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 File:d59bea8834bdf64391256f149b….jpg (2.09 MB,1032x1457)

Is this femdom


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General interest in AI image generation has fallen when you look at the activity levels on 4chan, but one thing that has remained, if not intensified, is the immense power it has to produce fap material.
This is a thread for sharing results or cataloging research into it
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 File:00415-568025506.png (2.7 MB,2395x896)

control net is very good


This is a pretty amazing model, but do you think models heavily trained obviously on a specific artist like this are bordering on plagiarism?


 File:2D models labels.png (71.15 KB,477x597)

I don't know any of those artists, but I heard that pixiv (or fanbox or something related) has started to take action against those that are just blatant copies.
Even though this stuff takes such little effort compared to actually learning to draw, people really aren't using it to its potential at all and are just using one artist at a time at full strength. The true enjoyment comes from combining different artists, anyway, so people are really missing out.

Anyway, I uploaded a chart and I didn't want to edit in this little guide so I'm just posting it here. The images are in rows with each different checkpoint being a horizontal line.

When I do model merge testing, I just name them with the stuff I've used, so the bottom row is "GrapeEaster MonsterCock" because it has, yes, Grapefruit Hentai Model 4, Easter Furry model and, uhh... "Monster Cock". The monster cock model is pretty interesting because even though it is not labeled very well in regards to characters or poses, by using specific outputs in the merge (OUT3 and OUT4) I was able to get its penis influence without severe model damage.
My pride and joy (kissu megamix), which I am actively improving upon, is row number 8 and then kissu megamix v2 is immediately below it. After my recent testing I don't think v2 is worth keeping around, but it'll stay on the server for the possibility that people like whatever it might do best. You may notice it's the only model that can come close to rendering a penis from behind (last two images in each row) without going through extra steps like img2img editing or other annoyances. Such is the power of furries.
It did hit the face quality a bit and you need a tag like "nose" in the negative prompt, but as a side effect of using the furry model it gives it colorful, flat shading that I really prefer anyway. You'll notice two sets of "real life" prompts around the middle (the blonde in a castle and the beach butt) and the third row from the top is one of those "2.5D models" that are mixture of 2D and real life that is closer to RL. (all of these 2D models have real life data in them, no way Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


6 > 2 > 1 > 8 > 4
My top 5.


I could try to make something with the sixth model (ColorBox), but I'm starting to see limitations on it, like how it defaults to a blue skirt every time and all body types are identical despite many different prompts

 File:yxayd4.mp4 (5.57 MB,918x540)


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Such chromatic aberration.


 File:very cute farts.mp4 (17.35 MB,1920x1080)

Posting upon request for MOAR sexy Japanese women releasing the sweetest nectar in the universe. Japanese female farts!!!


 File:giphy-17f938dd13f5666364.gif (4.55 MB,480x312)

i saved this gif a while ago because i thought it was hot. no idea where it's from, probably from a weird game show or something.


 File:chaco lovely mv.mp4 (27.13 MB,650x480)


 File:VengefulBitterZeren.mp4 (2.39 MB,1080x1964)

Raunchy sex addict or accident? You decide!

 File:01.jpg (265.33 KB,1200x1695)


bratty pussy!

 File:d113e8c6c6cf11a3f3b7771fc….jpeg (2.14 MB,3275x4099)


What is the allure of paizuri? What causes a man to want his sperween to be enveloped by a pair of big beautiful boobers?
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 File:FuooTRoaAAEi4YD.jpg (673.62 KB,2488x3516)



 File:20230501_004030.jpg (370.92 KB,600x800)


 File:20230501_004027.jpg (365.53 KB,600x800)


 File:91431cba13bb38a2eb6c4dd08….jpeg (791.83 KB,1865x2111)

we were so close to mob face with lewd bodies being the next big trend in 2020


 File:reimu_paizuri_2.png (30.31 KB,700x773)

 File:cf542aa3f2feda97ab33f95e72….jpg (688.17 KB,1600x1200)


cute small weewee


 File:fedbe4464cc06e03ba99af0812….png (1.41 MB,1405x2000)


 File:09956415dec6288ba5c2a6fc36….png (289.78 KB,635x700)

she's laughing too


 File:ccfd3a826ddf7609a27434df5d….png (428.15 KB,700x641)


 File:432f76bfa40c126c498bb58ddd….png (5.98 MB,2345x4093)


you are automatically a slut if you have these
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 File:10a038ff738f445834f575cc94….jpg (1.49 MB,1500x2000)


 File:102480079_p0.png (1.6 MB,1600x2600)


 File:6697aea06231966a5099ca8481….jpg (2.54 MB,2722x2252)

hey this guy's not bad


 File:e25940132925e24d361b8e40ed….png (709.13 KB,1221x1598)


 File:826ec0fce4cc0fc51d3527deca….png (14.15 MB,4600x3438)

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Homo thread for the gay boys
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 File:108041552_p0.png (486.32 KB,810x1440)

small penis


 File:1684555825949.jpg (622.13 KB,2577x3378)

/megu/ meatup


 File:cf37635779ede5247c1b11e09f….jpg (1.94 MB,2782x2500)

this astolfo definitely strays away from the fanon, but the pic is still nice
i like how he's grabbing both weens


balls not touching
not gay


 File:694c44a22855f206410c05b2a8….jpg (749.13 KB,1280x1280)

wanna taste a wee wean's ween
wee-wee win

 File:a54d388a-884e-43a5-ab4c-5c….png (177.42 KB,300x842)



This manga landed in Twitter court for this joke

 File:95c9d5317d1dbf0c1989b9a42f….png (517.19 KB,723x1022)


which 2hu wud u fug?
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 File:014.jpg (325.4 KB,1050x1485)


 File:01.jpg (597.02 KB,1280x1814)


 File:b66d6559ca800131b974bd561f….jpg (377.24 KB,800x1080)

everyone wants to fuck a fat patchy


 File:81465133_p3.png (1.55 MB,1366x1781)

Set sail for Tengussy!

 File:megu_cult.webm (1.02 MB,960x540)





 File:102770429_p0.jpg (367 KB,1200x848)


Well drawn fellatio is the most erotic sex act
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 File:2787f72565044a0fbaec87113f….png (1.42 MB,1500x2250)




 File:20230501_003150.jpg (196.15 KB,1087x1465)

Gacha sluts....


 File:yande.re 433730 censored f….png (2.34 MB,2318x3300)


 File:12.jpg (650.06 KB,1280x1807)

 File:74a82ac23692937fcdaefa01fd….jpg (1.83 MB,2306x1582)


sugoi milking power


Astolfo's penis too small




Everyone's penis is too small. It doesn't matter whether they're top or bottom, all traps should have big dicks.


 File:fe28fb57132182951cd46082f….jpeg (214.51 KB,1407x1598)


 File:0.jpg (137.63 KB,760x1080)


did you know


 File:the slurper.png (570.45 KB,890x897)


 File:20221124_212524.jpg (204.55 KB,850x1200)


corruption is いいね
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 File:xyz_grid-0042-4062750612.png (1.23 MB,1536x883)

Doggy style sure took on a whole different meaning with the AI...


 File:xyz_grid-0023-3555782450.png (4.59 MB,5124x1264)

A revision to one of my older generations


 File:C-1680109784382.png (634.34 KB,640x640)

bonus one


 File:Fr5e4d7aEAEn_cl.jpg (2.15 MB,5724x2048)


 File:xyz_grid-0043-126074366.png (12.81 MB,9216x1853)

controlnet is pretty insane

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