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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:16cd7e2926999d826c9bb2a811….png (6.29 MB,4000x4000)




drank some water and milk today


File:[SubsPlease] Yuusha, Yamem….jpg (281.67 KB,1280x720)

i am always drunk
i may have a problem


please take care of your liver.


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (199.77 KB,1280x720)

drank water and milk again
sister left a can of 'hard cider' in house, might drink it later, but this stuff is usually too corn syrupy and I doubt I'll like it


Some of my favorite drinks have been fruity, but I can admit that sometimes they aren't really up to par. If you do try drinking it I hope it's a good fruity drink.


File:CDisplayEx_2022-04-28_19-5….png (352.04 KB,825x399)

Multi drink thursday, nanodesu.


File:1500020825319.jpg (96.52 KB,786x576)



been drinking wine recently. kept making me fall asleep so i mixed it with an energy drink. fell asleep anyway.


Oh, I probably prefer fruity drinks, but I was talking about cheap stuff that has a mix of a corn syrup and cough syrup taste


the kissu drunkards.


File:1c998e0714d075e69b17733add….jpg (229.72 KB,500x707)

Decided to finally sit down, drink some belgian white, and get my seasonals done and I can't tell if it's the season or the beer, but it's been really enjoyable so far!

Did you ever try that hard cider? If so how'd it taste?


File:51d0e64770c6571d40ce6b724b….jpg (491.88 KB,708x1000)

got drunk and spilled my sake all over suika's butt


File:1518799692401.png (1.38 MB,1280x1340)

Can I post here if I'm drinking non-alcoholic beer?


File:1640989488378.gif (103.09 KB,500x500)

drinking to the ever-fleeting happiness of life


trying to sprem but I keep having to pee


File:539d7cb0958b7eed28d72a3f59….jpg (134.29 KB,1247x1517)

Drank a nice fruity vodka mix and it was delicious


made myself a scotch and vernors


File:[SubsPlease] Atasha Kawaji….jpg (330.78 KB,1280x720)

it happened again


File:puhaa.png (446.26 KB,823x796)


pleasantly inebriated


File:1535532990154.jpg (1.07 MB,1200x1697)

4pack for a good measure


File:98518251_p1.png (1.17 MB,1598x1301)

Drinking to the final days of my NEET life


i'll drink to that too then


File:1653095124239.jpg (1.47 MB,1306x1796)



drinking to calm down after losing my mind playing league, I dont know what I would have done if I lost that last one...
been making alot of mixed drinks recently


please do not play that kusoge


league causes great damage to the human spirit without a single benefit.


I cant help it; I love skill based games that make you try over and over and competitive multiplayer games. I also started playing as I started to acknowledge that I didn't like fighting games and had no talent for smash. Its not even an addiction sort of thing, its just the perfect game for me to play


got drunk much faster than i thought, time for spy family and the kunoichi show and perhaps some precure


was goin down the road feelin bad but now im watching ika musume and making myself another mixed drink


Thoughts on Soju?


I like it when its flavored and loaded with sugar, tastes a bit like cough syrup in a good way


File:Suika-Ibuki-thelefteris24-….gif (1.79 MB,500x281)

Trying out some hard cider


File:20220603_110257.jpg (2.59 MB,2355x1365)

Oh yeah it was really good and so I added some rum to it and it was even better


File:IMG_20220618_083623.jpg (1.22 MB,2560x1440)

taking a break from working on my 40k army to drink


File:R-1655560363574.png (58.58 KB,228x236)

easter egg found


File:IMG_20220618_090046.jpg (1.1 MB,1440x2560)

my dad got me that for Christmas a few years back, he had no idea what I wanted and knew I liked anime girls and models so got me that. which turned out to be a perfect surprise. last year his girlfriend got me a very lewd anime succubus shirt and blanket


File:margarita.jpg (132.41 KB,918x1096)

Went out to a steakhouse with my father for Father's Day and got a big Sangria Margarita. It was really delicious and I'm completely stuffed.


File:1603866586043.jpg (121.84 KB,444x580)

been making alot of margaritas recently, I usually cant stand liquor but I love tequila


File:03 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (124.92 KB,960x720)

Be careful not to be deceived by their sweet taste, those things pack a good punch of alcohol in them.


I could go for a drink right about now... I always feel like drinking on sundays when the liquor store is closed.


File:1647666766785.png (267.25 KB,466x601)

the ones I make aren't sweet, I don't use any sort of mix for it. Its just tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. I also measure everything out so its the same amount of alcohol as my usual drinks, which are rather strong. I used to like to like the mix stuff but now I find it sweet to the point where the flavor is obscured.
In other news I just found out that I got a paid day off work on the 20th so I am excited to drink, catch up the new precure, watch railgun, and do a little erogaming


that restaurant did not fuck around I have not been this drunk for a bit and it was only 2 drinks


What'd you get? Long Island Iced-Tea or something?


the first was this mix of rum and wine with mint and lemon, the second I don’t even remember but the amount of different types of alcohol was similar to a long island iced tea. Usually I expect restaurants to try to rip you off, but even with the second drink being filled with ice it was still a lot.


File:97174287_p29.jpg (849.7 KB,1424x2050)

I am drinking chilled sake and enjoying fine Japanese literature (galge).


Help me I'm not myself I just took the body of someone else.


Scared of changelings


File:suzumiyasan.jpg (245.92 KB,1920x1080)

Does kissu have anything in particular they enjoy doing when they drink? I like playing guitar hero and singing. Everything else becomes too difficult to enjoy after a bit.


I very rarely drink, but I guess I like to be at home relaxing while on my computer. It's a nice feeling.


I like to play games like Terraria and Minecraft tipsy. I play differently. I am inclined to rush and take risks more because of being drunk, then in other ways I act more carefully to compensate for my own drunkenness, because I am always aware of and keeping an eye on my level of drunkenness. I tend to overcorrect when I do this so it's difficult to say overall whether or not I play worse when tipsy. I think I get caught up in BS a bit less, BS like dithering on the choice of construction material for something or organizing the stuff in my base. I just go ahead and do the first thing that comes to mind.
I also like to be on voice chat with my brother when playing these games.


I'm sure it'd be fun with others. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play games with. I need something to help ignore the loneliness or I'll end up drunkposting too much and be afraid to see the aftermath. Guitar Hero works great because I can go and go until I'm too sleepy to continue.


File:2704738_p0.png (31.31 KB,500x500)

What are you doing pissu? Care to keep me company?

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