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File:1411712161596.gif (123.72 KB,500x281)


Why did /qa/nons migrate to kissu.moe and 4chan's /qa/ is filled with soyboy wojaks right now? What happened? I've been out of 4chan for a while.


it was getting too hard to post between the cooldowns and the captchas


Moderation kept cracking down on the community, the straw that broke the camel's down was a bunch of rangebans.
Kissu was proposed all the way back in 2018: https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/2470075/ . It was a good call, I believe.
The wojaks are the consequence of /qa/ being unmoderated and crossboard shitposters congregating on the board. Nobody makes other threads because they either receive shitposts or little response, so it's mostly shitflinging and soijak duels.


File:9d60977ccd317231d0128add41….png (Spoiler Image,5.54 MB,2739x4096)

Because the mods are terrible on 4/qa/ and if you have any sense you'd migrate here instead of being stuck on such a shithole.


>The wojaks are the consequence of /qa/ being unmoderated
Hardly. /qa/ is very strictly moderated on certain topics the mods find offensive. For instance, after just pointing out that the board was filled with wojaks and threatening to spam the board myself, I was slapped with a 30 day ban.


Yes, of course, I mean that moderation doesn't do much about those posts. Virtually unmoderated.


File:1 new post.png (23.69 KB,622x327)

Kissu is pretty nice. Have you considered using this live-index.js vichan script?
It says
>There are {X} new posts in this thread. Click to expand
when new posts are made. It would work well with kissu's tab title notification, you wouldn't have to reload the page to see new posts.


Ask on /b/.


good idea


Hm, this image was lost with the move.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (474.2 KB,1920x1080)

They started handing out rangebans to innocent people. I guess is they got tired of banning bumpbots every day and certainly were never going to take action against the person/people that made bumpbots necessary, so they just rangebanned people posting 2D stuff.
Some people got the typical blanket rangeban, others couldn't post threads, and still others couldn't post images.
In hindsight I'm glad it happened, though. Things are so much better here, even if we miss out on spontaneous activity from new people


I wouldn't say the spontaneous activity is gone, throughout the year kissu's been in use there's definitely been a good amount of passerbys even though this board isn't as big as 4chan.


File:9d60977ccd317231d0128add41….png (Spoiler Image,5.54 MB,2739x4096)

Here you go.



do not clicke


File:2e6caffbfc18f21507ee9dc973….jpg (1.57 MB,2325x1400)

Maybe too many passerbys... Already hitting the jackpot twice in quick succession...


File:e685a7dbe00c55485bcfa67843….jpg (77.25 KB,544x601)

"There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. The only thing... ...is Hitsuzen"


Some of these recent threads do have me thinking that kissu's gaining posters. Based on how some attitudes seem a bit different towards certain things. Although it may just be that people aren't as prone to criticizing others as vocally when moderation exists to cull any awful posters.


There's definitely some new posters. I usually ignore stuff I don't like because I don't want to generate conflict, I wouldn't say it's about moderation.


File:[Commie] Koi wa Ameagari n….jpg (108.43 KB,1280x720)

You can't be too sure, I'm mostly basing this on how most threads mentioning "certain topics" back on 4/qa/ used to devolve into shitposting/trolling without fail.


I'm curious as to what you could be referring to. Could you give an example?


Discord, any thread that mentioned discord turned into a shitfest, and deservedly so

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