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File:20612d8effbb35e30492668352….png (4.39 MB,2132x3017)


This is a summary of alterations.

- Index monitor script will work with /all/ in the same way it works with other boards
- Ability to post new threads from /all/ after specifying the target board

This will allow you to treat kissu like a single board site while also categorizing your threads into separate boards. This is kind of like the tag system on flash boards applied to conventional threads. As a result so called misstaggings might result in and require the establishment of some basic guidelines for board use that can clarify when a thread will be moved or not.

In the future the current kissu home page will have it's fake overboard functionality removed and act as a "hybrid booru+4chan style homepage" showing popular threads and standard vichan search feature(kissu.moe/search.php) in a booru layout. No quick post sumary but hovering over popular threads will show the last 5 posts, maybe like in "4chanx catalog" or maybe the "current kissu home page reply list". So adjustments to this may be important to you.

If there's anything else you would like to see added to /all/ then go for it.


So the home's log of latest posts is going to be removed?


File:2a52c5b81c467ed055e172cec9….png (438.14 KB,890x890)

something I've considered is having an alternative and additional /all/, or maybe just browsing mode, which just lists threads in the same way as https://tinychan.net/ or the current kissu homepage. This would give people the ability to see changes to things at a glance.

I would probably add this later however as it's something that anyone can program using the APIs on the site.


yeah, in the future I think it will. I'd rather highlight threads that are getting replies than every new posts.

Right now the homepage is acting as an overboard which just means that the current overboard /all/ is badly designed


Trips. Woah!
I usually check the home page instead of /all/ because I tend to have already seen the OPs and last posts of most threads, the latest posts log "cuts the fat" if you will. Back in 4/qa/ I used to do the same by searching for recent posts in desuarchive.
I don't think you can rework the overboard into something like that, so I'd prefer the log stayed. I do check the index or catalog when there's been more activity than the log can cover, or just when I feel like it, that's something the overboard can be useful for (though I always visit each board individually).


I think I can and I'm adding it to the release goals. It should just be a mode toggle

Anyways, >>3224
that's the idea for the home


The grand release isn't a redo or reskin, it's a remake/new thing so it's not going to be constrained by same limitations


The problem I have with keeping it on the homepage is diluted function and lack of focus. If I cater it to being a makeshift overboard then the landing page doesn't show off the site very well. 8kun's homepage for example tells me nothing about the site and is a cluttered mess. I want to avoid this


like, if the homepage doesn't act as a homepage then there's no where to place a homepage, but the function you want can be put anywhere, even on the board pages if you wanted me to


I agree with pretty much all of this. That said, there wouldn't be nearly as much incentive to do this if there was an option to sort threads by last reply in the catalog. Were there such an option, I'd be completely fine with getting rid of the post log. Long-term, however, it might be nice to instead replace the functionality of the homepage post log with an RSS feed.


File:b1a9dadcb0c1ee7ad8223b05ce….jpg (901.59 KB,1200x1500)

programmed the two additions, https://github.com/ECHibiki/Kissu-Vi/pulls

Need to verify install and bring over the changes.


new post counter on /all/ is working

new thread from /all/ is workings
quick reply from /all/ is working(kind of a low effort adoption)


It's an interesting idea, but I think it's something I'll have to see in action to judge


If I click a post number, does it post a reply in the correct thread? (Testing this now.) I still see the board select dropdown. (Didn't work with no board selected, trying it again with /b/ selected.)


it's hacky because this code is all throwaway. You have to specify your board in dropdown


or low effort rather


seems like for now I'll have to forgo ignoring sage for /all/


In the future may be a good idea to have a board automatically selected for the quick reply


it would be, but I'm not going to spend more effort than I have to on something I'm going to toss later.

If someone wants it that badly the code is open source


Ah good point, forgot this is temporary


File:74728449_p8.png (335.38 KB,700x847)

I'm liking /all/ browsing a lot, but I still browse /qa/ catalog often, too. I can't think of any issues


Wait, so the latest posts log did get introduced to /all/ or did I misunderstand? I haven't been able to find it.


No, this is long term thing




Also have to get polls working with /all/ which I'll do since it's a pretty simple bug I think


mostly use /all/ these days since the site has multiple active boards now, it's good to see you working on it


I'll probably improve /poll/ to allow revoting when I begin moving it to the future tech-stack


Make it an option, some polls work better without revoting.


File:_qa_ - Photoshop or GIMP_ ….mp4 (3.49 MB,960x1044)

Neat interaction.
Seems like the teeny tiny size increase of a post being selected can cause pic given the right place of the post and dimensions of the OP image.


It adds a 1px pointless border just to move the thread a bit. I'd say it's useful at catching your attention




>but the function you want can be put anywhere, even on the board pages if you wanted me to
continuing from this idea I'm going to make it a sidebar feature.

In the image on the top left there's the 4taba icon. I'll put an icon there, pressing it will open up a summary page. Looking at what's on the home page, it could realistically be put into a 300px space...


maybe I should post a diagram instead because this is unclear


File:15888222623843938113737736….jpg (1.71 MB,2976x3968)

you'd click on an icon where the arrow is in the sidebar


File:15888232698081772311341983….jpg (1.39 MB,2976x3968)

revealing recent posts to the site.


My one issue with your design is that I think you underestimate the size of the small banners. They're a bit larger than you may think, and probably won't, or shouldn't align perfectly with the sidebar.


File:821d11fa44.png (170.92 KB,1901x1006)


File:firefox_KMojw7pQ19.png (316.1 KB,947x966)

The size is really emphasized by making the window about half-width, which I and possibly others sometimes use for browsing.

Also hard to imagine how it'd work on mobile.


File:15888241254885567568122137….jpg (1.56 MB,2976x3968)

please consult mobile theme in main thread.

Side bar can load default closed or use variant of mobile screen in smaller sizes were it uses mobile buttons with sidebar initially disabled.
As long as two extremes exist they can be combined in various ways.

Mm, though I'll have to do some work on mobile to get sidebar summaries to work.

Something looks off about the banner size. It's wider by one of the sidebar toggles but I think I have height to scale.


Banners are 300x140, so while your height is pretty accurate, you need to at minimum double that to get a somewhat accurate width.


File:15888248875795275870326704….jpg (2.17 MB,2976x3968)

I haven't drafted much on the summary feature, but the sidebar is for global navigation so it makes sense to go there.

Top one, 1cm=135cm


i think i see, a screen isn't 1920px on a browser, it's less so it's going to ve wider


File:0ab755e7ac.png (220.41 KB,1900x1006)

It does look more reasonable when I have the zoom set to 100%, but for me, and I'm fairly certain others, they usually have their zoom much higher than that

https://puu.sh/FHiph/ead9d29974.png also even at 100% it's still a bit much on half-width


likewise height is going to be reduced so it's off scale by a bit on X and Y. Things should fit because it's hard to write to scale, but container sizes are off


for the puush at that level 947x966 it's a tablet so I'd use some degree of hiding the bar and adding items to the main page.

I might have to see how it works out live on the 1900x1000 or 1200x640 displays. It's more of a CSS thing than programming though so less risk of doing something wrong. Less risk if things can freely be moved across to the main page


File:1588824928470.jpg (1.79 MB,2976x3968)

Not sure if this is what you're already planning but I think that this part would best be left static. Also not sure how small banners would look if kept in the center, but I think that on 4chan, if you're still intending on a little button for posting, it looks good https://puu.sh/FHiph/ead9d29974.png

Another problem I've got is that you have a big filtered button in the middle, but I think it'd be better served somewhere off in a corner and smaller. People hide threads for a reason and probably don't want to look at them all too much.

Also that's a pretty nice portrayal of me in that picture


like the YouTube bar is similar principal. Expands when you need it, hidden when it's not.


putting a new thread button there would save vertical space in the sidebar, potentially horizontal


I've actually got no issues with the bar itself. Just that trying to integrate it with the banner probably isn't the best idea. If the banners were square and small that would be a different story, but with their width I just don't think it's possible. Though hmm, I guess if you compare it to the youtube bar it seems less obnoxious. However that doesn't account for people that may want to have the sidebar open at all time, though since it hasn't been introduced yet that's probably a non-issue


Oops, posted the wrong puush https://puu.sh/FHiGC/1ea07f3080.png


File:firefox_PhaOBtDTHA.png (250.38 KB,1918x966)


File:bd9301e5bb.png (369.92 KB,1920x978)

Oh wait it's just my dumb zoom again


yeah i don't know why you'd put new thread in the sidebar of all places, that button should be front and center, filter button not that important


moving things around is trivial (assuming context api and no prop drilling).
Nav top bar, banner, create thread button looks like good shape on paper.

The former filtered button is big because it's not to scale.

I think I'll see how it goes. The summary on the homepage being moved was what I wanted to deal with and think if it were 270px wide it could fit it


Think about it this way, the new post button is just about as important to the site as youtube's search bar is. So you want that available at all times, and not potentially hidden if the user hides the sidebar.


I'm swapping the position of filtered with create. That's what you've said right




Ah, I see, I must've misread somewhere


File:15888274500846482543199504….jpg (2.46 MB,2976x3968)

I shaved off 20px for the scroll bar and the ruler shows what the browser menu would remove, though I don't think vertical space is an issue here as much as horizontal.


Nice. I've been meaning to ask, but what's with the "Live" sorting


dropdowns that change browsing behaviour.

default behavior will be live where you scroll and things get added in, alternate option is paged. Live is important for the style that site is going for on the index while catalog with have the more standard feel.

Sort by creation date, reply etc.


Hm. Why not just call it infinite? I think that's the more traditional way of referring to scrolling until you load all threads. "Live" makes me think that I should be watching for new posts popping up


if you mean the search menus it's just filtering content by search terms, though I'm not sure if it should just be a quick way to access kissu.moe/search.php


to avoid stealing terminology from 4chanx because that would make it seem unauthentic. Though I forget what 4chanX calls it


I don't think it's bad to take from an idea and keep the name as a reference to where your influence came from. Also "Live" kinda conflicts with the already existing "Live" used for liveboards


it is bad because even if I were to want to not seem like it's not copying the idea, the word infinite makes me think of 8ch


I'll leave the naming for later.
in any case, I have the idea for a summary window now on pc and moba. Tablet resolution I don't know if I want to consider it yet...


Infinite scrolling is hardly a term unique to 4chan X.

Yeah, "live" makes me think it's going to be adding posts in real time.

"Continuous scrolling" is an alternate name, although it can be confused with smooth scrolling.

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