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File:aaaaaaaaa.png (2.14 MB,1181x1102)


Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.


File:2021-06-15 18-27-33.mp4 (4.76 MB,1920x1080)

Personally, I'm messing around with Wallpaper Engine because it has a lot of neat filters and the editor is quite powerful. The water effect in particular is really addictive and it makes any image beautiful, even when it doesn't make sense like here where I'm using it in the sky.
Then I added god rays and even made Kotoko's eyes move! (the eyes are kind of creepy, not sure if I'll use this...).
I'm still messing around with 3D modeling stuff and Skyrim, but it's not as interesting as Kotoko.


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (710.72 KB,1835x1165)

Exoticaz demands thumbnail sheets for videos, so I wrote my own in 16 lines of shell script. Simple as:

thumbsheet.sh video.mp4

Code on left, example thumbnail sheet on right.


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (262.04 KB,1280x720)

Looks like a private tracker for porn? What the heck kind of NNB are you watching??


Been working on a TUI nhentai downloader. Can download whole artist/group galleries or individual galleries with it. Its not complete but at least it works for all intents and purposes. Still have to work on some error handlings though. Already downloaded 280GB with it.
Also been working on a image browser to go hand-in-hand with nhentai downloader. An app for viewing and searching/filtering your (presumably) large nhentai library.


File:drawing_in_godot.webm (150.62 KB,1228x720)

I just started working on making my own drawing program in godot today. I already did a text editor, which turned out to be dead easy, and making all these simple small programs is helping me learn the engine quite a bit. right now all it can do is draw black lines though. doesn't even have a cursor yet so drawing in it's a bit awkward


File:f80eacda08dadd69d30d3c36ae….jpg (84.7 KB,772x1080)

made my own gui toolkit and some programs that build on it that i use daily, including a youtube client, a booru client, a music player, a text editor, an image viewer, a notification mascot, and a system status mascot
they are never finished though, and i only work on them occasionally for new features and performance and bug fix

but programming is such a low scarcity skill nowadays, isn't it?


>low scarcity
Does this mean its abundant?


File:soft_short.png (13.53 KB,698x197)

I have no idea where you got that idea from. a surprising amount of people that actually work in software can't do something as simple as fizzbuzz, and that's to say nothing of the people outside of it. do you hang around a lot of people who program for fun or something?


Some/most programmers are really just copy/paste-ers. They hardly have any idea why they're doing something. Highly prevalent in Indians, I think.


compared to drawing and even music making, yes, its abundant
>a surprising amount of people that actually work in software can't do something as simple as fizzbuzz
i've seen lots of hobby programmers are better than them, who don't work in any programming job but have their own personal projects on github
every kids in the corner can code up a discord bot nowadays, while most employed programmers, especially those in non-tech companies, are below that level


I'm not so sure every kid can do something like "code up a discord bot"- especially when the rise of smartphones has been driving down the computer literacy of the average child for the last ten years. I believe you that there are plenty of hobby programmers out there better than pros who actually got hired, but I still think you're vastly overestimating how many there really are, for some reason.


smartphones are irrelevant if they have the motivation to learn (pcs are also useless if they don't), and video game modding and hacking and related communities contribute to that significantly, in fact lots of young people learn programming starting from that
lots of the "pros" have no motivation other then making money, so they only have very minimal skill


File:sample_9a35dc033449d2d23ee….jpg (218.96 KB,850x512)

I wrote a python script to download galleries from nhentai back when exhentai shutdown. Still works great I just tested it.


This is clean, simple, minimal python correctly written.

It can get a single gallery or get all the galleries from a search result (e.g. nhentai.net/search/?q=chuunibyou+demo+eng)


Think if I were to try and write a gallery downloader I'd figure out a way to automate going through my favorites on ex and downloading the best torrent. Though it seems like it'd be fairly difficult.


I should add a "download from favorite" feature too. Though I don't have a nhentai account, I just have lists of artists/groups/gallery IDs. But maybe for someday when I decide to share this on github or something... Do people even have nhentai accounts?
>downloading the best torrent
That'd need the script to know what 'the best' is, which is very difficult, I think.


File:20210618_083426.jpg (681.42 KB,1778x1000)

finished this guy a few days ago. got all my other completed skitariis bases done and going to start on a new one tomorrow


File:20210618_083330.jpg (555.2 KB,1778x1000)


dang that seems really tough to paint


File:2c5205f58f2f98fa4e60f69793….jpg (158.96 KB,800x721)

I got two (2) novels that I am working on!
Both are somewhat fish-out-of-water kind of stories, one being about two people who are at each other's throat trying to find some mystical shaman woman that can show them how to defeat death, the other being about a guy who crashlands on a three-layered ringworld and him trying to build an army in a failed state kind of situation (local government being the only thing that sorta helps, being played by international interests), all in an effort to get his ass off of the ring-world and onto the third, closest wheel.
Pic related is the general design of the world, but as an angel.


Post Script:
That's an Ophanim if anyone was wondering. Very kowai..


File:ui32_xbCEaCKhZZ.png (Spoiler Image,836.04 KB,799x694)

I've been having a lot of fun with Wallpaper Engine. Here's the base static image of a girl with a big soft butt. No nudity, but just in case...


File:2021-06-23 01-20-52.mp4 (Spoiler Image,8.62 MB,1920x1080)

but (hehe) here it is with a bunch of filters
trying to figure out how to get jiggle to look right, but even if it doesn't look right it's still kind of hypnotic


I too am working on a novel, though mine's not quite so unique in it's plot. it's just about a bunch of humans living on board a giant spaceship after aliens attacked earth and they had to flee.

my favorite bit of lore I've written so far is that the spaceship only has necessary food stocked except for one brand of cola that was a sponsor of the project to build the ship. I've also taken to making up my own brand names like anime does, so it's called Doctor Cola.


File:20210620200127_1.jpg (509.57 KB,1920x1080)

Trying to figure out how vermintide 2 animations work so i can port more random crap and enemies from total warhammer in
The engine that fatshark uses is more or less just the now defunct Stingray engine (techinically their in house bitsquid i think)
Unfortunately this is mostly unhcarted territory as no one else has figured it out and the modding support/documentation fatshark has put out is barebones if existent at all.
There is technically documentation for stingray on Autodesk's website but it's in the context of using the Stingray software and not just making the necessary text files for animations, physics, units, ect. with an editor and porting the FBX models/animations from a program like blender. Luckily there was an example of how to make a custom unit based off the pig unit with animaitons and all from the vermintide 1 sdk that has been shared in the community. But no one's been able to actually compile these example files with the SDK and get the animations to work in game. It also doesn't help that the example model/animation files are some proprietary form of a bsi file so they aren't readily imported into 3d modeling programs.
I don't know much of anything about how game engines or 3D modeling work so most of what i'm doing is trying random things and seeing if any of it sticks.
From what I've been able to do with the example files i can make a custom model, state machine, and physics actors to replace any enemy/animated unit in game with the catch that custom unit has no animations. On the plus side it doesn't crash but other than that it's just a static model with the state machine running in the background firing events that don't seem to do anything.
My current guess is that it's something to do with the physics actors not being connected to the mesh/bones so the animations are playing but just aren't moving anything. It could also be that despite not crashing when compiling the mod or launching the game the animations/mesh/model are not being loaded in properly and there is some sort of setting or line that needs to be added in the .animation or .physics or .state_machine files that isn't present in the example files that enables animations. Lots of things and my only effective tool right now is guess something based off what I can find in the Stingray docs and forum.

i did manage to find this funny looking animation that's already in the game files though


I guess if you can get importing example units (from vermintide 1?) working it'd be a first step in making the Total Warhammer units portable, but to take units from completely seperate genres and add them into the game seems like a really daunting task. Although I guess who knows, the units in L4D-like games are fairly simple so maybe a Total War unit fits into the class of units that'd actually be possible to have.


File:20210624040840_1.jpg (670.65 KB,1920x1080)

The thing with total warhamemr units is that modeling and animation work is already done. From what I've seen of total warhammer the attack animations while they aren't quite as varied as vermintide there's enough of them to cover atleast a couple of light and heavy attacks for each unit
There's also some good tools for extracting the whole model, skeleton, animations and all directly from the source for total warhammer so getting those files aren't a problem. The texutres might be a tad low resolution for vermintide's first person perspective but that's a secondary concern compared to enemy variety.
I've actually got a decent grasp for how to implement proper emissive and transparent texture layers for models in game.
While tedious the implementation of custom ai for the custom units is mostly straight forward and a lot can be used from existing code since the source scripts for vermintide 2 are available online.
This is the tomb scorpion from total warhammer, I've got it to replace the vermintide 2 pig unit. From what i've been able to tell it's just like the normal pig unit except it doesn't have animations or a ragdoll. The game registers it as an entity that you can kill and hit and whatnot all that's missing is the animations. I should be able to do this with other units/enemies as well but I'm starting with the pig as it doesn't move and only has two states that it every uses; idle and ragdoll(death).


More to your concern I’m really only thinking about going for 5 unit types. Two low health normal units, two high health elite/armored units, and one large health monster unit. Analogous units in vermintide now are the slave rat and clan rat, the stormvermin and plague monk, the rat ogre. Aside from the special enemies and a second monster/large enemy this is the setup for the skaven faction in vermintide 2. The unit roaster for total warhammer is more than varied enough to provide enough units for that sort of setup.
I thought about trying with vermintide 1 first but I’m not sure if anybody got animations working for that one either and I need ask for a steam key to get access to the sdk currently they aren’t available (as in a few weeks ago they said they ran out and need to ask steam for more) but that shouldn’t be a problem as I think a few other active modders in the community have a few keys on hand.


File:2021-06-24 20-50-40.mp4 (7.07 MB,1920x1080)

I can (and have) spend hours in wallpaper engine.
seriously this thing is so fun


How much do you have written in terms of actual story? Like word-count I guess?
I'm 22k words deep in my first story, and 20k words deep in the second one.


File:cat.png (878.68 KB,1920x1080)

Bought a 3D model from Booth. It was surprisingly affordable compared to other models I've seen. $5 compared to the average $40. Now I'm slowly learning how to use unity to import it into a game and stuff. Granted, most everything was pre-configured already. All I really need to do was translate some radial menu stuff, and pose the skeleton to get a nice screenshot of it :>

Not sure if anyone will care, but since I really like the creator and the avatar, here's the link to it:


10 pages, 3,600-ish words, still in the first chapter. I have quite a bit of the story already planned though. it wasn't a story per se, but I have finished a book before that's about teaching people python.


Right now I'm thinking on trying to have the main character go off into the next act of the story.
Like, all I literally have to do is write "and they set off" and then they set off.
What are your main characters like?
My main character is a bit of an asshole who learns to stop being a cunt.


My mini album is almost finished.
pretty much only gotta mix now.

Oh fuck I cant mix!


one's a genki girl who spends all her time making trouble for other people and being incessantly nosy, and the other is a no-nonsense former hikineet that had to stop being one cause of the whole "fleeing to outer space to avoid annihalation" thing. he's usually not fond of socializing but he's forced to work in the hangar of the ship with the genki girl so he appreciates everyone that helps him deal with her shenanigans greatly so he puts up with it. I already know where both of their character arcs are going to end up, essentially. the only other character that's around enough to count as a main is genki girl's dad, who's a gentle giant more or less, except for whenever he's trying to instill manners in his daughter.


File:pig_ball.mp4 (5.46 MB,1920x1080)

Made some minor progress with animations in vermintide 2. I'm able to replace the state machines of existing enemies with the caveat I have to provide all the animations called by the state machine. I haven't quite figured out how to prevent crashing with enemies that aren't the pig but i can import custom animation onto the base pig so long as i don't replace the pig model. Importing the animations provided by example pig unit from the vermintide 1 sdk work as expected but trying to import a custom fbx animation results in some odd results. I think the problems are with how fatshark's in house bsi files are applied onto the model vs how general fbx files are applied. It looks almost like all the component meshes are trying to connect to the same joint/bone node; if this is so it might be the way that I'm importing bsi files into blender as the import into blender condenses all the mesh nodes onto a single mesh node.


File:notepad _tKxpCwkcy9.png (160.27 KB,1134x845)

I want to try Last Origin, a korean gacha with huge curvy women. There's a fan translation, but it's outdated so I decided to take up the mantle. I guess I'll upload it somewhere if it works. The comparison plugin for Notepad++ is so great for things like this. Hmm, I think I need an onscreen reader or something for non-gameplay stuff, though...


I haven't worked on my book any since last post but I have my own mini album in the works (though mine's not complex enough to need mixing) and I've slowly been teaching myself how to draw since I'm tired of being an artlet

time to learn a new skill, friend! https://ledgernote.com/columns/mixing-mastering/audio-mixing-for-dummies/


File:AssetStudioGUI_M2erjFXts9.png (173.56 KB,788x616)

The game keeps rejecting this new data file, I might have to ask someone if it's possible. I wonder if they put in some sort of file check for the localization file to check for tampering since they're supposedly working on an international version.
Now I kind of want to learn Live2D, though. Wallpaper Engine made it look pretty appealing and it shares a lot of similarity with 3D animation.


File:AssetBundleExtractor_1CnrP….png (61.03 KB,891x566)

This is a massive headache, but I wonder if I can switch the free skin for the paid skins somehow. I did a quick switch and I was able to get to the character before the game crashed. This means that unlike the localization file which gets outright rejected (wtf?) tinkering is possible for these files.
Why the fuck would they block people from translating the UI?


File:green_hat.mp4 (3.43 MB,1920x1080)

With the help of some others in the vermintide modding scene we were able to jerry-rig some basic animations. They don't have any skeletal rigging behind them and just use key frame animations that directly translate/rotate the mesh and require us to tell the engine that a mesh should act like a bone but it works and that's all that matters for the moment.


File:.png (589.31 KB,1280x720)

made a bunch of nonsensical threads on/jp/


File:3dsmax_lKlbsIgE0Z.png (19.51 KB,770x490)

The past few months off and on (and more intensely the past couple weeks) I've been working on making an edit and conversion to add a penis to the female body mod I like in Skyrim. I've done the hardest (heh) geometry stuff already, but with skin weighting I couldn't find a way to copy specific weights from one vertex to another, so I relied on manually typing it in which was very annoying.
Unfortunately, I found that the weights aren't exact. You can see the purple line diverging from the dark one as I bend the spine...


File:blender_mHXrVIwmNw.png (6.97 KB,171x77)

So I open it up in Blender on a hunch and this old 3DS Max version wasn't displaying the weight fully accurately. Again, I can't see a method or script to copy specific vert weights between meshes so I have to copy and paste these. 3DS Max was rounding these up, but did have the full proper weight stored somewhere...


File:SerraTheBenevolent__32652.….jpg (160.46 KB,473x659)

on a bunch of EDH decks, if that counts. I doubt most people on kissu plays but I'll list them anyway:
>Derevi (azorius fliers w/stax)
>Phenax (wall mill)
>Zaxara (timmy + craw)
>Breya (artificial burn)
>Greven (aggro + burn aristocrat)


File:afge.webm (2.26 MB,960x540)

Yeah, I'm still working on this. Ignore the crazy health bars.


i thought you quit programming altogether

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