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File:ed3a4a66e8c4aa4efd7448bedc….jpg (400.72 KB,2000x1400)

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it's come and it won't leave


starting to get colder weather down here in australia


first the first time in awhile I can be alone on a fridey night without having anything I need to or feel like I should be doing (though i did tell myself i would do some scanlating today). felt strange at first, now going to play some civ 6 with my friend


so cold the snow begins to resemble ice


want rikoriko s2


I could live without it.


waiting for Makima to come back and romance Chisato.


they still have to make 86 season 3


-28C... air is so dry


there are so many awesome kitties on this website


File:89943707_p0.png (1.82 MB,1034x1847)



File:e9cbf7873a14b389a8595238d9….jpg (338.68 KB,2048x2048)

still feeling extremely bleh I hate being sick
at least I took a nice hot shower and that alleviated a little bit of how cold I felt but now that I'm out I'm feeling sick again blehhhhh




used to love Winter dearly
now I just want it over


bad taste


I'll go to Norway at the end of the month.
That's all...


you're not going there to get arrested are you...


At this time of year, where there is barely any daylight and the weather is constantly shit?


File:daylight.JPG (77.19 KB,1225x640)

Yes, less people and there is some sun...
I don't really care if the weather sucks while I can still go out.


took some ibuprofen and sudafed and i don't feel like i'm dying anymore think that's a good sign that i'll overcome my sick


best of luck


File:df76df462e7c9fefbae74f06da….jpg (1.61 MB,1518x1075)

>Yes, less people
That makes sense. I haven't been there since I was little, but I remember Oslo being packed with tourists during the summer.
You should try some of the local "everyday" cuisine while you're there: kjøttkaker, fiskegrateng, komle, flesk og duppe... You've probably heard about the infamous lutefisk and smalahove, but that's not something people eat very often -- or enjoy for that matter.


Noted, I'll try to get a taste of all those things. I've just tried brunost and some other random things. I'll maybe meet some people there, we'll see.
>That makes sense. I haven't been there since I was little
How old were you? Was it nice?


File:1542271721018.png (146.28 KB,460x360)

>How old were you? Was it nice?
I was still in primary school at that time. I personally can't remember if I liked it or not, but according to my mum it was a fun trip.


File:snow.jpg (1.02 MB,2312x1302)

It's pretty nice when the sun is up!


Had to get a suit today because a family member is getting married soon. Wish I had a reason to wear one more often because I liked how I looked in it.


Same, sometimes I think about just wearing them around in public for no reason.


the repressed salaryman


Satania hating apple products is one of my favorite 2d memes


cat is being friendly and grooming me again, which is a nice thought but his tongue on my arm hurts



File:__meowscarada_pokemon_draw….jpg (181.39 KB,1448x2048)

A cat is fine too.


nope, he already went into the closet to sleep


seeing so much fanart of this cat feels like she might be the new gardevoir...


omggggg pls post a pic of the sleeping cat in a closet :3


open it REALLLLLLLLLLLY SLOWLY to not wake the kitty up


I don't think it's possible, it's in a corner and it's really dark, so I'd need to hold stuff out of the way while holding a flashlight and also taking a picture with my crappy flipphone
but, maybe when he's sleeping on my bed next I could try


>but, maybe when he's sleeping on my bed next I could try


missing a couple neurons today


for a moment i interpreted this to mean literal apples


I can't figure out how to get the bluetooth connection working between PC and phone
argh this sucks
might be a day or two until I feel motivated enough to figure it out


blutooth protocols are a thing


File:gamefreak paws on the grou….png (240.96 KB,600x598)


seems like it is, yeah
kind of asking for it with that design, with a mask reminiscent of those sex galas or whatever those rich deviants did
wait, this isn't a blog


Dude I fucking love twitter screencaps! There's nothing better than seeing a niche web community devolve into reposting garbage from other, bigger websites. It's why GNFOS is the greatest imageboard ever!


calm down dude



My point still stands. I'm here because I want to be on Kissu. If I wanted to be on Twitter I'd use Twitter.


it's really not as big of a deal as you're making it out to be


It still bothers me though.


turned down the heat some more and added more blankets instead
this is the way


>this is the way


read before a few times that cold makes for a deeper sleep


File:1536209221370.png (342.03 KB,598x698)

Bought a new bike.
Also I think the clerk thought I was tard because he kept repeating himself. Don't mistake my social tardness for intellectual tardness.


what did he say


bike shop being run by jerk is almost universal


he's just yanking your chain


I dont dream while sleeping medicated. It's very odd


People don't dream during anesthesia either. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.


interesting ID


wish the bike shop guy had repeated himself slowly with me, because it would have saved me some grief.


I noticed that I don't dream or at least know that I dream unless I am woken up by something and then I remember the last bits of it.

Maybe it's got something to do with how deep you sleep or the quality of your sleep.


eating lots and lots of oranges they're oishii


drinking as much yogurt as i drink water


four liters in two days.......


oh for fuck's sake a worm in the granola again


next time i'm buying my raisins from somewhere else
that place was too far away anyways


NOT gonna spend an hour sifting through it again it's all going into the trash


five liters


Been considering making an RPG maker game poking fun at JRPG tropes with a lot of ironic humor, but I'm afraid people will take it the wrong way and see it as an attack on the genre even though I love JRPGs.


Just put in normal funny humour instead of ironic humour.


RPG games (as well as wider net culture) have been oversaturated with irony and awareness to the point of overdose for years now; it's your game but I think sincerity will take you further.


That kind of humor is an attack, you're making fun of it, but these jabs look very different depending on where they're coming from. Try to not make it sound too jaded or spiteful.


File:IMG_20230212_202235274_MFN….jpg (2.22 MB,3072x4080)

slang dictionary has a sailor saturn pic for the "buncha fags" entry
from 2007


File:1604536090212.jpg (95.36 KB,680x657)

Making lots of progress in something like doing, but because of this I am completely unable to focus on the thing I have no interest in but need to do. It feels very bad to have the great feeling of something clicking in your head but knowing that you need to put it aside in favor of something mundane and required.


By irony I don't mean ironic detachment, I'm taking about [s4s]-type humor (or at least [s4s] when it was at its peak), where it's "bad" on purpose in a way that's really funny.


Ended up not even starting on either of the two things that I planned the whole rest of the week around getting done today, but at least watched some precure and finally wrapped my head around musical modes after years of not really getting it.


I still don't know what am I doing with my life except wasting it.


likely the same thing as everyone else minus the way to sustain it


File:d062120e25fcadfceb0f1943e7….jpg (132.51 KB,1420x1272)

I finally found the source for that Erika face.



File:103872417_p1_master1200.jpg (970.03 KB,1200x926)

I know what I'm doing with my life
1. Sleepin'
2. Gamin'
3. Jammin'
4. Takin' it easy


File:informative.jpg (163.74 KB,579x591)

Being on the internet, you're preparing yourself for the next AI-based era of humanity


File:1665112936612.png (3.21 MB,2500x3000)

Can't wait to cutepost with my AI friends on www dot kissu dot moe


I've high expectations for this era.


File:h6ggjr.jpg (9.22 MB,4032x3024)

Found a secret banana


did you eat it


he wouldn't be able to respond if he did


and that's why he won't respond


I did not eat the secret banana.


The /secret/ banana


public couches are NOT ok


Close. Bench seating on a train.


I keep rewatching old top gear EPs my car brain will forever be stuck in the 2000s sigh


That's something only a secret banana eater would say.


Got a stomach ache :(


ate three bananas


were they public knowledge?


File:__fox_wife_original_drawn_….jpg (540.53 KB,728x1035)

went out for some claybird shooting but i'm really bad at it
learned later apparently you AREN'T supposed to look down the shotgun bead, but why even put one on it then?


no because i hid them


File:39468514_p0.jpg (875.71 KB,1068x1300)

Went clay shooting a bit ago and felt really proud of myself when I hit 3/25 shooting bunker. Although my chest was a bit bruised afterwards...


never done bunker and it seems noticeably tougher than what i have offered locally; the clays move faster even


File:Screenshot_20230214_220641.png (75.66 KB,292x333)

i'm thinking about picking up growing cacti as a hobby. a few days ago i noticed one of my neighbors had some san pedro growing on his garden, so i asked him if i could cut some for planting. he said yes despite not really knowing each other which was kind. turns out san pedro is very easy to grow: you cut a decent chunk that you then cut into smaller segments of about 5-7 centimeters, then wait for them to dry for 2-3 weeks since they have water inside. after they dried up, place the chunks in a flower pot with soil that preferably has some sand mixed in, and wait for 2 months for the cacti to put down its roots.
i like the idea of growing something that is low maintenance but still fun to take care of. plus, in a few years i'll be able to cut it and enjoy their very strong psychoactive effects (san pedro has a number of alkaloids, most notably mescaline)



That sounds nice. I noticed a plant shop near me recently and I thought about getting one of those tiny potted cactuses. Might get actually get one now that you're reminding me.


Bunker is insanely tough. It's random like trap and the angle the birds come out of are weird. And with the speed, every time I even saw a bird it was already about 50 yards or so away unless I correctly guessed the right location.


2 months worth of obligations have fallen on this week and half of last, not having a fun time and tomorrow will be even worse. Thursday might not be so bad, Friday could either be a breath of air or what finishes me.


hehe that's like when the dishes pile up in the sink and start to grow moldy


File:Screenshot_20230214_220733.png (73.82 KB,247x331)

managed to get four decent-sized cuttings out of the cactus i got from my neighbor. i gave one to a friend, and for the time being i plan on keeping the other three.
i don't know if this is weird, but i like to "name" my plants (aka writing a name on the pot with a marker). i named one of my san pedros Cacnea, don't have any name ideas the other two yet. any suggestions?




Or Viracocha, since it's andean.
And more pronounceable.


File:9818661c3117ac1fc44147c96a….png (8.65 MB,3508x2480)

Chess puzzle score stuck at 1600


Had a great conversation with an older Uber driver today. Guy said he was 75, but didn't look a day over 65. Most Uber rides I've had have been pretty awkward and silent, but I had a good time talking this time. We didn't talk about anything particularly noteworthy, but it was still enjoyable.


File:R-1676586472786.jpg (4.47 MB,4080x3072)

Love cloudy days.


When I was 15 (I think, I dont really remember) I had to take a taxi alone to get to something and was a little scared, the driver ended up being some old Russian immigrant who talked about coming to American and how he hated Asian woman drivers. Its a nice memory


terrified of taking an uber because of how many horror stories related to it i've heard
but i guess the same can be said of taxi drivers, but at least they have to get hired for their jobs


It's really not that bad. I use it fairly often out of necessity and haven't had any problems. Every time when you get connected with a driver it'll show their average rating and how many trips they've taken. I haven't seen a driver have less than a couple thousand trips. If anything does get dicey though, the app has a "safety" button thing to silently contact the police I think.

In general, though, I think thinking like this stems from paranoia of others. Just think about people living in a city and how many people you have to trust not to murder you. How many complete strangers you might ride alongside in a bus or subway, or even going to school and how many hundreds of people you'd be around daily. The world is a lot safer than we're made to believe so being worried about incredibly rare things doesn't really do you any good.


one time i got a haitian who could barely speak, the car's seats were sunken, seatbelts were functionally rope, and half of the doors didn't fully close
it was a genuinely fun experience


time to install l*nux on my th*nkpad


bone sold for 2k.
most profitable February of my life, damaged by a degrading stock market


but how are you gonna weensperm now


Stop censoring words. It makes you seem like one of those undesirables.


looks like an enjoyable place for a stroll


it was, I got off the bus early so i could walk around a bit




ebay charges sales tax for nearly everything now
fuck this gay internet








what do iu buy


They've been doing that for a while. Your state must not have kept up with internet eCommerce® I guess.


finally a couple of truly cold days in this horrible summer thank you jesus


Saw a post, but then Anonymous deleted it and it disappeared. That made me sad.


good job seeing it


gonna eat donuts and curry tomorow


real big blog thread


File:[Pompous] Eiga Daisuki Pom….jpg (370.22 KB,1920x1038)

inspired by pompo i see



got a cheap wrist wrest for my mouse hand and it's pretty comfortable


my state is great


Why do they draw Nagatoro with a big butt so often? Shes obviously very petite


just woke up, what happened to the pompo thread


I guess Anonymous didn't like butts...


ministry of health has started labelling trashy food with huge black hexagons
good cookies


i enjoy a snack with a health star rating of 0.5 out of 5 stars


did taxes


waiting until the last possible moment to do my taxes because i dont want to give them my money


people shouldn't eat 6 donuts in a few hours


Paying taxes is one of the only real ways to show people that you've made it into society. Everything else... cars, clothing, houses... it's all just for show... the only real show of wealth is how much taxes you owe before deductions


I saw the deleted post.


I deleted it because I found my answer: no, because that applies to an audience and entertainer. Overusing words like parasocial is how they lose their meaning


parasite single in a parasocial relationship


File:95913683_p0.jpg (1.38 MB,1240x1754)

feeling very koruriesque


File:1373324262148.jpg (55.71 KB,535x516)

feeling sad. wanted to show off something I made and someone I considered a friend said something mean about it. I don't understand.


Maybe it was constructive criticism or maybe he was jealous.
What did you make?


Dont let it weigh on you too much, there can be many reasons for that behaviour. I sometimes feel that I never really learned how to be encouraging to others, and there was a time where I felt like I was letting my guard down when I wasnt putting on an act of dismissiveness.


I am really pissed at my parents for signing my email up for several different job sites that have been spamming my email for the past few weeks, I cant even use my email anymore because I get something like 20 or 30 emails for terrible jobs throughout the day. Now I am mad and my day is ruined because I also feel bad because I got made when they called me to just check to see how I was doing, hopefully they actually turn these off like they said they would.
I feel like I am a bad person for this but I am so tired of getting sent emails by bots pretending to be people asking if I want to be a cashier or something I am far from qualified for like a doctor on the other side of the country. I am not even a NEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not sure how I can recover my day from this


It might've been a total accident, when I was looking for data entry employment I got put on a spam list too just from applying.
They might've put in an application for you and accidentally done that. Just tell your email it's spam.


no they definitely did it, when I called them they said they would unsubscribe me from the "bad" ones and try to keep the "good" ones, lets hope my anger at that statement means they take them all off as I dont want to have to do a whack a mole sort of thing blocking email addresses


bullying my cat


don't bully the cat


it's fine if it's romcom bullying


been putting croutons in stir fry to use them up


bullying my crouton


croutons are too salty and italian flavoured...


ate too many chickpeas and croutons....


uhh after of few days of weird inflammation a rock fell off from where my molar used to be


Did your tooth fall out?!


oh no no it was removed some months ago due to an infection
turns out this was a blood clot, a case of dry socket
and I've got a hole connecting that tooth cavity to the sinuses to boot, "oroantral fistula/communication"


can you whistle through it


but I can sneeze through it


bet it tastes like chickn


it tastes like
and sinusitis


got a tornado warning and then suddenly there was a huge hailstorm alongside extreme winds shaking everything and the power flickered a bit
glad i got my surge protector/apc battery backup


think im spoiling cat too much
every time i have food she comes to check on it and see if it's anything she'd want to eat


spoil your cat with lots of chin and head scratches


wouldn't want you to be without battery power as soon as a tornado hits your house


dont let your cat get obese


snuggled my cat


did youtube get rid of autoplay?


File:C-1677149329532.png (2.27 KB,101x108)



cable guys are testing porn again


starting to realize most of my posts on kissu are just kimoposts





ate candy


had an abscess dealt with and a root canal
i gotta cut the sugary snacks out for real now


gonna ignore the cat


just make a thread then...


File:8a6e049c1b15f595e9691c0432….jpg (247.77 KB,1532x2000)

the desire to bite is back


do NOT eat the candy


Inhaled some water last night and woke up with a sore throat. Now my throat is much sorer. Hopefully I'm not coming down with anything and it's just physiological.


Headaches and feeling sore from (i think) food poisoning

Time for pancakes


File:IMG_20230224_015025.jpg (1.88 MB,2976x3968)

no doubt this will fix my headache


they might
food does tend to do that


food only gives me headaches


i get headaches when I don't eat


same same


Awesome. My favorite speedrunner is doing his own one-day event because he couldn't make it to ESA
BigJon is the best


File:1361537916181.jpg (6.35 KB,200x200)

Think I've got strep throat again. throat's been sore the past couple days, i've got a fever and my head feels fuzzy but all the doctors offices are closed because its past 5PM on a friday and everywhere near me is always booked for like a week out aside from a crappy minute clinic place with really, really bad reviews... uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;_;


drink soup!


File:16_Lucky_Star.mkv_snapshot….png (1022.27 KB,982x992)

I don't have any soup.....


hate soup
pointless bowl of water
stews are better


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (305.9 KB,1920x1080)

Oh no. That's terrible. You should probably get some rest and make sure to get some food in you if you can. Soup is ideal as someone else said, but uhh... you could also uhhh... hmm... mac and cheese? Although it's not very nutritious


You mean Kraft Dinner


whats the difference


stew is thicker and denser and good


holy hells i love cheese and bread


dammit I want more bread(bagels) and cheese but it's so expensive


thought bread and chese were these sort of inexpensive staples


the breadcheesers


I get my bagels from my mother once a week so if I don't ration them I won't have any more to eat. So I have to resist, but this cold temperature makes me want to eat lots of fats when my normal diet is rice, vegitables and eggs(or whatever protein)


fallen into the imageboard youtube posting rabbit hole


Three nightmares in a row. That's a new record!


did they involve your teeth falling out


Quit eating before bed


No. The first one was about drowning. The second one was about being stalked by some kind of monster. The third one was about an earthquake. The second one greatly distressed me. I kept trying to open my eyes but it was as though the monster was preventing me from waking up with the power it has over reality, including the real world. That monster was like God, perfect and complete control over past and future. I was given a special gun designed specifically to defeat the monster, but the monster decided that the gun is ineffective and it became so. The monster writes all the rules. Every single other person I encountered was actually just the monster disguising itself. Meaning that even the whole sidequest to get the special gun was all a fabrication to begin with. It's like being in a thread with 10 people, but all ten of them are just the same person typing really fast, and that person is also the moderator. I don't know why simply thinking about that monster is making me panic right now. It was all just a dream.
I never do that.


no strawb' 'gurt at the 'ket


Been having a lot of dreams recently, "neutral" ones. Day to day stuff with nothing much going on. Some of them feature Kissu, and when I wake up I check the site to see if it did happen or not.
Even down here where dairy is everywhere and all food is cheap, cheese is relatively expensive, with the cheapest types ranging from five to ten times the price of veggies.


File:1656436031747.jpg (3.74 MB,2605x3684)

Neighbours are grilling. I wish I owned a grill and had friends to grill with it.


hell yeah rumbling thunder


strong winds carry the smell of rain
this is gonna be a good night


File:1541ab9dc0ad66aff51c3e02fd….jpg (418.73 KB,2020x1887)

bought rum raisin ice cream


didn't rain.....


worried about a potential stalker.


i've failed miserably at stalking in the past so you don't need to worry about that


very reassuring


iunno ask the drawfag, he's had a confirmed stalker before
don't remember if he gave any updates on it


(worth mentioning that the stalker was from somewhere else, just in case)


slovakian stalker




there's a drawfag?


he stopped drawfagging because the stalker found his posts here
this was a while ago




stubbed my toe really bad earlier and it still hurts over 12 hours later wondering if I broke something...


that must have been before my time. mind sharing some of his drawings?



File:ad8150f5f12bd53bf7ca1227f9….jpg (869.03 KB,1000x1500)


File:Matoi Tsunetsuki and Nozom….png (23.44 KB,450x500)

Is it a cute girl?


I should ban myself from rewatching or rereading any of welcome to the nhk, I’ve been rather happy and carefree recently and now I just want to feel melancholic


NHK just made me want loser friends



cat bit my armpit again
it's been so long, I missed her so much
wish I had more bites in my life


weird place to bite...


she's an armpitfag
if you're sweaty, she'll dig her head into your pits and start to purr louder than a vacuum cleaner
can't leave sweaty clothes near her either, she'll bite the hell out of those as well
have multiple shirts with holes in their armpits due to rough cuddling, 10/10 would recommend


lewd cat.


I know, it's great


wrote down "armpitfag catgirl eromanga"
one of these days i'll learn to draw and it'll be great


have a package coming sometime this week that i need to sign for it's stressing me out aaaaaaaaa just come already


got a big and delicate package coming from japan so i had to insure it


File:1652323222260.png (653.78 KB,735x960)

Feel like I am starting to lose my mind recently, starting to lose interest in the world around me but I need to care so I can go to Japan again in May and maybe move to work there in in something like a year. Not even sure if its what I really want but if I have to do something I might as well do that. Very strange point in my life and very strange combination of things pushing my mind in all sorts of directions.
Going to go drop my cat off at my parents house soonish, dont feel like taking care of a living thing anymore and I never even really asked to take care of her more was pushed on me. Kind of feel bad as shes somewhat attached to me, but she went plenty of time without me before I was given her so she will be fine.


please, pictures of all of this

I understand it might be hard given the circumstances but could you post a pic too please


Train an AI.


I've lived in Asia with my father before, get help before going there if you have issues, psychology in east asia is a joke


>please, pictures of all of this
can't, i don't live with her anymore and even then she gets up if you move in the wrong way
i'm sorry, anonymous


I liked travelling to Japan but I would never want to live there. Japanese culture is too foreign for me and the cities look too cramped and depressing.


Japanese culture makes a lot of sense to me but then I have been diagnosed with Autism and OCD.
Cities are always cramped and depressing, living in the country would be nice but then most jobs would be in the city.


>Cities are always cramped and depressing
My city is only depressing!


It's cramped unless the average house has at least an acre.


I wouldn't call it depressing, cramped and a bit sterile really but East Asian cities aren't that depressing (with the exception of some of the lower-tier PRC cities, Chifeng and a lot of Inner Mongolia are very unhappy places for example) because upkeep is generally good and crime is low. But there can just be something off about them that I can't really put my finger on.


Also, the capitals can be kinda tourist trap-y


I wish to create a video game. I've been saying that for the last ten years.


Set your sights low, use an engine, and keep trying. A really small game or proof-of-concept can be thrown together in a week.


File:__reisen_udongein_inaba_ho….png (5.76 MB,3000x2520)

I gave my mom a box of choccies while everyone else gifted her flowers. When it became apparent that it's my fault for not gifting flowers, I was about to explain the concept of Hana Yori Dango.


And then what happened??


I explained to her that there's a certain Eastern proverb according to which sweets are a better gift than flowers.


ate green banana


was it better than flowers?




Riding with some people is seriously nauseating. Hard braking and hard acceleration especially.



bad drivers


keep crashing due to bad drivers


abusing my powers to watch bocchi on a $1000> projector in an auditorium by myself


post a pic of big bocchi


do it NOW


where the HECK is the giant bocchi?!!


no pics
he made it up
it's not real


File:BA23080C-5737-4BD3-927B-F….jpeg (3.42 MB,4032x3024)


File:db70c0c6b81e8ceea0a28673f3….png (7.28 MB,2894x4093)



astronomically boson


now going to watch garden of words, even thought ive already seen it twice the whole reason I did this was to watch it on a proper screen


File:1671327635809599.png (2.66 MB,1303x2023)



watch redline


actually i think ill just come back at some other time, im a bit hungry and someone (probably one of the IT guys) walked in and out and I dont want to push my luck




didnt really like the movie, too grotesque of an artstyle. The colors and animation were nice but I felt they were wasted on things that were intentionally ugly


File:IMG_2253.JPG (2.53 MB,4032x3024)

thanks, but i prefer watching it projected on my rooftop while lying on my bed


wouldn't call it ugly but i get watcha mean
you could try some other movie with tons of animation, maybe paprika or stink bomb since it's just forty mins


sounds comfy, the auditorium was really cold so you might have me beat
well why do you think I’m going back Thursday to watch garden of words


okay yeah makes sense


from a systematic review of the literature i've concluded that there's a kissnon around here that REALLY hates generals


nuclear plant died and there are massive blackouts going on


File:R-1677704287613.jpg (106.58 KB,1090x715)

green is yesterday, red is today
gonna need the help of a cyber-electromerchant to grasp the implications


File:1563421894270.png (292.55 KB,269x672)

reading akutagawa, pretty good stuff. I dont even feel like I would have rather used the time to play video games



he should be prepared for impending efficiency and convince



like how people complain that algorithms remove manual search feature or that political people complain about generational differences. Ultimately what the individual wants is not relevant to a group of people unless they play the role of king.


Well I think the person who hates generals is staff here


What you're responding to is the admin's position on meta issues


im still not sure what this means
what efficiency and in which way
convince what


or rather, convince who of what
feels like that part got cut off




quads wasted on a bad opinion, shame


Im so confused


its fine, meta obsession is schizzy


i like "schitzy" better it's more phonemic


File:kon1.png (139.32 KB,281x252)

Fantia still hasn't implemented Paypal and they still refuse to accept new baka gaijin cards.


It's won on the sexually liberal market, but now it doesn't have the backing of the conservative one.

Probably there's a way for US markets to purchase JPY. Perhaps involving setting up offshore bank accounts or maybe a loophole in the existing systems.


Paypal is also worse than bitcoin


chicken schitzel


Why would I use RMB?


File:14c5af59f2.png (207.95 KB,2073x1260)

I don't know what RMB has to do with this.
DLSite for offers lots of different payment methods. I assume Fantia isn't that different and one of their payment methods has a way to be used outside of Japan.


File:802356f1b9.png (171.37 KB,1993x1833)

But even if you were interested in purchasing RMB, then you'd have an easy time doing it if you set up an account with Wise. Then using their digital bank system you use their prepaid-ish debit card system to buy from Fantai


hm, but it says "without account details" so perhaps they only have limited functionality. Possibly that there's no real account and they give you prepaid cards in RMB. Should work out the same for purchases, but I wouldn't know. I only used this to handle USD from Patreon and Kofi before setting up a US bank with my branch.


It was a lame joke about
>It's won on the sexually liberal market
because forex traders call RMB Yuan for some reason, but I was also confusing the Yuan with the Won. It only works on that one level


I have no idea what you're talking about...


>It's won
As in, Won is used in sexually liberal contexts


jesus christ...


Yeah it sucked


ate granola bar
tasted good, yet processed stuff makes me feel guilty since I should be cooking more


oh well it was a good effort mate


File:1583169461553.jpg (583.19 KB,1200x1200)


Coming to terms with the fact that my manga idea was never that good to begin with. All of the interesting scenes are locked behind a bunch of scenes I'm sure no one would care about, since I already don't care about those scenes. Without passion, boring scenes become even more boring and kill the whole thing. No wonder I keep putting off drawing...
But if I don't create this specific story, I will be thinking about it even on my deathbed. So I HAVE to eventually create it somehow.


Make a VN and use AI to do the leg work


I dislike AI. And also it can't be a VN for a very specific plot reason.


Try making it out of order. Storyboard all of the interesting scenes upfront, and then try coming up with ways to connect them. And do it iteratively: don't worry about getting all the details right the first time through; just focus on making a complete first draft that you can go back and modify until you're happy with it. Once you are happy with it, start drawing it proper.


i've been found out...


internet everywhere has been really slow since the blackout
even in other provinces
hope the stream will load


looked into english orthography again and it's genuinely painful how awful it is
aaaaa my chest


Ganbate anon. Try and find unique ways to present and tie together the uninteresting bits, and if you find those bits boring try and find something interesting that you like about them, and accentuate those parts.


File:C-1677874346259.png (415.52 KB,512x512)

ai is dumb and I hate it


been eating a lot of kraft mac recently and guess this is why canadians love it so much


Sometimes I forget that Kissu is pretty epic.


bit my otouto
he said aaaaaaa


in the armpit?


you mean kraft dinner


bit him a bit below that
armpit is hard to bite anyways im not a cat



sounds dangerous


It's totally safe, I've been doing it for years with no repercussions. If anything, doing it when my stomach's feeling bad helps relieve the feeling.


I wouldn't trust what feels right...


Don't think, just feel.


Don't think, just eat.


i shall shape you into the very image of koruri


what you're describing is water intoxication.


It's not even a full liter. Intoxication requires more than that.


Don't drink a liter of water at once. Not everyone's kidneys are as strong as others. Some people can have weak kidneys some strong. The ones with weak will end up in a dangerous position.


Centre of visual field contains a scintillating silvery line, which is what happens in aura migraine but I am experiencing no headache at all. It happens sometimes.


Making stupid bots is fun.


I found out that they are making a new Age of Wonders Game today, but it looks just like the last one which was awful and killed the franchise...


do you write them with chatgpt?


but also someone mixed up my shopping trolly with theirs and i lost like twenty plastic bags and three tote ones....


this yogurt tastes like cough syrup


I'm addicted to Team Fortress 2 again.... Since I don't use either voice or text communication and don't wear any cosmetics, I'm sure people think I'm some kind of bot.
I have never played another multiplayer first-person shooter game in my life.


had an egg with pale yolk in it and looking at it made me want to barf and it tasted too bland so i threw it out


why did you taste it if already looked so warui


i thought maybe it was fine and i just haven't seen pale yolk before and google said it was ok


have you played minecraft


No, I wouldn't trust ChatGPT to write any code. Certainly not specific questions like, "Write a python program that uses the requests library to send a HTTP request with JSON payload to the Stable Diffusion Web UI, and then take the resultant file path of the image generated and upload it to catbox.moe"

I would imagine ChatGPT would just flail aimlessly spitting out vaguely related code that uses the requests library, but otherwise would have no idea how to do things like formatting the JSON payload, or how to parse the response.


File:C-1677966708809.png (461.41 KB,3320x3028)

beats me if this works or not


Surprising. It nailed the cat box file upload, but I don't think it's anywhere near correct for the Stable Diffusion web UI.


stable diffusion didn't exist in 2021...


It doesn't matter if it's correct 90% of the time. The last thing I want to do as a programmer is debug someone else's buggy code, and that's exactly what using AI to write code makes you do.


very nice banners



big thundering and lightning just now


no water this morning


File:uber_duber_ubermensch.png (119.03 KB,407x370)

I am so rusty at TF2 nowadays despite having spent thousands of hours in it. I usually go Medic just so that I can be of some use to my teammates.


[email protected] pinned comment


downloaded the Utawarerumono Detective Nosuri Switch rom and soon I will download an emulator and attempt to attach a text hook translator thingie to it. If I succeed I'll make a thread


funny post


delete it so nobody can know why it was funny


I was given $15 on Amazon, what do I spend it on


birthday gifts...


want to eat ice cream but I feel like im fat now that im 10ish pound underweight instead of 20


File:Screenshot from 2023-03-06….png (10.12 KB,317x111)

what's up with those pizza tower threads
does the new spam filter skip past /trans/?
and it's lingering somehow hmmm
at least it nails the creepypasta aspect


server config issues.



File:Screenshot from 2023-03-06….png (144.01 KB,627x316)

for future reference


srs tho.
play pizza tower and tell me if it's fun or not




I think it's pretty good. It's kind of like Wario Land meets Sonic, so if you like either of those games you'll probably like it.



worked out ate healthy and showered and felt good about myself
then topped the night off with a bowl of lucky charms


elevator broke down again
thankfully it's under warranty, it's been less than a month since they last tried to fix it


PC motherboard died. Got a replacement but now it just shuts off immediately after starting. Think I may have to buy a whole new computer. I hate not having a PC.


was having that issue recently too and i ended up replacing pretty much everything
ganbatte anonymous


PC-kun is 10 years old now so it might be time to get a new one anyways. Just wish she held out until the 7800x3D release in April.


File:lipograms-are-impossible-t….jpg (218.72 KB,1400x700)

There was an interesting note a professional translator said on Twitter about a certain shonen jump manga being impossible to translate.
>Cipher Academy
It's basically all just Japanese word-play and puzzles or something like that.


So basically Viz won't be doing translations of it anymore


People rave a lot about semantics when talking about untranslatability, but that's a sham. The real impossibility is wordplay, because it's based on the internal rules of the language and how its pieces relate to each other. Meaning can be transposed, but relations can only be adapted or emulated.
Or ditched entirely.


they should get insurance coverage for big fat kissuers stepping into the lift


gonna hunt down the fatties and feed them to my daughterwives


to get to /qa/ mansion you have to pass through fat camp


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (375 KB,1920x1080)

cold front is going through and this will probably be the last cold time for this area until October. Spring is pretty nice for the first few weeks, but then it gets too hot here and summer is pure misery
Goodbye, enjoyable temperatures


Update. I really hate browsing the internet on my phone. This is so awful how do kids do it.


File:R-1678239773891.jpg (2.37 MB,4080x3072)

turns out dicing the core of a cabbage gives you some very cool marbled bits like these


ai is kinda dumb...

what's the difference between a service and a server

A server is a computer or a software program that provides a service to other computers or devices on a network. Servers can provide a wide range of services, such as file sharing, email, web hosting, database management, and more. In general, a server is a machine or application that is designed to provide resources or services to other computers or devices on a network.

A service, on the other hand, is a software component that runs on a server and provides a specific function or set of functions. Services can include things like web servers, email servers, database servers, and more. Services typically run continuously in the background, waiting for requests from clients, and then processing those requests as needed.

In summary, a server is a machine or application that provides resources or services to other computers or devices on a network, while a service is a software component that runs on a server and provides a specific function or set of functions.


Yeah, last time my computer died I use my vita and it was certainly an awful experience. Hope you get the computer fixed soon, I feel lost without mine


Crying for you


File:[naisho] PriPara - 06 [143….jpg (92.19 KB,751x720)

Spent all day waiting for a package I've been waiting on for a month and it never came...


dude make a thread for nice+cute /ai/ anime like that one


just saved my japanese kouhai at work from losing face


File:Screenshot_20230308_093853.jpg (877.71 KB,1142x911)

I don't know much about construction, but that wooden platform hanging out of the building doesn't seem very safe...


10mg of ritalin doesn't make me feel anything, but 15 or more makes me sleepy... not sure what to do about it


Talk to your doctor about using a pill splitter with 5mg pills so you can try 12.5mg or something? Either way you should probably talk to your doctor.


i did ask him about it and he was the one who recommended splitting the 20mg tablets i have
i'll ask about getting 10mg pills to split into four, that's a good idea


cow*rker brought his playstation to the off*ce
he's playing demon's souls




its where i rest my nuts


Using the OpenAI demo:

A service and a server are related concepts but have different meanings.

A server is a computer or a program that provides services or resources to other computers or programs on a network. Servers can provide various types of services, such as file sharing, email, web hosting, database management, and more. In essence, a server is a machine or software that accepts requests from clients and responds to those requests by providing the requested resources or services.

On the other hand, a service is a type of software that runs on a server and provides a specific functionality or feature to clients. Examples of services include web services, email services, cloud services, and database services. Services can be provided by servers, but not all servers provide services. For example, a server can be used solely for data storage, without providing any services to clients.

To summarize, a server is a machine or software that provides resources or services to clients, while a service is a specific type of software that runs on a server and provides a particular functionality or feature to clients.


I think chatgpt was getting confused by how the word server sometimes gets used as a synonym for service.


based (norm word) -> baste/basted (jp word) = bastet (cat goddess of protection) = neko (cat (nihongo word)) = nekomimi modo = kissu




Ergo, Kissu is based.


tried blonde roast coffee
hate it, too sour


File:Screenshot from 2023-03-08….png (12.22 KB,239x113)



File:81634af0967481e38d56e1daf3….jpg (171.25 KB,1920x1200)

i think i may have a small degree of dyslexia, or maybe i'm just too scatterbrained and read out of the corner of my eyes too much. more often than not i have to double check a particular word in a sentence and it ends up changing. for instance, if i see the word "insulation" i may read "inflation" first without noticing. i've also noticed that my brain often replaces words with sexual ones, so maybe besides being scatterbrained i have too much cum in my brain. "inflation" was just an example, i'm not into inflation...


Heh, both those posts are mine. Guess you could say I'm pretty epic.


tl;dr: It's fun, play it if the aesthetics and premise interest you at all.
Pretty much every level has several unique gimmicks, and almost none of them are reused. IMO most of the levels are very well designed, there's only a few that I wasn't a fan of, and there were none that I thought were outright bad.
The controls feel a bit clumsy at first due to just how much stuff you can do, but after a while it becomes second nature and satisfying to utilize the entire moveset available.
I've heard some critique that the speedrunning aspect of the game is at odds with the exploration, but I disagree. You aren't forced to go fast unless if you're trying to go for the top ranks or get some achievements. There is a timer for each level's escape sequence, but it's so lenient that I've only ever ran out of time once. That was early on when I got confused where to go next for about 30 seconds, and I think there's been a patch recently that makes the intended route more clear for that level.


File:C-1678399753069.png (63.96 KB,894x443)

thank you google, very informative


not sure i needed twelve cans of mushrooms


File:1599489265762.png (1.49 MB,1351x1079)

told myself I would do some translating this week and now I am actually doing it


Hips and legs are sore from walking 8 miles today...


this was a good chapter, though a little over halfway through I got lazy and didnt want to keep translating it into English and writing it down so I just read through it instead. I'll do it tomorrow, for now I eat then play oniikiss


I cleaned over 100 things today


I played games today and had a bath and slept


I am not sure if I can play this game, the mechanic is that the sister you kiss the most brings you your afternoon snack but I just found that if there is a tie it just skips that section all together. The issue is that there is no branching dialogue so the kiss opportunities are railroaded, meaning that I have to NOT kiss my beautiful and adorable little sisters when every time I feel there would be nothing better than to do so. Its troubling that in the game about kissing your little sisters you have to intentionally deny most of their kisses.


the doer!


HATE when games force you to do things you don't want to do to see what you ultimately want to


I'm in a terrible situation. So I'm escaping. I really don't want to talk about it.


sometimes it's the best option. Done it myself a few times


I really hope you're not referring to that.


He could certainly be referring to those.






coy makes it sound cuter than it is


File:1490228137979.jpg (172.37 KB,1920x1080)



grabbing at the kissuer's butt as he escapes


do what must be done so that you can take it easy once again


Some kid playing Last Epoch last night said "based trans lilith" in global chat and I thought about you two.


Ordered some pants and theyre too tight even though I have pants from the same brand WITH the exact same given size with the same cut and same material that fit perfectly SIGH


have you stepped into any elevators recently


is your elevator running?


they may need to be washed an loosened up a bit, obviously not in hot water though.
bought some work pants once that were INCREDIBLY stiff, like they were woven with cardboard, and it took a month before they relaxed, almost returned them


File:Fj82K1VXgAMH6k0.jpg (392.41 KB,2048x1902)

listening to kessoku bando as I typeset


oops didnt mean to reply to you


the image editing site I have been using for the past while has now added a function that makes you pay for more than 3 saves...
its only 75 cents a month so I dont mind paying once but it just feels so bad when great sites offering free alternatives to expensive software start charging.


File:1193851405102.jpg (32.88 KB,400x400)



File:1488766188273.png (65.69 KB,170x170)

Last PC parts I needed were delivered today, but packages go into the building office for pickup. Today's hours were from 8PM to 10PM. Surprise! I go down to pick my stuff up and the office is closed. They were open from 8:30AM to 4PM today and were able to give me a package I received yesterday but didn't give me the stuff that came today. I was hoping I would be able to pick everything up and assemble my PC before the Konosuba stream started. I went to talk to the front desk assistant and they told me that the office worker on duty (who lives in the building) wasn't willing to come down. They had been clear that the office would be closed for all of next week, so I even made sure to get overnight shipping so that everything would come today. I even gave the front desk an authorization code thing so that my package wouldn't be delayed until tomorrow because it's a high value item and needed additional verification alongside a signature. The office is already only open on weekdays so that means I won't be able to pick everything up until the Monday after next. 10 days, March 20. While I could have been watching the Konosuba stream I was instead sending futile emails in the hopes that someone, anyone, would see them and actually get off their ass and come downstairs. All because some asshole was too lazy to get on an elevator and unlock a door so that I could pick my stuff up because they wanted to get their week off 2 hours earlier.

Words cannot properly express the depth of my frustration.


Is that what happened? I was wondering where you were. The stream host was complaining about the low turnout.


I don't remember seeing anything like that... I was still there for like the first 6 or 7 episodes...


holy shit man, i never want to live in a building like that
even a tent in the woods or some 80's camper in a walmart parking lot sounds better


I wasn't complaining as much as I was confused as to why the numbers are noticeably lower the second week every time


living in an office building sounds awesome
just squatting in some room the landlord's been having a hell of a time finding a renter for


did 2 chapters today, one of which i had to finish translating and typeset and another which i did in maybe a quarter of the time that i just read through and did typesetting as i went
i think i will do another chapter on sunday and then take a break for a long time, 2 chapters from now is one that involves characters introduced on a chapter i skipped because i had been stuck on it for months.
think i am going to offer to typeset for some jk and ol yuri manga because it only has 1 volume left untranslated and the translator would probably prioritize the project if they had someone doing the unfun work for them.


otouto gifted me a chinese naruto noodle cup


dad says i have to apologize for telling him it was dumb
not sure how


while it is in fact dumb, you should have at least know to say it in a less direct way



File:R-1678564551822.jpg (2.31 MB,4080x3072)

i'll pass him a pic of me eating it later


File:R-1678564603368.jpg (2.73 MB,4080x3072)


nice bro thanks
>not sure how
you could probably word the apology as something like "sorry for being inconsiderate about your gift. the noodles were actually pretty nice"


what was the occasion? konbini noodles are a bit of an odd gift




trimmed a honeysuckle-like vine that was out of control before it finished filling out with green stuff in Spring
and by trim I mean I basically took it down to its basic trunk with some base branches because there was no salvaging it
feel kinda guilty, but it was collapsing under its own weight


mom made lasagna


happy basuday


thanks, pretty decent bday all in all


ate too many wheat thins and now im having a heart attack from salt overdose


remember to wash them down with cola



I'm reading the same book, just finished chap 5


need to work out but feeling really tired and chest hurts...


Sounds worrisome. Don't neglect chest pain, it could be something serious!


Opened the ramen I bought last week and it smelled stale, turns out it expired 4 years ago...


I just took a shower after like a week or so of not doing it. it feels quite nice to not be a stinky NEET, I am now a clean NEET


where did you buy it from....


let me revise that assessment now that i've been having it for a few days
it's decent, it just needed more sugar. i still prefer medium roast though


drank HALF A LITER of yoghurt and it was PERFECTLY SAFE and i seriously RECOMMEND IT


probably a normal store


A local asian grocery.
I forgot they leave expired stock out on the shelves and didn't check the date on it.


kimo grocery store


gonno go buy some kimoceries for the pervs


a big bag of oddly-shaped carrots intended for juicing


still need to do this


Update to >>104907
I have escaped.


from what though


the war


File:overview.jpg (66.75 KB,930x1024)



File:1541320915512.png (1.48 MB,1366x768)

spent an hour and a half thingken of my wife before finally getting out of bed


I spent nearly the entire day downloading LORA (visual AI plugins basically) off Mega and such and my eyes kind of hurt from reading and organizing


i am atomic


File:explorer_uIGHECQ5Ry.png (10.94 KB,341x380)

I did it...


lora more like lotta


half a year of extra sleep, i'm ready, i'm so ready


just learned the other day that megaman uses energy tanks


dev replied to a report with "ew gross" multiple times and now i keep imagining saying kimo eheheheheh


mother was ranting about how a devote muslim chef was caught making a ham sandwich and the funny reddit thread she found looking it up


File:Cico_ais_02a.png (396.22 KB,557x666)

Assuming he made it for someone else, what's so funny about it?


dunno, she just brought it up when looking at her recipe bookmarks on the ipad



She's a non-practicing muslim so she found it amusing. small talk and gossip.


My friends mom was like that too. Muslim moms are cute



brother got a bunch of mcdonalds cheeseburgers


It's time to burg


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (251.66 KB,1920x1080)

too many empty bump posts in blog thread


time to feast



File:jashin-bump.mp3 (7.73 KB)


File:1571953128822.jpg (130.64 KB,1200x1600)


File:jashin-cute-vamp.mp3 (15.04 KB)


define "empty"


i dont understand how powerful land-vivec has to be for his banner to have nearly 7k clicks wtf is up with that


burgers do NOT reheat well in the microwave i feel betrayed though mcdonalds cheeseburgers were supposed to be satan-crafted monstrosities that reheat like magic


when I was a kid, my mom would buy white castle sliders, specifically made for the microwave, plus lots of ketchup


Annoyed. For the last few years, I've gotten phone calls directed towards the person who previously had my number and over the last few hours I've gotten like 5 phone calls persistently asking if I knew about some location in a state I've never even been to before.


File:1616218077220.png (143.07 KB,387x513)

I wish I could wake up in Gensokyo one day and move in with my wife.



File:d2177396779bee3f33d924582c….jpg (177.8 KB,888x1200)

today was a big day over here


Finally got the motivation to start. So I started... Then... No more motivation. Out of energy. Sleep. Motivation not replenished even after sleeping for 12 hours. Complain about it online.
I hate this. Is starting up a new project and writing a general outline the extent of my abilities? My heart is begging me to be creative, but my body keeps responding "out of energy, ask again later". I'm sad and powerless.


You may be the sort of guy who procrastinates on his projects using other projects.


i miss iruma


Still don't have a PC yet... Last part won't get here until the 29th. This has been the worst month of my life.


can't even imagine going a week without my pc terrible that you need to wait a whole month for yours


at least he has his flip phone


i have the same problem
my advice is to exercise and abuse caffeine
also once you start work on something, force yourself to stick with it until at least one new section is done or you've done 20 minutes or so. it will prevent you from balking at the complexity and running away to shitpost on kissu or browse the web or something.
if you can force yourself to get up after 8-9 hours that helps too, but i have trouble with that


you know how everyone has their own stash of pics that's generally wildly disorganized?
now i've got like 700 .pdfs of books and papers and maaaan i'm not sure how i'm gonna go through those
started giving them the format of "[year], [author], [title]" which has so far proven useful for more easily comparing new and old stuff


File:1565779176414.png (118.02 KB,789x671)

Going to bed now.
This time I am definitely waking up in the 2D realm.


Just bought a raspberry pi kit. Excited to mess around with it :)
Gonna install pihole first. Wanna get into home automation as well.


got a flea bite in my house
this is what i get for not vacuuming


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (304.35 KB,1920x1080)

Status report? Is Laura in the 2D realm?


File:1678450004928896.jpg (20.32 KB,345x367)

Man I wish I wasn't so anxious about people knowing about me or just finding me online so I could make 3 hour youtube videos rambling about anime and movies... Don't bother telling me it's a bad idea; I already now it is.


What ideas to do you have in mind, that sounds rather interesting


maybe it's a good idea


File:1541353080866.jpg (33.22 KB,500x342)

I tried my best, but I am sadly still bound by the shackles and chains of the third dimension.


tilled part of the lawn in preperation for gardening in a couple weeks
my forearms are sore from holding the roto tiller thing and my elbows are sore from absorbing the vibration


absentmindedly waved at a random bus and then frantically gestured for them to NOT stop
driver pointed at me and laughed


Sigh... Got RAM, but the default XMP timing was causing issues and I can't tell if it corrupted some system files or if the timing is too unstable and causing BSODs. Too annoyed to try and get to the bottom of it because my PC keeps crashing...


imagined my skin turning into cobblestone and making a pose in the street with people walking by thinking im a historical sculpture and then posing in a museum for the rest of eternity


oh my god what kind of machine are you building


File:20230321_003510.jpg (8.39 MB,4032x3024)

It was the XMP timing (´・ω・`)

Guess I'll mess around with it for a while and consider returning it for a replacement if I can't get it working.


lmao that looks like a computer that just got a virus on a police procedural or something


finally came...


jeez can't imagine edging for that long


I have a terrible sense of direction. But I also refuse to make use of modern technology to find my way.
Getting lost just comes natural for me.


found a week old post linking from to my bad stackexchange question from a year ago


too hyperactive to work today


on kissu?


Gonna check out Home Assistant. I have this really old ADT security system in my house that has a motion detector and sensors on the doors. Would be cool to see if I can get that hooked up to it somehow to have my own local security system. There's also things like locally controlling thermostats and smart bulbs so you don't have to download a billion different apps.


Got back from visiting my sister. I'm still reeling from the car trip.



>WARNING: There are known security vulnerabilities within certain versions of Ghidra.
I'll bet! Like hell I'm going to run something written by the NSA on my PC.


I hate the 2008 financial crisis


Update to >>105350
I finished my project
Now I can start a new one


is there a problem with sageru today or is it on my end?
i wanted to post videos of farting horses earlier but i got disconnected and i cant reconnect


well done /qa/ friend


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (351.12 KB,1920x1080)


seems I got disconnected a few times when I was sleeping, yeah


you can post them here please


sure here you go bud


thanks bro


Sometimes I have dumb ideas that lead me to playing games that I really don't have a reason to or that I don't care about. Last time it was Dragon Ball Z Kakarot even though I don't like Dragon Ball and I dropped it when I found out that you could not play as a girl.
This time it's Fortnite...
We will see how this goes.


I'm sure Fortnite is a phenomenon for a reason, albeit I don't know the reason myself.


been thinking about learning MMD
i wonder if it's hard


File:C-1679849911861.png (4.06 KB,266x113)

kinda neat


I hate feeling full and hungry at the same time.


popped open a can of mushrooms
makes for a great snack


Oh, I know that one. It means you actually need to take a shit.


It's a fun game, by that I don't mean that the game is fun to play per-say but that it has a fun atmosphere. It also seems to be fairly easy, but maybe I was playing against bots(It would not be kids as I was playing late at night).

I don't understand why people like things either, Counter Strike is the most played game on steam for some reason.


File:[FFF] Black Bullet - 13 [B….jpg (727.62 KB,1920x1080)

Solved an ingrown toenail problem with home remedies and painkillers


Just got off a four hour call with my sister. It was fun.


Tired but can't sleep.


is she cute


eatin ham n cheese sandwhich


ate an open sandwich with mustard herring and two with ham and mayo


ate cake for breakfast


ate some cabbage and mozzarella


File:2892202d1e31d5841ad7a208df….jpg (746.02 KB,2560x1440)

>ate an open sandwich with mustard herring and two with ham and mayo
>ate cake for breakfast
>ate some cabbage and mozzarella


poptarts or dessert muffin?


oven-baked plum cake that my mother made for me


>Why are plum cakes good for your health? Plums are rich in various nutrients, which make plum cakes a healthy food choice despite being a dessert. Plums are full of dietary fibre, which helps in lowering your cholesterol level, controls blood sugar level and helps you in maintaining an ideal body mass index.


ah fuck vovin died last year i had no idea


File:1567494869475.png (305.5 KB,600x427)

I wish my country had a sizeable otaku population like Finland and some Eastern European countries. At times I get this urge to post in my own language but the only place I can do that is AFAIK in some ultra norm anime-hating general on 4/int/.


Don't you have some forums or boards in your own language? There are some well known Finnish and Russian imageboards.
Or it's the case like Netherlands where kids nowadays like English more than their own language


If I recall correctly, they're all /int/ likes. When I think of Europe there are few imageboards that come to mind and the ones that do are political outcasts


Can't stop ogling Ashley's legs.


itsa me waaario


Why do otaku like ashley so much


I... I spent all day generating AI images... this really is addictive...


(Ashley:1.4), (Wario:1.2), heavy, on bed, breathing, scream in, hard, sweat, mouth, legs up, passion, hot, pleasure, faint


Who is Ashley


a cute warioware character


In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up with an incredible idea in my head. I got up, wrote it down on paper and then returned to sleep.
Now that I'm awake for real, I still think the idea is great. I will work towards making it a reality.


but whats the idea


briefly chuckled to myself then got spurred to masturbation by a libidinal post


hope it was one of mine


update: have a pc now after a month of waiting. i feel whole again.


very very good to hear


people say setting your favorite songs as alarms will make you hate them but now that i've done it i'm finding it find it harder to get up because i want to keep listening to them


Wish Touhou canon was cuter. Its surprisingly tragic and Reimu is prickly and overly violent


and WHY does Mokou sometimes speak with a southern accent????




the seacats are waking up.


What was the idea?


have to start paying rent now


cleaned some of my drawers after about 20 years and it really was a trip down memory lane
-picture of me at nintendo powerfest '94
-dot matrix print-outs of video game stuff like street fighter moves and mario 64 star locations
-some old super nintendo manuals for mario paint and other games
-old bird and dinosaur toys/pictures
-the family's old 28.8k modem
-soundblaster sound card (can't remember what number it was)
forgot other stuff already since it was a couple ago hours that I started


post pic


I'm the guy that only has a flip phone, so I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon since I can't figure out how to get it working with bluetooth again. The 'handshake' thing keeps failing when I tried it with my cat pictures last time


File:IMG_20230331_063533.jpg (155.8 KB,926x1216)

darn it, I knew welma should have paid the netflix guys!


if you already only have "dumb" phones why don't you have a digital camera like the old days...

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