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what OP/EDs do you like? I was thinking about the popularity of LycoReco when it came out and how nice it'd be to see more anime inspired by gunslinger girl since that was one hell of a boson anime. the OP for it being one of my favorites and having that early 2000s english indie song for its op. also do you remember that in the same season lycoreco aired there was another original anime "engage kiss" that failed miserably and was just a soulless gacha cashgrab checking boxes to try and hook a playerbase, lycoreco had no tie-in and was the biggest anime besides bocchi so goes to show how far creating something good takes you compared to trying to cash out on the trendy market researched ideal money printer


speaking of early 2000s i miss ops that were of this genre


ah R&B, that's the word that was escaping me


I like OP/EDs that use flat colours and simple animations—it gives it a "graphic design" look, for lack of a better term. Shitposters like to call it powerpoint anime but I love that kind of stuff.


I really enjoy the ED of Azumanga Daioh. I have no clue why but when i listen to the song, i feel a little sad.




Yes! Thats it.


Recognition that you are old now?

Well, don't I feel stupid now.


File:[Elysium]Shiki Op1(Bd 1080….mp4 (34.74 MB,1280x720)

You know, thinking back on it Shiki was somewhat the perfect zombie anime in its second half, despite not being about zombies at all. The desperation measures taken by the villagers against the outbreak was far more logical and reasonable than most of these types tend to be, with emotional exceptions still being present. Probably my favorite character was the doctor who singlehandledly saved everyone even if his methods could be construed as unethical. He did his job to save people. But aside from that it also served as an excellent thriller since you really had no idea who'd survive until the end. Not being zombies probably helped it in a sense too since it gave a touch of humanity to the turned and in turn the viewer was able to empathize with them, leading to much more potential for heart-wrenching decisions rather than simply a mindless monster that appears like someone you knew. Also both openings were really superb with both music and the subtext presented in the OP, although it is somewhat spoilery in that it gives away who turns or not with the skeletons.




File:JinruiWaSuitaiShimashita-….webm (53.46 MB,1920x1080)

I like songs with this kind of vibe.


File:FlipFlappers-ED1-NCBD1080.webm (34.53 MB,1920x1080)

Second example.


File:Nichijou-ED3.webm (57.3 MB,1920x1080)

Third example.


File:PrincessTutu-OP1.webm (52.8 MB,1440x1080)

Final example (this time an OP).


I think if I had to put a name to this specific theme I might dub it fairy tail-like. I love it too, but it's really rare to see. Can think of a bunch of EDs that may have a visual style that could somewhat resemble it, but not many storyboarded properly to really call them such.

On another note, I love Magia. The way it subtly depicts the depletion of Madoka's soul as she descends into witchhood. Helps that the song absolutely rocks too.


the remake was great but the original op was the best




In a similar vein but the visuals are just so much better


PaniPoni is packed with prime Shaft, and the openings are no exception. I love it.

My favorite Shaft openings though have got to be the ones for SZS, the thought and symbolism packed into each is just astounding considering how much effort it must've taken to produce.




I had completely forgotten about this show, but when assembling the seasonal stream OPED thing it came up and at first I thought it was kinda 'eh' but after listening more I'm addicted to it. I love it when male vocals have a bit of emotion to them. Also the chorus or whatever you call it is fun to say.


As much as I love Shining Days, Mai-Hime really needed a 2nd OP for the latter half more like the VNOP


I really like Gunslinger Girl OP as well. Also Wolf's Rain, Serial Experiments Lain, Spice and Wolf S1 and Ergo Proxy which is probably my favourite


Actually changed my mind. This OP is my favourite


This is just Masumi Ito's style in general.




The ending theme to the Nichijou episode 0 OVA has a similar vibe to these two.


The sexiest Mecha OP


Sometimes I think it's a waste that Ergo Proxy had Paranoid Android as an ED and just did a credits roll, but at the same time not sure what other type of ED sequence would fit that song...


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E20.Anno.….jpg (473.41 KB,1920x1080)

Huh. It didn't use Evanescence?


Funnily enough it didn't, neither did it for the OP


Sex with Sodachi's voice


Stupid uploader disabled playbacks.

Anyway very underrated Monogatari OPs.


always wondered why the claymore ed had the big sword blocking half the screen... though it's a great ed regardless


The greatest romcom opening of all time


Bure Rumba and Ringo are all great, but sometimes simple is best.

When was the last time an anime used a Western song for its OP or ED?


paripi koumei's op was very popular


an ending that gets better when you finish the anime


>When was the last time an anime used a Western song for its OP or ED?

Cyberpunk Edgerunners probably


I'm not sure what makes a song Western or not. English isn't terribly rare, but does it make it Western? I guess it's when Western people are involved and not a Japanese person singing in English?
Migi to Dali's ED sounds very Western for sure. It sounds like something you'd hear in a coffee shop or grocery store. It's not bad, but not really spectacular either.


I'd assume "Western" here means originating from the West. Like >>121213


kaiba has a beautiful OP


Such a stellar ED


Can't decide which of these I like most...


I really love Honzuki's third ED. I love the vocals. I love how the lyrics hint at the over all story of the third season. I love the animation showing humanity's technological progression. I love the way each step is framed like a museum piece with information card.

To me, it's a perfect ED (´・ᴗ・`)


Hmm... I'll have to add it to the stream OPED thing for the next update....


sekai de ichiban ED wa


>sekai de ichiban
I can't hear that without immediately thinking of Di Gi Charat.


I think about the world's number one princess (virtual idol), Hatsune Miku.


Yuri and giant robots. An interesting combination.


ED is pretty catchy too.


arisu marriage


I don't like any of Valvrave's OPs/EDs except this one. Very different tone from the rest.


It sure beat my expectations for an anime I watched because I like KOTOKO
You better like yuri though


Eh, for like a decade and a half after EVA came out everyone was doing the X + giant robots.


Can you imagine any anime airing now on prime time TV having cute nipples in its OP?



Everlasting bone



File:Wolf's Rain Opening.mp4 (4.15 MB,480x360)

Didn't care for Lycoreco too much, but I love gunslinger girl. As for OP and EDs, it's really hard to choose.
I've been listening to Wolf's Rain ost lately, and I do admit I love the opening. Fun fact: The guy who does the opening for this anime has also made songs for Sonic the Hedgehog too, specifically the Wii era games.


Every single FMA 03 OP and ED has a special place in my kokoro but if I had to choose one it would be the second ED (Tobira no Mukou e). It does bring in the feelios. And I don't care if if Brotherhood is 'better', I still prefer 03 in some aspects.


Personally I'd say the first ED and second OP have the most nostalgia for me. Although, hmm... that last ED and that one jump at 11:33 is ingrained into my soul


File:ed snow.jpg (199.79 KB,1920x1080)

The second ED made the strongest impression on me because of that part where the snow doesn't melt on Ed's metal hand. When you combine this with the emotional lyrics it does leave the long lasting impression. It's amazingly done.


This my favorite ending of FMA 03 too, I can't help but feel mesmerized by it. Don't let newfriends try and take your love and joy away from the OG.


The best CSM ED. Not because of the music/lyrics but because of the visuals.


File:DeathNote_NCED1.mp4 (30.08 MB,1920x1080)

It's kinda surreal that Death Note is a 2006 show to me. The visuals look very 'modern'. It wouldn't look too out of place if it aired today.


This one is excellent as well. I don't like that they wasted so much budget on these endings, but you can't say they aren't cool by themselves.


Wouldnt be surprised if that helped kill Mappa


Perhaps they were hoping that all the EDs would explode on social media and work as viral marketing?


Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing has a really nice OP and ED.


mappa's been plenty profitable
the problem is they want to work their staff to death


And the ED.


File:mappa most popular videos.jpg (379.05 KB,1689x742)

Yeah the only ones that did was the OP and the "KON!" ED, which are also cool. This is sorted by the most popular videos on their channel. It's all CSM stuff.


I wouldn't say that 28m vs 21m is blowing up vs not blowing up.


Didn't realize a Nijisanji did this one.


The most memorable Bleach OP (for me).


And the most memorable ED is also coincidentally the third one.


Uh uh uh uh yeah uh uh uh uh yeah


File:[Judas] Mahoutsukai No Yom….mp4 (30.74 MB,1920x1080)

Went through the through the trouble of downloading this absolutely excellent OP since yt didn't have a good version and I can't access oyasumi. Hope I'm not raping the server too much.


Forgot to change the video stamp tho...


Something non-anime related for a change.


Game openings can be really good, surprised this is the first one.


They aren't openings in the same sense as it is a short song with some visuals like TV/anime openings. What I posted was closer to that format, which is why it has more views than usual compared to something like yours. The Oni 2 intro/opening is pretty cool, but the Oni 3 one has got to be my favorite one of all time.


A close second.


I like 3's opening the best, but it always struck me as odd how it connects to almost nothing in the rest of the story. Gargant wasn't even in the games until Dawn of Dreams.


This "Gargant" guy was in Onimusha Blade Warriors which I didn't even know it existed until relatively recently. It's a weird fighting game based on it. But yeah, the intro is pretty different from the actual game in general. Almost none of the things featured in it are in the game, like those giant biological tanks, the demon pigs with the spears, the flying creatures, etc. I assume they are all Guildenstern creations made with the help of future tech though.

I really like the FFXII opening as well. That piano at the start is very memorable.


The hell... it's Smash Bros Onimusha


If there's one thing Lodoss beats Frieren at it's the OP for sure. Not a big fan of YOASOBI and it seemed very unfitting for a fantasy show.



Midnight bluuuuuueee


Ah yes, Japanese Beavis and Butthead.


File:izumi_noa__kidou keisatsu ….mp4 (8.34 MB,478x360)



I post a video and it's made private 9 days later? Fuck you youtube.


That was in Eng though... so this is the only decent one in Japanese I could find. Not a big fan of these "machine learning AI remastered" ones though.


I prefer the second OP to that one.


Superior to the anime OP.



File:[Ember] The Fable - 01-1.mp4 (23.61 MB,1280x720)

I usually don't like rap but this is an exception. Pretty catchy.


And for the 100th post in the thread we shall have... The Tsukoyomi Moon Phase OP! How come nobody posted it yet?!


Nice, they uploaded it on yt a few days ago.


File:1543231659622.gif (497.32 KB,260x200)

Haduki eggs...


I like the Cardcaptor Sakura OPs and EDs. They all have their own appeal and I can't really pick a favourite though...

For example, the 3rd OP is cool as shit (that's the one in the embed). But some of them are super cute, others are just unique (like the 2nd OP, I really haven't heard anything like it anywhere else. Here's that one: https://youtu.be/aUvpz7_8xrg)


I like it, but the OP and ED from Spice and Wolf S1 will always have a soft spot in my heart.


I like the english cover more for some reason




They uploaded an official version of CUZ I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLL. Nice.





Because people have bad taste and voted against it I shall post the Astro Note OP from this season



File:sena.png (626.67 KB,600x600)

I can't wait to love chu chu the C;H shabs once the translation comes out.


There's a translation in the works? I've already did that to the Steins;Gate ones.


Yeah, it's being worked on by the same group that made the fan patch for Noah; Committee of Zero.




File:[Beatrice-Raws] Kuzu no H….webm (46.24 MB,1920x1080)

Kinda really want to go and rewatch Kuzu no Honkai as it's something that sticks out in my memory but is somewhat muddled due to me watching it during a packed season. I somewhat had a love-hate relationship with it at the time but the more it pops up in my mind the more I realize there may have been much more to it than I thought if I were to rewatch it.

The problem is I'd want to stream something if I'm rewatching it and almost certainly nobody but Vermin would show up given the topic matter so it makes me wonder if it'd be worth wasting a potential stream slot for someone else.


File:01 灼熱スイッチ.flac (35.8 MB,175x175)

ED Turing Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-MVk5I6wjo. OP Shakunetsu Switch because someone mentioned they used ping pong sound effects before the chorus and I like the bass in it. Anisongs have fun composition and lyrics in general. If you download the OP/ED singles, they sometimes include bonus versions and other songs in them. I could make a list but I don't want spam links, if anything, I recommend listening to the full versions of the songs you like.
This is from the same artist, you should check out her whole discography if you like songs like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDM0Y5dNRtA
I want to rewatch it for the same reasons. That ED is how I discovered Sayuri back then, the CD included an acoustic version of one of her songs.


I wouldn't worry about spamming links here, I made this thread in the first place because I really love anisongs and the thoughtful composition usually put into OP/EDs. I've spammed a bunch of them in the past myself too. Also kinda funny that you mention finding Sayuri from KnH since that's exactly how I found out about her too.

In other news I was relistening to Shana's themes and while the first OP is my favorite visuals+song, the ED is the best outright song.


Ok thanks


File:[Dmonhiro] Maze Tv - Nced1….mp4 (9.34 MB,634x480)

A classic



Bonus /m/ version.


You just cant beat the groovin chibis


The Kaijuu 8 OP is really good. The music is typical 00s rock (which is kind of nice to hear again) but the 3DCG is absolutely phenomenal. This is stuff you see in big budget movies or something. It even got the fluid stuff right.
I wouldn't object to seeing shows done with this level of quality, but obviously that would take a lot of effort and money and people use 3D in anime to get away from that.
So, for now I'll just appreciate masterful usage of 3D in an OP.


What are the manliest openings /qa/ knows? Getter is a pretty obvious one for how the anime is basically the embodiment of GAR


I've yet to watch City Hunter but its ED, GET WILD is known for being manly.


From one of my favorite /qa/ threads


Already posted: >>123790 which qualifies. And this is kinda kuso but it's the only one I could find on youtube.


Gonna break the manly combo for a moment to post the Watamote ED.


this used to make me cry...


File:1440702560136.png (88.48 KB,287x288)

That's not very manly.



File:07. Flashback.mp3 (7.14 MB,175x175)

Kokkoku OP


Really don't know which one I like more.


This OP makes me really want to marathon all of Maison


I really loved this one most


All of them are good. It's hard to choose.


Although I would say the last one is my least favorite, which also coincidences with the last arc being of considerably lower quality than the previous ones.


File:七転八倒のブルース.mp3 (7.31 MB,175x175)

Ito Junji anime OP (read the manga)


File:Pastel ED.mp4 (15.12 MB,1280x720)



I could fill this thread with Monogatari stuff.


Posting my favourite gatari OP.


Really? It's good but I don't like it THAT much. I can't decide on a favorite though.


It's a shame that this doesn't include the part where Ougi starts humming though.



File:01.hectopascal.mp3 (9.18 MB,175x175)

YagaKimi ED




The sound effects of retro OPs are very important.


Bubblegum Crisis is old, not retro.


ಠ _ ಠ What's the difference?


File:clever cat.png (102.68 KB,378x280)

Retro does not mean "old". It means "backward".
Some new objects are made in the style of bygone times. We call them retro because these objects are backward-oriented. Like when anime use stylistic features of cel animation despite being made digitally, that is retro.
For anime, that's the extent of it.

In the context of gaming, the terms blur a bit, because to play certain old games, you have to pursue old hardware too. It almost necessitates a dedicated lifestyle. Ergo, there is a retro fanbase that either shares old gaming machines or emulators or various hacks that are necessary to support this hobby. The term retro is then applied not just to the hobby, but often to old games as well (despite the games themselves just being old).
I wouldn't call playing games from the 2000s retro.
We could argue about games from the 90s that you have to at least install DOSbox for.
To me, pinball machines and similar objects are the epitome of the "retro" scene.
(but then, I'm not a gamer, so what does my opinion count?)


( ´_⊃`)intredasting


Just can't get enough of these sound fx.


retro anime ED


I feel like maybe a dozen people watched this including myself and it was one of the best anime of that already strong season. Discarded the shackles of needing to tie itself down to being a modern Ashita no Joe and instead going about telling its own story that trended far darker. Although it kinda ended weakly when they went for once again making it about just boxing at the climax. Wish more people had watched.


I still need to watch Megalo or Ashita no Joe, but man... 128 episodes. I'm still not sure if I should watch the whole thing or just read the manga. Feels like Megalo would be best enjoyed by watching Ashita no Joe first to catch any references.

On a side note, here's a cool OP of a sports show I actually watched before.


PaniPoni Dash! OPs are still one of my favorites. I watch this video about once a week.


It was so hard to find a decent version on youtube.



File:shin_mazinger_op1.mp4 (14.42 MB,1280x720)

Mazinger is right up there with Getter when it comes to OPs. I'll just post the best two though.


File:shin_mazinger_op2.mp4 (19.25 MB,1280x720)


it's known for its earworm op most but i absolutely adore this ed


We didn't see this version of the Neko kuro ED in the stream. It has some cool visuals.


File:Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maior….mp4 (17.84 MB,1280x720)

the /qa/ theme song


File:1558757018309.webm (372.2 KB,1280x720)

my happi happi flens are here


File:Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san ….mp4 (30.9 MB,1920x1080)

The #qa theme song


Love all the OPs but OP1 is the best




This made me a little teary eyed the first time I watched it.


It also has a banger trance remix.


To go with my Tales of Vesperia music link dump in the music thread here is the OP! The same singer did the Japanese and English version, but I figure people here will want to hear the Japanese one. I can't be unbiased since the English is the one I have nostalgia for.


The 'stitched' version of the Monogatari arcs is really not a very good way to watch it, mainly because they unnecessarily removed a lot of cool OPs and endings. It's a crime that in Owari S2 they removed EVERY SINGLE OP; Terminal Terminal, Hitagi Rendezvous and Dark Cherry Mystery. Just why. Do yourself a favor and watch all of them right now if you missed them on the stream. I just quoted Dark Cherry Mystery which I posted before.



This right here is the best Monogatari ED. I can say this with certainty unlike the OPs which I have trouble deciding which one is my favorite.


Officially an ED, also I guess it's just the girls this time?


File:it's crossdressing time.jpg (153.18 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, "Monster & Off Season" consists of arcs centered around the girls, but maybe Araragi will also show up in one of them.

Also, that sounds better than what I expected. Not a fan of YOASOBI, but it fits relatively well here unlike in Frieren.


The vastly superior uu-uu~ OP
I just don't get any similar feel from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jgLG016l2Y


Round Table feat. Nino OPs and EDs are great. Rainbow might be my favourite.


File:Hakumei to Mikochi OP.webm (28.37 MB,1280x720)

Super comfy OP.


Unique ED with a nice style... but I feel like this style should have a familiar name attached to it somehow but I can't pin one down...


Watched this for the first time in months today. Then suddenly saw posts talking about the show for the first time in months.


I keep listening to this but I still haven't watched it.
A shame only this crusty 14 year old version is up on Youtube.

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