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File:hazuki-404.webp (751.37 KB,500x261)


If it doesn't fit into a thread, discuss it here.

General Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Kissu_Satisfaction/4


Site down for an hour at 12AM on Wednesday(not this one).


File:84544442_p0.jpg (190.26 KB,600x849)

I've been thinking, and I think we should bring back /cry/ for at least one week every June for the Watanagashi festival. I've grown quite enamored with boards that regularly disappear and reappear and I think this is a good way to revive /cry/ occasionally, until something else may happen to revive active discussion in it.
I guess I should clarify by "we" that I'm a kissu staff member person thingie and this post is more about getting people's opinions on it.
I would also like something to do, probably not related to a new board, in January or February as people including myself generally view that as the most depressing time of the year


File:5164301_p0.jpg (145.66 KB,1600x1200)

>I would also like something to do, probably not related to a new board, in January or February
Actually I've sorta been in the prep stages for having a big kissu factorio server running Space Exploration up at around the end of December/Beginning of January. Maybe that falls in line with "something for kissu to do".

Also I'd gladly buy it for anyone that wants to play come when I'm ready to put the server up.


File:[SubsPlease] Do It Yoursel….jpg (283.79 KB,1280x720)

I was thinking more of something directly on kissu itself, but that could also work. I've been thinking that it would be really cool if people could somehow watch the multiplayer stuff from a window on kissu, so people could watch people build stuff or something, but that was more of a "what if" thing as I'm not sure anyone would even use it.
Or maybe we could just have silly video game emulator tournaments or something and people could record it? I don't know... just trying to brainstorm


A kissu MUD


I would play it


your world of text


Could poll threads be overdone?


Ranked choice voting might be nice for some types of polls.



File:01 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (200.76 KB,960x720)

Kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira?

There are those on kissu that have not seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I plan to right this wrong as soon as possible (As well as give it a much deserved rewatch). As such I'll be hosting a Utena stream starting the first of January of next year. Beginning with the first arc, followed up by a stream on Friday the 6th for the Black Rose arc, then I plan to split up the final arc into two parts with part one being on Sunday the 8th and then wrapping it all up on the next friday the 9th. All streams I plan to host at 6PM EST so be sure to be there.


Printer is jammed dammit


Might want to start moving things from the blog into their own threads if it doesn't fall under the category of the blog


the blog mover


I was thinking about that and we did it in the past... I think?
Well, if it creates a LOT of discussion and has potential for more that could be a thing again


the moved blogger


My bad for that


File:.png (232.86 KB,516x297)

bring back /cry/
the state of the rest of the internet is too dire to discuss anything new


I like this idea


I'm not a fan of content dilution.
Nothing is stopping you from posting on /jp/. Maybe a seasonal thing though.. such as /win/ has /xmas/, /cry/ could be sister of /sum/


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (153.41 KB,1280x720)

I did like /cry/, although it was extremely slow and underused. It is a shame that WTC's community somehow became one of the best to one of the worst because of Gou/Sotsu, but there's no indication that /cry/ would be used more than it was in the past. The guy is even working on Silent Hill now instead of Ciconia.
Have you thought about making threads for it?


File:FkprZT5UoAAqqlV.jpg (476.05 KB,1122x1224)

Is there even anything new to discuss aside from that Gou manga which AFAIK is just a retelling of the anime?


we got ourselves a /cry/er


I converted my dance party video from h.264 to h.265 and it crashed the thread for me.



File:R-1673452732121.png (150.57 KB,1914x1053)

this is the error message that pops up


would like to report the same issue on the new-ui
crashes on /all/ and i assume any page displaying that post
legacy seems to be fine though


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (259.27 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, that's somehow completely crashing the new UI. Since it's at the top of /all/ I just deleted the file until someone that knows computers wakes up. I saved a copy of it, but uhh... yeah, the new UI really hates that for some reason


most sites don't handle h.265


>>11186 >>11188
strange bug..
On firefox no less, which is what I use for everything and can't replicate.

I suppose that message is good enough to track it down and that it's not a common-place issue.


nvm, my mod gave me the file and I see it now


tiny typo
Rhinoceceros should be Rhinoceros


Problem due to a refactoring I made on webpack process variables. Certain process variable did not exist. Resolved

I'm afraid I'm not in the animals department.


funny, I got it two times in a row.

I fixed the typo


File:1452483253935.gif (858.89 KB,616x720)

Need a wordfilter suggestion for the term 'troon' because it mainly reminds me of dramafag sites that repopularized the term. Now that it's somehow seeked into the lexicon of more 'normal' posters I'm not really too keen on banning otherwise oblivious people. So, I'd rather it be filtered out than have myself go on a banning spree because I can't stand seeing that phrase.


trap perhaps?


File:girls with pee pees.jpg (50.96 KB,478x640)



Forgot to add:
Or maybe Okama? But that would maybe be a bit too similar to the unfiltered word.


nvm i see what you mean


Can I get the opinion of anyone who rejects adding filters to basically everything.

In the case of someone saying 'troon' I would rather ban them or warn them in the situation that it's not appropriate.
Applying a wordfilter is basically a non-resolution and putting community in the hands of algorithms. A certain level of meta argument is important so that the site isn't in the hands of an moderator oligarchy.
Replacing such a word with something more appropriate is just masking bad intentions with acceptability. The choices of an individual serve as a red-flag to be ignored by others or for moderators to decide who could be from a place that is seen negatively in the eyes of the community.
For something like troon, it's masking an obvious case of an individual to be moderated with something softer. Making something unacceptable into acceptible and turning nice language into dogwhistles.

Applying wordfilters haphazardly is hazardous.
Just to recap what our existing filters are: (nevermind I can't bypass wordfilters as a mod)
array('/\b(c)o(o+)m([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "S" : "s") . "p";
$mid = str_repeat("e", strlen($m[2])) . "rm";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true); // 'true' means it's a regular expression
array('/\b(z)o(o+)mer([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "K" : "k");
$mid = str_repeat("o", strlen($m[2])) . "hai";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true);
array('/\b(b)o(o+)mer([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "S" : "s");
$mid = str_repeat("e", strlen($m[2])) . "npai";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true);
array('/\b(k)ill yourself\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "B" : "b");
$rest = "e yourself";
return $start . $rest;
}, true);
array('/\b(s)hitty\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "K" : "k");
$rest = "uso";
return $start . $rest;
}, true);
array('/Exemplary female role model/i', 'Exemplary female role model', true);
array('/Romance/i', 'Romance', true);
array('/Cutie/', 'Cutie', true);
array('/(In|Fem)cel/i', 'Maidenless', true);

These filters were added before I had more meta thoughts about how filters fit into the atmosphere of the site.


Is troon really that big of a problem? I only saw it in the onimai thread as spoilers and just now on /sercet/. There's like 10 instances of it on kissu right now, half of them in this thread. And all of them seem to be from the last 24 hrs. Doesn't seem like something we should worry about. Should just filter it to something funny or japanese if you must do something about it.


filters are a tool to make things more acceptable. Such as the terms for old generations and new ones.

Should something that's both not existent on Kissu and a strong indicator that someone does not belong be given a place on the list of filters?
I don't think so.


It's all this guy's fault >>>/b/4963
I like the idea of a filter making a post funny or awkward and then it doesn't need to be moderated. Editing someone's post is hugely offensive to people so it's 'delete it or leave it'. It might just be better to say that we're going to delete any posts with it from now on.
The past few years have really been a rough time for anyone that likes words with two O's in the middle.


What's the point of discussing "troon" then? Unless the post is lacking content "die troon" or strictly derogatory in some otherway i don't see the need to even take action against a post containing it. This discussion would seem to be pre-emptive moderation which is just paranoia or it needs to be it's own thread about the effect word filters have on discourse.

I personally find deleting a post more egregious, especially if the filter is funny.


Wordfilter it to "train". Trains are appropriately otaku to be a target word. And you also get people saying "trainer" which I think is also funny


File:118135b3953c217e3b0994e48c….png (1.64 MB,642x1144)

the trainer


'bout to run a train


what's the point of living


File:1650656446951.gif (3.64 MB,1920x1080)

I just hate the term because it was spread by subhumans and sounds ugly when I read it.


File:9916223.jpg (192.09 KB,1073x800)

i wasn't expecting my post on the onimai thread (which i created by the way) to trigger this much meta discussion. (;´Д`)
i didn't use it in bad faith, just as a way to complain about the current state of affairs of 4chan's /a/ and how politics have spread across all boards. i know it wasn't entirely related to the thread so that's why i spoilered it. in reality i'm the last person that would actually use that term.

concerning word filters, i don't think they replace moderation but it's a fun way of clowning on people that aren't aligned with site culture or use imageboards as a platform to spread agendas. lainchan has a lot of filters to replace common nu-4channer or hateful words, like implying=neurosuggesting, faggot=glitterboy, etc.


Oh I don't have really any problem with you, as I said in the original post it's just an awful word that's weaseled its way into the regular lexicon of posters I think are otherwise good. I just want to eradicate any traces of KF or drama sites I see anywhere.


Fun historical note: The word comes from transgender Something Awful Goons using it to refer to themselves


Ideally you just install an extension to replace it on your end if it's just your personal disdain for it and not anything that's affecting discourse.
A silly word filter would be the next least bad thing if you must impose your norms upon others.


the norm imposer


the conversation starter


wait a minute




pasted speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeermer




broke site.
Site is not broke anymore


What was broke?




I'm training


I assume the random animal names thing is related to the Kemono Friends anniversary, but honestly, I hope it sticks around for good. It's a lot more fun than everyone just being "anonymous".


I like to call Anonymous Anonymous, but if Anonymous isn't Anonymous anymore then it would be wrong to keep calling Anonymous Anonymous. That'd make me pretty sad.


(I'm Anonymous.)


File:[crossover][common raccoon….png (383.39 KB,1024x768)

Hmmm, I agree, but we can't just have the Friends there forever or it's not fun and special any more. We could try to think of other stuff to do. Is there anything interesting happening soon or an anniversary or anything else you can think of?


Wordfilters don't change the meaning of the term being used, it actually muddles the meaning of the term it's being filtered into. They can be useful for teaching newfriends "this is how we say things here" or frustrating posters with agendas that require spreading specific terminology, but they're mostly just good for jokes since everybody is going to figure out what they mean sooner or later. It might even have the opposite effect since you're effectively saying it's okay to call someone a spermer as long as you type it as spermer and eventually you end up with a "weeaboo" situation. Words are just tools for expressing ideas, they don't matter in and of themselves.

Anonymous is my only Friend and I don't like not seeing him for extended periods of time.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E10.False….jpg (236.85 KB,1920x1080)

I'm heavily leaning towards not touching it. /jp/ of all things is random and hair colors is not exactly a destructive derail unlike other things. I say to get the new thread going and let the other thread be as-is.
I'm the one that moved the wikipedia /win/ stuff into its own thread, but that's because it was turning a weekly 'post a news story' thread into a 50 posts-in-a-day argument so it's a very different situation


Oh, and to add it's not set in concrete. If people can reach a consensus, sure, we could move it. I'm not quite comfortable with doing it without a major group decision, though.

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