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File:16cd7e2926999d826c9bb2a811….png (6.29 MB,4000x4000)

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drank some water and milk today


File:[SubsPlease] Yuusha, Yamem….jpg (281.67 KB,1280x720)

i am always drunk
i may have a problem


please take care of your liver.


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (199.77 KB,1280x720)

drank water and milk again
sister left a can of 'hard cider' in house, might drink it later, but this stuff is usually too corn syrupy and I doubt I'll like it


Some of my favorite drinks have been fruity, but I can admit that sometimes they aren't really up to par. If you do try drinking it I hope it's a good fruity drink.


File:CDisplayEx_2022-04-28_19-5….png (352.04 KB,825x399)

Multi drink thursday, nanodesu.


File:1500020825319.jpg (96.52 KB,786x576)



been drinking wine recently. kept making me fall asleep so i mixed it with an energy drink. fell asleep anyway.


Oh, I probably prefer fruity drinks, but I was talking about cheap stuff that has a mix of a corn syrup and cough syrup taste


the kissu drunkards.


File:1c998e0714d075e69b17733add….jpg (229.72 KB,500x707)

Decided to finally sit down, drink some belgian white, and get my seasonals done and I can't tell if it's the season or the beer, but it's been really enjoyable so far!

Did you ever try that hard cider? If so how'd it taste?


File:51d0e64770c6571d40ce6b724b….jpg (491.88 KB,708x1000)

got drunk and spilled my sake all over suika's butt


File:1518799692401.png (1.38 MB,1280x1340)

Can I post here if I'm drinking non-alcoholic beer?


File:1640989488378.gif (103.09 KB,500x500)

drinking to the ever-fleeting happiness of life


trying to sprem but I keep having to pee


File:539d7cb0958b7eed28d72a3f59….jpg (134.29 KB,1247x1517)

Drank a nice fruity vodka mix and it was delicious


made myself a scotch and vernors


File:[SubsPlease] Atasha Kawaji….jpg (330.78 KB,1280x720)

it happened again


File:puhaa.png (446.26 KB,823x796)


pleasantly inebriated


File:1535532990154.jpg (1.07 MB,1200x1697)

4pack for a good measure


File:98518251_p1.png (1.17 MB,1598x1301)

Drinking to the final days of my NEET life


i'll drink to that too then


File:1653095124239.jpg (1.47 MB,1306x1796)



drinking to calm down after losing my mind playing league, I dont know what I would have done if I lost that last one...
been making alot of mixed drinks recently


please do not play that kusoge


league causes great damage to the human spirit without a single benefit.


I cant help it; I love skill based games that make you try over and over and competitive multiplayer games. I also started playing as I started to acknowledge that I didn't like fighting games and had no talent for smash. Its not even an addiction sort of thing, its just the perfect game for me to play


got drunk much faster than i thought, time for spy family and the kunoichi show and perhaps some precure


was goin down the road feelin bad but now im watching ika musume and making myself another mixed drink


Thoughts on Soju?


I like it when its flavored and loaded with sugar, tastes a bit like cough syrup in a good way


File:Suika-Ibuki-thelefteris24-….gif (1.79 MB,500x281)

Trying out some hard cider


File:20220603_110257.jpg (2.59 MB,2355x1365)

Oh yeah it was really good and so I added some rum to it and it was even better


File:IMG_20220618_083623.jpg (1.22 MB,2560x1440)

taking a break from working on my 40k army to drink


File:R-1655560363574.png (58.58 KB,228x236)

easter egg found


File:IMG_20220618_090046.jpg (1.1 MB,1440x2560)

my dad got me that for Christmas a few years back, he had no idea what I wanted and knew I liked anime girls and models so got me that. which turned out to be a perfect surprise. last year his girlfriend got me a very lewd anime succubus shirt and blanket


File:margarita.jpg (132.41 KB,918x1096)

Went out to a steakhouse with my father for Father's Day and got a big Sangria Margarita. It was really delicious and I'm completely stuffed.


File:1603866586043.jpg (121.84 KB,444x580)

been making alot of margaritas recently, I usually cant stand liquor but I love tequila


File:03 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (124.92 KB,960x720)

Be careful not to be deceived by their sweet taste, those things pack a good punch of alcohol in them.


I could go for a drink right about now... I always feel like drinking on sundays when the liquor store is closed.


File:1647666766785.png (267.25 KB,466x601)

the ones I make aren't sweet, I don't use any sort of mix for it. Its just tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. I also measure everything out so its the same amount of alcohol as my usual drinks, which are rather strong. I used to like to like the mix stuff but now I find it sweet to the point where the flavor is obscured.
In other news I just found out that I got a paid day off work on the 20th so I am excited to drink, catch up the new precure, watch railgun, and do a little erogaming


that restaurant did not fuck around I have not been this drunk for a bit and it was only 2 drinks


What'd you get? Long Island Iced-Tea or something?


the first was this mix of rum and wine with mint and lemon, the second I don’t even remember but the amount of different types of alcohol was similar to a long island iced tea. Usually I expect restaurants to try to rip you off, but even with the second drink being filled with ice it was still a lot.


File:97174287_p29.jpg (849.7 KB,1424x2050)

I am drinking chilled sake and enjoying fine Japanese literature (galge).


Help me I'm not myself I just took the body of someone else.


Scared of changelings


File:suzumiyasan.jpg (245.92 KB,1920x1080)

Does kissu have anything in particular they enjoy doing when they drink? I like playing guitar hero and singing. Everything else becomes too difficult to enjoy after a bit.


I very rarely drink, but I guess I like to be at home relaxing while on my computer. It's a nice feeling.


I like to play games like Terraria and Minecraft tipsy. I play differently. I am inclined to rush and take risks more because of being drunk, then in other ways I act more carefully to compensate for my own drunkenness, because I am always aware of and keeping an eye on my level of drunkenness. I tend to overcorrect when I do this so it's difficult to say overall whether or not I play worse when tipsy. I think I get caught up in BS a bit less, BS like dithering on the choice of construction material for something or organizing the stuff in my base. I just go ahead and do the first thing that comes to mind.
I also like to be on voice chat with my brother when playing these games.


I'm sure it'd be fun with others. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play games with. I need something to help ignore the loneliness or I'll end up drunkposting too much and be afraid to see the aftermath. Guitar Hero works great because I can go and go until I'm too sleepy to continue.


File:2704738_p0.png (31.31 KB,500x500)

What are you doing pissu? Care to keep me company?


why am I still this drunk holy shit


File:86225405_p0.png (3.11 MB,4800x7200)

Spiked my alcohol with punch and it blends really well.

...This is probably dangerous, but damn is it good.


wh-what kind of company....


A black company yeaaaaahhh


File:[SubsPlease] Yofukashi no….webm (2.79 MB,1920x1080)

Nothing gets rid of RTS pain like some good anime and beer


                        ,.へ  _,.-
                        i __,.>'"/--、
                    ,.へ、__く___/ヘ7-  〈
  、..,,__     rへ、__     /  _  7/ /ヽ____,ゝ
   ヽ、 \   ',   `ゝ-─'─-ィ'、_,.イ  /
     ',/ ゝ、_ i ,.ゝ'"        ゝ、,.イ、
     ヽ、/  フ'     ハ   i  ヽ, ヽ、ヽ,\、
       `γ´  / i i  ',  i∠_、!',  ',  ', `7
        ./,'  ,'/ ゝ、!、i   レ,イフ`Y、 i   |ゝ .i、__」
  , ! ,   .イ i  .!'ヽ! r!ヽ、!    -─- Yヽ_」イ |
 - O -~  Lハ i.  ハ' '´     //// | l | .| |
  ' i '   .,. -'─-!、! |〃  ´_     ,' / i | | Guinness is the best!
      |____    |. ヘ、   ヽノ    / ,' ハi. |
     i´_____)~~|ヽ、.|>.、._   _,.イ/ /i,.ァ__!.  |
     r{ _____.)  () |ヽ、', r' i/ ̄7 レ´,.'7  `ヽ、|
    /){ ____)  o | YVく⌒ヽnイ'⌒L/」 _    \
    '、_ゝ__ノ....,,,__,.|イ><{ノ__,.イ^ゝ、___ノY ィ'iヽ、.  _  ヽ,
         /7,'" ヽ7Y / i、 i ヽ、 ゝ、イ .| >'´   /
        //   / / へi  レ^ヽ `Y /    /|
      ,へi/   / イ 、       /' 7ヽ、ヽ、/|  |
     r─rヽ、_//「`'ー'─-...,,__/_  i ./ / .)'Y() .|  |


File:42864958_p0.jpg (43.88 KB,500x643)

LITs are deadly, too tasty to realize how much alcohol is in them.


File:Ew26kDcU8AgupFI.jpg (89.69 KB,955x1552)

Had a delicious Strawberry Daiquiri


Beer in a summer night feels special


File:2c301c4ac0196beefaed1a2e3d….png (831.15 KB,600x800)

Made a homemade one. Was really tasty despite my inexperience.


File:1531056009589.png (1.23 MB,1430x2000)

Drinking beer and eating cured reindeer sossidge.


Had some beer on an empty stomach
I get drunk really easy


File:7371285_p0.jpg (145.15 KB,640x900)

Drank orangey margarita now losing at fightan gaymes


File:IMG_20220716_060921.jpg (2.47 MB,4608x2592)

beer and something a little special


i love vodak! i found out mixing it with mineral water and adding lime/lemons makes it even better


File:mfhjyyj.png (88.14 KB,353x437)

Please don't do whacky postcards in the vicinity of Arisu-chan.


Drank beers


drinking japanese whisky!


File:76095682_p0.jpg (100.51 KB,800x800)

Had a big margarita and passed out. So much for drunkposting...




Drinking a bourbon aged stout I found that I really like.


File:C-1662507012675.png (9.06 MB,2141x2850)

Drinkng away the pain... (in my foot)


drunkenly cummed
spilled out a looooooot of salty sake~


oh no precious cum wasted! next time try to shoot it in your or my mouth


File:1559488199680.jpg (85.13 KB,680x680)


File:20220917_012925.jpg (477.34 KB,4000x2252)

weekend started, time to drink!


File:926f715e4c5f11fd6ded3d5b23….jpg (13.64 MB,4093x5787)

Drank some of this Ice Cider, and I gotta say it was absolutely delicious. Very strong cider taste and the crispness of apple with just a hint of alcoholic content. Gotta give it to the Quebecois, they do brew a good Ice Cider.


big sis' hat is so cool!


File:57720633_p0.png (495.53 KB,800x800)

Dunno if it's the alcohol or quality of shows, but I'm really enjoying everything in the stream!


File:57368662_p0.png (941.27 KB,800x1000)

Drank a beer, poured some coke, got pizza, and have a glass of ice wine on standby for today's long stream.

Here's to a great time.


Meta logic starts to click a whole and reading it makes so much more sense after a few beers


for the last few months I've made it a ritual to only drink around a full moon


File:stew.webm (4.36 MB,1280x720)

I don't know why but I always watch videos about linguistics when I am drunk.
And speaking of linguistics, I like to imagine that my wife has a northern English accent. She has an English theme to her, so I like to think that she speaks fluent English as well as Japanese.


Her engrish is cuter than fluency


File:1644814273970.jpg (557.96 KB,1280x720)

Yuno is not my wife; she is married to her Finnish girl husband Mia Kokkonen.


My wife, who's married to her wife.


I love the way she says carrot and chicken


File:FjOPsf6akAAn7Ex.jpg (372.77 KB,1594x2038)

Life needs more fun? Drink!


File:shinobu_pure_malt_1000x?v=….jpg (86.09 KB,1000x1000)


does that mean all the php stuff is dead and/or dying already?


not really. It's just a poorly configured website.
Remove the /en/ and it works
PHP errors are just the ugliest things to look at


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (289.84 KB,1920x1080)

Instead of beer poured vodka in my iced tea. Is good.


File:1452561619232.jpg (72.36 KB,318x283)

Got mexican food for the stream, and a coke that I have poured some Gin into. Hopefully the combo works out well.


File:__chen_and_ibuki_suika_tou….png (304.84 KB,640x670)

Drank 3 beers and I wanna die. The feeling has nothing to do with the drinks though. Kanpai!


File:FmWCw5_acAEq71u.jpg (1.15 MB,3541x2508)

Made meself a burg and a really packed LIT for this stream, cheers /qa/!


back to drinking!


File:Fm4yRIgaEAEjeRz.jpg (444.66 KB,1840x1241)

drankend multiple lits


File:1635421671664.jpg (262.49 KB,2048x1176)

drinking again


File:dekublu-4b47d90f-2372-44a5….png (624.33 KB,1018x1208)

drinking beer and reading chaos head noah

i hope phase 2 or an umineko anime gets announced soon; i want to see more 07th funposting on sites other than normo clubs like 4piss and twitter


File:1648648786485.gif (202.35 KB,320x320)



File:1656783763319.jpg (50.91 KB,305x303)

just drank two 12% alcohol beers. kinda nasty but does the job. happy drinking /qa/! i wish i could kiss all of you on the lips.


>i wish i could kiss all of you on the lips.
same bro



File:1768efca271cd10f26dfe1bfe1….png (359.44 KB,476x514)

*unzips penis*
Kiss my cock dude.


File:61659140_p0.png (923.44 KB,640x853)

Since there's a Hidamari stream today guess I ought to properly commemorate it. Salud


File:1529125802377.webm (208.57 KB,704x400)

Dad came home from Poland today and he brought me a bottle of slivovitz. Cheers!


didn't know people lived there


File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketch….png (155.28 KB,286x333)

drunk and ate lots of pickles for some reaosn


i am sober


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai Nonbir….jpg (44.67 KB,526x328)


File:__yuuri_chito_and_nuko_sho….jpg (333.7 KB,1696x1303)



File:FZkGotcaIAE1nt6.png (517.71 KB,725x890)

drinkan vodkers


drunk on denpa (and maybe some beer)


File:91999242_p9.png (65.79 KB,800x650)

Time for my 3rd morning biiru.

I like it when they draw Suika a bit monstergirl-like, would kiss and cuddle.


File:c6147c6fdecae0616fe81afbf9….png (313.19 KB,566x800)

Mixed my pepsi with Absolut Lime and the vodka is so strong I could barely taste the coke dang. PRetty good drink though


File:856f9c27f1c66b0acaadfb9c8….jpeg (2.06 MB,2477x3684)

Found some Makima /ss/ art and kinda hate it tbh. Even as a domme, I just dont see her being into it aside from a tease to make one jack off like crazy to her


(Took another soju shot)
And I am an /ss/ lover saying this
It just doesnt fit... not motherly enough?
Feeling kinda sleepy


File:e6be959cc054842f7138221179….jpg (626.63 KB,1000x1000)

had some amazake


Drinking daqiris


love daiquiris
just chugged some vodka today


Feel like I need to drunkpost more, been so tied up in trying to do things and not just having fun


File:21313021_p4.jpg (197.49 KB,1024x768)

I regret most of my drunkposts.


Ordered something called a 'Red Eye' at a restaurant without knowing what it was. Turned out to be beer mixed with tomato juice.
I do not recommend.




File:FxcbJRUaQAANGue.jpg (237.43 KB,775x935)



File:1671397867677990.png (1.94 MB,1411x1411)

Bailey's+Coffee is the best wake-up drink for also keeping yourself relaxed


File:49973337_p2.jpg (271.07 KB,994x994)

Having a beer for the first time in a while.


File:__furude_rika_higurashi_no….png (547.16 KB,800x785)

Was it good? I try to get into beer all the time but most of the ones I try taste like piss and the only good ones I've ever had have been at expensive bars where I can't find them anywhere else.


File:106304041_p0.jpg (6.43 MB,2824x4000)

It's okay. Just a standard pilsner, nothing fancy.
I am more into dark beers but those are rather expensive, especially Guinness which is my favourite.


File:64709050466673117a2105a464….jpg (160.75 KB,900x900)

Ohhh yeah, Guinness is an exception too. Forgot about chocolatey beers. Used to know someone that had a Guinness tap in their home bar, and it was what inspired me to rethink beer after I'd sworn it off for so long.


File:789def8affc6a298aa561a0fec….png (2.73 MB,2671x2079)

was dry for 3 months then started again
trashed like 4 times in 9 days
its so easy to slip back into the cycle


File:e031c0f9d860ffcd9e178f0695….png (1.49 MB,1500x2243)

Got hammered on wine and pork, pretty good combo.


Also for a $20 wine, Smith&hook isn't that bad.


wondering if adding rum to chocolate milk is a good idea


File:1499392387565.jpg (77.59 KB,360x357)

¥milk and alcohol


File:Fuo9ET6aMAA-1JA.jpg (423.64 KB,1464x2048)

Drinkan an old fashioned to the streen and having a blast with everything going on outside it too.



File:F3JUelAaAAAz7WH.jpg (635.18 KB,2621x3669)

Beer and uh more beer


File:IMG_20230811_200521.jpg (2.38 MB,2976x3968)

I got this beer from a depaneur which had a large craft beer section. It's apparently rice wine beer.


the phallic beer can


File:__ibuki_suika_and_hanyuu_t….jpg (333.02 KB,750x600)

Cream liqueurs are a thing you know.


File:1681102093613998.jpg (50.88 KB,547x782)

With only one alcoholic this thread can live forever (or whenever bump limit it). Anyhow what's yall opinion on sapporro or asahi? I like them quite a bit.
Guinness is pretty good once you have a good palatte? or taste for brews. its a good ol reliable for me~


Sapporo is ehhh, its like Jack Daniels in that its good to take pictures with but there's better options


Sapporo isn't bad. It's the safe option when it comes to Japanese beers for good reason. Though I would much prefer Asahi if given the option.

Though generally speaking, I like Japanese whiskey much more. Just finished a bottle of Iwai Mars this very moment.


I like soju like a corean dog


File:20230812_164241.jpg (3.42 MB,4000x3000)

beer n fish while my cat sniffs around seeing if she likes my qa stream dinner


good cat
plonking its snout on the plate and mopping up the juices
smart kitty


File:C-1691882491991.jpeg (5.84 MB,2894x4093)

Tried putting some peach sour in my whiskey alongside a couple sweet cherries really fagged up my drink and made it absolutely delicious


I think we both have the exact same keyboard. A corsair uhhh... forgot what it was called


post your cat on it too and have a cat-off


the plonker


the fagger


k95 rgb platinum, mechanical really is the best and the soft palm rest really is nice on my wrists


File:43073721_p16.png (440.97 KB,773x1140)

Drank beer and ate homemade thai food after gaymen all night.


daytime drinking
gonna be sleepy later


File:1656211380674.png (488.2 KB,935x935)

drank some vodka at family gathering


drank hot amazake
this time by dissolving them in hot water since they came in bags


File:57368662_p0.png (941.27 KB,800x1000)

Been drinking alot recently and also playing a bunch of vidya and noticed a direct corrrelation between the two and the quality of my life/happiness which has significantly improved. Alcohol truly is humanities best friend.


File:1671397867677990.png (1.94 MB,1411x1411)

Drinking tequila to prepare for doing promotional work


File:17a6d7ec88878c1d9127c2a3f….jpeg (172.57 KB,740x1035)

just had sake + brie was a good combination


File:1563499665240.jpg (1.2 MB,1920x1080)

Beer and OJ.


drank some vodkers to help me focus on clearing the campaign of poe


File:4Gczbhj.jpg (119.95 KB,1024x576)

Beer and Jap reps now. Kanpai you bitches.


Firefox is removing HTML support. Time to DRINK


File:20230824_204756.jpg (3.21 MB,4000x3000)

fridey nite!


File:1684004374748.png (91.47 KB,735x905)

Well, does it count if I was drunk and benzoed, and later did amphetamine?


mixing pills and alcohol (and uppers and downers) are not a good idea to mix.


Sure it's not "ideal", but from experience nothing ever happens.


I'm sure you've heard of the risks, but don't you think the effects cancel each-other out and just make you feel weird


Yeah, for sure, like, I don't know if I am feeling anything good right now, it's just alright, neutral. Obviously there's the thing about proportion, route of administration, all these things you probably know about. The thing is, first benzos, which make you careless, then alcohol, so you just go with the flow and take whatever you have.


Also, I can't quench the thirst no matter how much water I drink, which is annoying at the very least.


Milk and watery fruits like oranges always did the trick for me


Thank you, gonna try that. How are you right now, by the way? Is it okay to use this thread for this?


File:__darjeeling_and_assam_gir….png (1.83 MB,1741x2125)

friday night anons!


the friendly drunk


I made a russian coffee. Should I drink it hot or chill it


Well it's probably cold now anyway


Stuck it in the fridge. Its probably not good to drink vodka in the early morning on a monday


I hope pouring vodka into hot then chilling it doesnt ruin it


File:110173332_p0.jpg (277.91 KB,1000x1000)

Drank a couple of Midori Sours.


Lol why is the can censored


From what I've heard Strong Zero is a bit of a meme on futaba for some reason. It's a cheap alcoholic drink


Didn't even know that was a thing. Kinda crazy when the supposed meme drink here is Whiteclaw. I've had Strong Zero before and I'll take it anyday of the week.


Drinking some wine I had lying around and listening to denpa. Not good vibes, sadly, but I should have reminded myself of that before I started to drink.


Hate it when that happens, I get drunk to be happy not to wallow in despair.


File:8cbfaa24785f2e598f4778039d….jpg (465.4 KB,2598x2598)

Alcohol kinda lost its novelty for me. I mostly drink Clausthaler now since it's way cheaper and it actually tastes better too. That said I still get drunk now and then but it's not as fun as it was when I first started drinking.


File:57720633_p0.png (495.53 KB,800x800)

Drinking Kirin Ichiban!


File:64863245_p0.jpg (1.6 MB,1075x1518)

Ass was clenched all day because of how work was looking it was going to go later in the day and was staring a hefty slap in the fucking face. Instead I'm having the opposite happen and I'm so fucking relieved and happy I opened up a nice french sauvignon blanc and am celebrating!





thinkin bout clenched /qa/ asscheeks....


drinking grape seltzer but no alcohol so i cant bump the thread


File:1680728452921642.jpg (242.54 KB,1186x1728)

Drinking some jack daniels at the moment since my brah gave it to me. Would anyone want to go shot for shot at least once?


File:1610859478180.jpg (65.43 KB,268x299)

haet whiskey


File:born to 3.jpg (71.45 KB,828x712)

I'll take a shot of the gross whisky if you do the same with w/e you have.
I would rather drink wine, sake or some good beer to be honest..


File:1684374307511.jpg (164.62 KB,1386x640)

I bought some white wine the other day with the intent of drinking the next time we play OJ together. OJ and booze is fun.


File:20230916_203753.jpg (3.51 MB,4000x3000)

luv me whiskey




File:1646052779228.png (1.02 MB,1280x720)

Drinking white wine and watching Maria Holic.
Cool Shaft cinematography. Cute yuri Matoi. Kobayashi Yuu being Kobayashi Yuu. I wish they used the original YMO song for the ED; the autotune is jarring to listen to.


Drinking some beer again since the start of the month. Had sort of a rough day that's only started winding down and needed the edge off. It's a Smithwick's Red Ale. My go to sip.
rune practice pad!
ah man it's even all randomly spaced like mine.


File:qa poster girl holding bot….mp3 (2.92 MB,151x175)

drinking whiskey and a bit of something else


Drinking cider


drinking sake out of a big chubby plump bellybutton


File:111642566_p2.jpg (613.58 KB,920x1784)

White wine and House of Five Leaves.


gonna uncork some white win


File:F2xAuO3aQAIFAk-.jpg (155.31 KB,1024x999)

Hidamari stream today so I needed to get into dat hidamari mood


File:20231021_170221.jpg (3.17 MB,4000x3000)

neat choco


File:1631799836128.jpg (59.04 KB,983x589)

love boozy choco


File:a26d5b9cefc33caf03cb042605….jpg (280.49 KB,1000x947)

had hitachino nest beer
was pretty nice with a complex flavor of fruity + sourness + bitterness


I'm kinda drunk and debating another beer.


File:33bd26f3c85ebe015a6d26e223….png (2.04 MB,1000x1412)

'luv cider


File:92c0b8be1600f75fc621c28593….png (1.21 MB,1191x1684)

Currently drunk so I'm bumping. I said it before, but I wish I could kiss all kissu members on the lips.


I was drunk yesterday on some rum and liquor. And yeah, I wish I could poke and jiggle their plump bellahs.


File:__hanadera_nodoka_and_rabi….jpg (117.8 KB,810x900)

mangos and peaches tonight


Gonna drink vodka and carve a jack-o-lantern


File:F2xAuO3aQAIFAk-.jpg (155.31 KB,1024x999)

Went out to top golf with my otouto and let him order me a bunch of different drinks I didn't even know the names of. Was fun.


agh i was insanely drunk yesterday and i forgot to bump
what a shame


at least you didnt on-topic sage


File:878f61f49c4eeb2d3e29674d4c….png (1.62 MB,1480x1796)

Got alcohol before and now during my flight and still my nerves are acting up. Can't imagine flying sober...


Recomend me sake to buy from amazon.jp


File:d3aae140877d2d0472cae6e61d….png (3.52 KB,400x400)

At Thanksgiving I was with my family and within my family I've got a cousin who's a former bartender. So recently I've been enjoying old fashions when I go out or have them prepared for me and I asked him how to make one of them myself. Learned that you just need a few drops of angostura bitters, and that bitters are like the salt of the alcohol world, you add them to any cocktail to make it proper. With that knowledge in mind, while I was out shopping with imouto I came across some bitters in the store and knew I had to get them. They were right next to some maraschino cherries as well! So I grabbed them and at home I've already got a nice selection of bourbons and whiskey and made myself a nice old fashioned to relieve myself of the melancholy I was in.

I've got to say I absolutely love the way the old fashioned isn't that complex or hides the flavor of the whiskey/bourbon, in fact I think for the proper type it really accentuates the flavor! Not to mention that the cocktail-ifying of it makes the whiskey much easier down the throat than drinking it normally. And then the boozed up cherries are such a treat after its finished. I add 2 since I love them so much. Happy drinking, /qa/!


File:fc217dd08e89007a6036fe1f87….jpg (443.11 KB,945x1134)

I need /qa/'s help. I got some bourbon eggnog, and I'm really digging some hot cocoa. Would they mix well?


File:048780876a0b0ba90633db1ebc….jpg (464.71 KB,2048x2048)

I wanted to get beer but I overslept.


too much booze, now im tired


I find that 'nog mixes with only a few things because of how thick it is, but cocoa should work as long as there's more nog than cocoa.


File:1695879897674.png (430.82 KB,529x441)

One and a half shots of some bad slivovitz. I hope that's enough to get me a little bit tipsy.

Damn alcohol regulations depriving me of my beer.


Alcohol regulations? The heck is that


Some places stop the sale of alcohol past a certain time (doesn't affect restaurants or bars to my knowledge). It's not that uncommon.


File:f9b196ad180581b2c7235b0fa9….png (1.47 MB,1590x1697)

Things like a monopoly on hard liquor and no alcohol sales after a certain hour, usually 8 on weekdays and 6 on saturdays.


File:019f03dd546faed23e34cf33a3….jpg (124.03 KB,552x700)

Bought some fancy beer under the "malty" section but it just tastes like normal pilsner.

Oh well, at least it got me drunk. Cheers!


File:[Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni….webm (1.86 MB,1280x720)

Guinness-kun, my trusty friend.


File:[Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni….webm (1.16 MB,1280x720)

R-Rika chama!!?


File:3931e9d3ceae4026a8f2f41c1c….jpg (606.37 KB,1200x1200)

has some red rice ale, it looks literally red
very unique taste


File:2fb9b6545c31433c3fd2000f28….jpg (64.28 KB,718x619)

drunk og liquid bread


File:1605460585606.jpg (79.77 KB,1366x748)

Day was really cold.



File:hakumiko beer.jpg (374.93 KB,1395x1150)

Wish I had more beer.


File:FuJddPsaYAAv3Lw.jpg (368.5 KB,1918x2163)

drinkeng for the streen!


File:51257314_p0.png (211.18 KB,600x600)

10% alcohol beer sure is something, was sipping one down with the lights on and the oppressive nature of the room along with my inebriation lead to me passing out in my chair.


i really like this image


File:2f95bc66a40b50bc1930ee4519….png (390.64 KB,568x800)

had the most amount of alcohol ever for me last week with various kinds of beer, wine, and cocktail
this included a whole tall glass of avocado margarita
it tasted very nice with some mexican food
started getting a little dizzy after that but i still rode a scooter for 3 miles along with heavy traffic, fortunately it worked out and there were no near misses


File:C-1706415312730.png (1.08 MB,1332x900)

>had the most amount of alcohol ever for me last week
Funnily enough, me too. Was out on a special occasion with brother and because that little shit knew I was paying and that he doesn't drink anymore he ordered whatever he could, which included an irish car bomb, a shot of brandy, a moscow mule, some cocktails and a beer. Most expensive trip to the toilet I've had, but at least he was happy at the end of the night.


cute stories guys


I drank a bottle of wine to cope with the urge to redose my ADHD medication but I don't feel that good. I have benzos, but meh. I wish I could be stimmed all the time because it gives me the drive to do things and be social and I'm cursed with the feeling I need to do something productive every day.


I also think I can't stand my own thoughts which are not really conscious and I can't figure out what they are, this could be why not being always distracted by something makes me feel such dread.


File:1904ebfe5e9805891b34688026….jpg (331.5 KB,800x640)

Drunk on cheap beer.


File:lifeless eyes on undead gi….png (243.85 KB,401x582)

Yesterday was the one annual event where I would drink any alcohol at all.
My mom insists that I join her feuerzangenbowle every winter.
So I drank a large cup as instructed and left, because I dislike both alcohol and any crowd larger than 4 people.
And I know nothing about this whole thing reflects well on me.


File:1x1,id=07acb8a8,b=lecker,….jpeg (406.51 KB,1600x1600)

I must admit that looks cool as heck. Sucks about the being forced into it part, though. Nobody should be forced to drink if they don't want to.


File:45609682_p0.jpg (656.76 KB,1500x1300)

Drunk again.
Time to game.


File:10. Sayonara Zetsubou Sens….jpg (308.34 KB,1280x720)

Cheap (but good) white wine, wakame salad and Rozen Maiden.

love wakame salad


some smelts and beer for the stream


File:eabd14336c4dea0efbb74553fe….png (305.43 KB,800x1131)

been drinking to the hidamari stream since last week and opened a bottle of malbec to complement it and had some steak on sunday that paired well but today had some chili and it did NOT pair well with the wine

someone recommend me something to salvage this blunder


File:FMK1rqYVUAI6Fwx.jpg (224.97 KB,888x1415)

What do I have for food/drink haven't eaten all day...


stupid shab should put on her seatbelt or she'll go flying through the windshield


shabs are so stupid


File:098.png (607.67 KB,1153x987)

saw two cats today while on my way to get beer: one brown tabby and one black and I got to pet the tabby one

i wish the landlord wasn't so anal about pets, the guy brings his dog when he's doing maintenance stuff on the house but won't allow others to keep pets

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