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Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.


File:Capture.jpg (30.91 KB,367x343)

>fun facts
>copper is actually more dense than iron.
Uh, yeah, real fun dude...


File:1471105657601.gif (733.45 KB,533x300)

Well, uh... I, uh... um... I thought it was interesting!


I didn't read about it, but I think every bad odor associated with people isn't actually produced by us, but instead by bacteria and other microbes in or on us. I can't think of an exception.
Is that fun?


Racing Lagoon a JRPG styled street racing game by Square now has a translation in the works. This game has had a cult following for years because of its unique game mechanics and stand out personality but totally forgotten by Square.


Never played the game but I love the soundtrack


File:26217-20_proc.jpg (66.88 KB,448x448)

did you know that even with seat belts people die in car crashes all the time?


File:1535786850148.jpg (791.66 KB,1826x1826)

Did you know that 5 raised to the integer power of 'n' will always end in 125 or 625, for n>2?


I got into it simply because of how much I loved the music and 90's aesthetic and bumbling around the game untranslated I would say it's a really fun time it's no hidden master piece for instance the driving feels a bit off sometimes and the difficulty can be brutal but it's still a hell of a fun time.


Apparently there's this theory that "you" (your consciousness) is just a biproduct of evolution. Something about some experiment showing the brain makes a decision moments before you're aware of it. Everything one does is not in "their" control, it's all based on chemical reactions and neurons in the complex super computer in their heads; their brain. The brain is the one that's in control, "you" are just an observer to the brain. The more I think about this the more I question existence...


I didn't find the study reference and some of the stuff on google isn't very convincing. Most of it boils down to the same thing, you can tell what choice a person will make X seconds before the are aware they made the choice. I don't think that really rules out "free will" or that even it's fair to say "you" and "your brain" are different entities. It could be something like; one part of "you" makes the decision, on part tells the relevant parts of the body what to do, one part contextualizes and rationalizes the decision, and one part stores the decision made and it's associations. "You"/"Your brain" is the sum of these parts and not an individual part.


No Kunyomi starts ever with a R. Yesterday I stumbled about this when I tried playing shiritori.


The guy who shot the dad of Nabokov (author of Lolita) was the leader of the NORM



Have that book but am yet to read it... is it good?


Yes. Lolita is one of the modern greats.


You wouldn't start a word with it, same goes for 人.


with ri coming at the end.


The average heart rate for a feline is roughly 140-220 bpm.


File:grin.png (60.13 KB,159x405)

Awake brain surgery, also called awake craniotomy, is a type of procedure performed on the brain while you are awake and alert. Awake brain surgery is used to treat some brain (neurological) conditions, including some brain tumors or epileptic seizures.


That makes sense considering the properties of Bronze.


some people can lick their elbow




do not believe his lies! I fell for this once in middle school, never again!

but it is true that you can lick your own nose if you try hard enough


fun fact!!!!! your gay


It can be illegal to import gas masks due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), which can carry very harsh penalties such as jailtime and high fees.


File:6771da674b8012869c95b37c97….png (379.85 KB,700x669)

the label side of cd is more fragile to scratching than the reflective side, because the proactive layer on label side is so thin that a small scratch can cause metal layer to be exposed to air and oxidized, causing data loss


flaming hot cheetoes where made by the janitor who found the number for the ceos office in a contact book at the factory.



File:800x-1.png (28.49 KB,800x394)

Almost 1 in 5 women in Japanese prisons is a senior.


How many people do the Japanese hold in prison anyways?



What a modest number compared to America...


doesn't mean their legal system is any less broken, they basically don't try to prosecute anyone if they aren't 100% sure they're guilty


File:6ccfc7adf9168ae2e8ae22abae….png (2.19 MB,1900x1205)

it's time to learn some pillow facts!


They also still have the death penalty and are one of the few countries in the world where there are more female murderers than male ones.


File:60 .jpg (32.85 KB,558x414)

What that leaves out is that over a third of Japan's total population are 60+, and that number effectively doubled in the time shown on that graph, so while there was certainly an increase in the senior incarceration rate, it isn't quite as extreme as shown there and seniors are still underrepresented in the prison population.


File:image.png (87.56 KB,400x300)

Back in 2019 Lee Choon-jae now known as the Korean Zodiac killer was finally caught he was doing a pre-existing sentience for the rape and murder of his step-sister. Sadly due to the stature of limitations he did not face charges but will in turn not be released from prison. A man falsely charged with the crimes brought about by a false confession through torture was also finally released after doing 20 years while receiving 1.8 million in damages for the false sentience.

In an odd turn of events the film Memories of Murder released in 2013 managed to predict the true outcome of the events the film was made by the same guy who made Parasite.
This is a short summary as the whole case was a roller coaster of bullshit.
I could easily fill this thread with true crime stuff I know an unhealthy amount.


Decided to watch Star Trek, and I caught Sulu saying "rice wine". I'm so used to hearing "sake", that that term caught me off guard. Anyways, onto the fact: rice wine, or sake, is in fact brewed more closely to beer than wine, so the term "rice wine" is actually a misnomer.

I know that I want to be that pillow, and that is a FACT!


I learned recently that according to the German criminal code, unlike in many other countries I would assume, alongside the right to self defense, you have the right to defend your honor, which includes physical force.


The Japanese people have one of the very highest life expectancies in the world but that is not so much due to their diets as it is due to their lack of drugs; their diets cause higher rates of cancers of the stomach, pancreas, liver, kidneys than in the population of the USA.


but i heard germany passed a law unter covid that stripped the right of privacy under shelter (law enforcement can enter and search your home without a warrant)...


the largest gathering of people ever recorded was a Hindu celebration in 2013 for the purpose of honoring their holy rivers


File:gdsgs.png (8.17 KB,661x94)

Two of the supercentarians alive right now are both from Fukuoka, Japan.


thought you were talking about Rika, then I remember which thread this was


yeah but they don't report when people die, for all we know anonymous could have died in the 70s


Pepsi has in the past taken its advertising outside of just earth.


File:Ciel.Phantomhive.full.4041….jpg (422.75 KB,469x903)

Music Otaku here with an interesting fact!
The KLF a UK based electronic music group known for making one of the most infamous books on how to make a number one hit The Manual a book popular among many artist as the best and cheapest way to make it to the bigtime. They're also known for doing one of the best fuck yous in music history by playing a poorly done rock cover of their House hit 3 A.M. Eternal to a pissed off audience at the BRIT Awards, concluded with a limping, kilted, cigar-chomping Drummond firing blanks from an automatic weapon over the heads of the crowd. the KLF's promoter and narrator Scott Piering proclaimed over the PA system that "The KLF have now left the music business!"

They after that they did another fuck you by doing a performance art piece by burning a whole million quid.


>They after that they
My hangover is showing...
Here is the first song to use The Manual this trite rubbish was made under a week to show that most people don't know what good music is and it worked because it was a chart topper. If you listen closely you can hear Harry Enfield loadsamoney character as a sample which I think is their way of making fun of the listener.


The enteric (GI tract) nervous system in humans consists of some 500 million neurons, which is about 2/3 as many as in the whole nervous system of a cat.


Cats are in fact nearsighted, which is quite interesting since, as an ambush predator, you might have expected them to have good vision! They also can't see underneath their nose either.


File:C4512C-N301333N-13.jpg (176.96 KB,700x990)

Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou Tai Kodoku no Marebito a Shin Megami Tensei related manga series released in 2009 finally got a translation just last year.


Is the manga much different than the games?


It's similar but not to the point you need to play the games first to understand what's going on in all honest it's an alright series I feel the main appeal is reading something that takes place durning the Taishō period with an MC that collects demons like Pokemon battling in a "monster of the week" fashion which you don't see often.


At the moment it costs $648,242.94 to buy every single game on Steam at full price.



That's actually a lot less than I would have thought.


if each game is ~30USD, then there are only 21,600 games on sale.

I thought there were more games in circulation, but I guess the certification process discriminates enough.


>if each game is ~30USD
The average game is way less than that, it's mostly just the high-profile ones that are that expensive. . Steam recently surpassed 50k games listed.


having trouble reading that number


Six hundred forty eight thousand, two hundred forty two and ninety four cents. Stop being European and using punctuation for your numbers wrong.



just learned that kim jong il kidnapped some south korean director and his actress ex wife in the late 70s to film some movies I thought it was hilarious


Kangal dogs have a bite force of 743 PSI, to put that in perspective a Pitbull has a measly 350 PSI biteforce.


Cats like to eat human earwax because they have far more cells for smelling than tasting, and are drawn to the scent of proteins, which earwax contains an abundance of. Similarly, dogs like to eat cat poop for the same reason: it smells to them of being high in protein.


Dogs will eat their own shit, it doesn't even have to be a different animal's. Source: My lazy brother's preferred way of getting rid of the dog shit in his backyard was to throw it in a corner and when he did it the dog (a retarded German Shepherd) would always snap at it and try to catch it.


File:92278935_p0.png (1.98 MB,1242x1242)

Ishkur's guide to electronic music is..a...well guide to eletronic music! As well as an insight to how some sounds are made.
It originally was a flash based site until flash's death doom it but has now come back.
Sadly some of the more saucy descriptions of certain genres or artists was either toned down or removed, namely an ALL CAPS rants on Testio and how he ruined trance for everyone but the most brain dead of music Otaku.


So if you want to be the next AFX weirdo or you want to make the next club dick banger for the boys to suck their candy sticks too ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pJfMAm_84w ) this guide has it for you!


File:92158588_p6.jpg (933.46 KB,2621x2046)

Cool site. I'm most interested in Synthwave stuff currently, so it was interesting to see that it's somehow within the lineage of Eurodisco, making it in some respect, a distant cousin of Eurobeat. Also the samples in time are really cool!

Cute Len too.


That is indeed a very cool site. I really can't keep track of all these genres and I swear it's just all an elaborate prank and no one actually knows the difference between the 5,000 genres there are today (with 100 new ones declared every day).
I remember that I used to just say I liked "House" because of Daft Punk, but I don't know if their stuff post-Homework or whatever is still considered House.
So much easier to just say "video game and anime music"


Oh, but I do think it's a little undiligigent to not break Synthwave at least into Synthwave and Dark Synth. Although I would broadly consider artists like Perturbator to be a Synthwave artist, they have a much darker tone than an artist like Waveshaper.

Regardless, I also think it much more plausible that Synthwave in it's current form originated out of, or at least drew a significant amount of inspiration from, French House, and Synthpop, while also drawing upon the affect and vibe of Tracker music (and also Rock, but that's not really "Electronic" is it :P). The draw from Spacesynth, in my opinion seems much more of a matter of convergent evolution, rather than direct lineage.

Waveshaper for comparison against Perturbator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLelplIhgLE


File:Kagamine.Len.full.2813986.jpg (775.03 KB,1748x2480)

I'm more into the Jungle and Trance scene myself so to me I kept it simple; if the song uses Sawtooth Waves it's Synthwave. >>77965 Has it quite right I would say.

>Cute Len too.
Love Len.

You're not wrong there and actually - in some cases artists have been known to mess with music journalists as those are the ones making most of these genre terms IDM is a good example of that, the band Mindless Self-indulgence in an interview once called their style Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk nowadays it's artists trolling journalists to see how many goofy terms they can get them to write about.


this is like the 30th revival of 80es stuff in 20 years, might as well call it electro and sythpop like the rest


ペンライト (Pen light) is the Japanese term for glow sticks.


>Light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial (usually outdoor) light. Too much light pollution has consequences: it washes out starlight in the night sky, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, has adverse health effects and wastes energy.

You learn something new everyday, like another way that living in the city is bad for you.


In 1952, China accused the United States military of spreading bacteria-laden insects and other objects during the Korean War by dropping them from P-51 fighters above rebel villages over North Korea. In all, the U.S. was accused of dropping ants, beetles, crickets, fleas, flies, grasshoppers, lice, springtails, and stoneflies.


Potatoes are higher in potassium than bananas.


Chair means ‘flesh’ in French.


File:93450817_p0.png (93.12 KB,600x600)

I don't know the scientific term for it, but "precum"'s purpose is believed to be to lower the pH of the urethra to make it more tolerable for sperm cells. Seems kind of strange to me because it just shoots out at high speed, but I'm not a biologist.


I think it's because omankos are slightly acidic, which helps kill off stray sperms or something. No idea. I'm no girl doctor.


File:1591982384204.png (224.69 KB,662x480)

Take good care of your swimmers, /qa/.


The time complexity of using bucket elimination to perform inference on a Bayesian network is exponential to 1 + the induced width of the graph


bampu. They say the lion is the king of the jungle... but lions live in the savanna


File:[HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid….jpg (752.78 KB,1920x1080)

I already made a thread about that!


fun fact: I missed your thread and it was a coincidence!


Cat whiskers grow as they gain weight. They also gain more whiskers as they age. Cats use their whiskers to help judge whether they're too wide to fit through a gap so that they don't enter somewhere and get stuck.


Gold is more dense than lead
Osmium is even denser
However the densest substance know to man is Kodaka Hasegawa the protagonist of anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Eh, nandatte?


my gf miyu is so cute


At the appropriate moment during Christmas Eve, the faggot must be burnt in a hearth while people who are watching sing Dunster Carols.


File:[HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid….jpg (760.03 KB,1920x1080)

She isn't your GF, stop insulting her like that!


that was actually a compliment



Is this the origin story for cow girls?



The human body can easily produce over 900 farts a day. Matter of fact, I personally have counted up to 928 farts in a single day that my body has produced.


animals do not know what time it is


Time is an abstract concept I doubt they really think about it like we do. But they probably have a perception of it.


Not true, they do know what time it is. Most vertebrates including us have what is called a Pineal gland which produces melatonin when it's dark in order to tell us that it's time to sleep(or not to sleep in other animals). We use information gathered from our retina to do this but some other animals like the Tuatarra(a Lizard from New Zealand) have a 'third eye' that gathers this information and feeds it to the pineal gland instead. They certainly know what time it is.


Too many people confuse sentience with sapience and say wildly incorrect things because of it.


animals might know what time of day it is but not what time it is, time doesn’t shift with the seasons and remains at a 24 hour day under our understanding of it. an animal can only perceive time in relation to night and day which changes every single day, in general the rotation of the sun doesnt actually have anything to do with time and the idea that it does is rooted in the concept of time zones. it is the same time for me right now as it is for people on the other side of the earth. an animal is unable to understand this as to them time is not an abstract concept but purely the rotation of the sun.


You fail to recognize the difference between perception and cognition. One does not need to know the minutia of time as being more than just a local phenomenon to recognize that time exists; the difference between day and night is irrelevant. Anything which lives must rangle with time or everything would be fixed in place. To infer the position of a running hare, must a fox not recognize that the hare must run and accelerate with time? Of course it must. Does at any point, however, the fox comprehend or ponder the nature of time? No, because it need not do so to experience and recognize, intuitively, the existence of time. I should not need to point it out to you, either, but there are a number of creatures more that do not use the sun to tell time. Many lives deep in the ocean where sunlight cannot penetrate, and there some creatures that are blind such as bats.


My point is less about the sun and more about how animals understand time in its relation of itself to other things, I was using the sun as an example. In your example the fox recognizes the specific hare in questions acceleration in relation to its own because it has no reason to ponder the acceleration of a hare it is not chasing, the calculation of finding the position of the hare is less about finding its acceleration and more a matter of triangulation with the fox, the hare, and the result of the foxes calculation as points. It is humans alone that would find the acceleration of the hare for no reason but for the sake of information, my point is that animals don't understand time as separate from their immediate reality, time exists along with themselves. In assigning numbers and units to time humans have created something that will continue to tick on forever even if there is no one to count it.


File:KF Tsuchinoko 003.jpg (485.38 KB,1084x1815)

Another fun fact about Lizards. Most lizards can't run and breath at the same time because they use the same muscles to do both. Monitor Lizards can do both at the same time though.


>my point is that animals don't understand time as separate from their immediate reality, time exists along with themselves.
This is a different argument from simply asserting that, "animals do not know what time it is." Knowing and understanding or contemplating are very different things. I can know that if I toss a ball in the air that it will come back down, but that is separate from saying I understand gravity or think deeply about how or why the ball falls back to the ground.


animals dont understand what time it is


Some humans fart 600 times a day making them actually animals. But presumably they are able to tell what time it is.


File:KF Snow Leopard 001.png (55.86 KB,320x519)

Snow Leopards are not actually Leopards, they are more closely related to Tigers.


File:KF Leopard and Black Leopa….jpg (1.29 MB,1587x2245)

Pumas and Leopards can bred with each other to produce a Pumapard. This is interesting because they are not actually that closely related. The big cats(including Leopards) are part of Pantherinae but every other cat(including Pumas) are part of the Felinae. Pumas are actually much more closely related to Cheetahs than they are to Leopards and are even actually more closely related to domestic cats than to leopards.

Pantherine and Felinae split around 11 million years ago, humans split from Chimps around 6-7 million years ago. So in terms of time separation it makes more sense for humans to be able to cross breed with Chimps than for Pumas to breed with Cheetahs. Cat's probably didn't diverge as much, because they are so advanced anyway and they eat hominids because hominids are so weak.


Wonder if something like that can happen with crocodiles.


Some of them can, though it looks like those that can are not too far related from each other and I can't be bothered to research it because crocodiles are stupid and I don't care. This thread is or fun facts not stupid crocodile facts...


File:KF Cat 001.jpg (264.64 KB,995x1280)

Cats are domesticated European Wildcats so they are at home in habitats akin to those of Europe. But Cats are such an advanced creature that they even thrive in the arid climates of central Australia and not only that but they fair better than the native animals that have evolved to live there. Animal populations in arid climates are dictated by boom and bust cycles, in rainy seasons there is of course much more to eat so animals breed more and have larger litters and populations explode. With Primitive Australian animals much of the population dies off after the boom cycle, but because cats are so advanced they are able to weather the bust cycle much better even though they were not made to live in that environment. This is one of the reasons they can devastate native populations so much.


why aren't the dingoes eating their babies

anyway, a species introduced by human activity doing extremely well and disrupting an endemic ecosystem that developed in relative isolation isn't really much to brag about, rats on tropical islands are probably a hundreds times 'better' but you wouldn't probably praise them for their adaptability

it's sad how much biodiversity has been lost in australia...


File:KF OR Australian Devil 001.png (290.66 KB,642x1195)

??? Cat's evolved to live with dogs, they can easily do it and would know how to prevent that.

Well Islands are different, Australian fauna doesn't actually have that excuse because Australia is so large, it's a continent, not an island. And also, in this case I am not referring to the predation upon the native wildlife itself but the hardiness of the cats in adapting to climates they were not made for, the native fauna can't use isolationism as an excuse as whether they were isolated in a desert or not they are still in a desert and need to adapt to that. But as for predation I still will not let them off, they are not dodos, they did not evolve in an environment with no land predators, there still are quolls and monitor lizards on the mainland but there also very recently used to be Tasmanian Devils and Tamanian Tigers on the mainland as well, this is just recently, before then you had even more predators like Thylacoleo. So they evolved in a desert alongside cat sized predators, they don't have an excuse not to be able to deal with them.

I hope they all die, they are inferior and should be replaced with cats. They should import Zebras, leopards and cheetahs, they would at least make proper use of the continent.


File:b51e6849ebb342a86cb46a7234….png (169.07 KB,249x333)

that's uh, some unique views on ecology you've got there, but at the end of the day your precious cats will be up shit creek without a paddle after they've eaten all the birds

>??? Cat's evolved to live with dogs, they can easily do it and would know how to prevent that.

i was just making a joke reference to the "dingo ate my baby", i guess the phrase is only part of popular culture outside australia ironically enough...


They won't eat all the birds. They might eat all of the small marsupials but they don't matter and there will still be rabbits for them to eat.

I actually am Australian. But I do struggle with the vernacular sometimes, I'm not very good at being Australian.


Respect your elders or you're gonna get the spin of death.


Only if I go into the water... If it comes on land I will kill it, they are weak. Why do you think they are in the water? It's because they are afraid. They used to exist on land but cats chased them into the water and even know cats are going into the water to kill them. In not long Crocodiles will cease to exist and be a foot note in evolutionary biology, probably only a few million years. Already Jaguars kill them in their own domain, Other big cats will learn to do this too soon enough and then afterwards they will diversify and cat species will form that take the role of crocodiles.

Crocodiles are already dead they just don't know it yet(because they are stupid).


File:KF Jaguar 013.png (234.88 KB,992x1403)

I forgot to mention. Jaguars AND Tigers both ALREADY have partially webbed feet. It's over, Crocodiles are on borrowed time now.


I love ya, man.


>They should import Zebras, leopards and cheetahs, they would at least make proper use of the continent.
I would make proper use of the continent by flooding the interior and turning the whole country lush.


Maybe. I think to do that you would either need a huge pipeline or a huge canal from the ocean to the interior. The pipeline would probably not deliver enough water and the canal would be incredibly difficult and expensive to make over such a long distance and considering the gradient that would be required the lake you make at the end would have to be well and truly below sea level, you would lose a lot of water on the way there due to evaporation too but that could be both a good and bad thing as it may end up raining back on land somewhere anyway but I don't think a long and thin canal would produce enough evaporation over the area to significantly effect the climate if it even did at all. And of course in both cases you are dealing with salt water, which is not the best for life in interior areas. I think in the best case you would only end up with a small lake and maybe a small ecosystem around that.

Removing all the gum tress would help, they are awful tress in every way, not only are they the ugliest tree in existence but they burn easily, their leaf litter strangles the undergrowth so grass can't grow but most importantly in this context, they soak up a lot of water. I'm not sure how much effect it would actually have but it could not hurt and getting rid of ugly trees is a benefit itself.


flip mars lets terraform australia


File:Touhou Chen 001.jpg (305.78 KB,1000x1200)

Domestic Cats have contributed to the extinction of 63 species. Dogs have only contributed to extinction of 8. Dogs are useless really, they probably didn't even contribute that much to those 8 and it was probably the cats that did it.


File:1616801191554.jpg (175.25 KB,533x800)

Domestic cats are vicious murderers that are only nice to you because you feed them and keep them safe. If they could bully you they would!


This is more of a tip than a fun fact, but I think someone might find this beneficial to know, so:

If you're ever working in a video editing program and find that the files you're working with are too large, and it's either causing slowdown when editing or causes program instability, you can simply re-encode the files you're using to be smaller (either in dimensions or just filesize), and then edit using those files. Once you're done, you can simply replace the small versions that you used with the originals to create a high quality version.

Similarly, back before digital video was good enough to replace film, I've heard that it was a common practice to have both a tape recorder and a film camera set up to capture shots. Then, instead of waiting around for film to be developed to know whether or not the scene came out well, you can simply refer to the low quality tape version.


-40 °F is equal to -40 °C


File:Toho Mahrisah and Reimu 02….png (486.22 KB,737x1060)

To this day, Japan is still not a party to the UN Genocide Convention.


fahrenheit is really dumb...


Celsius is dumb. They should've made the scale longer. Fahrenheit is just innately more precise by virtue of having a longer scale from freezing to boiling, even if you think 32°F to 210°F is stupid. That's basically twice the precision when talking about human tolerable temperatures, since humans pretty much can't tolerate anything higher than 110°F (43.3°C).


The scale isn't linear (-40 °F is equal to -40 °C) and it can be as precise as Fahrenheit can be just by adding a ",".


In terms of integer precision for denoting the same temperatures, Fahrenheit is more precise. In practical usage, people are more likely to report temperatures in terms of integers than decimals.


>In practical usage, people are more likely to report temperatures in terms of integers than decimals.
Yes, and they do that specifically because an increased level of precision is not necessary. It is rare that even single-degree precision is at all relevant in everyday life, and it is easy enough to use decimals if it ever is.


I just learned today that "drawfag" is a booru artist tag. Never knew.


File:3488.webp (163.67 KB,1200x1200)

Back in the 90's, my country's take on Spitting Image was so bad the channel cancelled the whole series after the first episode.


It is a bit grotesque.


File:ZZC 1403.png (4.37 MB,1600x2100)

Guyana and Suriname are part of the Organisation of Islamic cooperation(but Syria isn't any more, sad). I was surprised by this. Guyana is 6.8% Muslim and Suriname is 14.3% Muslim. So they are by no means Muslim states. As another kind of interesting fact, they both have Indian ethnic majorities(actual Indian as in from India, not 'Indians'), but not by much, they are 39% Indian in Guyana and 27% in Suriname.

But also regarding odd ethnic diaspora in South America, Brazil has a population of 15-21 million Arabs, they have the largest population of Arabs outside the Arab league. South America is strange, well I guess the whole of America is strange really.


>I guess the whole of America is strange really.
It's not called the New World for nothing.


I would really prefer if you guys didn't drag the thread in this direction


>Guyana is 6.8% Muslim and Suriname is 14.3% Muslim. So they are by no means Muslim states.
Well might as well call them that, since every single country with more than 5% Muslim has permanently become Muslim states, with Portugal being the only exception to reverse that.


File:6f727ba28404ad3aeff4e4273d….jpg (951.96 KB,848x1200)

Most people have lactose intolerance. In east Asia the ratio is more than 95%.
The population with the highest lactose tolerance are from north Europe who are roughly the same population with the genes responsible for light color hairs. The same population can be identified by speaking Germanic languages and individualistic culture preferring explicit communication instead of contexts such as non-verbal cues.


yeah I found this puzzling since milk can be regularly found in just about any store in Japan.
I guess if nothing else it's still good to have some for baking.


File:GuP Amis 020.jpg (985.2 KB,1346x1874)

It varies a lot by the study you get it from and how they conduct it.

So for example this site lists Japan as 73% lactose intolerant and Italy at 72%


But this study says only 19% of Japanese adults are lactose intolerant if drinking 200ml of milk.


The symptoms of Lactose Intolerance are often fairly mild and many people don't even show symptoms at all.

But they always drink milk after they have baths in anime so lactose intolerance probably isn't much of an issue for them really.


Part of the problem in methodology is that lactose intolerance is relative to the amount consumed. It's sort of an S-curve, where beyond a certain amount your body just can't process any more lactose. For instance, I can eat maybe 2-3 mozzarella sticks and be perfectly fine, but if I happen to eat 4 or more, I'll get sick.


You guys are conflating lactase (the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose) persistence in adulthood and lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is caused by not being lactase persistent, but not having the enzyme doesn't necessarily mean you'll have any symptoms when drinking milk, you just won't be able to digest the lactose in it and it will just pass through your digestive system.

Not being lactase persistent is actually "normal" - pretty much all mammals lose their ability to digest lactose after being weaned as do the vast majority of humans - most europeans and some other specific populations have a genetic mutation that allows them to digest lactose even in adulthood which probably arose because those populations heavily relied on diary animals for subsistence.

Another fun fact related to that - lactose free milk doesn't have lactose removed, it has lactase added to it in order to "predigest" the lactose, it's why such milk tastes sweeter because the lactose has already been broken down into more simpler sugars.


Wikipedia has articles on numbers.


Good articles on numbers. Most people don't put bad info into math wikipedia articles.


In all of the human's languages, 'm' is the most common consonant, and 'i' is the most common vowel. They present in more than 90% of languages.
mimi mimi miiiiiiii~


File:96029859_p0.png (944.83 KB,1413x1060)

Does that mean kemonomimi is part of our shared human experience?


File:7a2cb3f686697d08989abfff3c….png (330.42 KB,1000x1200)

that's exactly my thought


What vowel sound is 'i' here? English is so flexible with its vowels (especially if you take dialects into account) that that could be just anything...



that's more than just the mimi....


File:1637642429479.png (1.22 MB,1060x1060)

if patchouli were a dog she would look like this


foxy looking patch


File:hammer bros theme.mp4 (1.71 MB,320x232)

The hammer bros theme closely resembles the Dr Mario theme.


frustrating video


It's much easier get a girl preggers by sperming directly into her womb through her navel rather than her vagoo.


Only 744 B-52 bombers have been built. By comparison there were 12,731 B-17 bombers built, 18,188 B-24 bombers built, and 9,816 B-25 bombers built.

This doesn't sound true.


File:KF Kaban, Serval, Jaguar a….jpg (873.48 KB,1200x1134)

8200 Valentine tanks were made between 1940 and 1944, to put that in perspective only 8500 Panzer IVs were made from 1936 to 1945, more than twice the time frame. But even though so many were made nobody seems to care about them, I only have one image of one and I already posted it, this is my next closest image and it's juts an SPG based on the hull of one.


File:laughing-01.png (249.36 KB,484x362)

holy crap you're so bad at this game


File:Screenshot_20220222-033319.jpg (179.84 KB,1068x675)

"shrimp are an aphrodisiac for black fellows"


File:[Nozomi] Saki - 15 (BD 720….jpg (178.12 KB,1280x720)

that's not a fact at all...
Depending on your country's traditions, today is either 22/2/22 or 2/22/22! I don't know when the calender will line up like that again, but probably not for a while.
It's also Kana's birthday and Mahjong "2" sounds like nya or something, I don't know someone else will have to fill me in on that one.


File:Moron.JPG.jpg (9.52 KB,165x169)

Idiot, moron, imbecile, etc. actually have IQ definitions.


this looks like an ancient meme


fun fact: i'm about to sperm


not fun.


>Depending on your country's traditions, today is either 22/2/22 or 2/22/22!
These three year systems are used in official documents so it's not the case:



As alkaline batteries discharge they become more bouncy due to the chemical reaction inside. As a result, you can approximate charge by dropping them and seeing how high they bounce, as a more charged battery will be less bouncy.


File:flustered-011.png (250.44 KB,636x272)

the japanese calendar is heretic as hell, arbitrary eras make me feel really unsafe

it's no wonder they get hit by earthquakes every other day


You would've loved living in the Roman Republic. They called each year by the elected consuls, like "the year of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony". Consuls changed every year.


To be fair, in practice the Japanese when referring to modern things only seem to use it as an equivalent to western "generations" and doesnt really come into play otherwise


I think is as arbitrary as it gets for actually used calendars


Granite naturally contains trace amounts of elements such as uranium and thorium and so your seemingly mundane granite countertops may actually be emitting low amounts of beta and gamma radiation!


File:large.jpg (233.02 KB,595x619)

Someone reminded me of the Big Mad Index in IRC so I'm reposting it here.
It's an economics thing that started as a joke, but it's actually pretty accurate and informative.


"jwt" (JSON web token) is pronounced "jot" and not "jew-it"


File:851a1a205b1b5283fbb5f1a56c….jpg (80.83 KB,600x552)


This is neither a fact, nor fun. Please keep your dumb social media posts to yourself.


File:Bison_-_Tall_Grass_Prairie….jpg (2.77 MB,3008x1960)

At their closest point to extinction there were 541 American Bison by 1889, down from over 60 million prior to the late 1700s. Their populations now number over 400,000, however most of these are animals bread in captivity for meat. In nature, there are somewhere around 15,000 wild American Bison, many residing in national parks and wildlife reservations.


File:Bison_fight_in_Grand_Teton….jpg (5.73 MB,4288x2848)

Between 1980 and 1999, more than three times as many people in Yellowstone National Park were injured by bison than by bears.


maybe they just get a bit gassy


>Their populations now number over 400,000, however most of these are animals bred in captivity for meat.
Wait, what? Americans eat bison? What do they taste like?


Apparently the taste is similar to beef. The difference seemingly is mainly that bison meat has less fat and is a bit healthier.


I've had bison burgers before, I liked it more than beef burgers. I'm vegetarian now though.


I thought about becoming a vegetarian since I barely eat any meat however I like cheese too much to ever stop eating it.


File:Screenshot_2019-04-23 Kemo….png (148.53 KB,471x332)

You shouldn't, it's bad for you.


Vegetarians can still eat cheese.


Eating cheese or being vegetarian?


Being Vegetarian.


Being pesco-vegetarian is objectively the healthiest diet.


That diet is why the Japanese had an average height of 5 feet before they started eating red meat.


What does height have to do with being healthy? And that's not true. They always ate red meat (pork).


It has a lot to do with being healthy. And it is true. The Japanese didn't eat animals with 4 legs before the Meji restoration due to religious reasons. Pigs have 4 legs.


I read that pork was not banned. Only horse, dog, monkey and poultry meat.

>It has a lot to do with being healthy
Only on a very superficial level. Americans are taller than the Japanese yet their life expectancy is 6 years lower. The US has a life expectancy on par with third world countries due to their bad diet. Processed red meat is the worst possible food you can eat and Americans eat that a lot


high obesity rates is a factor but US life expectancy was still fairly average, it was the opioid epidemic which caused life expectancy to fall to where it is


Today it has a lower life expectancy than Colombia and Peru.


"I'm here for a good time, not a long time."
-American read meat enthusiasts


National stats like this feel like a rorschach test.


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (244.57 KB,1280x720)

The other day I was thinking about body odor and I think every bad major smell isn't actually produced by the body, is it?
Feet - If you have smelly feet, it's bacteria or fungus
Armpits - Bacteria
Bad breath - Yep
Everything associated with the butt - Yeah
"Body Odor" after sweating and such - Yes

The only exception I can think of is urine which can have "natural" causes like disease or dehydration


>Armpits - Bacteria
it can't be just bacteria because the japanese (and other east asians) have considerably reduced body odor intensity to the point almost no one even bothers with deodorants there


There is a hypothesis that low levels of radiation are actually healthy for you. It's hard to disprove because the more mainstream model "Linear No-Threshold" predicts low levels of radiation cause very minute increases in cancer that are very hard to measure.



File:1 qTD9PKRxU2SSZZBhx0xXVw.jpeg (103.1 KB,597x958)

People actually consumed irradiated water back then believing it would cure all kinds of illnesses. There is a famous case of a man who drank it every day until he lost his entire jaw: https://historyofyesterday.com/eben-byers-the-man-who-drank-radioactive-water-until-his-jaw-fell-off-d2634336b504


There is in fact a difference between being irradiated and radioactive. To be irradiated refers to being exposed to radiation. To be radioactive means that something gives off radiation.

Food is commonly irradiated for sterilization purposes. The radiation kills bacteria, pests, and fungi. This is not dissimilar from using UV light for sterilization.





Yeah I used the wrong term then. I thought they were interchangeable. That's straight up radioactive water similar to bodies of water where nuclear waste is dumped in.


Also some of the ads at the beginning look right out of fallout


>similar to bodies of water where nuclear waste is dumped in.
In modern reactor designs, river water used for cooling is never in direct contact with any radioactive material at any point. Neither is radioactive material dumped into bodies of water for the purpose of disposal.

However, there was one such incident in which this occurred in the Soviet Union. The nuclear reactors at Mayak built between 1945-1948 used an "open-cycle" cooling system wherein water from Lake Kyzyltash flowed directly over the reactors and then was discharged back into the lake. This resulted in the rivers Techa and Ob becoming contaminated with nuclear waste. Later on, nuclear waste was stored in tanks, however, in 1957 one of these tanks exploded releasing more radioactive material than was released in the reactor explosion and meltdown at the Chernobyl NPP.


Between this, Chernobyl, and the Aral Sea getting drained the Soviet Union really did cement it's place for massive, irredeemable fuckups.
Glad they're gone.


I was confused why you would think that so I did a quick search and it seems you are referring to a very early law by Emperor Tenmu form the 7th century that banned what you listed but only during one part of the year for some reason and then in the 8th century they banned killing all animals and even fishing. So take that how you will. Anyway clearly that was modified or removed in the hundreds of years and many civil wars since then. As I said, they didn't eat four legged animals until the Meji restoration.

Americans are also one of the most obese countries in the planet, with a terrible health care system and they have sugar and who knows what in pretty much everything. There are always more factors to this than one simple metric. However, while it's hard to say because different studies releases different results, Australia and Switzerland are also pretty high up there in life expectancy and according to some studies Australian males actually have the longest life expectancy of any males. Australia is also the second largest consumer of red meat per capita as well by the way.

As for processes meat, you should really look into that study because it's highly flawed. It's based on isolating one compound found in processed red meat and then giving a ridiculous amount of that to lab mice, an amount so ridiculous that you physically could never consume that much as a human eating red meat.


Friendly reminder to restrain yourself in constantly replying to other posts. The point of this thread is to share fun facts, not argue or have long-form discussions.


File:broometitanosaur.jpg (43.12 KB,1024x725)

The largest known animal is the Blue Whale, being around 130 tons, with the heaviest confirmed being 175 tons. I found two sauropods (admittedly with cryptic samples) that could compete with that position. The "Broome Titanosaur" and Bruhathkayosaurus could actually surpass the Blue Whale in size if some of their estimates are true.
The Broome Titanosaur is only known from a footprint found in the Broome Sandstone formations in Western Australia. That said, these footprints were 1.5-2 meters long. Some weight estimates based on these footprints are a weight range of 120-200 tonnes.
As for Bruhathkayosaurus, it has more fossil evidence, in the form of a few bones. The tibia in particular is significantly larger than that of Argentinosaurus, and could've had it at weights of up to 200 tons.

There's also a few more sauropods with similar weight estimates to the two I mentioned, like Amphicoelias fragillimus and Parabrontopodus distercii. Granted, every single sauropod mentioned here has undergone a lot of discussion as to their actual size; with some conservative and lower estimates putting them below 100 tons, while others put them at 200+ tons. That's why you'll see plenty of completely different weight ranges if you were to research these names online. My main point is that if the larger estimations are true, then they could very well be in the "largest animal" category.



that's not the /qa/ way


Salmons die after mating due to massive release of corticosteroids which inhibit their cells ability to multiply and cause programmed death in their cells. They swim around while falling apart. Isn't that yabai?
And since corticosteroids are the thing that your kidneys release when you're under stress it really puts into perspective how being stressed is bad for you.


In February 1959, the mercury distribution in Minamata Bay was investigated. The results shocked the researchers involved. Large quantities of mercury were detected in fish, shellfish, and sludge from the bay. The highest concentrations centred around the Chisso factory wastewater canal in Hyakken Harbour and decreased going out to sea, clearly identifying the plant as the source of contamination. Pollution was so heavy at the mouth of the wastewater canal, a figure of 2 kg of mercury per ton of sediment was measured: a level that would be economically viable to mine. Indeed, Chisso did later set up a subsidiary to reclaim and sell the mercury recovered from the sludge.[20]


A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.




1 sperm candle = 1.14 HK


John Napier Invented the Logarithm in 1614


The longest year in history was 46 BC, which lasted 445 days. This oddly long year was on account of Julius Caesar extending the year so that the seasons would stay constant over time, as the Winter solstice was occurring in the summer months. This was also the year of the introduction of the Julian calendar, the basis of our mondern calendar system. The Julian calendar would remain in usage until 1582 when it was superseceded by the Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. Despite this, the Gregorian calendar is a minor revision, only changing the average year length from 365.25 days to 365.2425 days.


I'm honestly surprised it wasn't Euler.


File:133b4e9bc4906b6141e559b0c0….png (19.76 MB,2705x3827)

Bottom line Tap water is as good as sterile saline solution to irrigate simple lacerations before repair.


>before repair.
Strange way to phrase "bandaging/topical medication"


Teeth can actually heal minor decay over time so long as the decay is not extensive and hasn't broken through to the dentin or inner layer of the tooth.


Was looking around at human eye stuff and apparently human eye color differences are from this and not pigment differences: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyndall_effect
It's a "structural color". The pigment is actually brown, but the cellular structure bounces it around and it looks blue or green to an observer. This is how it is for peacock tails, too, although birds do have a variety of "real" pigment colors.
Huh. Biology really is amazing.


That's also true for plants as well. If I'm remembering correctly, there's only one plant that actually has natural blue pigment. The rest only appear blue due to that phenomenon.



Queen Elizabeth II is the only remaining head of state who served in WW2.


I'm not sure you can really call what the queen does "serving". She reigns.




No, she actually served as a truck driver/mechanic. She was not queen then.


Sorry, I read "served since WW2".


Popes start old though it's a miracle one of them even lives 10 years.
It was always a pain in the ass having to keep track of those guys in Crusader Kings when I was weighing in mentally the real cost of buying their loyalty versus how old they are.


File:KF Snow Leopard 001.png (55.86 KB,320x519)

Snow Leopards aren't actually Leopards, Snow Leopards are actually a sister group of the Tiger with the ancestors of the Snow Leopard breaking of from the Tiger.

Ohh, and while I mention this, clouded leopards aren't Leopards either, also Leopard Cats are not Leopards.


And also Leopard seals aren't Leopards either.


sea horses might not look like it but they in fact aren't large bodies of salted water


die sagers


live sagers


The sagers


File:pretty.png (1.04 MB,781x781)

very discouraging website


None of these are fun facts. Consider not posting next time.

Interesting, but not a fun fact.


The velociraptors in the Jurassic park Franchise are not actually velociraptors, they are dromaeosaurs. Kemono Friends does not have a velociraptor so I can't show you what one actually looks like.


File:0fdec0f3dc4d4671a488c57a76….jpg (119.02 KB,1211x969)


I too would prefer her bag of meat over the two slices on her hand.


That's not a fun fact, that's a creepy perv fact. >>89929 isn't going to be happy when he sees this.


Aesop's Fables was the only book in existence to be excluded from the expulsion of Western books in Edo Japan.


westaboos at it again


shogunate approved!


japanese people sleep in the closet


The return message to a "PING" command is called a "PONG". PING... PONG.


The world hiccup champion had a hiccup for 69 years.


ah, I see you have the machine that goes `PING'. This is my favourite.


File:bird-tree_custom-ee3b3d1f….webp (37.78 KB,900x506)

apparently falcons are much genetically closer to things like cockatoos and parakeets than they are eagles.


Childhood anemia increases the chance of childhood leukemia.

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