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File:eb102131812631b187dc3a6c12….png (940.4 KB,1464x1000)

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i've seen dedicated drawthreads and writethreads here, but never once saw a music creation thread. considering you can post sound files here i wonder why it happens, because i did see several posters here said they made music. is it because many consider the stuffs they make have no merit to be posted? or because many have some musician profiles that they want no connection to this place...?
anyway, post some musics you made!


File:ichiban3.ogg (989.76 KB)

We posted music in last oc thread.
>music creation thread
I think it's because they don't think there's merit in posting here instead of their music having no merit.


nice music
i remember that thread but it was a long time ago and musics were only being posted on the end of it.
so why there is no merit posting them here when drawings and writings are posted here a lot? the only explanation would be there is a better place to post them.
what would be that? is it some "musician profile" like soundcloud or some other imageboard dedicated to this?


File:1.mp3 (1 MB)

I never finish anything.


I'm probably the most active poster in the draw thread, but I still feel it's kinda pointless. I don't think people here pay too much attention to this kind of oc.

Nice loop. Have you posted it before somewhere else? Sounds familiar.


i think this is mostly a problem of adapted mindset, because imageboards traditionally don't allow posting sound, so maybe this is the reason why people think posting sound here is pointless?
i'm really interested to see music posted here because this is something i don't usually see posters doing, so every time someone did i got excited.


I don't really think that's the case. There were a couple successful "post your music" threads in 4taba, and I even got people to play a music collab game there. Also, the OC thread says anything could be posted, not just drawings. If anything, it's a lack of interest.


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (202.14 KB,1280x720)

Well, it's everyone's own prerogative if they post music or not. If you want people to start posting music they've made, it's best to live by example instead of asking people to provide it.

> I don't think people here pay too much attention to this kind of oc.
I think people pays lots of attention, but there's not a whole lot people can say if they're not artists themselves.

I might try to learn how to make simple music eventually, but I can't say it's high in my list. I had fun in Mario Paint with it when I was a kid, I guess, but I don't think it sounded very good


Do you mind if I use it?


File:5_4levelclear.mp4 (697.09 KB,940x620)

i will post some when i have time. i have lots of ideas, just being really busy recently.
for now i only have this very short piece of my failed attempt to make a "level cleared" music.


The harmony is lacking, but the texture and feel is just right. Keep it up.


>Have you posted it before somewhere else? Sounds familiar.
Unless I'm forgetting something or someone, no.

Just don't take credit for it.


Given. What name do I credit?


"anonymous from kissu"


this is terrible


May I use "kissufriend" instead? Anon feels distant.


Sure m8.


this is like rpg music failing to be jazz, but i still like it


Give me the midi and I'll fix the notes.


I still have and occasionally listen to a song a seemingly drunk Anon made about /qa/ a few years ago. I forget what the name of the song they were singing over is called. It took me a while to find back when they made it.


File:fb52838f318d901c10ef4deb60….jpg (1.39 MB,1400x2037)

sorry i'm so horrible
hope you can send something back so i could learn from it. thanks!


Sorry, I had to change the melody a bit because it didn't want to work out as it was.
I changed the drums to help me feel the beat, you can ignore it.


Whoops, I had it pitched down. Here


File:1485809050163.ogg (1.66 MB)


none of my stuff is good enough to post
maybe someday


none of it will be good without other opinions


There won't be one of these threads ever again


File:5_4levelclear_fixed.flac (702.02 KB)

thank you a lot! is this how it is supposed to sound like? i think the midi file was messed up during exporting, sorry about that.
anyway, i will make something better as an apology for all the inconvenience and confusion i caused. i promise!


File:Jude.png (180.49 KB,361x406)

Yes I've made some tracks I mostly just experiment with styles as I haven't found my muse and sadly my HDD died recently making lose 85% of my music but I do have three songs I'm willing to post - one of which is incomplete.

This is the incomplete one I never finished the vocals or BPM/tempo shifting.
Kinda has a bouncy house vibe I guess.

This is me messing around with the song Tong City from the Run Saber SNES OST.

Lastly a turntable style mix of four different GOA songs with some embarrassing miss timings. The four songs being:
Horus The Chorus - Infected Mushrooms
90 Million Degrees - GMS and Upgrade
LSD - 1200 Micrograms
The fourth is a surprise I'm sure quite a few will recognise this anime OP

I won't ever be fixing these up as I don't have the project files either or replacement machine yet.


File:Oliver.(VOCALOID).full.865….jpg (101.36 KB,700x816)

Forgot to say that the Run Saber song is also kinda incomplete though I don't remember what I ended up doing with it in the end.
One song I really wish I still had was an Oliver song I did, the lyrics was about him wanting to be with you but can't cause 2D. It had a Baby D x Opus III vibe I was proud of that one...

This is really cute, I like it.


File:R4.ogg (2.6 MB)


File:quad_petite.mp3 (1.53 MB)

just made this
but i don't know what this is supposed to be...


It sounds like an off-key GBA song though not bad it needs work the two tracks sound like they're fighting each other as well. I would adjust what I am assuming is a pan flute by rearranging the notes and making it more quite as a flute shouldn't take dominance over a piano though this is mostly opinion on my part do what you wish of course.


this is really good


File:5fbd6a9451021e0d997c284a0d….jpg (144.38 KB,960x1040)

your suggestion is reasonable and i was thinking about the same thing after i listened it again after a while. i decided to narrow the stereo width for some stupid reason.
thank you. i hope this cleared some of my sin.


File:dancemaid.mp3 (939.42 KB)

maybe i'll make something real later.


It started really really well but it went offtrack really fast.


File:dancemaid2.mp3 (939.42 KB)

i admit i wasn't focusing on cross referencing tracks so i did a quick fix. i hope i correctly identified the issue.


Yeah, that's much better. There are still a couple of odd sounding notes in the melody. I think a tiny bit of music theory might help you if you're just guessing.


thanks for the suggestion. did you mean melody progression? i checked the notes and the few notes not on f ionian are intentional.


I hear oddities at 0:14 and 0:19
They just stick out a lot.


File:c717d8170c06eba9f669956944….jpg (133.51 KB,1014x1158)

oh, these are the places i placed these notes. i personally think 0:14 is ok, though for 0:19 it was probably a failure.
time for more practicing i guess.


Keep it up. You've got the talent.


I really like this one


File:1312131.mp3 (1.32 MB)

this is a nice scale


Yeah, this is really nice!


File:c0557ef5de2e7f64e203331949….png (2.86 MB,1432x2903)

it opens with augmented fifth so I thought it was whole tone, but it has minor 2nds in it so i guess it's either whatever mode is based on the major 7th or it's some unique thing that I wouldn't be able to guess.

It's been like 5 years since I tried to analyze any music and was never good at it to begin with


What programs are you using? I tried to dabble in music creation first with an open-source sheet music-making program whose name escapes me at the moment as well as deflemask and they were either too complex or unintuitive for me to even play around.


File:d0192f5314c187b17a7ab3ac07….png (652.96 KB,1310x1138)

thank you!
>an open-source sheet music-making program whose name escapes me at the moment
i personally use muse-sequencer but it's linux/bsd only.
for something "intuitive" you could probably try bosca ceoil, i never used it though.


i prefer wikipedia's entries in music theory


I used to be a lot into music theory but then I realized no amount of theory will help me make good music.


Anyone else compose throw-away songs in their own heads? I find it really useful to learn how to develop musical ideas. Incidentally I get much better at it when I'm sleepy.

Composing is an art, actually practicing it is the single most important thing you can do to improve. As long as you have a critical ear you can always get better.


i do it all the time, and also get better at it when i'm sleepy. however it's frustrating by the time i try to arrange it on a computer since i can't recreate some of the "instruments" and rhythms and the outcome is much worse than what i have in my head.
also i think the limitation of this method is that it's hard to recreate the type of music that i don't usually listen in this way, and sometimes i suspect the stuffs i create when i'm sleepy may be an exact replica of a song i've heard before but can't recall consciously.


YES it was muse score


make more music


File:negi.mp4 (4.48 MB,1280x720)

i haven't listened to this iconic miku song for several years so i decided to remake it purely with my memory.
how much did i remember it right?
don't have miku voice though so i used kotonoha. the lyrics are also purely made up since i can't remember it.


the beat is perfectly on point, also like the lyrics at the end


I don't know if I can tell a difference. Awesome job, either way




Wow, it's spot on! Although it's the last thing I would think of when I hear iconic miku song.


File:n7.mp3 (974.11 KB)

just some scrapped material...


i dont even know what software id use to start doing this kind of stuff


you can get to know it by searching
here is a website i saw posted here before


You need a daw and vst. Reaper is free like winrar and there are plenty of free vst online


using samples is another way of getting sound
aside from daws there's also trackers, some of them with pretty much the same functionality as daws


I always found trackers cumbersome, being constricted by the grid and having to learn what all the effects do and how to use them. I guess they're good for sample based stuff.


File:maxresdefault(maxresdefaul….jpg (54.71 KB,1280x720)

You guys ever used reverbs? That stuff is black magic I swears put it on anything and it sounds w o w. I use raum and plate 140 because they were freebies haha


Use valhalla shimmer 100% wet. But seriously it's better to keep it subtle.


nonsense, I distort my reverb!
gotta get that RUMBLE


File:362249be550d6de8fa5d196123….jpg (132.31 KB,1208x1564)

i was planning to make something to post here but spent my times on my programming projects instead. maybe i can complete it in a few days.

aren't everyone using it in some way?
not sure if there are any genres that don't use reverb at all other than chiptune and "cheesy midi sound".


File:85138614_p0.png (1.39 MB,1000x1717)

Reverb is indeed fun very useful even for spooky music as well.
I did more turntable messing about:


File:1617495058104.jpg (319.7 KB,641x905)

Made a DJ mix. Please rate.


It's really good I enjoyed it and felt like I'm listening to something out of the Racing Lagoon OST at a higher BPM with some classic Shin Megami Tensei vibes.

Was any samples from existing music used in this?


Cheers! The opening track is by Sanodg who has worked on the Ridge Racer series. 90s and 00s video game composers are heavily inspired by stuff like detroit techno, garage house and liquid drum and bass. One of the tracks in Battle Garegga outright references a tune by Galaxy 2 Galaxy in fact.

>Was any samples from existing music used in this?
The Racing Lagoon OST? The downtempo and drum and bass tracks very much use samples. They're genres that rely heavily on taking the percussion of other tracks and either keeping them as is or reshaping them into new rhythmic elements through various modifications like cutting and splicing.


File:zelda.flac (19.9 MB)

brought to the modern mastering standard...
(i did not make the midi)


not sure if this is even enough to count but douzo


File:funkin_on_jungle_roof.ogg (551.44 KB)

I use bosca ceoil because it was designed to be stupid simple and fast to work in. it all sounds like music from old DOS games cause of how midi-reliant it is, but that's fine by me. I really enjoy that sound. here's the track I've made in it that I'm currently most proud of


File:basss.flac (2.79 MB)

did some sound design stuff


Remembered when I bought(and pirated) FL Studio and believed I could make something like this...

It's not that simple. So much synth editting... it's not just music theory but you have to know timbre and how to blend textures together... sigh never going to be a pro....


File:f28b1192df6974b68366a6d11f….jpg (200.62 KB,1100x1301)

Here's what you should really do:
-1st buy fl studio,
its all you need at 1st
-2nd make a kick/snare rythem
-invite some producers over to
hang out and get them to help geta
melody / bassline idea
-3rd get some studio time,
4th, get some experienced
producers to work with you during
your session(s)
5th let them do whatever they want
to the song to make it good.
6th DONE! you have a new song
you can upload online and start
blowing up!


File:68e4ebeb2dfe305fca8e3f4e2b….jpg (771.12 KB,2894x2894)

Sorry to make a giant blogpost, but I think that sound editing is its own thing within that context. "Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals" by In The Mix /playlist?list=PLx5i827-FDqNY_grenYJZJpG1esu7GK6v seems like a good series on the topic~

I don't know why, but I get the impression that many of these producers (?) of electronic dance music are more the 'audio engineer' type than the 'composer' type. I don't mean to say that they're uncreative, because all this stacking/blending of sounds is really cool, and you can tell he put a lot of effort into his sounds (maybe he just knows his presets well, but good choice nonetheless). Instead, it almost feels like the entire creative exercise of the song is in the sounds.

His chord progression is very simple (Abmaj7 Eb Bb Cm, turnaround etc.), his structure is just a constant buildup (that would in principle have lead to a breakdown), and his melody is just an Eb pentatonic lick with variations and some passing tones here and there. With more "mundane" sounds instead of what he uses, it would all sound like the music you'd expect to hear in a cheesy ad for an investing app (not that there's anything wrong with that?), and yet he doesn't seem to include explicit justification for his choice of sounds.

From what I can gather, the way he structures his stuff seems very similar to what he presents in this video. Having seen a few things on his YT channel, I wager that he makes many of his tracks (and their chords/notes) according to the formula he presents in the tutorial.

All of this leads me to believe that the 'sound design' part and the 'arrangement' part of his craft could be considered two different exercises, like you don't even do them in the same sitting. I'm a complete noob at this kind of music (having tried and failed too many times to bother nowadays), but I'm willing to bet he doesn't actually design his sounds on the spot, right as he makes the tune -- I think he designs them beforehand, in an unrelated session, then saves his work as presets. (or maybe he just has lots of cracked sample sets/rich parents and synths that ship with good presets)

On the other hand, his habit of layering sounds is probably a way to get around having to work so much within the limitations of each synth he uses, like an easy way to build his sounds from components (some with more of a low sound, others with more treble, etc.). In Ableton, for example, you can keep things like that organized in an "instrument rack", so you can save stacks of sounds for later use.

In any case, there are tutorials on YouTube just for sound design, some that go into great detail without saying much about songs/theory at all depite their apparent target audience (music creators), so I think I'm justified in thinking the way I do about this categorization.


I dunno what you mean by 'audio engineer' and 'composer'. Even the romantic composers of old were working on instrumentation as well as composition. Some things sound better with different instruments. An electronic artist is the same, but there's much more complexity to it than picking something from a set of existing sounds.


making sound is easier because it doesn't involve music theory gibberish that you have to spend years learning to make any sense of it, that's why there's more of the first than the latter


File:happy_little_waveforms.png (800.5 KB,850x1010)

That's true, I hadn't thought of that. I guess it's like guitarists dialing the right tone for the right setting. You can't play metal on a tweedy amp from the 50s, or Debussy on a harpsichord, without it sounding off in a way. Even playing around on a synth looking for a good sound, one might get an idea for a song. I think that in the specific context of electronic music, sound design and composing can be thought of as different topics when looking for instructional videos, just because of how much there is to know and do about sound design. I suppose both are still intrinsically linked by their shared purpose though.

This may just be a result of my experience, but I firmly believe that you only need so much theory before you can make your own music. Especially today, where time is often what determines structure in many genres, a few basic elements (rhythm, song structure, chords, scales) will get you a long way with just a little imagination, especially if you also play an instrument.


Studying music theory was basically pointless. What I think is more important is being able to hear the things you learn in music theory. Being able to notate down a chord progression and melody from audio is a strong skill.


those old electronic composers were cool sound designers but pretty shite music makers


Stockhausen was from the time when people were abandoning romanticism for modernism. Schoenberg taught a lot of similar examples you'll find to this. John Cage for example. They weren't trying to make music as much as use music to describe philosophy and politics. These people were mostly those who made it out of WW1 alive.

I feel it would be more fair to compare the modern sound design+composition ideas against the surrealist works of Debussy or Ravel. These artists focused on the sound of the piano to a similar extent of the motifs. The related song was written in memory of people he knew who died in WW1.


I have a better how to:

1. Bash a bunch of instruments together
2. Call it advent grade
3. ???
4. Profit!


This sounds like a parody of the Beeltes


File:image.jpeg (122.38 KB,600x848)

Joking aside I feel OP is thinking too hard just mess around until you feel you've got something you like and enjoy yourself with it, also FL isn't beginner friendly at least in my case I started off with Mixcraft it's way less cluttered you enjoy it better. Oh and remove all thoughts about "being a pro" that will trap you in an endless cycle of "I'm not good enough"
They were an inspiration to weapons enthusiast Kurt Cobain.


Sound design is my weakness, I tend to just use presets and modify them a little. I should really sit down and learn how to use a synth or two.

Kind of agree, I sense some potential in that song but he never takes any risks to bring it out.


File:46b127b598e74268c4d2015000….png (210.52 KB,577x697)

but anon, think about it: anyone who plays a traditional instrument can be seen as using a sampler preset - and the instrument is tied to one preset only!
but that doesn't prevent them from performing great songs!
so there is nothing wrong with what you do. if you like the preset then just use it!


relocated a thread from /sum/ into here


File:3f5068e9a0050c7dad67864543….jpg (1.1 MB,1000x1500)

Probably off topic but I had an experience with using music production software to do something "serious".
I need to record a presentation and after recording I found I stuttered a lot and my voice sounded tinny and nasal heavy.
So I fired up my DAW and loaded a compressor with a voice preset and EQ to boost low end and reduce nasal frequency. Then I cut and stitched audio to eliminate all of the stutters and replace bad sounding words with better ones elsewhere in the audio. Also used the DAW's video function to sync audio and video.
It proved to be very useful and the workflow was great and DAW was able to export final video directly.


File:cat_very_fat.jpg (42.78 KB,500x597)

Making build ups is so not fun sometimes


okay but how do I sort 300000 samples


File:Music.mp3 (3.75 MB)

I don't know how to make music, but I keep thinking of this and I think it's funny.


I found this. Not that I make music anymore.


A little old news but Cubase Pro is finally cracked after 15 years or so.
Apparently Cubase is the most popular DAW in Japan so most Japanese tutorials use it. It can be very useful if you want to make anime music or heavy MIDI users since it has the reputation of having best MIDI editing on the market.


Great timing I was looking into expanding my MIDI experimenting opportunities!


I prefer this version to both fixed versions.


It wouldn't sound good at a party, so that kinda defeats the point of house.


File:Warm Summer Bodies.mp3 (6.98 MB)

It would need better build ups for that I think - if only I didn't lose the project files I could work on it more ah well..I honestly don't know what that song would fit for.
I find myself now doing whatever this weird horror stuff that this is, I lack focus...


Dang, maybe this would be a good opportunity to switch away from my dinky little Anvil Studio.


I'd also recommend cakewalk(its free) its midi support is really good and can even do sysex shit which is neat but you may have todo tinkering to figure out what everything does



it sounds very classic Sonic the Hedgehog stage to me and I mean that in the best of ways.
I like it.


who wants to release an albumn. I'll make the name


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (175.46 KB,1280x720)

The closest I've come to making music was in Mario Paint 25 years ago. I don't think I could help... probably. I already have stuff I'm learning and I don't want to spread myself any thinner.
I would like to mess around with music one day, though... One day...


Why do you need sheet notation?


to create read midi files of course


On the topic of Midi I recently found a Japanese Midi sequencer and editor called Domino and its really good. It has built in instrument and control listings for multiple Yamaha and Roland Midi synths which makes it great if you have an interest for making music on an old Roland or Yamaha ROMplers or their VST versions running in a vst host(SCVA or S-YXG50). It's layout is also really quite straight forward at least for me. I found a translation for it somewhere online and it works well https://www.mediafire.com/file/rftudznerz6t16i/Domino_143_English_Ver_0.1.rar


really like this one, i find editing notes in it more handy than any of the daws i have used
by the way it can be used with anything accepting midi, like this that loads custom soundfonts which can substitute these hardware midi synths


File:sysexstuff.png (30.57 KB,649x552)

Yeah its really nice, I also noticed this has the best midi import of any midi editor I've seen also. For example if you load an XG midi with the XG Sound Source Definition it actually converts all the sysex into nice editable parameters which makes it easy to edit compared to a ton of hex.


File:untitled.ogg (1.73 MB)

Doodled a song with hookpad. You only have to pick the chords and make the melody. I think this is the first time I do something music related in about 3 years.


Sounds nice!


File:untitled2.ogg (1.83 MB)


Added a third section and change some things I didn't like.


File:example1.mp3 (811.63 KB)

finally got around to doing a test run, had an idea that I thought needed to be more than one track so I decided to throw this together to see if it would be easy to do. I ended up liking it despite its imperfections, so I wanted to share it


I watched a youtube video about breakbeats that suggested I precure some not sold anymore 90s samplers from the tubes and I looked and there is this huge collection on archive! Exciting



Feel like this could be touched up a bit into something really nice. Can sorta hear things in it that are really pleasing to the ear.


¥Feel like this could be touched up a bit into something really nice
thats the plan, I finally dumped the money into recording equipment and once I get it figured out I wanted to make another improved and expanded version of that.
I set it up yesterday and was having an issue where the input and output was only coming from the left, I'm going to try to fix that tonight.


Oh kissu, this is it! my magnum opus, my absolute best (for now)! I am SO proud


Personally, I feel 0:45-1:05 is a bit too "harsh" for me and a to a lesser extent so is 2:05-2:40, but 2:50 onwards? Good shit, love that part. I'm musically illiterate so I don't know how to express it, I don't know how you did it but I like it, and I can see the song does a lot of stuff in its different sections.


also nice skull love skulls wish i had a skull


That's very impressive!


File:1744d4b3db8f5e39f88f8c3dfe….png (635.96 KB,1024x633)

the sound textures are very nice, the composition is also good
the mixing overall is quite high-heavy and not very ear pleasing, it sounds like 5 layers of OTT stacked on every single track


Nice. The visualization is really cool too.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (413.57 KB,1920x1080)

I agree with this guy a bit with the "harshness". I've always been overly sensitive to this kind of thing and it's not a genre I listen to as a result.
I liked 1:20ish to 2:08 as I honestly can't listen to the rough parts without developing a headache.
Congratulations on creating it!


File:tumblr_28f515294a2a36e1ebd….jpg (39.81 KB,538x550)

Thank you kissu, I really appreciate your comments! I'm sorry if I hurt your eardrums!


File:untitled1.mp3 (200.82 KB)

having alot of issues with my daw and recording software, I switch to audacity which gave me the option to switch to only mono tracks (fixing the one side issue) but audacity isnt very good so it chopped up one of the recordings and was giving me even more trouble with the 3rd track so I cut it. I guess I will give up for now and try again later, eventually i will figure it out and actually be able to do something with all these ideas I come up with


Would be cool to enhance my track with some vocal lines, so I've been playing around with the Synthesizer V for a while. It's certainly a skill to get it to sound great but the interface seems pretty nice. Not that I actually tried any other Vocal Synths hehe. Whats pretty lame is that a purchase apparently gives you three non simultanious licenses, which can get lost if you dont properly deactivate them locally in case of lets say a CPU upgrade. Thats pretty restrictive SIGH hate DRM.

Please share if you have any experience with vocal synthesizers!


File:1531240918319.jpg (8.42 KB,221x228)

Anyone interested in doing a collab song? I mostly do high-energy electronic music. I'm familiar with FL Studio, LMMS, and Famitracker but if you want to work with different software I can try to accommodate.

Nice and hard, don't ever tone it down!


File:5b092f21e3dc0264de48674cbd….jpg (74.57 KB,1011x677)

The commonly used vocal synthesizers in Japan are Vocaloid, Synthesizer V, CeVIO AI and NEUTRINO.

Vocaloid needs no introduction and you can download cracked version + voice banks from nyaa.
Synthesizer V has a cracked version but voice banks are hard to find.
CeVIO AI has been gaining popularity recently thanks to high quality AI singing, but it's not cracked and voice banks are hard to find.

Thankfully there is a free solution: NEUTRINO is a free AI singing software and 12 voice banks are available for download.
Due to AI singing, the voice needs way less effort to tune and the quality is quite good in the mix, you can search NEUTRINO covers on YouTube to see how it works out.
It has no UI, you need to create MusicXML in Musescore first, and run included batch script on it. If you want a UI, an unofficial UI can be found here:

Of course, AI singing technology is constantly evolving, so there are lots of research projects that can generate ever better voices but they aren't very user friendly and often require you to make your own voice banks.


It'd be nice if someone made use of that thread before it fell off


I've used UTAU before, it works. It's pre-AI and just fades pre-recorded phoneme pairs into each other, so it has a bit of a learning curve and requires a lot of fine-tuning. Because it's free there are lots of crappy voicebanks but lots of good ones too. The only thing I hate about it is each voice bank can use a different system, and some of the popular voicebanks are either difficult to use or just plain incomplete and choppy-sounding for English. You know what, don't use UTAU, it's a pain in the ass.


File:R-1677471582988.mp3 (600.61 KB)

Some nonsense I made in BeepBox, mostly to test it out. Seems cool, if a bit limited.


Try Jummbus, it's an expanded version of BeepBox - https://jummbus.bitbucket.io/
In the past I would export each track separately and finish mixing in a DAW, with some effort you can get something that sounds decent and a little less flat


Looks cool, I'll check it out.


File:test.mp3 (227.75 KB)

It seems all I had to do to fix my problems was use reaper, the one I was using before had some issue where it defaulted to stereo recording which doesnt work properly with windows or something, regardless I have got the recording side of things fully figure out though now its too late for me to be making alot of noise. Glad that watching bocchi earlier inspired me to give recording another try, now I am good to go to put down the track thats been in my head


File:1st try-2.mp3 (2.17 MB)

well at least a poorly mixed rough sketch which is missing bass/keys and the vocal track, but its something!
skip to 1:30 for the actual interesting part since the rest is just the 2 main parts alternating to make up a verse and chorus
I was going to put real people vocals on it from the person who will do the other 2 parts, but I could just do them myself slap miku on it and call it a day.


File:Reaper Screenshot 2023-03-….png (97.36 KB,1611x971)

Just found out that Reaper can output some neat GRAPHS after rendering something!
I wonder if it saves them somewhere? Would be neat to compare graphs for all tracks in an album or ep. Definitely cool to so see how the breakdowns, build ups and climaxes compare in loudness.

>from the person who will do the other 2 parts
will you be a band?


Loaded some drum loops into my granular synth, randomized some parameters and let it go! Makes for a super cool sound generator.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Reiwa no Di Gi….jpg (311.36 KB,1920x1080)

Those drums kind of sound like rockets being launched.
Out of curiosity, are there other drum types you can mess with? What about Mario Paint sounds? That'd be cool.


yeah it loads any samples in common audio formats


I have a 2nd Mini Album now, its called Sucide Machine!
It's inspired by the emotional cycle of elation self overestimation failure frustration and recovery.
it happens to me alot (I hope I'm not alone).
So that's 5 hardcore adjacent tracks in total, and what I have learned is that I don't know how people
make full length albums, this EXHAUSTED me. It wasn't any less painful (I'm exaggerating) than
my first mini album, and somehow it suffers from the same general problems too SIGH.
But I don't wanna think about problems now! onwards!
First track is attached


and I'm making another post just for this track, the last one.
Because it's the best! easily the best part of the album.
It's what makes me confident that the whole exercise was defenitely worth it
in the end. Its kinda more DnB so mabey I just feel this way because I'm not super
aware of what's going on in that space.
But it's definitely a significant track for me, from this album it influenced me the most going forward.


File:2024-01-17 19-05-08.webm (1.2 MB,939x528)

I have at times really wished effect plugins would come with a some basic midi support.
On the simplest level something like having a midi triggered ADSR that controls the wet.
Been wondering why that was such a no go. Without I'm stuck using manual automation,
or doing messy things with sidechain compression. Both I find fairly annoying and finicky.

But there might be a way, using Snapheap.

Snapheap is a sort of modular effects rack that lets you set up custom effects by
supplying effects like compression, delay, reverb etc in their most basic form as submodules.
The same with modulation sources. And guess what it has an ADSR and a midi trigger.

So yay, I can finally see if my idea of midi triggered effects is actually a good idea.
I just gotta make them in snapheap.
As an example, a kick triggered ducker.

Anyway snapheap is really cool and when I got it
it was free but it isn't anymore so that's weird


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (261.44 KB,1920x1080)

That's cool.
What's the wet? What's a midi triggered effect?


In this case wet is a measure of how much the audio signal is affected by the effect.
MIDI triggered means that the affect gets applied when there are incoming note signals


since suicide machine ended up being very exhausting and only debatably worthwhile
I decided to make a track with a more relaxed and take it easy kinda attitude.
And I'm very pleased with it yes. I should take it easy more often.

In other news, most of my visualizer code now runs on shader. that makes it go in real time, theoretically.
thats cool right?


File:snapSend.gif (786.12 KB,1090x898)

another thing that I like about snapheap is that I can easily set up effects on a parallel track and then have send and return controls for that without making an actual new track in the daw. Reaper can do on track parallel processing natively but I find it is much more convenient to do it in snapheap. Honestly I think all signal length changing effects like delay and reverb should have send and return natively but so far I haven't seen that...


File:Synthetic Escape.mp3 (1.42 MB)

ai music with sono what do you think?
its not overly censored yet I think so uhhh make what you can as long as the model is hot


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (110.73 KB,1280x720)

I don't like the genre to begin with so I can't judge it, but it feels extra noisy to me in an almost imperceptible way. I can't remember what it's called, but like the background noise that's really low or something.
AI music seems kinda meh to me so far. The fun will be inserting lyrics, but I don't expect it to sound good. The existing AI covers are alright to laugh at, but I don't think anyone listens to them for sheer enjoyment of the musical arts.
AI's main value to me visually is porn and AI's main value to me with text is porn, so with music... I guess there's joke-y moany doujin music but ehhh.


probably my best investment decision is abandoning art for engineering


haha, crazy. It just straight up ripped off Bach


And the "Dubstep" section is formulaic and vocally a complete copy of Infected Mushroom


Yeah, that's kind of what I was wondering about with this stuff. I've listened to a bit of these and many of them sound 'familiar' but nothing that really stands out to me and wows me as a new and interesting sound. That's probably what makes it good for comedic stuff most.


it's good for advertising. All of these AI tools are boiled down to a single concept: Advertise cheaper with similar impact.


creative tools anyways. Even in the case of generating art, people pay for the artist to do it, not for the art.

Pirate minded people don't understand this


File:[Piyoko] Himitsu no AiPri ….jpg (247.91 KB,1920x1080)

Audio AI will likely go through the same process the image and text stuff went through. Absolutely amazing sky-is-the-limit thinking and then people notice all the flaws and patterns and it becomes a lot less interesting over time while the crypto people and investors and CEOs hype it up so they can make money.
Anyway, I don't consider it to be music creation just like prompting images isn't drawing.


the on topic sagey


I wonder if composition can actually be done by AI... as with all AI tools I've used so far I find them more of assistants to get you up to speed with the formulas and basic design of art faster than what you'd get without a mentor.

Can it imitate something weird blending 3 art styles into one like this...


Cosmograph's sound is too good


https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ktP-judV7-8?t=15&feature=share good advice. Really is easy in creating audio maximalizsm

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