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File:monhun.jpg (162.66 KB,1282x722)

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General video games thread. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?


trips of command & conquer: generals


File:piperider.webm (2.94 MB,853x480)

I just got deep rock galactic it was on sale. Its fun I like it.


patrick's parabox
I have outer wilds on my steam wishlist and get notified every time it drops from 40 dollars to 20 dollars but I still haven't bought it yet. I should just buy it already it's not going to get any cheaper than that and it's a fair price


File:ddb37d52e0b8df47bda1f64640….jpg (496.27 KB,3508x2480)

currently playing that new zelda and pathfinder wotr
do it. outer wilds is great.


Been playing a lot of GTA V recently. I really love driving around in it.


No games in particular I'm really looking forward too, still just playing Vermintide 2 mainly.

There are some mods I'm keeping watch on though. Beyond Skyrim keeps making progress but still is always years away from releasing anything. The teaser videos they and creators they partner with keep getting better.
Eu4 has a total conversion fantasy mod, Anbennar, that's really fun. Eu4 recently updated to 1.35 and Anbennar was postponing there next major updating adding in their standing for the africa-ish region until after then. The general setting takes place in a fantasy world, that's loosely based off of Earth combined with a smattering of other fantasy stories. The mod probably has more content in it than base Eu4 and it's not even complete. They have the Eurasia and Americas regions populated with playable factions and most every nation seems to have their own fleshed out mission trees and events to go through, that tell a story.


The /secret/ posts


not all youtubeposting is /secret/-tier yanno


Actually got the urge to play Rise again after reading this VN. Last time I played was when Lucent Narga was added into the game. It seems I missed a lot of content since then, like Velkhana getting added to the game. Also downloaded some mods to make the game slightly less annyoing. (Prism bird mod specifically, having to chase birds around for full HP is the most ridiculous idea these guys came up with)


File:Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 1….png (26.69 KB,490x126)

Got back into dcss for a bit, almost had my first all-rune win. Would've won if I knew how busted lich form is, protecting you from both mutations and torment (hp halving). Those two are what kills you later on, being mutated into oblivion was what got me.


File:rika game.webm (344.4 KB,600x421)

I swear there has to be some hidden mechanic in OJ that lowers the chances of getting high rolls when your ATK exceeds 2.


Just realized we're living in a golden age of gaming.


Bronze age.


File:Sora sliding down the brid….png (999.03 KB,1303x857)

Having gotten all the achievements in Sora, I'm working on finally doing the same for Suguri. Not sure why I couldn't be arsed to just finish it properly the first time I played it alot.

A friend convinced me to try Yugioh Duel Links, but I'm still not very committed to really studying the meta.

also, uninstalled World of Warships; this time for good.


File:2023-05-19-133736_1920x105….png (103.88 KB,1920x1058)

I am currently replaying Sonic RoboBlast 2 but with that Dejiko character mod


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (122.17 KB,1280x720)

ive run out of games to play its actually over now


how can that possibly happen what


File:sigh.JPG (23.68 KB,489x456)


Pick up an mmo


File:c837eb306a16e8696ecca69f3f….jpg (2.48 MB,2048x2048)

tried to play cyberpunk 2077 but it doesn't even work
the benchmark runs perfectly with rt overdrive, but as soon as the first cutscene plays it always freezes immediately
they managed to make a buggy game even worse


i dont like the social aspect of mmos ive tried them before but they just arent for me


Speaking of mmos I tried OSRS after the talk of it here and I have a weird observation. It almost feels...Christian? And by that I mean in a Tolkien or CS Lewis way where its a fantasy world almost completely devoid of sexuality or sex appeal. This is common enough in books but fantasy games usually know how to appeal to their audience.


Also the Knights of the Round Table being the one from our world transported there was an interesting touch that worked but I think Excalibur should've been given the same status as the godswords from Gilenor


Also its weird that there are Atheistic societies like the Dorgeshuun when gods have proof of existing and actively interact with the world


going to give osrs another try as well
last time i lasted for a few days




i dunno what the dorg's story is like but i think a good example of fantasy atheism is planescape's athar
they say that, sure, there exist these very powerful entities that we call gods, and they do stuff
but they're not actually divine, they're a buncha dudes who don't deserve to be worshipped
true, ultimate divinity is somewhere else (the great unknown)


ontopic sager


offtopic bumper


File:C-1684629760188.png (684.86 KB,867x641)

I was playing Turtle WoW and now I'm playing PSO2 again.


File:1515343479754.jpg (14.57 KB,240x242)

>Turtle WoW
What's this?


I like how passionate and autistic TF2 players are about this 16 year old neglected game.


Valve doesn't deserve all the dedicated players who love their games.




File:neko.jpg (537.85 KB,1920x1080)

Code Vein was on sale so I bought it. The enemy/boss designs are something else.


Giant enemy boobs


Attack its weak points for massive pleasure.


File:WoWFoV_23.05.21_16.46.45.4….jpg (666.97 KB,1250x776)

Popular vanilla wow pserver with its own /vg/ thread. Like all pservers it has major issues, but it's a bit fun nonetheless.


File:CodeVein-Win64-Shipping_23….jpg (218.53 KB,679x670)

I'm trying the demo before investing $9. Now to think up a char name


File:C-1684705302137.png (56.17 KB,243x337)

the OSRS comments got me to go back and check how things were, ended up completing below ice mountain
it's a very charming game
only ever played as f2p though, pic's what i got
i remember playing dalaran-wow and raiding ulduar... eight years ago, apparently
made an effort to get the eastern kingdoms and kalimdor explorer achievements before moving on to northrend
also grinded my tailoring before going there, with runecloth from corrupted furbolgs
while farming rep for timbermaw horn summon because furbolgs are awesome


It was Asuka wasn't it.


She's cute!


>but they're not actually divine, they're a buncha dudes who don't deserve to be worshipped
true, ultimate divinity is somewhere else (the great unknown)
just sounds like some of what I have heard before in Gnostic teachings or Buddhism.


I just finished the mainline Ar Tonelico games
From outside, it's probably best known for vid related or the buri hamachi meme from a couple years back, though others likely know it because either the parent company which made the Atelier series or because of the music which uses a fictional language created for the setting (complete with fictional grammar rules and a small vocabulary that remains consistent between the games)
Oddly enough, this ended up being my first ever completed RPG series (if you don't count the two prequels which i'll get to later) even though I've been playing games for over like 20 years now
Very generally speaking, the gameplay wasn't all that exciting (I'm more of an FPS guy), but I really enjoyed the world and the characters, however the music outshines pretty much everything else and by a mile. Each hymmnos song has so much attention and detailed work put into it it's crazy, even when you forget about the fact that a lot of it uses a made up foreign language, which the singers somehow pronounce perfectly even when the lyrics look like this
xA harr hLYUmLYUmOrO eje/.
xA sorr kLYUvLYUr du qejyu/.
xI rre fIrIlU hIlIsUsU ayulsa dazua/.
xA harr nAtLYInO hymmnos/.

Anyawys, since the two first games have like 70 hours of content (and at least two heroine routes) and the third game has like 40 but 2 main heroines and like a handful of alt minor routes, and so much world building that even going into small details requires touching and explaining like a handful of large lore points, I'm gonna refrain from going into much detail about it here since I'd end up making a book here. In general, a must play for people who love deep worldbuilding (there's a metric ton of side material and a huge wiki) and the music is really worth checking.


Hmmmm, pretty neat.
SVO, phone inventory looks to be the same as Jap's but with a few unused combinations and more consonant clusters, very, very few conjugations, nothing too crazy there. The really cool part is the opening emotion sounds at the start at the sentence and the ones below. Six dialects, with New Testament of Pastalie being unusable by anyone who's not a Reyvateil? What's its relevance? As for its romanization, uppercase or even numbers being used in broad transcription isn't particularly rare, like /niQpoN/ or *h₄órǵʰiyeh₂.
The special uppercase is reserved for Pastalian, whose verb roots have empty slots in which emotional sounds are inserted (a lot like Semitic roots). So, in hLYUmLYUmOrO, the root is h.m.m.r., to sing, and what is inserted is LYU-LYU-O-O. It's singing aggressively, I gather. The dialect also has a unique subject marker in which another emotion can be added, x., that's the xA/xI at the start of the sentence. Didn't understand what's up with the non-letters and binary stuff, though.

Rrha touwaka mYAnAgEaye hymmnos/.
Was yea ra re gLYEnEwYA/.
Was zweie erra aLYNuNkYN apea lyrnya/.

Possibly ungrammatical, but it was fun to look into.


Oh, actually, yeah, apea lyrnya is ungrammatical. I wanted to say "blissfully serene" but stacked two adjectives, that doesn't work.


I've never played the games but I like the OST.


Currently bouncing between Vintage Story and Star Citizen. Vintage Story is surprisingly good and boils down to "minecraft but with more autism and on a better engine." Star Citizen is fun, but bugs and server crashes are part and parcel of the experience.


File:CHOOSE_YOUR_LEADER.gif (13.67 MB,616x346)

A new Total War just got announced and judging by the description on the Steam page, it looks like it's going to be yet another hero game similar to Troy and Three Kingdoms. (´;ω;`)


I saw that, Warhammer Total war has allot to answer for...


File:ar tonelico.png (3.52 MB,523x3500)

The Pastalie dialect is unusable by anyone who isn't a specific breed of Reyvateil
Going a bit into the detail for the binary stuff, Reyvateils are essentially semi-cyborg girls. The magic in Ar Tonelico all happens via the titular Ar Tonelico, a massive tower stretching all the way to space.
In a nutshell, the tower absorbs sound using some special magical stone/crystals which can release what's essentially magical energy. The tower processes and amplifies the energy by a lot of magnitudes.
A reyvateil, when singing, connects to the tower and transfers her feelings to it. The tower translates and processes her desires and transfers energy to the reyvateil, letting her use her magic.
It's a pretty common trope these days, but the tower is a product of advanced science (mixed with magic), and reyvateils, at least the original ones, were lab-born specifically tailored to connect to the tower.
Basically, rayvateils are a manufactured race that have IP addresses and they can connect to a massive super magic wand which brute-force grants them magic.
The pastalie dialect is (spoiler'd just in case) a heavily modified hymmnos, made to be used with a different tower-like device which serves its own custom modified sub-race of Reyvateils called I.P.Ds
It's worth spending hours in the wikia if you're a lore fan. There's so much technical detail to it all you'd almost think they just yoinked it from a real world concept or something.
>Star Citizen
Jeez, I remember looking forward to that game releasing like a decade ago. its nice to see that they're at least doing something with it, but by god is it taking forever for it to get out of alpha


That's happened many times to me.


Pokemon games are too sanitized now. Nemona's design would've been perfect for a mean popular girl rival but she's an enthusiastic friend?? I blame Barry for starting this trend. I miss jerkass rivals (although I think in RSE and XY YOU were the jerkass rival)


That looks good


Total War used to be about managing empires and winning RTS battles with superior tactics, not showy duels. (´・ω・`)


Tomorrow is an hour long Sony conference. Maybe its just because I'm bored and have nothing to do but I'm actually excited for it this time around. I don't expect anything good or interesting though.


It's not like other RTSs haven't gone down that path before, watcha gonna do.
Conlang'd songs as an interface for magic is pretty cool stuff. Makes sense that if transferring emotions is so important, that it'd have a special lexical class dedicated to it at the start of each sentence, and that the stronger version can jam even more emotions into it.


>Tomorrow is an hour long Sony conference


If they can do both it would be pretty cool.


You don't really see any of these duels, they are pointless. You are commanding a battle you don't have time to watch these things.


old but gold


I don't know about you, but part of the attraction to total war is the spectacle of armies clashing. Earlier total war games such as Rome 1 and Medieval 2 had little things like horses jumping over spear walls and sync kills that you might not see from a birds eye. It's meant to look good no matter how far or close you view it.


I understand that for small details like what you mention but focusing too much on it at the expense of other aspects is a mistake when you aren't going to notice them most of the time, it's nice but not the focal point.


Yeah, those games are great. The most recent one I played was Ar Nosurge on Vita, but I wasn't able to finish it because my vita's power cable connector (in the vita itself) seemed to die. It's really an enjoyable series that anyone that likes Atelier would enjoy. From what I understand some of the stuff never got translated, which is expected, especially back then, but it's still a bit of a bummer.


File:waterfox_kkBcVVUrdS.png (1.6 MB,1230x860)

Skipping around the Sony thing and I'll do more later, but Dragon's Dogma 2 had a short preview thing and it looked pretty good.
Also there's furries in it now? I don't think they were in the first one. Weird.


This was the only cool game shown at the show. I didn't play the first (had many opportunities just never got around to it) but I might play the second.


Beat this game, and while the visual designs and combat is prety good, I can easily say this has the worst level design of any game I've played in the past 15 years. Truly horrific, miserable experience going through some of these levels.


With all the sword & sorcery talk, I started Oblivion. Vanilla with fixes.
It holds up better than people say, but more than anything when the gates of hell aren't opening Cyrodiil is plain pleasant to be in. Just walking from town to town is nice, it has that feeling of reading the Hobbit while eating porridge in the morning. I think it's the music


I think the only real deal breakers for me with Oblivion are the dungeons and the level scaling. The level scaling being the most atrocious of any game I've played on top of being a bad system in the first place.


>level scaling
Which is one of those "fixes" I mentioned.
I cant believe this wasnt caught before release
That and having one guy do all the Redguard voices


File:Fire Emblem Order of the C….png (42.11 KB,720x480)

Starting on the Order of the Crimson Arm romhack for Fire Emblem. Didn't know megu was in this game.


Gonna use AI to make a VN about Gollum making a kuso video game and dealing with the backlash


make it yourself


gollum from lord of the rings?



we hates it!


You should really play the first game, based on the trailer it looks like a direct sequel and having played the first will have been to your benefit.

I remember that this was first leaked/teased sometime around 2020 so hopefully with a full trailer out now that means its fast approaching its release date. There was a whole lot of cut content from the original because they didn't have enough time, so I'd love if this one could be the dream vision they had for the original. Like one of the things I noticed in the trailer is that it appears there's people riding a griffin, and unique and organic fast travel methods was one of the things that the devs wanted to put into the original. Hoping the world snake makes it in.


File:1685202998911.gif (542.21 KB,343x469)

Is anyone considering playing D4 on launch? I was somewhat excited for it when it was announced but over time and as the price for the game came out I kinda lost interest in playing immediately. Probably going to wait for a sale and the first season to buy it. I just can't be bothered to pay $70 for something that probably won't even be complete when it comes out.


Just get into poe


File:68687542_p0.jpg (255.09 KB,689x861)

I already did get into it and complete everything in multiple seasons, so now I'm just waiting for something fresh to catch my attention like PoE2.


If you're that into ARPGs I cant recommend anything as you've probably played all the popular ones


File:Fire Emblem Order of the C….png (55.64 KB,720x480)

and Casca.....


I don't think ARPGs should be called ARPGs.

Action RPG sounds more like a hack and slash or soulstype game and far from Diablo. Even Skyrim has more action than Diablo.


But then, I don't think RPGs should be called RPGs either. Because really you are Role Playing in whatever game you play so anything could be called an RPG. HALO could be called a Space Soldier RPG for example.


What about Tetris?


Brick layer ARPG.


Soviet ARPG


File:lotfp what is an rpg.png (47.59 KB,649x306)

RPGs should be defined as any game where you take control of a character in a world and have to make decisions.


File:revision.jpg (522.43 KB,1920x1080)

Bought this game on a whim after seeing some threads. The combat takes a bit to get used to but its pretty fun. The music is also way better than I was expecting.


File:ali2.png (196.63 KB,175x287)

TW Pharaoh gameplay got revealed and it really does just look like a Troy reskin. (ノωヾ*)ウゥ…


File:Signalis.jpg (180.43 KB,1920x1080)

Signalis! Just finished my 5th run through of the game and didn't get the one ending that I wanted to get. It was still a lot of fun though! Would recommend if you're into survival horror, cyberpunk, or yuri.


I really like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

It's a free (and now open-source) 2000s multiplayer FPS game. It's available on Splash Damage's site, Steam and there is also a 3rd-party enhanced (but 100% compatible) version called ET Legacy. In Enemy Territory, you choose a class (each class has something special, Examples: Soldiers can choose MG42 (and some other special weapons) as their weapon, Engineers can plant landmines and dynamites and Covert Ops can steal uniform from dead enemies. Dynamites are also used for some map objectives (like you need to blow up a gate or something). Of course, enemy engineers can try to disarm your dynamite, so your team has to protect it. There are also more things that make each class special. There are also a ton of maps and mods made by the community.

I recommend you give it a try if you like FPS games. It's free! And it also works on Linux (you need the 32-bit aka multilib version to play most mods).

Links and Tips:
>ET Legacy (recommended and easiest option): https://www.etlegacy.com
>"vanilla" Enemy Territory: use Steam or download it from https://www.splashdamage.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/
>Find servers: either use ET Legacy or https://et.splatterladder.eu/?mod=serverlist
>More links: https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/wiki/Useful-Links

Note1: If you choose to download ET from Splash Damage site, you also need to download your personal etkey from http://etkey.net (place it in your etmain folder, also do not share your ETkey to others!). I recommend you get ET: Legacy (recommended) or the Steam version, so you don't need to manually generate a etkey for these. I recommend you use Vanilla/Steam version only if you get problems with ET Legacy.

Note2: The "vanilla" version of Enemy Territory and the Steam version require that you run 1 console command in the game. You can open the console in game by pressing the key under your ESC key. Press it, and type /seta r_primitives 2
Otherwise you get bad performance with modern GPUs! ET Legacy doesn't require this setting. To apply this setting, you need to reopen ET. If you want to mute voice chat aka vsays, you can also type this in the console: /seta cg_noVoiceChats 1


Were you going for the speedrun one? That one seemed impossible to me.


just did a over six hour civ 5 session to play the rest of a game I started yesterday
Im not sure how I used to play a whole game start to finish in a day


i lost that ability too
2 days after super paper mario came out i was on the pause screen and my mum came into the room and told me to stop playing when she saw my play time was 18 hours


File:signalis-footwork.mp4 (10.67 MB,1280x720)

I was trying to get Leave, which might be the ending you're talking about but that ending involves you spending a LOT of time in the game as opposed to Memory, which I weirdly got on my first run despite that run taking 11 hours. Last I checked that's the one where it's recommended your run stays under 6 hours. Though there's a post in this Steam Community thread by Cahalith that the game starts with you skewed in favor towards getting the Memory ending idk! This game is cryptic, but I'm gonna try for a Leave ending once my partner finishes the game.


File:20230605013537_1.jpg (685.49 KB,1920x1080)

"Love thy neighbour."

Neighbour successfully loved.


your skills look about where I left off


cutieromance thy neighbor


How do you feel about the SF6 girls? I hope they're not done adding characters. It feels incomplete without Sakura, Poison and R. Mika but I think they nailed it otherwise.


File:2cdb4a176090886e12abb8031b….jpg (438.79 KB,1229x2186)

Even Marisa and Manon, the less popular ones are good.


File:astlibra (2).jpg (349.83 KB,1920x1080)




where's the interesting games, all they showed was warhammer and i already knew of that one


Oh they also showed another good game earlier that I missed. Aside from those everything kinda sucked.


Well that was a huge waste of time. The big finale was FFR? Man that is one series you couldn't pay me to give a fuck about. Not a single good game shown.



Well, maybe something good does come out of this E3. Persona 3 remake trailer leaked. (also some 5 spinoff shit)


Unreal engine, huh.
Seems a bit too colorful from what I remember, but moving around the town in 3D space seems really nice as long as they can properly design it.
P3 is one of those games you never forget with its fantastic atmosphere, characters and music.
But geez, it hasn't even been 20 years. P1 and P2 would make more sense, but maybe those games are too different from the latter ones. I still remember renting P1 and copying it with my computer's CD drive and then returning it. hehehehe


P1 and P2 are SMT, not Persona.


I wonder how the SMT crowd would react if they made Personafied remakes of P1 and P2.


Not good. There was already enmity towards Devil Survivor when it came out


the remake era


A sign of the times


Everything is just a microwaved remake or botched reboot of something people liked 10-15 years ago


the jader


File:1362964058994.jpg (74.1 KB,500x510)

>i'm jaded


File:9b48dca622a60081a995baf53b….jpg (500.68 KB,2560x1440)

im jaded
im jaded
awww yeah im flippin jaded
jaded on the /qa/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


File:__shirogane_naoto_persona_….jpg (118.6 KB,440x586)

Isn't it a bit too early to release a full remake only a year after the P3P "remaster" launched?

>(also some 5 spinoff shit)
Looks pretty lame, yeah.


Gotta milk it while the name is still mainstream


when is Makoto coming back I swear I need her back.


File:6e3b3f894b2e5f9766d563b3ee….jpg (123.09 KB,529x800)

makoto makoto give me the fuckoto


File:DT2_008.jpg (1.77 MB,4296x6032)

The Dungeon Travelers games are now out on PC! (and they're both already cracked and uploaded)
After I finish Umineko I'm going to be diving right into Dungeon Travelers 2-2 as it was never translated. They're absolutely amazing, fantastic DRPGs featuring fantastic dungeon exploration coupled with Aquaplus's fantastic art and characters.
Apparently the art was already made in high quality before being scaled down for Vita, so it's not going to be some AI upscale thing but proper high resolution art.
Dungeon Travelers 2 was translated and one of the last physical games I ever bought and now the first one and the sequel to 2 (Dungeon Travelers 2-2) are translated and I'm really, really excited.
I'll post about it once I start playing them.


Hard agree.
It took New Hollywood 50 years to degrade to the point AAA games have degraded to in about 20.
Speedrunning the self referential death spiral.


Xbox showcase in a few hours:

Maybe this one won't suck as much.


File:1686506364849157.webm (1.49 MB,1920x1080)

These are actually some nice games


So just to recap what I saw there was:
-New Obsidian RPG in a more TES setting
-Cities Skylines 2
-Capcom game I initially thought was Onimusha
-Yakuza 8?
-Metaphor looked neat
I forget what the others were.


Are that many people interested in Starfield compared to those interested in TES6?


Every now and then I hear people mention Starfield naturally. I don't think I've heard a single person mention TES6......


File:1686513191857145.jpg (455.47 KB,873x1293)


File:MONSTER HUNTER RISE_repla….webm (3.92 MB,910x512)

sigh I may be getting too old for these days monster hunter



File:1650461882731.png (6.18 KB,114x114)

Why do you want to romance guys?


thought this was the wordfilter for a sec


gonna romance anonymous
either works for me


He's very tough I just joined SOS and got carried a couple times. Sadly his armor isn't Fatalis tier where you had to farm it no matter what. I just got his weapon and called it a day.


Cutie Romance


Cunny Romance


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (130.49 KB,1280x720)


File:2023061121505300_s.jpg (318.65 KB,1280x720)

Why don't you want to romance guys?


File:a08e553c099cf1daaee0a8888….jpeg (57.33 KB,500x500)

I fear for my shirikodama.


File:e15a13bb836588819e32abbe61….jpg (3.39 MB,2200x3100)

>I just joined SOS
wow lucky you.....


File:1553668588923-0.jpg (91.86 KB,1047x696)

Currently I'm switching between a lot of games again. Endless Frontier Exceed, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Silent Hill and Zone of the Enders 2 are just some of the games I'm playing on and off and I'm definitely going to finish them all. I also replayed Rondo of Blood yet another time. It's still awesome.

Looking forward to: nothing in particular.
Well, nothing besides having even more fun with old Bideo James.


if one of these posts gets deleted... i called it




lurking bastard


Capcom showcase soon! New Monster Hunter teaser maybe?



Wow, it was literally nothing.


Was thinking about making a thread for it... glad I didn't. Not even a release year. Oh well at least I don't have to worry about fitting it into all the other games I'm playing.


thumbnail made me think it was Drakengard


File:disco elysium is awesome.png (65.65 KB,153x202)

now if i could only find my gun and a fridge for the corpse...



New armored core gameplay and it looks amazing. The map is already the biggest its ever been in any AC game. Permaflight from FA is in, and considering the scope of the map I think it makes sense. I still can't tell if lock-on is confirmed or not, still seems like it could be tied to FCS as it has been for traditional AC games.

Only thing I don't care for is the melee combo you see at 1:59. This is the only thing I'd say has a real so*ls feel to it. Other than that I'm very excited, hope we get PVP info soon.


File:1686756904183513.webm (3.81 MB,1280x720)

>I don't care for is the melee combo you see at 1:59. This is the only thing I'd say has a real so*ls feel to it
Ehhhhhh, I really don't see it. Looks a lot more Hack and Slashy than slow and sluggish soulsy, and I'd be extremely welcoming of a nicer melee than what the prior games had because it's probably one of my biggest gripes with piloting a mech. If it actually feels good to attack with melee then that's just an added bonus to me.

Also dear god the seamless transition from melee to backing out into ranged to charging in with a rocket and cancelling a boost to melee from the side is so sick looking. I can't wait to play it.


File:based hehe.webm (2.71 MB,1280x720)

It reminds me of Sekiro, which is a style of combat I don't really want to see in AC. It still looks good, but I don't know I have mixed feelings about it. Maybe when I get my hands on it I'll change my mind.

Boost kicks looking sick though.


Reminds me more of ZoE than Sekiro, but either way it looks like it'll be extremely fun to play when I get my hands on it so I'm not mad. Only thing that seems odd is how fast the turning is because if all mechs can turn that fast it may unintentionally favor tanks over other types since turning is one of their biggest weaknesses.


Actually, on another note speaking of Hack and Slashy, FF16 looks a bit like an RPG take on that too. Will probably be interesting to feel how it plays too. It certainly looks more interesting than XV was.


feel like it's too early to judge it
looks different but not really bad cant really tell how ill like it until i play it


File:Game_F3NIDnWx9R.png (368.83 KB,816x624)

Been playing through fear and hunger and it certainly is a learning experience as advertised. I've died left and right to everything under the sun trying to find a way to find this one knight and now I finally get to the chambers he's being held in and he's dead...

Now I need to find more healing items and torches to get out of here safely because for SOME reason I missed an arm shot on an elite guard and he proceed to injure everyone in my party. Aside from that it's a pretty fun endeavor. If I weren't a tard I'd probably play on normal mode where I don't have to worry about torches to light my surroundings, but I like to challenge myself.


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (114.16 KB,1280x720)

no games to play again

when is the summer sale...


Impossible what about your infinite backlog


File:6496a636-daa3-49e3-9423-d9….png (304.28 KB,496x496)

There is always OJ.


i dont have one



Has anyone seen the pikmin 4 stuff? Its weird to me. Im a hardcore pikmin fan, so I'll probably buy it on launch anyway but... I dont like the ideas of the new pikmin, part of the appeal was the hard sci-fi nature of the world and the concept of them is too wacky, and it's not like Pokemon either, they havent really run out of botanical/eusocial things to do with the species. Feels like they went with kid appeal over spec evo.


File:1186px-Pikmin_4_Box_Art.jpg (322.3 KB,1186x1920)

Ahhh but just seeing the cover reignites my love of pikmin and japan


Pikmin is one of those games I never tried because I looked at the back of the box and I had no idea what was going on. What do you even do? You lead little creatures around to rescue them or something?


The original plot was the your spaceship crashes on an unknown planet and you have raise up an army of these little pikmin guys to find the parts to your spaceship before you run out of air and die. It's a mix of resource/time management, puzzle solving, and micro-managing combat against bigger creatures.


Got the two Riftbreaker DLCs I hope they are good


I hope people who called Smash a "fighting game" burn in hell


Tf2 still feels awesome to play. Using the kritz on a demo or soldier and wiping like a raid boss feels wicked cool


But you do fight in Smash Bros.


And also it is a game.


We've come from pressing A repeatedly to get to the next cutscene in Final Fantasy to pressing R1 repeatedly to get to the next cutscene in Final Fantasy.
In a roundabout way, it's quite traditional.


Skipping the story...


Amusing to see foes at lvl 13 being beat down on that hard and flashy.


File:mpv-shot0062.jpg (179.38 KB,1280x720)

Can never run out of games.


File:1343718845742.gif (11.8 KB,120x120)

Been a while since I last played XCOM and I was feeling the itch so I started up a new classic campaign. I got about to the first abductor when I realized I completely fucked up. I didn't rush satellites and lost two nations, my budget was constantly strained, I lost a Major, and I researched beam weapons only to successfully retrieve some plasma weapons to unlock those as tech. So all that research time was wasted on trying to get lasers when I could have been outfitting literally anything else. It's not like my situation was dire anyways, I had a pretty good squad sniper that could take out most enemies pretty fast, but because I was so focused on lasers (that I never used because lol no budget) I didn't get carapace armor so my guys died.

I love this game and hate it at the same time. Especially because my sniper died to a FUCKING THIN MAN COMING IN OUT OF NOWHERE AND SHOOTING ME THROUGH THE WALLS


File:C-1688010467673.png (7.53 MB,3840x2160)

Why would you ever waste precious resource time on lasers... Truly grabbing plasma from captures was the way to go.


Summer sale is here. Anything worth getting?


File:65827753_p0.jpg (137.98 KB,1788x1163)

Now's a good time to grab 100% Orange Juice for those of you who haven't played it yet.


Anyone played Library Of Ruina?


only listened to the sound track a bunch.
Games with good OST are always good


File:Fire Emblem Order of the C….png (40.82 KB,720x480)

Another delicious brown joins the fray (actually she joined like a couple chapters ago.) She seems very /qa/.


File:20230629233202_1.jpg (1.28 MB,3840x2160)

I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.


I've been meaning to play long war of the chosen for like 5 years. Stop reminding me.


File:C-1688102661682.png (551.44 KB,671x1607)

Great time to buy xcom too


File:100orange_5PwbIHWXax.png (1.99 MB,2510x1407)

Nothing like playing an OJ campaign on Extreme to make you hate everything. There's usually stuff unlocked when you do it, and it's easy, just tedious. Watching and doing other stuff while this goes at extra speed makes it less annoying, but GOOD GOD. Stage 3 of this one took me at least 20 attempts. The AI cheats so much. I was so relieved to finally win that I took a screenshot. Tried so many characters but somehow it was Iru that did it.


File:[MTBB] Hakumei to Mikochi ….jpg (104.36 KB,406x406)

I had to give up on trying to unlock Mio after nonstop fast forwarding for 2 hours traight.


I finally did it. The other stuff after Mission 3 weren't nearly as annoying.
I don't think I received any Extreme-specific reward, but I got a new map and some avatar frames.


bought some games and refunded them
gaming fucking sucks


Look into modding and fan games


Miss Roleplaying.


In mmos, I mean


File:2bizmt.jpg (438.83 KB,787x830)

I don't know if these are worth getting for everyone, but here's what i bought:
>Needy Girl Overdose
>Sonic Mania
>that one Half Life bundle (I was missing some titles)
>Super Meat Boy
There are still some games i'd like to buy like the Pocky & Rocky remaster, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.


File:parabox.png (153.13 KB,2560x1379)

I like Patrick's Parabox. It's a Sokoban (box pushing puzzle) game where you can go inside boxes that contain their own rooms. There are many twists of this basic mechanic. Some boxes will lead to their own containing room, you can push a box outside of itself and it comes out of an infinity box, you can possess certain boxes to change which one you are controlling, you can put boxes inside of yourself, etc.


Too green!


Personally, I think his is a proper usage of the quote feature, as it is merely a repetition of written text save for a single admissible line.


That's pushing it...


So far I've only bought Lobotomy Corporation. I'm enjoying it but its very complicated, it really tests my memory/my ability to keep track of various different things at once.


File:Screenshot from 2023-02-08….png (1.31 MB,1280x720)

It's not easy being green.


glad i haven't been able to purchase games recently
most of the time it's an impulsive waste of money


File:[DameDesuYo] Utawarerumono….jpg (175.43 KB,1920x1080)



My advice is to only buy one game per month at the absolute most. It saves a ton of money, pushes you away from impulse purchases, and makes you appreciate your existing library of games more.


File:20230706204601_1.jpg (436.07 KB,1920x1080)

Howdy, the name's Kenichi Smith, captain of the Choshu Republic.


There is a private server for Monster Hunter Tri up now. So I rescued my save from my old Wii and realized I never even got into HR in this game. Then I spent 50 minutes on a LR Guild Barioth. Sigh thats probably why I quit so early... I also remember dropping connection super frequently


File:sigh.jpg (348.53 KB,1920x1080)


wanted to get some Stellaris stuff during the summer sale but NONE of the stuff I want is even on sale. I hate how stingy Paradox is.


I think they do this because they know how pirated their games are.


Can't speak for anyone else, but I only pirated it because of how stupidly expensive it would be to get the full game. I bought several Paradox games in the past, even including DLC, but these days their pricing model is just too ridiculous for me to justify.


The sale is almost over...


Its over.


File:Screenshot 2023-07-15 1320….png (1.12 MB,1408x1080)

I'm up to HR in Tri now! But yeah, the grind is heavy in this game. Not just the Hunter Rank but also the material cost for HR armors is steep. This is unbearable without a 4 player grind party.


Holy fuck what an awesome trailer.


File:1689873740408904.webm (1.13 MB,1280x720)


That really is awesome. Do they have some brain stuff going on, what's up with the corpse and wires?


File:Opus Magnum - Hair Product….gif (1.78 MB,826x647)

Bought Opus Magnum during the summer sale. It's a fun alchemy puzzle game where you have to combine different elements to make new products using a small set of tools.


File:2023072523025400-9414D6EDC….jpg (183.06 KB,1280x720)

i did a NG+ run of Akiba's Trip 1 in preparation for the remaster of the second game coming out soon. wincest route ftw


File:qa guild stash.jpg (310.2 KB,1117x1439)


Exilecon occured over the past couple days and it was absolutely insane just how refined the systems of PoE 2 seem to be. The combat has been fine tuned to make sure that melee has more maneuverability such that it can actually be a more suitable alternative to range, they have a dodge button with no cooldown that can allow you to cancel casts if you're in a pinch, and just everything about the new skill system is wonderful.


Potentially one of the most epic showcases in the event was the way in which you dual-spec weapons. Not only can you allocate certain skills to be used by your first/second weapon exclusively, but the weapon slots even have their own passive points that can be swapped between whenever you switch weapons. It's really shaping to be the pinnacle of ARPGs and the culmination of all the lessons learned over the last 20+ years of ARPGs. It makes Diablo 4 a muddy puddle on the gold-paved road leading up to its release. With this, Baldur's Gate 3, and Hollow Knight the future of gaming seems to be almost entirely back within the hands of gamers instead of shithead business major execs that run AAA companies.

As a side, in addition to all the amazing improvements in PoE 2 they're not even trying to be greedy with it. All the microtransactions you've purchased in the original will be available to use in both games if they're not hyper-specific to the workings of only one of them. Meaning that all stash tabs carry over. With that in mind I also upgraded the /qa/ guild's stash space, if anyone wants to play next league with it I'll be on and ready to invite anyone.


Watched most of exilecon as well.
I had faith in poe2 to begin with and I'm even more convinced now.


>What are you looking forward to?
GOATT Howard's newest GOTY


Some time ago I played Fortnight to see if it lived up to it's popularity(I don't think it does).
Today, I am going to play Apex Legends for the same Reason.


apex vtuber legends


It's not very good either.


File:1609515377342.png (420.09 KB,700x653)

Nothing beats good ol' TF2.


the guns feel clunky


Heard that TF2's actually getting a bit better recently since Valve prioritized more the community aspect of it over competitive. Is that true or just some lies I was fed?


Not really. There haven't been any changes to revert all the competitive pandering fuckery that got the game in the gutter. It's just that they're having a couple people slightly work on adding some stuff into the game now rather than it being completely abandoned. Nothing significant.


File:PathOfExileSteam_DXwgLnB92….jpg (675.33 KB,1769x2160)

On the topic of the next league for PoE, it seems pretty settled that we'll be playing on ruthless. So if anyone wants to try that mode out this season should be a great time to do so. Also if anyone wants to play or get started in PoE in general it should be a fun time as well. We have at least 4 people in the /qa/ guild that are fair enough at the game that we can somewhat guide along people that aren't as knowledgeable, and we'll all probably be contributing whatever to the guild chests such that gearing should be a bit easier for those that may have a rough time once they get to mapping (although I'm not sure how fast we'll get to mapping in Ruthless since it'll be my first time playing the mode as well). And if /qa/ friends with no guild just want a nice guild with good stash space to put their stuff in we'll be open to inviting them as well, as I made sure beforehand that we'll have a sizeable amount of it.

Also the new league starts on the 18th of August so there's some time to read up on it or do whatever you want in the meantime (like play Baldur's Gate 3) before it comes out and we play.


File:steamwebhelper_lOPKHXgTfZ.png (2.66 MB,1965x1277)

Ahh, at last I understand. I had been seeing images and drawings of this Plum girl (far right in image) in speedrunning threads and now I can see why. She's a character for a 2D sidescroller indie game called Chenso Club advertised during ESA and I guess she was very well received and she even has her own twitch emote tied to it. I'm kind of curious how this happened and how it's tied to ESA. Was it advertised during Winter ESA and then this time for Summer ESA there was a Plum emote ready? I'm not sure.
The designs are pretty bland and generic indie fare, but perhaps by accident they made a smiling witch girl and she easily rose above the typical ambiguously brown and badass archetypes that make up the rest of the cast. Anyway, here's an ad playing during ESA and she has her own catchy song while no other character is acknowledged. It would be nice to imagine more Western indie developers learning from this and actually making cute characters, but that seems unlikely.

The game looks kinda fun, but I'm not sure I'll ever play it.


Personally, I prefer spiky double buns girl with the chainsword.


Monster Hunter Go.
God, this is so lame. I hope they have other people working on a real game


Just from the title I know I'm not interested. At the very least with all these Gacha games they seem to be a vehicle for funding better projects.


monster hunter go to the polls


Obviously they do. We've known about the mobile game for a long time now. TGS should reveal MH6.


How did I not notice that I posted this in the wrong thread for hours...

Just finished Pikmin 3. Was disappointed with the short length. Pikmin 4 looks nice with bringing back caves, but they're not procedurally generated and the dog looks like it trivializes everything. Just gotta wait for the Pikmin 2 Switch release so I can play that one again...


The challenge maps in Pikmin 3 help add game time to it.


File:16411545561027562.jpg (157.13 KB,827x1169)

Finished replaying Disco Elysium some time ago, figured I'd write a review for it. In case it's sitting in your backlog or something like that.

You play as the Law, the harbringer of doom, the greatest critic to ever live, and someone who's very sorry for all the trouble they've caused. It will happen again. You stand as a radical against a world that is responsible for your flaws. (Or you can be the most boring centrist to ever stroll the earth.) In other words, you're a cop, sent to investigate a murder in the poorest part of town, a place that hasn't recovered from the crushed revolution that took place decades ago.

Here's the problem: your life is a hypercube of fuckups. You drank yourself to death, and after getting kicked back into your mortal coil you've kinda forgotten everything, as it tends to happen. (Substance abuse is a prominent theme, to say the least.) After getting out of your room, you immediately meet your partner and brother in Christ, Kim Kitsuragi. There are two types of people: those who love Kim, and those who didn't play the game. He's stoic and professional, supportive when you're unstable but willing to reprimand you for crossing the line, and capable of taking over an interrogation when needed. The perfect foil to your madness, yet not perfect himself. Those moments when he cracks a bit and joins in on the fun are simply amazing. It's with his help that you will conduct the investigation.

The people you meet and question are mostly normal, poor folks simply trying to make do in this ruined place, and when suddenly some drunkard cop shows up asking the wildest things they've just gotta... deal with it, somehow. They're very diverse, each coming from their own walk of life, and the contrast between your tard ass and them is central to all conversations. The writers never stop finding ways to let (or force) you to do dumb shit. Of course, doing dumb shit is not exactly ideal, but it sure is fun, and sometimes Kim even relies on it.

It's all carried by a narration told by yourself and for yourself with a mix of first, second, and third person (see skills below) that can cover as great a range as there is, from condescending to sympathetic, know-it-all to ignorant, powerful to powerless, often in the span of a single talk. It's detailed and concrete: if you're in pain (a common occurrence) it'll tell you what's causing it, where you're feeling it, how bad it is, what it compares to, and why it's going to get worse, all the while using plenty of acidic humor to make things considerably more fun to read. Things can get extreme, absurd, and extremely absurd at the same that it's gritty, realistic, and above all confident. People share so many pics of the dialogue that I've got a subfolder with 98 files, it's that good.

In terms of art, it uses simple graphics, but very stylized. The world is a painting made with oil and watercolor, most obvious in the godly visuals used for so many portraits, especially your skills' abstract depictions. Its direction is so strong that its quality bleeds into fanart, resulting in a metric fuckton of spectacular pics. Music is great too, it always helps set the scene but I'm not capable of saying much about it.

Speaking of the world itself, it's very cool too, very grounded. In many settings you look at worldbuilding and see that sort of "yeah we thought it'd be neat to have a group of people with these quirks" that gives off the feeling of being deliberate, artificial, but that doesn't happen in DE. It feels like the real world, just... slightly off. It's in great part due to how the game uses language. For example, in Planescape you find people using terms like "cutter" or "deader" but it's just something the writer sprinkled around to add a bit of spice. DE, by contrast, is extremely thorough.
Made-up English words are easy to grasp and don't get paraded around, they're said in such a mundane and passing manner that some I didn't realize were original, at the same time that it employs French, Spanish, German, Finnish, some brand of Austronesian, Dutch, and of course a bit of Latin, to create all sorts of terms and names that aren't real, but do a great job at fitting into their respective language's aesthetic. Hell, at one point my sense of paranoia started talking to me in Ancient Greek, alphabet and all. Many of the VAs are real native speakers, so their accents are authentic, and they pronounce things in a noticeably distinct but nonetheless systematic, understandable way. Hell, the voice acting is so good that you can hear the subtleties of their facial expressions: a look of mild indifference, a confused frown, or a badly hidden smile. (Kim's are particularly subtle.) Goes a long way in making it flow smoothly, making things all the more believable.

The game's history and lore aren't Tolkien-tier, but they're much more fleshed out than most stories and it's enough to always make you feel like there's more to it, all the events, figures, groups, they're interconnected and easily flow from one onto the next. Their effects are still felt today, not unlike how everyone keeps talking about the Roman Empire 1600 years after its collapse, so do they talk about the Suzerainty and Dolores. Its level of technology is a purposefully anachronistic grabbag that's hard to comment on, and it's surprising how its more peculiar aspects are hidden at first, but are in fact integral to the lore. There's a lot to dig into, just don't pump Encyclopedia too high.


File:9rv9f86ljvs61.jpg (405.9 KB,2048x1341)

Okay, now here's THE main mechanic, the one that really sets Disco apart: skills.

In other games, your skills are simply a capacity you have, which sits still until you need it. In DE, they're facets of your intelligence and personality that proactively chime in and affect your inner monologue. Stuff like Visual Calculus, Drama, Physical Instrument, Interfacing, or something as silly as Savoir Faire the hustler. They do so through passive checks, hidden dice rolls that add their thoughts to the narration if succeeded, and you better believe they come with their own opinions. Especially Coach Phys, he's your guts. These passive checks can be nested, adding a back and forth between your skills: Encyclopedia recites a fact, Logic comments on its implications, Inland Empire tells you about its connection to that which lies beyond the veil, Logic rebukes that that's now how any of this works. These aren't just for show, they regularly unlock new options that can change the flow of a conversation.

The traditional type of active check is here too. Some you can retry after getting a new modifier/skill-up, others you can't. They all use a dice roll with a modifier, HOWEVER, DE does a very, very clever thing: depending on how you've behaved, extra bonuses or penalties are added. Intimidated a guy? Establishing Authority is gonna be easier. Found a clue? Logic will appreciate that. Acted like an asshole? Yeah, about that Suggestion attempt... Passive checks give bonuses, too. In some cases it's effectively just flavor, in others it can make for a serious difference. Unlike basically every other game where failing a check simply deprives you of an opportunity, DE has fail forward baked into every roll. Mistakes will show you alternate scenarios of the myriad ways in which things can go wrong, two of my favorite moments come from failing red authority checks. The devs clearly want you to fail, as the stat spread for premade characters is 5/4/2/1, though 4/4/2/2 works too without being as extreme. I'd recommend putting at least 3 into Psyche, and you're gonna need a bit of Shivers for that one crucial check.

In terms of utility, not all skills are made equal: Rhetoric is far above the unhinged paranoia of Half Light, though again, that's if you want to be a competent, non-unhinged cop. It's your call. Esprit de Corps won't solve the case, but it's still a great pick purely because it helps deepen your relationship with Kim. There's also the Thought Cabinet for what you could call perks, comprised of more complex ideas and ideologies with multiple effects, each accompanied by more narration plus an illustration reminiscent of Bosch. They're a mixed bag, like yourself.

One of the best things about skills is that they free up space. The role of giving you information falls on them, affording NPCs the breathing room to be actual people. The only character that does dump info on you is one of the best-written in the entire game, and you won't find anyone complaining about it. This is because they don't simply deliver facts, the way in which they tell you about things and what they choose to say is a part of their personality, it's colored by their opinions and can generate a further back and forth as you debate their worldview.

You've got quests as usual, and you're incentivized to go through any tangent available as it'll give you more XP to tackle the main stuff at the same time that it loops back around. Everything's connected. Time only passes when going through dialogue, and you have more than enough days to see everything there is to see, so don't worry about that. It's not a real constraint. The whole thing takes place in the span of a few city blocks, genuinely the closest thing we've got to Warren Spector's idea of an RPG contained to a single block, and you can find clothes lying around that give you further bonuses and penalties. (Juggling them can get annoying at times.) All of its mechanics, the dialogue options, the rolls, your clothes, your skills, your thoughts, all of it has some moment where it's flipped, where the format is played with, and they are stellar. But, let's talk about something else..


The politics.
You may've heard DE is communist propaganda, you may've also heard it mocks all sides equally. What it does is showcase politics as both an individual's coping mechanism and a serious social matter, while bashing them in any way it can. But for you, it's a coping mechanism. That's why a lot of the satire falls on you and your ragtag group of inner wackos squabbling with each other. It's a game that is critical of anything you do, in part because your character is kind of a joke but is also not, not really. NPCs aren't nearly as much of an ideological trainwreck as you and in general don't get made fun of that much. Like the grandpa royalist soldier and his lifelong friend, a socialist professor. They tease each other while playing pétanque in an artillery crater, sharing a sandwich, reminiscing over their shared love, that's what they do. Both have explicit and opposing political stances, neither is a caricature. Beloved Kim is a centrist, and even Measurehead has a really good chat at the end of the reactionary questline.

Fitting into its larger theme of life's messiness, it touches on ideological purism too, once more being the harshest towards communism. It's written by people from the former Warsaw Pact with a truly leftist perspective and that's precisely what fuels this. It's not propaganda as evidenced by all the people who interpret it as being centrist, but it certainly is a leftie game, very much so. The difference lies in its self-criticism. IMO, its best takes are on communards and moralists, followed by ultralibs (namely Joyce), and lastly reactionaries.

All in all, it's an easy game, the only thing you really need is some nosaphed/magnesium in case your HP runs out, and avoid softlocks. The guys over on RPGCodex call it a CYOA, but frankly that's not much of an insult. At least they acknowledge it's got choices to make. It's a deeply humanist game about failure, failure, failure, then getting up, moving on, trying again. Every single one of its elements feeds back into itself, it's all in sync, and there's simply nothing like it. I mean, it has one of the best openings I've ever seen, and it consists of talking with your brain in a black void.
It's not just a masterpiece of a game, it's a masterpiece period. Hope you find it fun, you, infernal engine, you.


>People share so many pics of the dialogue that I've got a subfolder with 98 files, it's that good.
Hah, yeah I've seen some of those.
Seems like you liked it a lot to write that much about it, that's cool. Sounds like the speech skills are a superior version of the old Fallout stuff, that's good to see.
I read that Disco Elysium just got a Japanese translation and some people were excited about it. There's tons of text, right, so it was quite an undertaking.


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 098 [B….jpg (769.43 KB,1920x1080)

I've had this on my backlog for a while now and have mostly avoided video reviews because they look full of spoilers. Gotta say this shining review combined with the similarities it sounds like it has in ways to Baldur's Gate which I'm currently loving have me really interested in playing it now. If only there weren't a billion games coming out right now I could get right into it...


Not him but I've seen it gaining a spot in the "best games ever" lists from the game industry figures and critics and the like, which is very unusual considering the amount of good titles has been extremely low for the past 5 years.


I think most game rating/cataloguing sites also have it pretty near the top of their ranking, such as:


It's comparable in that there's a lot of them and some are very specific, yeah, though I understand that having a ton of skills applies to old TTRPGs in general.
Supposedly it's got a million words, and I imagine the Jap version got localized to high heaven with all sortsa weird dialogue changes, so I'd bet on it being quite harder than translating it to French or Spanish. Would have to check.
If only there weren't a billion games coming out all the time.


Thanks for writing this up. I've already played it and loved it, but enjoyed reading your thoughts on it.


gonna give this dysco elysium a try and see if i'm too dumb for it


Further spoilerific thoughts
There's a couple things about the ending that people usually dislike, but they're actually pretty solid. I think the issue is that their foreshadowing is locked behind several checks and it's only on the second playthrough that they become easier to grasp.

The first biggest point is the Calculus one on the rooftop where possible sniper spots are listed. We're dealing with fiction, so obviously the most unlikely option is the most likely. No surprises there. Then there's the jacketed bullet and the old revolutionary rifles, the may bells left for Klaasje outside her apartment (which aren't just a communard symbol, they don't grow anywhere on the mainland either) and, once you finally get into the Feld building, on your way to Ruby's base you find a communist bunker that the narration tells you was recently used. When inspecting and talking to the hanged man, there's a passive check straight up saying communism killed him, though it's a situational thing and I wasn't able to verify it. Put that all together and the profile of a sneaky communist sniper becomes very plausible.

Thematically, he's the total antithesis of the game's message.
As a political commissar, his job is literally to have the correct ideology. He's an applied extremist, seeing the world in rather simple terms, telling you the most ridiculous things like sadness being a weapon of the bourgeoisie, denying one's feelings. To him it's clear-cut stuff, and a purist so great that nobody is allowed to stand besides him. Everyone is inferior, because they let go of the past. There's a joke I've seen people make: you can go through the entire game supporting communism whenever possible, working with the union, getting into the book club (whose theory is actually correct), internalizing its thoughts, and when you meet the one genuine communard still alive he calls you a liberal. That's the true IRL commie experience right there. To top it off, he's high as a kite from the phasmid's fumes, which just like Harry lets him continue even though his body should be crumbling into dust. The moment the phasmid leaves, he stops functioning.

As a more minor thing, there's the final segment with your police buds. You learn that they arrived alongside you but got told to go away because they were cramping your style, and after calling them Esprit de Corps can show you how their conversation continues and that they'll drive back to meet you. Then they arrive with a disguise, and the first time around I didn't notice that the dude with a wig was Jean. I could tell it was off but didn't fully understand it. EDC further tells you that they leave around the time you go meet Ruby, iirc after thinking that you were doing okay-ish, but then had to rush back after hearing of the tribunal.
It's an odd thing, because in-universe it makes perfect sense from their perspective to approach you in the way they do, being predominantly worried about your mental state, but out-of-universe I'm not sure what the point of its harshness was. Maybe it was meant to take the player down a peg, and if so it succeeded, but it certainly is anticlimactic. At least it ends on a positive note, again about being able to move on.

Gud gaem.


on topic sager


File:__yakumo_yukari_touhou_and….png (149.39 KB,600x390)

on topic sagger


Is Asuna as much of a bimbo as shes often portrayed as


File:20230813040202_1.jpg (531.93 KB,1920x1080)

I really like the unique siege maps in this mod.


Multiplayer shooters are so aids nowadays, people take pride in being shit these days.

I never thought I'd see the day


Also source games seem to attract racists for some reason




File:[SubsPlease] Dark Gatherin….jpg (247.43 KB,1920x1080)

No. I refuse to believe that people would use bad words in online FPS games. Please do not spread lies on kissu.


planetside 2 was oddly full of chantards last time I was there
people were replying sneed in yell chat


I think because the general is one of the last active places for it


planetside2... talk about ancient


it's weird, I just checked their last thread and it lasted 70 days, it's ultra mega slow
but the ones that do still play are hyper autists so it makes sense i suppose
it actually started getting updates again not too long ago: weapons, robot mercenaries, vehicles, and even a continent


File:1594599898368.png (156.88 KB,500x375)

Same thing with Orange Juice. I played with one called sneed-something and I think he went through the entire modern 4chan dictionary during one single match. He was probably an actual teen because he was complaining about his primary schooler sister in chat.
OJs playerbase is pretty weird.


my primary schooler sister beats me in 100% OJ every day


File:1592258673281.jpg (459.8 KB,1788x2048)

my primary schooler sister beats me every day


i can see them


wtf miya what are you doing here


Weird to blog about your home life on an anime board game


they haven't heard of oversharing


not really,
I was and still am a blogger


the blogger


Cmon, blogging on a site full of acquaintances and OJ lobbiea are different things


I don't want to catch a Sneed from 100% OJ!


Someone convince me to play Drakengard.


It can be really therapeutic to just get into a trance and cut down a few hundred mooks with different weapons and combos.



The controls filtered me personally. I'm waiting for the remake however (which is never ;-;)


If you are filtered by the gameplay but are interested in the story you can also watch the 'movie'.


I didnt like TF2 that much but MVM is so fun holy shit


File:u8d3qyol7dz21.jpg (67.99 KB,769x681)

Did you get bullied for being poor and Irish?


No! I even played with an infamous griefer and had no issues


I started playing Library Of Ruina after finishing Lobotomy Corp. The game is insanely hard for me because it uses deck building as a core mechanic. Its because of this the fights feel extremely satisfying, but I feel mentally exhausted after certain fights. I still wish it were a VN though because I have to keep stopping and the story and world building is really amazing to me. Also like someone pointed out the soundtrack is amazing and gives certain scenes so much emotion.



>deck building
I've never been able to wrap my head around these games. I guess people like them because people keep playing them, but they've never clicked for me. They make sense in board games, but I always feel restricted in video game video games. It's like you make a great setup, but then you need the cards to align and ehhhhh.
I do enjoy roguelikes and they have the whole "sorry, your game ends now because you got bad luck" angle so it's not that part. I don't know what it is, but as soon as I see cards I bail out.


I agree for the most part. I wish LoR was just a VN instead, I can't into deck building. Its fine when you can just go from lower numbers to bigger numbers, but some fights require building around a very specific type of deck and that's what kills my enjoyment.


File:PathOfExileSteam_LgyA7Cmny….png (851.33 KB,1064x626)

Should I do it?


that's not how you say qa


How much funny writing does this support?



Oh, you spell it out with maps, and there's only six slots. In that case you could do some variation of /kûèÍ/. Although æ is a ligature of ae, pronouncing it as [eɪ] is a stretch, of its many usages this doesn't seem to have ever been one of them.


Armored Core showcase tomorrow revealing "lore", gameplay, and pvp.

Guy invited to 3v3 pvp with AC6 devs apparently.

Looks like all my questions regarding pvp will be answered tomorrow. Also hard to believe this game is coming out in a week, holy shit.



File:56a96fe0b4098b498b3fc0d460….jpg (290.27 KB,910x630)

looks like rdr1 was just released on switch (but still not on pc, huh)
but it seems that ryujinx and yuzu already run it better than xenia (and can also run on linux) means that the switch version is becoming the definitive pc version



Bizarre decision not releasing it on PC. I remember enjoying that game years ago but my tastes have changed since then, don't think I can put up with all the story and cutscenes today. I still remember having fun searching for the cryptids though.


I am tired of multiplayer FPSes, because of all the crying whenever people take the game seriously or god forbid work as a team over voice chat but I like challenging video games so I'm getting into flight sims, I tried playing TIE Fighter with a mouse but it was so aids I bought a used flight stick.
Freespace 2, Privateer,
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 and MS flight sim 2000 are on my list as I have a bad PC


File:2023082900474000-C31ED12F4….jpg (227.75 KB,1280x720)

i finished Akiba's Trip 2!
the game just kind of ends suddenly, it felt like the climax and final battle came out of nowhere, i thought it felt odd.
2 is a huge improvement over 1 in a few areas, most notably in gameplay, but at the same time, there are a lot of things that i liked about 1 that i kind of missed in 2, like the writing feels worse in places and the characters weren't as good. but overall, i had a lot of fun with it!


File:[SubsPlus ] Helck - S01E07….jpg (291.22 KB,1920x1080)

I think I remember someone talking about the girls or outfits in this game. Can you go on dates or interact with them in any way outside of direct gameplay? The image seems to hint at that, although maybe that's just a random story screenshot and doesn't imply anything like that.


File:2023082823291800-C31ED12F4….jpg (179.17 KB,1280x720)

yeah that image isn't really related to anything, it's just a cg i unlocked after beating the game.

>Can you go on dates or interact with them in any way outside of direct gameplay?
"dates", i'd say no. you can interact with them in the story, and certain dialogue options (and, in some cases, sidequests) will push you along one girl's route, which will get you their ending, but that's about it when it comes to interactivity outside of gameplay (in gameplay, you can set one girl as your partner in battles). Akiba's Trip is definitely not what i'd describe as a dating sim.


File:[MTBB] Mushoku Tensei S2 -….jpg (254.66 KB,1920x1080)

Ah, yeah, I wasn't expecting anything like a dating sum but that screenshot and hearing "routes" is definitely piquing my interest.
I remember on vita I downloaded it and also craploads of "DLC" that it had like dozens of outfits for other media like anime cosplay outfits or something. By the time I was about to play it my vita's power inlet port thing died.
Ahh... I should play it on PC I guess.


i'd recommend it, it's a fun beat-em-up type of game!


File:[SubsPlus ] Level 1 Demon ….jpg (317.6 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I guess I'll add it to the infinite backlog. When you say Beat 'Em Up is it more like a musou or something like Streets of Rage?
Either way, yeah, it seems nice thematically at least. It did get an anime, right?


File:2023082823473100-C31ED12F4….mp4 (18.05 MB,1280x720)

> is it more like a musou or something like Streets of Rage?
between the two of those, it's definitely closer to a musou, but i'm also not sure if that's quite correct, either, i don't quite know how i'd compare Akiba's Trip to other games.

there is an Akiba's Trip anime, i think it's really good, but it's not connected to the games at all outside of a handful of references. i'd say it's worth a watch.


Ohh, seems similar to Senran Kagura. There's not thousands of enemies, but they're not exactly individual threats. My favorite of those I've played is the Valkyrie Drive one, oddly enough.


File:20230831010610_1.jpg (204.02 KB,1214x684)

the monhun girl


File:stalker2.jpg (476.19 KB,1920x1080)

I feel you brother. ;_;


You tricked me with that filename for a second...


File:ZZC 0786.png (4.17 MB,2480x4406)

I'm playing a game called Starfeild.

It's not really open world but then we knew it wouldn't be. Instead it's made up of star systems with planets and each planet having a few spots you can land on and explore around, and some might have cities. I'm not that far into the game so have not explored much on my own but what I have gone out of my way to explore has been pretty bland, I did a mission on a planet and decided to visit this spot that was on the same planet the spot with my mission was.
All the spot had was some trees, some rocks I could mine and a few bits of map I could scan to get exp. That's it, no enemy, nothing, what a waste of time.
This separated zone nature of the game also makes traversing the world(or galaxy) tedious and this is compounded by the bad UI for it.

Combat is bland, I watched a Gamespot review and in it he said the gun play was good, I disagree, I disagree strongly. But then people say Destiny has good gun play and I disagree with that as well.
It's also impossible to turn off enemy health bars by themself which is annoying as I hate health bars in the middle of the screen in shooters.

I have mixed feeling on the arstyle, the textures are fantastic and I think that some of the textures are the most beautiful I have seen in a game but the overall style is generic as are the faction outfits from what I have seen of them. The factions themselves are pretty bland as well. You have the United Colonies, the Freestate colonies or something like that and House of somebody.

The writing is terrible as well. It's so bad, it's incredibly corny and generic.

Overall, the game is what I thought it would be. It's pretty average in most ways but it gives you a lot to do at least. I'm only a few hours in so I still don't know how far I will go with it.


File:disco elysium corpse fores….png (Spoiler Image,699.64 KB,985x832)

There's a channel where a guy uploads DE conversations with max stats and I took a look at the corpse examination to see if I could find the communism line which I could swear I'd seen before. Yeap, it's there, alongside a solid amount of foreshadowing.


¥summary is basicallly another bethesda game
Yeah, I held off of buying this one since I just couldn't bring myself to believe it'd be anywhere near as good as people had been hyping it up to be. Seems like my intuition was right. A shame that it couldn't be some groundbreaking new space RPG, but that's about what I expected.


recently i have been playing a romhack of paper mario 64 called paper mario 64 ttyd
it's pretty fun


File:rodent.jpg (329.32 KB,1920x1080)

The kissu stalker.


Nobody can agree on what race Nemona is supposed to be, what do you think?
I think shes North African but I thought Nessa was desi so idk


I think that the Japanese don't have the same view on race that we do and so most of the time when they are designing characters they aren't actually giving thought to things like that.

And furthering this is the fact that the Japanese themselves have a lot of different skin tones, well even white people do really, Nemona could easily be white, though that probably was not factored into the design either.


File:1687898684202857.jpg (103.66 KB,850x927)

I have been playing a Touhou fan game called Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories, it is a fun rpg game.


a nintendo direct aired today, and they announced a remaster that was literally made just for me
i can finally play (teenage) Ashley's game



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