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For some reason my posts throughout multiple vichan boards are auto-nokoing, even if the options field doesn't exist. What could possibly be causing this?


I've noticed this happening too. Basically, if it's happening and you haven't put anything into the options field, it means that it's something on the server-side that's been changed.


that's nonsense. it would be consistent with everyone if this were the case


Uh....... I dunno, then. It's like I'm omniscient.


what thread, what board? Is it happening consistently or seemingly randomly?


It was me, and I'd do it again!


I've made some changes to try and resolve this, along with an issue of posts not showing in the index. Waiting to see if it reappears for people, otherwise I'll assume it to be fixed.


did some more tuning. The new post server which handles the new API and some other tasks needs to be examined for non-terminating things because it's perfomance degrades over time


Looks like I found the source of the performance problems. Was looping between the functions to send posts to archive, delete post from catalog, and then restore post from archive, leading to an increasing number of threads in the catalog which it repeated the steps on.

False autonoko is a bug I fixed yesterday.

An issue with threads not rebuilding sometimes seems to be an issue with deleting posts with cites in them not resetting to the correct board. This meant that sometimes a new thread on /jp/ would cause the index of /test/ to be built instead of /jp/


Nice, glad that it sounds like all the issues were mostly just one big problem.

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