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R:11 / I:0
Would it be a good idea to make unlisted boards viewable on the overboard by a secret mechanism where you need to be on the hidden board itself for it to show up on the toggle hidden boards option? And it disappears from the list if you disable it outside the board so you don't run into issues or anything.
R:343 / I:73 (sticky)

General Thread: Kissu Meta Discussion

If it doesn't fit into a thread, discuss it here.

General Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Kissu_Satisfaction/4
R:113 / I:25

/g/ board

Can we have a technology board?
R:29 / I:19

Liru the Werewolf

Liru is a miracle of the universe.
R:329 / I:31

Test thread

Use this thread for testing features on a live board. Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Hiding this thread will stop notifications and annoyances.
For thread testing and tests that don't involve notifications there is >>>/test/


Reminiscing on /qa/ I realized there hasn't been one of these in a while
R:9 / I:4
How do I implement kissu's liveboard function on my vichan imageboard? Is this even possible?
R:73 / I:6

Finance Thread: Spending report and Monitization Updates

If you ever want to reward me for a good job, then I have several ways you can help.


This page has donations as well as some affiliate programs which provide me commissions on sale.

Changes June 6th, 2022
Presently someone is covering my developer cost for the site. The terms of donation are slightly different because of this. Likewise changes to my monetary account are requiring a change of services from Patreon to Ko-Fi.

Kissu needs a total of 30 USD / Month to pay for it's services. This covers both per month domain fees and server fees. Extra gets put into savings for future needs or gifted to people important to Kissu.

My patreon will be open until no one is left in them.
R:23 / I:4

The new UX stinks

Like not in a good way
Its inconvenient that on its top and bottom is pure utter filler
Also the default theme is an eystrain
R:2 / I:0

Desktops and everything

So I asked AI to paint me a screenfetch and this is how AI sees it, lol. If enyone fancy to share their desktop looks, well here goes
R:72 / I:7
Although I haven't done much development on 4chan X lately, bugs still crop up, and eventually I want to get around to making it work with the new Kissu UI. This is a thread where you can discuss problems with or suggestions for 4chan X. I'm thinking about linking this from the bug reporting page if Verniy's okay with it.
R:183 / I:38 (sticky)

Blog Thread: UI Issues

Bring up issues for both Kissu UI.

The old HTML pages will be undergoing an update to a new templating language so I will be more receptive to resolving issues with it.
UI Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/UI_Feedback/12
R:207 / I:62

Real numbers

Today I begin a programming project to construct real numbers and various operations on them. I don't mean the wimpy limited precision floating point numbers that you've probably used if you've ever written a program in your life. Nor do I mean arbitrary precision numbers which can have as many digits as you like (until your computer runs out of memory) but still have irrecoverable rounding error because the digits end at some point. I mean exact representations of numbers that can be queried to any precision (which in practice may be limited by time and memory constraints).

This has been done many times before and probably much better than I will manage, so I don't expect to create anything really novel or useful. This is primarily for my own edification, to learn more about numbers and the computable/constructive reals. In this thread I will blog about what I'm doing and discuss the philosophy of numbers with anyone who's interested.
R:46 / I:9 (sticky)

Blog Thread: Tsukuyomi, Vichan Replacement

Thread is for discussing Kissu's replacement of Vichan and my blogging about it's development.

Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Server_Feedback/13
R:3 / I:1
So, speculating about sci-fi and stuff, maybe not quite fit here but.
Imagine u suspect a natural predator or something super dangerous for you highly possible, how should i put it, following you, highly possible spying on you, what you gonna do? And you afraid to cause panic. And you possibly not quite sure.
R:7 / I:1

that rorror dude test kinda

Question: what do you see on this picture? It's mine, basically it's just my cat frolicking around at high speed, but! It was tagged as nsfw by tumblr admin. I wonder what he've seen here... or what was his day... so? Versions?
R:2 / I:0
What is artemis.kissu.moe? Is that the future?
What about her friend hazuki.kissu.moe? The password doesn't seem to be "my_friends_are_here".
R:5 / I:1


I was messing around with the custom CSS option, trying to make something that approximated the way classic vichan/4chan looks*, and I noticed that the custom CSS field is way more limited than I expected it to be, to the point where I couldn't even change the font size.

Was this a deliberate choice? If so I earnestly want to know why. Is it related to inline custom markup (like I use at the bottom of this post)?

Not because I think the modern UI looks bad or anything; on the contrary, I love how it looks and I'm glad Kissu broke away from the default Vichan template. I just thought it'd be a fun challenge.
R:87 / I:41
Kissu is turning three years old in a few weeks!
For some fresh air, let's have a contest to change the thumbnail images for various files or spoilers. A contest with no prize other than your peers' acknowledgement! Wow!
I figure that around December we'll do some voting to see what people prefer, but it may end up being obvious and not needed.

Thumbnail candidates:
-Audio File
-Archive File
-Flash File
-Spoiler (Story)
-Spoiler (NSFW)
-File Deleted
R:3 / I:2
Imagine spending three hours manually spamming the least used board by yourself and still missing.
R:1 / I:0
R:13 / I:11
bird thread
post very important birds in here
R:2 / I:0
R:34 / I:15
a technololigy board with no desktop thread?
that's no good

no time for love,
desktop thread
R:10 / I:2
This board seems really comfy. Is it dead or are there people actively using it?
R:41 / I:4
Oh no, I guess this could be an issue

[s glowgreen|font-size:48px]Oh no, I guess this could be an issue[/s]
R:16 / I:2
looks like I need a new computer
R:1 / I:0
R:1 / I:0
R:7 / I:1
What would happen if you plugged a USB port into a USB port?
R:5 / I:0
Do kissu's hide many threads?
R:8 / I:0
Nintendo in hot water again. Caught plagiarizing code under the GNU licence.
R:5 / I:2

Notice 2021-05-04

I'll delete this later.

Image posting functionality will become a bit more unstable than usual when I bump this thread later today. Uploading images to the second image server has some problems and has been disabled for the past week. It'll be enabled again onto /test/ so there shouldn't be any problems, but I'll be modifying image uploads and testing it on the server meaning /trans/ will be spammed with test posts and I might break image uploads accidentally.

This and a problem with the catalog are the last updates I have planned out. Assuming no more problems come up this will be one of the last major updates to the site.
R:1 / I:0
This is still working?
R:106 / I:36

Project Thread: Banners

Project thread for the banners.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Community-Banners-2.0
Feedback on banners: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Banners_Feedback/10

Original TextWe should make banners or something, or rather someone other than that one guy that makes 90% of them. Do you have any ideas? We should think of new stuff to add to the clickable longer banners, too.
Or maybe if you're lazy you can come up with ideas and other people can make them.

R:10 / I:4
Could the .pdf preview image be changed to the first page as in most other imageboards? The catgirl's smile is so small that it feels like she's staring at me with some sort of negative emotion in mind...
R:36 / I:11
Kissu is turning five years old in a few weeks! (December 1st)
Do you guys have any ideas on how we could celebrate? We do watch Moon Phase every year (and we still will) but I wonder if there's something new we could do this year since 5 is a pretty good milestone.
R:5 / I:2
It's a little late to implement this halloween but maybe next year, could there be a some sort of halloween, joke generator?
Like you say "trick or treat!" in your post and a random joke is attached to your post.
R:12 / I:1
Are youtube embeds a good or bad thing? On one hand they give a preview to and quick access to the content surrounding a post/thread, and on the other they're an easy way for certain people to tard out and get their thread immediately judged and disregarded because it's more a crutch for not having an image.
R:50 / I:22
I've been thinking about creating a simple "welcome" image to help explain kissu to newcomers or perhaps something people can share elsewhere if they so desire. Something that will look similar to the rules page, but will sound a bit more flowery by virtue of not being a rules page. Basically an image of "what is kissu" and a "where do I post ____ on kissu" thing.

I'm thinking a basic format like this:

"Welcome to kissu blahblah we talk about blahblah take it easy blahblahblah banana"
(We could talk about the brief history of kissu, but I'm not sure that's necessary. Or maybe it IS necessary since the "main" board is /qa/ and the /qa/ name has unfortunate associations to the wider world, though)

Then there would be a section for the basic purpose of each board
"Confused about where to post? Well, don't be!
/qa/- /qa/ is blahblah
/jp/- here you can blahblah
seasonal boards- blahblah
etc etc"

I'd much sure to emphasize that it's okay to make mistakes and post on the wrong board and bad posts are just deleted here without bans as long as it's not clearly malicious. Posts and threads can be moved by a mod if it's an issue and so on.
Then I figure the last part would be stuff that we avoid and is not allowed on kissu, such as outrage culture, generic low quality 4chan slang and politics. I'd use my usual casual way of speaking because I don't think formal stuff is a good idea and I hate writing it.
I guess maybe a note about switching between UIs would assist any diehard people that want the 2008 experience?

Anyway, what do you guys think? Good idea, bad idea? Any suggestions?
R:57 / I:15

Reviving the lost /qa/ in /jp/

To preface, I think that /qa/ has been wonderful so far. It’s provided a place for people that want to get away from the crappiness of the modern internet and has proven to be a nice haven for those rangebanned off of 4/qa/. There’s nothing more I could ask of the admins in regards to how things have been handled so far.

My concerns today stem from /jp/, the secondary board made to be /qa/’s dumping grounds of sorts. Its purpose has always been murky and shrouded in a veil of vagueness, but I believe today that there is a path for kissu to clear this vagueness and give the board a clear purpose alongside being a side for less important funposts. My proposal is that the moderation of the board become more hands off from the staff, and more hands on for the posters. This of course, excludes crap that doesn’t belong on a 2D/Random board in the first place such as 3D, cancerman/frogs, and politics discussion.

The for this reason being that while /qa/ has appealed to the section of 4/qa/ that liked to take it easy and talk to each other about meta, otaku culture, and the like, there was also another portion of 4/qa/ that has been largely ignored by kissu from the getgo. These posters being those who were interested in /qa/’s unique clash of cultures which lead to the creation something wholly unique and fun. That 4/qa/ from 2017 has been mostly lost to history, and while some may think that the current “board wars” going on are representative of it, I think it to be a wholly different concept. The clashing cultures of 2017 were more closely related to each other, and weren’t really vying for presence on the board, but rather the clashes were due to the differing philosophies and values of those posting. Leading to passionate arguments, lighthearted shit/funposting at each other, fun trolling of each other, and a lot of positive inter-board interaction. For the most part this doesn’t exist on kissu in its current state, mostly that’s due to staff moderation standards. While not being the exact same, they’re a bit too similarly strict on both boards towards those that clash with the current culture, thereby making the possibility for this to occur once again extremely, if not entirely, unlikely.

That is why I believe the moderation on /jp/ should be even more lax than it currently is. If the possibility is there, then I believe kissu also has the capability to pull it off. I think there’s a fair amount of people who may have been interested in the extension of this on kissu that would be interested in coming back if /jp/ were to become a gathering for posters with differing perspectives and cultures. It is also true that this wouldn’t just be a net negative for /qa/ posters themselves sharing a site with those who clash with them, as on 4/qa/ people were able to have fun with it and exhibit creativity in their retorts to what they may find kuso. So while it may not seem like a good idea to some on paper, it could turn out to be more enjoyable than people think.

There’s also the problem people have had with /jp/ since its inception, that it’s quite difficult at times to distinguish what goes on it or /qa/. The difference between the two isn’t very clear and oftentimes threads that wouldn’t seem out of place on /qa/ are posted on /jp/ or vice versa. Just as well, living in /qa/’s shadow /jp/ hasn’t really seen much growth of its own. When /qa/ is active there’s not usually much going on in /jp/ and when /jp/ is active it somewhat sucks away from /qa/. I think it would be nice if both boards could be active somewhat independent of each other. Bringing the “epic” to /jp/, as some would say, would help /jp/ to be more active independent of whether /qa/ is or not, and also help to create a clearer difference between the two boards, making finding where to post a thread more simple.
R:115 / I:65

User Contributions: CSS Thread

I figure it wouldn't hurt to have a thread focused on kissu's CSS stuff. I can blog about it and people can offer suggestions. CSS is the text that alters how stuff looks on websites. When I add in something temporarily, like little images attached to posts, it's a CSS thing.

Anyway, I think it'd be cool if there was more community interaction with this thing and people could provide material for me to use.
We can't really celebrate every idol or 2hu birthday or it'd be a lot less special. I've just been doing it on a whim now and then with random stuff, but I'm only one person with one set of likes and dislikes.
Maybe you liked part of an episode or game and edited a nice crop of it? Yeah, I can put that up for a couple days. Did a manga come back from hiatus and you're excited to share a picture from it? Sounds cool, I'll attach something to your thread if you provide it. Stupid stuff like "Can you add furry Patchy to this /jp/ thread" is also acceptable, in moderation.
R:36 / I:2

User Statistics Requests

Referring to the post at >>>/poll/1597 you can use this thread to request statistic information about your current IP.

Items such as post counts and etc.
R:1 / I:0
R:87 / I:16


This is the thread for discussing improvements, fixes, additions and development of oyasumi-chyuu, a site made to house /qa/'s collection of OPs and EDs. Up until now I've been working on it on my own, but it was always intended to become a place that the community can develop together. I haven't asked for any help on it because I wanted to learn how to do things on my own, but now that it has most of the main features that I wanted to add its a good time to open it up. If it seems like a very basic site, thats because it is. I'll make a github soon enough so everyone can look at the actual files and help improve them as needed, but if theres something that you think needs to change and you know how to do it, by all means please help.

Theres a number of fixes I want to work on now but for now I want to focus on the development of a scraper. Its been suggested that we make a scraper that will pull information about a given OP from a site like anidb.net. The scraper will put the information into the post form for the user, so all they really have to do it select the file to upload, select which OP it is and hit Go. This will both minimize the chance for errors and wrong or inaccurate information entered, and will make uploading a series of videos from the same show much simpler. Aside from this, its also been suggested to make a scraper that will collect more information about the song used in each OP itself )such as the song name, artist) and display that. There are a couple other sites that have information on the complete soundtrack from different shows so we can pull from there. Plus, if we pull from those sites, it gives us a more accurate number of how many OPs and EDs a series has so we can collect them all. I haven't looked too deeply into this, so if theres anybody out there with any experience or who knows how to do this your help would be greatly appreciated!
R:10 / I:0
How is color mapped on translucent object? Recalling guides like https://guidetodrawing.com/reflections/size-and-shape-of-reflections/
, based on position of light source, one can pull lines to edges of objects and then it ll form the shadows... so
Maybe based on the surrounding environment/scene how do one define the colors, value, shade of translcuent things?

Feel free to form sample scene of any sort to explain tyvm
R:18 / I:3
hey friends i just made a new chan drop by and say hi sometime

R:10 / I:3
R:5 / I:0
How would I make something like this into a thread instead of dumping it into the "random video thread" at >>>/spg/1359
R:30 / I:2

Project Thread: Feedback&Forms Program

Project thread for the feedback.kissu.moe system
Source code: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Feedback-and-Forms
Feedback on the feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Feedback_Feedback/9

Original Text I'm going to make a questionnaire form sometime soon to get an idea of the type of people to use the site. Things like:
How did you discover kissu, what do you want to do more of on the site, proficiency with imageboards, what you think kissu's problems are, some simple personality questions, technical experience and etc.

Idea is the poll will be anonymous so you don't have to threat about me not liking anything, but if there's something about this or the idea that seems off you can bring it up here. There are some questions which people might not be comfortable to answer in a forum such as where they found out about kissu or problems they have with the site.
I'm attempting to gather up some information so I can better direct software and other site related things.
R:9 / I:2

Management Thread: Rules, FAQ and Documentation

Thread discussing the state of documentation on Kissu
Primarily for the rules page and the FAQ page, though there are some others.

Feedback on FAQ, Rules and documentation: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Static_Page_Feedback/11

Page covering site rules: https://kissu.moe/rules
Page covering FAQ content: https://kissu.moe/faq
Kissu's JSON documentation: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-JSON-API-Docs
Kissu-UI Developer API: https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Fr-API-Docs

Posts cover notable updates to these pages or discusion on them.
R:12 / I:7

Some Dry Kissu Software History

A timeline for Kissu's software. Most of this information has been blogged, though the earlier stuff was lost by setting the config options on /b/ to 1 page.

December 2018 - Kissu is started out of a need to keep /qa/ going with mod autismo moderation. It picks vichan because that's what all the other spinoffs are using. Verniy gets the site running and picks the cheapest VPS available.

January 2019 - Kissu is released and Verniy works on removing bugs from the software. Begins doing simple changes such as audio hover expansion and so on. On release Captchouli was added to the software in a semi-functional state. Took features from NPFChan for deleting posts to restore bumps. To replace Cytube, theatre.kissu.moe was added to this site.

February 2019 - Kissu has every page checking if posters have been banned. Feature is later removed.

March 2019 - Bug fixes and improvements to the UI. Vichan's catalog post box was probably created at this time.

April 2019 - Kissu releases /agg/. Worked into an April fools joke it was a board that scraped all the /jp/ imageboards with JSON APIs. Stayed around for a few months until it started being difficult.
Around this point in time Kissu took the index updater concept from GNFOS.

May - August 2019 - Not a lot is recorded during this time. Ideas were played with like bans.kissu.moe which was a bullitin board thing. Some concepts of a potential imageboard overboard using /agg/. Had summer courses and a part time job taking up most of my time.

September 2019 - Site development is starting to be a bit more serious in nature. Board archive feature is added. Bug fixing spree happens resolving more issues. MOTD concept added. Some CSS concepts worked with.

October 2019 - /poll/ is created. IRC bot is made. Ban pages are improved and the /trans/ concept is implemented.

November 2019 - School, graduating year takes up my time.

December 2019 - Beginning to tire of vichan's user interface and begin thinking about replacements to vichan. Festive CSS themes begin being a thing. 4taba begins closing and I ask tabamin if I could run it. Some thoughts about replacing kissu's software with what he uses, but didn't pan out. Ended up being a good source of knowledge for potential imageboard styling. In the meantime I upgrade the site to PHP7.4

January 2020 - banners.kissu.moe is created using Laravel and React. I use it as the first steps to considering vichan replacements.

February 2020 - Looking for a job but not very enthusiastic. Don't do much on the site except fix occasional bugs.

March 2020 - Decide that the vichan UI is going to be augmented using a ReactJS front-end and begin trialing how to use the two together. Is planned to behave like 4chanX where it dynamically renders threads leaving the skeleton in tact.

April 2020 - I release a prototype version on April 1st to see how it is received. I begin to experience that people don't run Javascript on Kissu and that there might be some issues to changing the UI. Majority of remaining effort spent on correcting issues and getting to understand ReactJS better. Developement efforts have begun to shift away from vichan almost entirely with bugfixes being the primary focus.

May - June 2020 - Replacement of the Vichan UI becomes the main priority in my life. It's a slow process of creating an imageboard display from the ground up removing all traces of vichan. The Kissu UI(Kissu-Fr) is originally planned to be a combination server and user generated UI using three servers to reach the end goal. NodeJS server, Golang API server and vichan post server. This lets me learn a bunch of server side languages for a potential Vichan remake.

July 2020 - Begin using 4taba to experiment with golang. Hazuki API engine is created to serve JSON files. Much of Hazuki eventually replaces a few vichan functions. The Kissu UI is developed with some experimental features in mind such as rich text, but the overall complexity of the system and a need to make it seem more appealing lead to many features being cut and simplified. Eventually decide that the Vichan UI will have to stay around for a few people. It begins to be at a state where I put it on beta.kissu.moe and tell people about it.

August 2020 - Beta.kissu.moe is pushed to the public to get feedback. Some ideas I had that seemed good didn't pan out well. Removed what was unliked over the course of the next few months while finishing off missing features.

September - December 2020 - Long process of refining the UI and making it more appealing. The History of the UI is less documented but through the comments and usage of the UI it began to resemble less of a mess of features and a coherent package.

2021 & 2022 - For the mostpart it's all about the UI with a lot of work done on automatic systems with the Hazuki API engine. My documentation this year has been rather poor and it's hard to pinpoint exactly when I added things and why I did it.

January 2021 - Release version 2.0 of the UI which resolved a ton of issues and made it look more clean.

April 2021 - Paged posting begins to become a concept I work with blending forum design with imageboards.

Much of the remaining history is here >>8005 . Soon there will be a new dev thread as I begin the next major project on the site. Getting rid of vichan, keeping it's HTML pages and removing PHP from the site entirely.

That's all for my blog. This month I hope to put my efforts on the User interface to a close and put more efforts towards other ways to benefit Kissu such as the Vichan replacement or some other side services to make the site more appealing to others. My work on the UI is never ending, but it might be time to put it onto low priority.
R:7 / I:4
Downloaded Handyman Isekai from the stream and it didn't have subs when using SMPlayer/VLC. The fix was to change the video track from 2 to 1. Hopefully this works for the anon having trouble with Buddy Daddies.
R:64 / I:18
I wonder what searches bring people to kissu
R:9 / I:0
substanceless bumping is pretty dumb.
R:21 / I:0
Truly, IRC is the last bastion of old internet
R:66 / I:22

Why are kissu posters so intrigued with real-life stuffs?

I have always imagined that an average kissu poster is someone who is only interested in Japanese 2D media, video games, and other purely solo activities; who doesn't watch any form of 3D media including streamers; who doesn't care about anything happening in the world unless it's of direct concern of his interests; whose sole purpose of life is to practice his interests; who avoids all kinds of human interaction as much as possible; and who has zero desire to talk about anything other than his interests online.

Yet there are lots posts here indicating that a sizable amount of posters here aren't like that; they seem to be well versed in all kinds of real-life topics, and whenever controversial real-life topics or those tangentially related to the solo interests are mentioned here, discussions often spiral out of control with heated arguments, low quality discussions, and personal insults. They seem to be very intrigued in these types of discussions, because the 2D interests discussions have never reached the high posting speed they have.

So, what's happening here? An average kissu poster as I imagine would never be involved in such discussions because they're so ignorant of any real-life topics that they simply have no opinions on them and therefore have no interest to participate. Are kissu posters all riajuu in secret? Are they no different from average 4chan posters who frequently bring up real-life stuffs in threads on solo interests?
R:4 / I:1
You know, I think I've been unfair to the new UI.
Back in the day it was raw as hell, I only reluctantly started using because /cry/ didn't appear in the original one's RSS, and combined with the repeated shitstorms that went down it's had a bad aftertaste that never really went away. But after revisiting threads like >>5941, >>7640, and all the autism from the older feedback threads, I can see that things have changed for the better, and can now appreciate that it's actually really good.

Not just the RSS on the sidebar but its links as well, the preview button, the formatting shortcuts, I use them all the time. Very handy stuff. The top of the site looks great, much less empty space compared to the old one, and having horizontal instead of vertical fields is pretty neat. I'm a bit torn on the catalog since it's divided into all these pages the original doesn't have, which is a bother, but at the same time bigger images are nice. I always open new tabs using middle-click so most of the time I forget the right-click hijack even exists.

So yeah, good job, V, good stuff.
R:165 / I:52
this makes me want to cry...

also why is it more annoying to input an embed file now
R:8 / I:2
when are we going to get rid of the animal names, im tired of them and want everyone to be called anonymous again
R:3 / I:1
Diagrams are VERY important
R:10 / I:0
Has anyone actually ever failed a captchouli because they didn't know the character?
R:16 / I:5
hi um.. im new... will you guys bully me... for being new... I used 4chan for a long time so I'm not new you know... I didn't want to use this website because I was afraid of being called new but I got the courage... I also used heyuri and shamik.ooo for a while... is it ok for me to be here with all of you...? am I allowed to post yuyus here... and be nice to each other...?
R:18 / I:6

Service Interupts: June 1st

On June 1st posting will have some interrupts while we transfer site information from one location to another. As apposed to the site reformat that happened earlier this year(>>9095), there should not be a half a day long downtime.

Since Kissu is in the last 6 months of it's 4 year server lease our hosts are changing and our server hardware is being upgraded.

Switching from a VPS provider to a Cloud provider.
3X the cost with 3.2X the storage, 2X the RAM and a better CPU (though our former host never gave any details on what they use). Formerly our servers were chosen for being the cheapest option. Currently the focus is on increasing the site's performance and fine tuning our hardware to what makes posting the fastest.
The most important thing of note is that the increase in storage space will resolve an issue with post times that I was working around. Uploading files directly to luna will cease to be a thing(at least until I rework the algorithm).

In addition to the above, but not effecting your posting quality in any way:
A separate VPS server will be purchased and will be uploaded with full backups every 24hr. This ensures that suspensions from server hosts or hardware failure will only ever roll us back a day.

Services such as 4taba, theatre.kissu, file-url-upload and luna.kissu will continue to exist in the same manner as they have been.
R:1 / I:0
R:3 / I:1
Now that ChatGPT can write and debug programs, are we going to replace verm with this and let it program and do site maintenance?
R:354 / I:66

Feedback #7: Replace the Imageboard Engines

Dev-blog iteration - 2022:
- Bugfixes
- Remove Vichan (The imageboard engine)
- Write a defacto Vichan successor able to support both UI(private)
- Consolidating appropriate services into a single main one
Other things:
- Maintaining original UI
- Improving Kissu UI
- Minor Kissu work and rework
- Improve the quality of Kissu content
R:10 / I:4
I can teach you every programming language! HTML, XML, Microsoft Excel...
R:4 / I:0
this is referring to us law not canadian
R:54 / I:2

Vichan -> Tsukuyomi Drafting of new Server

How the site roughly looks behind the scenes. I'm beginning the planning stage of replacing Vichan and rewriting the some of the other software I used to support it.

The entire bottom row is going to be turned into one thing, maintaining all the existing functionality that we use for Kissu. I might do it piecemeal with the medium term retaining the mod.php, Kissu-React and cannibalizing the Hazuki parts. Late term all will be integrated except things like banners or Captchouli.

New software will be called Tsukuyomi.
I will probably use the same server library that I used to rewrite banners.kissu.moe and ignore my grandiose plans to use Rust at the core of the server. So we're looking at a golang server.

Exploring the other language options:
¥ NodeJS is poor with concurrency and is not a compiled language. I'm highly familiar with Typescript though since the Kissu-UI uses it. I also know it's glaring flaws.
¥ Python is slow and doesn't encourage readable code much like PHP
¥ PHP8 it's performance is improved, but most bots on the internet are searching for PHP exploits. Who knows how the language will change in the next few years.
¥ C Sharp as a server language is something I have no experience in and is therefor not suitable as a replacement.
¥ C(++) I don't know it well enough to write servers in it.
¥ Rust is very slow to program in and I will have to do everything from scratch. There are ways to have Rust and Golang pair together though.
¥ Scheme/LISP is a similar problem and advantage of the above except I'm allergic to the syntax
¥ Ruby is slow and I don't know it
So this basically leaves just GoLang as the suitable language for a replacement. Since we already have 3 other services using it I guess it's only natural. Also I can move parts of Hazuki into it.
R:4 / I:0

Feedback Form #1

Currently running our first feedback form.
Fill it out if there's anything that you wouldn't want to say in public but feel like it needs to be brought up.


Feedback program will be altered over time, but this URL should stay the same.
R:45 / I:12
Driving to NJ to deliver Berun local specialties.
Not sure what to do on the drive though
R:3 / I:0
Actually I thought this imageboard would be good if there wrere no anime.
I liked the UI and style. Maybe I will add to my bookmarks.
R:9 / I:3
What does the "(AU)" mean?
R:17 / I:1
I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.
R:6 / I:3
R:10 / I:3
I've noticed a noticeable decline in quality across the board, from moderation to posts.
This website is going to hell in a handbasket soon.
R:1 / I:0
test test test
R:7 / I:2
Kissu is like a city street.
R:3 / I:3
Happy birthday Doremi. Sorry to hear you missed out on steak again.
R:1 / I:0
Programmers national anthem
R:9 / I:0
comfyposting from bed in my phone to tell you that the mobile site is broken, if I go to the catalog and try to open a thread I get “Error Boundry Hit” and it doesn’t work, it happens when I try to enter a thread from the index too.
R:5 / I:1
Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

Canadians: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.

Americans: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States' Atlantic fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that YOU change your course 15 degrees north, that's one five degrees north, or countermeasures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.

Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

R:6 / I:3
switched to new ui cause it has the lala theme
R:8 / I:0
R:734 / I:118

Feedback #6: Culture, Optimizations and Improvements

This is the next iteration of Kissu's feedback discussion AKA devblog. Though there's not much in the way of dev there are still bugs to fix. This iteration will hopefully focus on admin-blogging or tool development.

Important Note: If you want a new software feature (or a really any sort of change) provide me with a detailed proposal. It must be at least 3 sentences long and tell me why it's needed.

Kissu's features are in a good place. There's no reason to rewrite anything, only improve and fix. On the outside, this is a unique site with an appearance you won't find anywhere else yet still your typical imageboard interface. This puts software at the software state we were sitting in 1 1/4 years ago before I started drafting a new UI except with more features that were more optimally integrated into the package.
[det]Nerd Things
People may not fully realize it, but Vichan is a dead end and their HTML and JavaScript implementations leave developers at a dead end. Not that I really endorse alternatives such as JSChan or Lynxchan which think NodeJS doesn't have similar problems as PHP... at least the UI is more moddern
Positives: No major raids or attacks on the site yet I've still been promoting Kissu. FAQ and Rules have been clarified to make it more clear to newcomers about what Kissu is about or how to use the new UI.
Negatives: Previously noted that we'd have an IRC channel, that exists(rizon#kissu) for when it needs to be used, but there are other ways to communicate that are better. Finances are what they are.
Future Tasks:
The tl;dr is that I just want to fix bugs at the moment. There are some software that I would like to write, but I can't justify spending the time on it since the gains will be so minimal that it's not effecting anyone except my pride/ego. Chances are the main software that I'll write are tools that support me doing specific tasks.

[det]Though it's in my head that I want to (1) Rewrite/Merge the entire backend in Rust with some other things, (2) Write an IRC server in Rust with some other things, (3) Do major refactors to the UI to make it look pretty and be easy to modify ; Chances are I won't because (1) is a waste of time since the PHP+Golang+NodeJS backend can do everything I want anyways. My spam testing show it can maintain a theoretical PPH of 300 which is faster than any other Japanese themed spinoff. (2) I don't have the means or want or appeal to cater to spammy people and give them a software, Sageru works perfectly fine for everyone and can easily have a bot written in it to do auto-moderation if need be. (3) is more likely to happen hand in hand with optimizations, but refactoring the code to an extent where everything is rewritting would create more bugs and waste time. It's not really worth it.

Further promote the site. Try to expand reach.
Certain organizational issues are present with topics not meshing together. I think this is causing a slight loss in activity. It's a much more blurry question
R:5 / I:0
R:3 / I:2


im new here an um i want to kissu
R:6 / I:0

Sportschan.org 10000 GET

Make the MLB thread
R:4 / I:1

Which Board Does This Go On?

Even in the mod chat room we have this question. Now there is a thread for it.
Ask the staff and community where you think your thread or post idea should go.
R:12 / I:3

Fuck the Recursive Bible!

Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
R:2 / I:0

Embed Deleted Video

Any good videos for when a mod deletes an embed?
R:4 / I:3
Ero tuesdays
R:18 / I:7
>you sound like a woman who just menstruated, teenmin.
What a disgusting slimeball norm. Go play in a puddle of piss before you have the required humility to talk to me.

R:26 / I:8
Why was my post deleted? This stupid fucking teen admin never understood the point of /qa/ or /jp/ yet tries to inject himself into it whenever he can. What a fraud.
R:14 / I:6
Three IPs have gotten warnings.
As soon as these people do something explicitly against the rules I am banning you and you better hope that one of the mods contests it.
R:5 / I:0
R:6 / I:0
On why bad community websites fail
R:9 / I:5
I don't really like higher math, but simple algebraic geometry like this is fun.
R:9 / I:3
Is there a way to manipulate what thumbnail a webm/mp4 shows?
R:22 / I:2
I'll apologize if I offended. I can't really handle watching people troll others right now without over reacting.

I'm not really in the right place mentally to really explain much, but I went to elementary school in a foreign country which was undergoing a civil war. Moved around a lot and never really managed to fit into whichever country I was in. I'm extremely aggressive and discriminatory when it comes to situations of aggressor against bystander.
If I see someone doing something I perceive as bullying another person I'll opt for the max punishments.
R:11 / I:2
what's the overall ratio of sages to bumps on this site? it seems like so many people use sage for some reason
R:19 / I:7
what if i put kissu here?
R:5 / I:0
Mobile Debug: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 3 column 70 of the JSON data -- {"redirect":"\/jp\/index","noko":false,"id":"28027","thread":"28027"}{"error":"ftp_login(): Login incorrect."}
R:28 / I:4
What's the point of having so many boards for a dead site
R:16 / I:4
Looks at this photograph
R:1 / I:0
R:7 / I:3
R:5 / I:1
Extended downtime in 30 minutes. Site will be redirected while down.
Schedule of downtime:
- 12:00est > DNS redirects and I do a 2nd backup of frozen site.
- 18:00est or less > site is wiped.
- 19:00est > begin restoring stuff
- 00:00est > site back up and I begin fixing any issues
- 12:00est > site should be fully operational

Timetable is just a rough approximation to give you the idea of what's happening. This is based on the 4taba backup which was much harder to do. Should be much smoother on kissu since this server only has the Kissu.moe rendering/posting handlers and the banners.

When the site is restored you can use this for general reporting until I move it back into >>>/b/
R:5 / I:2
In order to increase the amount of SSD space we have available for Kissu I'm doing reinstall for our two servers. First will be the side server and then the main server.

Shortly before scheduled downtime posting will be frozen and there will be some redirects set up so that the community is directed into my other imageboards (4taba and kissu).

On Jan 10 at 12:00 EST the following services will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM(list may be edited):
- 4taba.net -> DNS will be redirected into kissu.moe temporarily
- taba archiver
- theatre.kissu
- luna.kissu -> Most of our images, new images will be redirected into haiji.kissu during downtime
- Sageru IRC Bot
- umami
- Captchouli captcha
- kissu-cards

On Jan 12 at 12:00 EST the main kissu server will be down for 24 hours MAXIMUM:
- kissu.moe -> DNS will redirect to 4taba temporarily
- hazuki API
- kissu UI
- Vichan UI
- Banners
- Automatic thumbnail backup system

This list is both for your information and me keeping track of what I need to pull off of my full backup of /etc, /root and /var.
R:9 / I:3

Touhou board

It would be nice to have a board that is specfically dedicated to all kinds of Touhou posting.
Besides of 4/jp/ we don't have a lot of active Touhou boards in the imageboard-realms, and we all know what a piece of shit 4chan is.
R:11 / I:1
Why yandex?
R:3 / I:0
How much does it cost to run the site?
R:54 / I:6

I think any talk about norms/normies/normalfags/etc has a detrimental effect on kissu or any other site. Ideological purity tests rarely have a beneficial effect, as I think people visiting here want a more laid back attitude in which a perceived hierarchy is not of anyone's concern. Personally, I don't care if you're the president of Kenya, or a serial killer, or a hermit hasn't seen the sun in 40 years as long as you're nice here.
I don't propose a ban on it, but I think people really try to avoid these dick measuring contests. What say you?
R:44 / I:15

Wow look it's a

Meta Thread!

For all the stuff you really, really, care about. And I don't.
R:16 / I:1
I've done a bit of thread moving based on this diagram and deleting a few posts from /b/.

I didn't move everything that I thought was out of bounds. Only ones that seemed clear and left a ghost post to show where items have been moved to.
This diagram isn't showing what is allowed, only how I feel about the organization of what exists.
R:10 / I:2
Do you think we should do any outreach at 4/jp/ with all of that brouhaha going on? On one hand there's still some good people there, but on the other hand it's still 4chan so they're the minority
R:4 / I:2
Why does the end of season always have the least discussion about anime?
R:3 / I:0
accidentally turned my autotranslate on
R:5 / I:1

Imageboard Monthly Review

My rating algorithm needs some work it would seem

Kissu: 0.71 (B)
4/qa/: 0.44 (D)
Ota: 0.38 (F)
Nen: 0.56 (C)
GN: 0.55 (C)
R:23 / I:5
JPG optimization is magical
R:7 / I:1

Two Theories of Imageboard Activity

What do you think it is that separates the qualities of a site like Nen from Kissu?

"Some people" seem to think it's about the perception of having an audience. If it feels like there's a lot of people around then more people will want to take part because they see value in responses to their posts. This theory is why I personally think image-boards that abandon rules thrive. Having no restrictions on what can be post means a lot of topics can be made at any time and you can expect, because no one is filtered out, that activity will be high. Places like this are 4chan, Himasugi or #jp. The lack of rules makes boards fast, and speed snowballs to speed more easily.
My personal value is that activity does not come through the perception of activity. The variety of topics is what makes a site more active and the mere existence of interesting content will drive things forward. If there's discussion about the ethics of porn, serious analysis of certain political theories, cute and funny otaku posts or otherwise high effort content then people will always find something interesting to them. It doesn't matter what the audience is, if you build it they will come.

To some extent a hybrid is possible and the active board will gain lots of interest from intelligent people looking to reach a large audience, or the sophisticated imageboard gathers attention as a place for scholars/artists and create a lot of activity, but lets think in black and white for this case. It's a scenario where the hybrid has not yet been able to occur.

So what do you think it is that separates similar themed imageboards from one another? Is it the perceived audience and the chance that your content will get lots of views(the belief of critical mass), or is it that having a lot of different high quality content(build it and they will come)?
R:0 / I:0
R:1 / I:0
I like this.

Being able to use Python's simple syntax as a wrapper over your overengineered C/Rust(/and so on) code to get good performance time and application engineering time just seems like the best way to write anything. There's no negatives!
R:12 / I:2
What OS are the Niponjin's using that's more popular than iOS?
R:2 / I:0
Can anyone confirm?
R:796 / I:102

Feedback #5: Software, Eating and People

Kissu has a unique UI. Love it or hate it, this is a big step in creating a unique identity for the site. For the next few weeks I plan to leave things as they are and gather up more bugs and issues with it.
What's required is more feedback on what you like and don't like. About Kissu, about software, about me. Everything is appreciated though I may not always reciprocate on your opinions.

Since last edition there have been no external conflicts. Legal concerns are always on my mind, but I have no reason to think that there will be any issues, minor changes to /ec/ that don't effect current users for example. Cool and Berun have handled most internal issues fine.

Current goals are an official site IRC, financial BS and continuous improvements on the Kissu-Fr front-end and Vichan+Hazuki backend.
Final goals will be the clarification of site objectives and social/software infrastructure.

This site's 1.0 phase(vichan amateur hour) is coming to an end. The Kissu 2.0 period is about building an identity on the internet. An imageboard as a real website and not something hiding in the corner is a very tenuous situation, many things can go wrong.
R:1 / I:0
Going to flood again in like 15 minutes, more extreme to the point of probably crashing the site.
R:10 / I:1
what are the perceptions of auto playing .gifs?
R:2 / I:0
Ball joint gear. sasuga nips.
R:11 / I:2
you have
but no
__So what i aske is red text pls__
R:10 / I:5
remember to always use gyro controls when gaming
R:6 / I:0
We did it
R:5 / I:0
R:28 / I:4

If the banner on the top left is to become bigger I don't think it should stay in the same place, but down the center.

This means that the layout needs a bit of alteration.
Kissu already has 3 candidates for this.
I'll post pictures of each
R:0 / I:0
>I go to an arrangement for 24 hours and this board is degrading into r9k garbage talking about marriage, mysoginy and feels.

>If anyone disagrees with this lock, post about it on /b/ where I will perma ban you.
R:2 / I:1
I wonder how long it is before stuff like 3D printing progresses into at-home chip fabrication.
R:5 / I:3
I want to try emulating android for some games, but people say bluestacks is full of ads and malware and nox has a bitcoin miner and chinese spying or something. Naturally, I can't actually google anything about this because there's 20 pages of search engine optimized crap because it's something related to smartphones.
Can kissu recommend me an android emulator? Or are there cracked versions of the previous ones out there maybe? Thanks.
R:1 / I:0
R:1 / I:0
R:1 / I:0

Exploring Custom Markup

So there's a custom markup tag on kissu, but just how creative are you able to get with this cutsom markup? Any neat tricks /b/ may know?
R:0 / I:0
I don't touch kissu stream stuff typically, but was wondering if a certain number of people have buffering problems with it and if that effects your willingness to watch it.
R:2 / I:2
Laura on Rails
R:11 / I:3
did v make it so that when you hover over a post number it opens the mentioned post in a small box no matter where you are on the page?
could have sworn it only used to do this if the mentioned post was off the page
R:1 / I:0
Anyone been noticing a flicker when they resize windows after updating to the new firefox(89.0)?

I've only been noticing it on my Ubuntu OS. Not sure if it's happening to others.
R:0 / I:0
Friendly greetings from https://onee.ch
R:2 / I:0
so this is how people add bitcoin miners into websites, i guess?
R:1 / I:1
love the new captcha question or maybe i havent seen it until now, but still, love it
R:10 / I:0
R:6 / I:2
you're watching a video when suddenly your web pages won't read cookies and localstorage anymore...

you type reboot into console and it won't shut down
you restart and it locks up
it tells you to run disk fix
R:19 / I:1
Since this is the only board that allows people to talk about other imageboards without it being a happening I guess, has anyone heard about:
https://lolcow.farm/ ?
Apparently it's a /cgl/ spin-off that is on par with Wizchan if that makes any sense?
Also general imageboard discussion thread. What imageboards do you people explore and find?
R:1 / I:0
Why would anyone want to discontinue the old IMDB pages?
R:6 / I:1
What's the actual name for one of these cards?
You put data onto them(bus or train passes) then run it across a scanner and it reads/writes data.

I want to do some research on how they work.
R:9 / I:1
jesus christ.
Do I honestly have to use find.4chan to find bugs/issues?
R:4 / I:0
Nice design
R:15 / I:4
Self driving cars look like a university grad's philosophical thesis on ethics and not a practical application of real world technology.

In this video the car regularly drives or stays in wrong lanes for longer than a second. Reports have been that people using automated steering have been pulled over for looking like a drunk driver. This is the result after a 2 years from peak funding in 2019.
R:0 / I:0
we have an /int/ too!
R:9 / I:1
I was concerned over the amount of bandwidth polling consumes on clients so I compared it with something like reddit the pages are ~20MB for a page load.
So heavy. Kissu on >>>/qa/4165 is only 4MB on FR and on Vichan it's 2MB

I imagine they make optimizations for mobile, but it goes to show how pointless load times and optimizations are when it comes to search rankings or having a userbase. It uses so much data while the pages main content is text, but no one cares.
R:1 / I:0
R:5 / I:2
I always liked how doujin.moe would hold polls every week for random things and how to change their site.

R:23 / I:6
>but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed

I want to discuss the shitshow on the #qa IRC channel.
Just who is the mod there banning everyone?
Why is he doing it?
Why do I feel like this is not the first time that it has happened?

It's not being moderated the same way as /qa/ as previously erroneously stated. I would like to see this discrepancy resolved.

This thread has been certified not to break any rules by my rules lawyers back in rules lawyersville. Please do not delete it to protect anyone from criticism…..
R:7 / I:0
uh oh, looks like this site will be ruining a few CPUs

R:39 / I:2
Certain people. Certain... anonymous people, have been saying they think /qa/ should have more variety, but they aren't making the varied threads themselves. So... what's the deal? Is there any way to encourage them to make threads? There's also the thought the sageru #qa should be interpreted into kissu more somehow, but I don't know how or if that would be done.

R:14 / I:2
Identifying people because they use certain functions, such as noko, isn't healthy to neutral people who decide they want to use said functionality, but get caught in the crossfire of the reputation of an outspoken individual. There are several other cases of this occurring on other image-boards such as associating the enter key with reddit.

Though you often can't remove functionality to make something better I've decided to make noko not a visible feature. If someone chooses to add the word nokomaster to their options field then it's basically a name, but functions should be reserved for functional purposes.

Though you might instinctively jump onto the mindset that this is just like moot removing visible sage, and the arguments for or against it, I consider this better since I don't want kissu to be about staying in a single thread but viewing the entire site(exception being /ec/ for image dumping). Staying in one thread is reserved for special cases, hence why I would rather noko be something of a hidden aspect rather than visible.
R:1 / I:0
R:8 / I:1
>$ youtube-dl --version
>C:/youtube-dl/youtube-dl.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What happened here...
R:9 / I:4
new banner alert
new banner alert!
R:10 / I:5
This website sucks.
R:14 / I:2
/vt/ when?
R:48 / I:14
There's too much of a trend of girls being posing with nudity. This isn't any one person, but a natural trend of this board being used to share sexy pictures.

I think it defeats the purpose of the cute/sexy hybrid for there to be a lot of girls posing for sexual purpose. I'm reviewing every thread on this board to see what I specifically want to change about the sticky, but in general it seems like a girl posing to show off her stuff is hentai, a girl where her stuff is there is not.

The main difference I'm getting at is likely to be: is the character showing an interest in sex
R:34 / I:5
Can vtubers be banned already?
I am sick and tired of the posturing and the faggots who keep posting them as if to incite more /pol/-tier outrage. Almost all of their threads devolve into trash, about as bad as politics threads were, but there's far more of them.
R:4 / I:0
Feel like any progress I try to make with learning to code stops whenever I try to make code interact with the net and I just can't think of how it works. How do I fix this
R:2 / I:1
This banner linked malware?
R:4 / I:1
Is it just me or does Kissu seem... Slower? Did vermin update the post counter to hide sages finally, or is it actually slower by some metric?
R:2 / I:0
Why do you delete my everyone hate me thread but leave all my other threads up
R:2 / I:0
Remember to update sudo
R:18 / I:6
i'm only go to warn you once to turn your crypto miners off

(actually outdated jquery libraries, resolved now https://imgur.com/lHpAOwv)'''
R:84 / I:13
R:6 / I:2
complaint: I hid a thread on index and it appeared in catalogue still >:/
R:0 / I:0
broke the site again
R:0 / I:0
R:161 / I:38

Locked Thread Discussion

If there needs to be discussion on locked content please do so either here or elsewhere on this board
R:20 / I:1
why hasnt kissumin implemented browser fingerprinting if he actually enjoys to keep track of highroller important posters like he claims
unless... he has!

even with common 'anti-fingerpritnting' measures that modern browsers use, it's still trivial to identify posters down to the single person even amoung millions of posters and with kissus small population it would be so easy to catalog every single poster
R:51 / I:4

Aimless rant thread

Because people need to get it out of their system
R:7 / I:2
i hid a thread from index but it still appears in catalog. Is this an intended feature? cookies are enabled btw
R:9 / I:0
For some reason my posts throughout multiple vichan boards are auto-nokoing, even if the options field doesn't exist. What could possibly be causing this?
R:21 / I:2
Is the /xmas/ custom CSS working for you? It should look like pic related.
Does it work if you open a private window?
R:3 / I:2

/qa/ debate club

Let's start a club to help teach our dear vermin how to hold a successful discussion without resorting to fallacies and other terriblenesses out the ass. I think it will be a good learning experience for all!
R:1 / I:0
the new homepage looks nice and all but can you please change it back
R:3 / I:0
Come to zzz/tech/ (it is not a warzone)
R:14 / I:1
R:0 / I:0
R:16 / I:3

The RIAA strikes again.
R:0 / I:0
60 average PPD

Clearnet: https://infsan7lch6eyzvbbw6653623acouugks7nn6sqzkretk2o7srphxhyd.onion.ws/
Onion: http://infsan7uxvnwirohy55qei3hgnbkw6nqi2q4tb7xxcgoiafvmqhicjyd.onion/
R:8 / I:3
gif autoplay option when, the people have spoken
R:7 / I:2
Do you use a listed CSS on kissu and are dissatisfied with the color of sage? What theme is it and what color do you think it should be?
I'm going through and correcting them, but some input from people that use the themes would probably be for the best.
R:7 / I:2

Make the subject field appear by default

It's pretty annoying having to click "View Hidden Options" every time I make a thread.
R:4 / I:0
Is there any problem with fetching the JSON of all the threads on /qa/ at once?
I'm completely new to this kind of thing and don't want to do anything obnoxious...
R:15 / I:3

Why did my /qa/ bug not show right on dark-kissu theme? It's the only one where it didn't.
R:5 / I:0
I just realized that it's almost impossible to read colored text on a light theme: >>>/qa/57768 I was using Yotsuba B because it's the default and I couldn't read shit there. I think the default theme should be changed back to a dark one given this.
R:2 / I:0
So I have two issues: one is not being able to delete posts myself anymore and the other is the thumbnail of the webm not showing. What is causing these two things? I wanted to delete this post because the Rena didn't show but it gave me "wrong password" when I tried to: >>>/qa/57695 I didn't switch IPs or change the password.
R:19 / I:3
when is pissmin going to add gif autoplay
R:13 / I:2
I feel kissu is being overbearing against spoilers.
We have spoiler tags and they should definitely be used to hide deaths, twists and things relevant to the plot, but hiding anything else is overdoing it. Posting screenshots and commenting on them has been a regular thing for years. It's fundamentally impossible to know if everyone else has watched this or that, it's not something that should be used as the standard for whether it's permitted to post.
Take >>>/jp/7948 as an example. Steins;Gate came out a decade ago. That's more than plenty of time to watch or read it, I don't think people should have to wonder if it's correct to put spoilers on something that came out that long ago. And nobody likes a thread full of black boxes, that's why /cry/ was made.

It should only be imperative to spoiler plot-relevant images and statements, which unambiguously describe an important development, from things that are known will be watched soon (airing shows or something that will be streamed). And of course serious spoilers in general shouldn't be posted all willy-nilly, but suggesting an embargo on posting any screenshot or derailing an innocuous thread into whining is unwarranted. That just means less activity, less fun.
R:4 / I:1
how do I better indicate that you need to press on the RSS button to get recent posts?
R:1 / I:1
/cry/ now shows up on /all/! But you need to click the thingie to opt in for it. Yay!
R:3 / I:1
Anyone know what the name of that website that let you pretend to be a 4chan moderator was?

You'd be given a thread/post from reddit, 4chan or whatever and you'd have to evaluate if it's spam or not spam? I need a bit of starter data to train a Naive Bayes spam classification algorithm, though in the end it might be best to just let it self train through real interaction between mods and the users/bots on kissu...
R:2 / I:0
a modern day Bonzi Buddy
R:2 / I:0
What happened to the megu board?
R:1 / I:1
test the rest to be the best
R:5 / I:0
how do i fix this error? kusabax btw

if ($cf['KU_APC']) {
apc_define_constants('config', $cf);
while (list($key, $value) = each($cf)) {
define($key, $value);

R:8 / I:0
R:5 / I:2
R:6 / I:0
I've been wondering lately if maybe the 4/qa/ subtitle 4chan X thingie has outlived its usefulness to us. It's been over a year now and I think all valuable people have been successfully extracted. It could perhaps be replaced with something like "Unhappy with the state of your 4chan board? Try these alternative boards: ___" and then it links that one imageboard list thingie someone made a couple months ago. (I can't remember that link).
We (especially me) have been a bit lazy lately in spreading word of Kissu as well so maybe we can talk about ways to do that, if we so desire. Its current growth seems pretty steady and people are assimilating fine, so I don't think anything major is needed, but others may disagree.
R:12 / I:3

is back on the net!
R:22 / I:5
whats your problem just permaban me already
R:0 / I:0
I didn't want the mod to delete the entire thread, but I guess I won't restore it unless there's a reason.
R:4 / I:0
can u make a 90s-00s board theres no other chan no other site no other place in the werld for this specific contente
R:1 / I:0
test test
R:12 / I:0
Interesting talk on password security/usability research.
R:5 / I:3
when are we getting a fall board?
R:2 / I:0
Kissu donors should have gotten by now(via email) a 7 word code that allows them to bypass captchas and rangebans.

These codes should be placed into the [Hidden Options] Whitelist Token field.
Using these codes labels you only through the mod UI. You're otherwise completely anonymous.
If there's any questions or a donor doesn't get their code then they can say so here or via message to my email.
R:742 / I:119

Feedback #4: Bugs, Ideas and Feedback

Last issue established problems with Kissu's software and the need to expand into custom written user interfaces, moderation tools and customization of existing aspects.

As of this point kissu's experimental UI is in a beta state(all functionality planned out for the current revision, usable, but buggy and unstable).
The experimental UI's purpose is to bring a 4chanX like environment into kissu providing it with dynamic content that reacts to the user's needs and offers a more responsiveness to the board changes(notifications on site content and your own). A list of features will be set below in the next post.
What we have now is a server with read only permissions on the vichan database to create it's own API pages for the React front-end+server.
While it handles poorly on 800 post threads, this is likely due to poor optimization that I'll fix in the coming weeks. That being said, there is a huge improvement to viewing experience in music threads such as https://beta.kissu.moe/qa/thread/47339#qa-47339

Kissu was also targeted for the first time by script spammers with preexisting knowledge on the workings of Vichan, even going so far as to script spam my banner program with account generation. Though we managed not to cause any interruptions to people's activities on Kissu it required a lot of energy from the staff and required me to get a moderator in addition to Cool. This giving us 22 hour surveillance over the actions happening on the site.
I also felt that time was up for /megu/ which I was uncomfortable about. The new board /ec/ offers a more arguably cultured/artistic board devoted to cute and sexy image sharing.
In the future we will need more moderation tools and I think that the following 3 will put kissu into a state where it's in full control of it's own agenda.

The current three tools that I feel will help kissu and not be too hard to implement are:
- Perceptual hashing: http://blockhash.io/
This will target people's avatars and repetitive image spam. Cloudflare already provides this for child sexual abuse material(and even forwards offending IPs), but for our own purposes this is needed to put more stress on spammers obfuscating their images. In the very least, when combined with a captcha, their spam becomes less recognizable and more comedic when they have to put noise into it. Nonetheless, I think that it's worth pointing out that no captcha or spam gaurd is unsolvable and there needs to be other solutions.
- Archive Backups
The archive on kissu doesn't yet function as a backup because post information gets wiped when it gets knocked off of the pages. Though the archive isn't planned to be a feature of the experimental UI, it is still useful for moderation and restoration of the site after captcha breaking spam attacks.

Still, what if the spammer is completely automated, breaking the captcha, flooding every second, spamming every single thread on the site... then what?

A year ago I made the proxy scrapper program that searches pages for IPs and submits them into the ban table.
This is a solution that catches 1 or 2 ips every so often. But what if it needs to be expanded to eliminate large swaths of IPs and thuroughly deny access from any webserver proxy? Well, it might be worth considering how 4chan handles rangebans. A new function should be added to vichan whenever the system or mod bans an IP address that potentially eliminates subnets when a certain threshold of bans are hit. If the IP scrapper sees that a number of IPs are banned between it will make the decision that the subnet is unusable due to spam and automaticly issue a ban. Naturally this will cascade upwards to when a certain threshold is hit. This combined with filter rules for autobanning will create a system where script spammers are getting consistently shut out and maintain the speed of vichan which starts slowing down when the ban table hits 1000 entries.
In addition to this, it means that mods don't have to put in as much thought into combatting spam making it easier for these active users to contribute to the community and not police it.

-Real backups
Kissu needs an automated backup system. This is not complicated to do for the database, but images will take more effort. I could pay the server provider some money for this, but unless there is a crash, I'll find a manual system, or accept recommendations on this.

These will be done using Vichan since there will be way too much unnecessary wheel reinventing otherwise
R:0 / I:0
oh boy...
R:0 / I:0
R:6 / I:2
wait i thought verniy was a mod
i'm confused
R:8 / I:3
I thought I should let you know your login page could use a security update. I don't feel like spending the day or so of time brute forcing my way in, but someone else might.
R:3 / I:0
Nice video about imageboard meta
R:1 / I:0
Wait did the fucking youtube links fuck up
R:7 / I:2
~150,000 IPs are going to be banned by the end of the day, cascading into certainly some automatic rangebans.

If this results in false positives, submit a ban appeal and I'll work out the issues.
R:17 / I:4
In the year 2020, imageboards are the best places to browse for porn when you can't download an ad blocker
R:2 / I:0
did /trans/ fuckign break
R:20 / I:7
Why did /qa/nons migrate to kissu.moe and 4chan's /qa/ is filled with soyboy wojaks right now? What happened? I've been out of 4chan for a while.
R:0 / I:0
New dev thread soon,

Use this as the interim if things are broke
R:1 / I:0
can we get a food & cooking board since /megu/ is gone?
R:15 / I:4

Remove the #jp Banner

First of all (this should come as no surprise to some of you), #jp, an IRC channel that is hosted on the same IRC server as one of our #qa channels, is filled with what we would consider "undesirable" users who post "undesirable" content. If a high standard of quality is to be kept on this site, "undesirable" users must be kept from posting.
The banner system that has been introduced on kissu.moe allows users an opportunity to advertise locations on the internet to other kissu.moe users. A banner has been created for #jp by a user, and this banner is currently active on kissu.moe.
Regardless of how #jp could influence the quality of kissu.moe, it would be unfortunate for one of our users to enter the mental asylum that is #jp. The users there are beyond redemption and would only insult any naive users of the banner system. Consequently, such a negative experience with the banner system would dissuade further use of it, meaning less clicks on banners that do not lead to #jp.
Now, if a user were to engage in #jp acively, he may return to kissu.moe, spreading the "undesirable" content that may be found there. This lowers the site quality and may be difficult to deal with, as users returning from #jp often flavor their posts ever so slightly, as to make their removal unwarranted.
That is all I have to say on this issue, thank you and have a good day.
R:6 / I:0
Vern why do you endorse people spamming your website?
What the fuck is the response going to be if someone spams CP and no one is online?
(as of right now at 1:37 EST both you are Yotgo are not in IRC and the board is still swamped with soyjak posts)
R:18 / I:7
make jp sfw board
R:13 / I:2
Big list of imageboards easily sortable


R:0 / I:0
Feeling nice and easy recently
R:3 / I:0
Would it be a bad idea or a good one to allow for a higher post limit on /jp/. Say for game threads that require posting about hosting
R:10 / I:5
¥Waiting on the #qa banner
R:3 / I:0
Was feeling that kissu was a bit slow these past couple days. However when I went to check my /all/ tab I keep open to track post counts it appears that the site is doing just as well as it usually is, only content is becoming more spread across the boards. It begs the question of how this look affects the site as a whole. So with that in mind I want to know what /b/'s opinions are on this matter. Is content being spread out a good or bad thing?

Personally I find it to be a mix of both since it has allowed for a more varied appeal for the site, but having some boards be not as fast may make it feel as though the site isn't as fast.
R:5 / I:2
Sleeping devs...
R:14 / I:1
why is 4G/3G so slow?
R:2 / I:0
R:3 / I:1
R:6 / I:0
Will his programming gain mainstream recognition post-mortem now that he's not able to say so many outlandish things?
R:18 / I:2
Thoughts on the increase of lewdposting in /jp/?
R:1 / I:0
When's the /qa/ review?
R:5 / I:1
wow i can't believe it… i'm actually going to make double money for free!!!!
R:6 / I:2
The boards have been completely dead recently during early morning. Can't figure out if this is for the worse since dead hours don't look good, or for the better if everyone is awake around the same time.
R:1 / I:0

From my emails

Today, from approximately 21:12 to 21:39 UTC, a configuration error in our backbone network caused an outage for Internet properties that use Cloudflare. During this period we saw traffic drop by about 50% across our network. Because of the architecture of our backbone this outage didn’t affect the entire Cloudflare network and was localized only to certain geographies.

This service disruption was not the result of an attack. It was caused by a network configuration error which caused traffic across our backbone to be sent to a single router on our global network. This quickly overwhelmed that router and caused Cloudflare network locations connected to the backbone to fail. Other locations not connected to the backbone continued to operate normally.

We have posted an initial summary of this incident on the Cloudflare blog. We’ve already made a change to the backbone configuration to make sure that this cannot happen again.

We’re deeply sorry about how this disruption may have impacted your services. Our business is based on trust and transparency and we are committed to your success.

~The Cloudflare Team
R:7 / I:4
Cloudflare outages sure are disruptive...
R:11 / I:6
What are your thoughts on spam? I know that people wouldn't appreciate the boards here being spammed of course, and there'd be no good reason to do so. However, I can't say that I didn't somewhat enjoy the spam waves back on 4/qa/ from time to time which always carried a unique theme.
R:1 / I:0
Verm's actions once again are a good demonstration that keeping things apolitical means little when your overton window is set in the current.
R:4 / I:0
Thanks Aris
R:6 / I:3
do qanons prepare for the possibility of a more restrictive internet? delete your online presence? have a mini server for all those doujinshi?
R:10 / I:4
I don't know where else to say this, but I saw a couple reports for "3D" on /qa/ and I haven't seen any sign that people are against 3D media things on /qa/ so it's not something I can take action against (or would want to)
/jp/ is the board for strictly 2D stuff, but even then I don't think anyone here wants it to be strictly moderated to maintain that.
Uh... if anyone wants to talk about this you can talk about it here but I don't think this is a major issue
R:1 / I:0

say it 5 times quickly and your tongue won't jam
R:25 / I:6

On Internet Politics

Recent discourse shows there is unease around politics. But there isn't a consensus of what politics are.
Let's say that typically politics is "the activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed" and the discussion of this is political discussion. The problem is that this doesn't cover everything that's been referred to as politics. Let's then say, working with the separation of the internet from the real world, that political discussion is the discussion of the current state of events in the real world, how the world should be and the ideas behind both. Things are considered political if they tie or lead into these.
That sounds way too broad and unhealthily rulefaggoty, doesn't it?
Well, it is. Let's put a clause in there: something is considered depoliticized, so not political, if in a community its presence does not lead to political discussion. This can be because it's taken as a joke, because nobody cares enough to spark the fire, because everyone agrees and it's common sense, or some other reason. With that clause, even though everything has a certain worldview, a certain ideology behind it, you can differentiate between conflictive and peaceful content. Calling someone a fag or a nigger, even though it's linked to RL conflict, is not political because it doesn't generate political discussion. If one day it did generate it, then it would be political. Things can likewise stop being political if the reasons for something causing political discussion go away.

But that's still too harsh, isn't it? Maybe. What about realism.
Certain threads invite comments about the state of the real world, whether because it's directly or tangentially related to the state of a medium or because of some other bullshit I can't think of. This can easily derail the thread into politics (or just kill fun without introducing politics), and it ends up being kinda shit. To elude such an end, the thread ought to be approached with a suspension of disbelief, unlike for example the mistake I made in >>>/qa/40946 where following >>/qa/40936 instead could've lead to more fun (the conclusion of the former is a barren earth, the latter's is alternate history scenarios), reign in the realistic 'tism to facilitate enjoyment. One must also be conscious of posting or replying to controversial ideas, else a spiral of butthurt be started. With that in consideration, things should in average be less political.

The issue isn't really the material or the people, it's the context around content eliciting a certain reaction from people.
R:8 / I:0
Has anyone ever hidden more than 300 posts before on 4chan?

How does 4chanX keep track of when a post no longer needs to be stored for hiding?
R:6 / I:3
kissu's goin at an easy pace~
Feels a bit slow, but for once I'm enjoying it

Take a moment to appreciate the nice rest period upon us before things go back to being super fast again
R:3 / I:1

About thread creation

I believe thread creation to be one of the greatest deciding factors of how active a (random) board is. Just for example, take a look at kissu when it's most active (aside from meta shittery), it's always on days in which threads are made that keep the board fresh and the people within it engaged in a multitude of varying topics. So many are content with replying to content when it's created, yet by comparison very few are comfortable with creating threads of their own. What does kissu think of this predicament? I'm not saying that people should step up thread creation to the point of making stuff which is just taking a toll on themselves, that seems to backfire, but how do you inspire the masses to raise their voices on that which they want to talk about?
R:1 / I:0
R:2 / I:0
How about backlinks in /trans/
R:12 / I:1

4/qa/ review

There used to be a time in which I'd use kissu, yet still check 4/qa/ wondering if everyone really had left. I'd see some threads that indicated there was a soul on there I may be able to still connect with who still hadn't made the move away. That time is long gone now and I can't remember the last time I even had the urge to look at the board until today. I've got to say it was a completely foreign sight, akin to how I'd view /bant/ back in the days when 4/qa/ was thriving (/bant/ was better but that matters not). A board that seemed to be "alive" in some technical sense of the word while completely unappealing or devoid of what made it good to begin with. I went into the singular familiar thread, The Happenings Thread, only to see that it was not even a shadow of its former self. Rather it seemed to have transformed into some frankenstein's monster that now resembles more a typical general on that accursed site. I'm not too sure what to conclude this with, as these ramblings are a mere result of my curiosity getting the better of me to check on the place I used to call home. If there was any takeaway I'd say this, that it sure made me glad for this place's existence.
R:6 / I:3


R:3 / I:1
Come to https://onee.ch/cyb/
We welcome everywhere
R:11 / I:4
Want to create banners but the ideas won't come to my head...
R:4 / I:1
In an unprecedented turn of events /jp/ is faster than /qa/ today, what do you guys make of this
R:3 / I:0
storing this
R:3 / I:1
I think I'll give her root access


I'm reaching out to see if there is anything that would like to upgrade, repair, or redesign on your site.

I am a web designer / developer that can do just about anything you can imagine at very affordable prices.

* (Website designs // Graphic designs // Face book cover page design // Website development//App development//PHP/ /Word press//SEO//SMO/PPC//ORM)

Let me know what you think.

Thanks & Regards,


Business Consultant
R:23 / I:3
Cute Discord alternative ;)
R:805 / I:120

Feedback #3: Bugs, Ideas and Feedback

The site's core features are still good, but the battle against bugs is never ending.
Joining the bugs now is poor design decisions and maintenance of Vichan over the decade that has left it in a poor state and even making some bugs impossible to fix. An example of this is the 0-NF database design (where all file information is put into an SQL column) makes it impossible to cleanly fix a bug where the home page runs out of images when people post lots of .mp4 files.

In no particular order:
- Database needs to be put into a more normalized format for easier bug fixes and maintenance
- After PHP7.4 related issues the Twig1.x template engine should be ripped out and replaced with a Twig3.x version
- API page generation will be less strenuous on servers and allow for clearer code. Exceptions might be on the installer and mod pages which will continue to use legacy page generation... but maybe they won't
- Dumping YouTube IFRAME elements into the page is slow for users and forces a lot of unescicary JavaScript on them. YouTube videos need to be thumbnailed.
- API page generation will simplify this issue.
- There's a lot of "kind of but not really OOP design" all dumped into a functions file or spread out hap-haphazardly. The design is already pretty close to being OOP, so might as well just take it all the way.
- Making modifications such that the kissu-board is usable for others
After these changes the software can't really be called Vichan anymore because even if some functions still exist, the core has been completely altered.

Old Thread:
Some posts from there will be moved over.
R:4 / I:0
I have found something
R:2 / I:0
R:9 / I:4
Introducing _chan. Because _ is better than 7, 8 and 9. Board creation is enabled.

Edit: Site's filled with illegal content. Don't want a backlink from here
R:3 / I:1
The use of sockets on imageboards is way too gimmicky and unnecessary overhead(development and user end) that makes the application harder to maintain. Polling is better in almost all cases other than liveboards
R:4 / I:0

The overboard is a fantastic concept

It solves the problem people have with /qa/ threads dying too fast, and the issue people have with not feeling that they can create as many threads as they can. /jp/ created threads only bump off /jp/ threads, which are more dumb and people don't care as much about or think will fit all that well or meet the quality standard of /qa/. While on the other hand threads that are made on /qa/ aren't killed off as fast. This was an issue that people had brought up for a while, suggesting all sorts of fixes like half-bumps or semi-stickies for the better threads, but unintentionally they were solved by the inclusion of a secondary board and overboard. Limiting the potential harm that people suggested a second board would cause is also a plus.

What are your thoughts on the use and benefits of the overboard, and secondary boards in general if you will. Personally I believe that the secondary boards are a great addition that futureproof the site from running into issues.
R:3 / I:0
The biggest problem with imageboards, or communities in general, is when people rely too heavily on a few individuals to create content/discussion for them. And then subsequently when those few individuals take breaks all that others do in their place is complain about where all the activity went.
R:16 / I:5
The future is now, anon. AI, robotics, and material science have reached a point where robowaifus are now in the realm of possibility. We need anons with skills of all kinds: artists, scientists, engineers, programmers, makers, writefags and more are all needed to bring our robotic wives into reality. Come and join our multidisciplinary team of robowaifus technicians and be a part of a better tomorrow.
Join us at julay.world/robowaifu
We would also like to invite this site's administrators to post and network in our embassy thread.
R:10 / I:6
Always seem to come off overly antagonistic or criticizing in my posts, how to fix this issue
R:1 / I:1
That is to say, I do not think the current space for images in /jp/ is optimal for >>3415 .
Naturally, people will use images to express themselves, or because it's fun, or for whatever reason. That's the norm in imageboards and there's no basis to believe people will behave differently if able to post images in /jp/, whichever the set limit.
I believe the linked thread shows an instance where lowering the max amount of image replies was/would be harmful to the creativity V seeks, that the mindset of treating image replies as precious is not there and that there's no reason for it to be there. Withholding usual image replies for the sake of this rarer funpost is not a good bet, and people will continue to do what's statistically more fun (this is a very awkward line). So lowering or increasing the maximum amount of image replies relative to the population is not conductive to a different dynamic, it will either be as in /qa/ but gimped, or it will be no different in practice except for the lack of image dumping. In my experience, I've seen less emoticons and text art in /jp/ since image replies were enabled, that's something I think can be lost because of images filling their role.

I think the options /jp/ has for a dynamic different from /qa/'s are to either restrict image posting to the OP or permit each poster a certain amount of images per thread (at this point, I'd say just one) instead of limiting everyone based on the thread's total images. The latter might probably also amount to a dynamic identical to /qa/, so I'm not sure about it.

Disregard this post at will, it is silly.
R:1 / I:1
supposedly it takes ~14 weeks to make a website

This is roughly in line with what I planned and the ratios almost identical.

Just some interesting info. I don't know much about this.
R:22 / I:1
Wish nodejs had pointers....
R:68 / I:18

Improvements to /all/

This is a summary of alterations.

- Index monitor script will work with /all/ in the same way it works with other boards
- Ability to post new threads from /all/ after specifying the target board

This will allow you to treat kissu like a single board site while also categorizing your threads into separate boards. This is kind of like the tag system on flash boards applied to conventional threads. As a result so called misstaggings might result in and require the establishment of some basic guidelines for board use that can clarify when a thread will be moved or not.

In the future the current kissu home page will have it's fake overboard functionality removed and act as a "hybrid booru+4chan style homepage" showing popular threads and standard vichan search feature(kissu.moe/search.php) in a booru layout. No quick post sumary but hovering over popular threads will show the last 5 posts, maybe like in "4chanx catalog" or maybe the "current kissu home page reply list". So adjustments to this may be important to you.

If there's anything else you would like to see added to /all/ then go for it.
R:4 / I:0
I tried to change the date format with 4chanX but it only works from the 26th post in the page on onward. Pic is from /all/, also happens on individual board and inside threads. How to fix or otherwise change date format?
R:32 / I:9
Kissu's monthly stats are more spread out and lower in part by the April slump
/qa/ 3884
/jp/ 623
/b/ 438
/megu/ 185
/poll/ 70
= 5200
About 1k loss, however viewership of kissu has been at a level highly above average the past few days so this is good news to me, albeit our unique IPs are harder to raise. I've yet to plot this out, might do this.

May the fourth be with you

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