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File:ecbfd24346feec7e9a94b739d9….png (90.5 KB,368x1000)

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Are tabletop games a good way to make friends


File:70dccdc041a5bc29fbb909ace2….jpg (3.03 MB,1914x2560)

Yes they are.
Speaking of which, does anyone want to play GURPS?


I'll let you know after I learn to play this stuff


I can teach, fuck we can play the 1-page version of GURPS and go from there.
(It's really fucking simple once you get past doing character creation, which even that is easy too.)
Okay so like for GURPS it's point-buy and you can go wild with whatever you want to do with the character, can make them into a god or a fucking, chair, but everyone would probably be playing as a human :^).


I always wanted to try to play, but I do not have friends


Too bad, now we are friends and we are going to play tabletop game!
Anyone know how to do networking stuff for like, a program called Maptool, we're going to use that instead of Roll20 because fuck Roll20, I don't know how to do port forwarding


I'll look into it


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (315.28 KB,1920x1080)



It's an actual spoiler, it's the software they're gonna play on, duh


File:0eb6d64a8b06788847eb75cd60….png (141.14 KB,700x850)

I don't think so. playing with randoms always sucked in my experience


I meant like going to a shop and finding an already existing group, and andy ig


Does anyone know a decent place for tabletop roleplaying, fantasy art and similar stuff that isn't just porn dumps? I desperately want to leave /tg/


table top, and other social games, seem like a terrible fit for the anonymous format


Questden (previously /tg/chan) has people running quests in an anonymous-ish format (they use ids, but are otherwise anonymous), and they seem to have things figured out.


Neat site.
But, hmm, well, a quest is something you can run in any typical thread, it's easy for multiple people to be involved and you can take your time. A normal TTRPG session is in real-time and constrained to one person at a time, I can't see it working out without at least a chat window (and even that is pretty awkward compared to voice comms).


fuck it I'm in


ye, its pretty easy.
*login to your router
*look for tables, NAT forwarding
or some such(google exists also, but surely you new that!)
*enable the port you want for the computer you want.


what kind of setting are we playing?


I'll get back to you when I can come up with a concrete setting idea.
But in terms of like, GURPS, everyone would be making their character as if they were in the modern day.


What book should I look for to check what abilities can character have?


For now, just grab Basic Set (check on 4/tg/ GURPS thread, OP Image is a pdf, and there's a link to the mega.nz of all the books)


Making a character is really hard, I created an excel sheet but there must be a better way to do this.


Just use this, its much easier than doing it all by hand.


It crashes on start


I think the hurdle is going to be getting kissu frens on a voice call


I mean you're not wrong.
but its not an insurmountable challenge
I personally recommend matrix


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (274.19 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I have zero desire to ever speak. It's what keeps me from stuff like VR Chat, but is it really so hard to just type? Maybe use a TTS thing if needed, or the inverse?


I bought a microphone few years ago and only use I had for it so far was recording myself talking in funny voices as I do not play any multiplayer games.


Is it still happening?


General idea is that we're going to be PMCs that travel multiple universes and it'd most likely be like a monster of the week/bad guy of the week kind of mini campaigns.


File:7f0aca61a92755bbd3d451a1f1….jpg (287.71 KB,1000x1334)

Kissu should play Maid RPG together. One of the replays from the book is an oneeshota harem scenario, so you know it's a good game.


File:[danganronpa][enoshima jun….png (1.78 MB,1200x1600)

Also we're doing it over discord, we're doing it over voice, I don't give a shit if you're a shy neckbeard or not, I'm not doing it over text that's a fucking disaster and I would rather be able to free wheel it over a voice chat.
Also we're doing it over tabletop simulator, no I don't give shit, just fucking buy it.
I am open to using Maptool but I'm going to need someone to help me walk through port forwarding process.


no. discordniggers ruin everything. Shoot them when they try to ban you on a whim from playing tabletop IRL.


i had to phone my ISP when i wanted to forward my ports because of something called CGNAT


I am not opposed to voice chat but can't we just do like a zoom conference(voice only)?
However, I am broke and buying Tabletop Simulator at this time is not a smart decision.
In regard to port forwarding, you either login into your router, if your ISP allows router access, or call isp to do it for you, however some scummy ISPs may want you to pay for that.
First you should google "router model port forward" and "your isp port forward"
If you check that and it's ok you can open command prompt and input "ipconfig" and press enter
Your routers ip address should be listed as something like "default gate"
You input that ip into your browsers address bar and you should see something like a router access panel that will ask you for login and password, if you have them they usually are on a sticker on your router, if you don't then your ISP probably doesn't want you accessing the router.
From that point information you find when you googled "router model port forward" and I guess this https://forums.rptools.net/viewtopic.php?t=3492 should carry you.
I hoped that helps you.


I'll get the vtuber mascots


File:fes.png (842.32 KB,910x511)

Depends on the game. Half the fun of them is bantering with friends, some of them are designed for you to do that like secret h*tl*r. it can be awkward when you're the third wheel who doesn't know how to play and it's easier to get to know each other if the rules aren't complicated.

I can't see something like this being fun online without VC. Stamps and text have their limits. if someone is tired, they could just not talk much or only when they have to. I'm not planning to play, just saying.

I watched ¨Houkago Saikoro Club¨ (After School Dice Club) while it was airing. It's a regular SoL about TTG, can't really recommend it unless you're into them. I have no idea how this works but someone made a steam workshop collection with the games they play in it.


We can try it over zoom.
Oh yeah! Everyone gets a vtuber mascot.

Also for the campagain, the idea is that we'd all be cute anime girls that go out and try to fight the ideological monster of the week while on another world-line.


Also for the books, just go to 4/tg/ and find the GURPS thread. You'll know where to find it.
Right now I'm thinking, at least on my end is that the players would need Basic Set, Martial Arts, and Action series. We'll probably be also doing Gun-fu too.

So in short:
This what you'll need to at least skim over:
Basic Set (One Volume)
Action (1-4, 7)
Martial Arts

In terms of points, everyone starts off with 200 points to spend on their character. With Appearance (Beautiful) at [0].


Also probably High-Tech too if you want a wider variety of weapons (sadly no FAMAS for some reason...)


File:Ichinose Asuna.pdf (197.35 KB)

Also here's an example character that I made.
I'm still up in the air if we should do it over discord, I'm way more used to doing it over discord I'm not going to lie.


Okay so gameplan:
Session zero is next Saturday (Feb 3, 2024).
If you need help building a character, I'm easy to reach here on steam, I'm A Spook Kuma and if you want to reach me over on >pissc*rd it's spookslmao, there's going to be a picture of Junko Enoshima cannot miss it.


also I downloaded the gurps zip, and turend it intoo a torrent.


Tell me if it doesn't work


Okay so does this have all the books or just the books I'm asking /qa/ to download?


Hey so seriously everyone, reply to this post with your steam ID if you want to be part of the campgain so I can help you with building characters for this game.


also tell me we're not using tabletop simulator, that seams excessive.(also I don't own it or plan on owning it)


We're probably not going to use that, we're probably going to use Maptools (its free). I just need to test figuring out how to get people to connect to it.


Okay so apparently people are pushing me towards using Roll20, and that's what I'm going to do.


What's Roll20? It a program or uhh... ruleset or something? I don't know anything about this stuff (and I'm not going to play) but I'm curious


Website VTT, a lot of people use it.


Okay is anyone actually wanting to play GURPS, do the session 0/build character this Saturday at 1pm EST?
None of this is negotiable, it's at 1pm EST.
Hell I don't even want to GM anymore, I feel like everything I do is a complete fucking failure and that I can't even do anything right. I really don't know what's going to happen on Saturday.


I'll message you tomorrow, trust me.



Anyways this is the probable gameplan for the mini-campaign:


Here's the situation:
Has the information for the first campaign, it's going to be somewhat of a sandbox just do the three objectives.
Message me when you get a chance.


File:1148e7f478f7a4c3e03f7e6119….jpg (465.87 KB,978x946)

Anyways so we're going to be using Roll20 instead of tabletop simulator.
I've never used roll20 as a GM but I'm willing to try it out.


Also Roll20 has an intergated voice thing, so that should work for me as well.
Here's the thing, I'm going to probably be doing stuff in voice, but if you want to play it out in text, go for it.


I am so fucking excited for Saturday, hopefully everyone is ready to learn how to build characters:
I do recommend using >>118437 for building characters.

I do want to show off the cool shit you can do in GURPS too.


File:7ea7f945e4054c80395ec45f8d….jpg (Spoiler Image,438.45 KB,1849x1505)



why not just play baldur's gate


I've been playing Baldur's Gate for some 24 years now.


File:repairwoman-1.png (565 KB,1700x2200)

I made myself a character but the gurps character sheet program but looking up everything was hard and it's probably bad, and I do not understand what I am doing.


File:20cb8671e9c26f3bf67a2fa539….png (Spoiler Image,942.03 KB,1440x1680)

A couple of things:
You should have some advantages like combat reflex/disadvantages so can have more points.
Also you are free to use any of the templates from the Master Library thing, I would recommend since this is an action game, go to Action > Classes > Specialists, and grab whatever you feel would work for your character.
Change the tech level to 8.
Skills increase by 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 etc, so you're basically wasting points
Wrench needs to have the skill level, just have it be associated with the Mace skill. (Click on the Wrench item, go into melee, scroll down until you see: Default and change it to be Mace at +0)

Good things of note:
Increasing your dexterity is a good thing, means you aren't spending points on skills.

In short good job, most people would panic at this stage, make sure you keep the GCS file so you can update the character as well. Also skim-read Basic Set.

Also on Saturday we'll be in the process of fine-tuning the characters so there more optimized.


Whoa, that's cool. I kind of want to make a character now even if I'm not playing. The program looks like a Microsoft spreadsheet thing, but the finished product seems really nice.


There is nothing in the master library so the program probably doesn't work properly for me.


File:232132313.mp4 (6.94 MB,400x222)

Listen this is going to sound really fucking ghetto but would you rather I just recreate the character with the master-library stuff?
It's no issue for me, and the first real tabletop session with like dice rolls and true combat is next week, this Saturday we're just trying to otmpize the characters and get a crash-course on the system, like contest rolls, combat roll (Attack, if defender defends, no damage, if defender fails their defence, they take damage) that kind of shit.


File:repairwoman-2-1.png (592.77 KB,1700x2200)

Sure you can do it, but please don't be mad if you waste your time if we're not able to play if there are some circumstances that make playing impossible.
However I have added traits, and some details to the equipment. The equipment values and weight are estimates and I did not consult gurps sources.

Does the master library need to downloaded and added separately? I assumed it comes included with GCS.


File:repairwoman-2-2.png (140.97 KB,1700x2200)


>Does the master library need to downloaded and added separately
No it should have come with the program, are you using any linux distro by chance?
Also goddamn that's like a really strong mechanic.
>if we're not able to play if there are some circumstances that make playing impossible.
Ah hell let's just try to make it to tomorrow and figure out what would be a perfect time.


Is that strong? The build is very focused in one area with near to no combat skills. Maybe I should remove some of those skills and invest more into combat.


Generally speaking, I would not super-specialize unless I know the system well enough. Playing to one's sole skill (when that it is own minigame with extra requirements on knowledge of the game mechanics) to offset one's many weaknesses can be challenging.
But I am not involved in your game. If your party and DM are fine with it, you shouldn't let my words discourage you.


File:8d40e1387038c966a7d2d873ea….jpg (1.3 MB,2000x1414)

I'll probably post the roll20 link tonight.
I only have two issues:
1) The skills usually have like an Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard kind of thing, I'm assuming you're going with easy for all of them (which makes it at +0) which is why the skills are like, really high
2) You need a ranged attack if you want to be viable in this game. Or at least stealth so you can use that wrench of your as a club.

All of this will be rememdied tomorrow so let's not worry about it too much.


Well actually you might not need stealth, you can still use that wrench as a makeshift weapon, but I would recommend a pistol or a submachine gun.
But we don't have to worry about it for right now.


File:104897c7ae880e4e3b352eb115….png (43.31 KB,663x713)

Here is where we're going to be playing.
Remember, this is just a session #0 and just getting the characters ready and get like a general overview of how GURPS is played.

If you don't have an account, just make one.


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (330.07 KB,1920x1080)

Take screenshots when you play! I have no idea what it's like (and won't play due to needing a mic and all), but I'm interested in seeing it.


File:6749075a7c25805c7849f96fad….jpg (215.28 KB,850x1028)

You don't need a mic as a player. It's just easier for me to bullshit on the fly.


File:485170517a0edda0f1e184a8e7….jpg (Spoiler Image,380.2 KB,1480x1600)

Okay so I am really fucking DUDE right now, so right now I just want everyone to know that it is at 1pm EST tomorrow (Feb 3).
Even if you aren't going to play and you just want to record me being a sperg, go ahead ;^)

I think we should do a mix of voice and text. Like if you're willing to talk, go for it, but if you aren't, just be willing to listen to me and I'll read your text and go from there.


File:9e23ba0936386902a051061b24….png (198.45 KB,1060x929)

So I'm really excited for today's session, I hope everyone has fun too!


File:Mucisian.pdf (193.05 KB)

so far


File:1595619591562.gif (645.51 KB,241x313)

We managed to get our shit in a pile and now we got until next week to start playing.


File:combat medic-1.png (669.25 KB,1700x2200)

Gentlemen, I was told you were in severe need of firepower and medical care.
I've come to remedy both of those things.


File:combat medic-2.png (283.1 KB,1700x2200)

Pay no mind to these disadvantages, I assure you it will all be under control.


How does armor work in gurps?


Basically it negates damage.
Like if someone shot him and it hits, and the damage is like... let's say 40 (7d6) he'll take 5 damage.
Plus its like dwarf fortress adventure mode where combat is like, you can target a limb at -2 for a targeted and minus the hit location.

So for example, Combat Medic getting hit in the torso, damage is 40, it negates 35 of the damage.

Any of this make sense?


I think to make it more interesting, there should be HP for the armor so it isn't totally OP.
It's GURPS, just make it consistent.



Also, I discovered talents exist. This has lead me to re-evaluate my prior choices and shuffle some stuff around, as well as change post-combat shakes for thalassophobia because what good is a medic that gets frozen after combat? I already had selected cannot float previously, so it makes sense.


If you rolled 40 with 7D6, I'd call you a damn cheat.


File:94ad0b353b52fa954cadaaadb8….jpg (367.69 KB,1912x3000)

:^) there's a 0.01% chance of it being rolled, so it could happen.
That's fine, just need the character finalized by Saturday.


File:1616090440167.png (163.07 KB,361x439)

>there's a 0.01% chance of it being rolled, so it could happen
Then I'm certain it will.


File:2449a58287019b34c7c74b26ef….jpg (163.08 KB,1533x1419)

I have finished the major NPCs for the mini-campaign.
Now all I have to do is make a super scuffed MSPaint looking battlemaps.


File:57a74330286a8f632ae7a17262….jpg (266.82 KB,500x1125)

I am humbling asking for this thread to have a little astrick for the time being so I can update the people in the thread.
I really don't want to make a thread about the exploits of the game.


No, that explanation is detailed but doesn't explain the math behind it.


it's like the basic manual says
>Subtract DR from basic damage.
really, just that
in this case if someone hits me in the torso with an attack, and rolls for a certain amount of damage, then when you have the result you do X-35 in this case, and that's it
you can check it our yourself in the basic set pg. 378-79
>Example: Filthy Pierre is struck by an axe, which does cutting damage. His attacker’s basic damage roll is 7, but Pierre is wearing DR 2 leather armor, so he suffers 5 points of penetrating damage.


So if someone rolls less than that it does no damage?


Imagine trying to cut through plate armor with a saber.




Pretty much yeah.
But because I don't want the players to like a Sundowner, they got narrative HP. You'll know what I mean when it happens :^)


File:5d4b268d3a237dda98b5afb836….jpg (792.3 KB,900x1200)

To anyone that wants to join!
You can still join if you want, there's always a slot open for someone!


File:1707112318916.webm (125.86 KB,1920x1080)

First session of the tabletop game was played.
There was no random encounters (thank god), and the group managed to clear out like a squad of 9 or 8 Wehrmacht Soldiers. Got like, 2 more areas to clear out.


Sent off in the company of a settler, his horse and a wagon, we set upon a southward road intermittently patrolled by Nazi scouts, blessed in their absence, riding through the rolling hills and steppe grasses overseen by the thickly forested mountain range further past our goal. We arrived much like the Greek tyrant's leased workforce, welcomed by a number of armed men disinterested in the possibility of paperwork, garrisoned across various posts behind low cover and a shack where they housed their supplies along a crackling radio and we killed them all.


Are you playing in a fantasy setting or something different?


This 5.56 cartridge right here ain't no fantasy.


how many cute girls are the this campaign
how many lolis are in this campaign
if the PC group isn't 50% loli at absolute minimum then you are doing something seriously wrong


File:1a1ab71af4f6227afb2f56c044….png (518.04 KB,723x1071)

>how many cute girls are the this campaign
None at the current moment.
>how many lolis are in this campaign
None at the current moment.
>if the PC group isn't 50% loli at absolute minimum then you are doing something seriously wrong
Players can make whatever they desire.


Takes place in 800BC North Caucasus where Nazis got an oil field set up.
I'll get my trip right one of these days.


File:C-1707673275925.png (416.17 KB,1051x959)

Roleplaying as a loli is tactically disadvantageous. Look at these damn penalties, I'm not putting up with this stuff.


>those who wish to roleplay "heroic" children do not have to play less-capable characters - they can create their characters normally.
If you want more realism, just put fewer points into the attributes and skills that you think the loli has not grown into yet and instead put them into attributes that you reckon her lolicious genius has unlocked for her.


File:SaWo lolis.png (58.88 KB,359x493)

Just play Savage Worlds instead.


File:76b43afea5b7922834e06d53a1….jpg (286.76 KB,760x1516)

Oh hell if SM-1 isn't a point issue, I could probably make legal lolis/very petite women a thing :^)

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