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File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (403.57 KB,1920x1080)


Isn't it funny that two of the best anime airing this season, Frieren and Dungeon Meshi, are both intermixing serious plot and action with prime Slice of Life material? It's really a winning combo to have since you want the audience to be endeared to your characters, and there's no better genre for scenarios to do that than SoL.

On another note, I've learned to stop nitpicking and love the Frieren. Despite my hesitations towards calling it excellent from the onset, at some point within the past few weeks all those thoughts have disappeared and instead been replaced by anticipation to watch the latest episode when it comes out. I'll need to go back and rewatch it when the BDs come out to see whether my initial concerns were valid or it was just my unconscious contrarian flaring up.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E02.False….jpg (260.58 KB,1920x1080)

Scholars have reached an agreement to call this the Utawarerumono Effect. There was a faction that wanted to call the Kuon Konnection, but felt that it should be a bit more broad in scope since other characters exist.


File:1471634081489.png (528.68 KB,741x676)

>two of the best anime airing this season,
>Frieren and Dungeon Meshi


There isn't much else with nice story and good production. Maomao is fun to watch though


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E09.1080p….jpg (168.75 KB,1920x1080)

Have I still failed to reach everyone with my shameless Undead Unluck proselytizing?


I'll watch it when it finishes, it's what, a 26-27 episode anime right?


Sengoku Youko????


Don't you think that mix of genre has been popular since the 70s with all the action + unintentional comedy that was in 0079?


Every decent story ever has had downtime in between action sequences. You would have to consume only shovel ware action-shit to avoid that.


File:C-1707670307922.jpeg (955.47 KB,1500x1096)

The real connection is the prominent elves.
The viewers yearn for cute elves.


Idk if they would get along or if they would dogpile Marcille


Well Marcille is a filthy half-breed.


why is this a big spoiler. I saw people in the wiki making a huge deal over how it wasn't spoilered


Yeah that is weird its seen like that. It changes nothing


File:C-1707671677569.png (1.77 MB,1333x1920)



It's technically not something you find out until much later, and there are some spoilery things connected to it.


I can see elves hating the parents of half-elves, but I don't see much reason for them to hate the half-elves themselves.
More like pity for creatures whose existences are cruel jokes (while at the same time potentially feeling a bit alienated at the way that the half-elf resembles an elf but so clearly, both in physique and in habit, is not an elf).


24, which means there's only 5 episodes left. It's a shame you're missing out on talking about it when it's airing (since it's already difficult to get any talk of it) but I can understand hating the "to be continued" thing every week. You should at least watch the OP now and bathe in its greatness.


File:1692994183030563.jpg (1.37 MB,1652x4222)


The gundam 00 pic being a disgusted looking woman made me laugh


The product of an unholy union is an existence that defies the laws of heaven. They deserve just as much, if not more, scorn than the degenerate heretics that spawn them.


Why? Its not marcille's fault


marcille gets away with it because she is cute


Yeah, she's so cute I don't wanna lewd her


Its so sad to me dungeon meshi is already finished as a manga. I like these characters


It's not an undead's fault they were brought back by fell magic, that doesn't mean we should suffer them to walk the earth.


Postin' a secret


Oh god, its only a matter of time until Dungeon Meshi is called a 'masterpiece'


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (340.8 KB,1920x1080)

Why thing I learned about yesterday is so important, The blank of blank, what it means for other thing, why it's a good thing and how it BROKE the internet: an introspective critique that changed everything


The irony is that Delicious in Dungeon, for the most part, doesn't have particularly good character design. I'm not saying they look bad per-say, but most of the designs are pretty generic, and they don't tell you a whole ton about characters they're attached to.


You are supposed to spoiler secrets.
I stopped watching when I realized the lass was just describing the characters instead of making any meaningful point about character design. Yes, I get it, there are in-universe reasons for why they look the way they look.


pouting at that chromatic aberration


>just describing the characters instead of making any meaningful point about character design
The title is definitely misleading, it's not about fundamentals at all. But I do think it's worthwhile to highlight DM's simple and functional designs, given the decades and decades through which we've had so much media with characters wearing oversized coats, huge pauldrons, and seven belts. Same thing for its body diversity, which people have been talking about for ages. It's still silly and unrealistic, like wearing no helmets (which Goblin Slayer lampoons with the slayer and then continues to have every other character exposed anyways), but it's... humble, you could say.


But marcille looks good and I want her (assumed) hairy armpits.


elves only have hair on their head


File:armchair expert presenting….png (44.83 KB,440x440)

Goblin Slayer wants to have it both ways, really. To be anime-cool and yet, at the same time, lay claim to pragmatism (to enhance the coolness factor). The former works; the latter is questionable, even with Goblin Slayer himself. (But getting into that would be meaningless nitpicking by armchair experts).

Dungeon Meshi is far more honest in its self-portrayal as a comic (though, of course, GS is an LN). The equipment is pragmatic within the universe's humorous take on fantasy physics, but it is also intended to be funny. It's not really trying to be anime-cool, but that is less because of pragmatism and more because it's just a different genre.

I don't think it stands alone in that, though. There have always been stories set in fantasy that didn't dress their characters in trench-coat outfits that screamed cosplay. What is interesting is that multiple works with these anime-non-conformist designs have been picked up for adaptation in sequence. The Frieren manga too walks an offbeat track in this regard. I doubt it will set a pattern. But we will see.

Another title that might fit into this pattern is Ride-on King. Will that get animated? On the one hand, isekai adapters are getting desperate for popular titles. On the other, it's Putin.


The thing about Frieren is that no one in that setting seems to wear any armor, not even Stark, so in that sense I wouldn't group it with DM or GS, it's not the same kind of design I'd say. For comparison, a very small thing that strikes me about DM's dungeoneering gear is Chilchuck and the plain ol' gambeson he wears, more so than Laios' plate and chainmail. Neat little thing.
>On the other, it's Putin.
Ayy lmao wtf


>I wouldn't group it with DM or GS,
I'm sorry if I inadvertently gave the impression that I did that. The point was about what it does not do, rather than what it does do.
>Ayy lmao wtf
You haven't read it? It's worth a few chapters, I'd say. And it certainly is closer to Dungeon Meshi in terms of armor and clothing than Frieren is.


File:C-1707872540481.png (5.89 MB,2852x2048)

Looks like good stuff, thanks for the rec. I'll be reading more later.


no they have lots of unkempt pubic hair


File:C-1707933355059.jpeg (185.98 KB,800x1651)

Fae do not have disgusting things such as hair


be careful around the fae. you don't want to get lost in their forest.

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