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Welcome to another Spring!

A philosopher once told me:
Birds are very important

This season Spring ends on Wednesday June 20th


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A thread for interesting news, like the invention of new springs to the discovery of new sponges!
News that makes people upset is great for clicks, but not a good fit for this thread.
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Quebec had another outage of 500'000 people. no where near me though
This province suck


The UK blocked Microsoft's purchase of Activision.

However Microsoft and Activision say they will contest this decision.




Few days ago an oil tanker crashed underneath one of the major highway bridges and melted the steel support beams causing it to collapse. Pretty huge in that it'll be weeks until the highway is clear to use again.


That's impossible. Car fuel can't melt steel beams.


Steel literally cannot melt. It's impossible.

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Sextoko is in Paris?


Sachiko is a terrible Frenchman

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It's 20 C outside. I think I'm gonna die
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File:1541056279427.gif (911.54 KB,480x340)

It was 41 degrees C last week around my area.


May God have mercy upon your soul.


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File:IMG_20230617_113117.jpg (1.6 MB,2976x3968)

it's cold...


all the hot guys hsould marry all the cold guys

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Have you been surfing the information superhighway and found a video that you don't want to make a thread for, but it doesn't fit anywhere else? You can post it here
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Is that true? It seems that there would not be much money in those strips. I looked Garfield up on Wikipedia and it did not say much about profits, just that it sold from $750 Million to $1 Billion in Merchandise in 2004. Which is a lot but it also says it's the most syndicated comic strip ever, others probably are not as successful.

But also it says
>While retaining creative control and being the only signer, Davis now only writes and usually does the rough sketches. Since the late 1990s most of the work has been done by long-time assistants Brett Koth and Gary Barker. Inking and coloring work is done by other artists, while Davis spends most of the time supervising production and merchandising the characters

So it's still different than the standard comic book industry as he is still the one managing it even after 44 years.





I've mentioned it before, but it's really weird to think of there being live stormchasing on youtube. There's a tornado outbreak in the Southeast US and you can see people covering it live. I didn't do any research so I don't know what channel is good, but here's an example. Normally you need to actually live around such storms to see this kind of thing live on local stations, so people outside of it might find it interesting.

File:IMG_20230613_093533.jpg (2.65 MB,2976x3968)


Parking lots are so versatile
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¥attrapez la magie


File:R-1686699729312.gif (3.53 MB,498x373)

>This is obviously a cover for a feddie base


Poor French Canadians, La Ronde is so bad they need traveling carnivals to get thrills


The worst rated six flags...
you don't think much of it as a kid until you go out of province


File:IMG_20230614_053936.jpg (2.04 MB,3968x2976)

good old carnie coasters

File:jackie chan.jpg (36.18 KB,250x233)


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File:090_youmu_p2_7.png (109.96 KB,256x320)


Youmuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! Haiiiii so cuteeee


File:ysim.png (1.1 MB,1224x690)





File:2a09e1ce_ypmm.mp4 (19.26 MB,1500x1500)



When I obtain immortality, I'm going to get a lion.



bet he smells funny


giant cat hugs....


gonna get into a play fight with a lion


If you raised a lion and play fought with it and it killed or injured you, do you think it would be sad? Or simply intrigued like a cat playing with a mouse.

File:IMG_20230405_172441.jpg (4.22 MB,3968x2976)


Guess I'll be out a few days
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outside constantly looks like this movie


File:1686197299974.jpg (144.51 KB,1152x2048)

Hehe, nice


Have you guys heard about the Midnight Channel?


mm, air sure is scratchy tonight

File:IMG_20230604_003457.jpg (1.6 MB,2976x3968)


At 12AM desert switches to breakfast.
Only people who make crêpes at night will get this.


If you start thinking sand is food, you should go to sleep ASAP.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (315.55 KB,1920x1080)

I strongly disagree with a crepe being eaten with something other than sweet-tasting things like fruit or ice cream or nutella. It just doesn't feel right

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No interesting article thread?
Here's a very Springtime article that was a good read

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Playing a conjurer and encountering another in TES is also like pokemon


Well he's not really a combatant, he's just spying.


File:units_pigs.jpg (3.93 KB,160x210)



A real patriot.


File:sekkosunglasses.png (109.55 KB,240x347)


File:8e4c7ab769db628e5940795de3….jpg (191.43 KB,1096x1500)


Linguistic loving anon, what do you think a return to 'purer' (aka less loanwords) English language would be like?


Kill the languages that loaned them to us so we don't need to pay them back anymore.


There's a name for this idea of a restored English: "Anglish"
Old English covers a period of about 700 years give or take, while Middle English saw radical changes throughout just three or four centuries. Noun and adjective cases, grammatical gender, verb conjugations, they all went away very quickly at the same time that Norman vocabulary was introduced in droves. And I mean droves, it was a huuuuge amount of words. There is a wealth of vocab that people are not familiar with anymore, nor their phonology or mechanisms of derivation. What's a geleafa? What morphemes is adlig made of, and how do you inflect it?
That's the grammar part, but at a social level Greco-Roman vocabulary is entrenched as the language of high civilization while English speakers often see their Anglo-Saxon lexicon as being either down-to-earth or pointlessly archaic depending on whether it has survived. You can see it being referred to as "earthy" here and there.
In practice, I think it'd look like current English but with some different sounds since there is no way you're going to bring back all the old grammar. A lot of proposed words you see out there are simply compounds of two words that are already in use, a replacement rather than truly bringing back stuff. IMO, it wouldn't be much of a revival, really.


Nothing like English. English as we know it today is this weird hybrid between Anglo-Saxon and French, and so much of our vocabulary comes from the latter in one form or another that removing it would knock out half our vocabulary.


Tolkien's English. He deliberately chose Germanic words over French/Latin words, for example graveyard instead of cemetery. The intention was to give the reader a feeling of an archaic world.


Yeah, Tolkien's one of the best examples out there, being himself a linguist and taking a lot from Beowulf (or at least, that's what I've read).

File:Screenshot_20230525_164948.jpg (451.93 KB,1664x797)



flying helps you not get eaten (like me)


Is that an actual modern poster? Didn't think anyone knew of demotivationals anymore.


I think it's just a plain unironic 'motivational', which is weird to see after years of exposure to memes making fun of them.


Demotivationals were only making fun of motivational posters for like five minutes before they became a way to shoehorn a random, unfunny comment into any image. Literally the [white rectangle caption on top] of the 00s.


Does /spg/ like planes?
The Dash8-400 is a really classy plane.
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Nice livery.


that's a boeing



oh, the thing you stick on a car for a logo


Demon slayer planes

File:1676929670645114.jpg (2.53 MB,987x1400)


Does kissu think that religion provides more of a benefit towards society overall than it does cause harm through intolerance and dogma? I've met and seen some really insufferably religious people throughout my life that would happily take away individual freedoms and liberties should they ever have the power to do so because of what their religious texts say. In that sense, I've been quite soured on it to where people bringing up their religious beliefs can annoy me. On the other hand however, I think the base of what religion is supposed to provide, a sort-of "guide" to living and goal for happiness, is extremely valuable. For those aimless or carrying extreme existential dread, I feel that it can be a lifesaver because it gives you purpose and something to strive towards.

I just wish that religion could exist with all its beneficial qualities while being free of all the persecution and downsides that come along with it.
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Cult and faith are the same.


That seems to hinge on the old presentism vs eternalism debate. But certainly the claim that Christ was resurrected counts as a physical claim.


It is a physical claim but the belief in Christ’s resurrection isn’t an unfounded one or one taken without any evidence. There are technically eyewitness accounts of it.


Cult and faith being different words may just be might be English being English that has both French and Germanic roots. No, it isnt actually (they're both French!) after doing quick research but it's worth noting its not inherently derogatory¹ and the difference is a modern thing

1: The veneration, devotion, and religious rites given to a deity (especially in a historical polytheistic context), or (in a Christian context) to a saint.
the cult of Apollo
the cult of Mary


Cult and faith are different things, and both come from Latin.
Fidem, fides, fido, fidelis, they're all about trust, loyalty, and the like. Specifically, trust without evidence, but covering far more than just religion. On the other hand, cultus seems to have been used by the Romans to mean cult-ivation, the practices used to actively worship a deity. By extension, a group of people and their religious activities. Down here, one of our biggest ministries is called the:
>Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto
Which is translated as:
>Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship
And article 2 of the constitution is about upholding the "culto católico apostólico romano", Catholicism.

Having faith on something beyond the physical makes perfect sense.

>Unfortunately the video is the first, of three videos. From what I understand in them, the response would be that there are indeed "cult"-ish elements in Christianity. James Lindsey makes the case that "gnostic cults" parasitize other systems and use said system's own language to disguise itself. An example given most often is Jewish Kabbalist, it's hard for the average Jew to consider Kabbalists as being "gnostics". But from someone on the outside it is plainly clear that it is "gnostic". It be similarly easy for Protestants to easily identify and call out the "gnostics" in "The fake Vatican" while Catholics only see it as "The Vatican". Extrapolating this, it is hard for an academic in feminism to recognize and callout the problems with "sjw/woke/modern"-feminists that are behaving as "gnostic cultists". While for someone not in that discipline or academy it is easy for them to recognize that there is a "cultish" element in the latter group and it is distinct from the former.
Anonymous, is there something you'd like to tell us about your inclinations?

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