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File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: April 2nd, 2021
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this happens alot. its a tactic of getting sites you dont like shut down. isnt that what happened to 4chan.net ?


I don't think a non-government organization is purposely posting CP onto a reverse imagesearch.

Is he just accusing random people of illegal content trolling?


File:Stupid Crawler.mp4 (361.69 KB,1280x720)

See video related. That leaf anti-CP crawler is so poorly coded that it unintentionally uploads CP to search engines and then reports them for "hosting CP".


>I don't think a non-government organization is purposely posting CP onto a reverse imagesearch.
why not?

also see: >>70480


File:3Cb8PSm.png (267.21 KB,1097x950)

there's a temporary copy stored on their servers which someone could say it being hosted by them. It would be stupid to say that's cp and most would understand, both legally and logically, that it's not their property.

We're getting into conspiracy theories otherwise


What they should have do is host it as a blob. It has a solution other than waging war against an ngo.


they should do both. I don't think the're doing that maliciously but they should learn not to shit up everything


yes, I would say that because there's a way to resolve the problem they have a good moral high-ground to protest their case.


In my case I was just going through the series with no real interest, until the Grisha flashback hit. I got hooked and immediately read the following manga chapters after that


Reviving the old to be populated by the new and the jaded as a final resort escapism from the modern web is not a good cause.


LARPing as oldfags sure did wonders for 8gag.


issa joke of course it's retarded


So sour for no reason. If the site is so awful, just dont use it. Its like you enjoy complaining about everything.


File:1493348530095.png (276.17 KB,424x412)

hello I just found this website


File:1605828281382.mp4 (4.94 MB,640x480)

Wilkommen Freundin!


Welcome fren


how did you find my secret club


It was on this thread I found.
What is zzzchan btw?


>What is zzzchan btw?
Another imageboard running a really neat framework (JSchan). Main boards are /v/, /b/ and a /jp/ spin-off, but has "emergency bunkers" for other boards.


File:1617650948157.jpg (170.42 KB,862x786)

I see, I saw anon say they were spamming some new board and they deleted some other board so I thought they were some sort of puppet master of altchans.
What is zzz's origin and age?

I'm surprised at how many dead altchans there are that still are hosted. Maybe it's on autopay.


>What is zzz's origin and age?
Is a long story full of drama, but I'll try to make a greentext of it.
>Jim and Ron decide to ban loli/shota porn on 8kun because reasons
>all of the remaining users (except Qfags) revolt and decide to leave the site for good
>most of them move to various "bunkers" created after 8chan was shut down
>one of them was Fatchan, a site mainly created to test a new imageboard software (JSchan)
>most of 8/v/ moves there, in part because it was the first place to let them in
>everyone is happy because the software is much more responsive than 8kun's broken site and because the old controversial BO of 8/v/ wasn't in charge there
>suddenly somebody named "Esther Aronowitz" reports the site as "the new hideout of white supremacists from 8chan" because it had a completely dead /pol/ board
>one of Fatchan's CDN drops them, although the site continued working normally
>the owner gets scared because he's an Aussie and hate speech is an actual crime there, and shuts down everything because the site because the software had his real name everywhere
>8/v/ and a couple of other boards are homeless again
>eventually some of them move to julay.world, a website originally created for /cow/ (a board about lolcows) but with open board creations
>around the same time 8chan.moe (8moe), a site with open board creation owned by a couple of former board owners, opens its doors
>first board made is /v/, and is owned by the old controversial BO
>a truckload of drama involving mods and CP happens on julay.world and the former 8/v/ users leave again
>some go to 8moe, others go to a new site named Zchan owned by a mysterious individual that uses the same software and /v/ BO of the defunct Fatchan
>both sites continue doing well for a couple of months, with friendly banter between the two
>suddenty the mysterious owner has a meltdown over some spam, starts deleting boards and threads talking about him, and ultimately shuts down the site
>turns out that the owner was an infamous sperg named "Patch" who creates, shills and deletes imageboards at random just because
>/v/irgins are homeless again
>most of the remaining users move to 8moe because at this point it's the 8chan spin-off/bunker with the least amount of drama and with a /v/ board
>some went to smuglo.li and prolikewoah.com's vidya equivalents
>some weeks later the former BO of Fatchan and Zchan's /v/ says "fuck it" and together with his former volunteers create their own site for the /v/irgins who weren't happy on 8moe, smug and PLW
>site is alright, smaller than its previous incarnations since some users gave up on imageboards due to the high amount of drama that happened, but with way more stable owners
>8 months with only minor drama pass and zzzchan is still alive (Fatchan lasted two weeks, Zchan two months) and has several boards, including several bunkers for other boards
>you are here

To answer your question about "I saw anon say they were spamming some new board and they deleted some other board", that happened during the Zchan era. Patch, the mysterious mentally unstable owner, has a tendency to spam his new creations on every imageboard he can find, and Zchan wasn't an exception. It also wasn't an exception when Patch deleted it because a cabal of autists who are related to him found Zchan and bullied him with spam until he shut down everything. zzzchan is owned by completely different people (that have been able to keep it up for 8 months and counting), so that kind of autism shouldn't be a problem anymore.


File:green.jpeg (10.24 KB,319x158)


And that's the resumed story that doesn't mention how and why julay.world imploded in drama and was rebooted 3 months later, how other imageboards in the webring (a kind of NAP between various 8chan bunkers that includes installing an add-on that displays the other sites' boards in a separate page that is updated every hour) were attacked by the same "Esther Aronowitz" that reported Fatchan, how julay.world doxxed Prolikewoah's admin and made him delete a /jp/ spin-off because its BO was partially responsible for julay's implosion, or how kissu almost got involved in the same conflict because the BO and some users were taking refugee here (they are at zzzchan now).
Man, 8chan and its sprouts are full of drama.


Interesting danke.
Where can I read about the webring, it seems like the 8chan spinoffs are much more dramatic than the altchans I am used to.

Unrelated but I was reader up thread and saw these Kolyma people have a bounty on maki person and one of the domains they list as maki's is lolifox.club which now redirect to autismchan.me (which I just saw being shilled on 4chan), is this his new creation?

How do these kolyma people make muny, as far as I can tell they have some ancient looking imageboard and various things.


File:webring list.png (514.25 KB,1440x1364)

>Where can I read about the webring
The webring is a series of plugins for Lynxchan and Vichan (JSchan has native support) that essentially works as a bookmark list of all of the boards of every site subscribed. Said list is automatically updated with various stats from every board, and is an easy way to see which sites are "associated" with the site you're using at the moment and explore their boards. Additionally, the member sites can block other members on their end so their boards aren't displayed on the site that is blacklisting them.
Here are the repositories of the plugins, along with JSchan's repository.
If you want to see the current members of 8chan's bunker webring just go to the board list pages of zzzchan, smuglo.li, anon.cafe, or prolikewoah.com. Each site has different boards and culture, so expect to be treated different in each one of them (protip: smuglo.li has the strictest rules of the bunch).

>Unrelated but I was reader up thread and saw these Kolyma people have a bounty on maki person

that guy is a legit sociopath and a huge attention whore. He's targeting Maki in real life because he DDoSed one of that guy websites. That guy is shady as fuck and I personally don't want to have anything with him or his sites.
>and one of the domains they list as maki's is lolifox.club which now redirect to autismchan.me (which I just saw being shilled on 4chan), is this his new creation?
No. Maki is a different autist with a similar pattern. He constantly creates and deletes imageboards with different software, but most of the time they share the same name (64ch or 64chan). His move with lolifox.club seems to be Maki's attempt at being relevant again (he's been doing this shit for over a decade), since nobody cares about the 64ch brand anymore. Regardless of that, don't expect Autismchan to last more than two months.
>How do these kolyma people make muny, as far as I can tell they have some ancient looking imageboard and various things.
Autismbucks in Maki's case, and shady businesses and connections in that guy's case.


A lot of bluffs and maybe a truth mixed in to throw people off guard. He has some money stashed away and is throwing it into whatever. afaik he's collecting imageboards for fun. Maybe there's some way to make a quick buck off(i can't see how), but nothing lasting to come of it. Tends to samefag a lot so whenever you see drama about it it's like he's trying to advertise.


This makes me feel lucky that my image board has not attracted such autism or harassment (knock on wood).


Post site.


that guy is the mythical boogeyman that everyone can blame everything on. sources? data, sues people, eats babies and everyone i dont like is him/his "paid trolls". sources? nahhh, just trust me.


What if the nasties are lurking here?


Please do not misuse the quoting feature.


Don't tempt fate with words like that.


nobrainers /snk/fags who came mostly after season 3 started reading the manga and thinking eren is a "based chad" and snk is peak anime but he is just the same character through the whole manga and isayama is writing what the fans like, has been like that from a long time.


File:whatisthisshit.jpg (175.82 KB,615x662)

for me it was when levi became a super man and the logic of the world was abandoned for the sake of fanservice.


Eh, that's somewhat believable, considering how Levi was supposed to be the most talented and experienced Survey Corps member


I am pretty sure the blades were not supposed to be able to do this, no matter how strong the person is.


kissu /qa/ cycle limit and bump limit is 300 with max pages of 20



why is everyone so rude in that thread?


The spammers of other /qa/ have been busy with it since it was brought there.
On an unrelated note, did "nokosage" stop working for anyone else? Only "noko" seems to work now.


Pointless change. Undid it.


Thanks. I tend to use it on this thread when nothing special is happening.


Please do not misuse spoilers.


File:1618116292136.png (246.38 KB,420x472)

what is the MO of 4chan /qa/ spammers
why do they spam mass replies for hours


File:[MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singu….jpg (287.96 KB,1920x1080)

People still use 4/qa/? I'm surprised


mental problems


I really don't think anyone should ever mention that place. It was nice when we were there, but it's team 4chan's house now and you really shouldn't ever visit it.

Anyway, I was waiting for an update to happen in the story, but there isn't anything still so here's an old article:
The girl who almost killed a boy for Slender Man the old internet thing is in court pleading to get released from the mental hospital she's sentenced to another 21 years inside.


File:1446354715924.png (58.53 KB,300x194)

Fucking slender trenders man


Guy on 4/qa/ was painting soijaks with his own shit

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