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File:1566402423813.jpg (141.55 KB,466x659)


Does /qa/ have any more fun facts to share?

I learned recently that prior WWI, many towns in the US spoke the language of the immigrants who moved there, but due to intense Germanophobia, schools began teaching in English exclusively and gradually the US became a de facto English-first speaking country despite having no official language.


That's not very fun


Why English? That seems so random


Had to happen in the modern age. Even in countries like India where many many different languages are spoken a Lingua Franca is adopted


File:two whole games.png (312.05 KB,1079x330)

here's a fact i learned in middle school: did you know that pennies cost more to produce than they're worth?
in canada, they stopped printing pennies for this reason.


English was the most widely spoken language. My great grandparents actually changed their last name to sound less German as well. I've also heard that quite a few German towns changed the name of their city as well as renamed their streets.


A fun fact I learnt is that there are introduced populations of Redback Spiders in some places in Japan.


File:[Coalgirls]_Maria_Holic_06….jpg (614.35 KB,1280x720)


File:Screenshot 2023-10-05 1357….png (211.91 KB,1394x321)


File:mpc-hc64_2a10aZukCA.png (1.45 MB,1920x1080)

Did you know?


for some reason this makes me a little angry


I had one but I forgot...


that is pretty fun!


The sixth power of the 39th root of 92, isn't that just the square of the 13th root of 92?


File:Screenshot 2023-10-06 0342….png (72.51 KB,985x661)

It's part of the American Wire Guage Wikipedia article.



File:bfe31207736db1ee652961a31e….jpg (93.04 KB,736x981)

Have you ever wondered why vanilla is so expensive? Well, I did, and I decided to look it up. Vanilla is an orchid and it takes 3 years before it can produce, and then it blooms only once a year for one day. Its native pollinators are tiny bees in Mexico, but the vast majority of it is grown where there are no natural pollinators that can handle it. Farmers need to monitor each individual plant and manually pollinate the delicate little flower by hand without destroying it. After its pollinated, it takes 1 to 9 months for the vanilla fruits/beans to mature. Then the curing process takes 4-5 months.
I was thinking of trying to grow a vanilla plant for fun, but I don't think this sounds fun at all.


my mother buys vanilla beans and keeps them in vodka to difuse flavour. But I don't think it's one of those things that will work for casuals. You probably would have to do manual polination to get it to work


Fun fact: did you know that cats are super awesome


File:firefox_AAyRzu7gso.png (58.32 KB,975x750)

Kyaaaa? Mya mya!


Yet another example of SI units being traaaash.
kya > ka, mya > Ma, Gya > Ga.


File:tumblr_p2nkuvt8ht1rj34fvo2….png (690.09 KB,823x1034)

myaa myaa catsies


File:fujita-tornado-simulator.webp (27.12 KB,632x515)

Something topical since it's going to be another stormy week across the US.
I came across an article about a man named Tetsuya “Ted” Fujita and it's quite informative: https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/who-was-the-legendary-mr-tornado-ted-fujita/945272
I somewhat knew of someone named Fujita since he lends his name to the Fujita scale, but I had no idea that he seemed to have coined terms like "wall cloud". If you have a few minutes I recommend reading through this article because it's very fascinating.
After WW2, a Japanese man was invited to speak to American meteorologists and decided to stay and spend the rest of his life here. Meteorology, particularly the study of tornadoes, was able to advance faster than it might have otherwise if he wasn't around. History is very strange sometimes.


Kazu-uchi Mono means mass produced thing. It's not seen much outside of historical contexts where it was used to refer to the cheaply made weapons of the Sengoku Jidai where they were made in bulk to fill the massive demand for weapons. Chumon-uchi refers to quality custom weapons that were made to order.



I miss typed this site's URL and this came up:
Someones blog site kinda cute.


Seems like a nice guy. We must assimilate him into the kissu collective


reminds me of the guy who owns verniy.xyz... yet his site is down. Maybe I can reacquire it soon


He hasn't used the site in 2 years.

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