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File:monster-energy-lovers.mp4 (356.15 KB,640x632)


Do you drink/like energy drinks?

I've noticed quite a few of the people that I talk to drink them, but I personally find them pretty gross and not all that helpful.


File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (259.52 KB,1920x1080)

I tried them once and felt like I was contracting throat cancer in real-time while it went down my throat. Never again am I touching one of those acid cans with a 10-foot pole.


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (206.2 KB,1920x1080)

Drinking about a third of a can of simple soda with caffeine in it already gives me a feeling that I don't really like, so I have to pass on energy drinks


File:[ASW] Edomae Elf - 01 [108….jpg (782.04 KB,1920x1080)

I like some of them, like the one with mango or the white one.


I used to. I started taking pure caffeine pills to bypass all the sugar


Sounds dangerous...


I will usually pick up a Redbull and some chocolates when I do my shopping as a snack. But outside of that I don't really drink it.


I drink them and spend the next 4 hours wishing I hadn't. I drink a lot of coffee normally but energy drinks make me anxious


File:4a57324d51e13ac8cfe6c751ec….png (590.42 KB,969x900)

My favourite candy


>stay up too late
>barely manage to wake up in the morning
>drink energy drink to get going
>get tired again in the afternoon
>drink another energy drink
>can't sleep at night because of the caffeine

it's a vicious cycle


Who are you quoting?


File:__tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….png (849.57 KB,1014x1500)

stay up too late
barely manage to wake up in the morning
drink energy drink to get going
get tired again in the afternoon
drink another energy drink
can't sleep at night because of the caffeine



File:coffee zone.jpg (40.45 KB,642x680)

Only drink coffee these days. Had a monster again a few weeks ago and I can't stand the sweetness anymore.


File:FjOPsf6akAAn7Ex.jpg (372.77 KB,1594x2038)

I feel the same way about soda after having abstained from it for a couple months. Recently was having pizza and usually I think of the ideal pairing drink for it being a cool coke or something. Instead, the carbonation assaulted my mouth and was almost painful to gulp down. A nice cold Beer/Cider was much preferable.


do NOT like energy drinks
never liked fizzy super sugary drinks all that much i prefer a nice cup of tea
on topic bumper


i only ever had energy drinks when i was in college
waste of money, since caffeine doesn't really do much for me (i guess energy drinks specifically make me feel slightly more jittery but that's about it)
but yeah i don't really like them too much, would rather have water or something


>since caffeine doesn't really do much for me
Use pills to get a higher dose


i don't want to die anymore.
also i'm not in college anymore, i just take naps whenever i'm tired, so there's no need


File:35944485_p0.jpg (123.46 KB,1012x1043)

I had to stop drinking energy drinks and coffee because the high amounts of caffeine made me feel unwell. I only drink tea now.


File:54f142337421817712c01131f9….jpg (219.14 KB,1328x2048)

They don't help me much either, and I find a lot of them too sweet, even if I am drinking the 'sugarless' no-calorie variety.
What helps me is taking iron (I am anemic) every other day, as well as getting some fresh air and exercise. Eating healthier helped a lot as well, and if none of that seems to work I'll drink some coffee or tea.


>What helps me is taking iron (I am anemic)


what makes anemia cute


imagine if an anemic kissuer had a dumbpire friend who was always feeding too much from him


Drank it daily for like a week in the past then got tired of the taste and feel, always felt like shit.


I usually just have a coffee in the morning, I grab an energy drink once in a while if I'm feeling extra tired. Fun to just try out all the different flavors.


I refuse to drink them. I've tried a sip and they taste bad. I don't drink them because I think they're unhealthy. Instead I just drink soda which is also unhealthy. If I need more pick-me-up than that I have black coffee with honey or cane sugar. If I need more of a pick-me-up than that then I'm into using drugs like adderall and the other speed variants. I very rarely use those (maybe once every 6 years now) and I hate it every time I do. Since I know I won't be sleeping for at least 2 days/nights. I only use them in extreme circumstances.

Most of the people I know that drink energy drinks get addicted to them. More than 1 or 2 a day is really bad for you. Soda is only slightly less bad for you and the caffeine in one of those should be plenty. I don't like the fancy coffees either because they're basically liquid candy bar. But they're certainly less harmful that some of these energy drinks.

Most of the people I know that drink them say they wish they never started. Once you feed your body something like Monster you start needing to have it every day to function. They are really no different than any other drug. They're just legal and seen as less harmful than things like prescribed stimulants.

The best option is adjusting your sleep schedule so you aren't tired when you need to work. But alas for most people this isn't possible. I find that even if I'm really tired if I push through it and start working I will eventually shake it off long enough to finish my work. It's mainly an issue of willpower.


I do mainly because my sleep habits(?) suck and need a boost when my sleep turns out shit. like today, I drank some caffeine and now I'm wide awake 12 hours later. I'm pretty sure I did not put too much caffeine in, but I will definitely need an energy drink tomorrow for work. oh, but if I'm a NEET then I don't touch the stuff.


I can't tell if caffeine even effects me anymore. At least not a sane doses. A 12oz soda like Coke goes down like water. I sometimes drink a 2 liter a day by myself. I always drink at least 1 liter of that horrible stuff.

If I have 2 coffees I can feel caffeine for a little bit. But then I crash a few hours later. My sleep cycle is pretty bad as well. I go through periods where I sleep from 6-7am - 5-8pm. It's hard to get back on daylight hours once I'm in that cycle. If I stay up and don't sleep for a day I just end up crashing hard and not waking up until noon the next day. The I slip a few hours each day and I'm right back on being awake at night.

I think NEETs prefer being awake at night because they don't have to interact with other people as much. Everyone I know that works 3rd shift by choice has some NEET quirks. Security (mall cops) is filled with former NEETs.

I think I'm going to try to go a few days without drinking soda at all. I know it's going to suck but the last time I quit I didn't get a headache. I'll probably switch to black tea again. Sweet tea is much better than drinking soda. Provided you don't go hard on the cane sugar. I use about 1 - 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar per pitcher when I brew sweet tea. The only problem with tea is that it makes you pee constantly.


File:1705289387373.jpg (141.55 KB,1280x720)

You can't be a NEET if you have a job.


You can, if you're working independently.
For example, musician is not necessarily "employed" by anyone, though I guess the line blurs when you are hired to play at a wedding or something.


There are tons of former NEETs that work in the security industry and I would argue that they still qualify as NEETs. Mainly because the majority of them work third shift where they are getting paid to play vidya and fap for 8 hours. Most of them work a limited schedule as well (3-4 days a week).

There are a lot of NEETs that will work security for a few months to save up money then go right back to NEETing it up while living in their parent's basement. Security is like the #1 job for NEETs forced into employment. Most of them messed up and worked a job for a little while thus breaking the streak they had going since high school. So now their parents won't let them freeload as much and nag them to go back to work after they quit. A few get addicted to the sudden new ability to afford merch. So they end up working part time so they can buy things for their waifu.

When cripple-chan was still around there was a nightly thread for former NEETs working security jobs. That thread was active every night and had at least 20 unique IPs in it every day. So I'm sure former NEETs working security is very common.


Anon, there are periods when I don’t have a job. I was just specifying that I don’t bother with caffeine during those periods.


That's self-employement.

>So they end up working part time so they can buy things for their waifu.


File:Parasyte v3 Cover.jpg (167.26 KB,910x1600)

>That's self-employement.
And your hand is your self-girlfriend.


File:vlcsnap-2014-12-23-21h19m0….png (525.61 KB,1280x720)

Hey, show some respect to my girl! No one talks smack about my Rosie Palms!


Ayase shouldn’t have lost as hard as she did


well, I ended up eating my words. I was feeling surprisingly good up until lunch so I decided not to drink the energy drink (monster) I brought. I instead drank a powder drink that has caffeine and B vitamins (effectively an energy drink). it’s weird that I was feeling so decent with 3 hours of sleep.


I have now gone one week without energy drinks.
I am still a gormless, lazy, and unfocused good for nothing, just as I was while drinking energy drinks but now my heart isn’t going crazy at least.

Resisted the urge to try and replace them with Zyn as well.


File:IMG_0275.jpeg (1.03 MB,2598x2028)

I’ve had gween tea w/ one spoonful of coffee powder for the last two days….headaches are terrible but I least I feel nothing emotionally…
Other than that I don’t like monster/red bull, not a fan of kidney stones.

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