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I was concerned over the amount of bandwidth polling consumes on clients so I compared it with something like reddit the pages are ~20MB for a page load.
So heavy. Kissu on >>>/qa/4165 is only 4MB on FR and on Vichan it's 2MB

I imagine they make optimizations for mobile, but it goes to show how pointless load times and optimizations are when it comes to search rankings or having a userbase. It uses so much data while the pages main content is text, but no one cares.


File:ee7b72a657c3af192886a80103….png (206 KB,1075x756)

wait i thought everyone uses old.reddit.com on desktop
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well guess old wins over new again: same functionality but better optimization
the old version is also the version that gained reddit the initial userbase grow, not the new one


i don't use reddit in the first place


you don't need to use the website to compare the two versions. just open them, the data usage, cpu usage, and page layout speak for themselves
if you're going for the ignorance route then why did you bring it as the example in the first place?


>i don't use reddit in the first place
referring to
>wait i thought everyone uses old.reddit.com on desktop

what did you think I was referring to with the post?


regardless, no one cares about optimization was the point of the OP, not that I think one system of design is better than the other.


users do care about optimization, if they still stay on the platform after optimization becomes worse it's purely out of habit


Does the average user really care about optimization? At least speaking for myself, I have unlimited data and fast enough internet speeds that for something as simple as a page load, the difference optimization makes is basically zero. While things might be different for those with worse internet, how well optimized a site is is very low down my list of priorities when choosing what I want to use.


you're talking as if you're the only user of this website
unlimited phone data and fast speed is a rarity in the world scale
practically only people living in urban areas of developed economies have access to both of them, and not all choose to get all of these
i don't use my phone much so it's on a budget plan with limited data, but feel free to call me poor just because i don't want to spend more than i need


I meant unlimited wifi, not unlimited mobile data which I don't have either. Anyway sites like Reddit are overwhelmingly used by at least moderately tech--savvy people from Western nations so the situation in the rest of the world or among low-tech people isn't of much relevance.

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