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File:qanime.png (3.63 MB,1500x3132)

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I was reminded that another year has passed since the last time the /qa/ anime chart was updated, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to bring it back, update it, and improve on it a bit in the process.

The format for deciding on picks this year will be the same as the last with the addition of maybe singling out a specific anime of each year to be the most /qa/ anime of the year. For the current candidates that should be easy since there's only 4 of them, but for this year we'll have to conclude all the seasonal polls first and then afterwards decide.

The polls will be made separately and then linked in the thread with at least 3 days allotted for people to decide on winners, and I'll make a new poll for each season every day, starting with Winter 2021 today. To not make cheating so easy I'll make it so an IP needs at least 3 posts to vote, which shouldn't really be hard for anyone I hope. Also the AOTY polls will probably all be at the end or sometime in-between since they shouldn't be as hard of a decision.


>Mahou Gakuin no Futekigousha
Didn't know it was well received in /qa/
>make it so an IP needs 3 posts to vote
I sure hope I've +3 posts with whatever VPN server I'm on that day...


File:concerned girl.png (801.94 KB,1280x720)

It's 3 posts...


>Didn't know it was well received in /qa/
There weren't dozens of threads for it, but I remember threads popping up now and then and people talked about it. Great show


Just an fyi for anyone wondering, this isn’t always just your favorite or the best anime but the one you think /qa/ talked about or liked or had the most fun with.


It was really well received in the stream


Oh yeah, in case anyone missed it


popularity contests are for norms


File:3WWedRn.jpg (39.96 KB,500x375)


Forgot to link Spring


Summer is now up too, with potentially a hard choice.


Friendly reminder for anyone who has already voted, or has yet to vote: you can vote for multiple shows at once instead of just choosing one!


4chan reply


File:1405893008578.png (63.06 KB,554x436)

Pretentious reply


Fall poll is up, and as an aside I should probably do nominations before I make polls next time.


File:1640561361422.jpg (272.11 KB,1431x2048)

I think Heike Monogatari and that Higurableggghhhh sequel were the only seasonals I watched this year.


File:tuuli_11.jpg (155.26 KB,1363x1784)

tuuli is /qa/


I don't see how.


yeah she is the teal deal


File:qanime.png (3.93 MB,1500x3132)

And the first results are in!


@that sotsu pic


i question whether some of these truly are the /qa/est anime of their season, but its too late to debate i suppose


some seasons, like in 2015, are just tough


i’d say 2015-2019 are by definition the most /qa/nime due to the votes being taken from old /qa/
2015 and 2016 would be the hardest to accept due to those seasons being before/during /qa/‘s formation
after 2019 is more malleable due to the move onto kissu and technical divergence from /qa/



Aside from Spring, I'd say 2016's results are pretty clear.


I agree but the /qa/ we know didn’t really start to form until mid to late 2016 so I wouldn’t consider any of these polls before then as being reliable since I see these polls as gauging the posting activity/quality of certain shows during the corresponding season they aired.


File:a5f684308c844f41b07fbbc875….jpg (4.86 MB,4961x3508)

come to think of it there hasn't been any good new cute girl anime for almost 2 years since houkago teibou nisshi
it could've been a /qa/ anime if it was considered summer since most of episodes were delayed
the future of cute girl anime seems bleak...


File:[SubsPlease] Slime Taoshit….jpg (161.8 KB,1280x720)


there was super cub last spring


Doesn't Mieruko-chan count as a cute girl anime? There was that mug club anime too.


So, do we have a tie?


I don't feel qualified to vote as I haven't seen every anime in 2021. Why is there an option to vote for something that's not even out yet?


the wat now
I mean the poll's closed and there's a tie between Mieruko and Gyakuten. Fall 2019 was both Bookworm and Iruma.


The future (past) of cute girl anime has been good.


File:33135ee0978415c3e1ecda36cb….jpg (1.68 MB,2993x2894)

Is this project still alive?
There isn't any /poll/ for 2022 anime even.


It's not dead, it's just...


someone needs to tiebreak grandol vs mieruko


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 06 (….jpg (144.73 KB,1280x720)

"Project" makes it sound so serious.
Oh, doing it every season seems like hard work. Maybe we can just do it at the end of the year?


File:1653718162081.mp4 (1.57 MB,1280x720)

it's very serious
all the major animation companies follow the OFFICIAL /QA/ ANIME chart when deciding which projects to move forward with


put mewkledreamy mix on it


So, uh...


Hm, probably fine to do one now... And maybe make a habit out of it too.


Should really do one once all the stuff in the seasonal stream for a particular season is over and then have a /poll/ since stuff will be fresh in people's minds.


I think instead I'll just start polling along with the season, and set the end date to a bit after everything 1-cour has finished airing. As time progresses it'll be fun to see how the polls evolve.


File:[SubsPlease] Lycoris Recoi….jpg (277.69 KB,1920x1080)

Polls are up!

Fall 2021: >>>/poll/2379
Winter 2022: >>>/poll/2380
Spring 2022: >>>/poll/2382
Summer 2022: >>>/poll/2386

Probably a good thing I was reminded about the polls now while Summer is still somewhat fresh in people's minds because that poll's going to be something else... Was debating whether to cut it down to just the 4 big options or not...


File:[UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_24_….jpg (196.64 KB,1920x1080)

I still hate Somali and after watching Shinsekai Yori I've grown to hate it even more.


Only one day left on most of the voting!


File:1641070012136.png (4.24 MB,1500x3132)

Fall/Winter/Spring Polls finished up, the remaining poll is still quite close and has 2 weeks left!
Summer 2022: >>>/poll/2386

Also a poll for the current season has been started, and ends a couple weeks after this season ends!
Fall 2022: >>>/poll/2480

Also Eris won, I decided this.




File:[KissuSubs] Salami to Mori….png (1015.15 KB,1280x720)



i don't know the connection between somali's adventures and shinsekai?


The message in Somali is force-fed down your throat in the most ungraceful manner possible. It pissed me off so much during the flashback episode for the witch or whatever it was that I considered dropping the anime there. Watching SSY tackle a form of discrimination in a very mature manner made me think back to how poorly it was done in Somali and further pissed me off that this anime got a spot on the /qa/nime chart.


somali's somalian salami
(emanelif ecin←)


File:[HorribleSubs] Somali to M….jpg (144.06 KB,1280x720)

Sometimes a cute girl exploring some a fantasy environment with her golem dad is all you need. Not everything is meant to tackle life's mysteries or deep philsophical debates. It's like that show, uhh... what was it.. I"m awful with names.. the one with the manga artist dad and the girl that was really nice for the similar reason of a relationship between a dad and his daughter




File:[HorribleSubs] Kakushigoto….jpg (558.55 KB,1280x720)

You mean Kakushigoto where the anime outside of the father-daughter dynamic was a funny satire on the life of a mangaka rife with social commentary and black humor that stood up well on its own outside of the cute father/daughter relationship?



Two years after I made the edit someone caught it. My time was not wasted!

Yeah that one. I only remember the father-daughter part. I couldn't tell you anything else about it.


File:1589473746696.jpg (368.2 KB,1280x720)

Kakushigoto had some great references to SZS. I would have loved it if they brought back the Zetsubou Shoujo tachi to voice the loli versions of their characters.


File:1668651292801.png (4.49 MB,1500x3132)

2022 is DONE


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (128.71 KB,1280x720)

Kuon.... I miss you


while bocchi is also a good pick, the fact that fall wasnt frans show makes me think that everyone is just picking their favorite show instead of the most /qa/ show


Anonymous... have you even looked at /qa/ or /jp/?


I just so happen to be looking at it right now


Then you can probably see:
Bocchi threads (topic or pic in OP) on /qa/ - 4
Bocchi threads (topic or pic in OP) on /jp/ - 13
Fran threads (topic or pic in OP) on /qa/ - 0
Fran threads (topic or pic in OP) on /jp/ - 1


File:[Isekai-mini] Tensei shita….png (2.58 MB,1920x1080)

I think it's hard to distinguish it, or if it's possible at all. People were definitely more interested in Bocchi overall, but Fran had nekomimi and a fashion montage and eating and very cute reactions and the moe "desire to protect" so it also makes me think it was more kissu-like. Ultimately, though, I think what is most /qa/ (kissu) is what people are most interested in talking about and posting so Bocchi won out.
Fran already had season 2 announced at the end of the last episode so she has another chance to win at least.


Her chick apron was better than the rest of the season combined


why do people keep saaaaying thiiiis
every time, someone arrives five minutes later and asks "man, don't you remember XYZWQGHTHK?"
and then it's "ah, no, i don't"
come oooonnn


Kiniro mosaic was just 2015? It feels like it came out in 2011


>everyone is just picking their favorite show instead of the most /qa/ show

Welcome to internet popularity polls, don't forget to like and follow me on MAL!


Bocchi is in my heart and my heart is on the quay


I know everyone use AniList or Kitsu now, but I think it's funny how imageboards resented MAL for the longest time, I know it's because of the forums, but everyone used the service for years.

The CSS of MAL used to give me warm fuzzies because of how retro it looked and I thought it was cool that you could do custom HTML for your list, although I guess Taiga made that irrelevant.


People resented the MAL forums, and if they resented it for its technical use then they were retarded monkeys beating anyone that climbed the ladder.


Also personally, I always preferred the look of anidb, probably because it's easier on the eyes...


I still use MAL, it's fine. I had not heard of those sites you mentioned before so I looked at them and they appear to do the exact same thing just with perhaps a sleeker looking UI(they also seem to have a very similar UI to each other) but while it is sleeker I don't think I like it more.


I hate the layout of every anime cataloging site, but anilist is the least offensive to me. I appreciate anidb's frames-like look for nostalgia's sake, but it was definitely designed with lower resolutions in mind. MAL just looks too "busy" to me, I don't know how else to describe it. I think it needs better defined areas of the screen.


I never felt MAL was too busy or had any problems at all, are you browsing through PC or a phone? I don't use a phone but I feel like the UIs of the two newer sites probably are made for phones and suit them better.


The big thing is that both of those are open source.


MAL killed its API several years ago, which broke Taiga functionality. I think it's back now, but I already migrated and there's no real reason to go back. The main purpose of any of these sites is to be a Taiga backend.


None of that matters or makes much sense to me, I don't know what Taiga even is. I suspect for most users this is likewise not much of a concern.


Your missing out, it makes everything so much easier


PC of course. I don't know, it just doesn't look as good as anilist to me. Just personal preference, I guess


I don't think this poll is supposed to be a strict popularity contest or what anime embodies /qa/ the most but rather what anime left the most on impression on /qa/ in terms of posts or threads. Basically which anime you talked the most about or think was talked the most about.


I used to use AniList but eventually just started tracking everything in an excel document
One thing I regret not keeping was the dates I started and finished anime, and now it's too late to backfill them


i used to keep track of anime
don't bother anymore though and i don't watch nearly as much anyway


I mean, yeah, it's literally a poll used to decide which anime was the most popular in or representative of /qa/. Some people vote for several at a time, but I usually go with just one or two, in this case Bocchi and Fran, even though I barely watched Bocchi because it came first and conflicted with my schedule. I don't think an anime I didn't watch counts as my favorite.


the chart is needlessly confusing with how you have the 4 pics of each year's anime in a grid then the names of them in a separate grid below
may I suggest moving the labels around so it's a grid of
and presenting it that way in a year's time


I know people post these to annoy others, but this guy was well regarded on /a/ once upon a time, do you agree with his picks?

I dont. I think its very basic taste.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (113.74 KB,1280x720)

It's completely, entirely, utterly, wholly, undoubtedly, fiercely, irrevocably and undisputedly unrelated to the /qa/nime


He puts Birdie Wing in the last spot because he knows his viewers don't care. But he cares.


the /secret/ anime


It's not that unrelated, it's tangentially related as both topics are about the best anime of a year


when in the fuck was anybody besides grumpy jii-san well regarded on /a/...


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (259.22 KB,1920x1080)

Of all the times to value a kissu person's opinion over a random youtuber e-friend, the thread specifically about kissu's group consensus about kissu's choice of kissu's anime of the season for kissu is when it should be about kissu's opinion


kuso post


File:1628281895547.jpg (93.03 KB,596x652)

Sorry pal I am highly allergic to videos about anime meta made by non-Japanese people.


Gigguk is a good content creator. We need more people who have fun with anime and less people (like those quoting it) getting angry at people who like anime


File:1353162959089.png (28.4 KB,109x112)

Creating content, for me to poop on.


File:1609654843948.jpg (48.49 KB,320x320)

mokou the content p**per


I'm sure this must be a baffling concept for you, but people who actually like anime have fun by actually watching it.


I'm going to make videos reviewing my favorite anime and place them on Kissu just so you get mad and leave


File:92608128_p0.png (391.49 KB,800x1184)

I doubt it!


File:[MLU-S] Onii-chan wa Oshim….jpg (273.24 KB,1920x1080)

Well, we do need to update the chart to accommodate more years now so I guess we could try having people draw up ideas to do this.

So if people want to make a submissions for how we can go about updating the /qa/nime chart we can post them in this thread and then maybe have a /poll/ on which people prefer most.


>So if people want to make a submissions for how we can go about updating the /qa/nime chart we can post them in this thread and then maybe have a /poll/ on which people prefer most.
this guy read the CIA manual


File:[Chyuu] Kuma Miko - Girl M….jpg (329.15 KB,1280x720)


which part

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