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File:__akemi_homura_kaname_mado….jpg (3.51 MB,2048x2048)

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File:C-1695305743572.png (357.54 KB,1919x897)


File:mitama dance.gif (631.41 KB,359x482)

gettin' jiggie with it



hard as balls


Uhh, how does it work? Should we schedule a time or something? I don't think I can start a new puzzle, so I'd have to start a new room or something? Well, I was just checking it out anyway


there needs to be a rotating schedule of kissu fun events otherwise theyre on too much and people stop coming to them because "I can always do it later"


like the karting, the minecraft, this, a rest day, alternating each week


you post a puzzle if you're bored and see if anyone joins, that's all there was to it in my mind



hmm, need to sleep soon, but I'll join for one


File:Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1….png (1.01 MB,1920x958)


the not kuon girl


make it 1000 pieces and enable rotation so that it takes 24 hours to solve



File:ef443eb237.jpg (395.6 KB,3836x1772)

cloud puzzles are challenging


darn i missed the jiggie


(500 pieces, no rotation)


Kuso image choice


File:cdef90ba07.jpg (369.03 KB,3192x1485)


let us never speak of this again


File:puzzle_over.png (1.06 MB,1920x899)

Haven't puzzled for a long time and actually enjoyed the challenge while looking at cute Malon with a revolver.
Capitulation was never an option.
I learned my lesson though.


three and a half hours????


Dang, this is COOL, but I don't know if anyone can stomach doing it.


After a few times making/solving puzzles the red flags I came across are too much of the same colour and too many little details, avoiding those should net good results.
Finding a picture that you like with those limitations isn't all that easy actually, anime pictures tend to have a lot of empty space.


what the hell man


Hmm....can this handle images with a vertical aspect ratio?


File:0fd01c4e15.png (1.62 MB,3827x1717)

In some ways it's easier, but in a lot of ways harder


I think it's actually a lot easier than pure color background ones, since you will eventually find where pieces congregate together through the movements.


wait was the link from before still up all this time
how did you take 16 hours to finish lum........


File:95198386_p0.jpg (1021.3 KB,1414x2000)

I only started working on it an hour ago, but it seems like people completed the border and then gave up for the night.


how did we possibly take so long to do a puzzle which was extremely intimidating... are we stuppid or something?>????


Lum's ass


Lum's bum*


Lum's arse**


Lum's rump***


Lum's derriere****


hope this one doesn't have too much whitespace


at one point it becomes much easier to narrow down when you start looking for contours more than anything else


File:cnc.png (877.45 KB,1920x940)

the title was trickier than I was expecting


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (276.38 KB,1920x1080)

yeah >>114031
Although the way monitors are shaped horizontal ones are generally a better choice

Nice. I'm surprised you guys finished it. I did the edge work and, it was easy enough. I found it kind of interesting to form strategies for specific moments, like subtitles popping up for a couple seconds. I think in general each pieces had moments where it wasn't a "blank space" like in >>114166 so it was in theory solvable without guesswork.
The video is from my upload here >>105499 and I was surprised it took the whole thing. 2 minutes of animation.




File:Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 2….png (235.28 KB,1920x958)


That was a very nice one!


really love pixel art


Tea is ready!
(460 pieces, no rotation)


File:tea_served.jpg (263.58 KB,1920x899)


That is super cute!


Some Lucky☆Star in 450 pieces:


File:Lucky.jpg (278.29 KB,1920x899)

Good job everyone!


for better or worse, the butt pieces will be the most difficult to solve


File:C-1697595522812.png (1.85 MB,2107x1228)

the butt girl


The butt was difficult as expected, but some traits like the blue highlights made the other parts a lot more manageable


Optional easy version since I wasn't sure how many pieces to use: https://jiggie.fun/nekonebutt
I think I'll save that for other people to do later on


you mean >>115226 was supposed to be the hard one!?


As enjoyable as it is to think about, Nekone's vast pink butt would be quite annoying with 1000 pieces instead of 500. It might be worse than >>114166



File:cutepicture.jpg (412.71 KB,1920x899)

A very cute picture, thanks!
I think it is a good fit for 1000 pieces.


thank you for enjoying my puzzle


oh, that hair was her fringe


File:76671375_p0.png (11.77 MB,3112x2437)

here is the pic btw


File:03a928c578ca07a8a117729bd7….jpg (591.76 KB,784x1100)



File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (282.98 KB,1920x1080)

*cough* >>113933
I might just move these posts into that thread


i was literally typing in "puzzle" into that POS search box and thought that thread died because i didnt find anything


necessary 'threads merged' bump


jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece jigsaw puzzle online


puzzling post


File:C-1703648585100.png (1.59 MB,852x1203)

that wasnt so hard was it




File:waterfox_HXnnd8wVu8.png (248.19 KB,1405x903)

Someone did it already...


Thanks for the puzzle and the source!



just found this thread again


blehh I'm feeling really tired, but I guess I can join for a little bit before I drift off to sleep


File:C-1709803977262.png (1.99 MB,1561x1113)



File:116397619_p0.jpg (2.27 MB,2105x1488)

pic of cat




thought it would be a fun surprise that way :3



File:C-1710981185564.png (2.43 MB,1636x1148)

hardest one yet


File:98941557_p0.png (13.52 MB,7856x5616)

glad you enjoyed


File:kuon and nekone by guaizi.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.57 KB,1654x2339)

Kuon-Anon's love for Utawarerumono is cute so let's puzzle this:



File:original_by_akai sashimi.png (Spoiler Image,3.49 MB,1312x1856)


Noo I missed this!
Oh, it looks the site was updated since I last did this.


eroticute feetoes



This site seems broken, some buttons don't work


Well, sometimes


File:Screenshot_2024-06-29_20-5….png (1.02 MB,1922x1082)

this was tough


File:5ed91369-7999-4d27-870a-f….webm (10.34 MB,666x1000)

cool new feature


Ooo, the record button didn't work for me


Didn't work on firefox for me either, had to use different browser.


File:b8b0212c9e285bdde925780f9f….jpg (2.74 MB,2000x3000)

hope you guys enjoyed it


File:countryside-Kuon.jpg (Spoiler Image,777.67 KB,896x1152)

Smaller puzzle (414 pieces) of one of the results of >>>/maho/489 -Anon's efforts:



File:02577-score_9,_score_8_up,….png (1.46 MB,896x1152)

I had to go AFK and missed the conclusion, but good job! Using AI stuff for puzzles is an interesting challenge because the horizon and other stuff isn't consistent, so it adds a layer of uhh.. nonsense?
And man, this is making me look at my LORAs again and all the errors. Maybe I can still improve it...


>Using AI stuff for puzzles is an interesting challenge because the horizon and other stuff isn't consistent, so it adds a layer of uhh.. nonsense?
that makes me like it less. a pleasure of puzzles is when you figure out that some piece has to go somewhere specific because it's the only place it could possibly go because of how the whole picture works.


that has been a problem before with human-made backgrounds being too plain or nondescript to figure out


Yeah, this was the hell puzzle >>114166


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (296.93 KB,1920x1080)

It's time for a wanderful puzzle! Seems varied enough for a screenshot to work.


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (Spoiler Image,352.51 KB,1920x1080)

Here is the source image of the current puzzle if you need a hint!


File:waterfox_hEHET5BzRC.png (674.45 KB,1321x717)


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