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File:firefox_p4AzkiqPH9.png (13.95 KB,745x194)


I wonder what searches bring people to kissu


kissu (the search term) actually has really poor Google rankings.
does well on Bing, but for whatever reason the Google bots don't like the pages and would rather advertise the female cosmetics product of the same name.


oddly enough the more I correct errors that google tells me are bad, the worse the rankings have gotten.


I think google just hates imageboards in general, nothing you can really do about it.


I suspect it's because they constantly cycle content.


Google values quality content that passes spell check and text density stuff. So naturally an imageboard isn't going to rank as well on Google.

Although, there are a few errors on these pages that SEO tools will tell you about. IDK if they make too much of difference, but doesn't hurt to follow the rules if you want to show up in search results.


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (161.16 KB,1280x720)

hot nude celebrity sex xxx viagra


+1 ranking


This may actually be an unintended blessing from them.


I doubt the kind of people who would find this site from a google search are much worse than the average imageboard user in 2021.


I'd argue they're probably better. A lot of the big imageboards instill a bunch of bad habits in the people who use them. Someone with next to no experience with imageboards still has the potential to become a good poster. People who regularly use /b/ /r9k/ and /pol/ boards are so far gone that there's absolutely zero chance of them ever posting anything good.


Yeah, I agree. With the general reputation imageboards have had the past few years I don't think I can say a random person is going to be good. You've got 4chan with its overwhelmingly terrible users, but even if you expand into other imageboards a lot of the most popular ones are bogged down in stuff that people used to avoid.
Maybe something to think about in the future with getting more people to kissu...


File:FoCNL9X.png (145.99 KB,1158x837)

Very nice job Google. That is a high quality site for page 1 of your search results


Cut the smarm. It brings the mood down


I just searched up Captchouli and ended up here


File:waterfox_EjrqISo99X.png (60.38 KB,661x737)

Huh, that's interesting. Did you follow a link in one of these or was kissu itself listed on the page?


I just got here from a link on another imageboard, one which I'm not proud of have visited though. Seems like a comfy place, also a great UI, I think I'll probably come back. So, what would you say makes kissu different than other lesser known imageboards?


I'm not really sure. We just do our own thing and I advertise it to places hoping for people who like what it is.

If it has what you want then you'll be here, if it doesn't then you'll leave.


Hmm, hard to summarize. I guess we take it easy and have a fairly active userbase even if there's not too many of us? Umm...


>I just got here from a link on another imageboard, one which I'm not proud of have visited though.
Same... I think. I don't quite remember how I got here...


I was searching for fox loli and found this site. No fox loli here, much disappointment. I'll go somewhere else, have a good day.


File:102d2039e44058a190aa3f9aed….png (9.26 MB,2894x4093)

how about TWO fox loli?


File:e182be8859812c31d4b09f9e4d….png (1.12 MB,1600x1600)

Fake image. Shiro doesn't wear panties.


>Same... I think. I don't quite remember how I got here...
I as well.


File:GxJoGbe.png (97.91 KB,992x610)

Nice, Google decided to use the blurb I put at the bottom of the page. Shame I realized it's poorly written


was fearing that they'd use something random to describe the boards though... seems like they're using the banner information instead of the <h1> tags


I love how the homepage link just says nigger.


Heh just noticed that


File:36edc30b6b7fad170b9bcd0b5c….gif (523.9 KB,500x620)

thanks for pointing that out


lol nice


File:top ten banners.PNG.png (278.4 KB,889x841)

pretty sure that's my fault
apparently I've got the second highest performing banner


not a big deal tbh, search engine visibility isn't the be-all-end-all.

Wondered if the search engine crawlers also navigate and give it clicks.


I was googling RJ337515. Alas, the search continues.
Cool site though. I'm out of the loop nowadays but it's nice to see there are still secret clubs around.


I'd rather it not be a secret club...


File:92135993_p0.png (436.98 KB,1000x1000)

Yeah, secret club isn't the thing we're going for. Please feel free to look around and talk and stuff.


dont tell them about /secret/


File:flour.jpg (160.09 KB,524x600)

Hi. Mi. Tsu.


File:Erika 1330.jpg (660.8 KB,1257x1076)

I like the board selection.


hello I was looking for small imageboard centered but not limited to Japanese things and I just found the link on tvtropes


File:Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 1….png (62.18 KB,2037x220)


lmao just checked and kissu's linked on the imageboards article

wonder who did this...


>crackdowns on off-topic posting
Yeah about that...




File:[crossover][group][artist-….png (942.59 KB,900x1077)

Use allthetropes instead of tvtropes, its a better platform.


File:1525367630940.png (326.08 KB,534x479)

I got here through 4/jp/. After some dumb shit the mods did (again) back in december and the following months, there wasn't much left on 4chan that appealed to me. I wanted a new place to post on and I remembered someone mentioning kissu a good while ago. I checked this place out and I got surprised by how nice and active it was compared to the other imageboards I looked at.


>be me
>go onto the greasyfork page for 4chan X
>notice that 4chan/4channnel aren't the only sites that the script has access to
>at work when I notice
>most of them are chans
>decide to try all of them out to see if there are any not blocked here
>only one that works is kissu.moe
>"eh, what do i have to lose?"

welp that's the story. I like it here. very comfy and I find waaay more images that fit my taste than really anywhere else.


>I remember someone mentioning kissu
Somehow it really does seem like these personal "I like this" post sticks into the memories of people and gets them to try new things more than any direct advertising does. Well, that and imageboard advertising has unfortunately really been poisoned by the people making a new one without content or users every week.

>only one that works is kissu.moe
Heh. I wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's good that you can use it, but it'd also be good if we had more recognition.


>I wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing.
definitely a good thing! now I'm nowhere near as bored as I cycle thru answering machines/voicemails.

>It's good that you can use it, but it'd also be good if we had more recognition.
eh I'm not sure that would be a good thing. maybe to a certain extent, yes, but it's like a small town. sure, it would be nice if there were a few more people here, but we sure don't want too many people here. then it's a shitshow, ya know what I mean?


> then it's a shitshow, ya know what I mean?
Yeah, I know. Slow and steady growth is good, but sometimes patience is hard.


We just need a thousand NEETs/workers with hobbies that barely post to be the best of the best in imageboards!


ikr like this board is beautiful. everyone says 4chan died after 2016, but i think it actually died very near march/april 2019. man, those were gooood times. this site seems to be the last hope to hang onto.


File:1541902544376.jpg (8.57 KB,321x157)


It was actually several posts that mentioned kissu now that I think about it. One "I use kissu flan.jpg" post and a handful of other posts claiming that this place is full of kids and obnoxious people.


they glow in the dark


some of em, yes. but that may just be them trying to keep their precious b tards away from a better place like this.


>a handful of other posts claiming that this place is full of kids and obnoxious people
That's unfortunate, I think of this place as pretty welcoming. I should try an archive search soon to see if people genuinely feel that way or if it's just the usual trolling from certain people.


¥greentexting when you should be purpletexting

I feel like it's less about quantity and more about quality. A small site populated by dickheads is always going to be worse than a big one with nice users.

I also think a lot of it comes down to moderation. On kissu for example, the mods prune disruptive, low-quality, or otherwise inappropriate posts, and punish the people who make them. It not only keeps the site clean, but it also sends the message that the people who post that sort of thing aren't welcome here. You're way less likely to see people even attempt to make bad posts here because there aren't many bad posts on the board.

Honestly, that's probably why quality seems to decrease as a community grows. As a site gets bigger, it becomes harder and harder to moderate.

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