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File:1.jpg (2.03 MB,2048x1536)

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I tend to nag people to post their cat pictures here so it's only fair that I post some of my own. Here is the (late) kitty I had when I lived with my parents. I had her since I was eight years old and she lived to around 15 years.


File:2.jpg (2.29 MB,2560x1920)

She grew fat because my dad would coddle her and give her too much food. He even gave her scraps of meat in the kitchen when she swiped at him when he was preparing steaks. We all really loved that cat.


File:3.jpg (2.84 MB,3072x2304)

Growing up, I thought cats were just fat. But ours was seriously obese.


File:4.jpg (3.39 MB,2304x3072)

Our cat had a really gentle meow. It was like "Miiiiw! Meeeiiiiiw!". As you might imagine, she was a lethargic kitty. But occasionally she would rouse herself and attack a bird. Mostly when she was young.


File:IMG_20210630_154233.jpg (2.69 MB,2976x3968)



File:5.jpg (1.81 MB,3264x2448)

As a kid, I was always selfish and would force the cat to play with me. I would raise a kitty differently this time around, being more hands-off. And I'd give it less food.


File:6.jpg (1.85 MB,3264x2448)

This cat was a real treasure. I'd love to have a kitty again.


Nice cat, dude.


kewl /qa/ts


Beautiful cat. She did seem to be a bit chunky, but also very cute.

>I'd love to have a kitty again.
I understand the hesitation since the costs add up, but it's hard for me to imagine life without one. I think the more isolated a person becomes the more they benefit from a pet.


>I understand the hesitation since the costs add up
For me it's a matter of space. I live in a unit in a cramped suburb, so I don't even have my own back yard.


wtf you have the same desk as me
how is it?
bet its a total pain in the ass how with every little motion you make the desktop is always sliding off the little rubbery nubs you stick on the top of the drawer and making them come unstuck


I had a cat that looked like that when I was young. But he was a boy and he used to be quite adventurous, he would hunt ducks and possums.
But we moved houses and put him in a shed for the time it takes for cats to get used to the new houses as their own and this shed had those angled slat type windows and he somehow managed to squeeze himself through it and ran away from home. Sad.


powerful cat


File:IMG_20230125_201126.jpg (1.91 MB,2976x3968)

it's easy to move around. no problems


why do kissu cats love to commandeer computer chairs so much


all cats make themselves relevant by being an obstacle every so often


once i stepped on my fatass cat and it yowled and ran under a chair =(


A cat is fine too


File:1626337352230-4.png (458.4 KB,1000x1000)

Nice cat, dude.
Used to have two cats when I was a kid, wish I could get some again but my apartment is too small and I live in the middle of a city, sigh.


File:0506171330.jpg (1.67 MB,3264x1836)

This was my cat. She passed away a few years ago. As soon as you sat down anywhere she would be on your lap immediately. She loved cuddling.


File:1460747843702.png (235.04 KB,824x1200)

I wish the landlord allowed pets.


File:2023-02-0320.54.3076259371….jpg (4.66 MB,4000x3000)

Anonymous requested it so here's cat tending to my cold by warming up my lap


GOOD kitty.


I think part of the deal with the poofy haired breeds is that when they are going obese it's harder to tell since you can't see just how flabby they are.


File:IMG_20230209_181935.jpg (1.25 MB,3968x2976)

only one thing to do during a power outage...
Take spooky cat photos


File:IMG_20230209_182059.jpg (1.41 MB,3968x2976)


File:IMG_20230209_182359.jpg (2.02 MB,3968x2976)




That sucks about the power outage, but those are some awesome cat pictures
This one in particular is quite atmospheric >>103530


File:legbit.gif (8.66 MB,480x562)

For a second I thought your cat is the one in gif related.


File:Screenshot_20230222_221940.jpg (592.78 KB,911x1264)


omg is that your kitty??


File:Screenshot_20230223_175452.jpg (189.15 KB,509x524)


grumpy cat in a jolly basket


File:Screenshot_20230223_181437.jpg (356.49 KB,700x867)


He got woken up. He was curled up in a ball, but I don't have any pictures of that unfortunately. The basket was very clearly too small for him and yet he insisted on sitting inside it.


such is the nature of a cat


Amazing pics of amazing cat


These are not my cats, but these absolutely are some cats that everyone on Kissu needs to see!


I can hear the Ghast from Minecraft


not my cat, but an account I follow posted a video of his cats appearing while he is trying to record


File:R-1680456306550.jpg (976.38 KB,4080x3072)

a light in the darkness


File:R-1680459733502.jpg (54.31 KB,1200x1600)

bidet cat


awesome pissu cat


File:R-1681083947083.jpg (3.17 MB,4080x3072)

took pics of some cats on the street
not my best, but here they are


File:R-1681083938803.jpg (4.16 MB,4080x3072)

this one had a wide face


File:R-1681083932170.jpg (3.17 MB,4080x3072)

did NOT corner this one it got scared by a car



Cats usually run away when I approach them.


Then take a pic from afar.


I want to pet them not take pics.


Sir, this is the cat pictures thread.


Cats do that.


File:R-1681265240798.jpg (3.6 MB,4080x3072)

rare capture of tree scratching in progress


File:R-1681270593635.jpg (1.33 MB,4080x3072)

one under a car


It always worries me that cats do this. Afraid the little guys are gonna get run over ;_;


Never in my life have I seen a splattered cat, so I imagine they must be doing something right.


allergic to cats but they seem to enjoy coming over to me anyways


For what its worth the engine noise scares them away before it can even move


nyaa nyaa neighbourhood


One, possibly two of my sister's cats died like that


when i got a bike a year ago and riding a bike was still novel to me i would go around the neighbourhood and encounter scaredy cats




I don't remember whether it was just the one.


File:neighbourhood cat 1.jpg (416.16 KB,1600x1200)

i met a scaredy cat on a neighbourhood bike ride


File:20230501_170207.png (947.07 KB,800x900)

what i have to deal with every time i have meat for dinner


File:C-1682975443931.png (1.16 MB,800x900)

is that an entire bird
no wonder the cats going nuts


File:C-1682975485112.png (1.17 MB,800x900)

er meant this


heh it really does look like a bird


File:image000000.jpg (235.59 KB,1536x2048)

bro got shelves for the cat so she could escape the kid



File:night ride cat.jpg (294.47 KB,1200x1800)

this from another bike ride
cat wouldn't let me get close


Oh no someone spilled paint on her (cute patterns)


hmm doesn't look so scaredy
it's got that kinda moderately fearless gaze with those lowered brows
mysterious shadowy cat


Cow cat


the cat reviewer


the /qa/t review


File:E4747A72-CE73-4E7C-B648-DF….jpg (775.92 KB,3024x4032)

This is not my cat, but I think /qa/ needs to see it anyways


Good cat, I like it.




File:R-1683494384259.jpg (3.66 MB,4080x3072)

grocery cat


File:R-1684290854200.jpg (2.46 MB,4080x3072)

This one was very interesting. When I first walked by, they scuttled away behind the door (you can see the hole entrance) and my response was to sit there while simply extending out my hand. The cat slowly came back out and briefly ran their head into my hand like a weird nuzzle. I tried to pet them, but the cat recoiled, so I let them keep driving their face into my hand. Gradually, they got more and more comfortable around me until I finally managed to start petting them, also gradually getting closer and closer to me, meowing louder and louder every time I stopped the petting. I had to shoo them away when I was leaving, because they had started to follow me after getting up.


File:Track-8.mp3 (126.36 KB)

AAAAAAND I managed to capture their purring.
Eat your heart out, >>106737.


damn you on-topic sager


Well mr. on-topic bumper, what do you think of the cats?



love how cats love being up high
there's an episode of Sketchbook Full Colors about that
what dere type is that again
kinda grating meow


saw a black cat with fluffy tail on a bike ride the other day and i stopped in front of it to take a picture but it escaped.


Yeah, >>106469 loves to jump on top of the fridge. Leaps from the table then sits there for a few hours, safe from everything that goes on below. Though she's also gotten inside of the dishwasher several times.
As for the meow, yes, it's very aggressive, but the dissonance kinda made it cuter. Very demanding kitty.


cat hisses at me when i say ow for biting too hard


post video


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (333.91 KB,1920x1080)

I guess this is a cat blog. Well, my cat got angry at my sister was visiting and while I was laying in bed playing my DS my cat jumped onto my bed and starting peeing.
He does this sometimes and it seems it all goes back to there being a new human guest, even one that's really nice to him and that he should remember.
What a little punk he is


older or younger sister?


feral cat!


File:VID_20230522_181359.mp4 (37.66 MB,1920x1080)


very nice video of cat enjoying herself 8/10


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….png (1.22 MB,1920x1080)


File:IMG_20230412_103144267.jpg (3 MB,4080x3072)

this one hogs my bodypillow next to me when i try to sleep sometimes. love him to death though

i adore how she turns to the side to look at you


File:R-1685304914848.jpg (3.43 MB,4080x3072)

nice white beard and feeties


File:1.jpg (257.08 KB,1200x1600)

cousin also shared about forty of his own they're very good so here's some of them


File:2.jpg (148.69 KB,1200x1600)

what would you call this expression


File:3.jpg (168.91 KB,1600x1200)


File:4.jpg (186.87 KB,1280x960)



File:5.jpg (165.99 KB,1200x1600)


File:6.jpg (118.55 KB,960x1280)


File:7.jpg (121.8 KB,960x1280)

this one's from when they adopted the two


File:8.jpg (131.97 KB,1200x1600)

classic hitler


File:9.jpg (87.32 KB,1600x849)



File:10.jpg (186.88 KB,960x1280)

the end


File:b64e32ee46db55996b5d19df37….gif (1.35 MB,540x304)


AAAALL the cats


me on the top


File:R-1685409556833.jpg (1.35 MB,4080x3072)

demanding fatso missed me
started meowing as soon as I stepped in




File:20230609_203917.jpg (4.36 MB,4000x3000)

Cat found a new sleeping spot...


rly good cats guys keep it coming


File:comet.jpg (830.31 KB,1588x2408)

my big sister's cat


File:IMG_6898.jpg (158.47 KB,941x1143)


your nee-san has a nice pussy


File:20230613_212509.jpg (4.1 MB,4000x3000)

Just realized I've posted most all my cats on kissu at least once except this one. He was a good cat.


prune cat


Sorry for your loss. It's the worst part of having pets...


File:C-1686877435672.png (1.17 MB,1441x720)

Thanks, yeah really wish they'd have a similar lifespan to ours so we didn't have to see them go so much...

The funny thing is that he used to be really huge when he was younger, just transitioned into a skeleton with age.


You could get turtles or parrots.


File:cat.gif (470.26 KB,354x640)


what a big boy


File:20230707_191516.jpg (3.97 MB,4000x3000)

easy enough to do when he's just sleeping in my chair


AMAZING fluff monster of a cat. Do you ever put your face in that belly?


sometimes yeah, he's mostly calm when he's sleepy like that so he can be used as a happy pillow
although when he's in a playful mood he'd bite my head if i tried...


is he loud when he purrs


File:73475665_p0.png (540.29 KB,1024x576)

We had a very fluffy black and white cat when I was little, probably a Norwegian Forest mixed with something else.
Sorry, no pics.


He seems to have some rather spiky hair, the way it bunches up.


File:20230707_222901.jpg (3.45 MB,4000x3000)

It's just really long, he's really soft to pet. Also becuase its so long he sheds a lot so while grooming him at one point I was able to make a felt ball from his fur that the other cats enjoy playing with.

Not the loudest purrs I've heard but he definitely makes it known when he's in a good mood.


It's that mine (>>108957) is also super hairy and also sheds a lot, especially during summer, but her hair is always very smooth and sticks together almost as if it were velvet.
It looks to me a bit like the difference between the two cats in >>108855.


tiny curled up cat


File:mouse.jpg (212.2 KB,1600x1200)

Grandma's cat caught a mouse.


what a strange expression


File:R-1688918406240.jpg (4.4 MB,4080x3072)



File:R-1688920070245.jpg (2.62 MB,4080x3072)

she likes to sit on top of the fridge


all-out cat assault in this thread
I won't lose to cats...


bright blue cats


File:R-1689536815979.jpg (2.87 MB,3072x4080)

it was hard to capture just how fat this one was
if you scratch his butt and chin at the same time it makes him spaz out a bit but in a good way


on topic sager


File:R-1689550553524.jpg (1.96 MB,4080x3072)

I sage when I have only one cat to post
now there's these two I'll take care of while mom's away
you fucking faggot


off topic bumper


File:R-1689563169311.jpg (2.08 MB,4080x3072)

she figured out a way to stave off the cold


cool cat
hidey cats


File:20230805_195658.jpg (955.48 KB,3264x1836)

Dad's cat. Getting a good pic of him was a bit tricky since he is always moving around.


File:20230805_200706.jpg (1.64 MB,3264x1836)

He is starting to get fat.


Love to play with animals I don't usually see when I go to other peoples houses, and that's a suave looking kittey


File:1655486037569.png (217.72 KB,766x800)

He is a bit of an odd cat, he only wants dry food. We try giving him canned food and some human food now and then but he doesn't seem to like it.


I have a shorthair that's like that. It's nice for my other cats since they eat up the canned food though.


File:20230805_200752.jpg (3.26 MB,4000x3000)


evocative cat shadow


File:cat.jpg (2.21 MB,4160x2080)

my mom's cat is weirdly enamored by our sink and shower faucets

tell me about it, he camps out in front of my room's door all the time, so whenever i open it, he's just there and i have to step over him (and also make sure he doesn't run into my room)


clean cat
dirty toilet


Those look like hard water stains, which are a major bitch to clean without scratching the porcelain


SNUG cat !!!


File:R-1691853284436.jpg (3.48 MB,4080x3072)

this one was playing with a plastic bag but I couldn't get a pic because they immediately approached me


on topic sager


good cat love friendly cats who immediately approach you


File:ageru dawg.jpg (277.53 KB,614x575)


File:manga.jpg (34.63 KB,450x345)

Haven't seen one of those in a while.


Sorry to hear about your loss.


Kissu Presents: Mysteries of the Cat.

Meowing outside my door, my cat clearly wants to enter the room. I open the door and he just sits there looking at me. I give him a minute, and he's still just sitting there as I talk to him and tell him to come inside. Another minute passes and I lose patience and close the door. Remembering how his cat brain works, I immediately open the door and he walks inside without incident.


post pic of cute cat in doorway


File:cat.png (2.42 MB,1992x1440)

Well, he's not there any more.


sunbeam kitty


File:fat_cat_-_must_touch.png (370.89 KB,540x658)


File:Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 1….png (20.04 KB,195x102)

what a great expression


File:20230925_105010.jpg (159.02 KB,827x986)


classic bored cat


File:R-1695667636874.jpg (2.48 MB,4080x3072)

another black and white one


catch that tail


the cat harasser


tail looks like a penis from that angle


does that mean >>114163 wants some tentacle action


i just want some cat action


Cat that was standoffish towards me is slowly warming up to me. Today he rubbed his face against my hand and started purring unprompted. But... he likes to bat at my hands :/


good and good! i llove getting attacked by a spirited cat


File:R-1696002401982.jpg (3.19 MB,3072x4080)

this one noticed


File:R-1696002420143.jpg (2.39 MB,4080x3072)

this one didn't




actually i did feel like i'd already taken a pic of >>114273 and yeah it's >>112392


File:IMG_0710.JPEG (774.22 KB,1536x2048)

Found this cat in 2021


2021 cat. wow




flofy cat


File:cleaned 2021 cat.jpg (1.58 MB,1536x2048)

i cleaned off the bits of dirt on his face they were bothering me


I prefer my cats au naturel.


even shopped the ear
but yeah i agree with >>114302


File:IMG_20230929_230905.jpg (2.03 MB,2976x3968)




my cat reminds me of my past dog


lmaoing@that tard look


cat+jeans combo meal


File:Screenshot_20231001_151647.jpg (755.99 KB,1079x1339)



File:R-1696693553257.jpg (4.41 MB,4080x3072)

cat sitting snug behind a wall thinking it'll stop me (it won't)


File:R-1696693575923.jpg (4.29 MB,4080x3072)


File:VID_20231008_055250.mp4 (42.96 MB,1920x1080)


File:VID_20231008_054840.mp4 (35.81 MB,1920x1080)

i will catch a video of her sprinting down the hallway someday


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (452.67 KB,1024x576)



File:catte stair.jpg (266.19 KB,774x1032)

Can't see it that well, but there was a cat sitting in the middle of that stairwell, it looked really cool in person.


I love the face markings. It makes the cat look silly, but in a cute and endearing way


File:rabbits-short.mp4 (4.67 MB,1920x1080)

weird looking cats


cats will sometimes eat grass


strate floff


File:VID_20231008_055250-00:00:….png (2.01 MB,1920x1080)

fat fag tard


she's not fat, just round


File:cat snow.mp4 (253.98 KB,320x568)


File:R-1697319270225.jpg (3.09 MB,4080x3072)

I'm running out of cats to take pics of
went into a vet and was told they didn't have any




why is the cat caged up as if he commited tax evasion


the cat is in debtors' prison


the web is there just to stop them from leaving while the chain is holding up a sign
nothing devious, there's loads of houses that do this


File:look_at_picture.mp4 (1.33 MB,608x1080)


File:no thank you.png (225.36 KB,514x600)


File:sad-cry.gif (7.64 MB,640x640)

you didn't like the picture?


File:R-1697819074867.jpg (2.99 MB,4080x3072)

herp derp


sigh I'm starting to like Pippa's voice




you are doing gods work


File:SmugPippa cropped.png (535.96 KB,636x665)



hey compulsive thread split tard, go do your thing


File:R-1698202546549.jpg (2.65 MB,4080x3072)

too jailed to take a good pic, posting it anyways


i think that's a nice picture on topic sager his dark eyes make him look forlorn about his position


the pic was fun to take i had to get down on the floor to get a proper shot mr assfaggot


File:R-1698757050783.jpg (2.7 MB,4080x3072)

shhhh don't scare him


File:20190708_204312.jpg (5.83 MB,5312x2988)

Here's a cat I saw in Gdansk.


Werm cade


why do they all imprison their cats what a weird neighbourhood


fear of them running away or getting ran over
it's not rare to come across notes stuck on poles and all that saying "lost my cat naruto he was orange please phone this number if you find him"


they must really love their cats then
i thought they have bars over the windows because of thieves or something


oh, that too, yes, that's for thieves
the nets though those are for the cats


cat burglars


File:R-1699812644141.jpg (3.97 MB,4080x3072)


File:R-1699812651054.jpg (3 MB,4080x3072)

had to retreat and wait until the dog stopped barking


File:R-1699812678005.jpg (4.04 MB,4080x3072)


the catnapper


gonna nap with a cat
forgot to mention this one lost to the pat big time, dropped to the ground stretching their tum and followed me around afterwards


hehe love clingy cats


File:R-1700143465178.jpg (365.06 KB,1530x1530)


Okay that's a very cute cat.
But why sage?



because I only had one cat to post
different cat the first one had a narrower face


how often do the cats let them pat you vs running away


I mean, let you pat them


looking at this thread's reachable ones it was 9 vs 3 so 75% pat


File:Untitled-1.png (7.12 KB,1200x800)

Took a picture for >>>/jp/64649 >>>/jp/64655


there's something weird about this i can see it in the pixels


thank you
beautiful cat with very nice colours


File:20231119_230320_HDR.jpg (2.4 MB,4160x2080)

catfriend was having a very good evening on top of of the staircase


imagine gently pushing them over and then they roll down every step to the bottom...


that's very unfriendly behavior!
(knowing him, he'd probably just catch his balance on the first step and be very confused)


what an extremely good cat and good composition of the photo making it look like he's about to tumble real far off a tall staircase


File:lion.png (9.97 MB,2429x1749)

Here is my cat. He turns 12 this year.


king of his domain


File:nekonemu.png (5.91 MB,2064x1548)



if you pat him what happens




File:morenemuneko.png (5.08 MB,2064x1548)

Depends on if he wants pats


File:happy_treerat.png (5.26 MB,2064x1548)

Bonus picture of tree rat


thank you for sharing
your cat is a noble creature


haha look at him go


File:R-1700574173532.jpg (3.58 MB,4080x3072)

turns out there were TWO cats in >>114763
twice i came across them cuddling and twice the scaredy one scurried away
i'll get'm next time


What the heck


the brave one is protecting the scuredy one from the cat harasser


my campaign of nekohara is endless and unstoppable


cat harassing sager


Give them food


i actually am planning to go around the neighborhood with those funny food packs that instantly draw them in just opening one every so often and seeing if any come out
it's gonna be fun


File:baby_treerat.png (5.09 MB,2064x1548)

Cat brought them in one day. Raised three on a bottle before releasing them into the wild. The above pic was from my friend's house. He's been keeping him inside for years. The animal refuses to return to nature.

He takes it with him everywhere. The girls at the bank love him.


File:more_baby_treerat.png (4.63 MB,2064x1548)

If you're wondering no they don't make good pets. These three tore up the house in the 2 or 3 months I had them inside. They climb on everything (including people) and leave scratch marks all over your arms and legs. They can jump really far and consider humans to be mobile trees.

They're really cute when they sleep in the hood or front pocket of your hoodie though. When they aren't busy being nature's crack heads they can be kind of chill. They can't control their bite instinct though. If your hand smells like food they'll bite you every time and their teeth go all the way to the bone.

I've also bottle fed a lot of wild rabbits and many cows in my time. But this is a cat thread so I'll stop posting cat food. No idea why
didn't kill them. He kills everything else he drags in from the woods. He brought them to me one at a time over the course of like 30 minutes. Was very gentle. I think he either killed the mother or found the nest and she wasn't around at the time. He's usually scared of tree rats because one messed him up really bad a few years ago. Took his hind legs weeks to heal. After that he stopped chasing them.


s-sugoi... kissunonymous is a beast tamer!


File:barncat.jpg (753.67 KB,1556x1572)

Here is my old barn Tom Cat. He died about 7 years ago. He liked to fight any other cat that walked through my yard.


File:housecat.jpg (936.71 KB,2560x1706)

I'll go through my SD-card later for more cats. For now enjoy this one.



holy flip

Pretty cool story about the squirrels... and to the new cat poster, thanks for posting your awesome kitty and for the promises of future cat pictures.


File:20231126_001723.jpg (561.45 KB,1429x1513)

Over at grandparents before returning home from Thanksgiving and remembered to snap a pic of their cats before I go.


snuggling meow meows


cat is with original owners. apparently hissing at them all the time because she doesn't have all the rooms she normally does...


deleted cat blog posts are an affront to kissu


rub those fuzzy catters


File:20231130_174456.jpg (10.31 MB,4032x3024)

I have acquired some of those cat treats I see on artist's Twitter and Pixie so often. Now to see if the cat likes them...


pixie... flippin autocorrect...


File:Inaba-Churu-Creamy-Lickab….webp (71.08 KB,768x768)

I've bought something that is presumably the exact same thing and my cat liked it at first but seemed to get sick of them, so maybe they really are a 'treat' that you shouldn't give them more than once every couple weeks at most. It was quite expensive, too, so for a couple reasons it's just not good to use this much.
(I saw "Inaba" on the label and naturally had to buy them)


File:cat snack.webm (15.61 MB,1440x1440)

cat seemed to like it a lot.


mlep mlep mlep mlep mlep mlep mlep mlep mlep


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

thats how you fatten up a cat


how did you get that epic blue fringe on your work cat


File:20231203_120101.jpg (2.05 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132148.jpg (1.13 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132313.jpg (1.86 MB,4000x1868)



File:20231203_132318.jpg (1.77 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132401.jpg (966.66 KB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132438.jpg (1.03 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132448.jpg (2.11 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132532.jpg (2.06 MB,4000x1868)


File:20231203_132607.jpg (2.38 MB,4000x1868)


these cats are about to POUNCE


The day Anon became cat food.


that is a LOT of cats thank you for the fieldwork


why do they all look so angry with you anon? you must smell weird...

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