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File:301df07dab4ef0b53b81f73aaa….jpg (99.43 KB,410x620)

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Gone from Ubuntu to Debian, but Debian kind of sucks as a desktop environment (constant freezes, poor drivers and performance issues. Also issues with Steam's client)

Where do I go next?


File:04f20e9cc2c19f5a41f79cc38d….png (117.21 KB,1579x1581)

trending towards going back to ubuntu




Might as well try it, but likely not too different from Ubuntu


What sort of performance issues? Your choice of desktop environment might make more of a difference here than your distribution.


dude, I will be honest. I had to look up what that even meant


yeah my craptop was able to run ubuntu after i loaded xfce
before that it was slower than a snail on benzos
still not sure of what i did, just followed the instructions


This isn't a craptop. It has a Ryzen7 4000 with integrated AMD graphics.
It's entirely the fault of Debian and I shouldn't have to go out of my way to modify it's desktop environment(whatever that is) to get it to work fine


File:2022-11-30-175538_1920x108….png (866.43 KB,1920x1080)

Lightweight desktops like XFCE, LXDE,LXQT and others are great for saving ram and CPU. Personally I am more of a window manager only guy and I use i3 with Polybar its very comfy. Also yes this is being run on a PS4, I hacked it and put Linux on it and its now the best PC I own at the moment


If linux wants to ever be something beyond a microservices and server system I should not have to wory about any of this so that my 2020 PC with 8gb of ram does not lock up when I run NPM build with Steam and 20 atom tabs open!!


always assume that it does not, in fact, werk
one way or another, you will modify something however big or however small


How are you so certain that it is Debian's problem?


Because windows 10 worked perfectly fine until I switched to it. There's no reason I have to deal with system freezes because I have too many tabs open on a browser or run a software build program.

Linux is overall a completely garbage system for desktops and the only redeamable aspect is how well apt install works.
That you have to even think about how desktops work(just remove gnome LOL) in order to use it is not an advantage. It is a glaring flaw.


and yes I do have the most recent drivers installed. I can play games on it. But web streaming? Large moniters? NOPE


Did I have any of these problems on Ubuntu with my desktop? NO. Yet you retards go on and on about UBUNTU HAD PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE ON IT 20 YEARS AGO.



Clearly you have set it up incorrectly.


People say they have problems with Linux but when I use it, it goes fine for me, are people just doing more advanced things or what? I'm able to browse the internet, play games, compile software, etc just fine without any crashing or freezes


>system freezes because I have too many tabs open on a browser
That one might actually be Linux's fault (Linux is the kernel, you've read the pasta already). The way it manages running out of memory is kind of garbage. You could try installing oomkiller so your browser crashes when you open too many tabs instead of your whole system locking up.


By the way, are you on Debian stable, testing, or unstable?


File:[Judas] Shirobako - S01E22….jpg (109.47 KB,1920x1080)

No, Windows people are just retarded and will give up on everything the moment they hit a bump in the road 1 mm tall. I had a lot more problems with my previous Windows installation than I've ever had after I switched to Debian.
OOMKiller should already be installed, have had run-ins with it a couple times without me manually installing it. I increased the amount of swap on my PC (from 0 to 4 GB) and haven't had any problems since. Though, it does take some time for the OOMKiller to kick in and crash a browser.


looks normal to me

PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="11 (bullseye)"

I've been using debian for a few months now and I'm getting sick of it. It is not a desktop environment unless you hate features that come with any modern OS


That's stable. For a personal computer I would recommend using testing or unstable. You'll have way more problems on stable due to the software being so far out of date than you'll have from the software in testing or unstable not having been tested enough.


If Debian's too outdated, and you're not hellbent on wanting to stick with Debian, try Fedora. It's basically the same as Debian (at least concerning a normal user) except that you'll have to use dnf instead of apt.


been using manjaro for a while now and it's fine for anything other than most games, windows is clearly better there


Yeah, if someone is going to want to use a fork of Arch you don't want to go with Manjaro. Try Artix (no systemd), ArcoLinux, and/or if you need something more user friendly then I suggest EndeavourOS well over Manjaro. Either way, Manjaro fucking sucks.


>Either way, Manjaro fucking sucks.
Why? I used it for a while and liked it.


I was experiencing the same problem, since I didn't have oomkiller enabled. This was a major annoyance for me but it seems like it's fixed


It beats having to switch to something else so sure, I'll try and see how it is.

On Ubuntu, which tries to be a real OS instead of your hacky garbage distro, this oomkiller has, annoyingly, caused various server processes to terminate mid action, so I had assumed that Debian was the same thing.
But thinking about it, I don't think I've seen it show up in my syslog ever after switching everything to Debian.


>NPM build
I think running a build system is your problem. my Windows machine makes everything else run slow when I click the build button in Visual Studio. People write build systems and compilers assuming that you want the programs to finish their work as fast as it can possibly be done.


File:Screenshot from 2022-12-01….png (143.77 KB,749x900)

Linux problem.
Not configuring their systems correctly for consumer... AKA DESKTOP... use


File:C-1669954821974.png (101.9 KB,1005x497)

Linux continuing to suck ass as a desktop environment


File:bc2a38ea9e096bc97c13f1bba7….png (122.19 KB,600x560)

The sheer ignorance of how virtual memory works in this thread is astounding. All operating systems using it including Windows and macOS have the same problem, it's not unique to linux.

Windows notepad does the same if you don't set the correct locale.


File:C-1669956215081.png (165.97 KB,1640x504)

Funny how I can do all of this in Windows without having to set anything up. If windows had an equivalent to apt-get I wouldn't ever touch this thing for how inconvinient it is.

Hey you retard.
Which locale is correct?
Why is my login screen in Japanese yet I still can't view the file?
Why is it that this works on my Windows Desktop?
Why is every "Linux can replace Windows" enthusiast such a dunce when it comes to having a functional UI that doesn't waste your time???


None of these are correct because it's not encoded with UTF-8, which you should already know if you have the slightest idea on Windows locale and encoding.
If your Windows locale isn't set to Japanese or the text isn't encoded with Shift-JIS ot UTF-8, you will get the same result and no, Windows will not figure out which is the correct encoding the text has for you.

>If windows had an equivalent to apt-get I wouldn't ever touch this thing for how inconvinient it is.
chocolatey, nuget, or WSL are better for you


File:C-1669957400901.png (25.58 KB,729x446)

this OS is a



File:C-1669957664130.png (177.48 KB,1101x587)

No one should ever touch this OS for anything involving enjoyment


File:C-1669958196504.png (170.72 KB,974x818)

What a fucking joke of an OS


I give up. No one who has an interest in Japanese as a foreigner should touch Linux. Just don't.


I'm guessing the text is encoded in non-UTF-8 encoding, I've noticed Microsoft (notepad at least) uses UTF-16 (or higher) by default when saving files. Maybe try changing Atom's default encoding to UTF-16 (or higher).


works on my machine


Not true, I haven't ran into any problems so far, except with archived Japanese filenames being encoded in proprietary Windows encodings, which is just Windows being Windows and nothing to do with Linux.


Oh yeah, could be a proprietary Windows encoding as well, in which case there's not much you can do I guess.


Alright. I will try and do some text reader stuff on website programs


File:C-1669958895932.png (24.34 KB,493x390)

Well, that gets it working.

Want to see something stupid though... let me set it up for you


I tested such a file in Clion, it detected the default UTF-8 was wrong and let me select an encoding manually, I selected Shift-JIS and it worked. Never had to change locale at all.


Linux is




ugh, lets not show the website IP by accident...


File:2022_12_02_00z_Kleki.png (277.35 KB,1323x833)


Let me just reitterate that Japanese characters do work in my text editor. But the ones I got from a certain source do this


File:texteditor.png (29.67 KB,890x652)

I don't use Linux much, so can't give any definitive advice, but have you checked through the top-bar to see if you can change the encoding (as in the attached image)?


Just download the file and get owned.


File:texteditor2.png (128.87 KB,918x656)

I was able to get it working. Using Firefox, I was able to see it was encoded in Shift-JIS. While that isn't compatible by default with Sublime Text, I was able to download a package (ConvertToUTF8) that adds the functionality. While that was on Windows, you should be able to do the same on Linux (both Sublime Text and the relevant package have Linux versions, or if you like the text editor you are currently using it probably has a similar package you could install instead).


That's great that you feel like doing this, but I should just move my chair over to my windows PC and give up on ever doing something conviniently in Linux


This thread is a bunch of youngsters tinkering with Linux for the first time, huh?




I use Xubuntu and Geany. I look like I'm following the crowd, but I'm really the trendsetter.


So much rudeness ITT...


¥open in mousepad
¥tells me it's not UTF-8, asks me to select an encoding
¥select shift-JIS
¥just werks


File:[SubsPlease] Do It Yoursel….jpg (169.72 KB,1280x720)

Ranting at computers is one of the most historical aspects of the internet


nothing was able to show me encodings...


that's some funky hacker solitaire


File:OSviews.jpg (492.13 KB,1351x1167)


The so called ideal view of linux for linux users isn't even realistic. It's an imaginary world where you can make lasers fly out of the moniter, when really it's exactly as the windows user sees it: A bunch of prompts, exactly as they delt with in the DOS era.


As the chart says, that's how windows users (you) view linux.


no, it's that it's just plain unrealistic. The MAC and the Windows viewers see reality, but Linux sees(in this order)


These are all immaterial concepts not rooted in reality


So mac is literally a children's toy? I never knew. I thought it was a desktop computer running a proprietary UNIX os.


They used to be, but the new MacOS is just a glorified iOS machine. It's a shame because OSX was a decent third option.


File:firefox_ktkTZx8mDu.png (35.56 KB,415x694)

How come most people use Arch linux? I thought it was supposed to be the most complicated distro to get into?


I ended up changing to Mint btw and it works perfectly. No problems


It's a good distro


File:2023-03-06-175044_1920x108….png (1.37 MB,1920x1080)

Arch is very nice if you want to setup your system just the way you want since you install it all yourself. It is very good for power users. I personally run a arch-based distro myself called Artix.


File:1600747020125.png (209.78 KB,598x480)

PEBCAK: the thread
it's not really that hard if you know how to follow instructions and take good care of your system. the arch wiki is very well documented; unless you run into an extremely specific/esoteric issue chances are someone has already been there and solved it for you to copy. and also the "arch breaks all the time" meme isn't true at all: i've used the same installation for a little more than 2 years now without running into a single deal breaker issue. at most, some graphical issues that get solved on the next version a week later (this is the desktop environment fault, not arch) or the usual manual intervention that you need to do after updating, in which case the arch website will post an update literally telling you what to do. it's fool proof really.


they all come from steam deck
>In July 2021, Valve announced the Steam Deck, a handheld gaming computer. It runs SteamOS 3.0, which is based on the Arch Linux distribution with a KDE Plasma 5 desktop


Steam Deck and imageboard elitists like it



I wanted to switch to Linux and was thinking about Arch because SteamOS is based on it and I figured that would give it the most documentation on issues. I'm a little apprehensive on jumping straight into something so complex though.


Forget Linux,
use Redox


It embodies the concepts that most people seem to think of when they think of desktop Linux: Customizable, minimalist, power-user centric, very up-to-date and community-driven.
It also has by far the best Linux wiki as mentioned before. I don't even use Arch at the moment, but I still get a lot of use out of it.


File:R-1679065083201.jpg (161.72 KB,600x631)

Cirno would never use Linux!!!! She knows plan9 is the strongest operating system!!! Uninstall Linux and switch to ⑨front today!! https://fqa.9front.org/fqa1.html#1.1.1


I switched off of Arch because I was tired of dealing with AUR packages and often just fiddled with it instead of actually getting things done with it. OpenSUSE is good enough


Also, Ubuntu would be good if they weren't so focused on snaps


Just switched to Endeavor+KDE from Win10. So far I like how much more customizable it is but I'm running into a lot of little issues due to not being familiar with Linux. Hopefully I start getting the hang of it soon.


I ant to talk about this more because I'm actually really enjoying it so far. I love how much customization is possible, how much crisper text it, how easy and convenient it is to install new software through a package manager, and all around how it just feels like MY computer and not Microsoft's now. I wish I had made this switch sooner.

Only disappointing thing is a couple games that I like (Tarkov and Rainbow Six Siege) don't work, but it's a small price to pay for everything else.


Just dont get too into the philosophies around it.


I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that.


in layman terms he's saying that being able to install things through the command line is better than installing through binaries.

And an added bit about how it feels like he's modifying the system rather than adding new components.


File:install-kali-linux-01-def….webp (11.85 KB,700x530)


actually, I guess the only pro of Kali is running it in a VM.


There are 2 problems with Fedora:
A) GNOME3 sucks. This issue is easily fixable by using the KDE or Xfce4 "spin".
B) This is the biggest one: you need to add the 3rd-party RPF Fusion repo to get codecs.

I vote for Linux Mint because of this (unless you can/want to install Arch, Artix (= Arch without SystemD) or Gentoo). If you want to know the prerequisite knowledge for Arch, Artix and Gentoo: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php (it's very good book for learning the Linux CLI/Terminal/Bash).

>Manjaro sucks
Read this => https://manjarno.snorlax.sh

Kali Linux (and Backtrack before it) at least used to be designed to be run in a VM or as a LiveCD/LiveUSB OS.


knew not to touch manjaro


Try opensuse


I had a pretty bad experience with Tumbleweed, never tried Leap though.


File:install linux.jpg (89.52 KB,640x480)

Do not install Linux on your personal computers. It's free because they can't make any money selling it since no one wants to buy it. Further moar it still relies on Windows (called X11) to even run. That's theft and why hackers use it since they would be booted off Microsoft.


Use wayland already. Its current year + 7


as if i'd ever buy windows, or worse yet, anything by crapple


Ummm, it's free as in freedom, not free as in no mondey....


It was a joke post you aspies


i know, so was mine.......


File:1463312701680.png (610.44 KB,629x569)

They're linux users for a reason.


Do any of the AI anime things run on Linux anymore? I only did it very early when the NAI model was leaked and it was done through Krita


yeah that's what the kissu pc's SD runs on, ubuntu


4day work week time


void linux is unironically the best linux distro if you don't want to go with the LFS route. no systemd shit, stable releases, fast and reliable package manager, has an intuitive TUI installer. why aren't you using void already?


There is nothing wrong with SystemD


>void linux
Is that alpine on steroids?


I've seen people recommend it here and there throughout the last few years. How does it compare to Ubuntu?
Keep in mind, I'm tard.


I've heard good stuff about void but what makes it better then another systemd-less distro?


File:3390f9911403d18dff5c25e7b3….jpg (405.69 KB,4000x3000)

Not really. Alpine has better package manager and devuan has better package compatibility. I don't see a reason to use void over these two.


gnu is shit but busybox is even worse. runit is faster than openrc. xbps is fast and reliable
>devuan has better package compatibility
what's that supposed to mean? how did you measure that?
devuan seems like a good alternative to void although i need to research it more. it seems to be dbus free too which is also nice.


I'm thinking of switching to Void from Artix.
Devuan isn't any different from Void in terms of packages, .deb packages from other distros shouldn't be used directly. If packages are all you want just use Artix.

I don't know if the performance apk brings really matters for your average desktop.
Did you ever pick?


I have a weird complaint about Artix.
Many of the mirrors are now offline and downloads can be incredibly slow


I just use Debian/Ubuntu-based and RHEL/Fedora-based distros for the most part. Arch and other like-minded distros are fine for a desktop but I would never trust it on anything production. If you want things to just work, any of those Arch-like distros are a bad pick, in my opinion. Unless using and fixing your operating system is itself your hobby, I really don't see any reason why you shouldn't just use Ubuntu or Fedora.


I picked a year ago. I've been using void ever since and had no issues. I never had a reason to switch. My main goal is to find a decent way to switch to 9front probably using vnc or similar as it's a better operating system than GNU/Linux.


Debian yes ubuntu no


i chose manjaro because it was supposed to be noob friendly which it mostly is but updates break stuff occasionally which is annoying
the only reason to try another arch based distro whenever i reinstall is aur but i'm sure i can do without it, they'll probably have the same update problem anyway


why would you need AUR? just compile it yourself from source if it's not in your package manager


Void is damn near perfect but its a giant pain to do FDE on it. I'm a lazy guy, not so lazy I'd just install Mint but lazy enough to use void-installer


I'm currently driving MX Linux (Debian-based) for the past year, and it's been reliable the whole time. Perhaps this is because my hardware is relatively old and the programs I user are light, but it's been a pleasure to use.
I'm playing around with doing some installs on QEMU, and that's working pretty well for the most part. I've heard a bunch of good things about Void and I see its praises are sung here as well, so I may try it out at some point.


That's what the AUR is though...


Without having to trust some random user


Trust? Just open the PKGBUILD in a text editor then, it shows you what it does. Thats the way you are supposed the use the AUR anyway, even that arch team don't suggest using AUR helpers


Nerds, just use Debian for your servers and Mint for your desktop.


Or just use Debian/Devuan for everything. Its great. Nothing ever breaks!


I feel like this is sarcasm, but the only times I've had configs break on Debian is during dist-upgrades and even those are safe more often than not. I do think there are better options for desktop use, though.


I only use Devuan on the desktop because it's a SystemD free distro that requires very little maintenence


File:1679108582039.jpg (220 KB,1067x1309)

I agree on Devuan being pretty good, it's what i would probably use on a computer with limited internet access or on an older machine.
I've been using vanilla Arch for a little over 3 years now (two different installations) and I still haven't had a single issue with packages randomly breaking after updates. And since I don't use a DE anymore I don't need to update +100 packages every week, which is nice and provides less of a surface for potential issues.
Manjaro's aim of making a rolling release "stable" by holding back packages for a week is fundamentally flawed. I've used Arch, Manjaro, EndeavourOS and Artix, and the ONLY time I've had breakages and even random kernel panics was when i used Manjaro. Now that Arch is easier than ever to install with archinstall, the fact that people still recommend Manjaro is beyond me. There are sites dedicated to listing reasons why you shouldn't use it: see https://github.com/arindas/manjarno and https://www.hadet.dev/Manjaro-Bad/ (there was another one with a big counter on top stating how many days have passed since the last time the Manjaro devs done goofed, but I couldn't find it). If you don't feel like reinstalling you could switch to their unstable branch or whatever it is that they call it. But in my experience, the closer you get to vanilla Arch the better.


Just use Endeavor if you want a noob friendly Arch.


I sometimes get frustrated with desktop linux developers. I sometimes wonder how farther they would be along if there were minimal forks


What's the problem. Mint is basically everything you need.
The server management is a bit clunky, but you get around that with bookmarks.
It's even got a paint clone pre-installed!


Xubuntu has been around longer and it's barely changed since when I started using it.


I use non-systemD distros simply because I prefer OpenRC but the anti-systemd crowd has gotten a little crazy,
https://sysdfree.wordpress.com/ has multiple posts about societal collapse
https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=4986 has posts about conspiracy theories about red hat and IBM trying to fully control Linux
I don't know if I like these people...


I don't get the rationale behind this attitude more broadly, as long as its GPL or just even open source it should be OK. I know Red Hat has started doing questionable things but I think SUSE hard-forking it shows that there's not some overarching corporate conspiracy to restrict your Freedom. For goodness sake its licensed under the LGPL and the FSF distros use it!

It's weird to see it went from mission and feature creep and a large attack surface to discourse like this.


I don't think people on the internet know how to deal with loudmouthed, paranoid people. Tech enthusiast circles seem especially susceptible to the delusional hijacking the reigns of conversation, as they seem more inclined to try to reason even when dealing with someone arguing in bad faith.




File:102127_iclk5cwjp6olrxd.png (41.28 KB,1350x836)


File:1691607682388643.jpg (131.97 KB,1039x1372)

Uh... I don't get it.


Linux Foundation spends only 3.2% on the kernel itself


>conspiracy theories about red hat and IBM trying to fully control Linux
not a conspiracy. it's already happening and you have to be blind to not see it
>societal collapse
sysdfree guys are commies so they are correct about societal collapse

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