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File:sYRXvwl.png (369.71 KB,1026x638)

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Found a neat youtube player


Pretty neat. The resolution is WAY too high, though.


File:download.jpg (7.87 KB,207x139)

thats some impressive webshit


it's supposed to resemble the 2000's you dumb mazda


Websites were way better looking than that by the 2000s.


This site is like windows93.net but worse. But, I mean... You can't really top them. They literally have their own myspace clone built in.


it's funny to see normals having no idea how an embeded video and streaming works


It's both hillarious and unsettling to know that if Google were to ever listen to these dumbasses youtube content would never be able to be linked from anywhere else on the web.


Allowing these gets the website more exposure, of course an advertising company would do that.
The same "dumbasses" are likely DRM and subscription model advocates and in that way, they're already having lots of success on influencing company policies.


>The same "dumbasses" are likely DRM and subscription model advocates
That's a lot of unwarranted cynicism. I don't think there's that many people "advocating" for either. Everyone knows they're shit, including the people who use them. They stay around not because anyone loves them, but because they make money and most people don't give a shit.


File:1619629684192.png (37.1 KB,737x162)

Try to look at something like Microsoft and Adobe community forum, where the "Community Professionals" defend every single decision the companies make.


Not sure what complaining about embedding has to do with DRM and subscription models. If you hover over any of the videos on that site you can see the source and it's giving them views. There is the story of people who make mashup videos being forced to discontinue their work because copyright laws get in the way of art.

Are you suggesting that embedding videos is going to become a paid youtube feature eventually? Video authors can prevent people from viewing their sites through embeded links already.


Well no fucking shit. They're PR people. What do you expect?


File:cat.png (103.68 KB,290x290)

doesnt matter what it looks like you dumb volvo


gonna try to revive this thread as a 'cool website' thing
this guy gives a summary and personal score to tentacle monsters in video games
found it while searching for a certain video game character for a thread


how did you find out about this site? seems pretty niche


There was an image in google images from it when I was looking for a character that himself is pretty niche I guess


when I was more interested in art I had a blog where I would analyze the artwork of popular hentai artists and try to understand why their work was good. It's still up and I get emails on errors from google search console and gets one or two clicks a week. Kind of neat how things like that exist.


That sounds interesting, which artists did you find most impressive while doing this? May want to check some of them out and follow them if I'm not already.


whatever was popular at the time. Most of the quality artists are SEA and some are imitation Western. Everything I wrote was kind of what you'd find on Sankaku except I was trying to learn art theory.
AnimeFlux, Hews Hack, Ootomo Takuji are some of the more recent ones before I stopped in April 2016



interesting pixelart focused content site


This seems to be a character viewer for one of those jpeg lottery phone 'games', Destiny's Child. They have a lightly animated idle pose and you can click them for a short animation.
Finally we can experience the depth and complex mechanics of gacha on PC.


File:Kazuki-Takamatsu-yatzer_12.jpg (168.54 KB,714x714)

This is just a single blog page, but it came up when I was searching for something that might help me create depth maps to mess around with.
Some guy made depth maps as direct art itself. Kind of cool. You can probably already guess what a depth map is- white is foreground and black is background.


File:waterfox_cizB9Xq4sf.png (477.2 KB,878x782)

This guy writes long, elaborate reviews about computer RPGs. I can't really describe it any more than that, but it's pretty cool!


File:Screenshot_20210722-141508….jpg (928.2 KB,1061x2430)

I'm sure a lot of people already know about it, but I found this site recently and it's pretty neat, I think:


hate wikia, even gay girls can't save its shitty interface


Yeah... I really miss the actual Wiki layout. The "wikia" version is really terrible. The only that's sort of salvageable is the Fallout wikia because they delibeately made it more similar to the actual Wiki style compared to the hundreds which use the standard wikia layout.


This is a useful website.


I'm not sure I understand, what does the site do?


It lets you download things from the steam workshop. So, imagine you have a game you bought through GOG (or more likely torrented), but wanted to use some mods only on the steam workshop. Well, all you need to do is just paste in the steam workshop URL, and then the site gives you the files in a zip so you don't need to have the game on steam to get them.


Ohhhhh, that makes sense. Pretty useful tool then.


Ohhh, wow, that's a nice find. Access to the steam workshop is a pretty big reason to buy a game on steam so that's a big benefit.



Interesting blog site on model making, of the ecchi variety.


Can't believe they have a sexy lady that comes with an attachable /qa/...



This is really awesome. It's a massive collection of Flash games that you can either download the entire (700GB) collection of, or there's a smaller 2.5GB version that lets you download games as you play them. It's all in a self-contained player too, meaning that you seemingly don't need to have flash installed from what I understand. I was also surprised to hear it seems attached to BlueMaxima. If you've spent any amount of time with the Vita at all, that name might sound familiar. Apparently, the guy who pretty much single-handedly reviewed just about every single Vita game is also behind this project. Really cool coincidence.


Glad there's been so much love poured into the preservation of Flash. If only Adobe would've made it open source instead of just killing it off.


This guy's old fighting game site is still up and getting updated


>It's both hillarious and unsettling to know that if Google were to ever listen to these dumbasses youtube content would never be able to be linked from anywhere else on the web.

We're already experiencing that now. Most music videos and any other promotional content that isn't by a regular content creator but rather a corporation have pretty much disabled embedding. Now with this dislike button gone as well, who knows what the state of YouTube just will be in the next year or two. It's already an unusable piece of trash. Really need to get people to start uploading on alternatives more now than ever. Archive anything you can and reupload it everywhere too. Get as many people away from YouTube as possible.


>Archive anything you can and reupload it everywhere too.
This is the thing that worries me the most of YouTube going stupid. There's just way too much there. YouTube has been around for almost 17 years now, and has an endless amount of content. If it ever goes down, or decides to self-sabotage itself and delete a bunch of stuff, or some other thing happens, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that an irreparable amount of information will be lost.


Same here, but they do remove important content and channels go down every single day. There was a wave of people who deleted their channels back in 2019 worrying over legal stuff when the whole COPPA thing was going on. People kept telling others that they would get lawsuits on videos if it was marked for kids or not marked for kids. I know it became a whole nothing case but a lot of people went insane worrying about it back then.



This pretty neat. I guess they collect a bunch of data and create public reports on stuff. It's nice that they release monthly population estimates too. It makes the US seems really slow seeing as we only do a proper census every 4 years and then just go off of that until the next one while guesstimating inbetween.


Ah, nice this thread is still alive (barely).
This site is some HTML5 (or whatever) conversion of an MS-DOS racing named Sky Roads. http://openroadsgame.com/
The www has so much potential, it's a shame nothing lives up to it.


A little janky, but fun


File:Screenshot_2022-10-31 View….jpg (853.82 KB,1920x976)

A friend showed me this site recently. Pretty cool. https://eerscmap.usgs.gov/uswtdb/viewer/


File:cloaknight.gif (3.13 KB,100x142)

Here's some sites I had in mind when I made the thread:


Also not specifically related to Castlevania, but there's an old sprite resource site that is still getting updates!

I can't remember bookmarking this one, but it looks like it's something like archive.org that lets you look at old websites? The default one is nintendo.com and it works. Looks like it has some related sites, too, that could be interesting.

This thread isn't specifically for old sites, these are just the ones that I happened to use recently.


https://kissu.moe is nice but be warned it's full of teens


The last couple of years I have been looking out for Japanese blogs to self-archive, as they usually go poof with little notice for any reason.


This one particularly interested me as it's been around for over 20 years now and still gets some content updates.
Apparently, for most of it's life it was also hosted on PS2 Linux. He has some interesting mods for his Dreamcast that he did long before a rasPI was ever around either. He's a real Nig(g)a




>full of teens
I wish...


Merged a new thread with this one, so this post's "when I made the thread" is no longer accurate


woah, almost forgot that ability to graft threads existed


NEET website


File:Screenshot_2023-01-08 Scre….png (115.47 KB,1903x976)


Site lets you quickly determine the visual clarity of an image based on size, distance, and resolution. I use it a lot when comparing VR headsets, but it's also useful for things like comparing whether you would see any benefit in upgrading size and resolution of your TV or monitor; for instance, upgrading from a 24 inch 1080p monitor to a 27 inch 4K monitor should be a very noticeable improvement to the majority of people, unless you have bad eyesight.


File:waterfox_BKgFk3fpDL.png (1.68 MB,1685x1045)

I was trying to track down the full version of an ED song and I want to point out how nice it is that a seasonal anime has such a good website.
Look at those little 8-bit sprites moving around in addition to all the great visuals. People put a lot of work into this.


File:Screenshot_2023-02-20 Play….png (385.29 KB,810x725)

Site for downloading models from video games:


File:waterfox_ri6OFB3T1k.png (1.75 MB,1084x1099)

I was going to post a pic in the 'cool pics' thread on /win/, but I was taken to this old(?) site when looking for a vacuum tube image and I like it:
This site has a bunch of nice images from a museum and even has some PDFs of catalogs. Once upon a time people made websites like this and the page itself can be a part of the "museum of history".
Steampunk is cool and all, but this early 20th century tech is more interesting to me personally.


Oh, if you're unable to find the main page:
(it seems to have a script where it sits on the main page for a few seconds and then loads that one, but it might not work in all modern browsers)


People say social media killed small-scale sites like this, but honestly, I blame wikis. Like, why seek out a self-hosted site about bugs when you could just look them up on Wikipedia? Or why visit a Simpsons fansite when the Simpsons wiki has all the Simpsons info you'll ever need?


A neat site that is a search engine for finding old websites online.
It surprises me how many old sites are still hosting at all and even some of them are still updated with their old layouts


I think most people are aware of it, but I just wanted to remark at how amazing it is that GBAtemp is still seemingly going strong and I was able to get some firmware for my old DS flashcard that was uploaded back in 2011. (the firmware is older, but they seemed to overhaul their download system at some point)

Paired with another site like romhacking that offers rom hacks and fan translations of older stuff (https://www.romhacking.net/) and it's good to see some old parts of the internet still doing their thing.


For download hubs there's no reason to move away from them, it's just that they become ghost towns very quickly if messed with like theISOZone or Emuparadise. Sigh


And on direct download sites people are far less cautious than on torrent trackers


GBATemp's forums also used to be r9k-lite


My old forum haunt of choice. Hehehe. I was one of those people with thousands of posts.

Presumably some "off topic" subforum? Alas, some of those are doomed to enter such territory when given a chance. I never used the forum outside of topical things and never even had an account to comment.



It's not a website per se, but I found out today that Wiktionary has maps for dialectal vocab variations in Chinese and Finnish:

Here's their lists:

Apparently someone wanted to do the same for Arabic, but it didn't take off:
You can see the category at the bottom is a stub, that's a bad sign.


File:waterfox_vVURsd4Y5Q.png (8.25 KB,549x501)

Hmm, this is pretty cool. http://www.sprintreader.com/
You kind of have to try it out to fully appreciate it, but you copy paste a bunch of text in it and then hit play. It centers it while rapidly going through it and, well, seeing is believing.
Cool, but not sure if I'll ever use it.


File:waterfox_iNVHwyXFlU.png (2.3 MB,1754x1074)

This thing is cool. It sort of simulates old TV channels via youtube embeds. The content will be limited (obviously it's not 24/7 of content, or possibly even a full hour I'm sure), but it's still a really neat idea. There's different decades.
Pic related is a Cnet broadcast which I remember watching sometimes for computer news. How poetic.


Gen Z's obsession with early internet is annoying


Gen Z's obsession with early internet is endearing


i think it can go both ways
some of gen z has this weird attitude towards things they aren't familiar with where they overreact towards everything, and some of them are into early internet in the same way "90s kids" were into the 90s, and that's pretty annoying, but there's a subset of gen z that used the internet before 2012 and are just kind of wistful for when thing were more laid-back and those people tend to be fine, generally


>some of them are into early internet in the same way "90s kids" were into the 90s, and that's pretty annoying
no its not...


i mean the people who make a big deal about "the aesthetic", i don't know if i'm doing a good job of phrasing it


oh like people putting VHS tape damage filters on their videos
that are shot vertically
on their phones


File:Screenshot_2023-09-24 Trav….png (1.21 MB,1920x958)


Didn't realize this website existed. Pretty neat. Some of the "Level 4: Do Not Travel" travel advisories are pretty grim.

>Be sure to appoint one family member to serve as the point of contact with hostage-takers, media, U.S. and host country government agencies, and members of Congress if you are taken hostage or detained.
>Establish a proof of life protocol with your loved ones, so that if you are taken hostage, your loved ones can know specific questions (and answers) to ask the hostage-takers to be sure that you are alive (and to rule out a hoax).
>Leave DNA samples with your medical provider in case it is necessary for your family to access them.


My favorite one is the North Korea one that just tells you to make a will


that's funny. The US considers the EU elevated risk


... but like, not romania or poland or hungary


That's what I was thinking too, according to the US it's safer to travel to Botswana than Germany.


Botswana is very safe though


Hungary more like hungry lol


File:1645121032793.png (1.52 MB,2276x2362)

And Denmark is yellow while Sweden is in the clear despite all the gang violence.


denmark is well managed. I also don't know much about sweden beyond US memes


The country reports attatched to them seem to be based off of the experience of embassy workers, so I think it's about political violence risk mostly


yeah, that make sense. It was obvious it was political, but I couldn't see in what way


the website just validated my fear of leaving my house


the website reminded me of why you shouldn't do maps using pure javascript



File:Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 1….png (170.68 KB,1600x1067)

Interesting, albeit depressing website...



WOW 240k talk about a downturn


File:waterfox_Y3bekywlUL.png (1.05 MB,1255x1147)

16-bit Sensation has a cool website, too!
But, note that its CSS animation is not efficient and it's going to eat up CPU. It's even worse than my Lala CSS on kissu! Toasters beware!



Neat personal website
Turn down your volume a bit before opening or become jumpscared nerd


File:bg_white_4.png (104.66 KB,2800x2400)

oh wow... they really should not have done that


File:C-1702856953580.jpeg (629 KB,1920x1355)

Nice twitter page


File:00probevoice3.gif (132.4 KB,400x400)

Interesting site, for a single person its forte is definitely the presentation, all the cool visuals and the music. A lot of it reads kind of like SCP but with a single enemy, and ~digital~ or what have you.

Plot as I gatheredSo, the Corruption of Space is corrupting space into classical unthingability and the goal is now to deal with it by finding the Gate, a gap at the end of physics whose referentiality is also unthingable and/or will kill you, making it a closely guarded secret. The one's doing the searching are terminals, employing pointers somehow? That's what you are, as your mouse cursor. No clue what happened to humanity, apparently that's better explained in the book he wrote, it takes place in the same universe. It's not on libgen, though.

The puzzles involve a lot of scrolling through infinitely expanding pages (there was one where if more than three minutes passed you'd be sent to a dead end page), flashlight darkness stuff, or looking at several fucking F12 messages, one of which implemented the fucking scrolling too! A hundred lines of <br>, ah cannot believe that shit. Another one's solution was downloading four images, reordering them somehow, translating their black/red chunks into binary, and then getting the next page's URL from that. Wack.


Konoha, to be raped by Rance imminently.


i want to rape this dork rance style



gonna pre-emptively say that I saw this deleted post


File:d5e32e532322f183075ecf03ca….png (8.55 MB,2500x3186)

Site for listening to radio online. There also many others. You can choose here: http://websdr.org/
It seems like there's nothing but old music playing on radio these days since only old people listen to it now. I'm currently listening to some old French music. It's the same stuff my grandpa listens to.


And as for finding the actual stations there's: https://www.radioguide.fm
All you're gonna see in the chatbox of the previous site I linked is people pointing to military/government related stuff. I originally found out about it because of UVB-76, aka "The Buzzer" and "number stations".


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 06….jpg (221.36 KB,1920x1080)

https://everythingmoe.com/ is a very useful site that popped up recently. It's a database of everything related to otaku culture with list rankings and reviews.


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 06….jpg (226.01 KB,1920x1080)

https://www.photopea.com/ A free online photo editing tool which is basically the same as photoshop.


introduction/guide on how to play the FATAL TTRPG, of all things. Unfortunately(?) it looks pretty incomplete.


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 13….jpg (207.75 KB,1920x1080)

https://4museum.neocities.org/ A pseudo-archive for 4chan for the /a/, /g/, /sp/, /trv/, /tv/ and /v/ boards dating from 2006 to 2008.


helpful hachikuji

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