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File:C-1701381587276.png (6.94 KB,380x380)

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New feature just landed.
Better than paint, allows you to add another layer on top for a simple CSP style image editor.


File:C-1701381749967.png (12.73 KB,460x301)

Well, assuming you're not an old UI loser


No excuse for not having it when 8chan had this feature on its vichan-kei UI.


maybe you should go to 8chan then


Why should I?


go back there


Go back where?


Go back there


Come back here


you should make it so when I hit "Finish" it auto-populates the image in the file upload box or file url field instead of just opening a new tab to blob:https://kissu.moe/19bb6222-db8f-4449-a3ba-237b7fd1ef87


Gotta get back
Back to the Past
Samurai Jack


File:C-1701382510877.png (9.97 KB,380x380)


no, I don't want to do that


you can copy paste into them text field and putting into a new tab lets you decide how you want to use it.


if you want to decide how to use it thats what the "export" is for. "finish" should work properly


File:1366421333160.gif (104.91 KB,150x150)

What else would you used a finished tegaki for besides uploading it?


I don't know, but that's for them to find out. Deal with the jank. it's for the greater good


two tone devil


see >>116708 and >>116709
also copy pasting the link to the text box for file url says "Unknown file extension" when I try to post.



this is why you have actual ui designers for ui and dont let code monkeys design uis


File:C-1701383153757.png (14.91 KB,380x380)


no, you copy paste the image itself


lmao the two JS alert()s in a row for selecting the height and width


File:C-1701383795335.png (14.91 KB,380x380)


File:C-1701383812793.png (16.73 KB,800x600)



File:IMG_20231130_174034.jpg (130.16 KB,1080x1366)

not for phone posting


agh and the new icon breaks the layout on phone. I guess I'll have to change some parts over the weekend


File:C-1701384474139.png (40.63 KB,1000x1000)

how was I supposed to figure that out?
if you're going to forsake UX maybe atleast add a tooltip somewhere about how to use the features.


File:C-1701384557465.png (6.23 KB,380x380)


File:C-1701384563779.png (5.42 KB,380x380)


because it's just common knowledge that you can copy paste images into the text field


File:C-1701384569138.png (7.21 KB,380x380)




broken wide


i fucked up the mouth too....


delete it, pervert


i like where i am


File:C-1701384993704.png (13.11 KB,500x500)


File:C-1701385257289.png (13.48 KB,380x380)



File:C-1701385361756.png (13.37 KB,380x380)

oops, wrong place for the mic


File:tegaki1.png (13.21 KB,380x380)



I drew something but it just opened in a new tab...


yeah you gotta copy the image and paste it


or save it


File:tegaki_2023_12_01_00_33_00.png (7.33 KB,380x380)

Was it updated or something? I was able to hit Export at the top of the screen and didn't need to paste anything (or are people wanting to do that to save a step?)


on some (loser) imageboards it will put the image into the file, but I think that's probably not beneficial when putting it into a new tab lets people do more with it


qr form


File:R-1701398147603.png (8.9 KB,380x380)


but then what's the point of even having it in the post form.......


File:1284877752181.jpg (31.31 KB,300x293)

>do more with it

Is it just a pain to program?




lets say you're typing this post, then you realize WOW I have a great idea for another thread, then instead of changing to it, you start making the picture right away and paste it there


File:[HorribleSubs] Rikei ga Ko….jpg (509.04 KB,1280x720)

¥he doesn't write down his thread ideas


but that could just be done offsite anyway. it doesn't matter if the tegaki app is being hosted on kissu or somewhere else. it's actually easier to just open it somewhere else, since doing it here shuts you out of the board page while the app is open, and there's no way to return without finishing or discarding your work.


File:C-1701410197368.png (11.25 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki1a.png (9.15 KB,380x380)

knew something was off
forgot the eyebrows


teh gaki


te gaki


It's good. Just wish it had a select function and a way to resize the canvas without starting over. Still think it needs a way to automatically add itself to the post or else that kind of defeats the purpose of it being an "oekaki" program.




File:tegaki_2023_12_02_18_12_00.png (33.95 KB,1000x500)

Attention: Despite appearance, this image of Vermilio-chan is neither wide nor a potato, and is in fact merely a "funny faec". Thank you for your understanding.


no, thank YOU, respectable citizen, for this crucial PSA


but her head is wider than her shoulders


File:tegaki-1701598318375.png (9.83 KB,380x380)

There. It adds it to the form now. I hope you never can enjoy having it open in a tab now


File:tegaki-1701599752633.png (5.5 KB,380x380)


width is not just a measurement, it's a ~mode of being~
regularly consistent across time, which vermilio lacks


File:tegaki-1701619675318.png (6.21 KB,380x380)

cool thanks


File:Hidamari.Sketch.X.Hoshimit….png (1.7 MB,1920x1080)

but the whole point of hidamari wides is that they aren't like that normally


it's complicated, see >>111498


oh its a drawing of that one-off funny faec


File:tegaki-1701638033642.png (12.17 KB,380x380)



more like overt agressiveness


File:tegaki-1701638564430.png (7.34 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki-1701685397818.png (12.62 KB,380x380)



File:tegaki-1701697488141.png (12.62 KB,380x380)

oops made a small mistake


possibly mistake


nice, very nice
admittedly a bit hard to notice


you did that on purpose


File:tegaki-1701732981145.png (7.2 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki-1701733541701.png (8.06 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki-1701733774540.png (6.73 KB,380x380)


File:tegaki-1701734304833.png (15.92 KB,380x380)




File:tegaki-1701738756308.png (16.06 KB,380x380)

Feeling sick...


tummy hort?


Fever and a cold. The fever subsided since yesterday, although it's still there a bit.


File:tegaki-1701805922151.png (50.21 KB,380x380)

shab just bit




File:tegaki-1701866548983.png (12.24 KB,380x380)

i like this fun drawing toy


Looks good but it doesn't recognize pressure for me
I am on firefox


File:I_can't_draw.jpg (149.89 KB,480x370)

I can't draw. Any tips for getting started? I always wanted to learn but I could never get beyond very basic stuff.

I do enjoy lurking this thread.


When you start where and who you learn from will infuence your style.
For example if you look up a tutorial on how to draw thing you will the copy style of the person who made the tutorial. Similarly if you try to copy artists that you like it will be an influence. Copying certainly is a way but before you do it just ask yourself if you want your artstyle to look like this.

Good way to start is drawing your favorite anime characters. And if you find that you have no idea how to draw a certain thing or a bodypart look at pictures by your favorite artist to see how they do it, but try to do it yourself first.

Other people can also point out your mistakes or points to improve.


File:tegaki-1703248793114.png (15.16 KB,380x380)

I certainly understand that it's supposed to be simple, but ability to delete and duplicate layers would be very good.
Lasso tool to select and move things around would be nice.
Ability to add custom colors to pallete would be nice but you can work around not having it.
And ability to change canvas size would expand the possibilities.


Learn construction first and foremost. This means building the subject of your drawing out of basic shapes and then adding the details afterward; drawing the head first and then adding the face and hair on top.

You should also learn by studying. Try and recreate drawings by artists you like step-by-step as you think they might have drawn them. Once you feel confident in your studies, try drawing the characters from your studies in your own poses but as on-model as possible. This hammers home the skills you learned from copying, and also tells you whether the skills are actually sinking in or not.

People will say to study anatomy, and while that's good advice in the long run, in the short term it'll just slow you down. Human anatomy is full of ton of tricky shapes and attempting it before you have a solid grasp of construction is a waste of time.


File:R-1704846946879.png (122.3 KB,1000x800)

Proof of concept. I have a pressure-sensitive tablet but for whatever reason Tegaki doesn't register said pressure...


File:waterfox_cy1vpSe5Nj.png (1.5 KB,211x67)

I don't have mine plugged in right now, but did you hit the buttons at the top to 'activate' one or both of these?


Yeah I did.


Hmm, weird. I'm just a guy with a tablet so I can try it out, but I don't know any programming stuff so I could just see if it's limited to you or not.
But, bleh.. drawing tablet is unplugged while I did some monitor testing...
Guess I can test it out later.



Are you on firefox?


File:Untitled.png (10.58 KB,380x380)

tegaki feature


If you're asking me (>>118472), yes. I'm also using an XP Pen tablet, if that helps.


What is some place with many drawfags where I could show my drawings to get tips on how to get better?


As the primagen says... no one is going to be able to teach you. You gotta just want to hone your own vision by striving to immitate the people you consider masters.


its prime time with theprimeagen


The only one I know of is on 4chan, but I'm not sure if it's any good. It's bad to always receive fluffy, non-committal praise, but /ic/ seems to be too far in the other direction. Apart from that, artists seem too scattered.


do people still use conceptart.org forums
edit: apparently not the site is gone noew


I am also on firefox and it also doesn't work here and in some other browser drawing app so maybe firefox just does not support pressure.


Chrome tends to be more ahead of the curve with programmer apis


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