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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge!….webm (1.76 MB,1920x1080)


Is there a way to manipulate what thumbnail a webm/mp4 shows?


File:1645078738210.webm (3.71 MB,1280x720)

kissu will always pick a particular frame I think


I think it's the halfway point. I'm able to customize it, but I've never looked at it too hard


File:Y2Mate.is - dO yOu GuYs No….mp4 (1.17 MB,854x480)

I could pick frame zero, but if you pick the halfway point of a video and then inject a 1 frame image then it should trick it


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (169.24 KB,1280x720)

I've also heard it's possible to change it, but it required effort and I didn't want to do it so I just use spoiler if it spoils things


I think frame 0 would probably be for the best, sometimes a webm is spoiled by showing its mid contents first.


The main issue with using frame zero is that a lot of videos with a fade-in at the beginning wind up with solid black thumbnails.


Frame 10?


Or, frame 10 if longer than 10 frames and halfway through if not?


Something like that might work well. I don't know any statistics on how long these fade-ins last so you'd have to test it on videos people have posted.

This seems to have a lot of examples, you could use them for testing:

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