriment.


what did you even post to get it removed
I’ve never been a /biz/ user but I’m sorry it happened to a board you cared about. Now I really haven’t touched the site in a while, wonder if they’ll ever rollback half the bullshit the mods have decided to take so people can come back.


File:Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 2….png (342.14 KB,917x1542)


NicoNico's doing a large scale reconstruction and upgrade to itself after a massive cyber attack took it down a few days ago.


>what did you even post to get it removed
I dont know. It was a year or so i posted on there. I just posted something along with a picture and it was removed.


File:waterfox_JDcGa4Q0lM.png (60.32 KB,587x533)

A recent update puts the estimation time to repair at over a month. It was never a very efficient site and it ran like semi-frozen molasses, so maybe it was extra vulnerable to attack. Just the usual China or Russia thing I'm guessing.


What kind of attack was it?


your classic hiroyuki attack


Long overdue tbh. They put timeshift and all this membership bs but wont even update their damn infrastructure.


File:provoke ban.png (Spoiler Image,764.88 KB,1102x1405)

no idea if you care but here’s the update: I checked my email a few days after appealing and no reply, so naturally I think I’m still banned. I’ve accidentally tried to post only to be met with the ban message but never clicked it again because I already saw the reason the first time. Turns out they “changed” the reason for the ban (not the rule, but the phrasing in the ban message) and the length. I’ve been unbanned these past few days and didn’t realize it.


I once had the opposite happen to me. Came back after a 3 day ban, only to be met with the appeal page, for a 30 day ban.
I was so mad that I just wrote a long and angry rant. Didn't really work out for me.

Good for you, though.


Old mods understood the difference between using casual racism as a shibboleth and full on rants.
Literally "shibboleth" was the word A-San would throw around in irc.


Kadokawa didn't pay the ransom so they're releasing the data.



That sucks... I guess? Will it affect anything or is it just embarrassing to some executives? I imagine Japanese IT security stuff is even worse than Western IT security stuff so these Russians could simply disable the entirety of the Japanese media industry if they wanted to, but with Kadokawa and presumably NND refusing to comply then maybe they'll aim somewhere else? Fuck those guys.



Do you have anything to say about your twitter link? Let's not turn into the 4chan twitter-links-instead-of-discussion thing...


So it's a imageboard but with some NFT crypto trash attached? Yuck


I guess this is how you win at life these days, just make get rich quick scams and sell the means for other people to scam each other.


It seems when you do the captcha, it resends the message? Or perhaps, I double clicked the submit button and that caused the captcha for the second message.


From what I can gather it reminds me of systemspace (the cult-like nature), agora road (faux nostalgia from people that weren't alive for it) and some general r9k/biz stuff, although that just might be general internet culture at the point. Since money is involved and it's closed off then it's safe to say the numbers are fabricated as there is a monetary incentive to do so.

It's weird to think of how much of this iconography exists because some guy decided to make a fumo mod for roblox or something and it exposed kids everywhere to something they otherwise never would have seen.


Seems like everyone involved (on twitter, at least) is all crypto web3 people, bleh


Ah, a place with posting requirements more convoluted than Kohlchan finally appears.

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