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I don't know where else to say this, but I saw a couple reports for "3D" on /qa/ and I haven't seen any sign that people are against 3D media things on /qa/ so it's not something I can take action against (or would want to)
/jp/ is the board for strictly 2D stuff, but even then I don't think anyone here wants it to be strictly moderated to maintain that.
Uh... if anyone wants to talk about this you can talk about it here but I don't think this is a major issue


File:Capture.PNG (31.59 KB,610x629)

i dont really care about 3D either way but the rules do technically say no 3D i guess.


File:95ff54bc9f5a82cc8e527931e7….png (1.87 MB,1920x1080)

I'm ok with 3D I like but you should ban the rest


The rules are still token guidelines. Eventually they'll have to be more clear. I don't think there's any consensuses on what is acceptable and what's not aside from overtly political, illegal and gross stuff.

No one reports anything as far as my logs see(unless ## Mod gets to them without me seeing) so deletions and stuff are done based on my judgement of long term issues. As a rule of thumb, you can report a post as many times as you want.


How can one access that popup? I can't find it, nor any other mention of the rules.


actually let me clarify a little bit. i dont care about reasonable 3D. id prefer not to see people dumping their favorite idol or JAV star on /qa/. not that ive seen that happen. i dont have nay problem with whats being posted right now

click the top banner


Ah! I'd forgotten about that, thank you.


disruption, moved a thread and it broke /b/


File:1498080728702.jpg (86.45 KB,810x780)

3D things generally don't bother me so long as it's not person-focused and/or unprompted. scenery, or animals, or pictures people have taken is pretty okay by me.

tangentially related, but seeing western content posted outside the context of western stuff to begin with does kind of bother me. like that one spongebob clip or that prison looking image. idk


Oh. I think that's for idols and potentially world events (if people can avoid the kuso whirlpool of politics). I guess this needs to be something to clarify. Also I completely forgot that popup thing exists...
There was an informative COVID thread made on /qa/ last year that was pretty cool, but at least one person voiced the complaint of real life treading into /qa/ and it was a fair one.

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