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File:3a3542d67d54546a71fa2cbaed….jpg (652.5 KB,1000x968)

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General video games thread since the other one hit the bump limit. What are you playing? What are you looking forward to?


Is the 2hu gacha good


File:2023-09-09_1213_1.jpg (57.71 KB,1280x720)

I'm still playing BG3 playthrough number 2 but I find that game hard to talk about because of spoilers and this game really makes me want to figure out stuff myself. I can't even watch tube videos about it.


I dunno about that, I think that in terms of discussion BG3 is one of the perfect games to talk about. Especially since there's so many different ways things can occur that nobody will really have the same playthrough as someone else. In a way the game encourages discussion so that people can hear about things they never even thought of and then try it out. Especially with some of the perception checks there are which people may or may not pass in a run.


In recent times, i returned at playing rhythm games as they are fun and challenging, there is a browser based rhythm game called Rhyhtm Plus which made me addicted, you can even chart inside the browser.
i've been playing a lot of touhou charts.



Bought rune factory 3 special on steam. It's probably the last rune factory game I'll buy unless they port the earlier games. I can't trust their future projects after how awful rune factory 5 turned out. It's such a leap backwards compared to how nice 3 and 4 are.


File:Jiggle.gif (36.44 KB,672x427)

Finished Void Stranger recently. Very cool sokoban with a ton of content and hidden stuff to find, great music, and some jiggly snake tits.


Oh, this is from the ZeroRanger devs. I forgot all about it.


File:20230824041912_1.jpg (285.16 KB,1920x1080)

yeah im video games general


Is there anything else you could do with this snake girl?


File:micah.jpg (422.75 KB,700x829)

100% agreed. Kinda want them to do 1/2 special but then again, they'll most likely keep the mechanics from those two games just like how they did with 3. I've never been able to finish 2 and I haven't played 1...


There may perhaps be a way to kill her but that wouldn't be very nice of you.


Playing this, because (maybe not really spoilers, but) I heard it has a cool narrative that takes advantage of the medium a la Nier Automata etc. Currently in the early 100s, still suck at the game.


File:1688961367228981.gif (164.26 KB,244x266)

I have been playing dark souls 3 and i have been really enjoying the convergence mod.


everytime i see this gif and see the part where mado turns around and shows her butt towards the screen i get a vicious and uncomfortable boner


frontier is unplayable without emulating on an ssd
haven't tried tides of destiny


I'm slightly interested in Lies of P but I might end up waiting for a sale.


the lies of /jP/


A long time ago, it was implied I should buy Rune Factory to support the creators. Now two things have happened. I still haven't played through all the Rune Factory games. And Rune Factory 5 was poorly received. This is why I avoid buying things.


Smart move. I imported RF5 on switch when it came out because I had a lot of faith in the developers and least to say that was a huge mistake. I'm still salty about it years later.


they changed the vocalist in p3re (#`Д´)
i want the old one back


I was already planning to play with a battle theme randomizer mod, here's hoping someone makes one for the rest of the soundtrack as well.


File:Fallout-2-Enclave-power-ar….jpg (43.64 KB,500x602)

Is Fallout Twoo old?



File:15567556_p0.jpg (395.17 KB,667x500)

Hanging out in Windurst, killing birds and slugs, fishing for moat carp.


It's gold


File:Batayan.png (2.15 MB,1920x1920)

Recently played Chulip, no idea what the moral or point of it was but it was incredibly unique, maybe how difficult it can be to grow up in a smaller Japanese town?
Also there was a racist caricature in it


File:p3.png (26.54 KB,627x104)

€65 for a video game is too much. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。


File:null gun.png (14.93 KB,425x462)

you're telling me...
coming from the guy that buyfagged PQ2, a physical version of Etrian Odyssey Origins, and started buying the 3DS SMT games after 2020 when they all started costing $60-80, this is the first time i'm heavily considering not buying an atlus game for a while...


Huh, the 3DS games are expensive now? I've got copies of IV, Soul Hackers LE and Overclocked collecting dust somewhere in my parents' house, so that's interesting to know.


felt bad for my parents when i saw some years ago in their garage the boxes for the nintendos saying the console cost a couple hundred dollars and the games maybe sixty each, and these were 90's dollars


File:Screenshot 2023-09-21 0450….png (1.16 MB,919x741)

i am someone who complains about games being too expensive now, but it is interesting that games are (were? up to recently) technically cheaper than than they were in the 90s when you adjust for inflation.
Mother 2 and Yoshi's Island being $70 in the 90s suddenly makes me grateful that a lot of the games i play now are in the $30-60 range and don't have pixel graphics.


I bought a Steam Deck while they're on sale but I have some time to return it so I'm thinking how much I'll really use it. I feel like I'll mostly just use it as an emulation system since my portables are in my parents' house across the country.


Y'know for a Japanese game RE4 has a lot of restraint with Ashley both what happens to her and that you cant romance her. Really paints Leon in a good light morally


File:mh website.JPG (289.95 KB,1906x962)

Thanks I guess...


that's all?


Well... there's this.


File:01.png (202.25 KB,704x256)

I usually play shmups every now and then, the last one I played was Game Tengoku. I'm currently looking forward to the Rainbow Cotton remaster and the sequel to Cotton RnR.


I've been playing a lot of GTA V recently and I can't help but feel like the game is incredibly lifeless and lacking in depth. There are almost no locations you can go into outside of a predefined stores. It's really making me kind of depressed that Volition imploded, likely meaning that the Saints Row series is dead forever and will never have a Saints Row 2 remaster. That game had great diversity of locations with many, many places you could go inside of and walk around, and far greater customization.


The /secret/ girls


this got shown off at Tokyo Game Show. looks cute, i like the art!


is that considered pokemon inspired


How much yuri is in it though


Strange style clash between the environment/enemies and the heroes.
I haven't played a DRPG in over a year... oh, that reminds me that I need to play Dungeon Travelers 2-2...


Dragon's Dogma 2 demo was released at the Tokyo Game Show, and it looks pretty great so far.



Yes, my only issues with it so far is the fast travel and the cat people. I think the cat people would be okay if they were not literal cat people.

But who knows, maybe I'll get used to it.


File:Artificial Dream in Arcadi….png (141.59 KB,1920x1200)

a friend of mine brought this cool Touhou fangame to my attention. it's a Touhou x Shin Megami Tensei crossover! or rather, an SMT fangame with Touhou characters? ...a Touhou game that plays like SMT?
this is confusing...
the 2hus are demons, and you recruit them via a bullet hell minigame. there's also a demo up, which is what i'm playing at the moment. give it a shot!


What the hell, this looks amazing.


File:[SubsPlus ] Helck - S01E10….jpg (251.45 KB,1920x1080)

>you recruit them via a bullet hell minigame
Uh oh. Is it difficult? I've always been terrible at Touhou. It does look cool, though.


it's definitely nowhere near as hard as the actual Touhou games. so far, the worst it's gotten for me is that it took me a handful of tries to recruit Koishi, but it's definitely manageable. there are also upgrades you can buy to make the minigame easier.


File:rf3 end.jpg (29.71 KB,1600x900)



File:[rune factory][group][arti….jpg (522.89 KB,700x700)

Rune Factory 3? How did you like it? Who did you marry?


File:pia wife.jpg (319.72 KB,1600x900)

I married Pia. She's so cute and I love her voice. I asked her to call me darling and it was the best decision I made. RF3 is really good but at the same time it made me realize just how many QoL features RF4 introduced. For example in this game, if you have a recipe that requires small milk and small eggs, you can only use small milk and small eggs. In RF4 you could use large or medium, it doesn't matter. Things feel sort of tedious in RF3. Still fun though, I'll probably play until I have a couple children with Pia.


Isn't that just Undertale?


I've been playing Minecraft with like 151 mods on it, trying to build a small castle fortress thing in a hill.


Assuming you're being serious, how so?


gotta catch 'em all


I should play the pokemon modpack too but at the same time I don't really like the Pokermans.


Currently I'm working through the Baldurs Gate series from the OGs to the new one. It's a nice but painful trip down memory lane. BG3 will probably be the only game released this year I'll play. I had a sliver of hope Bethesda would pull its head from wherever they had it and did something good with Starfield, but we know how that turned out. Absolutely appalling the state of modern RPG releases.
I'll have to check this one out despite not being much of a SMT or Sumireko fan. There's far too few good touhou fangames for how passionate the following is.
RF 2&3 are on my list of things to play, but I still need to finish RF4. I tried RF5 but it was not good imo; it feels unfinished and unpolished, and it's a shame they tease you with a fox milf but dont let you romance her. To my understanding this is a running theme with RF bachelorettes.


>There's far too few good touhou fangames for how passionate the following is.
It's just most are unfinished or untranslated


File:1695382307646500.jpg (3.5 MB,2263x3072)

Good choice. I've actually been participating in some RF3 threads on 4chan /v/ out of nostalgia and some other people are as well. The game had some fun, relaxing threads back on /v/ and /jp/ once upon a time. Kind of like Gust stuff, really.

>RF 2&3 are on my list of things to play, but I still need to finish RF4.
Oh no! You may find it hard to play the old ones. The game improved immensely with each installment, so you'll find the older games quite cumbersome at times. 2 especially will be hard to stomach as I can't go back to it even though it was the first I played. 1 is... well... it's a game.


>There's far too few good touhou fangames for how passionate the following is.

I think it's because of how much more investment is required to make a game and also because games get hit by copyright much harder.
There are a lot of Touhou games on steam but they are Chinese shovelware that seem to get past copyright somehow, if a Japanese or Western dev tries to monetise Touhou like that and is found out they get removed.

So the best Touhou fangames are passion projects but some of those do get monetised if they get picked up by Zun and are allowed to be released, like Genso Wanderer.


Is there any anime like chulip, that give you that weird japanese feeling


Does cookie clicker count as a video game?
I mean numbers do go up?
Do idle games truly count as video games?


if i don't like it it doesn't count as a video game


I'm glad we have some rf otaku on kissu. It's a peak comfy series that reminds me of the good days.


played so much baldurs gate I started saying gods dammit and hells no


I like the idea that failure states are necessary for a true game


By that definition Gmod isn't a game.


I'd say so. Gmod is more of a platform to play games in. Murder, TTT, Prophunt, and Deathrun just to name a few can all can be won and lost.


sandbox mode was always my favorite


File:20230929021827_1.jpg (340.76 KB,1600x900)



I'm looking for games on steam and noticed we have a ton of Japanese games now. I remember years ago steam was starved for it, but seeing so many JP games being ported to steam makes me happy. Feels like Japanese have finally woken up.


File:0000a.png (75.94 KB,720x960)

Been getting back into MAME a bit and playing some shooters. I got up to the stage 6 boss in Fixeight on one credit, farther than I've ever gotten in the past. I wish kissu would play arcade games over fightcade sometimes so I'm not just playing alone all the time, since it actually has a lot of non-fightygames.


File:1683331014881734.gif (24.98 KB,215x265)

Valve is still anal about JP VNs, though. While still allowing games like "SEX SPACE RAPE 3: Cosmic Edition" on their store.


I'd love to play Heritage for the Future over Fightcade if you want.
I haven't played it in forever though


I think it's probably because the publishers are retarded


Japanese developers are still shitting on the native PC userbase as usual. It's ridiculous how many JP games on Steam have abusive pricing in Japan compared to other regions, have the original language removed, or are outright unavailable for purchase. Personally, no Japanese language option is an instant no buy from me. Going out of their way to remove it from the game is an incredibly scummy thing to do.


File:0003a.png (33.63 KB,720x960)

Got all the way to the final boss this time. I probably could have won, but bottomless pits screwed me up earlier.
HftF is cool, but I haven't had interest in fightygames for a long time.


If I like Terraria should I play Noita?


I asked a similar question during the summer sale and bought noita then refunded it because they are nothing alike and I thought noita was too hard.


It seems far more hardcore to me. I like Terraria because of the building and exploring, but Noita is fully focused on combat. Also it has permadeath so unless you only play Terraria on hardcore mode it's going to be far more stressful.


noita is just learning the wand system


File:noita.mp4 (4.51 MB,476x268)

The difference is that Noita is a Roguelite first, and a Finnish autism game second. The first step is getting better at the game and good enough that you can navigate and fight through the first few layers. Once you've grasped how the game functions, then you start experimentation. Instead of going straight down to new layers, how about left and right? Play with spells and wands, there's always a spell combo that you haven't tried before. Smash different potions in a pit and see how they interact (or dont). Once you've understood the wands and spells, you've pretty much reached the halfway point. The rest is exploration and experimentation into godhood.


its basically terraria hardcore mode but you're underground 100% of the time


File:1695744092152170.jpg (1.67 MB,2944x4096)

I started playing riichi city a while back since I heard it was a mahjong client available on steam. The server is global with the ability to swap between JP and EN language on the fly, which I think is really nice. The characters feel very animated and the emotes are animated aswell. The quality for emotes varies though, early characters are pretty rough but later ones look alright. They're also doing a their first collab with lycoris soon and that looks fun. (wish it was something else though like jashin)

Not sure how I'd compare it to MJS, it still feels rough here and there but the devs are always updating the game and it's noticable. Biggest downside is the music though, I have to play it on mute.


I'm clicking those cookies at night, feels really nice.
Love cookie clicker, played it back when it was posted on /v/, like the original one, not the one with the fancy graphics.
I like the one with the fancy graphics too, bought it .


File:mice.jpg (472.99 KB,1200x1200)

haven't clicked on that PV but if they replaced yumi kawamura I'll really have to pass on this
hopefully he is just joking
oh I've also been in those threads teehee, pia was probably one of my top 5 bachelorettes I wanted to marry
yeah I'm glad rune factory gets some appreciation, thought some people might've forgotten or moved onto other games (seeing as 5 turned out to be less than favorable)


File:DT22_en_RwhprevLQb.jpg (747.12 KB,2560x1428)

I'm getting strong urge to replay Monster Hunter World, but doing it solo so I can take my time and do it slowly and do the side stuff like taking pictures of cats and stuff. Back when we played it together online I always meant to go back and do that, but now it's been so long that I think I can just start over and get more out of it.
But first I think I'm going to play Dungeon Travelers 2-2!
To many people's surprise, the old Vita-only title that never got a translation got one on PC recently, although it's confined to some crappy online service with bad DRM (like limited installs) so I'm not exactly in a rush to not pirate it. I want to throw my money at Aquaplus, not some terrible company.

Another surprise is that they hold onto the original HD art despite the vita's tiny screen, so the art is absolutely beautiful. Ah, Sting and Aquaplus together, the same partnership that created Utawarerumono 2 and 3. Just like the "first" one I know this game will be incredible.


finished freddi fish 4 and it turns out I was stuck on the jumping jellyfish puzzle


File:aa1ae847a006a84000f5090b91….jpg (119.38 KB,1335x1335)

You know what, I got a query if you will.
If one was playing a game in say, Maptools, which is a VTT, and they are playing a game where there is a failure state, would that be a "Video Game?"
Because I love doing that kind of stuff.


File:mukyuu.gif (264.64 KB,320x270)

It depends on where you draw the line. A "video game" is defined by a game played electronically with a visual component. In this case I'd classify it as a "virtual tabletop game" which is in of itself a type of video game.


still inching my way through the AC6 campaign.


Well I am playing a game, where there is a win and lose state.
But it's by myself and I'm playing both sides.


File:DT22_en_nyeMSveG4S.jpg (531.19 KB,2560x1428)

I think I might try a 'Let's Play' thread about this now that I think about it...


I'd enjoy that! Always wanted to play these games but they seem a bit intimidating in terms of length and mechanics.


That seems like a cool idea, always thought that giving people a taste of the games is the best advertisement for getting others to play them.


File:20231009211049_1.jpg (207.33 KB,1920x1080)

I did it


Is that Celeste?



This is seriously great.


ran out of games to play again



Have you played Baldur's Gate 3? It's pretty good.


no and im not interested in that one


Have you considered playing tabletop war games by yourself?


File:1696902041282226.jpg (109.94 KB,600x842)

what kinds of games are you interested in? if you like turn-based and/or dungeon crawling RPGs, i've got a couple of recommendations


any good japanese stuff on steam?


i'm actually not a huge pc gamer, so i'm not super well-versed with what is and isn't on steam
i do know that Mary Skelter 2 is on steam; i've been playing through that series recently and they've become some of my favorite games, so i'd recommend that. Mary Skelter 2 even comes with both the first and the second games.



File:firefox_qzaTkhEF9m.png (4.61 KB,290x102)

Companies who do this are scum.


They know their audience...


I'm pretty sure this is on the Japanese end of things and not Steam or the localizers. The Japanese PC experience is still very much a work in progress.


which makes ZERO sense since most vtubers are pc gamers and so that should be a market they cater to


It's developers and mainly publishers doing it.


Maybe. But I wonder how Japanese censorship plays into it, because steam releases of Ero games often are uncensored and so in theory a Japanese person could buy the game on steam and skirt censorship laws, so maybe by not having Japanese Interface they can claim that it's solely for foreign markets.


next time i'll just not share a game i like, or i'll just post the japanese website or something, sorry about that


File:mugispice.gif (231.39 KB,480x270)

I think it looks great, Anonymous! My only personal issue is that I'm seriously trying to learn japanese right now so I need to avoid translated vn's like the plague. Though as soon as the original text is available I think I'll go and try it out.


You are free to share games you like just as other people are free to point out kuso business practices, no need to take it personally.


Please don't be overly sensitive to people going off-topic a little bit like that. Anyway...
I played and enjoyed the first Mary Skelter on Vita (or was it 3DS?). Some of the dungeon designs were really good and I liked the gimmick with the boss enemy things on the map (forgot what they were called). It was kind of FoE-like, but done in much more interesting way.
I did eventually get kind of tired of it, but I did beat it. I thought that the combat lacked as much depth as I would prefer, with a lot of the classes being kind of worthless. Idea Factory kind of struggles in this regard; they make really enjoyable worlds but the gameplay can be quite shallow. I think they would make fantastic VNs. (does anyone still make those...?)
The atmosphere, story and characters were fantastic in Mary Skelter and if 2 is anything like the first one then it would be great, too. I'll play it eventually, but since I'm playing DT2-2 right now it won't be soon since I meed to space out DRPGs or I get bored of them faster.

I highly recommend you try out Demon Gaze 1 and 2 if you like Mary Skelter. After looking, the original Demon Gaze made its way to Steam but the second one is still stuck on Vita/PS4 for some reason. Huh. The atmosphere is different, but if I were to think of DRPGs that were closest to Mary Skelter these would be my choice.
Of course you also need to play Dungeon Travelers! 3 of them in total! (don't know if Johren released the DT1 translation yet, for some reason they did 2 and 2-2 first for the decade-later PC release)
Japanese DRPGs are kind of my thing and Vita was truly a fantastic system for them. Ah, I miss it...


File:medieval pharaoh.png (61.24 KB,968x225)

The new Total War is out and barely anyone is playing it.

I don't understand why this game even exists. Mainstream history fans don't want it because the time period is too niche. Warhammer fans don't want it beceause it's not Warhammer. And RTS fans don't want it because it uses the same dumbed down game mechanics from the previous games. (; ̄Д ̄)


reminded myself of gang garrison 2, still too lazy to try it


File:1.800x444.jpg (112.8 KB,800x444)

History fans also probably aren't playing it because of the treatment to the last few "historical" TW games. Sure there was the "We Wuz Kangs" crowd shiposting about the niggers, but that isn't as big as people think. You're right though, but the time period would've been great; but, just Egypt, the Levant, and Hittite empire is a bit too small of an area. It feels weird to cut out the rest of the neighboring kingdoms, waste of the setting to cut out Greeks, Assyrians, and Babylonians. And this is a mainline game, not their saga titles.


File:mary skelter 7th birthday.jpg (274.54 KB,822x900)

>I highly recommend you try out Demon Gaze 1 and 2 if you like Mary Skelter. After looking, the original Demon Gaze made its way to Steam but the second one is still stuck on Vita/PS4 for some reason.
i still use my vita and ps4 almost daily, so that's not really an issue to me.
i looked it up on steam, but the description and synopsis sparked no interest in me. i don't know if this is weird at all, but i get...upset? probably not the right term, but i really hate fantasy settings with orcs and mages and stuff like that, none of it is particularly interesting to me. like, on a good day, i'd describe myself as a fan of Etrian Odyssey, but i've been slowly crawling through the HD remaster of 1, partially because there's no story, but also because the setting and environment do nothing for me, so it's hard to find motivation to continue playing it. not to say that i don't value gameplay at all, since i love the combat and exploration in that game, but i think i need a good balance between story/characters, gameplay, art direction, and music to get super invested in a game. Mary Skelter engrossed me partially because its atmosphere, setting, and theme was (relatively) super unique, especially for a dungeon crawler, i really wish there was more stuff like it. or, hell, i'll even take something like Persona 1 or Persona Q, i really love the highschool
setting, and thought it worked really well in a DRPG.
>Of course you also need to play Dungeon Travelers! 3 of them in total!
i've been keeping an eye on the let's play thread for it! it definitely looks fun to play, and is visually really nice (i like that the enemies are 2D sprites, i feel like Mary Skelter would've benefitted from doing that), though i know for a fact i would not be able to sit through one game in its entirety, let alone 3 of them for a lot of the same reasons i mentioned before...
>Idea Factory kind of struggles in this regard; they make really enjoyable worlds but the gameplay can be quite shallow.
i've been playing through a lot of their games recently. they've quickly become probably my favorite game studio, but i can kind of see what you mean. i get the impression that they want to be really ambitious with their games (especially with their more recent stuff like Death End re;Quest 2, Mary Skelter Finale, and Sisters vs Sisters), but for one reason or another, be it lack of budget or lack of resources/manpower, they just can never seem to quite realize their vision for these games. it's a weird messed up scenario where i think they could really benefit from having a higher budget for their games, but that would require more people actually buying their games, which...isn't happening.
i don't know if Compile Heart (the development studio that usually makes the games that Idea Factory publishes) does visual novels--i know there's a spinoff VN for Mary Skelter that i actually don't know too much about because i haven't gotten to it yet, but i know Idea Factory has a couple of VNs like Charade Maniacs and Cupid Parasite that i'm not interested in at all. as much as i like the worlds and stories IF and CH make, i'd rather them not make too many VNs, i like their actual games a lot as well...


I don't think the period is niche and I think that it really has potential. My problem with the game is that it's been contaminated by WH TW and has that same Arcady feel. Same with Troy TW.

It's made by the same studio that makes Saga games, it's just reskinned pretty much.


Yeah, the bronze age is not niche


Chances are they're going to sell the rest of the map to you in DLC. The scope being dialed down to mostly Egypt is what makes it feel niche.


I could see myself playing a Bronze Age set strategy game but I have enough backlogged games on my plate right now without it.


File:20231020033729_1.jpg (488.69 KB,1920x1080)

Classic Medieval 2.


File:hyperrogue dragon checkma….png (816.64 KB,2560x1379)

On topic sager.


hyperrogue is boson


That does not look like classic Medieval 2 to me.
Something is off...


captain bofur deez nuts


spared one soldier so they could live to tell the tragedy...


File:4672d7d9ba97ceb087af52cfd8….jpg (844.66 KB,1250x1250)

and that soldier's name was... 「ずんだもん」


File:boromir.jpg (17.12 KB,474x269)

Classic Med 2 in that a single cavalry unit can win against much larger forces when cycle charging and using the terrain.

Mod is Divide and Conquer, a LOTR mod.


File:ss_2a04ddf123c68167f5bafe7….jpg (415.98 KB,1920x1080)

Does kissu like picross/nonograms? It's like a mix of sudoku and minesweeper. I learned how to play a few days ago and I'm already hooked. Picross Touch on Steam is free and very straightforward, and players can submit their own levels which means almost endless content. There's also a Miku themed picross game but I haven't tried it (yet).


I like Picross but once you start getting beyond 15 x 15, it's too hard for me (´・ω・`)


I played bg3 three times in a row and now I feel I can move on.
Online I read that pathfinder wotr is also a good uh *checks notes*
cee arr pee gee... so I'm gonna play that now. I made a fox ranger yay I wish for more games with foxes.


From what I've seen of WoTR it's a big step up from Kingmaker. Except the knock off Heroes 3 army combat. I've only played Kingmaker, haven't finished due to a gamebreaking bug, but WoTR looks like it improves on writing overall, function and flow of the game, and has much more replay-ability.
Foxes are nice and I too wish more games had them, but Pathfinder kitsunes are… weird. They obviously take more after the mythology with shapeshifting and whatnot and this is supported by other things they took like Kami and Youkai. Their "disguised" Human form is unmistakably Human with no odd features other than being pretty. The fox form is just a furry, which is fine if you're into that thing, but there is no in-between. What gets me is just how out of place they feel. The place they came from is literally just Japan with the mythos and everything ported over, but that's really just more of a Worldbuilding problem.


File:20231024020158_1.jpg (377.71 KB,1920x1080)

Its been a while since I've played a nep game but this was in my backlog for a while so I finally got around to it. I actually played the original game years ago but this is my first time with rebirth. Its nice, nep and pururin's dynamic is very good. All the girls are really cute its hard to pick a favorite.

Might pick up some more nep games if they go on sale later.


File:4529c773f8492da956b1e3e41b….png (3.87 MB,2480x3508)

I've been playing the hell out of modded Civ V recently, it's really comfortable to just sit around, moving units across the map and destroying the enemy.
Thinking about recording myself playing Civ V, I have like a 4 TB Hard Drive that I can just store the footage, and maybe post it on odyssey or youtube wherever.
Also been thinking about play Doom 2 but it's modded, called Johnny Doom.


I must be suffering from some serious cereal brainrot, i want to into single player games more but cant spend more than 1 hour without going back to an mmo or multiplayer game for PVP. what do bros...


play some hollow knight and try to 100% achiements it


File:20211111_014436.png (445.16 KB,736x736)

ill give it a red hot crack and let you know how it goes, dunno about achievements because I'm just going to download from steam unlocked cause I don't feel like paying


The Neptunia world is very nice and relaxing. The gameplay is repetitive (although we've had someone here say they have a lot of fun in combat on hard difficulty) and I don't like the literal copy-paste dungeons, but I do find myself drawn into the games despite that. I've been meaning to play the newer games (past stuff on vita) but never got around to it since playing them outside of bed doesn't feel right to me. Since I finally can play them in bed with my tablet setup, though, I'll have to add them to the queue.
I really like the music a lot, too. Quite unique.


Well it is a moege, so yea it's low budget and the combat is pretty kuso. Still I've got a lot of good memories with the series and it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy today. I also didn't play any of the mainline games past vita/ps3 era. I think the next one is VII? Gonna grab it whenever it goes on sale.



File:SO2R_Rena.webp (74.33 KB,380x897)

I hear the Star Ocean 2 remakes is done well. I think I might play that soon. I still have my original copy from so long ago. I don't like their new portrait appearances. In particular I have trouble recognizing Rena as she lacks the cuteness and charm of the original.
Pic related is her new appearance. While searching for a picture of the original I found an old website page for her that has her original appearance: https://shrines.rpgclassics.com/psx/so2/rena.shtml

Ah, shrines... Take me back to the old internet. Please.


Fuuck, that's the site I used for a FFVI walkthrough with those HTML tables and their commentary and screenshots swapping locations on each row.


File:b7b0dd59f9a0f6c3b22da8c944….jpg (392.01 KB,1321x1050)

Lots of people have been trashing on Sniper in the recent years for being an OP class. I wonder what took them so long, I've been butthurt over getting instakilled by a tiny pixel man on the other side of the map since 2009.


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….jpg (282.4 KB,1920x1080)

The battles aren't particularly enjoyable outside of bosses, but world and dungeon exploration was really good. Being an Aquaplus game the character interactions and story are fantastic. It's required playing if you love Utawarerumono or VN-style SoL stuff (and of course serious moments too).
Mine kept crashing so I had to stop playing it, but that's probably fixed by now so I should go back and finish it soon. Well, I'd probably have to start over now so I can get the full story.


Eh, personally I feel he was fine back when I used to play but I dont think any of the classes were designed to be played for 15+ years. But back then I always found good scouts worse than snipers


I downloaded Utawarerumono 1. I've never played this before.


File:1700149847104343.webm (3.87 MB,698x640)

Found some leaked DD2 unarmed footage, and it seems like it's shaping up to be pretty great.


Halflife is free on Steam if you somehow don't have it already. It's turning 25 years old this weekend and there are rumors...
Anyway, here's the link:



File:108510834_p0.jpg (125.68 KB,778x1037)

>there are rumors
Can't wait to play Day of Defeat 2!


Yeah, there's an update patch for HL: https://half-life.com/en/halflife25/


Another steam sale. Anything worth buying?


My backlog is too big already so I'm not sure I want to look much. Dead Cells is on sale and that's something I've been wanting to try and apparently it's still getting DLC stuff featuring strange crossovers like Terraria and even Castlevania.
This cute game I wanted to try is only $1.5 right now so I guess I'll buy it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/842810/Mrchen_Forest_Mylne_and_the_Forest_Gift_Legacy_ver/ because apparently there's an updated version of it? Weird. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1507720/Mrchen_Forest/


>>116248 what's her name? is she single?


Ushiromiya Ange from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and yes.


Very cute looking game and its original price is $35. Really good deal, might buy later.


File:8f4c633625bfa51d526d2c29b….jpeg (134.86 KB,700x700)

She's married to her Onii-chan.


File:1677589013629.png (852.58 KB,645x885)

Was travelling a lot so got Hollow Knight on my switch. Was going through achievements but so far the best I've managed to get Speedrun 2. Maybe if I get them all Silksong will come out faster...


File:20231125012259_1.jpg (362.6 KB,1920x1080)

I bought the game and have played it for 2 hours. It's very very cute, almost too cute. I have to stop progressing and just appreciate how cute it is. It can be pretty distracting!


File:20231124015503_1.jpg (354.97 KB,1920x1080)


File:20231126_201618.jpg (3.03 MB,4000x3000)

returned but wanted to finish it


File:1673852766261943.jpg (142.22 KB,1300x1055)

Would Kissu be able to recommend me Morrowind mods that will provide a more intensive leveling experience with a greater assortment of skills available to level like fishing? I am basically looking to play an offline old school mmorpg in Morrowind in the vein of Final Fantasy XI.


The GTA6 trailer was leaked so Rockstar just posted it themselves. Already up to almost 100M views in a day and the graphics really do look like they've been working on it for a decade.


I have absolutely NO idea sorry......
Leonida instead of Florida, lmao
Yeah honestly, what really stands out to me is all the lighting in particular. Fluids too, but the lighting is crazy.


I think for me the most impressive part of it all was how fleshy the bodies were, combined with the jiggle physics it really looks like more than a game model.


Oh you're right, for people I was focusing more on the faces and animations and those didn't strike me as anything insane, but the jiggle did add a lot to it. Hmmm.


File:painful.png (334.28 KB,600x443)

kimo...... I'm not really a fan of GTA. Personally, my favorite similar game was Saints Row 2. Good story and the gameplay and world was more of a sandbox whereas GTA is oddly grounded in realism in places, like only being able to have a few cars and then being gone for good if you destroy them. I've been playing a lot of GTA V recently because I like the driving, but the world feels so empty and dead; there's barely any buildings you can actually go into (Something SR2 really excelled at) so the driving feels almost pointless because there's no where to actually go. Saints Row 2 had an underground mall, an underground city, a massive sewer system that lead to a hidden government facility, a prison, a museum, a cave tour, a court house, houses that you can buy and upgrade, and many, many other locations. GTA V has... A few stores? Cribs?

But... Well... The Saints Row developer is dead and closed down, and the IP is probably super dead after the last one was major flop; It's not like anyone would really want it after the tonal shift that completely severed the first two games somewhat grounded realism from the third where there's a literal flying aircraft carrier and the fourth where you become the president or something? Apparently there were Saints Row 1 and 2 remakes in the works, but those are now super dead too.

I just really hope that GTA VI focuses more on building interiors that you can actually explore, but if Cyberpunk 2077 is anything to go off of... Apparently it's not something AAA studios really care about. I feel like this is one of the real downsides to huge developer teams. There's just so much being worked on that there's really no signs of personal touches or love like the sort of stuff that an individual in a smaller team could get away with adding. Sure, Red Dead II had shrinking horse balls or whatever, but I'll take one actually interesting location over a hundred stupid details that no one is going to miss. And that's sort of my point... Because the teams are so big, the only cutesy things that make it in are the sorts of things that literally no one is going to catch. One of the developers for Saints Row 2 literally worked in secret to make a zombie survival mode that was discovered late into development so they decided to keep it. I really can't see the same thing coming out of current Rockstar which for the last decade has seemed to care more about milking 12 year olds for GTA V Online cosmetics and their literal casino than it does on making anything truly unique. GTA V honestly just feels kind of samey and boring after the story ends.

I'm sure GTA VI will launch to much acclaim and so on and so on, but I just can't help but feel unexcited about it.


Well first, I think Mako would like GTA. Secondly, the real reason to be pessimistic about it is how its likely gonna be very tied in with the microtransaction-y Online mode


Also the driving in GTA hasnt felt right since IV, which was too "realistic" and V which was an over-correction into arcadey driving. Eh.

Also, they should've went international instead of Miami again. Brazil maybe?


Eh. Could be worse. Could be Cyberpunk 2077's driving, which feels like you're constantly driving on ice and vehicles have ungodly weight and don't really react from collisions. Maybe they've fixed that since then, but I doubt it...


File:1561142061643.jpg (449.26 KB,905x639)

San Andreas is the only GTA that I like because of how goofy the characters are.


File:stressreliefcat.jpg (443.39 KB,1920x1080)

I'm hooked on world again. What a game, absolutely filled to the brim with soul. It's really nice to see so many people still playing it today. Right now I'm trying to learn CB and it's a very complex weapon. I feel like there's so many things to keep track of (charging sword/shield, morphing, guardpoint) It's cool though and very satisfying to use.

Also tomorrow is the TGAs and there is a very small chance of a new Monster Hunter game being revealed. From what I understand the World team has been working on a new Monhun for a bit and it was leaked to release in 2024. This makes sense because Sunbreak had their final update a couple months ago. Announcing a new Monhun at the TGAs would make a lot of sense, but they might not want it to steal DD2's thunder so we'll see. They have to announce it sooner or later though, they are running out of time.


Yeah, I doubt they undercut DD2 with any new monhun announcements. Although it's funny how much staying power World has had despite my remembering all the angry initial reactions to it people had.


File:rika game.webm (344.4 KB,600x421)

I went back to my old Dale campaign in Med2 DaC. The piss poor economy and Dol Guldur's constant orc spam is just too much. I never get the opportunity to consolidate my forces and expand anywhere, because they always have an army somewhere ready to attack my flank. And it doesn't help that princess Thranduil just sits on his sassy elf ass all day doing fuck all despite being at war with them. At least the dwarves are keeping the snow orcs and Rhun off my back, for now.


I'm not expecting it to show up, just acknowledging the fact there's a sliver of hope. We'll find out tomorrow!

>Although it's funny how much staying power World has had despite my remembering all the angry initial reactions to it people had.

Well, World was really polarizing in many areas. Thinking about it now, it obviously has a lot of flaws... but the gameplay still feels extremely satisfying. It feels like one of the few games I can fire up and just enjoy nowadays. Also the multiplayer system is really good and I think it's one of the main reasons why so many people are playing it today. I hope MH6 can improve on it without turning into a full mmo.


File:20200702220032_1.jpg (442.62 KB,1920x1080)

I said somewhere on here (maybe this thread) that I plan to replay World sometime soon and I agree wholeheartedly with your appreciation for it. I played a lot of it multiplayer and unfortunately you end up rushing through a lot of stuff that way, so I need to do it solo and take my time and do all the extra fluff stuff like taking pictures of things for one of the NPCs. I did still do some stuff back then like chase after endemic life to decorate the private room area, which was another amazing highlight. You've been able to do simple stuff like that before in MH (I remember wall decorations or something in Tri which was my first MH game) but it really took on a new grandiose form in World. Someone made a mod that allowed you to place NPCs in your room, but it was annoying to set up because you needed coordinates that weren't very natural at all to get, so I never did it. Just hanging out in that room with the default soothing music playing was really relaxing and I kind of want someone to make a VR world with this stuff. (although I don't have any VR equipment)

The visuals were absolutely stunning and although gameplay is more important, I really did feel the downgrade with Rise. Seeing my old favorites like Zinogre in HD was amazing and the environments were so atmospheric. It's really one of the major highlights in recent gaming when it comes to amazing visuals (and not simple boring realism).
The main complaints people have about it is that they leaned in a bit too hard in pandering to Western sensibilities with the dumb Handler stuff and slow walking escort "experiences". Also, of course the much-maligned multiplayer quest setup where you couldn't join a hunt from the beginning the first time someone saw a monster so you'd have to wait 5 minutes for them to enter and watch a cutscene first. Its early poor response was due to a horrendous PC performance, but luckily I saw that ahead of time and just delayed buying it until it was fixed.

Yeah, I want another 'World' really badly.


File:20200310060035_1.jpg (620.78 KB,1920x1080)

An example of the fun and impressive fluff of MHW; it's my character sitting on a bed hitting a button to pet one of the penguin animals I placed in the room. No one would buy a Monster Hunter game for this, but it's there. Plus you can just sit and watch NPCs walk around in town and it's really intresting, and also very cute and amusing with the palicoes. Rise was great in this way, too. It really gives it a very "real" feeling of a world. Capcom is truly the last great video game giant.
I think my replay of World has been moved ahead in the schedule.


File:12047671_p0.jpg (162.58 KB,723x600)

very excited for tarkov arena its all i wanna play


File:[Erai-raws] Higurashi no N….jpg (98.54 KB,1280x720)

Yeah the attention to detail stuff really makes the game feel vibrant and alive. I also liked hunting down rare creatures and displaying them as trophies. I hope this comes back in the next game because I was disappointed that the most you could do with rare creatures in rise was take pictures of them. I want to take them home!


>tarkov arena
Is that a battle royale version of Tarkov?


It could be cool, but I worry it will be too fast paced and CoD like.

I am looking forward to the armour update though, I think that's interesting.


There it is. I feel like it's an extremely lackluster reveal trailer compared to World, but whatever we know it's real now. Apparently it's open world? Not sure where everybody is getting that from.


Wow, didn't expect a MH announcement. It doesn't show much, true. I really hope it's not all desert, because those areas are so ugly and boring. Maybe the base will be at an oasis at least?


File:1700517093033468.png (74.31 KB,240x240)

Three hours of that mess and the only things that interested me were a dlc character (strive) and a game coming out in 2025. (monhun) It's usually kuso but this year was especially fucking kuso. Still no sign of Elden Ring DLC either.


nooo dessert maps are great. But why worry anyway, I have never seen a monster hunter game with just a single map theme.


File:1586833035855.gif (221.07 KB,580x580)

>open world
please no


weird thing to be worried about. the entire point of it is that itll be a faster paced version of tarkov


File:1458815684760.jpg (36.24 KB,600x600)

I don't get all the immediate backlash to it... Everyone thought world was going to be bad for shaking things up a bit and look how that turned out, just fine. I think an open world version of monhun could be really fun if they put more emphasis on actually hunting the monsters and allow for more dangerous encounters early on that you'd be wayyy too outclassed to beat and need to run away from. Imagine you're hunting a Great Wroggi or something and then a deviljho suddenly comes out to look for food. I think it could be great depending on how much they're willing to take advantage of it.


Doom had its 30th anniversary yesterday but I didn't have an energy to do any celebratory Doom playing...


Doom's one of those games I've always kind of wished I'd gotten more into than I did. It does a lot of things that look super cool to me, but I'm just plain not very good with first person games. The idea that there's something potentially gameplay relevant outside my field of view gives me this really uneasy, claustrophobic feel, and it leads to me panicking every time anything goes wrong.

I'm jealous of my imoto, because she takes a lot more naturally to that sort of thing than I do.


File:Forest-ResourceMap.webp (219.63 KB,917x947)

Every MH since World is open world if you ask me. Each map used to have 8-16 or tiny screens in it, each with a loading screen. A monster hit that sends you flying could send you into another loading zone, and of course you couldn't see the monster unless you were in the same zone. (Paintball marking is a story for another day). It was something you got used to eventually, but it never stopped being annoying. This is probably the main thing preventing me from replaying the old games... I really don't want to deal with it again.


I guess compared to the old maps the new MH are open world, but it's not really. When I say open world in reference to MH I'm thinking more like a SotC kind of world where you go out to hunt giant monsters. Although I guess with a bit more life in the world and other usual MH stuff.


It was not something I had to get used to, it never was annoying, and I have no problems playing older MH games


File:waterfox_ilCJ61tfYw.png (285.55 KB,1049x591)

The new Monster Hunter announcement was apparently good at getting people to go back to World (and it's also on sale). I guess now is a good time to play if you want to do multiplayer stuff.
I need to go back and finish Rise sometime, too. I did most of the stuff, but not the year+ of updates after it.


File:aye siwmae.jpg (458.97 KB,1920x1080)

They cut the price of TW Pharaoh in half and gave the people who paid full price a 50% refund.



I currently have my N64 plugged up. I was playing some Killer Instinct Gold, Pokemon Snap, and original Smash Bros.


You think the apology was AI


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (178.17 KB,1280x720)

Huh, I heard about this thing being in development a couple years ago and assumed they just dropped it, but nope. "ICE" the big Monster Hunter World gameplay overhaul thing was released!
It does bug me that it says that a lot of the stuff isn't reflected in the UI, but I suppose you'll memorize it eventually or could just have stuff in a second monitor.
I have begun amassing mods for it again and I will play it again soon.


File:GBrUcXjWMAAmWck.jpg (304.18 KB,1600x900)

Playing Half Life deathmatch is very fun, and the servers are nicely populated since the HL update. It's not as hard to get into as Quake, and you can rack frags quickly.


File:20231219182550_1.jpg (255.6 KB,1600x900)

posting more madokas


I miss seeing sprays in TF2. Sprays are a staple in TF2 I think but most "normal" servers disable them now.


A lot of new "community" are doing the whole think of the children shit with sprays and the sign that can have an image on it which I find utterly stupid.


I dont know how you guys can still stand to play tf2 after all these years, especially with no new weapons


File:yuno flip.jpg (35.6 KB,563x516)

It is especially stupid when done in a game with an M rating.

TF2 players are very autistic dedicated.


I don't, but my sister does and has been for years, and I get the impression from her that it's really just comfort in the familiar. She's at the point where she can list off a zillion things that piss her off about the game's design, but she still plays it anyway because she's been playing for years already.


File:13761951_p0.jpg (34.9 KB,420x428)

got access to it and having a lot of fun. rough around the edges and the trademark BSG incompetency is present but it's what it is.


File:107160973_p0.jpg (104.38 KB,1165x620)

I see that TF2 is tagged as a hero shooter now instead of class-based.


Been playing Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. Never put the serious effort into learning fighting games before but I'm trying at least a little with this and I think I'm learning some basic fundamentals.


File:steamwebhelper_uw7zLWZ7S4.png (27.64 KB,688x220)

Did you contribute to the 9%, /qa/? I didn't. I guess I should get around to playing those Armored Core games one day, but ehh.
This seems like a pretty damning number, but maybe it's misleading.


It's probably the best game to start with as far as difficulty goes, from recent stuff anyway.


No, 0% for me again this year. I almost never play games the year they release because they never release in a completed state, a problem which is even worse on PC-first games. I actually played more on-release games this year than usual, but they were all on Ryujinx. I'm a big enough Fire Emblem fan to want to be involved in early discovery of Engage (and because I knew the DLC would just be post-game levels and cheat items) and TotK because I knew I wouldn't like it and wanted to base my hate on the worst version of it. Also because it was funny to see coworkers getting hyped for the release of something I'd already been playing for a week.


Yeah, hearing how they made inputs easy plus the fact I'm actually a Granblue player is what's making me try to actually get into it.


File:GBrMehkWoAAfwGB.jpg (228.72 KB,1617x860)

I put together this of all the games I played this year, all but Harvestella actually came out in 2023.


File:skelly.jpg (17.54 KB,250x250)

Europe hours in OJ.


File:C-1703177562030.png (546.38 KB,1224x1104)


File:C-1703181758510.png (122.21 KB,1755x342)

apparently demos from steam next fest counts


4% lol


File:MonsterHunterWorld_tCPlDbz….jpg (1.01 MB,3440x1440)

I finished setting up all the mods and Reshade and stuff for MHW and it looks quite nice, although I still want to tinker more with Reshade. I must also resist the urge to lose myself in modding again by opening blender and going down that rabbit hole.
But, somehow ICE or Reshade itself is causing something very strange. I have a local stable diffusion thing for AI and I noticed it starting having some sort of weird CUDA memory errors. The only solution I could find was reinstalling drivers. Then I ran MHW again and MHW itself crashed and then the same CUDA memory thing happened with SD until I reinstalled drivers again. Well, this sucks. Maybe it's the injector work around that someone made for MHW because of Capcom's overzealous anti-hack stuff (that doesn't even work against actual pirates).


Been playing Mario Wonder, and while I have some small problems with it here and there, overall it's been a blast. It reminds me of how I felt playing the original New Soup for the first time as a kid, where it felt like a big, grandiose adventure.


File:[MATSU] Maria Holic Alive ….jpg (847.68 KB,1920x1080)

got my ass kicked by 3am tf2 players


I tried cheating. WeMod doesn't need administrator privileges and doesn't trigger Windows Defender like Cheat Engine does, so I'm going with WeMod. Did I make the right decision?


cheaters never win


Finished playing through A Hat in Time earlier this week. It is a pretty fun game all things considered despite being pretty short. The movement works quite well and the hat abilities are fun


Been playing against the storm lately, really good game.


Lots of games I'm interested coming out soon. Not sure what I'm gonna buy.


I just noticed that Palworld has come out in Early Access.
That's the Pokemon armaments factory game, I'm going to try it and see how it is.


First time hearing of it despite how popular it seems to be.


File:C-1705682277897.jpeg (493.71 KB,1920x1080)

can't say I find this artstyle juxtaposition appealing


The concept is like newgrounds parody turned into an actual paid game, and a cartoon-y style definitely would have been better. But, the problem with a cartoony style is you can't just buy a bunch of premade assets like guns. The game looks like a cheap, generic asset flip UE5 game. Stuff like this really makes me appreciate proper shaders and a unified artistic style a lot more.
It looks really ugly, but it could be a good game underneath. I'm not paying for an Early Access game, though.


How is it? It looks fun.


I like it, I'm not up to that part yet though.

I don't even think it's a parody, it's just Chinese I think.

I won't say anything yet as I'm not that far into it at the moment. I'm Australian so it was not long until bed time when I made that post.


>I won't say anything yet as I'm not that far into it at the moment. I'm Australian so it was not long until bed time when I made that post.

Well let me know what you think because I think it looks really fun but $25 early access is overpriced.


It's not as good as I thought it would be. It's your typical Early Access survival game but with Pokemon.


File:20240120180355_1.jpg (1.01 MB,1920x1080)

Playing Factorio. The urges got too strong to wait until the next feature update. I required oil. Not sure whether I should make an oil train or build a pipeline. Thinking pipeline because I don't have enough base space for trains and I don't have laser turrets yet.


I've thought about going back to it, but every FFF just makes me want to play the expansion instead to experience it in full with no burnout.


Ah I see, I bought it and played it for a while but refunded afterwards. (This is my way of playing a "demo" for a game that doesn't have a demo)

I actually liked it, thought it was fun. Kind of want to buy it for real now but I'm not sure how long the fun will last. Seems like it would get boring after a while especially once you start upgrading your base.


I wouldn't say it ever gets boring, but you end up putting so much focus into it that you begin to realize that you're neglecting real life and stop playing


I'm going to wait until it's out of EA and see if /qa/ wants to play it together. The server is hosted on user's end and it's p2p connection (exactly like factorio actually) so you don't even need to buy the game to connect, right now at least.
That's a good sign for me.


Don't necessarily need laser turrets. Flamer turrets are pretty good and are practically free defense with just crude oil. Slap some of them onto your pump outpost and consider it defended. You could go with both trains and pipes, just have your station wherever convenient and pump it by pipe to your refinery.
Same here. The true mirroring, stacked items, T4 belts, bot improvements, and new rails are what I'm most excited about.


AHHH!!! Palword has the 3rd highest concurrent player count on Steam now, they have a peak of 1.57 Million. That dumb nerd game Baldur's Gate has only 875,000.

Also I was wrong, it's not Chinese it's Japanese apparently.


File:1403586444153.gif (183.46 KB,480x270)

I don't have anywhere near the oil to support having flame turrets. The oil patches nearby oil have like 5 oil spots and the ones further away are surrounded by bug spawning zones that are way too strong for me... Bugs are becoming too strong for me to deal with. I need to get the tank and take out their spawners to give me more breathing room, but the spitters have too much health and its all going to hell. It'd be easier with multiple people to delegate work to, but with my dumb brain, I sit around thinking about what to do and end up doing unproductive work that doesn't help defend my base.

It seems like a completely substance-less game that will be forgotten in a few weeks. Like ARK.


with how stupidly popular pokemon is it does make sense that someone FINALLY making the "dude what if pokemon but with adult shit" meme into a real game would explode this hard
not the best example to use, ark has been a thing for nearly eight years and it somehow reached its peak player count in 2022
with ~250k users, about 100k more than the couple previous peaks of ~150k


Palworlds does not seem very 'adult', there isn't any blood or anything. Sure it has guns but so does Fortnight.

There are plenty of actual Adult Pokemon games on F95 Zone.


yes, and fortnite is rated T for teen while pokemon is E for everyone, see:
cute buggers with guns is at least mildly more adult than cute buggers without guns


How many dicks would I need to suck for us to get a 24/7 dedicated palworld server?


File:[Erai-raws] Isekai de Mofu….jpg (242.65 KB,1920x1080)

What's the benefit of a server? Do we have multiple people playing it and it's something they'll play for longer than a day or two? I'm skeptical of it because of the cursed "Early Access Survival Crafting" thing that is a rather infamous combination.
I don't know how to do this stuff so it's not me answering, I'm just curious.


It just looks more fun having a community server like the jp holos are doing.


File:[EMBER] Oroka na Tenshi wa….jpg (271.71 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm... well, I guess I might be interested in playing if other people here are playing. I heard you can pirate it and play online so I could get around my "never pay for early access" thing and do that. Would anyone else want to play? How many can play at once? How long does it take to "beat"? etc etc


You can pirate it and play on a server but unless everyone has the pirated game version or keeps it updated it won't work.


I bought palworld the other day and have been enjoying it solo. If someone made a kissu server I'd make a new character for it.


Where's the info to set up. Server


A server*


I'll see if I can make a server when I get off work.


File:[SubsPlease] Dosanko Gal w….jpg (244.67 KB,1920x1080)

I'll join then. I think a pirated thing would be ideal because, well, it's free.


File:1.jpg (523.07 KB,1920x1080)

>What are you playing?
Panic in Sweetsland. It's made by the same company that did Wakuwaku Sweets for Nintendo Switch. It's quite surprising seeing a Japanese company make a game exclusively for PC, and seemingly to be targeted at the youjo audience at that.


Never mind, apparently you have to buy the steam version to set up a dedicated server. Someone else do it.


It's over...


Palworld server:


Can I connect to it with a pirated version or no? Actually, I don't even know where I would go to pirate it. $27 for an early access thing is really making me hesitant. Blehhh


File:1440611675453.jpg (187.71 KB,600x600)

¥early access open world survival crafting shooter


File:nyo.JPG.jpg (80.33 KB,1217x713)

I can't connect...


My router is being kuso, not sure if I can host.


Fixed it:

This is on retail if you're really too poor to buy the game I'll gift it to you.


nice thanks


will join after my pizza


Link your steam community page to me I can gift it


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (419.6 KB,1920x1080)

I'm not that guy, but you can gift it to me and I'll try playing! https://steamcommunity.com/id/ha7s89dhaddad2g5/
Although, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to stay interested in it for a prolonged time.


sent ;)


Thank you very much. I'm downloading and installing now and I'll join when it's done.


File:1679718750714762.png (539.44 KB,720x720)

thank you trev
that was hilariously fun


Didn't think I'd play another early access game but I'll give it a try if I'm getting it for free.


>egg will take 6 hours to hatch

Well I guess I'll leave the game on over night then.


It's a dedicated server just log off.



I wanna jump in on the action too!




File:1641759032638.png (452.2 KB,722x813)

Okay boy, you watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLbJMBM7QnM and tell me you don't have enough oil. Oil is infinite (if you don't have a mod that changes that) and unless you're running on the hardassiest of deathworlds, or you're consuming every drop that comes out, your flammenwerfers aren't going to burn through all of it, just get some tanks for a buffer.


File:Screenshot 2024-01-24 1622….png (162.38 KB,1413x918)

I'm fine~ now. I just needed time to make lasers.


Don't understand what kissu sees in that pokemon ripoff game


It's a kuso game in just about every aspect but somehow manages to be fun.


From my understanding it's an extremely low budget game designed with "pokemon but guns" as its core. The gameplay itself is peak normal bait, pokemon/ark/forkknife and has enough pandering and controversy to draw attention. If you believe the story, the development is a meme as well. Ignoring tinfoil hat shit about its popularity, it is the perfect storm of meme material, decent enough gameplay, cheap (and basically free for microsoft gamepass) cost, available on platforms almost everyone uses, and an all time high of dissatisfaction towards gamefreak's handling of pokemon that you got something viral. Pokemon simply loses out because it's expensive as all hell including requiring you to buy the game twice for all content, and requires a switch to play which is also not cheap. It is much easier to forgive bugs and poor performance for these dudes who for all intents and purposes made this game in a garage, as opposed to gamefreak who is sitting on one of the most profitable IPs in history and still churns out dogshit games.
For me I tried it to see what all the fuss is about. It's not for me and I refunded but I see the appeal.

Whether it keeps relevant or is flavor of the month and forgotten shall be seen soon enough.


Tl;dr sell all your pokemon cards


File:44346a7c7a.png (103.1 KB,540x445)



I sent out friend invites, message me when you accept it so I know when I can gift it.


I don't understand why people are pushing it as a Pokemon ripoff. There have been legitimate Pokemon ripoffs that weren't treated like this, but this isn't even a monster battler, it's Fortnight. Yet for some reason it's being touted as something that it very obviously isn't if you look past the cover art for even one second.

I guess the missing element of the generic indie survival crafting game was marketing it as a middle finger to Pokemon, but I really thought kissu was above that.


"Above that"? They're playing a video game, you talk as if they're doing tiktok prank videos or committing bribery.


An elite gamer with taste as consummate as his is above games like that and he held /qa/ to the same standard.


How are you liking UNI2? I kind of want to try it but I'm not sure the beta left a good impression on me...


It's pretty great and the rollback is a godsend, that is, when the game is working. For now I'd hold off since there's a bunch of issues with it like region locking player matches and constant crashes.


File:80785897860341763.jpg (284.95 KB,664x790)

I want to get in to JRPG any good recommendation? ( Already played FFs)


Golden Sun


bravely default
octopath traveler


The Mario and Luigi games are really good.


Anyone want a simple 2-3 scene game. send me a suggestion


the palworld endgame grind is killing me


playing the new incest game


finished the new incest game


what did you think of the new incest game


File:__vatista_and_hyde_under_n….jpg (599.76 KB,2450x1900)

Sad. I loved UNICLR so I ended getting UNI2 yesterday hopping it's better, but feels like it's still kind of a mess there, hopefully they hurry up with fixing it...


File:c83ae494f59450e0e16711094c….jpg (51.7 KB,640x480)

started playing dungeon crawl stone soup again



nope still not playing the all ages version


File:1487661362846.jpg (62.22 KB,360x480)

I did not expect to finally see an official FSN translation in my lifetime. I wonder how the quality will be compared to the other two.
How much content did they remove?


Played Civilization V for a minute.
Thinking about playing as a meme civilization on
¥ slightly less then normal mode
Because I want to take it easy.


File:73128558_p5.jpg (396.32 KB,800x1185)

What do you mean?

This is something I'll have to answer a few times because JRPGs are great. I'll end up remembering stuff later on and don't want to make 3 giant posts in a row or anything.

Chrono Trigger - Though technically the DS remake has the most postgame content and a story tie-in to Chrono Cross alongside short anime FMVs
Earthbound - it's good and everyone already talks about it enough
Lufia 1 and 2 - Nice puzzles in this, and 2 has an optional special difficult dungeon called the Ancient Cave which operates like a JRPG roguelike mode before anyone knew what that was.
Bahamut Lagoon (translation patch) I never got around to playing this one, but it had a cult classic status among nerds back then
Dragon Warrior/Quest games (if you haven't noticed a theme, you need translation patches for some of these) of course, but like Chrono Trigger you may want to play some re-releases/remakes. Until about 8 or so they were localized as Dragon Warrior and not Quest.
Breath of Fire 1 and 2 - Don't have much to say. They're good.

Chrono Cross - Kind of related to Chrono Trigger, but not really. Still an amazing game with one of the best soundtracks ever and the graphics were truly phenomenal at the time and you'd think it was a PS2 game.
Xenogears - fantastic story, music and characters. Could have been the perfect game if they didn't run out of time/money and turn Disk 2 into a quasi-VN. (I do love VNs but you know). It's still something everyone that enjoys the genre should play. This was actually going to be a Chrono Trigger sequel but at some point became its own separate thing. (Luca still teaches you about savepoints). It has similarities to Evangelion, but they were both developed at the same time. If you play game in this post make it this one. . It might not have the same effect on people as it did back then, but it really was quite an experience!
Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar: Eternal Blue - Originally for Sega CD, the remasters were what I originally played. In hindsight people hate the localization for adding a bunch of random real life humor with dated references, but I'm not sure if there's any restoration patch or anything. The main story is still serious and good. They're nice adventures centered on love and companionship, particularly the second one (Eternal Blue). Silver Star Story has been remade like 5 times but Eternal Blue not even once, so there must be some weird licensing thing going on.
Grandia 1 and 2 - A truly great sense of adventure and it's very relaxing and enjoyable. Shares some staff with Lunar. Grandia 2 isn't appreciated as much, but it's okay.

Uhh... I'll write more later because I'm sure I've forgotten SNES stuff and the Playstation list has only just started and there's other systems. I don't know how I'm going to remember all the DS stuff...


I see now that I accidentally italicized some titles instead of underlining them. There's no meaning behind that, just me forgetting what I was doing.


Writing and humor were a bit too edgy/nihilistic, but I enjoyed it and want to see how the story ends. Still kind of a guilty pleasure and probably not something I would let other people know I played/liked.


File:s-l1200.webp (160.58 KB,1200x900)

Got a code for Fallout on GOG, but I already have it on Steam.



Internet has been out for a couple days so I can’t play palworld…


Granblue Relink is really fun, the variety in character playstyle is impressive.


File:nadeshiko-12.png (90.05 KB,240x240)

ran out of things to do in plapworld now im bored and got nothing to play


Why not play Doom?


File:c68677815bcdf022864cd6ca9d….jpg (Spoiler Image,735.45 KB,2350x3450)

Fuck that, play Doom 2 (Johnny Doom) and have an infinite WAD generator so you can never be bored again!


i dont like fps games


Develop an AI to play the game for you while you busy yourself with other stuff.


100% Oj is a fun game


It is and I hope we can start playing it together again soon. hmmm we should still have a thread here around here somewhere unless it fell off


I can make one later


Not sure if I should buy P3R or wait for DD2. DD2 really doesn't look all that appealing to me but maybe I'll like it. Not much to play for the rest of the year anyway.


Pirate both on principle.


File:1609229436359.png (1.26 MB,890x1231)


who here is going to become the Flash of 2hucraft




That looks very chinese.


File:[Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni ….png (380.47 KB,1280x720)

P3RE is piss easy even on hard difficulty. I should've picked merciless when I had the chance.



File:gensokyo_at_war.webm (11.82 MB,854x480)

I like the trailer's overly dramatic engrish. I think the first part says "Command your troops and obliterate your enemies", but not sure if it's "obliterate" or something else. The announcer also pronounces "grimoire" really funny.


Palworld server operator, there was an update so the server needs to be restarted. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one on there anyway so if nobody objects and you need to shut it down go ahead. Just don't delete the world it has potential for future updates.


I don't want to say it, but that looks like ass.


I'm looking but I can't find a release date...


File:[danganronpa][enoshima jun….png (632.65 KB,600x800)

I got a pilpul: does the Dammit Ronpaul series count as a VN or a video game.
I think it should count as a video game.


point & click with vn characteristics


File:wAtspfi.jpeg (378.15 KB,1545x1101)

isn't this a dark souls2 map?


Maybe, but there are probably other such settlements that it could be based on.


looks like the caves of chaos from keep on the borderlands


Nice cat.


some pretty good commentary from a long time blizzard employee who survived(i think) the microsoft layoffs at activision


actually, I think he quit for amazon games


/secret/ post


But there's no big titty anime woman, or an inane post with a big titty anime woman.


/secret/ posts come in all shapes and sizes


i need a game to play
was looking at granblue but it seems to have fallen off a cliff and apparently a lot is coop so i'd be eternally behind at this point


Go play disgaea


File:[smol] YuruYuri - S01E05 (….jpg (184.68 KB,1920x1080)

It'd help if you mentioned what type of games you play/want to play. Otherwise it'd just be shots in the dark.



File:e7b544180ecc1661b232d000cc….gif (13.98 KB,416x416)

going to play Civ V modded.


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (232.92 KB,1920x1080)

I wonder what the most fun exercise-related games are now. I could go for something to try and regain some of my lost energy levels. The last one I played and kind of enjoyed was Wii Fit, but it was quite repetitive. The 'Wii Balance Board' was a really neat thing and it's a shame it really wasn't supported by much, but that's kind of what you expect with Nintendo gimmicks.
The Ring Fit thing doesn't seem particularly fun, but maybe it is? I know there's some VR stuff like Beat Saber or something, but VR is something I'm still waiting to buy into.
Does anyone here play any fitness-oriented games?


I got a dancepad for stepmania and DDR


File:Screenshot 2024-02-13 1539….png (409.55 KB,589x766)


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (246.81 KB,1920x1080)

I don't know if you're trolling or being trolled, but that's from 2019


ehehe. whoops


File:094_Mitsumi_Misato_Art_Wor….jpg (3.67 MB,4878x6960)

Dungeon Travelers 1 is now released on Steam! Buy 20 copies! Pay for the Aquaplus bundle! Do everything you can to convince Aquaplus to make something new!



File:20240219204733_1.jpg (422.81 KB,1920x1080)

Sorry girlie, I only date girls with glasses.


File:f4d936fdf4586e33964f3bd2ad….jpg (309.21 KB,1451x2048)

Okay so debating on doing a Something Awful style Let's Play of EU4 (Extended Timeline).
Like posting screenshots of the game as it happens, would anyone be interested?


Yes. It has been ages since I last played EU4, would be nice to remember it while reading.


File:6ae1521f1ff696e43ee4fa2adc….jpg (312.63 KB,1920x885)

Alright I'm thinking about doing it in 476 AD.
Probably as one of the Germanic Tribes in the North.


File:[HorribleSubs] Machikado M….jpg (108.16 KB,1280x720)

nothing to play again.


Gonna play FF7 Rebirth soon


File:113104108_p0.png (1.18 MB,870x2000)

Damn you Atlus why won't you let me smash the drunk gamershab cake teacher?


Because age gap sex is always terrible


*when the girl is the older one


Started replaying the Megaman X games. Currently on X4. Best track in the game coming through.

This time I decided to play the emulated Japanese version for a change instead of the X collection on my PS2, but I didn't know the bosses had such weird names in it. For example; Storm Owl is called 'Storm Fukuroul', Frost Walrus is called 'Frost Kibatodos',etc. Can't win them all I guess, but it's better than putting up with "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOORRRRRR".


File:garden of words.webm (2.99 MB,800x450)

But that's the best kind of age gap.


File:fontaine.png (2.48 MB,1920x1080)

started playing genshit again


File:Screenshot.png (3.51 MB,1920x1080)

Recently found out about the Rise of the Witch King mod, called Age of the Ring. It's got a lot of cool units and factions for BFME2 and new story and war of the ring maps. Very impressive for a mod.


File:image.png (73.13 KB,386x134)

Anyone else playing season of discovery on wow? Now is a good time to get into it im in lone wolf server US :)


Me reviewing a foot


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E21.Memen….jpg (255.07 KB,1920x1080)

Someone is, it's in the 'hardcore MMO' thread >>108338


File:R-1709742324962.png (700.08 KB,600x849)

Is SMT V good? Considering getting Vengeance


Been looking for a good gateway into SMT


i played 4 and it kinda sucked so i don't recommend that one


I've been playing SMT 1 (the ps1 version) myself and I think it holds up well


File:1709177520353842.jpg (1.35 MB,2894x4093)

I'm trying to play through multiple games but I keep getting filtered because I'm bad at games
>Pokémon Platinum nuzlocke
I get really bad luck but I'm kinda new to Platinum so I don't know everything about the game
>Fire Emblem Engage Maddening
the story maps have been alright, but the latter DLC maps suck ass. they spam so many enemies at you plus you need to watch out for environmental hazards and stave users. it honestly feels like I don't have any units that can reliably take on magic units.
>Fire Emblem Conquest Lunatic
surprisingly easy so far
>Phantasy Star 2
I got side-tracked by other games and haven't touched it in a bit. I was able to beat Phantasy Star 1 without looking anything up online so I'm trying to do that again for as much as possible.


File:1459301528810.png (568.39 KB,647x709)

100% OJ is 75% off right now.


whoops, I was playing Conquest on Hard; not Lunatic. no wonder the game is so easy.


>the latter DLC maps suck ass
Enemy levels scale to your progress through the story, so you can put them off until the end. Camilla's was the only one I really felt challenged by at end game because my team was so optimized by that point. Unless you're talking about the side story maps, in which case those are just bullshit unless you've inherited the right skills for cheesing them. They learned all the wrong lessons from the 3H side story DLC.

It's a big step up. Even the very first chapter will rape you if you try to use the strategy the game tells you to use. Then you get to the actual Conquest part and all the faceless have poison touch.


I was trying to do Soren's paralogue. enemy ranges overlap so much that you're probably gonna attract a mage if you try to bait them out with an armor unit. you can't dodge-tank mages in this game because they ignore terrain bonuses in this game. then there are fliers who ignore the walls, stave-spammers who break you to make sure they get a clean hit if you try to bait out units, the awful craters that punish you for ending the turn on them 100% of the time, the armor knights who take no damage from physical attacks, the healers who just use physic from a distance, plus the smoke that debuffs you. and your reward for getting near the end of the map? a bolting to the face :) oh, and let's not forget enemy reinforcements as early as turn 2. it's a miserable experience.

the reason why I'm playing Conquest on Hard is because I deleted my Lunatic file out of spite. I got up to the final turn of Eternal Stairway, and right before I could escape with all of my units: my units would get killed by accuracies in the 20% or by the boss' Revenge skill proc. it was demoralizing but I kept the file around in case I had a change of heart. I went back to it after a break and then same things happened, so I deleted it lol


File:1666615844963751.png (1.14 MB,750x1006)

I don't know your team composition, but you might be better off waiting until you've got all the rings and inherited good skills. Canter+!Byleth!mage + Canter+!Dancer gives you so much range you can take the initiative against anything and let them come to you. And that's before the warping bullshit Micaiah can get up to. It sounds like you're trying to abuse fog strats for invincible thieves, but laying down fire for crowd control is almost always a better use of Alear's turn. If you need to bait people in and don't have the def to be certain about it, lay down a bonded shield to make it certain. It's not quite 3H level, but late game is very much about controlling the map on player phase. Oh, and make sure you're forging and engraving your weapons, Micaiah's in particular is stupidly broken on a high speed unit.

Eternal Stairway is one of my favorite maps in Conquest, it's a blast figuring out how to press hard enough to avoid the swarm. The dragon veins are there to let you push up without fear and your great knights/wyvern lords should be able to tank things without relying on avoiding shit like a Hoshido scrub. If you hadn't given up, you could have enjoyed the fun, fun, fun times of Hinoka's flying circus and the completely balanced and fair Inevitable End hallways.


File:431660272_7232710513491707….jpg (294.46 KB,1280x720)

thanks for the tips. I think I'll come back later. Canter is so powerful that I wish I had it basically every turn. I usually like Eternal Stairway but the game was trolling the fuck out of me.
I've beaten Lunatic before but unlike the rest of the player base, I use the catalog feature to buy skills. I don't care about bragging rights; I'm just in it for the fun.


forgot to specify that I only buy skills I've unlocked and saved from previous playthroughs. meh, I doubt anyone cares about the nuance.


File:1409977362823.png (10.59 KB,259x288)

>I use the catalog feature to buy skills
I'd make fun of you for using Tiki too, but with that lineup you probably need it. Where the FUCK is your dancer?

And yeah, basically the only time you don't want Canter is if you're using those slots for a Wrath build because 100% crit is too strong. Mentorship looks amazing on paper, but it's kind of a trap on maddening because the exp dropoff prevents you from ever pushing more than a few levels above the enemies regardless of boosts.


don't know why but I felt like getting the DLC for Engage. it was an impulse purchase, I admit, but I don't regret it. I can't take randoms online seriously when they throw shit at me for using the Catalog but use a third-party save editor to cheat in 99 of every resource at the very beginning of the game. I don't have anything to prove to them.
as for my dancer, I don't know why it is, but Dancers don't feel as essential in Engage as it does in Fates. I know there are very specific plays that are only possible with a dancer, but I'm don't find myself wanting one too often, and even when I do; Goddess Dance feels good enough. Maybe I'll drop someone for Seadall but that probably means dropping an Archer, who are useful for 1-shotting fliers. I heard dagger units are important on Maddening because enemy stats are buffed as fuck, and you want a way to stack damage modifiers on them. Mages are way too important on Maddening to even consider dropping because the game loves spamming armor units now that physical attacks can't so much as leave scratches on them.


I don't know what you're talking about, but online and DLC features almost always end up breaking the balance of the game and hurting the challenge. People literally mod out the bonuses Engage gives you for buying DLC because they make things easier than intended.

Dancers are always vital. Why would you choose to bring Jade to loiter around back when you could be having Citrinne dropping another 5-range thoron? Goddess Dance makes dancers even better because you can dance the dancer so he can dance someone else again. Four Panette attacks will take out more fliers than two Panettes and two Fogados.

Daggers are good because they get double boosts from forges so they're ridiculously strong in the early-mid game, but they fall off once everybody else starts using endgame weaponry. Merrin in particular will start leaning on her levin sword over the silver dagger more as time goes on for reasons you're already familiar with.


I disagree; food and forging is almost essential for lunatic, and people know it. that's why they feel justified using save editors when playing on emulators. the game locks the majority of these food/forge resources behind online features; that's the way they were design to be obtained. but I don't care about debating that so let's agree to disagree.
my Jade is actually a Great Knight so she's usually leading the charge. so you're saying I should drop Fogado? because he has movement, unlike Alcryst. Alcryst is the one who feels too dependent on Luna and critical hits. Fogado can also use the Radiant Bow, which can at least scratch armor knights, unlike Alcryst. I guess it's pretty obvious who I should drop...
I'll keep using daggers for now. I just forged a couple of Silver daggers so their Mt skyrocketed from 10 to 16+ .


>the game locks the majority of these food/forge resources behind online features
I thought you were talking about hacking in 99 brave swords or something, but you're literally wrong on this. Fates gives you free food and gems after every battle and you can exchange them for the ones you need. All you'd really be gaining from hacking them in is not getting stuck with cabbages like I did until you acquire more variety through random gifts which is hardly a game changer. I was talking about shit like the rainbow potion in 12 which is a massive difficulty shifter (and which LTCfags abuse for bragging rights).

Those are your worst units probably, so drop whoever has the least strength. Radiant bow is super good at killing wyverns and pretty much the only reason to ever use a dedicated archery class over warriors (unless your name is Anna), but still not enough to be worth using them over Kagetsu. Remember that Lyn and Lucina also grant bows, so as long as they're on physical units they can fill in for flyer killing when needed. Though Lucina!Ivy is one of your better ring assignments so I wouldn't swap that out for a fifth bow.


well, it seems like we were somehow talking about two completely different things. I'm not wrong about visiting castles being designed as the main way to get resources. I get stuck with cabbages all the time and I can't trade them for other resources like I can with ores. If I have to deny myself castle visits, my only hope is randomly obtaining a food ingredient from a random skit or losing the lottery which is uncommon and unreliable, but I digress.
I don't get how Fogado is bad since he's good enough to 1-shot fliers but whatever. I used Alcryst in my first run so I might as well drop him if I need to use Seadall. Hate to tell you this but Veronica is on Ivy, not Lyn. Timmera is the one who has Lyn at the moment.


File:20240309163411_1.jpg (367.92 KB,2560x1440)

been havin a look at the DD2 character creator
you can have teeth missing that's a first for me


Those 'beast people' look odd to me. It's like a human wearing an animal skin.


File:5848658-fallout-2-windows-….jpg (99.42 KB,749x800)

And... now I have a code for Fallout 2, which I also have. For GOG again.



Have you guys ever played any of the games referenced in this OP? As someone who had access to a Mega Drive growing up ("Sega Genesis" for you Americans, nice bible reference) I can say I've played quite a few. Namely Saint Sword, Golden Axe, Sonic and Shinobi I and III. It originally belonged to my older brother but he let me play on it. My actual childhood console was the PS1. I have never touched Saturn stuff though. I should try emulating some Saturn games sometime. If anyone has some suggestions they would be welcome. I had no idea the Saturn had eroge in it lol. I thought that was only a PC Engine thing when it came to consoles.


Also Shinobi III has to be my favorite Mega Drive game of all time. It's quite different from the first one and a lot faster paced and action packed due to the run ability. Hagane on the SNES is also pretty similar. Really like both of these games.


>If anyone has some suggestions they would be welcome.

I've been wanting to play Panzer Dragoon Saga and Wachenroder myself but never got around to it. The latter recently got an English patch and features music from Ian McDonald and art from Yoshitoshi Abe


I heard about that before but kinda forgot it existed. I did a little research about it on youtube and this guy says it's not fully translated yet though. Video was uploaded 10 months ago.


File:[Erai-raws] Isekai Ojisan ….jpg (180.1 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, the show was quite nostalgic to me (it's kind of aimed at millennials obviously). Sadly a lot of it never left Japan, though.
The only one of those games that I hadn't played at the time of their release were the ones that never left Japan and Rayearth (well and the dancing one, not sure about that one), but Rayearth was apparently really rare since it was near the end of the Saturn's life and it probably wasn't even sold in my town.
That show also used Saturn sound effects for some of Ojisan's magical interface stuff which was pretty neat.


File:220404.gif (1.85 MB,422x326)

The Saturn and the PC Engine are still such mysteries to me. Both of them were similar in that they were 'otaku consoles' enough to feature eroge in them, but most of the games are still untranslated I believe. Never played any Saturn game before as I said, and as for PC Engine I've only played Rondo of Blood.


File:1709922527145543.gif (26.37 KB,302x282)

Are there any fool-proof guides on how to get VNs working on Linux? I want to try some classic ones like SubaHibi and AIR, but I'm 'tarded. I already uncommented ja_JP-UTF-8.


Sadly, VNs on GNU/Linux can be a hit or miss due to fullscreen and codecs issues. It depends a lot on the engine used but this guide is the most up-to-date to my knowledge: https://www.visualnovelwiki.org/en/home
If you have an issue with a particular game, you could ask directly on their Discord server or try to debug the game yourself by printing the Wine logs if you have some kind of experience with Wine. I used to recommend another guide (https://learnjapanese.moe/vn-linux) but it's a bit older and less comprehensive.
>I want to try some classic ones like SubaHibi and AIR
Fortunately, the first guide I posted have some instruction about those. You should check out the compatibility list then create the Wine prefixes mentionned in the table.
>I already uncommented ja_JP-UTF-8
This part is also covered here but you could always check if you did everything right


only advice I have is don't pick a complicated distro like arch to do it


For VNs, If you have the ram and CPU for it, I'd recommend just virtualizing the operating system, especially if it is an older game like you want.
For more popular ones, there usually are guides or Lutris installers, though


Often times even getting VNs to work properly on Windows is a headache. If wine and other standard hacks don't work, you might have to just spin up a VM from the period the game itself is from. 10 or 5 year old VNs and newer typically aren't bad on this front but a lot of older VNs are frankenstein's duct tape tower of software




Mary... where the FUCK are you



File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (303.55 KB,1920x1080)

This thread is for playing, not youtubers!


File:cg.npa_000223.jpg (64.21 KB,800x600)

No thanks.


Haven't played a new game in a while...


mostly beat touhou artificial dream in acradia and it was a pretty good game, even for someone like me who doesn't care for smt-type games
the only negative really is a few cringy lines of dialogue but that's easily overlooked


damn she's good


>see cool game
>it has the all-seeing eye in a pyramid
>don't buy or play
simple as


Who are you quoting?


He was quoting me asshole


File:20240327_021500.jpg (577.3 KB,700x1050)

The new strive character looks so cool I almost want to go back for her, almost.


A.B.A.??? holy flip


File:kagsheep.jpg (2.01 MB,4096x2801)


Mahjong souls has a windows client now. Not sure why you'd use this over the browser though.


yeah, from the url tab I could just mute the generic music and have youtube open.


Anyone playing blue archive? I think I might start since I've got nothing to play. Also the soundtrack is really good and I've been listening to it all day.


cunny archive looks like a really great franchise but unfortunately i've promised myself to never play gacha games


File:very intense looking im@s ….jpg (266.36 KB,1200x1200)

No but I have masturbated to it like I do with all of these popular gachas.


Hag Archive looks like a really awful "game", but fortunately I've promised myself to never again play gacha games. Also its porn is all sterile and uninteresting. Have a little self-respect, anon.


File:[dangan ronpa][enoshima ju….jpg (251.63 KB,487x638)

I don't play gacha but boy do I love stealing character designs and using them in my own stories.


Well I played it. It runs smoothly on emulator but its kind of boring. Don't really feel compelled to play it again.


Been playing nothing but YNOproject, every time I log onto 2kki I never get anywhere haha.
I played it near launch(?), didn't see the appeal. At least the iwara stuff is kinda good.


File:sensei.webm (6.56 MB,1280x720)

Ah, Yoshinoya-Sensei~ ( ´ ω ` )


Her voice was just perfection for genki moe characters......


Ohh it's her? I never made the connection. It will be a few months until I play the first one myself since I space out DRPGs.


File:20240417204242_1.jpg (334.17 KB,1920x1080)

ate banana


I've been meaning to get an exercise game and this seems amazing. The Fist of the North Star one looked good, but... MIKU!? I hear an old song I love in the background, so does this mean boxing tuned to Vocaloid songs??? I wonder how many they have.
It did get an ESRB rating for a Western release!


File:20240418185737_1.jpg (346.49 KB,1920x1080)



File:20240418185806_1.jpg (357.04 KB,1920x1080)


Palworld updates seem quite good. I think I'm going to aim for a replay of it sometime in the summer which is the planned released of a new island with new Pals on it and other stuff. Since we played together they've added various fixes, but also some new stuff like a raid boss and it looks like there's a PvP arena in the work as well.
Who's up for playing it together again whenever that big patch hits sometime in summer? (Northern hemisphere summer)


I completely lost interest when I learned it was just arena style pvp. I wanted actual pvp like storming someone's base and capturing their pals.


I've been looking to play Elder Ring
Missed the hype


elden ring is still really good the multiplayer is just less active nowadays


If you want to get in on all the excitement there's still going to be time soon when the DLC comes out and everyone's playing that. Also I'm pretty sure they confirmed there'll be nothing for ER after this so in effect people won't be holding off playing because they're waiting for DLC after this.

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