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File:Untitled.png (21.91 KB,492x314)

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/qa/! It's time to show off your MS paint skills! Try drawing a character and seeing if others can guess at who it is. Starting off with an iconic one so that the first picture isn't impossible...


File:girls.png (5.47 KB,278x258)

drew 2


File:Untitled.png (38.94 KB,1000x750)

A not so obvious one... or is it?


the /qa/ stream girl
ronald mcdonald


I want to say some pirate anime where that's a sort of turban the mc wears, but judging by those eyebros that's their actual hair hmm.


Homu and Madoka?



File:Untitled13.png (97.92 KB,2056x1032)

Maybe I should have picked another character but I really like her anime.


Tanya from Youjo Senki?



File:Untitled.png (19.63 KB,933x599)


File:Untitled.png (5.1 KB,400x400)

baka baka


miss the /qa/ tan days


File:we are the one.png (323.18 KB,1000x1500)

my wife being smug and coming to work with me


why can't i remember this one


I don't have MS paint


File:anime girl ihate.png (76.41 KB,902x862)




File:???.png (42.49 KB,712x586)




File:111.png (337.17 KB,1500x1500)

my only drawing device doesn't have windows installed, so it's not ms paint, sorry.


No one? Hint: pilot.


That's not supposed to be Haman is it...


what's the linux equivalent of paint




File:KolourPaint_screenshot.png (314.98 KB,922x735)

KolourPaint I guess, which is the good old paint


girls can't love girls (like that)


You wanted a lightweight operating system so you got one without fries on the side


didn't think going into this thread id be stumped by so many of these


File:burroko burroko burrokoqat….png (15.48 KB,587x480)

I listened to it the entire time for inspiration


me on the right


/qa/ has gotten kinda fat
he needs to change his NEET ways or at least exorcise a little


/qa/-tan is just as god created him!


File:dust.png (1.11 MB,1000x1500)

I coloured her in


That's nice! I still don't know who she is.


why does deleting a saged reply bump the thread...



File:koma.jpg (50.5 KB,556x680)

hint: she was embarrassed



File:mystery anime girl.png (9.02 KB,194x319)

From a currently airing anime


File:world witches.jpg (134.74 KB,1273x714)

naoe a cute


File:pout.PNG (57.92 KB,581x570)

she's pouting because she lost something...


satori sama?


she lost something that satori doesn't have though



give her poofy hat back already




File:67012445_p0.jpg (476.23 KB,1200x1600)

>naoe a cute


File:hat found.PNG (82.68 KB,605x604)

hat is very important



File:19671.jpg (24.05 KB,275x414)

Might as well post the answer since no one got it. It's Cosmo, main character from Ideon.


Now that's a really /m/ choice. Wish I was cool enough to have known it


File:doodle.jpg (96.05 KB,360x450)


the sunabouzu


I think I got it. That girl from Ex-Arm?


No. I don't think anybody will get it, I am too bad at drawing.


File:mystery anime girl 2.png (41.93 KB,1237x629)


the resposting retard


Now I truly see, Rena is the one reposting herself.


File:1.png (69.66 KB,616x1294)


File:2.png (78.22 KB,616x1294)


File:3.png (66.88 KB,616x1294)


File:4.png (61.07 KB,616x1294)


File:5.png (73.38 KB,616x1294)


File:6.png (53.84 KB,616x1294)


File:7.png (82.33 KB,616x1294)


File:8.png (99.91 KB,616x1294)


File:9.png (95.8 KB,616x1294)


File:10.png (93.77 KB,616x1294)


File:11 12.png (94.05 KB,1232x1294)


File:13.png (109.93 KB,616x1294)


File:14.png (99.77 KB,616x1294)


File:15.png (121.43 KB,616x1294)


holy FCUK


File:16.png (92.45 KB,616x1294)


File:17.png (88.09 KB,616x1204)


File:18.png (127.5 KB,616x1294)


File:19.png (75.19 KB,616x1294)


File:20.png (107.22 KB,616x1294)


File:21.png (129.63 KB,616x1294)


File:22.png (85.56 KB,616x1294)


File:23.png (98.09 KB,616x1294)


File:atogaki.png (75.2 KB,616x1294)


should I resume


hmm sure? unless it's like 100 pages or something


>like a lunatic
I chuckled


File:1.png (187.31 KB,1410x2000)


File:2.png (115.69 KB,1410x2000)


File:3.png (155.32 KB,1410x2000)


File:4.png (169.51 KB,1410x2000)


File:5.png (165.8 KB,1410x2000)


File:atogaki.png (87.81 KB,954x1262)


should I resume


sounds like it's gonna be pretty long
do you have it planned out? if so, sure




go for it


do it


File:guess.png (6.74 KB,420x420)

I cheated and used gimp.
She's still missing a precious thing.


File:GuP Yukari 012.jpg (740.66 KB,1500x1500)

Yukari from Girls und Panzer.


File:mspaint_anime.png (25.5 KB,785x545)

I tried


File:person.png (7.45 KB,1152x648)

all of these were easy, time to bust out the chops with a hard one



Is the lack of hair purposeful or is it Gon/Yusuke


File:Untitled.png (5.89 KB,302x379)

Probably really easy, but maybe there's a chance it'll take a bit




not satori


nana from elfen lied, everyone's favorite amputee


I meant yoko was correct, forgot to say that part


File:Untitled.png (4.1 KB,302x379)

Correct. Maybe I should try something a bit(?) tougher.


Joutarou, but disguised as a postman.


is that lag seeing, from tegami bachi? although I think gauche had the same hat


File:Untitled.png (4.63 KB,302x379)

MAybe this'll help a bit?


is it from tegami bachi? the hair, the hat, and the letter all say that to me but I don't remember anyone with silver hair that long


Not from any of the series guessed at




File:Untitled.png (4.91 KB,302x379)

I'll make a tiny adjustment but then anymore and it may be too obvious


The Shigofumi girl?




Correct, best guppie save for maybe the narcoleptic


File:hikane_need_boncabe.png (25.2 KB,590x557)

here is mine


This one is too obvious... you even put it in the filename...

It's Hikage Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori, but for some reason she's... eating pasta straight from the can? I don't really get it...


File:guess who.png (34.48 KB,777x585)

forgot how much fun it is to draw stuff


that is very obviously hellsing


File:Untitled-1.png (257.06 KB,500x500)

oh yeah? well... figure out this one! bet you'll never guess it.


Rei Langley!



File:Untitled-2.png (148.62 KB,500x500)

I was too careless... This one has been shown in clinical trials to be completely unguessable! Do your worst.


File:illyasviel.png (383.47 KB,1024x972)

is that illyasviel von einzbern, from the hit visual novel fate stay night?


the resemblance is uncanny


Drats! The simulations were a lie!!


File:Untitled-1.png (8.97 KB,700x700)

the pose that saved a generation


I actually completely forgot what her name was.




File:1640836904668.png (6.11 KB,400x400)

i copied a picture


File:1640841098253.png (7.96 KB,400x400)

i didn't even use a reference for this one because copying helped me remember the details


File:rm.png (18.1 KB,700x700)




not poppo no


File:rm2.png (80.56 KB,400x454)


ah maynie


The meanie



(rm = raging madness)


File:iou.png (13.71 KB,742x774)


File:msp1.png (24.32 KB,567x714)

how do i draw


File:Untitled-1.png (38.35 KB,512x512)

Can I draw an identifiable cat with a thick brush and no talent?
No, no I cannot.


File:miyako.png (43.31 KB,902x780)

I did my best. Hats off to Ume for creating such a beautiful character.


You got the hexagon face shape right.


Thank you.


File:Untitled.png (45.46 KB,648x522)

Behold the extra smug


really like the slight smile of smugs like these


File:jfhjfh.png (42.88 KB,648x522)


File:character.png (13.3 KB,1080x720)

Don't ask which character. I don't even know myself.


File:cola.png (191.34 KB,1402x799)


File:paint draw.png (9.9 KB,247x317)

Drew this in Win2000 mspaint when I was bored


File:kuon cat.png (6.11 KB,600x386)

it's Kuon cat


File:turtle patchy.png (7.15 KB,789x594)

Let's all draw Patchy as an animal.
This is turtle Patchy. She's physically slow, but quite fast mentally.


File:Untitled.png (117.14 KB,1956x2176)



Woah that looks really nice!


Is this an anthropomorphic (furry) image?


It's a felipomorphic ("furry") image.


File:Untitled-1.png (16.08 KB,900x900)

jellyfish patchy
studying hard without a nervous system


the hat makes it look like a jellyfish sion


File:png1.png (4.3 KB,499x582)



File:R-1664054187621.png (19.65 KB,1280x1080)


File:OG nippa.png (14.56 KB,633x505)

drew the nipper


Everyone has to start somewhere, and for me personally, I wouldn't say I have any skill at all, so I probably need a good bit of practice before I can consider myself even "decent"


File:ddd.png (10.02 KB,597x624)


I like this one.


File:C-1690281295882.png (8.31 KB,400x300)



File:average precure fan cookin….png (32.16 KB,1200x900)


making some tsew

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