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File:1525997487801.png (830.01 KB,770x650)


It's pretty annoying having to click "View Hidden Options" every time I make a thread.


i forgot to make a subject everytime i make a thread too because its not there infrnt of me


I've sometimes been annoyed by this too.
It would also be good if the name field showed up by default whenever it's autofilled so that I don't accidentally reuse a name/trip I was using for just one thread.


File:yA1McvE.png (360.48 KB,1852x947)

This was how I had it originally, but changed because I forget why. I might change this back, but in general vichan's UI is going to stay the same and improvements are going to be made on the 4chanX-like UI that's in development


>changed because I forget why
I believe it was because you wanted to make tripfagging and namefagging more difficult by having the name field not carry over between posts.


I know why I made it like that originally, but I forget why I set it to the way it is now. I think because the new tripcode style was done and wanted to make it more appealing to trip


File:1fce2eee6c.png (25.86 KB,456x292)

It looks like you're going a bit for the 4chan-x design somewhat, but you're missing the good CSS choices it made. Like the rounded corners, better reply-bg, and the slight shadow to make it appear more above the rest of the page.


css in progress. There are a lot of technical details to work out.

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