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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:fa76aeeac0c3b337a6c91a2f3….jpeg (152.09 KB,848x1199)


Welcome to Spring,

Spring Wheat planting begins late March to April.
Don't forget to get started before it's too late!

This season Spring ends on Monday, June 20.
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The weekly forecast has highs of like 95-100 F (35-38 C) for the entire week... Spring is ending...


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (318.68 KB,1280x720)

>Spring is ending...
To be more direct, /spg/ will close for the year on the 21st and /sum/ will open!


One day until spring end !

File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (173.09 KB,1280x720)


wtf it's almost June??
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File:8a1aed51705e5b5984b1b29740….jpg (99.42 KB,682x765)



death in june




File:2c438e04792b1b4895b5e50715….jpg (116.85 KB,682x765)



its STILL spring!?

File:95486356_p0.png (1.06 MB,842x842)


Have you been surfing the information superhighway and found a video that you don't want to make a thread for, but it doesn't fit anywhere else? You can post it here
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bit melodramatic


Well they said there were other issues that myopia can cause. But yes, restricting homework to combat this is interesting and not something I expected. I thought it would be a matter of 'you'll have glasses, so what, get back to study'.


glasses are just a part of the way my life is. That he calls it a serious condition is funny, like someone saying that a person who is 20lb over the average weight is going to die of a heart attack


Same for me, but I have astigmatism not myopia.

I did not check how serious the conditions are that he mentions and what the chances are of getting them, maybe it is quite an issue, maybe not. I know cataracts can be quite bad if it's not treated but we do have the ability to treat it now.

File:537cfda4da517c910b9008de74….jpg (240.96 KB,1000x1000)


cute picture of spring


Gonna enjoy this image for a few hours and then see it next year!

File:a_cure06b.JPG (194.22 KB,800x800)


ready for summer

File:67713510_p0.jpg (1.7 MB,1754x1240)

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Let's have a thread for expressing thoughts and ideas which don't really deserve their own thread, and possibly aren't entirely appropriate for elsewhere on the site. As the content that description begets may not be entirely up to /qa/lity standards, I ask that posts made in this thread are moderately thought out and are kept at a civil level so the thread remains somewhat peaceful and is befitting of kissu. Aside from that, feel free to get whatever it is that's bothering you off your chest, or say whatever odd thoughts may come to your head.
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> The game was bad because it was bad


who are you quoting?


I understand that when it comes to the kind of example you mentioned, people are not going to put all of that effort and resource into a game for it to crash at launch because they are lazy(and they then have to fix it afterwards anyway, so even that makes no sense) though there may be individual developers that are lazy and create issues like this but then it goes back to a management issue like you said.

But some games are lazy in other ways I feel. Not buggy but they lack features that they should have, or the campaign is too short(or they get rid of it all together) or character design is lazy or it just lacks content.


That sort of thing usually comes from the top. When the execs want the game to be done by xmas and you've only got time to finish 75% of the game, what releases is a game with 75% of the content it should have.


That can happen too but often that does not seem to be the case.
The two examples I would point to are the latest Battlefield and Halo games. Battlefield stated from the very start that they were not going to put a campaign in the game, time didn't play into it.
Halo has an awful 'open world' campaign that can only ever be described as lazy, like they put the bare minimum of effort into a game to make it just able to be described as open world, the story is awful as well. But the release for this game actually got pushed back to fix the game so again time didn't play into it. Also many of the issues aren't really time related issues I don't think.

File:71490212_p0.png (1.05 MB,782x782)


A thread for interesting news, like the invention of new springs to the discovery of new sponges!
News that makes people upset is great for clicks, but not a good fit for this thread.
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This is straight out of the Willy Wonka movie



File:Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 1….png (1011.88 KB,2517x884)

About the New German tank, the Panther, there are quite a few interesting details about the Panther on the Rheinmetall website. Even a brochure.

It has an auto loader as well as many of the features that a new tank would want to have, all of the buzz words about things like being fully digitalised and able to connect to all kinds of networks and it has things like 'optimised shooter to sensor links' and the ability to command the tank from any of the four positions in the tank. Yes it still has 4 seats, one is for an optional specialist.

It's a bit lighter than a Leopard 2 at 59 tons, I found that a bit surprising, it's still a big tank and even if it has an auto loader it;s still got a big turret and it's covered in god knows what. Speaking of some of that god knows what, it has a Natter 7.62 weapons station which has all kinds of advanced targeting abilities, it's odd to have a .50 co ax but then a 7.62 RWS, though Rheinmetall do sell a .50 Natter as well so that could be used if it was wanted. It also has an inbuilt drone launcher which I suspect is a large driver behind keeping the fourth crewman.



Plus of course it has the new 130mm gun that they tried to sell to the Brits before in their challenger upgrade program(they didn't go for it).

File:C-1654845271853.png (618.47 KB,1018x592)


I wasted my spring indoors looking at sns feeds and writting code.
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File:dead_inside.jpg (39.38 KB,462x461)

I did nothing


That's not wasting, that's enjoying.


File:93817476_p0.jpg (1.74 MB,1180x1724)

Wasted my time watching money flush down the drain


The proper term is "sword and board".


sounds gay

File:anim2d-380-may2022.mp4 (757.56 KB,760x380)


Total lunar eclipse happening this weekend! (May 15–16, 2022)
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I' won't see it because I'm not American... This is sad.


oh good an eclipse that I won't have to stay up until 4am for just to get dabbed on by clouds.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (175.55 KB,1280x720)

Too cloudy tonight, I won't be seeing anything most likely. Oh well.


File:60DC3065-2E30-47BE-8997-4….jpeg (1.23 MB,4032x3024)

I was wrong about the clouds, but I still got a good glimpse. On eclipse nights we should fire missiles at clouds to break them up as a public service.


long time ago, but did you take this photo?

File:SoulfulDangerousAsiantrump….mp4 (921.82 KB,480x852)



cute toy cat


Cute, or "kawaii" as the Japanese would say


that's a low cat

File:1605496999500.jpg (64.36 KB,640x360)


what would you do in this situation?
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kick the baby


don't kick the baby


kill myself


File:kick.gif (638.26 KB,500x280)


don't do that

File:C-1653622426346.png (2.6 MB,1000x1432)


I like basketball
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Stunlocks that long look incredibly unfun


Also this is the best slam jam remix


it's a pretty nice game and it's not 100% dead. You can get the rollback edition.


File:3b8d7b83ec73983db0b5721f1d….png (751.56 KB,752x1062)

Do you like baseball?


File:3355360377662a48c4a93fdde0….jpg (965.25 KB,1080x1010)

In West Gensokyo born and raised
On the shrine grounds where I spent most of my days
Chillin out, maxin, relaxin, all cool
And shootin some b-ball outside of the grove
When a couple of youkai who were up to no good
Started causing incidents in the Human Village
I got in one little fight and Yukari got scared
And she said: "You're moving in with Kasen in her mansion in Senkai"

File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (227.83 KB,1280x720)


Weatherman said this will be the last cool day we have, probably until Fall. This is the worst time of the year for local weather because it's a full season of pain ahead. I still have trouble believing people willing immigrated and settled here before air conditioning was invented.
So, a month in advance: I HATE SUMMER!
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File:20220526_180735.jpg (226.59 KB,765x1100)

Explain to me how Summer is bad when it's the season where you can get your maids to dress like this for you.


File:1604126472_2.jpg (1.61 MB,1518x1075)



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (264.19 KB,1920x1080)

The clouds are gone and the sun is out.
It's all over. Game over, man. Game over.


I don't know about you, but when it's cold I'm too sad and anxious to get anything done. When it's warmer out my mood improves and I can actually do things.


Obviously you two are meant as complements so one can work and the other can take it easy. Now kiss!

File:1634443249397.jpg (65.98 KB,480x350)


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No... nature is so cruel... just born and already a killer ;_;


Live slow and die hard!




that's rude


File:FB_IMG_1643582604320.jpg (36.21 KB,720x720)


File:4dd9eeccb8b525db9c18031752….jpg (164.21 KB,1200x837)


heard it was an S season but it is NOT summer


File:Cute-Snakes.jpg (59.84 KB,750x500)



File:56272730_p13.jpg (357.48 KB,776x777)

It may not be summer, but it feels hot as HELL. Already pushing into the 90s this weekend.




Too hot for spring. Going to melt.


File:2cd8e0d0cd9925618a3d2dbeb7….jpg (414.96 KB,800x1000)

Yep, it's S season.

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