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File:1474220773777.png (510.93 KB,836x964)


Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.


File:Capture.jpg (30.91 KB,367x343)

>fun facts
>copper is actually more dense than iron.
Uh, yeah, real fun dude...


File:1471105657601.gif (733.45 KB,533x300)

Well, uh... I, uh... um... I thought it was interesting!


I didn't read about it, but I think every bad odor associated with people isn't actually produced by us, but instead by bacteria and other microbes in or on us. I can't think of an exception.
Is that fun?


Racing Lagoon a JRPG styled street racing game by Square now has a translation in the works. This game has had a cult following for years because of its unique game mechanics and stand out personality but totally forgotten by Square.


Never played the game but I love the soundtrack


File:26217-20_proc.jpg (66.88 KB,448x448)

did you know that even with seat belts people die in car crashes all the time?


File:1535786850148.jpg (791.66 KB,1826x1826)

Did you know that 5 raised to the integer power of 'n' will always end in 125 or 625, for n>2?


I got into it simply because of how much I loved the music and 90's aesthetic and bumbling around the game untranslated I would say it's a really fun time it's no hidden master piece for instance the driving feels a bit off sometimes and the difficulty can be brutal but it's still a hell of a fun time.


Apparently there's this theory that "you" (your consciousness) is just a biproduct of evolution. Something about some experiment showing the brain makes a decision moments before you're aware of it. Everything one does is not in "their" control, it's all based on chemical reactions and neurons in the complex super computer in their heads; their brain. The brain is the one that's in control, "you" are just an observer to the brain. The more I think about this the more I question existence...


I didn't find the study reference and some of the stuff on google isn't very convincing. Most of it boils down to the same thing, you can tell what choice a person will make X seconds before the are aware they made the choice. I don't think that really rules out "free will" or that even it's fair to say "you" and "your brain" are different entities. It could be something like; one part of "you" makes the decision, on part tells the relevant parts of the body what to do, one part contextualizes and rationalizes the decision, and one part stores the decision made and it's associations. "You"/"Your brain" is the sum of these parts and not an individual part.


No Kunyomi starts ever with a R. Yesterday I stumbled about this when I tried playing shiritori.


The guy who shot the dad of Nabokov (author of Lolita) was the leader of the NORM



Have that book but am yet to read it... is it good?


Yes. Lolita is one of the modern greats.


You wouldn't start a word with it, same goes for 人.


with ri coming at the end.


The average heart rate for a feline is roughly 140-220 bpm.


File:grin.png (60.13 KB,159x405)

Awake brain surgery, also called awake craniotomy, is a type of procedure performed on the brain while you are awake and alert. Awake brain surgery is used to treat some brain (neurological) conditions, including some brain tumors or epileptic seizures.


That makes sense considering the properties of Bronze.


some people can lick their elbow




do not believe his lies! I fell for this once in middle school, never again!

but it is true that you can lick your own nose if you try hard enough


fun fact!!!!! your gay


It can be illegal to import gas masks due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), which can carry very harsh penalties such as jailtime and high fees.


File:6771da674b8012869c95b37c97….png (379.85 KB,700x669)

the label side of cd is more fragile to scratching than the reflective side, because the proactive layer on label side is so thin that a small scratch can cause metal layer to be exposed to air and oxidized, causing data loss


flaming hot cheetoes where made by the janitor who found the number for the ceos office in a contact book at the factory.



File:800x-1.png (28.49 KB,800x394)

Almost 1 in 5 women in Japanese prisons is a senior.


How many people do the Japanese hold in prison anyways?



What a modest number compared to America...


doesn't mean their legal system is any less broken, they basically don't try to prosecute anyone if they aren't 100% sure they're guilty


File:6ccfc7adf9168ae2e8ae22abae….png (2.19 MB,1900x1205)

it's time to learn some pillow facts!


They also still have the death penalty and are one of the few countries in the world where there are more female murderers than male ones.


File:60 .jpg (32.85 KB,558x414)

What that leaves out is that over a third of Japan's total population are 60+, and that number effectively doubled in the time shown on that graph, so while there was certainly an increase in the senior incarceration rate, it isn't quite as extreme as shown there and seniors are still underrepresented in the prison population.


File:image.png (87.56 KB,400x300)

Back in 2019 Lee Choon-jae now known as the Korean Zodiac killer was finally caught he was doing a pre-existing sentience for the rape and murder of his step-sister. Sadly due to the stature of limitations he did not face charges but will in turn not be released from prison. A man falsely charged with the crimes brought about by a false confession through torture was also finally released after doing 20 years while receiving 1.8 million in damages for the false sentience.

In an odd turn of events the film Memories of Murder released in 2013 managed to predict the true outcome of the events the film was made by the same guy who made Parasite.
This is a short summary as the whole case was a roller coaster of bullshit.
I could easily fill this thread with true crime stuff I know an unhealthy amount.

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