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File:53079130_p0.jpg (231.26 KB,480x889)


Whenever you see this thread go and get some exercise! You can't just laze around all day as a NEET!


File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (203.48 KB,1280x720)

Ok Remi, I did squats until reasonable exhaustion.
Where is my prize???


File:1566648610566.jpg (522.53 KB,1280x720)

A stronger and healthier body!


walked to the fridge to get a snack


How many reps?


ate some ham and slice of cheese because i didn't feel like making a sandwich


File:04345db0af8300b0784b17f82a….jpg (1.58 MB,1000x1348)

got some arm exercise by making fried rice
i made sure to add enough oil to make up for all the lost calories


File:6dfb72149f7ad4c9d17be14454….jpg (90.5 KB,640x800)

Started up exercising again and this time I'm going to try and commit to it. Started out the first two days with 40 push ups and 10 situps and then I could barely eek out 10 each the next day, but now today I was able to do that routine again and add in a mile on the treadmil.


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)

ate me a salad and yogurt cake


File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (235.84 KB,1280x720)

mowed the lawn
god I hate it
utterly stupid, backwards, nonsensical and even harmful tradition


At least it probably doesn't take you 2 hours minimum to mow yours...


File:waterfox_4Xgja76kNR.png (16.07 KB,537x155)

Not really, but it feels like 10 hours. These are the stats now that clouds have arrived and are cooling it a bit alongside the sun nearing sunset.
This is just so exhausting to experience, I don't understand how people can choose to be outside. I had to take breaks just so I don't overheat and collapse.


Oh yeah, that's terrible weather to do anything in. Reminds me that it's definitely getting closer to summer now... Especially with how I found myself getting sunburned all over because I forgot sunscreen while mowing...


did 30 mins on exercise bike
feeling a bit better


File:1634368787238.jpg (221 KB,600x714)

Dear diary,
Today I saw that thread.
I promise I'll do yoga tomorrow.


JOed for an arm workout


File:__konpaku_youmu_touhou_dra….jpg (239.86 KB,768x844)

Does cutting grass count as exercise?


File:mpc-hc64_hNlLICmm5f.png (1.56 MB,1280x720)

I'd say so. Maybe not as intense as jogging, but it's certainly more exercise than sitting in a chair


if it's a push mower sure.


I like being outside, especially the feel of sun on your skin. Don't really mind mowing the lawn, but I've got a pretty small yard so it doesn't take very long.


File:tooru-tch.jpeg (27.06 KB,452x227)

oh yeah, mowing the lawn. that was one of the things i had to do this week


did some brain exercise with wordle


that witch is strong, considering the weight of her boobs

I'll have to meet you halfway; it was a self propelled electric, mower.


File:289c0e89724ee2cc8e90d9f88a….jpg (561.77 KB,800x1109)

Had some freetime at work and cranked out 100 pushups in a little over an hour! It's about time I stop being lazy and sitting in my chair all day...


I don't sit in a chair hence I'm not lazy all day.


File:1519864025096.gif (2 MB,470x500)

Climbed some stairs today, the most efficient cardio exercise there is.


File:do_you_even_workout.mp4 (1.49 MB,426x426)

Haha this cat probably works out more than Kissu does! Are you guys really going to be beaten by a cat?


few things are as innately hilarious as the cat flop


File:1525905357860.jpg (113.4 KB,1280x720)

Did a run today and some push ups and I drenched myself in sweat now I need to change my shirt...


I've noticed that my shoulders are really stiff when I reach backwards, so I think I'm going to make it a goal of mine to stretch them every day. It's not exactly hard physical activity, but I can pair it with arm stuff maybe.
This could help my neck, too, so maybe I should look up upper arm and neck stretches.


I need to stretch more too; my back is feeling it lately from loafing in the PC chair too often.


Ran a mile at 10 minute pace today and then 0.2 miles at a 5 minute pace!

Also did 50 push ups and I think I need a towel to contain this summer sweat...


Sometimes I go for walks!


Today I will walk to the store to get junk.


I've been doing daily miles the past week, and it's really killing me each time. Hopefully my body adjusts to it soon...


File:1485296243536.png (3.06 MB,1556x1551)

I'm buying a bicycle tomorrow. Healthy NEET lifestyle here I come!


Swam around 325m today, feeling pooped


File:1595918767892.png (266.42 KB,578x444)

I can't swim.


What do those numbers mean?


Have you read or watched Steins;gate?
It's heavily related to the story, so if you don't know it then I can't really tell you unless you know you'll never try it.


All I remember is the characters put a banana in the microwave.


It's the world/timeline divergence thing. I think the normal world was 1.0 and anything above or below is a divergence? Been a while.
I don't know why there's three there, though.


I don't believe you if you tell me that you and other fans exactly remember several six-digit numbers.


ate banana


That's credible to the story but where's the connection to bike shorts and bicycling?


She was biking towards 1.0 but she biked too fast and now she's past 1.0.


File:x6hz0f67kkq11.png (2.57 MB,1920x1080)

Eh? That was part of the story.


startin to think the anime is better than the VN


Had a bad day yesterday and forgot to work out... Now I don't want to do it today either but I know I really should...


Hmm, I doubt it. You could combine them and try some VN re-release they did where they dispersed anime scenes. Seems strange, but it could work.
Anyway, from what I read the dark part of the Suzuha scene there was omitted from the anime. Never watched it, however.


File:1618556967911.gif (3.7 MB,600x338)

Summer finally arrived so I spent a couple of hours biking around town today.



Did yoga for about half an hour and then did some Just Dance dancing in VR. You'd be surprised how quickly following those dance moves can tire you out.


Can you play DDR in VR?


I did a 40-minute leg workout today with a glute burnout round... wasn't able to really burn my glutes out, and I sweated so much I had to mop the floor afterwards.

Very satisfying to walk around with jello legs afterward


drunk a cup of co-hi- for my daily cardio


File:a3c5e010bc95f26073446777be….png (181.11 KB,400x480)

Ran at max speed (12mph) on the treadmil for 1:45, and it got to full speed at ~40 seconds. I now feel like I'm about to die oh god.


Feeling like I've been lazy recently so I did 50 pushups, probably going to swim later too.


File:20220712_022057.jpg (610.18 KB,1200x1697)

Swimming really is the best exercise for this weather and it really works out everything too. Swam 750m today and my body really felt it later, but at least I got some sun and cooling.


I wish I got good at butterfly and flip turns before I gave up swimming lessons. All that time spent for nothing.


practiced my kegels for an hour straight ending in and explosive handsfree orgasm


You can have those just by exercising it?


I don't really follow this so I don't know maybe I am wrong, but I think I saw somebody on Youtube warning about doing that.


butthole stretches.


File:meirl.png (1.07 MB,945x1188)

got the DDR mat out again, it's about the only exercise I can enjoy


I found out that I actually like DDR when I played it the other day, 10 years after the last time I played it.


DDR, nice. That stuff hurts my knees or I'd do it. Wii Fit is something that I found pretty enjoyable, but it's really basic and I wish it had more content. The Switch has fitness stuff on it, but I haven't looked into it. The Ring Fit thing seems interesting, but I think it'd have the same issue as Wii Fit where there's a finite amount of content and it would stop being interesting before too long.
I think if someone makes some open game like that where people can submit custom levels it would work really well, like a fitnes version of Osu!


That's a great idea, the open source community fueled fitness game.


I really like Beat Saber for the same reason. Fun way of tricking yourself into doing exercise.


Able to swim a lot more now and without feeling absolutely wrecked by the workout after. I think I'm finally starting to be in shape.


File:5005f2b6d7136c3f4fc656f5e3….jpg (1.07 MB,2130x2800)

Kept up the swimming and now I no longer ache all over after 1.2km, instead it feels like a nice swim!


I don't know how to swim in lanes


File:cddac8965cd020d3e2f953465e….jpg (405.63 KB,1020x689)

Got concussed for the third time playing rugby thats it no more for me.
It took me like three times to type this out


You may as well keep playing at this point, the damage is done.


Oh yeah I meant to ask this thread.
Whats a good sport that works up a sweat but is not risky for head injury? My mom suggested basketball and swimming


Here's hoping you don't get or otherwise already have CTE.




File:jog.png (512.18 KB,623x210)


File:1548192824665.jpg (17.72 KB,245x254)



File:b50128de8340c0ae956a5d78b….jpeg (2.11 MB,2098x2971)

Feeling really happy with my progress and other things after hitting the treadmill today and running 3 miles. Last time I tried, 1 was my max before I died. Now I'm not even dead anymore.


it's one of those things you can't overdo else you get bad muscular conditions like shin-splints. Stuff about running giving you ligament damage false though.


I've been running my entire life, track and field even in my HS days.
Even running on pavement doesn't seem to affect me much, although I would always recommend the track.

What did mess my knees and feet up for a while was doing labor jobs, standing on hard concrete for hours on end. It's brutal. Recovered within about 2 months of quitting that life.


I won't fall for your brainwash tricks.


don't tell me what to do


>basketball and swimming
Don't those both have a pretty high chance of bonk.
Something that doesn't involve other people messing with your balance like running. If you're doing it for appearance then weights are likely fine.

no... there are a lot of ways you can get violently knocked off of a bike.

idiot... too many concussions can lead to aneurysms and other bad things.


>idiot... too many concussions can lead to aneurysms and other bad things.
Do you think that's what happened to that poster?


yeah, he said it and you basically encouraged him to get brain damage


It's already too late.


File:df35d480c36046833f75e88864….png (3.19 MB,1400x2000)

Ran on the treadmil for 15 minutes, and now I really need to shower.


Damn you anonymous and your misleading imagery leading me to believe you're a cute anime girl with big boobs and round glasses!


Decided that I sit too damn much so I decided to make my morning anime episode much more engaging: did half squat reps for as long a s I could throughout the watch.
My legs are like jelly.


File:1662469419426596.png (2.72 MB,2318x1500)

Does /qa/ know any good stretches?


found this, don't know if that's what you're looking for


stretch me bumhole out every night


File:50b88275d3c779913c0d1e8ea….jpeg (981.58 KB,2400x3166)

So I have devised a workout plan that any hikki/NEET can do in the comfort of their own home. All you're gonna need are a pair of adjustable dumbbells, some weights and perhaps a pull up bar. It's simple, effective and doesn't take up much space unlike full home gyms. It shouldn't cost you too much, a full year of gym membership is going to cost way more. I recommend starting out with 40-50kg (90-110lbs) in total. Buy mostly 5kg (11lbs) plates and some 2kg (4.4lbs) ones. That way you can adjust the weight depending on the exercise in a nice flexible way. You can buy more later as you get stronger, but this should be enough for a beginner for now.

Here's the full routine:

Day 1: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
1. Dumbbell bench press (4 sets of 6-10 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-bench-press
2. Diamond pushups (3 sets to failure, do this on your knees if it's too tough to do it the normal way): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/diamond-push-ups
3. Decline pushups (3 sets to failure): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/decline-push-up
4. Dumbbell lateral raise (4 sets of 8-12 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-lateral-raise
5. Dumbbell shoulder press (4 sets of 8-12 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-shoulder-press

Day 2: Biceps/Abs
1. Dumbbell curl (4 sets of 8-12 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-curl
2. Hammer curl (4 sets of 8-12 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/hammer-curl
3. Weighted crunches (4 sets to failure, hold a weight plate on your chest): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/crunches

Day 3: Back/Legs
1. Pullups (4 sets to failure), you might need to slim down for this one, most people can't do a single one at the start: https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/pull-ups
2. Dumbbell row (4 sets of 8-12 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-row
3. Dumbbell Lunge (3 sets of 6-10 reps): https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/dumbbell-lunge
4. Weighted stair climb (you can replace this with whatever you feel like it if you don't have access to a set of stairs, it's just what I find the most fun)

Add a rest day in there whenever you feel like it or do a "bro-split" if you think it's too tough to hit multiple muscles in the same day.



also skateboards probably work too


File:__patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg (869.45 KB,1000x900)

Got halfway through Day 1 and already feel like I'm dying. This is going to take a good amount of adjusting to...


just got myself a weighted cockring, time to start working on my chinchin curls

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