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do qanons prepare for the possibility of a more restrictive internet? delete your online presence? have a mini server for all those doujinshi?


download all the good h-material off of ex


File:image.jpeg (112.43 KB,708x1003)

Yes I gots tons of back ups! The government will need to rip my content from me by physical force.


download some of the good material off of ex, plus all the toddler
then make more myself


File:[Doki] Magia Record - Maho….jpg (181.78 KB,1280x720)

Not really, no. I don't have an online presence with any real life information and I'm not some political activist in the first place. The exhentai thing did freak me out and I spent hours downloading, but I never went back to download stuff like I should have.
I need more storage before I can do anything great, really


>delete your online presence?
The few public accounts I have aren't tied to my real name, they don't even use the same email. I don't use social media.

>have a mini server for all those doujinshi?
For that I have a homeserver running lanraragi, I actually struggle to sort the stuff I want to keep from the rest. Other than that I'm still missing some good private tracker accounts for music and anime, I always procrastinate instead of applying for registration.

I only back up my music though, once it's lost it's lost

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