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File:monhun.jpg (162.66 KB,1282x722)


General video games thread. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?


trips of command & conquer: generals


File:piperider.webm (2.94 MB,853x480)

I just got deep rock galactic it was on sale. Its fun I like it.


patrick's parabox
I have outer wilds on my steam wishlist and get notified every time it drops from 40 dollars to 20 dollars but I still haven't bought it yet. I should just buy it already it's not going to get any cheaper than that and it's a fair price


File:ddb37d52e0b8df47bda1f64640….jpg (496.27 KB,3508x2480)

currently playing that new zelda and pathfinder wotr
do it. outer wilds is great.


Been playing a lot of GTA V recently. I really love driving around in it.


No games in particular I'm really looking forward too, still just playing Vermintide 2 mainly.

There are some mods I'm keeping watch on though. Beyond Skyrim keeps making progress but still is always years away from releasing anything. The teaser videos they and creators they partner with keep getting better.
Eu4 has a total conversion fantasy mod, Anbennar, that's really fun. Eu4 recently updated to 1.35 and Anbennar was postponing there next major updating adding in their standing for the africa-ish region until after then. The general setting takes place in a fantasy world, that's loosely based off of Earth combined with a smattering of other fantasy stories. The mod probably has more content in it than base Eu4 and it's not even complete. They have the Eurasia and Americas regions populated with playable factions and most every nation seems to have their own fleshed out mission trees and events to go through, that tell a story.


The /secret/ posts


not all youtubeposting is /secret/-tier yanno


Actually got the urge to play Rise again after reading this VN. Last time I played was when Lucent Narga was added into the game. It seems I missed a lot of content since then, like Velkhana getting added to the game. Also downloaded some mods to make the game slightly less annyoing. (Prism bird mod specifically, having to chase birds around for full HP is the most ridiculous idea these guys came up with)


File:Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 1….png (26.69 KB,490x126)

Got back into dcss for a bit, almost had my first all-rune win. Would've won if I knew how busted lich form is, protecting you from both mutations and torment (hp halving). Those two are what kills you later on, being mutated into oblivion was what got me.


File:rika game.webm (344.4 KB,600x421)

I swear there has to be some hidden mechanic in OJ that lowers the chances of getting high rolls when your ATK exceeds 2.


Just realized we're living in a golden age of gaming.


Bronze age.


File:Sora sliding down the brid….png (999.03 KB,1303x857)

Having gotten all the achievements in Sora, I'm working on finally doing the same for Suguri. Not sure why I couldn't be arsed to just finish it properly the first time I played it alot.

A friend convinced me to try Yugioh Duel Links, but I'm still not very committed to really studying the meta.

also, uninstalled World of Warships; this time for good.


File:2023-05-19-133736_1920x105….png (103.88 KB,1920x1058)

I am currently replaying Sonic RoboBlast 2 but with that Dejiko character mod


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (122.17 KB,1280x720)

ive run out of games to play its actually over now


how can that possibly happen what


File:sigh.JPG (23.68 KB,489x456)


Pick up an mmo


File:c837eb306a16e8696ecca69f3f….jpg (2.48 MB,2048x2048)

tried to play cyberpunk 2077 but it doesn't even work
the benchmark runs perfectly with rt overdrive, but as soon as the first cutscene plays it always freezes immediately
they managed to make a buggy game even worse


i dont like the social aspect of mmos ive tried them before but they just arent for me


Speaking of mmos I tried OSRS after the talk of it here and I have a weird observation. It almost feels...Christian? And by that I mean in a Tolkien or CS Lewis way where its a fantasy world almost completely devoid of sexuality or sex appeal. This is common enough in books but fantasy games usually know how to appeal to their audience.


Also the Knights of the Round Table being the one from our world transported there was an interesting touch that worked but I think Excalibur should've been given the same status as the godswords from Gilenor


Also its weird that there are Atheistic societies like the Dorgeshuun when gods have proof of existing and actively interact with the world


going to give osrs another try as well
last time i lasted for a few days




i dunno what the dorg's story is like but i think a good example of fantasy atheism is planescape's athar
they say that, sure, there exist these very powerful entities that we call gods, and they do stuff
but they're not actually divine, they're a buncha dudes who don't deserve to be worshipped
true, ultimate divinity is somewhere else (the great unknown)


ontopic sager


offtopic bumper


File:C-1684629760188.png (684.86 KB,867x641)

I was playing Turtle WoW and now I'm playing PSO2 again.


File:1515343479754.jpg (14.57 KB,240x242)

>Turtle WoW
What's this?


I like how passionate and autistic TF2 players are about this 16 year old neglected game.


Valve doesn't deserve all the dedicated players who love their games.




File:neko.jpg (537.85 KB,1920x1080)

Code Vein was on sale so I bought it. The enemy/boss designs are something else.


Giant enemy boobs


Attack its weak points for massive pleasure.


File:WoWFoV_23.05.21_16.46.45.4….jpg (666.97 KB,1250x776)

Popular vanilla wow pserver with its own /vg/ thread. Like all pservers it has major issues, but it's a bit fun nonetheless.


File:CodeVein-Win64-Shipping_23….jpg (218.53 KB,679x670)

I'm trying the demo before investing $9. Now to think up a char name


File:C-1684705302137.png (56.17 KB,243x337)

the OSRS comments got me to go back and check how things were, ended up completing below ice mountain
it's a very charming game
only ever played as f2p though, pic's what i got
i remember playing dalaran-wow and raiding ulduar... eight years ago, apparently
made an effort to get the eastern kingdoms and kalimdor explorer achievements before moving on to northrend
also grinded my tailoring before going there, with runecloth from corrupted furbolgs
while farming rep for timbermaw horn summon because furbolgs are awesome


It was Asuka wasn't it.


She's cute!


>but they're not actually divine, they're a buncha dudes who don't deserve to be worshipped
true, ultimate divinity is somewhere else (the great unknown)
just sounds like some of what I have heard before in Gnostic teachings or Buddhism.


I just finished the mainline Ar Tonelico games
From outside, it's probably best known for vid related or the buri hamachi meme from a couple years back, though others likely know it because either the parent company which made the Atelier series or because of the music which uses a fictional language created for the setting (complete with fictional grammar rules and a small vocabulary that remains consistent between the games)
Oddly enough, this ended up being my first ever completed RPG series (if you don't count the two prequels which i'll get to later) even though I've been playing games for over like 20 years now
Very generally speaking, the gameplay wasn't all that exciting (I'm more of an FPS guy), but I really enjoyed the world and the characters, however the music outshines pretty much everything else and by a mile. Each hymmnos song has so much attention and detailed work put into it it's crazy, even when you forget about the fact that a lot of it uses a made up foreign language, which the singers somehow pronounce perfectly even when the lyrics look like this
xA harr hLYUmLYUmOrO eje/.
xA sorr kLYUvLYUr du qejyu/.
xI rre fIrIlU hIlIsUsU ayulsa dazua/.
xA harr nAtLYInO hymmnos/.

Anyawys, since the two first games have like 70 hours of content (and at least two heroine routes) and the third game has like 40 but 2 main heroines and like a handful of alt minor routes, and so much world building that even going into small details requires touching and explaining like a handful of large lore points, I'm gonna refrain from going into much detail about it here since I'd end up making a book here. In general, a must play for people who love deep worldbuilding (there's a metric ton of side material and a huge wiki) and the music is really worth checking.


Hmmmm, pretty neat.
SVO, phone inventory looks to be the same as Jap's but with a few unused combinations and more consonant clusters, very, very few conjugations, nothing too crazy there. The really cool part is the opening emotion sounds at the start at the sentence and the ones below. Six dialects, with New Testament of Pastalie being unusable by anyone who's not a Reyvateil? What's its relevance? As for its romanization, uppercase or even numbers being used in broad transcription isn't particularly rare, like /niQpoN/ or *h₄órǵʰiyeh₂.
The special uppercase is reserved for Pastalian, whose verb roots have empty slots in which emotional sounds are inserted (a lot like Semitic roots). So, in hLYUmLYUmOrO, the root is h.m.m.r., to sing, and what is inserted is LYU-LYU-O-O. It's singing aggressively, I gather. The dialect also has a unique subject marker in which another emotion can be added, x., that's the xA/xI at the start of the sentence. Didn't understand what's up with the non-letters and binary stuff, though.

Rrha touwaka mYAnAgEaye hymmnos/.
Was yea ra re gLYEnEwYA/.
Was zweie erra aLYNuNkYN apea lyrnya/.

Possibly ungrammatical, but it was fun to look into.


Oh, actually, yeah, apea lyrnya is ungrammatical. I wanted to say "blissfully serene" but stacked two adjectives, that doesn't work.


I've never played the games but I like the OST.


Currently bouncing between Vintage Story and Star Citizen. Vintage Story is surprisingly good and boils down to "minecraft but with more autism and on a better engine." Star Citizen is fun, but bugs and server crashes are part and parcel of the experience.


File:CHOOSE_YOUR_LEADER.gif (13.67 MB,616x346)

A new Total War just got announced and judging by the description on the Steam page, it looks like it's going to be yet another hero game similar to Troy and Three Kingdoms. (´;ω;`)


I saw that, Warhammer Total war has allot to answer for...


File:ar tonelico.png (3.52 MB,523x3500)

The Pastalie dialect is unusable by anyone who isn't a specific breed of Reyvateil
Going a bit into the detail for the binary stuff, Reyvateils are essentially semi-cyborg girls. The magic in Ar Tonelico all happens via the titular Ar Tonelico, a massive tower stretching all the way to space.
In a nutshell, the tower absorbs sound using some special magical stone/crystals which can release what's essentially magical energy. The tower processes and amplifies the energy by a lot of magnitudes.
A reyvateil, when singing, connects to the tower and transfers her feelings to it. The tower translates and processes her desires and transfers energy to the reyvateil, letting her use her magic.
It's a pretty common trope these days, but the tower is a product of advanced science (mixed with magic), and reyvateils, at least the original ones, were lab-born specifically tailored to connect to the tower.
Basically, rayvateils are a manufactured race that have IP addresses and they can connect to a massive super magic wand which brute-force grants them magic.
The pastalie dialect is (spoiler'd just in case) a heavily modified hymmnos, made to be used with a different tower-like device which serves its own custom modified sub-race of Reyvateils called I.P.Ds
It's worth spending hours in the wikia if you're a lore fan. There's so much technical detail to it all you'd almost think they just yoinked it from a real world concept or something.
>Star Citizen
Jeez, I remember looking forward to that game releasing like a decade ago. its nice to see that they're at least doing something with it, but by god is it taking forever for it to get out of alpha


That's happened many times to me.


Pokemon games are too sanitized now. Nemona's design would've been perfect for a mean popular girl rival but she's an enthusiastic friend?? I blame Barry for starting this trend. I miss jerkass rivals (although I think in RSE and XY YOU were the jerkass rival)


That looks good


Total War used to be about managing empires and winning RTS battles with superior tactics, not showy duels. (´・ω・`)


Tomorrow is an hour long Sony conference. Maybe its just because I'm bored and have nothing to do but I'm actually excited for it this time around. I don't expect anything good or interesting though.


It's not like other RTSs haven't gone down that path before, watcha gonna do.
Conlang'd songs as an interface for magic is pretty cool stuff. Makes sense that if transferring emotions is so important, that it'd have a special lexical class dedicated to it at the start of each sentence, and that the stronger version can jam even more emotions into it.


>Tomorrow is an hour long Sony conference


If they can do both it would be pretty cool.


You don't really see any of these duels, they are pointless. You are commanding a battle you don't have time to watch these things.


old but gold


I don't know about you, but part of the attraction to total war is the spectacle of armies clashing. Earlier total war games such as Rome 1 and Medieval 2 had little things like horses jumping over spear walls and sync kills that you might not see from a birds eye. It's meant to look good no matter how far or close you view it.


I understand that for small details like what you mention but focusing too much on it at the expense of other aspects is a mistake when you aren't going to notice them most of the time, it's nice but not the focal point.


Yeah, those games are great. The most recent one I played was Ar Nosurge on Vita, but I wasn't able to finish it because my vita's power cable connector (in the vita itself) seemed to die. It's really an enjoyable series that anyone that likes Atelier would enjoy. From what I understand some of the stuff never got translated, which is expected, especially back then, but it's still a bit of a bummer.


File:waterfox_kkBcVVUrdS.png (1.6 MB,1230x860)

Skipping around the Sony thing and I'll do more later, but Dragon's Dogma 2 had a short preview thing and it looked pretty good.
Also there's furries in it now? I don't think they were in the first one. Weird.


This was the only cool game shown at the show. I didn't play the first (had many opportunities just never got around to it) but I might play the second.


Beat this game, and while the visual designs and combat is prety good, I can easily say this has the worst level design of any game I've played in the past 15 years. Truly horrific, miserable experience going through some of these levels.


With all the sword & sorcery talk, I started Oblivion. Vanilla with fixes.
It holds up better than people say, but more than anything when the gates of hell aren't opening Cyrodiil is plain pleasant to be in. Just walking from town to town is nice, it has that feeling of reading the Hobbit while eating porridge in the morning. I think it's the music


I think the only real deal breakers for me with Oblivion are the dungeons and the level scaling. The level scaling being the most atrocious of any game I've played on top of being a bad system in the first place.


>level scaling
Which is one of those "fixes" I mentioned.
I cant believe this wasnt caught before release
That and having one guy do all the Redguard voices


File:Fire Emblem Order of the C….png (42.11 KB,720x480)

Starting on the Order of the Crimson Arm romhack for Fire Emblem. Didn't know megu was in this game.


Gonna use AI to make a VN about Gollum making a kuso video game and dealing with the backlash


make it yourself


gollum from lord of the rings?



we hates it!


You should really play the first game, based on the trailer it looks like a direct sequel and having played the first will have been to your benefit.

I remember that this was first leaked/teased sometime around 2020 so hopefully with a full trailer out now that means its fast approaching its release date. There was a whole lot of cut content from the original because they didn't have enough time, so I'd love if this one could be the dream vision they had for the original. Like one of the things I noticed in the trailer is that it appears there's people riding a griffin, and unique and organic fast travel methods was one of the things that the devs wanted to put into the original. Hoping the world snake makes it in.


File:1685202998911.gif (542.21 KB,343x469)

Is anyone considering playing D4 on launch? I was somewhat excited for it when it was announced but over time and as the price for the game came out I kinda lost interest in playing immediately. Probably going to wait for a sale and the first season to buy it. I just can't be bothered to pay $70 for something that probably won't even be complete when it comes out.


Just get into poe


File:68687542_p0.jpg (255.09 KB,689x861)

I already did get into it and complete everything in multiple seasons, so now I'm just waiting for something fresh to catch my attention like PoE2.


If you're that into ARPGs I cant recommend anything as you've probably played all the popular ones


File:Fire Emblem Order of the C….png (55.64 KB,720x480)

and Casca.....

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