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If it doesn't fit into a thread, discuss it here.

General Feedback: https://feedback.kissu.moe/public/forms/Kissu_Satisfaction/4


Site down for an hour at 12AM on Wednesday(not this one).


File:84544442_p0.jpg (190.26 KB,600x849)

I've been thinking, and I think we should bring back /cry/ for at least one week every June for the Watanagashi festival. I've grown quite enamored with boards that regularly disappear and reappear and I think this is a good way to revive /cry/ occasionally, until something else may happen to revive active discussion in it.
I guess I should clarify by "we" that I'm a kissu staff member person thingie and this post is more about getting people's opinions on it.
I would also like something to do, probably not related to a new board, in January or February as people including myself generally view that as the most depressing time of the year


File:5164301_p0.jpg (145.66 KB,1600x1200)

>I would also like something to do, probably not related to a new board, in January or February
Actually I've sorta been in the prep stages for having a big kissu factorio server running Space Exploration up at around the end of December/Beginning of January. Maybe that falls in line with "something for kissu to do".

Also I'd gladly buy it for anyone that wants to play come when I'm ready to put the server up.


File:[SubsPlease] Do It Yoursel….jpg (283.79 KB,1280x720)

I was thinking more of something directly on kissu itself, but that could also work. I've been thinking that it would be really cool if people could somehow watch the multiplayer stuff from a window on kissu, so people could watch people build stuff or something, but that was more of a "what if" thing as I'm not sure anyone would even use it.
Or maybe we could just have silly video game emulator tournaments or something and people could record it? I don't know... just trying to brainstorm


A kissu MUD


I would play it


your world of text


Could poll threads be overdone?


Ranked choice voting might be nice for some types of polls.



File:01 Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1….jpg (200.76 KB,960x720)

Kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira?

There are those on kissu that have not seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I plan to right this wrong as soon as possible (As well as give it a much deserved rewatch). As such I'll be hosting a Utena stream starting the first of January of next year. Beginning with the first arc, followed up by a stream on Friday the 6th for the Black Rose arc, then I plan to split up the final arc into two parts with part one being on Sunday the 8th and then wrapping it all up on the next friday the 9th. All streams I plan to host at 6PM EST so be sure to be there.


Printer is jammed dammit


Might want to start moving things from the blog into their own threads if it doesn't fall under the category of the blog


the blog mover


I was thinking about that and we did it in the past... I think?
Well, if it creates a LOT of discussion and has potential for more that could be a thing again


the moved blogger


My bad for that


File:.png (232.86 KB,516x297)

bring back /cry/
the state of the rest of the internet is too dire to discuss anything new


I like this idea


I'm not a fan of content dilution.
Nothing is stopping you from posting on /jp/. Maybe a seasonal thing though.. such as /win/ has /xmas/, /cry/ could be sister of /sum/


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (153.41 KB,1280x720)

I did like /cry/, although it was extremely slow and underused. It is a shame that WTC's community somehow became one of the best to one of the worst because of Gou/Sotsu, but there's no indication that /cry/ would be used more than it was in the past. The guy is even working on Silent Hill now instead of Ciconia.
Have you thought about making threads for it?


File:FkprZT5UoAAqqlV.jpg (476.05 KB,1122x1224)

Is there even anything new to discuss aside from that Gou manga which AFAIK is just a retelling of the anime?


we got ourselves a /cry/er


I converted my dance party video from h.264 to h.265 and it crashed the thread for me.



File:R-1673452732121.png (150.57 KB,1914x1053)

this is the error message that pops up


would like to report the same issue on the new-ui
crashes on /all/ and i assume any page displaying that post
legacy seems to be fine though


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (259.27 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, that's somehow completely crashing the new UI. Since it's at the top of /all/ I just deleted the file until someone that knows computers wakes up. I saved a copy of it, but uhh... yeah, the new UI really hates that for some reason


most sites don't handle h.265


>>11186 >>11188
strange bug..
On firefox no less, which is what I use for everything and can't replicate.

I suppose that message is good enough to track it down and that it's not a common-place issue.


nvm, my mod gave me the file and I see it now


tiny typo
Rhinoceceros should be Rhinoceros


Problem due to a refactoring I made on webpack process variables. Certain process variable did not exist. Resolved

I'm afraid I'm not in the animals department.


funny, I got it two times in a row.

I fixed the typo


File:1452483253935.gif (858.89 KB,616x720)

Need a wordfilter suggestion for the term 'troon' because it mainly reminds me of dramafag sites that repopularized the term. Now that it's somehow seeked into the lexicon of more 'normal' posters I'm not really too keen on banning otherwise oblivious people. So, I'd rather it be filtered out than have myself go on a banning spree because I can't stand seeing that phrase.


trap perhaps?


File:girls with pee pees.jpg (50.96 KB,478x640)



Forgot to add:
Or maybe Okama? But that would maybe be a bit too similar to the unfiltered word.


nvm i see what you mean


Can I get the opinion of anyone who rejects adding filters to basically everything.

In the case of someone saying 'troon' I would rather ban them or warn them in the situation that it's not appropriate.
Applying a wordfilter is basically a non-resolution and putting community in the hands of algorithms. A certain level of meta argument is important so that the site isn't in the hands of an moderator oligarchy.
Replacing such a word with something more appropriate is just masking bad intentions with acceptability. The choices of an individual serve as a red-flag to be ignored by others or for moderators to decide who could be from a place that is seen negatively in the eyes of the community.
For something like troon, it's masking an obvious case of an individual to be moderated with something softer. Making something unacceptable into acceptible and turning nice language into dogwhistles.

Applying wordfilters haphazardly is hazardous.
Just to recap what our existing filters are: (nevermind I can't bypass wordfilters as a mod)
array('/\b(c)o(o+)m([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "S" : "s") . "p";
$mid = str_repeat("e", strlen($m[2])) . "rm";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true); // 'true' means it's a regular expression
array('/\b(z)o(o+)mer([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "K" : "k");
$mid = str_repeat("o", strlen($m[2])) . "hai";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true);
array('/\b(b)o(o+)mer([^\W]*)\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "S" : "s");
$mid = str_repeat("e", strlen($m[2])) . "npai";
$end = $m[3];
return $start . $mid . $end;
}, true);
array('/\b(k)ill yourself\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "B" : "b");
$rest = "e yourself";
return $start . $rest;
}, true);
array('/\b(s)hitty\b/i', function($m){
$start = (ctype_upper($m[1]) ? "K" : "k");
$rest = "uso";
return $start . $rest;
}, true);
array('/Exemplary female role model/i', 'Exemplary female role model', true);
array('/Romance/i', 'Romance', true);
array('/Cutie/', 'Cutie', true);
array('/(In|Fem)cel/i', 'Maidenless', true);

These filters were added before I had more meta thoughts about how filters fit into the atmosphere of the site.


Is troon really that big of a problem? I only saw it in the onimai thread as spoilers and just now on /sercet/. There's like 10 instances of it on kissu right now, half of them in this thread. And all of them seem to be from the last 24 hrs. Doesn't seem like something we should worry about. Should just filter it to something funny or japanese if you must do something about it.


filters are a tool to make things more acceptable. Such as the terms for old generations and new ones.

Should something that's both not existent on Kissu and a strong indicator that someone does not belong be given a place on the list of filters?
I don't think so.


It's all this guy's fault >>>/b/4963
I like the idea of a filter making a post funny or awkward and then it doesn't need to be moderated. Editing someone's post is hugely offensive to people so it's 'delete it or leave it'. It might just be better to say that we're going to delete any posts with it from now on.
The past few years have really been a rough time for anyone that likes words with two O's in the middle.


What's the point of discussing "troon" then? Unless the post is lacking content "die troon" or strictly derogatory in some otherway i don't see the need to even take action against a post containing it. This discussion would seem to be pre-emptive moderation which is just paranoia or it needs to be it's own thread about the effect word filters have on discourse.

I personally find deleting a post more egregious, especially if the filter is funny.


Wordfilter it to "train". Trains are appropriately otaku to be a target word. And you also get people saying "trainer" which I think is also funny


File:118135b3953c217e3b0994e48c….png (1.64 MB,642x1144)

the trainer


'bout to run a train


what's the point of living


File:1650656446951.gif (3.64 MB,1920x1080)

I just hate the term because it was spread by subhumans and sounds ugly when I read it.


File:9916223.jpg (192.09 KB,1073x800)

i wasn't expecting my post on the onimai thread (which i created by the way) to trigger this much meta discussion. (;´Д`)
i didn't use it in bad faith, just as a way to complain about the current state of affairs of 4chan's /a/ and how politics have spread across all boards. i know it wasn't entirely related to the thread so that's why i spoilered it. in reality i'm the last person that would actually use that term.

concerning word filters, i don't think they replace moderation but it's a fun way of clowning on people that aren't aligned with site culture or use imageboards as a platform to spread agendas. lainchan has a lot of filters to replace common nu-4channer or hateful words, like implying=neurosuggesting, faggot=glitterboy, etc.


Oh I don't have really any problem with you, as I said in the original post it's just an awful word that's weaseled its way into the regular lexicon of posters I think are otherwise good. I just want to eradicate any traces of KF or drama sites I see anywhere.


Fun historical note: The word comes from transgender Something Awful Goons using it to refer to themselves


Ideally you just install an extension to replace it on your end if it's just your personal disdain for it and not anything that's affecting discourse.
A silly word filter would be the next least bad thing if you must impose your norms upon others.


the norm imposer


the conversation starter


wait a minute




pasted speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeermer




broke site.
Site is not broke anymore


What was broke?




I'm training


I assume the random animal names thing is related to the Kemono Friends anniversary, but honestly, I hope it sticks around for good. It's a lot more fun than everyone just being "anonymous".


I like to call Anonymous Anonymous, but if Anonymous isn't Anonymous anymore then it would be wrong to keep calling Anonymous Anonymous. That'd make me pretty sad.


(I'm Anonymous.)


File:[crossover][common raccoon….png (383.39 KB,1024x768)

Hmmm, I agree, but we can't just have the Friends there forever or it's not fun and special any more. We could try to think of other stuff to do. Is there anything interesting happening soon or an anniversary or anything else you can think of?


Wordfilters don't change the meaning of the term being used, it actually muddles the meaning of the term it's being filtered into. They can be useful for teaching newfriends "this is how we say things here" or frustrating posters with agendas that require spreading specific terminology, but they're mostly just good for jokes since everybody is going to figure out what they mean sooner or later. It might even have the opposite effect since you're effectively saying it's okay to call someone a spermer as long as you type it as spermer and eventually you end up with a "weeaboo" situation. Words are just tools for expressing ideas, they don't matter in and of themselves.

Anonymous is my only Friend and I don't like not seeing him for extended periods of time.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E10.False….jpg (236.85 KB,1920x1080)

I'm heavily leaning towards not touching it. /jp/ of all things is random and hair colors is not exactly a destructive derail unlike other things. I say to get the new thread going and let the other thread be as-is.
I'm the one that moved the wikipedia /win/ stuff into its own thread, but that's because it was turning a weekly 'post a news story' thread into a 50 posts-in-a-day argument so it's a very different situation


Oh, and to add it's not set in concrete. If people can reach a consensus, sure, we could move it. I'm not quite comfortable with doing it without a major group decision, though.


Resolved on /ec/, but still not fixed site-wide. For instance, searching "music" on /qa/ fails to find the "Does /qa/ still listen to music?" thread. Likewise, https://kissu.moe/search.php does not search subjects.


For reference, this is the thread in question >>>/qa/100471. I did notice that looking up the subjects for other threads works fine so uh... Not sure what's up with that... Like, searching "february" finds the "february blog" thread.


It's not searching past page one for catalog pages


The "does /qa/ still listen to music" thread is literally on page 1.


oh, not sure. probably because the title has slashes in it. Guess I'll have to check


nevermind, the problem here is that the post doesn't have a body so it's ignoring it I suppose


Feel like the kouhai/senpai word filters don't really work. They're really not discouraging that sort of discussion at all. Feels more like rehabilitating kimo posts rather than discouraging people from discussing those topics.


>rehabilitating kimo posts
Huhh, I see what you mean, it does make it somewhat more palatable. Maybe it could be a heavy duty sentence instead.
(not a mod)


thought it was pretty funny when it changed a post of mine to say baby senpai


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (328.26 KB,1920x1080)

I think the ideal with word filters is that people never know that it was triggered and that the thread would flow naturally as it was never used.
But, it's seemingly impossible with a lot of terms. So, the other idea is to defang it a bit with a silly word and hopefully change the theme of the post. This also lets posts stay that would otherwise get deleted, if the rest of the post is fine.
If this is about that thread /jp/, well, yes, I think it sucks, too. Word filters can't fix such a thread and I recommend posting in good threads instead or making new ones!


Are VPN bans perma? Meant to do a 1d one and didn't realize it was set to permanent.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (329.05 KB,1920x1080)

I think it depends on the nature of the post and how the VPN is being used. One singular post on a VPN/proxy IP that requires moderation really lends itself to a long ban in 99% of situations because its usage was purely negative. A VPN used for such reasons is really not something defensible and taking away that IP permanently or for a long time is fairly reasonable, I think. As always, a case by case basis is ideal.
People using VPN for privacy reasons? Same as a "naked" IP as far as I'm concerned


put in update so that sage vanishes when you use it once, but noko and any other options remaim



Bungle link can be replaced to an archived instance:
The same was done with the Shirky link back when that page went down.


>This site can't be reached.
Ah man, RIP that whole site. It was this guy's personal site: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/519738


well, maybe i ought to replace all the 404s with the most recent archival of them


Could there be an option to restore sage permanence? Now I have to type it in each time, which makes for a fairly impactful difference.


i can not!




I recognize my failing and will be sure to correct it.


/cry/ is dormant and locked, meanwhile Utawarerumono seems just as big here right now yet there still isn't a dedicated board
maybe recycle /cry/ for all of these "selected franchises"?


Utawarerumono will be dormant in 2 weeks
I'm gonna type up my thoughts at some point and talk with the superfan about them then I will continue doing what I was doing before which was getting through Precure and watching random old anime


cant find any imageboard more alive than kissu and 4chan


I broke /all/
One second


nothing seems out of the ordinary here


It's broken, try again


oh, I had to refresh.
yeah it's broken


broke no longer


Is it possible to make it so that if an image was uploaded with a particular filename that you have the option of downloading it again with the same filename?


That option already exists, on the new UI at least, you can do so by clicking the down arrow to the left of the search thingy below an attachment.


I'm using the new UI and I see no arrow


File:R-1677422584050.png (92.74 KB,372x282)

Huh. Could you take a pic? This is how I see it, there in the bottom part.
btw not v


File:pic.png (301.79 KB,811x459)

it's possible that because of my fonts fuckery to get aliased text, that little graphic does not render


hmm it appears on chrome but not on firefox (my main browser)


I wonder what the post in between those two posts was >>11462


I'm going to delete useless posts in this thread when i get out of bed


I suppose fontawesome doesn't work on you for some reason


File:font option.png (9.28 KB,578x546)

That reason is almost certainly my own config in which I have disabled allowing sites to use their own fonts


that's odd because you still have the 🌙 in the op.

In any case it looks like i need fallbacks or to convert them to svg


Yep that was it. Enabling the checkbox enables the little download image and makes it clickable


File:reply box.png (64.88 KB,493x312)

Oh my god... the site fonts thing is also the reason that the X in the corner of the reply box is this weird M thing instead of an X. I thought it was some cool stylization thing you were going for


that looks awesome


UI going to be bumped to v 5.0.0 after icons are switched to SVG(hopefully) and the CSS is simplified for easier custom/mod CSS


File:C-1677461562864.png (428.95 KB,1883x896)

The crazy part is that you don't even know about 90% 90% of features on the site because of this.


actually I'm kind of confused why some of the icons are working and other ones are not.. really strange


Not him, I see that it's missing the URL link, preview, and download file, but what else?


sidebar controls and all the QR controls.
But from the looks of things he has some of them


Oh shit it's missing the RSS wow that's awful.


yeah, it's how I interface with the site every day.
Also I don't know if you're being ironic or not, but it's not an RSS feed, it's a recent posts feed. It uses the RSS logo because it's kind of like that.


Would be cool if it were an actual RSS feed that you could then use to attach to your desktop though, maybe.


It's not ironic, I've always thought that was the right name...


Apparently, Kissu doesn't recognize .wav files. Weird...


wav are huge. flac and mp3 should be fine


File:my version of C-1677461562….png (683 KB,1567x634)

>The crazy part is that you don't even know about 90% 90% of features on the site because of this.
>But from the looks of things he has some of them
Umm.. What am I missing?


from the looks of it nothing, but it's strange how not all of them work


are you seeing them not work in chrome?


I use ff and chrome at least once a month.

I'm changing from webfont to images(svg) so it will be different by march1 or something


Cool. I look forward to the download button


File:attachment_86777163.jpeg (45.39 KB,500x500)

Neat how this is the only board i use the catalog for. Stickies demand catalog use


Uploading files for v5
I'm expecting some things to be broken and there's some stuff I've yet to fix.


nice the download button works


Currently similar threads looks at the first set of >= 5 posts and draws associations with the rest of the board. When they're established they don't change unless one of the similar is bumped off.

What this feature actually does is it connects a lot of the thread starter's threads together. This might just be the inevitable, but I'm going to raise it to the first set of >= 10 posts to see if it changes things to be more or less similar or if it's the same deal happening later on.


File:right click for interactio….png (9.1 KB,488x482)

In the new UI there's a little arrow to the right of the post number that says 'right click for interactions' when hovered over, but when I try to right click it (using Firefox) it also brings up the standard context menu on top, covering the site-specific options.


File:C-1677869211797.png (127.05 KB,1516x742)

m, that's kinda strange for it to happen on firefox since that's what the site was designed on (other than opera mobile browser). The right click thing shouldn't be on the No. and #### parts, but the other thing works for me.


probably what I'll do is restrict the feature to only activating on r.click of the name and subject field.


Staff me


File:C-1677873964277.png (435 KB,512x512)


File:output.jpg (183.97 KB,512x512)

We're currently not accepting applications, try again in 5 years


Bend me over and staff me


i got a nice staff right here
just for you
it has a +1 to hit


I know it's a joke, but I still find it really hard to imagine how we'd work in more staff members ever...


We'd do it without an NDA and feedback.kissu for an application.


What's in the NDA?


I think stuff like not revealing any info about the staff members, moderator logs and basic IP clauses, but I dunno.


Thousands of dollars worth of secret Koruri commissions


This ChatGPT thing is kind of crazy when it comes to creating rapid prototypes...

package main

import (

type Client struct {
conn net.Conn
name string

type Room struct {
name string
clients []Client

var (
rooms []Room
mutex sync.Mutex

func main() {
// Listen for incoming connections on port 8080
listener, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":8080")
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error listening:", err.Error())

fmt.Println("Server started, listening on port 8080")

// Continuously accept incoming connections
for {
conn, err := listener.Accept()
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error accepting connection:", err.Error())

// Add new client to list of clients
clients := []Client{}
rooms = append(rooms, Room{name: "global", clients: clients})
rooms[0].clients = append(rooms[0].clients, Client{conn: conn})

// Handle incoming connection in a goroutine
go handleConnection(conn)

func handleConnection(conn net.Conn) {
defer conn.Close()

// Read incoming data from the connection
buf := make([]byte, 1024)
_, err := conn.Read(buf)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error reading data:", err.Error())

// Set client name based on incoming data
clientName := string(buf)

// Send a welcome message to the client
message := []byte(fmt.Sprintf("Welcome, %s! You are currently in the global room.", clientName))
_, err = conn.Write(message)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error sending message:", err.Error())

// Continuously read incoming data from the client
for {
_, err := conn.Read(buf)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error reading data:", err.Error())

// Remove client from all rooms
for i := range rooms {
for j := range rooms[i].clients {
if rooms[i].clients[j].conn == conn {
rooms[i].clients = append(rooms[i].clients[:j], rooms[i].clients[j+1:]...)


// Split the incoming message into room name and message
messageStr := strings.TrimSpace(string(buf))
parts := strings.SplitN(messageStr, ":", 2)
roomName := "global"
if len(parts) == 2 {
roomName = strings.TrimSpace(parts[0])
messageStr = strings.TrimSpace(parts[1])

// Broadcast incoming message to all clients in the specified room
message := []byte(fmt.Sprintf("%s: %s", clientName, messageStr))
for i := range rooms {
if rooms[i].name == roomName {
for _, client := range rooms[i].clients {
if client.conn != conn {
_, err = client.conn.Write(message)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Error sending message:", err.Error())


File:60e574caa9.png (77.06 KB,2024x654)

wtf man...

I think this code is kind of nonesense because I'm not being specific enough. It also made it's first typo as I pointed out.
It also doesn't replace programmers. It makes it so that myself, the single man team of kissu, can write up things a bit faster.
[actually it comletely dies as you start asking for more from it]


I've heard people talk about using it to generate unit test cases. That's what it can succeed at right now


Not really a fan of unit testing if you're not following TDD, but there have been cases in Vichan where I've thought having unit tests would make the software better quality.
[as in, if you think unit tests are valuable then it's better to do TDD]


wonder how it would do for unit testing on ReactJS code...


a soundboard would be fun


A board where we can attach an image or a gif to the audio file similar to that sound image script for 4chan would be cool.


why would I make a board for something that doesn't even have a thread


File:27119444_p0.jpg (440.24 KB,1000x1150)

dunno lol


Would you just want a /f/ board called /a/?
If that's the case then just use /f/


also I ought to check the thread limits on /f/... thought I set it to some very high number but I think things are getting bumped off...


There, i just permitted .wav on >>>/f/
May god have mercy on our souls...


sorry.... what I meant was not another board like /qa/ or /jp/ I meant a "soundboard" like what people used to use for prank calls.


File:1492638245581.jpg (6.22 KB,200x200)

so this is where these sotsufags are hiding?


File:[Doki]_Higurashi_no_Naku_K….jpg (516.59 KB,1920x1080)

Do you mean like those flash things where there's a button for each sound? I remember one for Daft Punk's "Stronger" song. I'm not sure how people make those without flash if not being a separate webpage itself.

Not really. Higurashi talk has really died down, but I'd like to bring back the /cry/ board yearly during the W-word festival (no way I can remember how to spell it). Hmm, speaking of, it might be a good time to remind people to give it a read or watch so they can better participate


the work festival


>Do you mean like those flash things where there's a button for each sound? I remember one for Daft Punk's "Stronger" song. I'm not sure how people make those without flash if not being a separate webpage itself.
Yes I did. I assume that with HTML5 and JS you can replicate all the functionality they ever had. The webcomic Homestuck was started in the era of Flash with interactive gamelike pages and when Flash was supported less and less they started to be implemented in HTML5 instead with no great loss of capabilities in the move.


File:b7f02967d7.jpg (736.36 KB,3837x1865)

doujin-moe's 2010 interface has a simple chat client
I don't recall ever using it though


I think like every site in that era was using
It's somewhat surprising that supposed ancients of the internet don't even remember this. What were you even doing on the internet in that time? Having s*x with your norm friends in highschool?


Fine, I was wrong to say "any other kind of hobbyist platform", but going to the other extreme and saying "every site in that era" is exponentially dumber. GameFAQs, Major Geeks, Bolter & Chainsword, NeoGAF, Encyclopaedia Metallum, Straight Dope, Slashdot, Hacker News, Ars Technica, Doomworld, none of these have an integrated IM system and they never have. Fresh ones based on Discourse don't have it either, nor do template imageboards. How's that for some evidence, retard. Historically speaking, message boards have much more often than not been mere message boards.
Just because I don't like it when you make up universal laws based on your anecdotal evidence doesn't mean I'm some turbonormo faggot, and I'm not gonna play pity olympics with you. You're an aspie who wouldn't be able to convince someone of drinking a glass of water even if your life depended on it.


Who knew you'd fly off the deepend when someone is factually correct


You are such a fag, I swear to god.....


Well I'm not a norm who goes on gamefaq and blogs about his girlfriend's mom. So yeah. I used hentai sites and porn sites.


Yeap, you're a fag.


I can see I've progressed in your eyes from autistic to homosexual. I will take that as a complement



File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (174.36 KB,1920x1080)

I'm a bit confused as to how you would want it to function. You mean something on its own page? Something that's attached to a post?
I don't get it


>Posts Per Hour : 2 Posts/hr
>Posts Per Day : 197 Posts/day
>Posts Per Week : 1666 Posts/week
>Posts Per Month (Inaccurate as posts are deleted): 5104 Posts/month
Good month, good month


I fear starting projects in rustlang like no other language...
Such a high learning curb to deal with


>You mean something on its own page?
Yeah. Like an easter egg of the site.


I also would greatly appreciate an actual RSS feed, it would be quite convenient to get notified of new posts without having to actively check the site itself.


thought i enabled the vichan one



what rss feed readers do people use


Oh yeah, that works. Thank you!
On Linux I use Newsboat, on Windows I use Feedbro. Maybe soon I'll just use WSL to use Newsboat on Windows as well.


i guess it's not too hard to implement in future versions of the site...


File:C-1678852362272.png (359.56 KB,2144x1770)

ChatGPT is amazing. I don't even need another person to consult with for advice. I have this idiot instead to tell me what it thinks.


File:stacks.png (66.17 KB,747x400)

i'm not a fan of chatgpt's style and disclaimers so i use my own
it gives all the essences in your picture and also actually makes better points for rust and go
and it doesn't require internet since it runs on my gpu


it's not really about the quality, rather the versatility and usability.


would like to upload a banner for a secret board. how would I go about it?
also why do board-specific banners show up on /all/


except ones for nsfw since its all.
and i'll have to update the application


To the Anonymous that caught an illegal content ban we're looking into what caught it and should unban soon.


re the chatbox ideas
what would be really cool would be if the stream chat was linked up with it so kissuers could see it rather than having it be its own room for discussion that gets blackholed after the stream


my initial prototype will be something a bit like that, but just a notifier to show people when things are streaming


Did the archive break at some point? Threads that died between March ~7th and ~16th give an atypical error screen when trying to access them, but it doesn't seem to be happening anymore so I assume it's been fixed.


Yeah, those ones have text data retained but images are gone


images and the file themselves for viewing, so you get an error page for an unhandled error


Good to know.
SPEAKING OF, there's another odd issue I just found. If you go to certain old threads, such as those at the bottom of /spg/, after maybe ten-twenty seconds you will receive a message that the thread has been deleted, even though it's still there. Could this be because they're using luna instead of haiji?


the deleted check looks for a certain file and if it's missing then it says the thread is deleted. the file was only programmed to appear on threads updated this year.

Should probably fix that yeah




>24.31 GB
Out of curiosity, how much of this is devoted to /ec/? I would assume it's the most storage-intensive board, but maybe there's more to it.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (326.83 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, /ec/ wasn't that large the last time this was mentioned. /qa/ and /jp/ get videos posted on them that can take up a lot of space, and /ec/ has a lot of threads without many replies so it's not too bad. I don't have the data, though.


root@Kissu:/var/www/---# du -sh qa
7.7G qa
root@Kissu:/var/www/---# du -sh jp
1.8G jp
root@Kissu:/var/www/---# du -sh ec
8.8G ec


feature request plz
crosslinks from other boards to moved posts also update
e.g. >>>/f/408


Ah, forgot to reply.
So yeah, over a third of the site is /ec/, with /qa/ being another third. Part of that must be from videos like >>11705 says but also the loooong threads that /qa/ has.


correct where they're pointed to for now though.


please update the pout thread in the featured section of kissu's homepage


thank you


Why is >>>/qa/106611 displaying as having been posted today when it is actually a couple of weeks old?


that's always been the case when something gets moved, the OP's creation date gets changed to the time of moving while replies remain the same
not staff i dunno why this happens


a suggestion to rename the poll option "multiple choice" to "multiple checkboxes"


gonna pass on that


gonna piss on that


File:888db461c5.jpg (442.36 KB,1658x879)

Kissu is pretty bland when you look at it from space


r u a wizardtech


File:pOH6JQcUrehZlyNhq1ofGKRKGR….gif (113.63 KB,300x140)

I ALWAYS think this is a Mewkledreamy banner at first and I get excited looking forward to the Mewkledreamy episode that takes place in a big jungle with gross pitcher plants


Add a go-to-post search. It's a pain in the when trying to cross-reference posts between boards in a post.


Forewarned. Site might break in 15 minutes. If it breaks it will probably take another 15-30 minutes to fix.

A part of "the plan" is adding a search with AI assisted image search. But "the plan" is big. Though this part of it might be moved ahead of schedule.


loosened up the number of stickies to the 4 main items.


since when did emojis work on kissu? 🤔🤔🤔


Pretty sure they've worked since the beginning


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (158.39 KB,1920x1080)

People have just rarely ever posted them due to them being emojis and us having access to images. Their reputation as the domain of banal boilerplate "ironic shitposting" doesn't really lend itself to being used on kissu much


File:Onimai-OP1-NCBD1080.jpg (214.11 KB,1920x1080)

This is totally off-topic, but every time I see that thumbnail I'm reminded of this frame.


File:whoo.mp4 (121.84 KB,960x540)


Oh, I forgot the kita was only on /jp/. That post seems awfully empty now.....


You sure about that? I remember a thread about how unicode symbols like ☢ or ☣ work on kissu, but not emojis like 🤭 or 👯‍♂️


hes bout to eat them choco bicuits


The new slider for selecting the thumbnail's frame is pretty cool, I like it.


not exactly new but yeah, it's one of the better underused features


forgot to take out a debugging statement so spam was easier


forgot to take out a buttplug so sperm was easier


not even logical...


shoulda said put in


Anonymous is not into butt stuff.


are you certain of this because he sure likes to get anal about things


Would it be possible to make original.kissu.moe at least readable over Tor etc. without having to pass through Cloudflare's Javascript check? That way paranoid people could keep up with the happenings thread or other stuff.

As an example, if I do
torsocks lynx https://original.kissu.moe/qa/res/4165
I get a "403 Forbidden" message saying to "Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue".


idk how to remove tor from getting picked up. I think it's a payed thing.

I ran back some settings so maybe it works now


Seems to work now, thanks!

>idk how to remove tor from getting picked up. I think it's a payed thing.
There are some details at
and it sounds like if there's issues in the future you might be able to fix it by adding a firewall rule specific to Tor. From what I can see in the documentation free accounts get to set up to 5 firewall rules.


Custom color tags like this one don't show up in the light theme. Tested on multiple browsers on multiple devices.


by design to maintain consistent user experience


I don't follow.


if someone sets the color as wheat it will make it impossible for people chosing the light them to use the site.
So instead of something complicated that I don't want to deal with, I just disable setting custom color on the light theme


uh why



i still don't get it what breaks if you enabled it on the light theme


File:C-1687220169841.png (833.96 KB,2768x1282)




I guess that makes sense, although I wouldn't have personally done it myself. I feel like the usability issue is enough of a corner case that it's not worth disabling custom colors to fix it.




I disable colors that will break on the dark theme, so if I did the same for light then I would have to run something complicated which checks the current theme for each markup item. I didn't feel like making that or considering how to optimize it.


Fair enough.


.... I main /chat/ and /secret/ like a true kissuer .....


File:C-1692499583602.png (211.97 KB,1355x612)

Am writting some utilities and this autocomplete knows a lot about imageboards


I will be blogging in the seasonal stickies from now on since they've been rejected from /qa/.
As was my intention a year or so back.




been getting really transient 502 bad requests here and ther in the last few days


can you post here again at roughly the same time it happens.


can do. when i made that post just now it was right on the heels of such an event






between the timestamps of these two posts


oh huh, well right now I'm making some updates to the site's JS but that's just refreshing cloudflare's cache. But it's probably not related


I see


File:C-1695331933407.png (147.37 KB,864x773)

Can finally use IRC. Site now has title previews and embedding on YouTube URLS


managed to trigger an SSL warning on my phone but I don't think it's out of date


secure shab layer


File:73b52d204a.png (92.64 KB,2485x1822)

confusing, well. I know what's causing it I think then.


File:84399c9524.png (74.45 KB,1045x1032)


I think this should fix it


File:__arisaka_mashiro_ao_no_ka….jpg (550.22 KB,845x1200)

arigato, kissu is no longer trying to steal my login info


File:C-1695427967424.png (432.4 KB,2307x564)

yay readable youtube links


i thought something was different lately


the wide banner links keep dying maybe its time for a banner link jubilee


why does fagmin like this kuso annoying toddler character so much?


Because they do some fun and funny stuff with her in both the show and fanart


Elle? She's great, and that's not V.


She's just someone's avatar. You don't need to like a character to use it as an avatar. You just need to be an attentionwhore.


Perhaps. Something or other.



File:[SubsPlease] Dekoboko Majo….jpg (335.63 KB,1920x1080)

This is a good idea, but the nature of requiring a link makes it more difficult to create them. I think people should consider making theater rooms of music playlists or something for kissu theater, or maybe live youtube cams or something? It's hard to think of links that are 'fun' and not advertisement/endorsement.

That post was moved from the seasonal anime thread since it had no relation to seasonal anime. (wasn't me, but I can't disagree with the move)

You forget that in the past couple months I've also avatar'd as Akagami, Piwi, Vermilio, Helck, Maou, Max, blue-haired killer rabbit (what was her name?), Emily, Ryza, Rudeus, those two beast girls, an anthropomorphic representation of the FMA creator, Earnest and Sofitia.
Looks like there will be a strong season with great characters ahead of us, so stay tuned for my new autumn avatars of the shows currently airing because I like to take lots of screenshots and share my appreciation for the characters! Please feel free to impersonate me by sharing screenshots of anime you enjoy, too.


the avatard


File:c3e647e109f106ce67d3adb2f2….jpg (593.13 KB,762x1189)

zundamon soundboard


ummm... is the stablediffusion thingy ok?
got no response to >>>/chat/53003


my pc restarted and i forgot to turn it back on



He was never seen again


fix the relay code monkey


File:C-1699819835560.jpeg (194.97 KB,1200x675)

my code is perfect


from within >>>/chat/580 you cant see irc requests nor the bot's responses... and thekuon tag STILL doesnt work


We're going to bring back the blog thread under conditions of it only being bumpable once ever X hours


Oh I didn't see this. Thekuon was a textual inversion thing (or whatever it was called) and those were replaced by LORAs as SD was more fleshed out. I guess I could re-add it if I can find it, but I don't know how well it will work on the latest mixed model.
Been procrastinating on training LORAs including a better Kuon one...


I am NOT interested in egirls


I think we're going to raise the autosage limit on /qa/ since a lot of threads are expiring prematurely, before interest in them has passed.
The Kissu-UI is good at handling lots of replies so there's no technical limitation really


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (377.22 KB,1920x1080)

Seems like a good change. The page thing works well, too.


i guess 500? Then if anything persists I suppose it deserves some sort of mod sticky... also the cat thread should probably get a featured slot on the homepage


since kissu is about pushing the bounds of what it means to be an imageboard why not make it so threads never expire
kick ephemerality to the kerb


I think they never do on tohno-chan either


Hmm... the software is good at it but I do worry about hitting limitations when I'm not ready for them...
Well, I'll consider it


i thought this was a joke




File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (312.5 KB,1920x1080)



this isn't the ueno thread


File:pizza cat.jpg (100.95 KB,1024x758)

I hereby place this curse upon all catposters who don't post accompanying catpictures


File:super robot wars genichiro….png (7.99 KB,715x291)

Can someone make this a banner?


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (493.13 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm that might be hard to do. It would need to be animated to fit? Two frames might look weird so you'd need to the text scrolling like a game and blahblah personally I don't know how to make animated things. Maybe someone else can...


Requesting to make the SD bot, that currently joins sageru's #qa and #chatgpt channels, to also join #uru-eru


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (178.17 KB,1920x1080)

No thank you! There's other SD stuff online you can use, but I don't know of them myself.


what's uru-eru


>thank you
Save that for when you're spared from seeing my nasty prompts because they're in another channel.


File:[Lazy] Dungeon Meshi - 02 ….jpg (325.14 KB,1920x1080)

If you want to generate stuff so tremendously ugly and offensive you can use something else! You were honest with what you wanted to generate, which I'm thankful for, but using kissu gpu cycles to create ugly offensive stuff that is presumably targeted at other people isn't very nice. I made the merges and someone made the bot and hosted the GPU so people could make fap or fun stuff, not use it to spread further ugliness into the world.

Also this really isn't related to kissu meta, is it?


Also your generations are shared to my puush.me account and you can't register for them anymore


File:9aeb693b42.png (1.76 MB,1126x743)

I don't want to open this up to see your scat fetish


Ok, thank you for answering my implicit question about why you weren't letting me have the channel+bot.
>kissu meta
I figured it was close enough because it concerns the administration of Kissu resources.


maxed out our space on error logs




Undelete them. They did NOTHING wrong.


is coffee good for you?


We'll be making a hardware upgrade in 5 minutes. So the site will get restarted.


the site will get retarded


File:6JBQYGY.png (86.4 KB,1834x1026)

took like 5 sec to upgrade. More space and one more CPU


File:ZCi4ecC.png (6.28 KB,491x117)


File:216cdd3660adb5d04fcc712c86….png (76.85 KB,768x1022)

SSH backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma release tarballs!

>After observing a few odd symptoms around liblzma (part of the xz package) on Debian sid installations over the last weeks (logins with ssh taking a lot of CPU, valgrind errors) I figured out the answer:

>The upstream xz repository and the xz tarballs have been backdoored.

>At first I thought this was a compromise of debian's package, but it turns out to be upstream.


what's the fix


It's hard not see this vulnerability as part of some state backed effort to increase possible attack vectors against adversaries. The account that introduced it has been a regular contributor for a couple years and recently a maintainer for xz.

I've been reading rollback to 5.4.X but there is concerns that older versions could still have malicious code (unrelated to this particular exploit) in them as well due to the length of time the account has been committing to the project.


So we're on the security by obscurity stage.
I don't quite follow what the actual backdoor entails. Is it just a DDoS vector or can randoms log in with root if enabled


xz vulnerability only effects people who upgrade to the most modern versions of everything. All my servers are on 5.2


File:__tama_gintama_drawn_by_ib….jpg (460.38 KB,729x1032)

What's the best board to talk anime/manga here?


File:Precure All-Stars F v2 [Se….jpg (358.12 KB,1920x1080)

Hello! (and welcome?)
Fast dumb threads go on /jp/ generally. Slower methodical threads of discussion are usually on /qa/. But, threads can be moved by mods if needed.


File:Screenshot_20240416_215419….jpg (162.88 KB,926x816)

I'm trying to replicate an issue someone is having where the Reds don't look correct. If anyone also has their text look like the above, let me know how you caused it


File:Screenshot_20240416_210141.jpg (209.16 KB,1080x1132)

Like this?


no, the persons headings look brighter than they should be. Something makes dark reds balance with the background into becoming a sort of pink.
I know the guy isn't trolling. I thought it was the OS or browser's dark theme but I can't replicate it.


It's more readable above so they may have some contrast accessibility setting on.


File:1033b58161.png (433.5 KB,1881x1229)

You're onto something


he's on windows10 so it might be something there. But he claims that on some browsers it displays normally and on others it's "corrected"


So is the gif autoplay something that's sticking around? I didn't see an option to disable it, so I figured it was just a temporary gag but it's still going...


do you dislike it? I though it was worth trying to add a bit more stuff to how you can use the site


Personally I really dislike it. It reminds me of 8chan spinoffs. I would prefer it be a toggle, if possible.


I'll think of turning it off, but existing threads/posts will probably have it since it's built in


Auto-gif can easily get annoying when people post gifs with a lot of action. You know, when you have something flashing at you from the corner of the eye. One of the many things I use an adblocker to avoid.
If you ad a checkbox to the file upload for the poster to verify that their gif is not "noisy" (for lack of a better term), then we can probably trust a community like kissu to not abuse it.


Yeah, it's a thing that works okay in chatrooms because it'll be out of view shortly after you see it, but here it tends to distract, either because I'm trying to read the post under it or because I leave the tab open on another monitor and have something dancing in the corner of my eye. It's fun for /secret/ shitposting, but I normally want control over movement the same way I want control over sound.


k, it's only applying on /secret/ now


I still see this thread in catalog view


well, you still see it because it exists but for whatever reason the thread didn't build properly


Sorry for the late reply yup it's my first time here! jp and qa, got it, thanks!


File:[SubsPlease] Kono Subarash….jpg (279.33 KB,1920x1080)

By request I moved some AI stuff from existing /ec/ threads into the "Misc AI thread" here >>>/ec/14196.
While kissu has some people enthusiastic about AI stuff (me mostly), /ec/ has generally been the exclusive domain of "traditional" human artists. AI stuff can easily crowd out real art since anyone can create 50 images of it in a few minutes (RIP sites like rule34.xxx), so on kissu itself it's best to corral it to designated areas so people can continue to celebrate artists and creative spirit and so on. This has generally been the understanding here without anyone saying so, but it's unfair to expect people to know this innately so I guess I'm saying it now in a semi-official manner.

If you ever want to talk about this stuff, I'd love to, as I'm one of a few dozen people on the planet with extensive experience creating SD merges. I think I've made 200gb of merges in the past week... but I digress. Let's keep human art threads clean of AI dumps.


File:[EMBER] Kono Subarashii Se….jpg (287.2 KB,1920x1080)

>Would you really have prefered a catholic blog and a "I was banned from 4chan blog" instead of everything being put into one blog you can easily deal with?
Blogging in the blog thread makes me go "kimochii~". The youtube video could have gone in the random youtube thread or a new thread. I'd say seasonal boards for it but since we're going to try and ween away from those then... /secret/? The 4chan ban complaint, well, the guy already found a better place for it in the happenings thread (eh), although I think it could have been made on /jp/ or /secret/ at his discretion.
My stance on this stuff hasn't changed since >>>/secret/17562


hehheheh the verb is "wean", actually


oh yeah...


i've said already, or at least if I didn't it should be implied that, there will be thread copying of some main threads going on in the board at the time into /qa/ or /jp/

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