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File:ca6969e3e7769383a973405f55….jpg (2.4 MB,2164x1731)


I have always imagined that an average kissu poster is someone who is only interested in Japanese 2D media, video games, and other purely solo activities; who doesn't watch any form of 3D media including streamers; who doesn't care about anything happening in the world unless it's of direct concern of his interests; whose sole purpose of life is to practice his interests; who avoids all kinds of human interaction as much as possible; and who has zero desire to talk about anything other than his interests online.

Yet there are lots posts here indicating that a sizable amount of posters here aren't like that; they seem to be well versed in all kinds of real-life topics, and whenever controversial real-life topics or those tangentially related to the solo interests are mentioned here, discussions often spiral out of control with heated arguments, low quality discussions, and personal insults. They seem to be very intrigued in these types of discussions, because the 2D interests discussions have never reached the high posting speed they have.

So, what's happening here? An average kissu poster as I imagine would never be involved in such discussions because they're so ignorant of any real-life topics that they simply have no opinions on them and therefore have no interest to participate. Are kissu posters all riajuu in secret? Are they no different from average 4chan posters who frequently bring up real-life stuffs in threads on solo interests?


Sorry, my fault. I just like drama.


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (225.94 KB,1920x1080)

It feels like you're poisoning the well in the OP so I don't know what kind of thread you're expecting from this.
Anger and outrage is the easiest emotion to invoke in people so if someone says something that purposely annoys people it will provoke a response, even in people that should otherwise be too smart or mature for it. Outrage culture is the greatest scourge of the internet, but as you can see on imageboards as well on social media it is a powerful generator of activity.


I have no opinion on this topic and therefore no interest in participating.


Personally, I don't socialize with anyone IRL outside of working hours, but I do like to check out a buncha different stuff beyond otaku media. I don't recall it ever being the case that kissu's /qa/ had purely media threads, either.
As for the heated part, that's a single inflammatory flaming homosexual that sets half the site on fire every time he spergs out, no matter the topic.


I prefer Kissu to be more wide in what it talks about because it's able to do things with more quality than other imageboards and diversity of thought lends itself to better discourse. The userbase has to be prepared to compromise on certain ideals in exchange for more activity in the content they like. In the end, this is what separates imageboard from discord. Chatting with no invites and no prerequisites other than community standards.
With an increased number of people the level of things that people care about gets more diverse so there's going to be more interest in boards that have more general topics of discussion.

Thinking Kissu is X or Kissu is Y... such thoughts are fated to be met with disappointment because 4/qa/, pre-wojack spam, was always a place with many different ways of thinking... maybe the admin or staff were frog spammers, /pol/tards and an otakus at the same time? It's always possible and it's worked into this reality is worked into my imageboard calculus when others may not believe it.

Another thing is that we live in the real world and when there's not much that's interesting from imageboard meta or anime, this is where conversations will end up without constant reinforcement... and even then... someone talking about trading pokemon cards is an economic activity that requires the real life. Purchasing dolls often requires you to see them first... There's a lot of reason to care about reality.


My point is that if a poster has no knowledge of real-life stuffs, there wouldn't be any anger to begin with because they have no opinions to "defend". This seems to not be the case.
I also imagine kissu posters are calm and reasonable as most solo interest discussions here have, but the quality of discussion on these real-life topics prove my expectation wrong.


File:[AK-Submarines] GIRLS und ….jpg (195.56 KB,1920x1080)

Idealistic posters exist, but in the swarm of lurkers and posters and whatnot, not everyone is homogeneous and aspiring to the same standards as everyone else. Also /qa/ as a board with roots in meta philosophy has always had its share of those with strong ideologies. Sometimes those tend to leak into the board itself, but I don't really feel like that's been much the case recently since most of that stuff has been contained off the main pages...

Also I'm not a fan of the purist idea that we should ignore 3D media when many anime directors or authors have at some point taken influence from 3D media, and watching it to understand that influence leads to a better appreciation or understanding of the works themselves. Unless you mean streamers or something exclusively.


I'd assume most of the people that are great with posting about their hobbies and avoiding real-life topics aren't the same posting about real-life topics... Assuming your initial statement is the way things work, this would naturally be the case.


File:11548803_p0.jpg (351.75 KB,600x721)

I just ignore RL stuff and work on my factory


File:1651414258436.png (1.51 MB,1920x817)

>I prefer Kissu to be more wide


you're too norm to post on sacred kissu!!!!!!!!!!!!


File:1662537321383.jpg (318.4 KB,1920x1080)



>Unless you mean streamers or something exclusively.
Well, it's more about those "someone reacts to something" low quality entertainment videos. Their aim is not to primarily present facts.
Serious 3D media is about presenting fictional facts, but again it's not the primary form of 3D stuffs posted here.


File:1519311378429.gif (2 MB,470x500)

stop going to /secret/


It reveals the dark side of kissu posters and substantiates my hypothesis outlined in the last sentence of the OP. I think that board is a social experiment by itself.


File:78364848_p0.png (4.4 MB,2859x3900)

You're going to a board with a heavy bias towards people that may have inclinations to post about things that aren't normally allowed on kissu proper and coming to a conclusion about all kissu posters from this small subset of the userbase. I think that's a poor way to formulate a hypothesis around all the people that post here.


That's an interesting way to put it, gotta say, though I don't like the Sakoku-tier otaku isolationism this implies.
But yeah, don't treat /secret/ as being representative of the site. Or even reaction stuff as being representative of /secret/.


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (225.44 KB,1920x1080)

It's not like there's 50 different people posting it. It's just a few people doing it because it's funny to them to post it for the 50th time and no one cares enough to spam it away. I encourage you to spam it off the board if you don't like it, but I don't personally care enough to do it.
There are a bunch of losers special people here like myself, but to paint kissu with a broad brush of normalcy because a couple people post garbage on the semi-hidden garbage board is a bit unfair. Perhaps ideally people would use the relative freedom to do things that are more interesting than linking youtubers, but I'd rather they spend the effort to make good posts elsewhere.


I'm using /secret/ as an example of such contents, but it's not the only place they exist. I can also point to the "random video" threads on seasonal boards where lots of video thumbnails prominently contain human reactions.
The fact that they posted these videos rather than the alternatives that don't involve reactions, which are also posted in the thread (and thus focusing on presenting facts) shows that these posters are easily swayed by the reaction of 3D internet celebrities. Not to mention most of these videos are about real-life topics in the first place.


File:1674526749400115.jpg (274.89 KB,2048x2048)

every poster here lives in reality, every work produced is some reflection of reality. it's harder to talk about works because you need to have personally invested time in them to write something that will mean something to someone. contrast that to being able to stand your ground through just osmosis, even among a more filtered group, that is where the majority of discussion will end up.

if you want to guide it somewhere else it takes some elbow grease.


That's more an issue with youtube with how they push for those irritating dumb reaction faces on video thumbnails that people feel forced to use to boost themselves in the algorithm. I'd wager to guess that for a lot of these videos there's not really reactions in the thumnbnail versions that they've seen. I think those with a penchant for being online are probably finding these videos while perusing the net and posting them to those threads because the content of the video interested them, not because of the reaction in the thumnnail. Although for myself I tend to get turned off by those reactions and try to ignore such videos because it's really annoying...


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (218.32 KB,1920x1080)

I'm far too old for these purity tests.
Good people liked watching trash TV and it hasn't changed after streaming replaced network cable. My dad was one of the smartest people I've ever known and he watched the absolute most god-awful horrendous trash that you'd assume anyone would need brain damage to watch. This is a guy that would work on a B-52 or the freakin' space shuttle and then come home to watch Jerry Springer.
You can focus on the stuff that bothers you, but it's going to be a terrible experience. It's how the rest of the internet works, after all. If you think that thread has bad videos, then post good ones to make it better. I generally don't post much in there myself since I'm more of a news reader than watcher and it's rare to see good documentaries and stuff on youtube.
Seasonal boards are also supposed to involve real life things, like the seasons, and they can be easily hidden from view forever. This became a thing because it was bothering at least one person that a major event of late 2019/2020 was ruining the mood on /qa/, so instead we ask people to post that stuff on seasonal boards.
Kissu has layers of escapism built into it and it's your choice as to how far you will go.


File:c23b63957d6189fcd7561d3245….png (1.36 MB,1038x1470)

>every poster here lives in reality
Speak for yourself, normo. I'm pure 2D.


>Good people
I'm talking about kissu posters here, which should just be a subset of them.
>Seasonal boards are also supposed to involve real life things
That's not how the boards are actually used. Most of these threads involve animals, natures, or some other topics that don't actually involve 3D human beings. They're just not 2D enough for other boards. Real-life threads there disrupt the otherwise mostly comfy and casual atmosphere really.


>That's not how the boards are actually used.
well... actually I intended for it to be the blogging board and then I felt like making this thread >>>/win/75 when no one supported my idea of a blog board


Its like 3 users that get involved in arguments


>I'd wager to guess that for a lot of these videos there's not really reactions in the thumnbnail versions that they've seen.
As for the small sample that I've seen (on topics of video games and music), they universally dedicate a large part of video time with the person in camera doing some reactions even though they may provide some useful information in the mix.
Meanwhile, the videos without reaction thumbnail waste no time on the useless reaction stuffs (the face of narrators are never shown in those videos in the first place), with much, much higher quality presentation on the topic.
The only reason those posters post the first kinds of videos here is because they think having a human face in the videos on those topics is acceptable to begin with. A Youtube channel I followed changed the format from the second to first which resulted in significant reduction in substance, even though the human face in thumbnails only had neutral facial expressions.


OP is being insufferable, but can't bring the courage to delete feedback


File:Futoku no Guild - S01E12.m….jpg (312.02 KB,1920x1080)

/b/ is a better place for it, yeah.
I can't really think of anything else to say


>I have always imagined that an average kissu poster is someone who is only interested in Japanese 2D media, video games, and other purely solo activities; who doesn't watch any form of 3D media including streamers; who doesn't care about anything happening in the world unless it's of direct concern of his interests; whose sole purpose of life is to practice his interests; who avoids all kinds of human interaction as much as possible; and who has zero desire to talk about anything other than his interests online.
What could have possibly brought you to that misconception in the first place?


When the topic of soccerfootball comes up, as much as sport is lambasted on imageboards, I think it's cool me (a Javanese person) and someone from Argentina, sports sometimes really remind of 2D in how it can connect people who would have almost nothing else to relate on, but aside from posters showing their apathy I don't think it's ever caused a fight or sped up posting in any significant way


It's definitely true for some people here, well, not the "avoids all human interaction" part since this is a type of human interaction

I thought that thread was pretty cool. I couldn't really partake in the discussion, but it was nice


That's what most of posts on kissu are about so it's a natural assumption that kissu attracts posters with similar interests.
I consider anonymous, non-real time discussion an interaction with collective abstract ideas rather than a form of human interaction as long as no one posts in an identifiable way. All the imageboard posts may as well be generated by a very smart AI and it won't make a difference.
This is how it's unique from other kinds of discussions. Even anonymous IRC gives the feeling that a human is pressing the send button.


I have interests beyond that, but I also have the modicum of decency required to not bring them up everywhere with no regard for whether they belong or whether people are interested.

Regardless, the whole internet is heading toward homogenization and this place is no exception as you can see. There's not much to do about it, really.


File:f354f92deba22adfc31a926d40….jpg (1.3 MB,1680x964)

I've always had the impression there's many kissu posters that have interests expanding beyond the typical "/jp/ otaku" sphere. There just seems to be a silent agreement on what is normal or expected to be posted on kissu and most stick to that. As others said, you can see this in the seasonal boards, /secret/, and sometimes /qa/.

I myself have several interests/hobbies/topics/whatever you want to call them that I don't post about much because it seems like they wouldn't generate a lot of discussion from other posters. I'm sure there's others that are the same way with their own interests.

Having everyone only care about the same four to five topics would make the site pretty boring, in my opinion.


I believe there's been a rather interesting shift in what's considered normal, a very recent one at that.
If you go back to >>6232, you'll find a conversation from last year about trouble in the blog thread, where lashing out against w*rk blogging is explicitly mentioned in >>6259. I had always seen that kind of post as verboten, it rarely came up and when it did it an attack was unsuprising.
However, two months ago a special thread was made: >>>/qa/100181. I believe that it is because of that thread that we're now seeing an increase in w*rk-related posts. Seems to me like people answering based on their experience managed to break the ice.


Thinking about your thread a bit. I don't think there's an issue with the type of content on Kissu. It's mostly an issue that the otaku medium is sort of in a weak place right now.

Not so much that people need to do anything different. It's just that the mainstay of otaku discussion, anime, doesn't have a whole lot that's worth discussing, so the board is instinctually reworking itself around this seasonal change in pace.

You could see a stream about 3D japanese movies as an aspect of this. Pokemon cards. And as you point out, content more focused on blogging about people's lives. Just a thing that has to be worked out. If we want more Japanese themed content then you'll have to work double as hard because the existing systems are not as great right now


It seems to me that only a very small subset of seasonal anime is discussed in depth here. Several posters announced which anime they were following in the "seasonal anime" thread but there wasn't much discussion about them. I couldn't find any discussion about Made in Abyss S2 when there were so much things to talk about its worldbuilding etc.
Also there are hardly any discussions on old anime and manga in general. Kissu posters just don't seem to be interested in them at all and only show some care when site staffs decide to stream some old anime.


File:01 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (172.32 KB,960x720)

Well, it's not only us that can stream things. Others are perfectly capable of bring attention to older anime with streams or posting about them. In fact, someone did a Birdy stream that was pretty successful recently.


File:[AK-Submarines] GIRLS und ….jpg (292.13 KB,1920x1080)

Also I could've sworn I talked a bit in-depth about MiA s2 when it was airing somewhere... But it escapes me whether it was in the stream or not. Otherwise, I remember giving more detailed opinions on Bocchi and LycoReco that I can verify I have posted. Also Onimai to an extent, but it's hard to really talk in depth about that anime. One of the problems I have is that I sorta get tunnel-visioned on a particular anime during a season and kind of neglect talking about others, or I'm busy playing video games.

On that note though, I think I would like to talk more about video games once I've moved on or something else from Factorio... Got a big plan for what to play laid out.


I don't really have to prove any of that. You don't seem to understand what Kissu is about and I shouldn't have to explain something subjective like this...

Which is rather rich coming from someone who sees problems in how we discuss real world topics in a (mostly) respectable way


Just to add on, I personally see more value in thematically funposting about an anime rather than coldly discussing it. It forwards the discussion of an anime itself in a way that may not be usually conveyed through simple discussion, or in ways that are more easily digestible by everyone.


I agree with you, but one pitfall is that there simply aren't that many posters here, so the older the series, the less likely it is that you're going to find someone to talk about it with. And obviously it's much easier to get people interested when you can say "hey, check out this cool show that started 2 weeks ago", and not "watch 50 episodes of this and let's talk about it".

Like, I could try to start conversations on Cat's Eye or Stop! Hibari-kun or Shinjuku Swan (ok, this one's not that old) or something else I watched/read recently, but I don' think I'd have much success. Actually I guess there's that new Cat's Eye x Lupin anime, I still need to watch that.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E12.False….jpg (219.71 KB,1920x1080)

Have you thought about starting the discussion you want to have? There's no guarantee it'll be successful, but it's worth a shot. Alas, when dealing with non-4chan imageboards, a niche within a niche will not have tons of people able to talk about it.
The /qa/ Utawarerumono threads are 98% me talking to myself, but I did manage to get some people interested in reading the VNs (and I forced people to watch it in the seasonal stream) so it was probably worth it. Utawarerumono discussion is next to impossible online, but there's some scraps here or there so that's nice.
As was said, you could try hosting streams or upload clips to try and get people interested in something. "I wish people did this and not that" is really not going to help at all.


File:5be8e205dee492f9f81d8dade1….jpg (47.25 KB,640x640)

>But it escapes me whether it was in the stream or not.
That might be the reason, because everyone interested already discussed in stream there wasn't much more to post on boards. I don't know if that's the case for seasonal streams but I remember this happened with the GuP streams.

The "/qa/ anime of the season" polls point to a certain set of taste that kissu posters share in common. I would imagine that older series that fall into this category would be of interest of posters and generate discussions. But even funposting of these series are rare.

You see, I already made this very thread to discuss something I want, which is my imagination and the reality of the behavior of kissu posters. I have no compliant about the difference between them; I don't demand any change in the current form.

But an important thing to understand is the value of precedence. Kissu and its predecessor have a long history of meta discussions, and whenever they appear they generate good amount of activities. This thread is no exception.

If some topics weren't getting posted or generating good activities often, it would be assumed that kissu posters in general didn't have the desire to talk about them, which formed the precedence that something wasn't to be discussed. Therefore, I would follow the precedence and won't personally start discussion about them.
The board dynamics also seems to rarely change, so I think most of kissu posters do the same.


>The /qa/ Utawarerumono threads are 98% me talking to myself, but I did manage to get some people interested in reading the VNs (and I forced people to watch it in the seasonal stream) so it was probably worth it. Utawarerumono discussion is next to impossible online, but there's some scraps here or there so that's nice.
I seriously wonder how it's profitable to make VNs like that.


how to write 1000 words while saying about 10


For manga, you could make some storytime threads. They're simple and I think that'd go pretty well.


What you have to remember is that Kissu isn't just 2D; it's 2D/random, being an extension of that culture on 4/qa/. The 2D side of things provides the site with a core focus that everything loops back around to, but we've never been afraid to stray from that focus for the sake of an interesting discussion.


In the context of the board(s) that originated the idea of "2D/Random"/"Nijiura" the "Random" just means that it's the NSFW, less strict version of the 2D board, it's not "2D" and "Random" as separate things. It also has a strict ban on some real life topics like politics and religion.


i respect the smileys


File:wants.png (50.79 KB,1749x166)


>mangas that are finished
that's oddly specific


I don't know if the /secret/ crowd with their godawful youtube videos is a compulsion to share what they actually watch like with the ukraine stuff or if it's to piss each other off


File:Fmk4n3eagAAdTGi.jpg (76.67 KB,760x760)

I wonder where the tea posters all went. I liked lurking their threads.


It has to be fake


Wow sounds just like Kissu!


I'm 99% sure that it's just one guy trying to piss everyone else off.


pretty much


I would imagine either some sort of chat, or they went their separate ways irl, like what has happened with similar sites

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