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File:sYRXvwl.png (369.71 KB,1026x638)



Pretty neat. The resolution is WAY too high, though.


File:download.jpg (7.87 KB,207x139)

thats some impressive webshit


it's supposed to resemble the 2000's you dumb mazda


Websites were way better looking than that by the 2000s.


This site is like windows93.net but worse. But, I mean... You can't really top them. They literally have their own myspace clone built in.


it's funny to see normals having no idea how an embeded video and streaming works


It's both hillarious and unsettling to know that if Google were to ever listen to these dumbasses youtube content would never be able to be linked from anywhere else on the web.


Allowing these gets the website more exposure, of course an advertising company would do that.
The same "dumbasses" are likely DRM and subscription model advocates and in that way, they're already having lots of success on influencing company policies.


>The same "dumbasses" are likely DRM and subscription model advocates
That's a lot of unwarranted cynicism. I don't think there's that many people "advocating" for either. Everyone knows they're shit, including the people who use them. They stay around not because anyone loves them, but because they make money and most people don't give a shit.


File:1619629684192.png (37.1 KB,737x162)

Try to look at something like Microsoft and Adobe community forum, where the "Community Professionals" defend every single decision the companies make.


Not sure what complaining about embedding has to do with DRM and subscription models. If you hover over any of the videos on that site you can see the source and it's giving them views. There is the story of people who make mashup videos being forced to discontinue their work because copyright laws get in the way of art.

Are you suggesting that embedding videos is going to become a paid youtube feature eventually? Video authors can prevent people from viewing their sites through embeded links already.


Well no fucking shit. They're PR people. What do you expect?


File:cat.png (103.68 KB,290x290)

doesnt matter what it looks like you dumb volvo


gonna try to revive this thread as a 'cool website' thing
this guy gives a summary and personal score to tentacle monsters in video games
found it while searching for a certain video game character for a thread

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