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UI-2 now with thread and catalog pages

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File:da82684ffeff45a5cdd0d8faa9….png (1.44 MB,2000x1500)

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Kissu has a unique UI. Love it or hate it, this is a big step in creating a unique identity for the site. For the next few weeks I plan to leave things as they are and gather up more bugs and issues with it.
What's required is more feedback on what you like and don't like. About Kissu, about software, about me. Everything is appreciated though I may not always reciprocate on your opinions.

Since last edition there have been no external conflicts. Legal concerns are always on my mind, but I have no reason to think that there will be any issues, minor changes to /ec/ that don't effect current users for example. Cool and Berun have handled most internal issues fine.

Current goals are an official site IRC, financial BS and continuous improvements on the Kissu-Fr front-end and Vichan+Hazuki backend.
Final goals will be the clarification of site objectives and social/software infrastructure.

This site's 1.0 phase(vichan amateur hour) is coming to an end. The Kissu 2.0 period is about building an identity on the internet. An imageboard as a real website and not something hiding in the corner is a very tenuous situation, many things can go wrong.



The thing that annoys me most about the new UI is that the notifications don't have a dismiss button. Can't say much more because I usually switch to the old quickly.


File:Screenshot_20210307-125332.jpg (404.51 KB,1080x1920)

borders off


File:Screenshot_20210307-125522.jpg (353.82 KB,1080x1920)

place catalog on top line


File:Screenshot_20210307-125633.jpg (463.86 KB,1080x1920)

centering of clickables


"submission in progress" not fully clear on mobile
Delete and report posts on mobile


dunno if it's in a screenshot, but the recent feed should close on clicking a url when in threads.


bottom form: spoiler function



I'm seeing posts disappear from the RSS feed after some time, is this intentional?


it's just vermin sperging dont worry carry on


Nah, it's been happening for the last few days. With the new UI, I should've clarified.


you mean it's lacking posts right?

the recent post feed is a set number of 60 posts,by default trans, ec and test are hidden. the more posts on hidden boards the less posts in the recent feed.

The new UI has this obstacle in the homepage and feed, I haven't thought of a way to solve it


>the more posts on hidden boards the less posts in the recent feed.
I see, that explains it. At the time of the /ec/ meta thread there were only like five posts in the feed.


yeah, the only idea that cmes to mind is creating multiple seperate feeds of 60 posts and letting the client merge them together


or an actual API that lets posters query the databas


Can I download the Miku cursor somewhere?



Much obliged


You can also take a look at >>>/test/2626 for the non-spinning pointer version.


Whoa, there are others there I didn't know about. Sweet!


The custom css needs to be updated to not be using temporary files from /test/


Oh, do you guys want to use stuff from it outside of Miku Day Hmm...


yeah, I put it into one of my github repos and am going to put the files into the /static/ folder when it goes down



I hope the comments are simple enough.
Insert this CSS in to the options -> CustomCSS fields on either UI


oops, forgot to revert the names


File:8a8cae9492.png (327.63 KB,1243x843)

was thinking that the sidebar has too much attention grabbing inside of it. It's distracting from the objective of the design where more attention is brought to the meat of a page rather than the meta, while giving users full control.

Fixing this might be doable with better font choices, text sizes and varied background along with the goal of seperating the small banners from the sidebar. It works well on the homepage however so the changes will only be on main pages.

https://puu.sh/HpVoB/7d556af2c5.png (hide pin replies)
https://puu.sh/HqiY3/6227f57135.png (start from timestamp)
https://puu.sh/HquMy/2c75e71de4.png (delete post on image hover)
https://puu.sh/HqIVL/715099ae63.png (indexOf('enter') may have overlaps)
https://puu.sh/HqLpZ/bc4014b2f4.png (duplicate information over forms)
https://puu.sh/HqMib/e172111984.png (hide hidden threads from feed)
https://puu.sh/HqNgg/dc236c4207.png (spacings)
https://puu.sh/Hr3eV/682d53e4e0.png (better dono pages)
https://puu.sh/Hr688/8e43477c46.png (did i write this already)
https://puu.sh/HriVa/5a07486e24.png (url -> file doesn't cause update)


Add a relative time option to KissuFR. The vichan interface already has relative time.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (344.92 KB,1920x1080)

Très bien, le magnifique


The New Reply field needs to have feature parity with the quick-reply box (preview, formatting options, etc). It'd also be nice if the fields "merged" like they did in the old interface when they're both onscreen at once.


I'll consider how to do these suggestions and the above.

The existing feature-set seems like it could be improved more. I think design is more problematic than feature depth, but if I can add both of these into it in one session then there's no reason not to.

Merging sounds more complicated than relative times. Feature parity should be in. There are a few other issues with that on mobile and desktop. I'm not sure if it really makes sense for queues to be in a static post form, but other aspects should be included. The post form was thrown in at the end of development because it was requested and I found that pages looked too empty without it. I suppose it should be improved.


Could you add the return button to the bottom of the new UI? It's slightly inconvenient to have to either have to scroll back to the top or use the top button just to get to the return button. I suppose people who use the catalog might miss the catalog button on the bottom too, but I can't speak for them. Also, I miss having a button to go back to the home page on mobile, and without the top banners, the only way to get back to the homepage seems to be editting the URL.


I suppose it's consistent to have what's on top at the bottom.

The sidebar can do most everything to do with page nav. that's the intention


Mobile is lacking in features though if that's where you're using it.

I should add a way into /all/ from there as well.

Since it will be the end of month until I start working on it again, you can switch to old style from the options if it gets too annoying


I'm strongly considering disabling the use of this UI by people without javascript. This will resolve some potential DoS problems and allows for more dynamic page behaviour. As a downside it just undoes some work i've done and I shelf, possibly open source, the React SSR server.


Thought about it for a bit and I think it will be best if cut out the SSR server that pre-generates React pages.

-Initially weaker devices will notice the impact of this, but the easier task of optimization on browser only JavaScript is going to be better than managing the problem of DoS on page generation. It should hopefully work out to be slightly faster.
-Browsers on stronger computers should notice a bigger increase as our tiny VPS is no longer generating pages for gamer rigs.
-Web crawlers may be effected most by this but most valuable traffic for imageboards doesn't come through search engines anyways.
-Users without JavaScript will be directed to use the old UI. Vichan's UIs will exist indefinitely, and any vichan replacement that gets cooked up will use the Vichan Twig templates or a version converted into a more modern templating engine, regardless the look won't change.

If I don't rethink this then the generation server will still exist in a much more limited role(possibly fully discontinued) and the previously existing code for SSR generation will be public, MPL2 liscence.


Are you going to keep the JSON in the page served so browsers don't have to wait for two serial requests for content?


It would be a reason not to ditch the server in it's entirety. I was thinking that everything would stay except the React generation.


File:IMG_20210316_220824.jpg (87.87 KB,1080x655)



I updated Kissu's rules.

Global rules strictly enforced, board rules are typically guidelines.



>Grotesque and violent posts(realistic or fictional) will not be allowed on any boards
What specifically is meant by this? I assume it's still okay to discuss violence in anime or fantasize about being stomped to death by magical girls, so this could use some clarification.


trying the new UI again, notifications with no way to close them are still obnoxious


nothing has changed since march. I'm building up a list of things to fix.


Instead of chasing around design issues I'm building up a list of things myself and others have problems with in the design. At the end of March I'll correct this list of issues. If problems still exist I'll make another list. By doing this I'm hoping changes will have more focus and be less erratic... more likely to resolve problems then create new ones.

>Grotesque content(realistic or fictional, text or images) will not be allowed on any boards. This includes but is not limited to: guro, methods of suicide or plans to harm others


On the light theme the minimized navbar looks kind of ugly, and it seems to take up a lot of space, especially added to the left margin and contrasted with the lack of margin on the right.


That's better.


end of season posting slump.


It's my thought that tripcode methods are going to be reverted to old standard, but I'm discussing the merits of having generic tripcodes be compatible across sites.


Tripcodes are back to standard vichan style. They were certainly more readable, but in trying to use one I found that they're actually much more ugly visually.


The desire to get a good secure tripcode is ultimately highly infuriating compared to the older style where everything is naturally chaotic and strange strings of characters are expected. Trip impersonation is not a huge issue that requires a new solution.

I think that possibly it would be a much nicer idea to use color variance on trip-codes instead so that XO(a zero) is green while xO(a capital o) is blue


Mind you at that point we now run into the problem of color blindness and that there would also need to be a variance on light vs dark. Also two similar trips in same colors are going to get confused...

I take back the above post... it's much nicer to just remove confusing characters all together such as o and 0 or 1 and I...

I'll add this issue to my list




phonetic tripcodes need a rule based system to place characters and at this point you're weakening the trip's strength as a visible password. The random string of character approach is much more versatile. Still, it can be flipped on in the mod panel and it's on the github page for kissu so others can pick that up if they want to


problems with vichan.


Pretty sure that's supposed to be intended


weird, after posting with the form on the bottom i got a message saying my session crashed?
not sure what that's about but some features in the new ui seem to not be working now? such as the right click menu on the numbers, the floating quick reply box or the [Options] or [Article] menus in the sidebar.

P.S. misc. suggestions but you should adopt


Do you block cookies or run a private session? The current itteration of the UI heavily relies on data that can be passed on to the server. This is intended to be changed.

I feel like someone would have pointed this out to me, or myself noticing, otherwise.


it should give you a message if it crashes again, post a screenshot of that and I'll fix the broken line. Or I'll look at the bottom form submission and see if I put in any situations where I call a function/property on an undefined variable


will do after this message.

no i don't block cookies nor scripts from kissu itself


any extensions?


not sure why but it's working when i open a private window .... and disabling extensions didn't do anything on my current session


you must have broken the cookies somehow. Perhaps the name... I'll test what happens if I post like you did




Works on my end.

Are you using a specific browser+os combination?


also post me a screenshot of the dev console and show me the errors there


File:serviceworkerhighlightedin….png (19.49 KB,1246x41)




File:cookies--.png (95.71 KB,1286x198)


so no console errors after posting?


File:noredirectnofile.png (24.62 KB,872x133)

I'm getting these now but that first error (that I closed before taking note) said something about an out of bound error. couldn't quite remember


out of bounds error helps. Your configuration is what I used to develop it. If you're not getting it right now then alright I'll eventually find it.


I left the QR menu open on posting something in the lower menu and it removed a queue item so I think it's related to this.


edit: on submit from lower post form https://files.catbox.moe/43ebg4.png


can i get a version number of your firefox or something? it's handling regex in an unexpected way


Anyways, at there's a compatibility issue with my regex on some more rare configurations.

I'll look to standardize my regex and not use any shorthands.


86, 64 bit



alright, thanks for the help


When you are going to publish Kissu-Vi version 7, I believe you have the potential to further improve the Vichan engine.


I'm sure, but to what benefit.
my version of kissu is currently not designed to be used outside of kissu.

I published this simple repository which shows the changes I've made.


My primary bug list is going to be assembled tomorrow, which doesn't mean much more than is creating an image server for kissu is more useful than the feedback


Alright, that's 77 lines of issues



Also if not mentioned in the list, resolve unescicary images loading in catalog.
- gross https://puu.sh/HrZnS/dc675532fd.png
- Remove flag counter https://s11.flagcounter.com/more/CexS/
-https://puu.sh/HscWf/09d8dfab0b.png catalogs...


File:VMSzl8Z.gif (85.39 KB,467x370)

77 lines of bugs on the quaayy 77 lines of buuuugs!

you take one down, change it around, 78 lines of bugs on the quay!


I get back to my dev environment on the ~26th...


Note: Don't make this feature default
https://puu.sh/HsfjR/b3f9fde88e.png (maybe on mobile though)


Thank you.


File:6272784043.png (12.89 KB,447x292)

Note: translation and better ui toggle on vichan

you found how to turn it off right?


I knew how to, but I think changing it to opt in is a great change.


what do you think of how webm/mp4, mp3 and YouTube are given unique windows you can drag around?


It's fucking stupid and betrays the hypocrisy of a terrible website designer.


Those are much simpler to manage, on mobile chains cover the entire screen.
hey ur not me


Some things can't be said enough. Things like "
It's fucking stupid and betrays the hypocrisy of a terrible website designer."


What is this even trying to say


File:dc908cabb0.png (32.05 KB,415x271)

requires fixed width


There was an issue with poll's not having their poll show up on the vichan UI. Effecting most threads, but not all so there are some duplicates, but the bug is fixed.


Alright... time to stop looking for bugs and start fixing things..


File:98MZjSS.png (24.6 KB,350x124)


Fork of the notification library I've been using,
- Will add HTML insertion into the banners to maintain compatibility with vichan's error system
- Will add X's to the centre-right of banners so people can close them and ignore callbacks
- Integrate the kissu-fr .css changes to library allowing notifications to be top-center-wide
Misc. changes to fr-kissu unrelated to library
- Don't call notification errors if a thread is missing. Add error preview item. Prevents pic related shite error.


File:Screenshot_2021-03-26 Home….png (9.55 KB,306x908)

I can't believe kissu is fucking dead


sigh, it looks like I need to add isolated feeds


Verm, can you make it so I'm not pulled into threads when I reply to them from the index? It's a bit annoying to have to leave the thread to get back where I was, that I never intended to leave.


Or, at least make it optional somewhere. I'm sure some people may want a feature like that when they're reply to a particularly active thread, but it's an inconvenience when I just want to make a small reply.


File:Evauuwe.png (30.31 KB,1326x669)

going to put the misc item on hold. Seems low value for now.

yeah, this change would make sense. Dumping with noko off(outside of /ec/ because it auto-nokos) is kind of tard. This aspect is controlled by vichan so I'll check if there's an option to do with that, otherwise modify the behaviour


File:4462656ad4.png (4.81 KB,619x50)



2 bugs down
2 I want to finish today
84 remaining

I'll keep updating the site at the end of the day with these fixes as apposed to a large drop. Call the software version 3.0 at the end of the list.


Altered the way highlights are handled. Might break something I haven't considered.

Updating to Kissu-Fr 2.10.9. Fixes css typos, making alert notifications more user friendly and human intractable, already up is a change to vichan UI's hashes so that when switching between UI's you keep focus on a highlighted thread


It's in the plans that files on kissu are going to be split across two VPS servers. This one will take all the large files, the other will take all the small ones.

Doing this discussion boards will be given a larger page count that allows for discussions to be revistited and less time sensitive. Boards such as /ec/, /jp/ and the rest will still remain as 150 threads, /poll/ and /qa/ might go to 300 threads or more.
Main goal of this is to have kissu's discussions become live-archived content(such as a forum) where people will dig up month old threads through either web search engines or in site search engines.


File:MCXo6Ej.png (336.28 KB,1839x944)

a bit nicer


Hide it however you wish -- it won't change the fact xkcd is the root of all evil.




Did you not read the image?



8/88 done

mostly simple fixes.
>Remove flag counter https://s11.flagcounter.com/more/CexS/

Going to start setting up multiserver image storage.


Vermin stop changing URLs without warning! This includes the #anchors for posts. You broke all the scripts that parse quote links.
Besides, people should be able to link a post without worrying about the format changing on them.


Also, not sure if anyone used it, but you broke the ability to middle-click or control-click on a quote link to open a reply quoting the post in a new tab.


i see.

well converting from new to old works as well I guess.


files are going to be prefixed by two different subdomains


Thanks for the heads up. Will there be a way to figure out the subdomain from the JSON? Will the old URL redirect?


JSON will show the subdomain.

Media less than 1MB will be added to a new server as they get posted(luna.kissu). Existing media, thumbnails and media greater than 1MB stay here(some other subdomain or maybe nothing.kissu).

This split means that high priority and large files are given the US server and smaller ones are on a German server. This will work out so that North American clients have slower load times on small files, but EU clients have faster loads on more content.

This also opens up the chance to hold more pages on /qa/(more storage space) which makes larger threads more valuable to everyone.


With cloudflare's CDN acting how it's supposed to, it balances out to even load times anyways, but the main goal is to have more pages and expand the site's storage with what I already own.


Vichan wasn't made for remote file storage... I guess this is why people use cloud servers,


File:cf11cb7588840191aebf13de09….jpg (964.34 KB,2009x1328)

/qa/ has been given a near infinite number of pages
Storage is being split between two servers. If the taba server(luna) fills up I'll look for another option. Some shared hosting plans offer unlimited storage but they're unstable, low upload rates and are known to catastrophically fail. This is a long ways away anyhow.
Let me know if there are any thoughts or issues.


ok, it's a bit slow. I did a quick check about the SFTP protocol and it's half as fast as FTP or a standard upload. There has to be a better transfer protocol


ugh... SFTP(or SCP) is so slow that I have to lower the threshold to 100KB. Apparently this is in the implementation of openSSL.
>SFTP runs over SSH2 and is much more susceptible to network latency and client and server machine resource constraints. This increased susceptibility is due to the extra data handshaking involved with every packet sent between the client and server, and with the additional complexity inherent in decoding an SSH2 packet. SSH2 was designed as a replacement for Telnet and other insecure remote shells, not for very high speed communications. The flexibility that SSH2 provides for securely packaging and transferring almost any type of data also contributes a great deal of additional complexity and overhead to the protocol.

SFTP seems like the wrong choice.


FTPS is what I'll see about changing to in the future


- Switch to better transfer( FTPS )
- Write script to move files to storage based on threshold


- Paged Catalog/Article (every 150 threads create a new page)
- Paged Threads (every 300 posts create a new page)


File:aaaaaaaaaaa.png (61.37 KB,724x766)

thumbnails aren't generating on my end
i can expand images to see them but only if they're on luna
artemis is borked


uh... hmm...


nevermind, i got around it


how did you do it in case anyone else asks


problem was caused by sophos
used a different computer


the subdomain is flagged? I don't particularly like artemis as a name for an imageserver


it's a handshake thing
i assume it's because it enforces a secure connection while filtering out important stuff, i dunno


luna should be more strange than arte... I'll change the name anyways since I don't like it, but I'm not expecting it to resolve anything


images that were posted before this will be called arte, new images, and ones from long before will be called haiji.


well now it works


>JSON will show the subdomain.
I don't see it.


I forgot to transfer over that file.

string|null location = "haiji" | "luna" | "artemis" | null
in null case can be omitted and still resolve properly or use "haiji" as it appears on pages


I've removed the floatbar entirely. Now on mobile is just a standard board list. I haven't yet gotten to the issue involving it, but the list should include the extra items and a link to /all/. On mobile the items need to be more spaced out so they'll probably be expanded on click or something


prevented spam on /trans/ or /test/ from heavily impacting the recent post feed and home page.

If there are 100 new posts on /ec/, there will still be items on the homepage+recent feed for people who have that hidden.


Why doesn't kissu have "save image with original file name" option? In fact, nothing but the original file name is shown on kissu! Need the option to save it as such.


What's the purpose of that?


So I can save images with meaningful filenames/filenames given by the uploader rather than "1234567891011.jpg".


File:FLCI0ZA.png (425.97 KB,1613x276)

Good idea, worth trying.

If you want the timestamp name you can right click and save, but then what's the point in the download button in the firstplace? It should be to automatically insert the fname.


actually, it's just dawned on me that adding a subdomain to the files has broken the download feature so I have to change it.



File:KBWe6F5.png (315.51 KB,1500x739)

feature done.

This is by far the stupidest security related feature removal, well deserved of the 666. I can't even properly explain why they did it, the exploit requires such a convoluted series of steps.


A quote from the above URL:

>When the user clicks such a link, the user will be prompted if they want to download. It seems very easy for the user to make the mistake of thinking that something on the original website is being downloaded, and not something from bank.com.

1 why are you thinking that is a security issue? The FF download dialog displays the domain and protocol to help user understand from where file is downloaded and make right decision
2 We can additionally display warning that download was forced by referrer page, not the http header.
3 Also we can check CORS http headers.


I'm sorry to bring this up again regarding cross-origin [email protected] links:

The case against allowing cross-origin downloads is centered around the premise that visitors of an [evil] site (eg, discountipads.com) could unknowingly download a file from a site containing their own personal information (eg, gmail.com) and save it to their disk using a misleading name (eg, "discount.coupon") AND THEN proceed to another malicious page where they manually upload that same file they just downloaded. This is quite far-fetched in my opinion, and anyone who would succumb to such trivial trickery perhaps does not belong online in the first place. I mean c'mon...Click here to download our special discount offer and then re-upload it through our special form! Seriously? Download our special offer and then email it to this Yahoo address for a big discount! Do the people who fall for these things even know how to do email attachments?

I'm all for browser security, but if the good people of Chromium have no problem with this I don't see why Firefox has to completely banish it. At the very least I'd like to see a preference in about:config to enable cross-origin @download for "advanced" users (default it to false). Even better would be a confirmation box similar to: "Although this page is encrypted, the information you submit through this form won't be" or: "This page is requesting to install addons" or: "Files downloaded from the web may harm your computer" or even: "The security certificate of this page is invalid" ...y'know what I mean? There are myriad ways to heighten the user's awareness and inform them this might not be safe. One extra click and a short (or long?) delay is enough to let them assess the risk.

As the web grows, and the use of CDNs grows, and the presence of advanced web-apps grows, and the need to manage files hosted across servers grows, features like @download will become more important. And when a browser like Chrome supports it fully whereas Firefox does not, this is not a win for Firefox.

In short, I think that mitigating the potential evil uses of @download by simply ignoring the attribute in cross-origin scenarios is a woefully ill-thought move. I'm not saying the risk is entirely non-existent, quite the contrary: I am saying there are plenty of risky things one does online in the course of his day...downloading ANY file is high among them. Why not work around that issue with a well-thought user experience?


File:cute!.png (2.64 KB,385x139)



couldn't get to undoing the cookies today, but I revised the sidebar theme and created more distinction between the home page and the thread pages


Along with some quick changes that were recomended such as downloading with the filename when you click the save button and having the QR settings open.

Also going to make it obvious rich text is buggy


Think this looks better for Luna:

#qr-standard-comment, #qr-subject, #qr-name
color: white;
background: #313435;
background: #313435;
line-height: 2em;
text-align: center;
border: 2;


File:SnAZuBA.png (108.78 KB,838x536)

if I remove the grey borders around the comment, yeah. It looks better


File:NCZo5AE.png (46.84 KB,592x363)

The color adjustments make more sense

Even with a few modifications something seems unbalanced about the design.


There is still no subject option for replies.


File:7ytYSGW.png (43.64 KB,284x195)

you don't need it


Another issue: Control+clicking or shift+clicking a link to a thread or an image activates the Javascript instead of letting the browser handle it with opening a new tab / window. If you click something with a modifier key held down (control, shift, alt, or meta) the Javascript should bail out and let the browser handle it.


It might make sense to make the reply box at the bottom the same width as posts by default. That way you don't get the deceptive effect of paragraphs looking longer than they'll look on the page.


doing it on cites makes me think that there's something to refactor..
doing it on url's is easy.

A post does not have a default length? I think it's already proper sized.


File:X1nDHCk.png (8.91 KB,725x62)



There is still no subject option for replies.


I'm not adding it because it's not needed and never used. Very few forums even have this functionality

1px solid #ccc


What do you want to use it for anyway?


File:IMG_20210401_161610.jpg (185.81 KB,1080x1027)



File:IMG_20210401_162142.jpg (329.9 KB,1080x1644)



the most ancient power of hieroglyphs overwhelms mobile hardware


> pissmin I would like to report a bug, filling out the captcha to post doesn't respect noko when it goes through


There is still no subject option for replies.


I would even consider removing the post form at the bottom of pages because it seems to be the only way CP bots can spam on kissu now


You do send abuse reports to the redirect link hosts, to the file hosts serving his "offline forum" RAR, and to Wupfile, its host (via Cloudflare), DNS, and payment processors, right?


Ultimately it's the responsibility of a site owner to make sure certain content isn't posted on it.

I wouldn't put my faith on Eastern European and Russian companies to resolve any issues with spam on Kissu.


There's also excess files on Haiji imageserver bloating it's storage space, so if threads containing them get pruned then it's better for the site in the long run.

That doesn't need to be altered as yet.


No reason to not fight it both ways. The redirect link hosts and the file hosts where they stash that "offline forum" RAR don't want this stuff, and even if the company is beyond the reach of the law, they probably use payment processors who aren't.


Seems like /qa/'s index is broken again.

Going to start my idea of paging the catalog. Originally a low priority idea, but bugs are making it high. Will help with performance on mobile as well as the issue with palemoon not allowing me to insert 400kb into it's history stack.

> Paged Catalog/Article (every 90 threads create a new page)

+ Catalog items instead of repurposed threads
+ api/threads/qa/catalog/1.json
+ Props holds thread count
+ Reduce information in API(spoiler if not needed, reduce key names)
+ Pages use every catalog page and are ready to create a catalog of 90 items (pages in multiples of 6n use catalog n)
> Paged Threads (every 300 posts create a new page)
+ Folders for each thread(api/threads/qa/4165/1.json) (https://kissu.moe/qa/thread/4165/p1)
+ Add page navigation on thread
+ Default open should be to first page.
+ Opening a thread from a post should go to the page it's on
+ Expand should open last page and offer a page list

This change will allow for a board to hold unlimited posts and unlimited threads without degrading UI performance.


There is still no subject option for replies.


Will the original API still fetch the whole thread?


yeah. There won't be any database modifications. This is just a different way for the new application to read information.


There is still no subject option for replies.


new API and some features start working so strange when you add pages to things... It will have to be experimented with. A bit of a pain since I still have to get through 67 bugs people had with the UI already... will probably spike up to 90-100 with this feature addition.

I've drafted out the software into the code without trying to compile it. Upload will likely happen monday or tuesday


man, cites are so strange now.

I wonder if kissu should get a new server...


File:79076155_p0_master1200.jpg (424.56 KB,863x1200)

Fixed a variety of image upload bugs. Webp stopped working at some point, but it's back


Can /all/ be made infinite scrolling like it previously was?


Adding to that: I am not motivated enough to click off the site but I am less motivated to click onwards to page 2, 3, 4, etc.


I've thought about infinite, but I'm not sure where it is in the priority list. Catalog kind of fills the void there.

I'm putting the pagelist into the sidebar.


I think implementing a "Ctrl+Enter to post" is a good idea. Beats having to remove my hands from my keyboard and navigate my mouse towards that small Submit button every time.


I might undo unlimited thread sizes, but I think I'll continue with implementing pages to everything. I might just currate it so that it's a rare occurance that only happens when a thread gets above 300 replies.

There's also the palemoon problem where after a json file reaches 420KB is crashes that browser's kissu page.


I have to add a data field to cites otherwise it's too expensive.

[s code]<a data-thread-page="([0-9]+)" [/s]


There is still no subject option for replies.


Site layout is completely out of whack and I have to zoom out to 60% to even see the left frame.


I suppose youre using a small screen. I guess mobile mode needs to trigger on wider displays


nevermind, it's this codeblock that's fucking it up


js-chans are literally unusable jokes wtf is wrong with you


To normal human beings without a large list of mental issues and political affiliations it's fine. To tor and proxy using scum perhaps it is a little bad, but I don't think anybody who runs a site even appreciates these kinds of people except perhaps extremists and pedo rings.


File:e40e872109ca99aa688751d0f6….jpg (116.07 KB,849x1200)

lumping everyone who prefer a webpage not slowing down their browsers and computers behind a series of derogatory labels is not nice


the children won't traffic themselves, you know


ya and I'm sure I appreciate someone like you lumping all software that use javascript into the same category.


they don't and i never said that
just opened a page with the new ui and went to about:performance, and among all the tabs opened from several websites, that page is the only one that's slowing down the browser


It would be very helpful to know if this is the admin or a member of the mod team speaking or just a random troll.


File:wm1ceef.png (25.49 KB,1831x110)

Truely we are aproaching the ends of times. Let us pray to stallman and reject javascript from our lives. Our computers were all made in 2001 and we still use Windows XP


you wouldn't have hide behind layers of irony if you have anything real to say
comparing it to youtube is also stupid, imageboard and should be only compared to other imagebaords


It's sarcasm. Learn the difference. If it runs fine on my phone, it runs fine on your poorly optimized freedom OS distro. Optimization is of course a thing to do, I want to do and I'm not doubting that, but you seemingly just want everything handed to you instantly with a work in progress software. With no invest met of your own to boot.

So have fun being forming your pedo ring or ISIS terror cell on the darkweb with some lynxchan thing. This isn't what kissu is going for.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (290.97 KB,1920x1080)

In other words he's working on it. Just uhhh, ignore the more abrasive parts of his personality.
It might help if you include numbers too instead of "it's slow"


He did include them >>6749
The feedback is good, the motivation is poor.


sorry, but i can't ignore that when he said anyone should be a part of an extremist pedo ring based on some completely unrelated preferences


They're not unrelated at all. Tor clients often disable javascript and proxies limit download rates. The people who complain the most about javascript bloat are the ones who are on "do not track" browsers or running through 20 VPNs and run into problems with downloads.


It just so happens to be coincidence that all of the shittiest people on imageboards are the kind who insist on bypassing any form of accountability and trying to get everything for free out of the sites they use.


i'd prefer not bringing politics into technical issues
aren't tor and proxies already banned here? if so why do you think people posting here use these?


This conversation was initiated by someone with a proxy >>6744
I can't eliminate them all and the automated system is busted right now and often results in false positives on cell phone networks. The bypass of these actions is the pass system that I haven't pushed it.


That's basically a non issue however because I fail to see anyone that I would actually like using zero-accountability options on an imageboard.


File:003aed20ca4930f0037359c3eb….png (323.05 KB,607x880)

If Vermin is to be spotted it is not always safe to approach as they are prone to biting. Always check with the handler to see if it's ok to go near them. If no handler is nearby, approach at your own risk.


but wouldn't you be up in arms about the death of imageboards if I both wanted to have some sort of financial incentive AND pushed for javascript!


I've figured out how to properly do paged threads on imageboards. My prior idea was to mimic forums, but I've got a way that uses existing concepts in the software so it feels more familiar.


You have to be a special kind of demented rice-poisoned fashion linuxer scumbag to conflate no javascript to pedophilia. This is precisely the kind of mentality the people consolidating their control over the entire internet want their cattle to have. It really is the crystallization of everything wrong with modern web design and computer coding. Making things inconveniently ``convenient´´ with absolutely no regard for optimization out of blind faith in Moore's law. It really makes me morbidly curious to find out what other magic straight out of a japanese existential horror film the future of technology has in store for us. The admin is an obtuse piece of shit who deflects all criticism and his shit UI design perfectly encapsulates his mentality. He's all that, but what am I for giving him a chance? At the very least, a sucker.


Well, can you name a single person who does not uses JavaScript and is not either a rapist or a murderer?

I'm going to leave things unoptimized until everything is finalized and adding more features would be pointless. Unless there's a big issue. This means resolving all the bugs previously listed and adding pages to things to drop the amount of download required


really though,
it works fine on my phone. I'm using it right now.

It's a Huawei P10 Lite and it's running fine. Eating my battery? Maybe... but it's smooth


There is still no subject option for replies.


looks like I might not need this.


File:dicks.png (290.37 KB,499x488)

>To normal human beings without a large list of mental issues and political affiliations it's fine
dude what lmao
running js is literally executing arbitrary code. It's no different from running any random exe you find on the internet.
There is literally no benefit of using js. You don't control the application being used to view the site so you can't standardize what people see, so no matter what users will have a different experience. Making a given experience possible (that satisfies every aspect of what an imageboard is) to be accessed by users requires no js and the best version that can be served will always involve no js because what an imageboard is is fundamentally pretty light and doesn't require you to whore out cycles to the user's machine.
I really can't believe for a second that you're even slightly serious. What's next, you're going to tell me that commercial streaming services offer a superior experience to downloading an anime and just opening the video in your player of choice at your own convenience with the least possible overhead (i.e. having downloaded nothing but the video (and subs etc.) itself)?

Kissu has some decent posters entirely through no fault of your own, and entirely because some places with the same posters died. Those posters don't deserve to have you ruin their experience of the site for no reason.


>you're going to tell me that commercial streaming services offer a superior experience to downloading an anime and just opening the video in your player of choice at your own convenience with the least possible overhead

Did I forget to mention that I prefer streaming over torrenting because I don't want to download what I'm watching only to later delete it. There's no point in adding the extra step of initiating a download when a website will do that for you


Well it's not like you can't use kissu without js, he'll always support the old version of the site (even if it probably won't be updated)


>There's no point in adding the extra step of initiating a download when a website will do that for you
nigga what extra step? In either case you're downloading and then deleting the video. In one you're being served a whole bunch of other unnecessary crap and have a limited range of options, in the other you have access to every method of obtaining what you want that could exist.
Why the fuck are you not downloading an anime if you're posting on /jp/ anyway? How the fuck do you expect to take shots that'll be used in your posts?

>Well it's not like you can't use kissu without js

Well duh, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to use kissu.
>he'll always support the old version of the site
I very much doubt that. Besides the fact that he's a certified retard, it's been very strongly implied in every one of his posts in this thread so far that he's looking to make a break from functional imageboard software.


I just screencap my webplayer if I need to.
Consider the software an extra step of gatekeeping.
It's around forever. If I ever have the finances to remake Vichan in something time wasteful like Rust or C I'll include the Twig templates since it will be the only way to use this site without Javascript or Cookies. There's nothing to worry about unless I say I'm going to start removing Vichan which I don't have the time to consider.


>I just screencap my webplayer if I need to.


File:9VIVA4v.png (249.03 KB,685x396)

you got a problem with that?


There is still no subject option for replies.


>nigga what extra step?
please dont do this. please dont bring this here


How funny, you can lock previews on the home page and reply to threads with it... you don't even need to navigate the site to post on it.


There is still no subject option for replies.


has anyone ever used the subject field for replies


File:save_as.png (143.48 KB,1173x380)

The save button saves the image with the shortened name.


I altered it directly from the minified js. Clear cache if no.

Probably won't be uploading any changes for a bit and will make small adjustments this way. Adding pages to things is too much of a change when placed on top of existing bugs


There is still no subject option for replies.


Finished off the pages alterations, but uploading it is on hold. When I start adding it I'll put it into the blotters/news. This final feature creates a large difference between how to use Kissu and a more standard imageboard. Basically, those who say that a spinoff must add something unique that has never been done before should be satisfied when these ideas are perfected.
Modifications should only effect the few threads above 150 replies, but catalogues will now consist of two pages minimum.

This should make catalogs and very large threads easier to load. Negative is that cites are more expensive. Future times may find a better way to do it.
Also I found a poor line of code on URLs that was likely slowing down page loads a lot.
Also contains some display/style fixes.

The plan is for me to sit on these improvements and feature until I do another set of bug fixes. This will allow me to catch any mistakes I made and improve the quality of it's initial release.
This is the last feature I'm adding. There are too many features that are poorly executed that need to be improved. The code is also hella ugly.


changes only effect the new UI. Nothing has been changed on old, except a few trivial background things.


File:Capture.PNG.png (48.73 KB,1920x270)

Its like you dont even care about my privacy :(


good find.


Page system added. Feature needs refinement and improvements. I think people should notice that it's much easier to load pages now... maybe not, but hoping so.


There is still no subject option for replies.


Looking like the paged system and a bugfix on URLs has fixed performance issues on mobile for a page of catalog.

I imagine people will have a smoother time dealing with it now.

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