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Post something cool that youtube has recommended to you recently. Note: this is not meant to be a music thread, it can be any kind of video.



Guy made an solar powered, RC boat that follows pre-made GPS routes to tug him around. Seems to work pretty well. Very neat concept. I wonder if commercial boats have autopilot when out at sea. Seems like something that would exist.


idk why i love these stupid sciency videos i feel like a dumbass watching them lol



aquapod arrow makes whistling sound


File:suya.gif (220.45 KB,262x283)

That's fucking good. Yt recommendations can be a goldmine for finding good stuff if you know how to use it well. A good way of doing it is to start from zero (as in, not logged in, cookies, cleaned, etc) so you eventually get to the stuff you're looking for quickly.


Right, I love this album. That’s exactly how I got this recommended as well, although not on purpose, I just hadn’t bothered to log in again one time and noticed I was getting really good recommendations.


I had gotten a song from the same artist recommended to me before but that's a new one.


In fact, I'm getting all kinds of weird underground shit recommended to me now, but I like it.


Since I cleared my youtube cookies a couple weeks ago I've only watched some world event news, speedruns and that Steve MRE guy so the closest thing to interesting I can see is this guy talking about early American "salt pork" which was a good staple food that kept well I guess?
It's him talking for 20 minutes, not cooking anything


I found this channel recently and really enjoy the stuff they make videos on. They cover a lot of analog computing devices of the past. Also they have tons of videos on math if you care about that (I don't). One neat video they did covered a "variable ruler" that stretched. Although a stretching ruler might sound useless at first, it actually makes quite a bit of sense; if you want to measure by ratios, it becomes extremely convenient to scale your ruler up or down. For instance, you could scale your ruler to the scale of a map to directly measure distance, or use the ruler to apply a scale to an equation such as doubling or halfing it. Another interesting one covered a device, made by the same company, which allowed the user to determine the equation of a line by sliding some sheets around and filling out a corresponding sheet. Another, again made by the same company, yielded a very close approximation of a tangent by adjusting a bending bar which could conform to the line being measured which would tilt an indicator line pointing to the slope of the line.


File:vampire weekend - sister.jpg (73.43 KB,454x454)

So after listening some more to Panchiko which has a great discography in my opinion it eventually led me to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4d6tzWRY2o Here's an English version instead with much less views for some reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lpv2syF4RQ
I speak (European) Spanish (I'm Italian) so I was able to understand most of it, although not 100% because the guy narrating it is Latin American and they do not have a clear pronunciation like Spaniards and talk as if their tongues are entwined or something (no offense). Anyway, it basically goes on to say that the album is from a mysterious band which was completely unknown until it was published on 4chan (on /mu/ I assume) in 2016. /mu/ is a board that I would occasionally browse between 2009-2013, so I missed the posts about that and stumbled upon the video by complete chance, as I don't remember searching anything about 4chan or "internet mysteries" in my session, pretty sure I got there from listening to similar stuff instead. To me it sounded like made up bullshit and it's just another one of those ARGs like "Erratas" or the weird Kanye West game with a "new age cult" behind it which was meant to promote an underground band like that in a very convoluted way. The album doesn't really sound or look like it's from 2000 like how it's listed, but it's still the date that shows up on streaming platforms, so they were able to be very convincing with that.

Apologies for the 3D woman picture, but it's just something I remember from that era. /mu/ used be a pretty cool board for discovering new music to listen to, but it eventually turned to shit as normos with no taste started posting about rap, pop, kpop and other shitty normo music, so I stopped going there. The kpop general literally makes up the majority of the board's activity nowadays, it's disgusting.

Thanks for reading my blog.





You convinced me to listen to some of that album today while out on a stroll and I'm glad I did. thanks


The /qa/ retirement home.




I've been watching those to sleep for a while. I usually fall asleep like 10 minutes in anyway. I hope they can do sub 10 so I can watch one up until the end.



I found this in my recommendations. I have a lot of interest in the environment of geological history, including the Carboniferous. It's rare to see an actual simulator for any of these primeval periods, and this one has a lot of detail.
Unfortunately, it seems development ceased awhile ago, so the simulator remains in its V0.1 Alpha stage. It still looks pretty impressive; reminds me of a more lush impression of the Bitter Coast region from Morrowind.



Very good video essay channel covering some pretty interesting topics with great editing all done by a single person.


Interesting discovery as I wasn't searching for any creepy stuff in my session.


Big boats.


How did I get here... I wasn't even listening to any Eldenbornesoulskiro music.


This sounds plausible. It does seem like everything is generated by AI these days.


File:5bc943764c16bae71d17e4eb91….jpg (116.91 KB,1559x1559)

Then who made the video about the dead internet theory?



I can't believe youtube recommended a good channel to me. Related to something I linked somewhere earlier is the same guy talking about beer consumption in working class Londoners in 1725. This is a nice channel so I think I'm going to bookmark it now.

WTF is that?


I'm not really sure how to describe them, but they're cool.


Got recommended the ED of Hi Score Girl for some reason. I was interested in the show at first but the ugly CGi turned me off. Maybe I should read the manga.


Also the Sonny Boy that I had actually listened to before but I had cookies cleared for this session.


I watched the anime and it was pretty great, despite the CGI, so that being the case the manga is probably that same great story just minus the CGI, so I highly recommend it.


*Sonny Boy ost


Just how ?


xlate this shit quebecians


It's just the prime minister of Belgium (2009-2011) and he doesn't know why it's an important day for Belgium. He doesn't know the Belgium anthem too and that's sad.


le plaisir d'etre joui dedans


I like the part when he's asked if he knows the national anthem and starts singing La Marseillaise haha. The Dutch subtitles really confused me.


>starts singing La Marseillaise
That's the best part ! But for real, how is it possible to be so dumb !


Reminds me of Hakozume


File:[SubsPlease] Hakozume - Ko….jpg (172.14 KB,1280x720)

lmao Kawai's drawing looks amazing compared to that


That's a funny one.


This is hard when I think almost everything recommended to me is misleading clickbait.
Alright, Fermilab seems legit.


This was a pretty cool video. It taught me a lot of things. Such as new rocks surface through the soil via the freeze-thaw cycle each year, or that now hundreds of year old stone walls cross New England marking the borders of grazing pastures, or the fact that one of the colonies was at one point almost entirely deforested to raise sheep smuggled out of Spain. Also, I didn't realize so much could be gleaned from the state of the forests, like small craters and pillows being created over time from trees uprooted during storms.


Guy put a little camera on a RC plane that head tracks with a FPV headset thing, so it's as if you're really sitting in the cockpit of a plane while flying around. Looks really cool, and I'm sure it's a lot of fun compared to just watching your plane fly around from afar.


I saw somebody doing that and I was going to post it but I didn't. I's cool.


Wow. I've watched a lot of videos on people making blades and such, but this is truly on another level entirely. Really a feast for the eyes if there ever was one.


Love it when I get recommended music from old anime that I have never watched before.


While not a recommendation since I follow this guy, it is a boson video.


Very interesting legal video. The company Bungie uses for DMCA takedown notices on YouTube got impersonated and mass flagged YouTube videos getting them taken down and channels slapped with copyright strikes. Consequently, Bungie is filing a lawsuit against the impersonators, but largely implicates YouTube's policies as being at fault for the impersonation to be successful in the first place. Notably, for copyright notices to be filed, a gmail account is required, so the impersonator simply made a gmail account and filed a bunch of takedown notices.

In theory, maybe this changes some of YouTube's automated DMCA takedown stuff, but because the defendant of the lawsuit are the impersonators and YouTube for it's complicity in allowing false DMCA takedowns, it's unlikely anything signicantly changes. A scenario that would result in change is likely only one in which YouTube itself gets sued.


It's music, but this is really cool


aside from memes this video feels like it’s from a over decade ago


Silent Hill music



2hu eurobeat


Feels like my thoughts on why I watched bad anime


I like the 80s style this video went for.


This isn't worth the money by any means. It sounds like videogame shit.


Really doubt you could learn Japanese in just six months no matter what this guy says.


Found this channel in my recommendations. They have really freat editting and production values, but not many views on most of their videos. I think this one they most recently made must have guven them a massive bump in visibility. I'm going to watch a bunch of their other videos because from the few I've seen, I'm really impressed!


>I think this one they most recently made must have guven them a massive bump in visibility
The magic of the YouTube algorithm at work




I've never heard the majority of these songs before.


File:06.はじまりのセツナ.mp3 (8.91 MB,175x174)

akebi op


I never heard the pokemon one actually, despite being all over that stuff in the day.
The rest though I've heard in just about every nightcore mix or AMV made by bored girls already.


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